Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for November 2022

That’s right folks the big purple box from IPSY has arrived. This Glam Bag X is a quarterly upgrade to the IPSY Glam Bag Plus subscription. Inside you find eight full sized items. I believe it is officially listed at $60 for the box. With all of the taxes and shipping charges it ends up costing me $65.84 each month. For a while there every time I checked my e-mail there was some sort of increase so I am not entirely sure what it is officially listed for on the site and what is actually taxes, but that is my charge.

While recently IPSY and Boxycharm have had some issues with repeat items for me, there was only one repeat item in this box. I’m sure some of the items were featured in other boxes, but I never received them so getting them now doesn’t bother me. And truthfully the one repeat item I received I don’t mind getting because I know I’ll use.

So let’s start with that. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Translucent setting powder. It is a nice setting powder and one that I will definitely use. The ABH Powder is really good actually. However I use so little each time that the container lasts a really long time because it is so large. I will either keep it and know I will eventually get to use it, or pass it on to someone I knw will absolutely love it. Either way repeat or not, I am thrilled to have it.

The second item in my box is an interesting one. It is the FARAH Retreat Set. It is a set of three skincare brushes. They feel nice and look nice. I am happy to have them as my silicon masking brush has seen better days and is in need of a replacement. Two of the brushes I know how to use. The third I’m guessing you use in a similar fashion to a jade roller. The learn more about it section had this to say about the set…

“Use these tools to apply your favorite clay masks mess free, do a lymphatic drainage massage, cleanse your skin, and soothe tired under-eyes. Just be sure to wash them between each use.”

The paper insert where things are broken down had nothing more to add, nor did the Farah website and there was absolutely nothing that came with the set. No paper instructions or description of the tools. Nothing. Which means on the lymphatic draining tool I am flying blind. Since it isn’t a standard masking tool item, at least not that I’ve had before some instructions would have been nice. I’m going to play around with it like I would a jade roller, but some thought would have been nice. I actually really like the set but I do like instructions for things I have never seen r used before.

The third item I am sure has featured in a box before, either here or on Boxy, but I have never received it and am thrilled to have it now. It is the Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisturizer. I have heard such fantastic things about this that I am really looking forward to trying it out. The jar is glass, pink as one would expect. It feels nice and luxe in the hand. I know that isn’t important but as it is skin care I am not opening it until I am ready to use it so outside packaging is all I have to go on.

I am also excited to try out the Byroe Rose Tea Eye Cream. Byroe is an interesting brand for me. I absolutely adore their Bitter Greens Toning Essence. while the other items I’ve tried from the brand have all been good, none of them have reached that level of fantastic-ness for me. They are still good though. which means that I am pretty sure that even if this eye cream isn’t as super fantastic as the Bitter Greens it will probably still be really good. Ans as I am still working on an eye cream that is similar in price but only so-so in results it will be nice to compare the two so close together. But still, until I use it, this eye cream is staying sealed.

The last skincare item in the box this month was one I chose. It was the Beauty Bio Bright Eyes Depuffing eye Gels. I love under eye masks and can always use more in my collection. None last long. I remember trying something out from Beauty Bio but I can’t remember what. I do have a positive mental recollection though so hopefully these will do well for me. Either way, under eye masks are always a win for me.

The next item in my box this month is the Stila One Step Correct color correcting primer. You know I love primer. It is why my collection is a bit shameful. I also really like Stila products. I loved their souffle primer and in fact just decluttered a very old and almost completely empty jar of that a few weeks back (it was kept for looks I could no longer wear it but the jar was lovely)I have seen this product and I always thought it was interesting, but I never tried it. I am kind of looking forward to seeing how it performs.

The next item is not a new release wither. It is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette. It smells like peach and has some interesting looking shades. It has been a while since I have used any Too Faced Shadows. I like the look of them and am happy to give the palette a go. I will say though it doesn’t really seem like a November palette though. There are light pinks and purples in it and it seems like a spring or summer mix from first glance. I would have thought they’d lean more into the fall shades. But I am pleased to give it a try,.

And finally this month, I received a perfume. The Pinrose Secret Genius Perfume to be exact. While always dicey picking out a perfume from a description, from the description I decided that it would either be something I enjoyed or something I could give to my mother. while I haven’t tried it yet, I will spray once. If the scent is something I like then i will give it a go. If the scent isn’t something I like then i will pas it on. with sample sizes I don’t mind using the sample for a week even if it isn’t my favorite because sometimes it will grow on me. Plus it uses most of the sample up. With the full size, if I don’t think it is for me then i like to pass it on without really using it. So time will tell.

Over all I was really please with my IPSY Glam Bag X this month. For me at least it was a really good selection of products that I am excited to see. Fir a while now there has been little excitement. And in fact I was skipping the months between the Glam Bag X months. I will be going back to reviewing them in December though. This month they sent out an e-mail where you could sign up for something called Beauty Boost. For an extra $15 you get one additional item in your box that is guaranteed to be worth more than $40. I did sign up because I am curious to see if this is indeed going to be a good thing or if they are trying to use this as a way to eliminate extra stock. It has the potential to be a good thing. It also has the potential to be a complete waste. Which one it will be has yet to be determined. Either way, I’ll let you know how it all plays out in next month’s box.

Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for August 2022

This was an interesting box to unbox this month. First let’s cover the basics. Once a quarter my IPSY Glam Bag Plus is replaced by the Glam Bag X. The upgrade is about $60 now. I pay $65.84 for this quarterly box once all of the taxes and other charges are added in. IPSY has been slowly increasing their prices. I’m hoping that this was the last increase for a while.

I am in an interesting place with IPSY. I have the Glam Bag Plus for most months and I also have BoxyCharm. While they are different subscriptions, since IPSY bought Boxy there have been many more overlaps and I am trying to decide if I will be keeping both going into the new year. As a result what I am going to do with IPSY is keep the Quarterly and skip the month’s between. My hope is that this will allow me not to get so many overlaps and maybe make me fall back in love with IPSY or at least decide if I want to let them go. So this August I am reviewing the IPSY Glam Bag X and will not review IPSY again until November when it is once again time for another Glam Bag X.

the add on bag that caused the box change

This month, My IPSY didn’t come in the trademark bog (it was inside) but in a brown box. I always get a bit twitchy with changes, mostly because it means the order was adjusted. This time it was my own fault. During add ons I added a purse. I was hoping it was the tote I wanted it to be and not something smaller, but then I forgot about it. My add on was the Henny + Lev Danielle Tote Bag. And if it an actual Tote bag. It was also the reason I had the larger box. I am actually quite impressed with it actually. It is vegan leather and feels like decent quality. The smell is quite strong so I am letting it air out a bit before use. I plan on taking it on my trip and will let you know how it performs, but first appearances are quite positive. I will admit i was a little shaken by the reviews since almost none of them were positive. But I will give it a fair shot. I am glad though that I paid $18 (or possibly $14, can’t remember) instead of the $130 retail it is listed for. I can say that looking at it I would put it in the $20-$25 price range not the $130 price range. But maybe it will blow me away with use. we shall see.

