Holiday Guide: i Gourmet

Tis the season of snacking. It is also the season of guests, both expected and unexpected. Most of my family is scattered around the world at this point. Travel is always interesting. Some sections of my family will skip a year of traveling, staying home and communicating through the electronic ether instead of in person and then plan a huge trip with multiple stops along the way to grandma’s house.

It means that starting, well, about now, we will get phone calls about people passing through our area. A lot of my family seems to book flights to major airports and then rent cars to just meander and catch whoever they can on the way. My house is located along the way to a lot of places it seems so we will have people staying a night in the guest room or just stopping by for an hour. Sometimes we get family dropping by for coffee and maybe a snack, other times lunch, dinner and those strange in between times that are neither.

Which means we always have snacks and the makings of a quick cheese board, veg plate and possible charcuterie on hand. With the veg plate I always have two dips on hand for those who don’t do meat or dairy – it is my excuse to make fresh hummus as much as possible. And if they give some advance notice, my favorite battered and fried mushrooms, but that is a different post.

One of my favorite places to stock up is igourmet. During much of the year i will order cheeses from them simply because I like cheese and they have a really good selection of things I can’t find near me (They have a truffle cheese that is fantastic. They sell out a lot, so I sort of stalk the website lying in wait). My babydoll loves their sausages so we often pick a few of those up as well. And while we shop one cheese or sausage at a time when it is just us, we also make lists of our favorites as well as lists of who might be stopping by (No surprise that my family leans heavily towards the cheese board while his leans more towards the sausage).

Sometimes we will order a long list, but often times it is actually easier to order a couple of their gift baskets. The one pictured at the top of the post is their International Snacking Extravaganza box in case you are wondering. Out of this box I have tried the Sweet Sangria olives and absolutely love them. They can really add a great dimension to a simple bowl of snacks. I adore olives, as do many of my relatives and there is usually a bowl of marinated ones out. I make one that has lemon and rosemary in it. These Sangria ones are just easier to buy. They have sweet slightly fruity notes that blend really well with the briny olive and always disappear fast. The brine is a fantastic twist on a dirty martini as well.

Also included in this box is Righteous Felon Jerky. While the Victorious B.I.G. is good, I have to confess my favorite is the Darth Garlic That one and Voodoo Chile are the two we order a lot. The Voodoo is a little too spicy for me but my babydoll loves it. And if we order both then we each get our own bag and i don’t have to share the Darth Garlic.

But beef jerky is another post.

Gift Boxes from iGourmet are a great way to stock up on a variety of items for incoming guests. They also make great gifts. They have boxes that focus on locales like France or Germany. They have cheese centric boxes, charcuterie centric boxes, even a box completely focused on nuts, appropriately named The Nut Case. There are bundles of olive oils or even Barbeque Sauces available. In essence you can find pretty much anything for the food, wine or beer lover on your list.

And to be honest something like the Ultimate Party Collection not only makes a great gift, but can really help you out when you know you have multiple people stopping by and don’t have a lot of time to source a lot of different things. At this time of year, it can be a life saver just to know you have something on hand for whoever ends up stopping by.

Wheter gifting or stocking up for company, iGourmet is well worth checking out this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Indoor Herb Gardens

I’m sure if you have read my posts for any length of time you will have realized that I love to garden. And while I simply do love to garden, I also find that it helps me with my weight loss. I know the activity part is helpful, but once the summer fades and the garden is munched over for the winter, the physical activity is minimal.

Where gardening mostly helps me, is in the kitchen. If you have ever watched a lot of cooking shows then you have probably heard the phrase fat is flavor. Sadly this is true, however you know what else has flavor? Herbs and spices.

For me fresh herbs especially make something potentially very bland feel somewhat decadent, especially in the cold winter months. Think about rice, Plain old boiled white rice. On it’s own not so flavor packed. It is a blank canvas, usually to spoon something dripping with sauce on to. However, a little bit of chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lemon mixed in and it becomes a little less boring.

When you are trying to loose weight food can feel dull and flavorless. Everything it seems is taken out in the name of calorie reduction. Fat is removed, salt is removed, sugar is banned and sauces are kept to a minimum. For me fresh herbs are just a fantastic way to bring back some of that flavor. And in the winter I rely on indoor gardening. The herb bundles of fresh herbs you can get in our grocery over the winter are usually very pricy for what you get and the herbs are not always the best quality. They look like they sat in their little plastic boxes for far too long. which they probably have.

