The Daily: December 1st, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Can you believe it is December already? It feels like November just evaporated. But then I sort of feel that way about all thirty day months. Add in a holiday and it just shrinks to an eyeblink. I am actually kind of proud of my self and disappointed all at the same time today. Yesterday I restrained myself from walking a lot in the fabulous weather.

I was so proud of myself for being all adult and responsible. Then the weather turned in the night and rain pummeled us from about dinner time last night to the wee hours of this morning. And the temperatures plummeted. So the park is flooded and it is really chilly and windy outside so I am now disappointed in myself for being all adult and not taking better advantage of the sunshine. I know I needed to work instead of walk but as I can’t really walk in the flooded walking trail today, I am a little disappointed in my own responsibility.

I’m sure there is some sort of internal lesson in there, but mostly I am just going to blame the weather forecast (although I should probably have looked at an update before deciding to be responsible and stay working at the desk. So I guess that is on me and not the dopplar radar).Still the work needed to be done.

Today is gray and cold with the wind blowing all sorts of bits of stuff through the air. Which means I will be getting a lot done at the desk and doing an indoor workout today. I actually don’t mind too much as I picked up a cordless jump rope to try out. It has two weighted balls on the ends of the handles rather than an actual jump rope. I took measurements and am committed to using it for a month before I review it. But I kind of like it thus far. I can use it without worrying about the rope smacking into furniture or ceiling fans when i use it indoors. I’m using it in the sun room which has space, but it does take up a lot less space than a regular jump rope when i swing, so it is easier for indoor use. And it is kind of fun too. And let’s face it, workouts are better if you actually enjoy the activity you are doing.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Priming Balm

Foundation: Kristopher Buckle Triplicity Priming Foundation Stick

Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: Marc Jacobs Omega X Three Palette

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting powder in Oat

Eyeshadow: Sweet Potato Pie Palette from The Beauty Bakerie

Mascara: Complex Culture Executive Level Mascara

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Dead Roses

Today I went with one of my favorite primers, the Tatcha silk canvas. I really just love this primer and I wanted something matte for today as well. I wasn’t really feeling glowy. Plus I have just started getting my skin back to normal post holiday so something with skincare mixed in isn’t a bad idea. It was clear enough that I was okay wearing makeup today, but a little extra help never hurts. (Plus I had a meeting this morning and needed the makeup on for it.)

The Foundation is alas from a company that has gone under. While you may be able to find this foundation at secondary sites, it is no longer being produced. I love this foundation though so I want to use up the last of my product. I am trying to make an effort to roll it in once a week so I can use it up and then send it on it’s way. Since I know I will never be able to get it again, there is the tendoncy to try and hoard it, but I know it will just go bad, so i am using it up while it is still good. With a once during the week and use over the weekends I think I can actually finished it up before the new year.

Again continuing with the theme I used a Marc Jacobs face palette today. I love this palette, especially in the winter. The tones are just perfect for my skin right now. Which is kind of amusing since it smells like coconut and makes me think of summer when I use it. The shades are more winter shades for me. And it’s slim design is perfect for travel. I picked this up from BoxyCharm as Marc Jacobs no longer makes makeup. And I’ll be honest, even though it isn;t in production any more I will keep using this until I’ve either used the products down to pan or it is too expired to use. And then I will still use it as a travel compact for the mirror. I’ll try not to use it too much for these posts since it is no longer in production but I do love it and it will make several appearances throughout the winter.

The more I use this setting powder the more I like it. the slight color is just enough to keep the powder from being blinding and it never makes me look powdery. It also locks my makeup in. Which Is pretty much why you use setting powder in the first place. So two thumbs up.

Today I had fun with the blue shade in the Sweet Potato Pie Palette. why is there a blue shade? No clue. I’m sure it is a pop of color for the orangy-red palette. It does work well with the other tones even if it isn’t pie like and I really liked using it as a psudo eyeliner today. It actually worked really well. I’ll admit I focused more on it than the rest of the eye and I could have blended it better, but I (very stupidly) did the blue first and then thought ‘Oh other shadows yeah lets put them on’. so I was working around the eyeliner effect instead of going the other way around. I will say the shadow worked really well. The brush I used was the Luxie 221 Flat definer if you are interested. It had the short stiff bristles and straight edge that I needed, plus it is wider than my eyeliner brush which gave me a little more control and let me apply in a straight line (which is not really my strong suit. I know there are a lot of you out there who are pros at this, but I tend to reach for the smaller brush as my brain thinks eyeliner and it never works for me when I try to use shadow as liner. Using this brush really helped me out.