But that was an add on, shall we see what the actual bag content’s look like?

As always IPSY makes some selections for me and lets me choose a few others. Let’s take a look at some of the Items they chose for me. The first is unsurprisingly, a Key’s Soulcare Item. This Glam Bag X was curated by Alecia Keys so I would be surprised if her brand’s items weren’t in it. The Item chosen for me was the Keys Soulcare Reviving Aura Mist (retail $25). It is in a really nice deep purple glass bottle and has a nice looking spray. The mist is nice but the scent is heavy. While I love thermal water facial sprays, I am not so sure this is a product i will really enjoy. I will give it a fair trial, but it isn’t really my sort of thing. And I am not sure why IPSY chose this for me. But it does look nice.

The next item IPSY chose for me I was thrilled with though. It is the They’re Real Magnet Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics (retail $27). I know for years Bad Gal Bang was my favorite from Benefit, but I do like most of their mascaras. I was okay with the regular They’re real, but when i got a sample size of the Magnet version I fell in love. I am thrilled to have a full sized version of this in my collection. I have a few other products to use up and clear out, but then I am so diving into using this. I was very happy for this one. And I think part of that is not only do I know I love this mascara but I am actually running low on mascaras. Sometimes they overwhelm with mascaras, but for a while now I haven’t received any so I am pleased. Good timing on IPSY’s part there.

The next Item IPSY Chose for me was the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (retail $55) I have actually used this before but have not purchased it in a while because I have gotten so many vitamin C serums that I wanted to try out. I remember I really loved this serum and in fact it was the serum that made me want to try out other vitamin C serums. And I also have to say that this is a really good time for this serum as well. even though I have used sunblock when I have gone out, this summer has taken a toll on my skin and I remember this serum being really good at helping to fade dark spots brought out by the sun. I am very pleased to have this serum and thrilled to have an Ole Henriksen product in any subscription.

The next Item I am cautiously optimistic about. It is the Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream. (retail $6). I’ve tried a couple of products from Grown Alchemist and they were okay but not super fantastic. I do like the look of the paint tube like container, but the last product i used (a night cream) was okay but not something I would repurchase. I also feel the same about their body cream. However neither was bad, just not fabulous. So perhaps the day cream will surprise me and exceed expectations or it will meet expectations and just be an adequate day cream. I’m not upset about seeing it because I know it will at least be adequate and I have hopes that it could be fantastic.

The final item chosen for me by IPSY was The One Baby Eyeshadow Palette from Lawless Beauty. (retail $25). Recently I tried my first Lawless Beauty Product and I rather liked it. I am very pleased to have another product from the brand to try out. This is a small eight pan palette and I have to say the colors in it are very much the ones I use. which makes me even happier about trying it out. Trying out a formula from a brand to know how they perform is so much nicer when they are shades that you would normally use. And these look like ones I would use. I’ve gotten my hopes up before based on sight in pan, but I am really hoping this palette performs. It is a good size, so fingers crossed.

And now we get to the three items that I chose. I will say my choice wasn’t that great this month. A lot of the items were ones I received in the past so I decided to skip them. I did end up with several items I am pleased about though, I just wish it was more of a choice than it was. I also have to say part of the disappointment was because of the pamphlet that IPSY sent with the box. In the pamphlet for the IPSY X they just list all of the possible products instead of just the ones you received. There was an entire page of Key Soulcare products, most of which I would have preferred over the Mist they chose for me but the real upset was the page featuring Pat McGrath Lipsticks. None of them appeared as any option in any of my lists or even add on choices. I know there was probably a limited number of them but the shades are gorgeous and the full page featuring them makes me feel a little cheated. It’s one of those things that i think I would rather not have known was in someone else’s bag.

But bag envy aside, let’s look at the three items i chose.

The first was the Patrick Star O/S Turn up the Base Versatile Foundation Powder. (retail $33). I was quite happy that I got to choose this actually. While I didn’t care for the eyeshadow Palette I tried from the brand, I have heard great things about this powder foundation and I really like the light buildability aspect of it. If it works out well I will be thrilled. I do like powder foundations when they work. Some end up looking very powdery so I have my fingers crossed this will work out well for me. We shall see. And part of me hopes it works out not just because I want it to work out but because it is a lovely package that I would love to keep around.

The second Item I chose this month was a Laruce Brush Kit (which is not actually listed in the pamphlet, nor are several of the items I was given as choice items this month. It is on the Laruce Website though and retails for $50). I actually chose this for two reasons. One I have several brushes that I really need to get rid of. Actually it is sort of a disgrace. I have quite a few brushes and I sort of rotate between containers and switch things around but never really get rid of any. I just put the ones that are wearing out in a different jar. I know, hoarder like. I need to sit down and just have a brush clear out.

But I chose these brushes because I want to have some new replacements on hand and I do like Laruce brushes. (I also chose a set of Luxie brushes in the Fab Fit Fun box this season for exactly the same reason plus I love Luxie brushes and am hoping a new set will help convince me to let go of some of the ones that have spent years in my makeup kit and have earned a retirement.)

The second reason I chose this set was because I wanted a travel container for my brushes, specifically one that can stand up and function as a brush holder while I am out of town. I don’t like having to corral brushes so I thought this would work. I have to say while the brushes are the Laruce quality I expect, the container does feel like cheaper plastic than I would have expected. It will work, but I strongly suspect it will not be too many trips before the plastic cracks. It looks nice, but the plastic is awfully thin.

And finally, the last item I chose was the Honey and Jasmine Mask from The Organic Pharmacy. (retail $74). Because you know I can’t pass up a good face mask (and it was the only interesting option in that tier). It is a bit of a pricey mask and it is a company I have never heard of. I don’t mind paying a lot for good, and good quality masks, but I love the option of trying them out before I spend the money on them. Just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it will work for my skin. Of course I have fallen in love with some pretty expensive masks this way. We will see if this Honey and Jasmine mask ends up being one of them

And so my darlings that was my Glam Bag X for August 2022. It is a bit of a pricey subscription tier, but it is quarterly. I couldn’t pay this cost every month and I don’t think it would be worth it to me every month. Quarterly this subscription does work for me. And this quarter was really nice. Even though I do have product envy from the pamphlet that came with the box, my products are for the most part ones I will use. I’m not to sure about the Aura Mist, but I am willing to give it a try. Everything else I am looking forward to using. So this month is was well worth the $65 cost I paid for the box.