So I like to keep a few potted plants around to not only cut costs but because having plants around makes me happy. In addition if they are there I feel obligated to use them which in turn makes my dishes taste better without adding a lot of calories. The calories you add from fresh herbs is minimal. It is surprising how much fresh basil you can get on the plate for only three calories.

If you are looking to start an indoor garden this winter, or have a gardener on your gift buying list, Botanical Interest is a place you might want to check out. You can order their seed catalogs for free from the site, or just order directly from the site. They have all sorts of articles and tips if you are starting your own indoor garden. I found this one particularly interesting.

And for easy shopping they now have gift bundles available. They have the chef’s herb garden for a general array of the more classics cooking herbs. There is a bundle for those who want to grow vegetables in containers. There is even a bundle for those simply obsessed with chilie peppers.

these bundles are well thought out collections and a great way to start your own indoor garden, help someone else on their way to gardening or surprise your gardener in the family with something unexpected in their Christmas stocking. I really like these bundles and actually ordered the Butterfly Banquet Bundle for my mother this year. She has this one space in her yard that the plants included in the bundle will fill out nicely and with luck attract butterflies in the spring. which I know will make her happy to see well after the holiday decorations are put away and hopefully for several years to come. And that Makes Botanical Interests a great place to visit when filling out your holiday gift list.

Herbs: DIY Indoor Garden

Holiday Gifts: Something for the kids

This year I find myself with several little ones on my gift list. while I tend to focus a lot of my gifting posts on skincare, makeup, home and lifestyle items, this is one of those gifts that I think is a really fun option if you have small children on your list.

It is the Harper Collins I can Read Book Box for Early Readers. It is $24.95 per month with free shipping (or $22.45 per month if you sign up for three months). there are three different tiers of books based on the child’s reading level. They have the earliest readers, emerging readers and established readers. The descriptions make it easy to figure out which category you need

EARLIEST READERS: Think basic language, word repetition, short sentences, simple concepts, and whimsical illustrations.

EMERGING READERS: Think a mix of short and longer sentences, simple concepts and engaging stories, and even language play.

ESTABLISHED READERS: Think longer sentences, engaging stories and complex plots, increasingly challenging vocabulary, and high-interest topics.

Harper Collins

I actually really appreciate the descriptions. So often I will look at something like this and it will be by grade instead of reading type and I don’t know about you but occasionally I can’t remember things like what grade my cousins youngest daughter is actually in or of she has even started school. I also only get to see her about once a year which doesn’t help with the details. But those descriptions really help me since when I talk to them on the phone she will often recount the book she is reading in probably more detail than the author intended. And sometimes just tells me stories based on the pictures.

I also like that this can be a gift that can be just a one time thing or it can be extended throughout the year with each month bringing a new book. It is also pretty easy to switch levels so as the child grows and their reading level changes, so can the subscription.

If you are looking for a gift for a child this season and want to go with something that is a little bit different than the usual toys and stocking stuffers, this is a great alternative. Good stories, great books, well thought out reading levels. It’s hard to go wrong. Of course if you are looking for just individual books instead of a subscription, they have those too, and right now, they have a pretty big sale going on. You can check it out by clicking the banner below.

Holiday Gift Sets: Tatcha Skincare

It should come as no surprise that Tatcha Skincare made my list of Holiday sets to look out for this year. I have tried a lot of their products at this point, some of them in the full sized (and on repeat purchase) and some oly in the travel sizes. Since each order from the brand comes with several samples, I actually have almost a full skin care regimen’s worth of samples to use as well. I will end up doing a foil packet skin care day soon actually so i can clear some of them out and decide what I want to purchase in the full size.

My favorite product is of course the Silk Canvas Balm primer. It is makeup with a heavy skincare element and it is one of my favorite products. what I really like about the brand is that in addition to the regular sized products and the samples they give out with orders, you can purchase travel sized deluxe Minis. hat I tend to do is to try something out with the foil packet and then order the deluxe mini so I have more than a day’s worth of product to try out. It not only lets me know for certain if the product will work for my skin but it is also a great way to build your own travel set. While I do have a set of travel kits posts for December, I am mentioning this here because of the first of Tatcha’s Holiday Bundles.