I know it isn’t like discovering gravity or inventing the wheel, but I am kind of stoked by this. And yes I will probably be using this trick a lot in the next few weeks as I am so pleased with it. (I apologize in advance.)

Today I remember to use an eyelash curler before applying the mascara and it looked better, I think. The mascara does a good job at lengthening but the eyelash curler really helps it out. This is actually the third of fourth use of this mascara and while that isn’t much I will say that this mascara tube is now messier than a lot of my more well used mascara. For only three or four uses, that is a bit of a mess. I’m not sure how that is going to affect it moving forward. But we will see.

And today I went for the ABH Lipstick I wanted something neutral and this worked. The shade has been eliminated so I am trying to use it up, which sort of made it fit the theme of the day. The formula is fantastic though and I will be picking out more shades from this range. It is a very comfortable formula to wear. And for those interested, it is part of their 50% off sale right now. The link is in the product list above (not an affiliate code). It is just a really good lipstick. I use the traditional bullet style versions. I remember trying and liking the liquid lips from ABH but it has been a while since I purchased any from the brand so I don’t know what the formula is like now. The bullet style is fantastic though.

And that my darlings is me. Even though I groused about not taking advantage of the sun, I am thrilled I have a new to me makeup trick (even if it isn’t that groundbreaking it makes me happy).I’m not entirely sure that balances out, but I suppose the silver lining is the actual productivity. And sooner or later the rain will end and the floods recede. For now, there is more work and a cordless jump rope workout ahead of me. So I will get back to that and let you get back to your day. Have a great one.

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The Daily: November 30th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome not only to the middle of the week but the last day of the month.  That’s right, it is the end of November.  We are about to enter the final month of the year.  This Has been a year drought with stress and emotions and I for one will not be sorry to see the back of it.  However because of everything that went on this year there are large fuzzy spots where I just got through.  So it feels like I am short a couple of months this year.  So the end of November still took me a bit by surprise.  

Plus November is a thirty day month which always makes me feel like I stopped short. Like expecting one more step on a staircase instead of hitting the floor.  And then there was the holiday which always eats time out of the month.  SO November felt half stolen somehow.  Still it is one step closer to putting this year into the history books and stepping into a bright fresh new year.  I can not tell you how excited that thought has made me.  I have picked out the shoes and earrings for new years and I took them out so that I can see them and think happy thoughts about New Years.  I am still debating between two dresses from XXlPluswear.  I love them both but I need to either make a decision or simply order them n=both and just have the second on hand for another event.  They are well priced so ordering both wouldn’t be a problem.  It might make me feel a bit excessive and less decisive, but cost wise they are relatively inexpensive. 

I think that because all of my christmas presents are wrapped and about 80% of them have been sent on their way to the recipients so they will be there for christmas morning, maybe even spending a little time under the tree, my brain has just sort of crossed Christmas off the to do list.  I’m sure once the holiday gatherings get going it will feel more like the Christmas season but for the moment I am looking onto December from the tail end of November and anticipating New Years.  The feeling will pass as the Holidays really take hold.  But I am still excited.

Still there is today.  Today’s weather is beautiful.  It is one of those days that is clear and crisp and as long as you have a light jacket walking is fun and feels like a leisure activity rather than an exercise.  Which is also a bit of a trap.  I want the exercise and know I indulged at thanksgiving so I need a bit more exercise, but with the end of the year workload being as heavy as it is, I need to remember to limit my walking to the time I have allotted for it.  WHich is quite difficult.  

In short, I want to play hookey and enjoy the weather.  Alas, it is not to be.  It does look like the good weather continued=s for a little while so this weekend, oh this weekend there will be walking. Along with the annual clear out the pantry because no matter how well organized it was things are now insanely out of order and hard to find’ event.  

But it is still only mid week and such things are in the future.  Today is all about buckling down, making a dent in the end of year work pile in anticipation of the upcoming holiday and ignoring my own desire to frolic in the sunshine. Sometimes, being a responsible adult is hard. Today I did skip the makeup again, partially because my skin still needs a bit of airing out without the makeup on and because I wore my makeup much longer than usual over the holiday and really just feel like giving my skin a breather.  As today there are no gatherings, just work and a desire to walk, I figured it was a good day to just let it be.  The makeup will return tomorrow.  Mostly because I have a meeting, but still it will return.