As we are nearing my December evaluation of subscription boxes, I will be playing with this subscription, as I mentioned earlier. I will be skipping September and October and I am making a conscious effort not to purchase anything from the IPSY flash sales or add on pages during those two months either. Part of it is a test run for seeing how I feel about letting IPSY go. Part of it is a break from their sales page. I do like their sales page and now that Boxy has a $25 minimum for their sales page to get free shipping, I want to see if maybe keeping the regular $13 bag just to have access to the store might be a route I want to go with in the following year instead of the one I am on. Basically I am trying to find out what I want to keep and what I can do with out. Either way, there will be no IPSY reviews until November and the next Glam Bag X. It will be interesting to see if I get withdrawals or relief from it’s absence.

Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag Plus for June 2022

In a lovely turn of events about the time I finished writing up my thoughts on the Boxy Charm Premium Box for June, my IPSY Glam Bag Plus arrived. As I mentioned in the Boxycharm unboxing, I am evaluating both subscriptions and trying to figure out if I need both.

The IPSY Glam Bag Plus subscription is $28. With taxes it comes to $30.73. However this month there was a message sent out from IPSY…

we will be adding a $1.99 handling fee to monthly Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus shipments, starting with July shipments. We will also update the quarterly Glam Bag X price to $58 with an added $1.99 handling fee, starting with August shipments. – IPSY e-mail sent to subscribers June 9th, 2022

The Glam Bag X (Quarterly subscription was $55 ($60.36 with tax) in case you were wondering. Boxycharm added the same $1.99 S&H to their Pop Up shop items as well so I was sort of expecting something like that and to be fair the extra cost doesn’t bother me that much. Slipping the raised Glam Bag X fees in there at the same time is a little sneaky, but I am guessing they thought if they did the extra fee now and then in two months raised the price of Glam Bag X people would have been even more upset. So I can see the logic.

what bothers me most are the items in this month’s Glam Bag. Now i d want to be clear. The items themselves I actually really like and am happy to have. What bothers me is that all but one have been in Boxycharm. It is what prompted me to seriously consider if I needed both memberships. So let’s look at the items shall we?

There are five items in the Glam Bag Plus, two that they choose and then three that are selected from a group of options. The first item they chose for me was the Saturday Skin Rub a Dub peeling gel. It is a good product and I have used it before. I will happily use it again. I believe it was a Boxycharm item three months ago.

The second item that IPSY chose for me is the Ciate London Dewy Skin Primer. I received this in of of my boxy’s a few months back. I’ve been testing it off and on and am actually on the fence as to whether or not I like it. It is dewy look. If you are going for that look then it is fabulous. For me it might be a bit too dewy. But that will be decided later.

Now we get to the items that I chose. The first is a Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette . It is the Ayana palette and different from the palette that I received in Boxy this month. I love the formula of the shadows and I love the shades. And to be honest I have no problem with the same types and brands being in each box as long as the items are different. In this case, it is a different range of shadows so I am happy with it.

The second item I chose was the Vike Makeup Melt. I also received this in a previous Boxy. This link will take you to my full review if you are interested actually. I enjoyed the product and am happy to have another bottle as my first is about half empty. It works well and is quick and easy to use. It was also the only item in that categories choice selection that I wanted.

And now we come to the final item I chose and this one I have not actually seen in a Boxycharm Box. (It is however for sale in the Boxy pop up store) The other items in this selection category I did see there so I decided to choose the Lovita Never lost Necklace. It is a little gold charm imprinted with a compass design. The Charm is of good quality but the chain feels a little bit cheap. I’ll probably end up putting it on a different chain. I am actually quite pleased with the charm though and might choose the jewelry options more in the future.

To be fair i am pleased with all of my items and I look forward to using them, with the possible exception of the primer. The issue I have is simply one of repetition. If I am going to get exactly the same items from each subscription, why keep both subscriptions? Especially when the items in the bag or box are often for sale in either IPSY add ons or Boxy pop up. Would it not be better to pick one subscription and then just use the money that I saved by not having the subscription to pick up the extra items i might want from the store of the subscription I keep? Or to try out a completely different subscription service?

Thee is also the possibility of skipping months. Perhaps I might try skipping the months between the Glam Bag X months and only getting the quarterly bags. That too is a possibility. This month could also have been a fluke and next month completely different products might appear. I generally start evaluating my subscription list in November/December. I think I will probably keep both subscriptions until then, but monitor the items as well as which of their shops I actually use. This month I did pick up a few items from IPSY’s add ons where I did not from Boxy. It is going to be an interesting situation to monitor. For now though, I do like the items I have received and I look forward to using the,. There are no surprises which is a bit disappointing, but they are good products.

If anyone else is going through this sort of decision, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can drop them in the comments or simply send me a message. For me it is watch and wait, but I suspect things will change in the new year.

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Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for May 2022

It is May and May is an IPSY Glam Bag X month.  The Glam Bag X is a Quarterly upgrade.  For the Glam Bag X months the cost is $55 .  In these bags there are eight products, three of which you get to choose from a set list.  This month was interesting for me.  In their choice items they generally feature a makeup bag.  As I remember when the makeup bag came as a standard part of IPSY instead of a choice item I generally don’t choose it. This month I actually chose the bag as one of my items. It is listed as retailing for $18.

There are two reasons that I chose this bag from the items offered.  The first is that there were no other items in this selection category that I actually wanted.  I can’t remember what those options were, and I actually need to start writing them down each month as part of my evaluation of the subscription process, but I do know that none of the other items appealed to me. 

inside the bottom of the bag

The bag, while I am not really a florals sort of person, did sort of appeal to me.  I think it is more the shape rather than the print.  I like the under bag storage area for makeup brushes and I really like the clam shell shape with the flat bottom.  It means I can stash a small palette flat if I wanted to which is sometimes nice. The bag itself is nice and something I will get use out of.  I still wish it had been more of a choice rather than the only option I was interested in for that category.

Since I started with the choice Items, I’ll go ahead and continue with them.  My next choice item was the Sunday Riley Pink Drink Firming Resurfacing Essence (retail $48).  To be honest I have no idea what else was in this category because I was going to choose this regardless. 