It is the Create your own Gift set option. You choose three of their deluxe minis and you receive a free Cotton Makeup bag to go with them (while supplies last). The items start at $12 and go up, depending on what you choose. while there are a couple of items in the $65 range, most of the items are in the $20-28 range. There are three lip items in this list, both the original and plum Kissu Lip Masks and the Camillia Gold Spun Lip Balm. All three of these are full sized items. The items range from the lip products to serums, moisturizers and even their primers are included on the list. Since the three items are your choice you can lean towards the makeup side with primer, powder and one of the lip products or go into the skincare realm with a cleanser serum and moisturizer. Or you can mix and match, personally I think this is a great way to try items from the brand or to introduce someone you love to some excellent skin care.

If you are looking for full sized items, then Tatcha has you covered. There are many gift sets to choose from. Just choose your skin care type (or the type for the person you are gifting) and go. There is the Plump and Dewy Trio, the Smooth and Clarified Trio, or the Calming and soothing Trio.

Looking for more?

The Hydration set included a variety of the different moisturizers in deluxe mini sizes so you can try them all and see which one is right for you, or you could go for the Protect and prime which not only has both the balm and liquid primers but also the Tatcha Sunscreen and water cream moisturizer. While there are bundles large and small you could go all out and go for the Ultimate Skincare journey with the Tabi Trunk Case.

I have to admit that while I really love all of the skincare items in the kit, I also really like the case as well. I have a weakness for bags. I have occasionally purchased gift sets just because I liked the bag that came with them. This case is fantastic and it is filled with fantastic items. It really is an ultimate skincare lover’s gift.


Holiday Gift Ideas: Makeup Eraser

One of the items I use daily but don’t always think to mention is my Makeup Eraser. While i once had one of the original pink Makeup Erasers, it has since gone away. Oddly it didn’t actually wear out, but my babydoll accidentally grabbed it when he was fixing the lawnmower (he thought the size meant it was a hand cloth). So I passed it onto him because of the oil stains.

In the above picture there are two makeup erasers. The rainbow colored one I have used for a little over three years. the colors have faded a little bit but it is still going strong. The purple one came to me in a subscription box last month. If I remember it was a Glossy Box. I really enjoy having two to trade out. I also have several small Makeup Erasers in use. I have one that I specifically use for removing eye makeup so that I don’t get other makeup in my eyes.

Even when i use a cleansing balm or an eye makeup remover, i use them paired with my Makeup Eraser so that i don’t risk staining regular wash cloths with makeup. One of the trends that I really like is the seven day sets that Makeup Eraser is coming out with. Thus allows you to use a different cloth each day so that you are never risking cross contamination and you don’t have to worry about putting old makeup back on your skin. It also reduces the use of disposable products like make up wipes. If you are purchasing gifts for someone who wears makeup, or looking for something new for yourself whether you just want to have something to take off your makeup or you want to reduce your bathroom waste, Makeup Eraser has some great sets this year.

Makeup Eraser has paired with Disney to create several sets. There is the Limited Edition Nightmare before Christmas set which is still available as I am writing this. There are also several princess packs. The one that always draws me however is the Disney Villains set which is pictured here. All of their sets are $25 regularly priced. there is currently a $5 off code on the site for first time buyers (it should come up automatically but I’ll also link it at the bottom of this post).

If you are looking for something without a printed design, they have those sets as well. This set Is in the same purple that I have. Personally I like the darker colors. Even though I know that all of the makeup will wash out once I put it in the washing machine, there is still something in my that wants to use a dark colored cloth when removing mascara.

This set comes with a small mesh bag. These mesh bags are great for holding the cloths while you are rotating through them. Also they are great in the wash. i don’t like washing the makeup erasers in the bag because i think then need a little more space to float around in the washer,. But I tend to use them to wash my makeup sponges. I put the sponge in there and chuck it into the wash. The bag keeps hair and lint off of the makeup sponge. Then I take the sponges out of the washer and let them dry on their own.

And then when everything is dry the cloths go back in the bag. Actually, to dry my makeup erasers, I lay them flat across the top of the dryer while the dryer is running. They are stretched flat and dry with the heat wafting out of the dryer but don’t actually go through the roughness of the tumble dry. The Makeup erasers come in a multitude of solid colors, from pastel to black.