The Daily: November 29th, 2022

Today feels a bit more like a Monday than yesterday did. I think everything just got shaken with the to do lists and the no makeup day. Plus usually Sunday is the day I tend to do my on-line shopping. I think my brain has the on-line shopping categorized as planning for the future. With so many Cyber Monday scales (and actually they are now cyber week sales) i did a lot of shopping yesterday. While I did pick up the Glossy Box Advent Calendar for myself as a ‘good job getting all the Christmas presents purchased’ we also keep a list of things to order during sales. Sometimes we pick them up over labor day or the Fourth of July sales. We like to split out our bigger purchases for the house.

However this year has just been crazy. When sales came up, we were mentally preoccupied and didn’t think to pick anything up unless it was an emergency replacement. So the list kept growing. We used a lot of the sales this year to knock out a lot of the list yesterday.

I know there were sales and I didn’t spend nearly as much as I think I did, but i always feel a little regretful the next morning after making a lot of purchases. It isn’t that we bought a lot of excess, a lot of it was replacements of things we ran out of or really need. but I always feel a bit reckless when I make a lot of purchases at the same time.

My babydoll teases me about being frugal and thinks it is about budgeting, but truthfully it isn’t actually about money at all. The items were on sale and priced well. Half of them aren’t pricy when there are no sales, we just hadn’t gotten around to stocking up. They were also necessary things (like replacement pads for the floor steamer and other household things although there were some fun things as well). But nothing was really over the top. It was just a long list. I think the reason it makes me feel reckless is because they are the standard things we use routinely and sometimes daily, and we don’t have them on hand.

For things we use a lot I like to have one in use and one stashed in the closet so when one item is used up we roll in the replacement and reorder the one for the closet (things I know we will use like body wash or toothpaste, I no longer purchase backup makeup items). The fact that we don’t have any of those back ups in the house leads into the reckless feeling. I know it is a bit obsessive, but for things like this it gives me comfort to have the back ups. I will say that it was just a minor twinge until lock down hit and there was the great toilet paper shortage. After that it makes me more nervous not to have those back ups.

And at the moment we don’t have any of them. Or didn’t. I ordered all of them. So soon we will.

So it feels more reckless that I allowed our in house supply to dwindle to the point where we had to place so many orders at one time. I know, I sound crazy. It is a minor issue and one that really is just a minor annoyance. It is only flaring because people keep using the phrase supply chain issues. I know it isn’t like I can’t pop out and get a tube of toothpaste if my current tube is out, but I really like having a back up.

See why it is easier to just say I am frugal and don’t like spending so much money at one time. It makes me sound less crazy. I suppose everyone got a little dose of covid crazy and this is just mine. It is minor and easy to control, it just flared.

But the shopping did make it feel like Sunday while today feels like Monday. It is however Tuesday. So let’s get into the Tuesday Look.

Today’s Look

Primer: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Foundation: Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation from Beauty Blender

Bronzer: Iconic London Precision Duo Contour Pot

Blush/Highlight: Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder in Oat

Eyeshadow: Sweet Potato Pie Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty Bakerie

Mascara: Complex Culture Executive Level Black mascara

This week I am winding up the Dr. Brandt Primer trial. I know it went on for longer than I planned, but i really liked this primer. Plus I ended up having a lot more new things to try out and test than i planned. Not that I am complaining, it just means I got to use this primer longer. I really like it. It has some tint to it so it does well evening out my skin tone and while it is illuminating, it is a level of illumination i like. I don’t mind a little glow, I just don’t like looking greasy. Which too much illumination for me makes me feel like i look greasy. This doesn’t and I really like it.

The foundation I am just beginning to test out. I tried it as a sample and it was one of the few samples that I have tried for foundation recently that actually interested me so I ordered it. I’ve used it a couple of times, but i was testing a primer so I rotated foundations. I have liked this the few times it has come into rotation.

with the Iconic London duo. I really like the powder but really hate the cream contour. The cream just doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried it several times and I might spend some time with this over the weekend but thus far i can’t stand it. The powder is fantastic though. It is highly pigmented though so go slow and build. It does blend out well and honestly I really do like it and will reach for it often. I even like the small compact. I just don’t like the cream side.

The blush in the Beauty Bakerie Palette comes on strong as well, but it blends out beautifully. I dot it onto my skin with a kabuki brush and then blend with a makeup sponge and it works well. The highlighters are lovely too. Shimmer and not glittery. I may do glotter for New Year’s but the rest of the year, soft shimmer is where I lean.

And I am loving the Setting powder. Oat has enough of a tint to keep it from being bright white but not too much so I don’t feel it darkens me too much. And it really locks the makeup in.