I really enjoy having an essence in my skin care routine and in general I like Sunday Riley Products.  The ones that aren’t targeted for my skin type clearly don’t work for me but the items that are targeted for my skin type I really love. From everything I have read about this, it seems like I am the target so I have high hopes for this product and can’t wait to try it out.

The third item I chose was the Let Me Glow Illuminating Serum from Keys Soulcare (retail $26 ).  I have the mask from the Keys Soulcare line that is going to be put through its paces starting next week.  It was going to have its first use post this Friday with Face Mask Friday but I am having to postpone until next week). And I am interested in seeing how the brand performs.  I know it had a lot of hype when it came out and the glass containers are lovely and feel very luxe.  My skin loves niacinamides.  I can’t wait to see how it performs.

And now we get to the items that IPSY chose for me.  The first up is the Dew of the Gods Claydate Healing Face Mask (retail $42).  You know I love a good clay mask.  It is also spot on for my profile.  So IPSY knows that I love a good clay mask.  I can’t remember if I’ve tried any products from Dew of the Gods.  I think they had something in Boxycharm a while back.  I don’t think it ended up in my box thought.  I do know it is listed as a clean brand so that makes me very happy to give it a try.  I have noticed though that most of my masks are now in the hydrating category. 

I think I used up most of the masks that fell into the detoxifying category.  They tend to be the ones I reach for first.  Soon I am going to need to do a mask inventory and see what I have.  I might need to do a sample sized round up to clear out some of the smaller tubes and then find out what I am missing.  But that is for later.  For now I am pleased with this mask in my Glam Bag X. I like it when IPSY remembers my profile.

The next item made me smile slightly because it makes me feel like the universe is listening to me when I’m not paying attention.  This product is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner (retail $24).  Recently I said that I was pleased to get a toner in a subscription box because it isn’t a category that is often stocked and that I end up picking up on my own.  Now it seems that it is stocked.  For the first time in a long time I have more than one toner.  I’m used to having extras of other categories (I have eye creams galore at this point) but almost never extra toners.  Now I do.  I like First Aid Beauty and look forward to trying out the Oat based toner. As most of my toners tend to be witch hazel based it should be interesting.

And now we move into makeup items.  The first of these is the Sunset to Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette from Iconic London (retail $62).  I really like the colors in this palette.  They are very spring moving into summer wear and look light and fresh.  I have tried a lot of Iconic products but never their eyeshadows.  I am very much looking forward to trying this out.  There are 20 pans and it looks like it will be fun to play around with.

One of the things I love about subscriptions is that I get to try out brands I have never heard of and products that I might not buy on my own.  This month there is a product called Lip Treat by TYS Beauty (retail $30).  From the description it sounds like it is a nourishing lip plumper.  It has peppermint and ginger extract in it as well as vitamins B and  E. 

Which I can’t lie makes it sound like it is committing a crime.  But also like it will be hydrating to the lips. So maybe it breaks into your lips and hydrated, like a burglar who does your laundry and refills your ice trays. I do like lip plumpers even if I am not always a fan of lip glosses so it will be interesting to see where this falls during use. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. But it is a brand I have never heard of and I look forward to trying them out as well.

Finally we have a brand that I know well and a product I have used several times in the past.  It is the Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil (retail $42). I have used many tubes of this and am always happy to have another one.  And this is actually it’s time to shine.  In the summer time I tend to go more with tinted moisturizers than actual foundations and I also layer fewer products on top.  Putting a drop or two of this on my skin , letting it absorb for a minute and then moving on to the tinted moisturizer, gives a great subtle glow to the skin and a little extra moisture for the days when you are going to be spending time in the sun. It is a great product and I am thrilled to see it.

As far as Glam Bags go, this was a pretty good one for me.  The selection categories weren’t that great but I did end up with things I like.  I’m always going to be a little salty that the bag counts as an item.  But it is a nice bag and it is one that I will happily use. It irks me more that there was nothing else in that category that I was interested in than it does counting the bag as an item though.  Even with the slimmed down choices, I really did end up with some great products. As I will use them all, I consider the value worth it, but for those looking for monetary value, let me do some quick math. 

The bag was $55 and the value of the products inside comes to $292.  For me, that was a decent value for the money.  It is even better since I will use all of the products inside.  This month there were some old favorites and familiar names.  There were also some new to me products I am looking forward to trying out.  It did lean more heavily towards the skincare, but I really don’t mind that. There was enough makeup to keep me from feeling overwhelmed so yeah, I am over all happy with this month’s Glam Bag X from IPSY.

Keys Soulcare

Unboxing the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for April 2022

Good morning my darlings.  It is time for another unboxing.  The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Has arrived.  This subscription is $28 per month and brings in five full sized items. It also comes with a draw string bag.  Sometimes I like the bag, sometimes it annoys me.  This month I like the look of the bag, but it feels almost exactly like the shower cap I received in the Macy’s beauty box.  To be honest I liked the bag for the $13 bag much better. 

But I am always so so about the bag.  They went from having an actual makeup bag to the drawstring one, buit honestly, most months I’d rather they just leave it off.  Maybe not send a drawstring bag and then once a quarter send an actual makeup bag.  But no one really asked me. 

Bag aside I am thrilled with my products this month.  I received three makeup items and two skincare items. Let’s cover the skin care first.

The first skincare item is BUTTAH SKIN’s Tea Tree & Aloe Exfoliating Mask Scrub (Retail $22).  I recently tried the toner from the brand Buttah Skin.  It was nice.  It was a sample size so I didn’t use it long enough to be able to evaluate any results, but I liked using it.  I really like having something in a larger size since I am not that familiar with the brand (the toner was the only thing I tried from them).  Now you know I love exfoliators, but this seems like it is part exfoliator, part mask.  The back says to apply it and let it sit for five minutes before massaging and rinsing off.  Interesting, no? I’m sure it will be fun to try and give me a better feel for the brand.

The second skincare item I chose because I had such great success with another Mask of theirs.  This is the Juice Beauty Prebiotix™ Instant Flash Facial (Retail $52).  Oddly enough it is in the same product category as the Buttah Skin.  You put it on, let it sit for five minutes and then massage before rinsing.  It is a category I love and I really don’t mind having a second of this type.  Especially as things are heating up outside and ‘tis the season of clogged pores.  So a little extra help on hand isn’t a bad thing.  I will probably not be choosing an exfoliator for a while as I am now well stocked (especially with the Yensa Pumpkin and Tumeric Exfoliating mask on hand).