If patterns are your thing then Makeup eraser has you covered. They have variety of patterns for you to choose from, both in the original size and in the smaller seven day sets.

this Kiwi and lime print is one of my favorites in the full sized versions. Not only is is a fun and fresh print but it comes with a hair clip and a makeup bag. It is still the same price as the other sets ($25) although to be honest I would probably pay that for the makeup bag alone. I think it is a really nice looking bag. I love the bags with the flat bottoms. I always think they fit things just a little more neatly for travel.

Whether looking for a single Makeup eraser or looking for a seven to 10 day set, there is a pattern or a color to suit just about everyone’s personality. I personally love that about the brand. This is one of those products that I use on a daily basis and it helps me to reduce my waste in the bathroom as well as take off my makeup so that my cleanser is washing my actual skin instead of washing a layer of makeup. I find I get better results from my cleanser if I use the makeup Eraser to give it a head start. Even though I don’t always talk about it a much as I should it is one of my favorite skincare tools and well worth picking up for either yourself or someone you love this holiday season.

Take $5 Off Your First Order with Code WELCOME5 at Limited Time Offer.

Shop Mickey and Friends Collection at!

Holiday Gift Sets: Kerastase

And so the Holiday gifts continue. This year Kerastase Hair Care has several holiday bundles to choose from so that you can find the perfect one to suit your hair.

Each of these bundles is designed for a specific hair type or need and includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a serum.

Personally I love anything from the Genesis line of products. I have purchased the shampoo, conditioner and serum form them in the full size. I have stocked up on travel sets when i knew I wanted my hair to look spectacular for an event and I will admit anytime that there is a Kerastase sample in anything I have actually made extra purchases simply to get the samples.

Hair care wise it is one of the items that I will treat myself to as a gift to myself. While the Genesis line is my favorite, I have tried various other types including the color saving shampoo in the Chroma Absolu bundle (Pictured to the left). If you are looking for a shampoo that will help preserve your color while giving you silk soft hair, this is it. The Chroma Absolu Holiday Gift Set includes

Color protecting shampoo, conditioner, and gloss for color treated hair ($135 value, 26% savings).

The Resistance bundle, (Pictured right) is one where I have tried the serum. It is an amazing split end repair serum and even if your hair is in good condition it is a holiday life saver as it helps keep your ends from splitting. I don’t know about you but i always end up doing more hot styling to my hair around the holidays than I do at any other time of year. Having something to help keep my hair in good health around while I am actively working with it always helps. The Resistance Holiday Gift Set includes Strengthening shampoo, conditioner, and serum for damaged hair ($117 value, 24% savings).

The Nutritive Holiday Gift Set includes the Hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and primer for dry hair ($122 value, 24% savings). Last year the shampoo and conditioner set were a birthday gift option for the Sephora Insiders. I specifically made a purchase just to pick that set up and try it out. To be completely honest, I have no recollection of what I actually bought but I really loved this shampoo and conditioner. For me it is a little too hydrating to use on a regular basis, especially in the summer time. However once my hair starts dealing with the drying air of the indoor heat instead of sweating through the humid summer, this shampoo and conditioner rolled into my shower once a week helps combat the dry hair of winter without being too much. If your hair is naturally really dry or you live in a really dry area with low humidity, this is great. It smells fantastic and leaves the hair feeling like silk. With my hair I can only use it when the humidity drops low or it is simply too much moisture for me.

The Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Holiday Gift Set includes Blonde Color Protecting shampoo, mask, and oil for very damaged blonde hair ($154 value, 25% savings). While I love my dark hair I know several people who love their blonde locks and I would consider this as a give for them. While this specific set I have not tried out, I have tried shampoos, masks and serums from Kerastase and I have never been disappointed by any of them. I have used Cica based products in my skincare and liked them as well. If you are blonde, or shopping for a blonde, I’m sure this kit will be well loved.

Likewise if curly hair is your thing I should first off say, I envy you your curls. I love the look of curls. It is just not my destiny. Several bad perms of the past taught me to be happy with what the curling wand gives me. However Kerastase has you covers too. The Curl Manifesto Holiday Gift Set includes Curl defining shampoo, conditioner, and cream for curly hair ($124 value, 26% savings).

Essentially they have a kit with the key items needed to maintain and care for pretty much any specific hair type. I am a big fan of this brand as any time I have used anything from them, my hair has looked good. While the shampoos and conditioners are used at a regular rate, the serums last a really long time. One of my long term favorite products form them is the Serum Fortifiant Hair Serum. It is an amazing product and you use so little with each use that it lasts a really long time.