Today however was all about the Sweet Potato Pie Palette. I used a reddish brown and a little of the reddish shimmer, but then i used the yellow shade in the inner corner and above the other shadows a little. I normally would avoid the yellow thinking ‘that just isn’t for me, but honestly I really like this. The tones in the reddish shades really worked well with the yellow. Honestly I really like the quick and easy look that i cam out with today. I know t is nothing ground breaking, but i really enjoy it and I liked using these shadows. i tapped off the brush before applying but there was no fall out once I lifted the brush to the lid. Over all I was impressed.

I was also impressed with the complex culture mascara. Generally complex culture products tend to leave me flat. This actually worked well with lengthening. I do think that the next time i use it, I will reach for the eyelash curler first. This is the sort of mascara that needs the curler first. The pairing will do it good. Over all it was more impressive than most of the things I’ve tried from the brand.

And finally I wanted something simple for the lips so I reached for the Lawless plumping gloss. It is a little sticky and it doesn’t do a lot of plumping. It is fine, just not my favorite. Oddly though I love the applicator wand. It has the perfect curve to the wand for applying lip gloss. The product is only so so, but the wand is fantastic. Which is an odd thing to say. but there you go.

And that my darlings is me today. I am getting back into the daily work groove and doing pretty good. Even with my mental twist. Have a great rest of the afternoon.

The Daily: November 28th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. The first Monday back from a holiday always seems a little strange. I think it is because at the end of each day I tend to make a checklist for the following morning (or for Mondays if it is a Friday). However when I go on holiday (even if it is only a day long holiday) I don’t make a list as I like to clear my brain and not think about what i have to do when I get back. I find if I make a to do list for when i return, I tend to think about all of the things I have to do when I return rather than just putting things out of my head and enjoying my time off.

So I started this morning without my to do list and ended up creating it over coffee instead of at the end of the day. Which felt really strange to start the day with an end of day thing. But nevertheless, I did it and started my day.

Even with the mental shift, I love the first Monday after Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving we spend the weekend eating left overs (and because my mother picked up a 22 lbs turkey, there were lots of left overs)Then Sunday we drove home and had a take out dinner. Today I will be making out the grocery list and meal plan for the week and we will restock our very empty fridge. Which means that tonight we will get back to normal eating. The real MVP of Thanksgiving is butter. I think it is more so this year.

We had several vegetarians and a couple of vegans this year and since we want it to be a feast for everyone there were plenty of things for them to eat, but because I am not a vegetarian, I leaned into the veggie dishes that did have butter (and often bacon) so no one would run short. And yes I did make the case for just having no butter (or bacon) in the veg dishes so all were for everyone. The way some of the older folks reacted was akin to telling a group of small children that you kidnapped Santa and put him in the basement until Mrs. Claus pays the ransom.

Not that I would kidnap anyone.

And I don’t have a basement.

So everything was a little heavier than usual. But I had a salad for lunch today.

It was glorious.

The first salad after thanksgiving I always picture the raw spinach sort of clearing out the layer of butter coating my insides. Like a vegetal toothbrush.

It was a good visit though. It is nice to be home again though and in addition to getting back to my normal eating habits, We are past Thanksgiving so I can break out some of the annual holiday treats. The first was the Native Body Wash in Candy Cane. I love peppermint and would use this all year long if I could, but alas is is only sold in the holiday season. The body wash is an okay body wash, but not spectacular. The scent though is fabulous. So I roll in a body scrub every couple of days as well. But I love the scent and will revel in it for as long a it lasts. This year I also picked up a few holiday masks. So I am going to use those to help me get into the holiday spirit.

Today is also Cyber Monday. I take advantage of all of the Black Friday sales and have been shopping for the last month or so just to get things mailed out (we also took a bunch of wrapped gifts and transferred them to other vehicles to go under other trees for those who won’t be back for Christmas. Plus my mom LOVES having a tree with packages under it, so I shop early and bring wrapped things down so that she can have the full look she loves and so that I don’t forget things during holiday travel).

But cyber Monday, I tend to realize I have picked up all of the gifts I need to buy and then I pick up things I need. This morning I was actually drawn to Glossy Box as they have their advent calendars at 50% off. I was going to only buy one advent calendar for myself this year. (I actually bought three for gifts – Elemis (35% off Cyber week), Molton Brown (cyber Monday sale 25%, sitewide) and the OPI). I know everyone loves the grand opening posts with advent calendars, but I really enjoy opening them like advent calendars one door at a time. The one I ordered this year was the Look Fantastic one (I rotate which one I order each year). And I’ll be showing each door in a short post throughout December, Hopefully. It is supposed to arrive today actually. It had been an effort to get it here. I will be relieved when it finally arrives. I think I have had twenty separate e-mails about this calendar since October. I ordered it in September when it first became available.