Speaking of Yensa the first makeup item in my bag this month is the Yensa Super Serum Silk Foundation. (Retail $45). I have been wanting to try this actually so I was tickled it was in my bag this month. I am currently testing out the Yensa BC cream Full Coverage Foundation (the review will be up on Thursday – spoiler, it’s fab).  I think I might try this right after as a comparison to see how the two products perform. But I am super thrilled to get to try it. 

The second makeup item is a six pan eyeshadow palette.  It is from Sandbar Beauty and it is The Mirage Palette (Retail $26). I have never heard of Sandbar Beauty but I have my fingers crossed for this palette.  It is a beautiful collection of shadows that looks like it would be perfect for an everyday palette for me.  Last time a palette looked so much like an every day for me palette it didn’t perform well.  I am really hoping this one will and I am going to think good thoughts and hope that it performs magnificently because I really like the look of it.

Yes I tore into the box. I love that the powder is wrapped in paper inside the box.

And finally the last makeup item in my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is the Puff Puff Pass Set & Bake Setting Powder in 03 Translucent (Retail $18) from KimChi Chic Beauty. I loved watching KimChi on RuPaul’s drag race (All of which is on Paramount+, I tend to Binge watch Seasons) I have to say I am loving the look of this powder.  It came in a box and then inside the box it was wrapped oh so nicely in paper which made it feel like opening a present and Then when I opened the jar I saw that the powder puff included was an actually usable powder puff rather than a thin little sheet that was hard to grasp and won’t get used. 

an actually decent sized powder puff

This was an actual puff with a ribbon across the back for your fingers so you can actually use it as a powder puff is meant to be used. I hate when there is no strap across the back because it makes it really hard to use.  But this one has the strap and a useful puff.  So woo hoo!  I know that sounds silly, but it is a great attention to detail and it makes the product feel like it is way more expensive than the $18 listed retail price.  I cannot wait to use this powder.  I really hope it performs well.

This month in addition to my items I also had one points product and two add ons.  This month I used some of my stockpiled points to purchase The Balm and the Beautiful Palette from The Balm.  I always like The Balms shadow formula and thought it would be fun to get something in their Clean and Green packaging.  I am looking forward to using it.  And in add ons I added two skincare items.  I picked up a bottle of the Grace and Stella Hyaluronic Acid serum.  If it sounds familiar, I just finished another sample sized bottle and absolutely loved it in my skincare line up.  When I saw it on add ons I clicked before I even registered what I was doing.  The second add on is The Verso Night Cream with Retinol 8.  (the #3 cream). 

I have never tried a Verso Product I didn’t like so I picked this up.  And if it too sounds familiar, I do have a second tube that came in a different subscription box.  I’m hoping if I add them together I can get a full month trial out of them.  Although I am already in love with their eye cream, if you ever see that on the IPSY add on (or anywhere really) I suggest snapping it up.  It’s eye cream so even the sample will last a long time and it is absolutely fantastic.  Alyaka Beauty carries most of the Verso Line and it is well worth keeping a watch for sales.  It is a bit pricy but not over the top expensive.  It is a brand always on my watch list.

And that was my IPSY Glam Bag plus for the Month of April.  For me it was a fabulous month.  All of these are products that I will use and that I am interested in trying out.  If you are looking at the money aspect, I paid $28 and received $163 worth of product.  And more importantly they are all products I want to use.  Because let’s face it if they aren’t products you will use then the monetary value doesn’t matter. For me this was a very good month.

Next month my IPSY Glam Bag Plus will be replaced with the Glam Bag X.  This time around it will be curated by Madelaine Petsch.  I took a look through the items.  Several of them look amazing, like the Sunday Riley Pink Drink Firming Resurfacing Essence.  I have my fingers crossed for that one actually, and if it is not in my bag I am really hoping it’s in the add ons.  I have heard fantastic things about it and would love to give it a try.  But that is for next month.  For this month I am quite satisfied with my IPSY Glam Bag Plus.

Verso Skincare - available at Alyaka.com

Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag for April 2022

I know what you are thinking. You think that should be the Glam Bag Plus from IPSY, but it is not. I am still getting the IPSY Glam Bag Plus (It hasn’t come in yet) but this month I did get the regular $13 Ipsy Glam Bag. The reason was simple. I saw the bag and I liked it. I have a weakness for daisies, plus it is a canvas bag rather than the shiny slick plastic. I know the plastic ones contain leaky makeup products better, but i do prefer this kind of material on small bags.

I also tend to use them in my purse so I don’t have a lot of loose things rolling around. I actually have several IPSY bags in my purse. One has pens and a small note pad, one has emergency hair repair stuff, one has makeup related items, the other has breath mints and an extra face mask. They are really useful so since I liked the look of this one, I went ahead and got it for the month. And the bag did not disappoint. It looks lovely.

When It came a couple of items were outside the bag. I’m not sure why as they both fit inside it, but we’ll start with them. The first of these items is a set of Eye patches from Aceology. I know, I just finished clearing out my collection of loose eye masks. I did choose them (and will try them out next week so they don’t linger). I’ve had really good luck with Aceology masks in general so I wanted to try out the eye masks, and now I can.

The second thing outside of the bag was the Kokie eyebrow pencil It is a full size and has a retail value of $8. (it is my only full sized item this month)I’m leaving it sealed for the moment because I want to see how many eye brow pencils I’ve got open at the moment and what condition they ae in before I open a new one. It is dark brown so there is the possibility it might be too dark for me as well. I generally find light to medium browns work better for me. I do want to try it though. The only Kokie product I have tried has been a setting spray and the scent of it was just horrifyingly chemically so I have kind of avoided the brand. But they are an affordably priced brand others really seem to like so i want to give them a chance.

Moving into the bag we have a teenie tiny Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer. I love this concealer. It really is creaseless and long lasting, or at least it was the last time I used it. This is my exact shade and I will give it a try to see if it still performs as well as I remember. If it does I will soon be ordering a full size. while I am testing out a concealer Influenster sent to my, I ran out of the concealer I do have so I’ll need to buy a new one anyway.

The next two items are skincare. First we have a bottle of the Maapilim Exfoliating solution. The brand sounds familiar so I think I have received something from them in some subscription box at some point. I can’t for the life of me remember what it is, where it came from or what I thought about it. Maybe when I try this out, I will poke through the website and a memory will float up from the depths to remind me. I do like exfoliating products so I am happy to give this one a go.

The final item is the Soroci Low-Hyaluronic Tangerine Booster serum. Again I know I have heard of the brand before but can’t place it. I do like hyaluronic acid in my skin care. I have no clue what Low hyaluronic acid is, but i will look into it before I give it a go.