While I haven’t tried every products from Kerastase, mostly because some are simply not designed for my hair type, I have enjoyed everything that I have tried and found it well worth the price. These gift sets are not only great for gifting, but they are an excellent way to try a line of products to find out if it is right for you, while saving just a little bit of money. In addition to the lower bundled rate for products, Kerastase has a Thanksgiving sale that runs November 24th-25th. 2022. With the code THANKS22 you can get 20% off and receive a gift pouch (pictured to the right.)

It is a great brand with great products. And it you are shopping for someone who loves good hair products, or stocking up for yourself, these are some good bundles to look into. Happy Holiday shopping!


Holiday Shopping Guide: The Art of Tea

Once again we delve into the gifting possibilities for the season, this time with the Art of Tea. As you are probably aware I have been working my way through the Tea Discovery Kit (pictured above). It comes with eight sachets of varying blends in an adorable wooden box. The Tea Travel bundle is the Discovery kit with a travel tumbler.

Thus far i have tried out four of the eight teas in the package and really enjoyed all of them. My two favorites have been the White Coconut Creme which i think would make a fantastic tea to serve with a desert at the end of a long meal and the Matcha which was just a stunning tea.

For those interested in Matcha and wanting to get either more traditional with it, or provide something just a little bit extra special for the matcha lover on your holiday list, there are several options. You can purchase the matcha teabags, or a canister of the ceremonial style of Matcha tea. There are even at home ceremonial matcha mixing bowls and whisks for those looking for an elevated experience.

there are travel tumblers and on the go Matchasticks as well that look like very interesting gifts, and to be honest as much as I adore the ceremonial bowls (and really any pottery), I am looking at the glass tumbler for day to day use. in addition to the glass tumblers for an elevated travel experience, The Art of Tea also has various tea accoutrements like glassware, tea strainers, mugs and tea sets. All well worth looking into.

There are of course holiday bundles as well. Sets that offer a few holiday themed teas not available during the rest of the year and delightful additions to the holiday. White Winter Chai, Butterscotch, pumpkin pie and Dark chocolate peppermint. I picked up a canister of it last year and I would be remiss if i just stuck to the teas. I brought a canister of it home with me last Christmas and it was a big hit. At our house we always used to have hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps for the holidays. while we still do, there are a lot of people who either don’t or can’t drink alcohol. Last Christmas we had three pregnant ladies and one older gentleman who’s prescriptions prohibited consumption. I actually preferred it as it had the peppermint I wanted, but it didn’t have the alcohol tang to it. The tea was also a little bit lighter. I should confess I also added whipped cream for the richness.

This year while I will be picking up a cannister of the dark chocolate peppermint, I will probably also pick up the Apple Pie Blend. I have a fondness for the warming spices of the season. I love that you can buy the cannisters either separately or in bundles. I have several people on my list who love the holiday teas and I am always looking for a good hostess gift that is an alternative to wine. For me one of these holiday canisters with a bow on it is a great alternative hostess gift to that bottle of wine. For the past few years there haven’t been as many gatherings but this year it seems like everyone is making up for it. so having a few ready to go gifts is never a bad thing at this time of year.

Of course for the gift that keeps on giving, you can’t beat The Art of Tea’s Tea Club. It is a a monthly subscription. You can choose the frequency (3, 6 or 12 months) as well as the caffeine level, and style (tea bag, looseleaf). It is a really good subscription and I have purchased it for relatives in the past. It is especially useful if you have the relatives who are either trying not to accumulate more things in their houses or who live far away. The two people I generally get this for live on the other side of the country and don’t really travel any more. This is a gift I can get sent to them with no trouble. In addition it isn’t just a holiday gift as it keeps coming throughout the year. It is a great way to make sure someone knows they aren’t forgotten once the holiday ends. It also increases communication as I generally get a phone call as soon as the package arrives. (My great Aunt Olive insists on calling me as soon as the box comes in, then opening each bag, sniffing it and telling me what time of day the blend would be perfect for. Come to think of it, I do the same thing with the blends i pick up. so I suppose it is either a family trait or some sort of learned family habit. either way, it is a gift I know she will enjoy.