I know I picked up this month’s IPSY bag simply because I liked the bag, but I have to say, this was well worth my $13. While the eyebrow pencil may not end up being the right shade I can at least test the formula, and everything else in this bag is something I am thrilled to have. I am looking forward to testing out the new Soroci serum and the exfoliation solution. I love anything by benefit Cosmetics and I am tickled that i get to try out the Aceology Eye masks. Over all April was a very good Glam Bag Month. Well done Ipsy.

Score free shipping on all orders!

The IPSY Glam Bag Plus for March has arrived

I think this one may be even more surprising than getting the Look Fantastic early. Lately the IPSY seems to be arriving later and later in the month. Of course that could be my tracking number based perception. I’ve noticed that I’ll check the tracking number and nothing will happen, it will still be listed as on it’s way to the post office for about a week and then it will change to Out for Delivery. It’s like they have decided it is some mysterious journey I don’t need to know about. I’m thinking they might possibly have routed the mail through Narnia and just not told anyone.

Be that as it may, the Ipsy Glam Bag plus is a $28 per month subscription. It comes with five full sized products and a drawstring bag. It used to actually come with a makeup bag. I have kept a few of the draw string bags for use when traveling. I put undergarments in them to keep them orderly in the luggage. The others I pass along. Honestly getting them kind of annoys me and reminds me that I’m not getting a makeup bag so I sort of wish they wouldn’t bother with the drawstring bag. I will say this is better material than many they have sent in the past, so it will probably be kept. But that’s all I have to say about the bag.

With the five items Ipsy chooses two of them and then lets you choose the other three. It is not a large selection where you just choose three it is broken down into three categories and you choose one item from each. Last month was a fantastic choice. This month, not so much. However let’s start first with the two items that Ipsy chose for me.

The first is SeoulKleen Probiotics Balancing Cleanser. In general I like cleansers. I have never heard of this brand and I like trying new brands. However I had two cleansers in last months bag so having them choose a cleanser for me this month is a bit annoying. I am still interested in trying it so I’m not complaining, I am just slightly annoyed at the product type being chosen for me this month.

The second item chosen for me did make me smile thought. It is the Vitabrid C 12 Wrinkle Serum. We’ve seen a lot of Vitabrid products recently and some are better than others. The reason I found it amusing is because there is no tip toing around the name. It is not a fine line eraser, or a skin plumper although I’m sure it does both, It is a straight up wrinkle serum. Which, let’s face it, is what those fine lines really are. So thumbs up for telling it like it is.

The first of the items I chose was the Volition Yaupon Glow Awakening Moisturizer. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even look at the other items in that choice category. They could have been fabulous or horrific and I couldn’t tell you. I saw the volition moisturizer and said ‘Mine’ even as I clicked to select it. I love Volition products. Their sunscreen is hands down the best I’ve tried. I adore their Snow mushroom serum and love their celery green clean moisturizer. I can’t wait to try this product out. Admittedly I actually will have to because I’m in the middle of a skin care trial, but I am really happy to have it in line and waiting.

The second category had the Defiance eye shadow Palette by Karmela Cosmetics. I have never heard of the brand and it was the only product in the selection I found interesting, so I chose it. The colors look nice and it look s like an everyday wearable palette that really does suit me so I am not mad at it. I just am a little annoyed that it was the only thing in that selection slot that appealed to me or that IPSY hadn’t already sent me in the past. I know supply lines are still messed up so I am willing to cut them a little slack. And I do like the look of the eyeshadow palette.

It was the third category that kind of bothered me. It wasn’t good. I chose the About Face Light Lock lip gloss because I do like the about face lip paint. This packaging feels a lot cheaper than the lip paints and a lot more generic. I know it is designed to match the highlighter bottle but some how the packaging feels less luxe and more like it is a Too Faced Knock off. It smells vaguely minty but it isn’t strong in scent. And the color is a light pink that sheers out to nothing but shine and stickiness. I will give it a fair wear shot though so perhaps I will like it better once I forget that it was the only item in that category that I didn’t already have from an earlier IPSY

This was a strange month for me. With the exception of the lip gloss I really did like the products I received. It was slightly annoying to have another cleanser as I just received two from IPSY last month and it will be at least a few months before I get around to trying this product and the selection wasn’t optimal. There were a lot of repeats in the system At the same time I did get a moisturizer that I am thrilled by, a serum I know I will use and an eyeshadow palette I am curious to try. The products I ended up with I like, it was just the selection that got under my skin. I know it sounds like I am complaining for nothing, but with the items I was offered as a selection it felt like they were making my choice for me and just pretending that I got a choice.

‘You can choose anything from this list but only one item is something you haven’t gotten before,’ Even though I like the item I ended up with, it felt like my choice was already made. I’m hoping this was just a one off month and that next month the selection will be broader and an actual selection. We shall see. For now I have to rank IPSY as seventy percent fabulous and thirty percent irritation this month. Its still good, I just want to lower the irritation factor a bit.

Volition Beauty

Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag Plus for January 2022

It is time to unbox the first IPSY Glam Bag Plus of 2022. (If you click on my IPSY links and then subscribe I do get points but otherwise the links are just to IPSY in general, they are general reference links every customer has not an affiliate link)) The Glam Bag Plus is $28 per month ($30.73 with taxes) For this you receive five full sized items. Two are chosen by IPSY based on your profile and three you choose from a selection of products. Some months they do better with this than others.

This month I really liked both of the products they selected, but the choice sections weren’t that great. Some months their choices are iffy and I want every item in their choose section. and then some months they hit it out of the park with both their choices and the ones they have you choose. There really isn’t any consistency with that and I think that part of the issue may simply be due to shipping related issues because they were, pre-pandemic, really good with that sort of thing. I think external forces may have thrown them off their game a bit.

Before we jump into this month’s products, i have a comment about last month’s. In my December IPSY a product was left out. I was sad and contacted IPSY. They were all over it and I was sent the missing product immediately. My e-mails were answered in a timely manner and with no fuss and I got my product. There is a lot to be said for customer service and I am really happy with IPSY’s Service. I just thought they should get a bit of recognition for that. But now, on to the box.

The first item out of my IPSY box made me smile. It is the Polaar Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Cream. (retail $57.48 although AllBeauty currently has a 50 ml jar – same product amount as the tube – for sale for $38.55, and the little ceramic jar is quite adorable too.). It made me smile because I just received a sample size of this cream in this month’s Look Fantastic. The picture is the full and sample sized tubes next to each other. When I finished the sample size I was trying out the past two weeks I rolled in the Eternal Snow Sample as my day cream. I Started it Saturday and thus far i absolutely love it. It is light weight and fast absorbing. My skin feels great honestly. I’m not actually surprised. At this point I have tried several Polaar products (and have a few samples in my drawer I want to try) and their products have always been very good. I will definitely be using this cream once the sample size is used up and I am happy to have it waiting in the wings.

The second item IPSY chose for me was the Girlactik Cranberry Sugar Face Scrub. (retail $28). It is a new Product from the brand and the only thing resembling skincare on their site. I’m always a little curious when brands start branching out and you know I really like sugar scrubs. I also really like cranberry so hopefully this will end up being a win for both me and the brand. It is certainly a possibility. And I for one how it is realized.

The third item I took out of my box was the FoxyBae 12 in 1 Magic Daily Leave in Mask. ($15.95) I really like FoxyBae. I have used both their hair masks and their spray leave in conditioner (the large size of this also comes in a spray form). This mask (I opened it) is a leave in conditioner and it has the same scent as all of the other FoxyBae Products I’ve tried. It is like an almost baby powdery scent mixed with a light floral scent. I really like the scent and as their masks and other leave in conditioners have always worked well for me, I am really looking forward to trying this out. I especially like that not only is it a leave in conditioner you can apply to wet or dry hair, but it is also a heat protectorate so you don’t have to add a second product in when you use it. I am very much looking forward to this hair mask.

The next item is also a skincare product (this month was pretty skincare heavy) the item I chose was the Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum (retail $48). I don’t think I’ve ever tried Sonage products before, or if I did they weren’t that memorable. I chose this product specifically because it is a topical Collagen product. I know Collagen is important to hair, skin and nail health (as well as joints I believe) and it is really good stuff. I am just not sold on a topical application. I’m not entirely sold on the internal supplements either to be honest. This isn’t to say either the internal or topical treatments don’t work. I just haven’t done my research. And I haven’t tried any products because I simply didn’t purchase them. Now I have a collagen product I will do my research before using it and then try it out. And to be fair there was nothing else in the category that sort of jumped out at me so I thought it was the perfect time for a little research.

And now we come to the fifth product and it is a makeup item. It is the So Pretty Palette from Formula Z. (retail $25) I’ll be honest I chose it partially because it was a makeup item and partially because I had never heard of the brand. The other part was the copper glitter. Oh my darlings I suspect i will be making a mess with this in the very near future and possibly regret this decision as the glitter goes everywhere. But it is copper glitter. And I was helpless to resist. So I will be giving this palette a try. Soon, very soon. Possibly today.

Yeah that copper glitter is going to get me in trouble. I can tell.

While those were all of the items in my official January bag, you may notice another item poking it’s head out in the pictures. That is the Grace and Stella Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It is a sample size and I picked it up with my points. Each month IPSY gives you points for reviewing the items in your bag. I tend to forget about them and then dip into the account and see that I’ve accumulated a lot. Because let’s face it, I like to review things. I also Like Grace and Stella. Their energizing eye patches get me through every allergy season. I always stock up every spring. This year though, they have a new eye patch to their line up so I may stock up and then add in some of the new ones to try. But seriously, if you get puffy allergy eyes, give those eye patches a try. Ten to Fifteen minutes under the eyes and not only takes down some of the puffiness, it makes you feel more awake. And counterbalances the not so awake feeling sinus meds can leave behind. In a nice, topical sort of way.

Of course since I like them so much I tend to go on the site, order my eye patches and leave. So when I saw the HA serum was in the points rewards, I snapped it up. I like HA serum, I like Grace and Stella. If I like this serum, I might add it to my shopping list when I do my spring ordering. And since I haven’t rotated in a second serum to my line up like I planned, this one might just go straight into the skincare line up.

But that is is for my January IPSY. It was a good mouth for me. Choice selection was a little on the thin side, but I ended up with products I want to try, so I really can’t complain. Plus now I have no excuse to put off my collagen research. all in all, two thumbs up for IPSY this month. It was well worth the price of the subscription and I think it is a great start to a new year.

IPSY Glam Bag Plus Unboxing, December 2021

IPSY, Oh IPSY. This month I was very much looking forward to my Glam Bag plus. On choice day I looked over the products they chose and for the first time in a long time there were products in each category of choice that I wanted, so I was really happy with the selection of products. And then my bag arrived with a product missing. So I now have to go through their IPSY Care system.

It’s not a major deal as I’m sure it will be settled one way or another, but it is always annoying to have to go through the care Bots and convince them to leave a message for a person who will hopefully later get back to you.

The product missing this month was the Aceology Brightening Treatment mask. I’ve tried the trial size of this mask and really liked it so I was looking forward to having the full size. Hopefully they will still have it in stock and send it along.

Despite this disappointment I am still pretty happy with my box this month.

The first item I pulled out of the box was the Shaina B Miami Nights eyeshadow Palette. This is definitely a me palette. It has rosy tones and it has the addition of a stunning silver shade. In general I like Shaina B eyeshadows so I am very much looking forward to playing around with this palette.

The second item I pulled out of my bag was another makeup item and it was the Rodial Glass Primer. I am always happy to give a new primer a try. Rodial is a hit or miss brand with me but what I do like from them I really like so hopefully this will fall into that category. Either way I am happy to give it a try and it was nice to see two makeup items in this month’s box.

The third item is a set of nail polishes from Complex culture. They are called Thrive and dream. One is a kind of mid-century modern green and the other is a green toned gold. Since Complex Culture is an IPSY owned brand we have seen several products from them before, but I haven’t tried their nail polishes. I actually chose this set because they aren’t colors I have in my collection. The Gold I have a version of but it is an extremely old nail polish from Revlon that I just can’t give up. If this gold performs well and is similar in tone to the ancient Revlon one I might be able to convince myself to let it go. So here’s hoping.

This month I also received the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer. I have not tried this moisturizer (and always love trying new moisturizers) I have also always had good luck with Kate Somerville. I really love the Exfoliator and in fact it was an add on this month so I have it as well. And the Cleanser from the same line was available in the Boxy Charm Drop shop (which I think is still open if you are shopping) this month so I have that coming as well. Sometime soon I may have A Kate Somerville heavy skincare line up. Which I may not have really planned, but I can’t say I am mad about.

So that was my IPSY Glam Bag Plus for December. Am I still annoyed by the missing mask? Yes. And am I still happy with the bag this month? Yes. This was a very good month. I will use every item and I am in fact looking forward to using every item that was in my bag. The only reason that the missing item was such a bummer was that I was looking forward to using it as well. All in all though, this was a very good Ipsy Month. And I am sure that at some point the missing item will be sent my way. And then I will have another mask to use.