If you have a tea drinker on your list, whether they are a long term tea aficionado or someone just beginning to dabble in the wild world of teas, it is well worth taking a look at the holiday sets and blends of the year when making out your gift list. While I know there are a few I will be getting this year, i also know that i will be picking up several cannisters just to take with me as hostess gifts once the holiday celebrations begin. They are just handy to have around and i know that with as much tea as we drink in this house if any of them don’t get handed out, we will always happily use them ourselves.

Holiday Shopping Guide: Molton Brown

I know the holidays always seem to come faster and faster each year. Typically I like spreading my holidays out, however before the holiday, comes the shopping for the holiday. For me, my family is scattered pretty much around the globe at this point. So some gifts I pick up, wrap and get the chance to deliver in person while others I order, wrap, and then pack up to ship back out to other destinations. It means that I try to get my shopping done as early as possible. Adding in that everyone has supply chain issues these days and shipping is often delayed, it makes shopping a little early a good idea.

So if you are shopping now or planning your Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday domination, I thought I’d go into a few of my favorite brands and take a look at some of this year’s holiday offerings.

Molton Brown is a long term favorite of mine. And while There will no doubt be ,more Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, currently they have a 25% off site wide (T&C apply) sale going on for those looking to stock up early. For a long time I simply ordered their Rhubarb and Rose body wash and didn’t bother branching out into the other scents. Then I received a couple of travel sized scented body washes in subscription boxes and liked them so much that I had to try a variety of scents.

One of my favorite things to get is the Stocking Stuffer Collection (usually $50, currently $37.50). I tend to pick this one up every year actually. I admit I usually keep one, but the rest of them I parcel out into various stockings. It works out really well because some family members like heavily spiced items, others like fruity scents, some like florals and others are citrus fanatics.

So the sampler stocking stuffer set is really handy.

I also generally pick up at least one of the holiday baubles because it never fails that after I have finally thought i picked up every item I need on my list there is always one Secret Santa or family friend gift that I some how forgot.

And given how much help so many people have been this year with my mother’s surgery, I will be picking up a bunch of these as extra holiday thank yous this year. The Holiday Baubles are usually $15 for one and are currently $11.25. While I will be getting a few of the individually packaged ones I will probably also get several of the three pack holiday sets (usually $49 for three but currently $30). My plan for those is to just have a basket and let people choose the scent they like best.

One thing I love about Molton Brown is that while they put their regular scents of shower gel and body lotion sets out for the holidays, they also have special holiday scents available. This year they have Merry Berries and Mimosa, vintage with elderflower (which might not be strictly a holiday scent but as my dad used to make elderflower wine and always brought out a bottle around the holidays, I always associate with the holiday scents), Jubilant Pine and Patchouli, and Festive Frankincense and allspice.

You can pick up sets that have just the holiday scents, such as the trio of bath gels to the right, or you can go for your favorite scents. If you are looking for something that is slightly floral but has a sweet tart scent to it, then I would suggest the Rose and Rhubarb. If you like something with a bit more of a clean fresh scent than I would lean more towards the Costal Cypress and Sea Fennel. Currently the one I am absolutely loving right now is the Heavenly Gingerlily. It is slightly spicy with a slightly floral note. And like all of Molton Brown’s products, foams beautifully and rinses away cleanly while leaving beautifully soft skin behind.

As always they did release an advent calendar this year but alas it is currently out of stock. I am hoping they will bring it back by the time Black Friday rolls around. I believe that is what they did last year. I remember seeing it was sold out, then on Black Friday got a notice that it was back in stock and by Saturday afternoon when I went to see about purchasing it, it was out of stock again. As it looks like a great way to try a variety of their products I can see why it is so popular.

For me, I love the brand and the products. I also love that while I have several people on my Christmas list who have sensitive skin, no one has ever had any problems with any of the Molton Brown products. I do have two relatives who are very scent sensitive so they tend to get bath time gifts from another company because of the scents (Molton Brown is quite potent in the scent department), but the formulas are great for all skin types. In addition to stocking stuffers and making sure everyone has a little holiday scented fun at bath time, I like the fact that Molton Brown’s products are always nice gifts but not to personal to give to work acquaintances at Secret Santa Gatherings, or your mother’s church friends who made sure she got to doctor’s appointments on time. They are just nice all round gifts and this time of year is a great time to stock up on them, whether it is for a gift or just yourself. I can already tell you, there is at least one Heavenly Gingerlily product heading into my own shower in the near future.

Molton Brown (US)