The IPSY Glam Bag X November 2021 Unboxing

Good morning and look what arrived on my doorstep! It was kind of a surprise actually as I never received a tracking e-mail of any sort. Plus the Postman seemed to have approached the door on little cat’s feet, sneaking up to the door, dropping off the package and racing away before anyone knew he was there. I almost tripped over the box when I opened the door. I think we have a ‘holiday mailman’ right now as our usual one always knocks when leaving a package, even if he doesn’t wait for an answer.

No knock this time.

This month was the IPSY Glam Bag X. The X for this month was Huda Katan. It was an interesting mix of products. The X months are quarterly and instead of the normal $30 price it is $60. This is the first year that they have done the X and this is the fourth quarter of the year so I’ve had one full year of the subscription to decide if I want to keep it. The First one was excellent, the second one was barely so so and the third one was really good. Before I make my decision on the subscription (which I will make in December) let’s see what November holds. Honestly its hard to tell.

The first item out of the box this month it the PMD BEAUTY Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device in Warmth (retail $99, although the site has a 40% off with code FRIENDS40 – I saw the code when I picked up the link and have no association with PMD). I actually have one of these and I really like it. Mine is getting a bit worn out so I was contemplating getting another vibrating facial tool. I like the silicone covered ones and actually I was looking at the Foreo. Partially because they are having a large sale right now and partially because I kind of like them better. I’ve been eyeing several of their tools for a while now and will probably still go for the UFO masking tool. Especially now that I have the new PMD cleansing tool. I can pick up the UFO tool and not worry that I need to replace the cleansing tool. So for me it was actually quite timely.

The second item is the HUDA BEAUTY Glow Coco Hydrating Mist ($35). I’ll admit, the first thing I thought was that it was going to smell like coconut. But I don’t think coco is short for coconut. I don’t think it is short for cocoa either. It has a somewhat perfume-y scent. The spray is a very fine mist which I like and I really don’t mind the scent too much. However it is one of those sprays that when I use it on my face I have to curl my lips in first because it actually tastes like perfume. It will be interesting to see how it performs. Not my favorite, but I do like the spray. Perhaps it will wow me.

The CÉLA Masque De Glacier Clay Mask (retail $40) was the third item chosen for me. I am perfectly fine with this as I love masks and I really like the brand Cela. I’ve had several hand creams and body lotions from them before and they always feel fantastic on the skin. I haven’t tried any face products but I do love clay masks. So I’m pretty happy with this.

The fourth item that Ipsy chose for me was the RARE BEAUTY With Gratitude, Dewy Lip Balm in Honor (retail $16). It is a clear lip balm. There is no scent to it and it has a nice case. Would I have chosen it? No. But I haven’t tried anything from Rare Beauty before so it is nice to try something from a brand not usually featured. I am pretty well stocked on clear lip balms at the moment so it isn’t all that exciting, but I will at least get to try the formula.

The next three Items I did get to choose from a selection of items. The selection was okay. Not fabulous, but not absolutely awful either. There have been some months this year where it was clear there were some shipping issues. This was not one of those months. They had a decent selection for each category. So what did I choose from the list?

I chose the WISHFUL Thirst Trap Juice HA3 Peptide Serum (retail $47). I have been wanting to try this serum for a while now so I was thrilled it was actually part of the selections. I’m actually thinking of rolling it into my routine right away as I really miss having a hyaluronic acid serum in the line up. Lately I have been using a lot of brightening products. I like the vitamin c products, but I really miss my hyaluronic acid.

The ACEOLOGY Firming Treatment Mask (retail $69) was the next item I chose. I just finished a different mask from this line and I have a sample of at least two others. While I am generally not a huge fan of peel off masks, the Aceology ones have started to win me over. I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve tried and am happy to have a full size of another. And I am kind og glad it is the firming one. The other two I tried were the Lifting and the Brightening ones. They both worked really well so that gives me high hopes for the Firming mask. I may have to use it this week to see how well it performs.

OFRA COSMETICS Sitting Pretty Midi Palette (retail $35) was one of my options so I chose it. I like Ofra products in general, but the large highlighters and blushes take up a log of space when traveling and to be honest, I am never going to make it through one of those large highlighters. The small golden one in this palette is the perfect shade for me and I know I will wear it. I also like the travel size of the palette. And I have a larger palette from Ofra where the pans are all the same size so it will be easy to mix and match since the products all pop out of the palette. Having a reusable travel palette that fits the smaller Ofra Pans I have is always a good thing. Plus they are good products in general. And it is really nice to see makeup making a reappearance in the IPSY bags.

And finally, my last selection was the PATRICK TA BEAUTY Major Glow Softening Lip Masque in She’s Juicy (retail $22). I know, I am still working through the Laneige lip mask (and lusting after the holiday Gingerbread scented one), but I plan to keep this one on my desk to use throughout the day. And yes I know I kind of complained about the clear lip balm, but I really like the look of the container and it smells of delicious vanilla. Plus my desk lip balms keep getting knocked over and rolling under stacks of paperwork. Or hiding in desk shadows. Or simply getting knocked off the desk and disappearing into neverland. Personally, I think Tinkerbell may be stealing them. I like the square container that will stay where I put it. It won’t roll anywhere and maybe I’ll catch Tinkerbell or her minions in the act if they attempt to pilfer it.

And it is really pretty. Gold and frosted glass.

So that was my IPSY Glam Bag X for November. All in all it was a pretty good bag. Were there a couple of items I may not be too thrilled by? Yes. However even though I am not thrilled, I will still use them. A clear lip balm, unless it is super slimy, will almost always get used and As long as I tuck my lips in so that I don’t have to taste the perfume, I have no objections to the scent of the Huda Beauty Hydrating Mist. It is a pretty good month over all. Which means that of the four Glam Bag X boxes this year, only one was not great. The others were well worth the extra money. It will make this an interesting though process when I sit down to have my personal discussion with myself about next year’s subscriptions. There are several new ones I want to try, some not even beauty products related. I think that as my stockpile of subscription box skincare has grown, my desire to branch out has as well. So it will be an interesting sit down this year to see who stays and who goes. But for now, I am very happy with this month’s IPSY. It met my profile, had a decent selection in the choice categories and gave me products that I am happy to try out and I feel are well worth the value of the box. November was a good month for IPSY.

In case you were wondering about what I was talking about with the UFO Masking tool, I’ve posted links below. It just looks like so much fun to play around with. But hey, when do I not like masking…well anything. Also Foreo just launched an Imagination DIY Face Mask. I’m not sure how that works, but it is something i will definitely be looking into.

UFO 2 and UFO 2 mini by FOREO