I think that might be why i ordered the Glossy Box Advent Calendar this morning. It was 50% off so that was enticing, but I also wanted an advent calendar that didn’t cause me angst before it arrived. I know it won’t be here by December 1st so it it doesn’t feel like there is a deadline with it. I know no one docks you for not starting your advent calendar on December first, but since I ordered it in September I was thrilled with my pre planning. Anyway that was my congrats on getting all of the other holiday shopping done and where it needs to be gift to myself.

And the weather is beautiful today so I went on two extra long walks. That helped burn off some of the accumulated butter as well.

I did skip makeup today though. All of the butter and sugar had an adverse effect on my skin. Plus I wore my makeup longer than usual during the time I was home. So when we arrived home yesterday after unpacking i gave myself a purifying face mask and am just letting my skin breath today. Well breathe with some Zitsticka Killa patches on. (this is the time of year I keep them stocked for) I’ll take the patches off before i head to the grocery store. But they are a life saver today. And so that is my Monday after Thanksgiving. Not too bad all things considered. Exhausted, but otherwise doing okay and enjoying getting back to normal with a bit more Holiday Spirit. Happy Monday.

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My Favorite New Travel Item

Let me introduce you to my favorite new travel item, The soap Sheet packet from SOS Studios on the Shop Miss A site. I know soap sheets are not a stunningly new item in the world, they have been around a while. However this is my first real experience with them.

I picked this set up from Shop Miss A a while back when I went and just decided to order a whole lot that interested me from the site. As pretty much everything is a dollar it is a shopping spree where I got a lot for very little money. And I found several items I will most certainly be ordering again.

To be honest, I slipped this set of soap sheets into my order simply because I was curious. I’d heard of soap sheets bet never tried them/. The Shop Miss A site had many scents to choose from and I went with the Peach. And to be fair the soap sheets smell like peach. Slightly. Mostly they smell like soap that might have once been placed next to some peaches.

The sheets are thin and feel a bit like wax paper. I put one in my hand and then added water. The sheet starts to dissolve almost immediately. one quick hand rub and the sheet dissolved into bubbles. I rubbed my hands together, washing them and then rinsing them off.

Any peach scent went down the drain with the suds and my hands were just left freshly washed. I suspect that would happen with any scent that you tried these soap sheets in. Some might be stronger than others but i am pretty sure it is the soap that will count.

It is just soap. It isn’t a moisturizing soap, nor is it a terribly drying one. I did end up using hand cream after using the soap, but as after washing my hands I generally sprayed hand sanitizer on them, the lotion was more to do with the hand sanitizer than the soap sheets.

While I was traveling for Thanksgiving and this did let me avoid the mostly empty soap dispensers in the restrooms on the drive. While I was home I ended up washing my hands a lot more than when I was here. There were several children with stick fingers around, mostly because we had a make your own caramel apple event on the Saturday post thanksgiving while several parents went out shopping. There were also several people who had recent operations moving in and out of my visit so the washing and sanitizing was intense. Beyond that, this was an amazingly useful product to have on hand, not just for the trip but in everyday life.

I may have purchased this set of soap sheets from Shop Miss A on a whim, but it is now one of my favorite items and I will be stocking up so that I can keep one in my purse, one in the car and one in my travel kit. Sometimes it is the simple things that make all the difference.

The Daily: November 21st, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to Monday. And it is a special sort of Monday. Today is going to be my only Daily post as the rest of the week is going to be away from the computer. There will be posts up (except for Friday), although Thursday will mostly be a posting of the Black Friday Sales that you might want to take a look at, or use codes for.

That’s right, it is the week of Thanksgiving. So today is the day where i try to wrap up anything that I need to finish for the week. This weekend I did a lot of cleaning but tomorrow there will be the last of the full on cleaning, followed by the beginning of the cooking. I am baking pies and taking them down. There will also be a sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes that will be going down with me. It is just easier to make them here and bring them down so that everything just needs to be reheated on Thursday. This year I am in charge of the turkey so that will be the main focus.

We are leaving Wednesday at noon. Technically we could leave a little earlier, but if we leave at exactly at noon we can actually hit the major urban centers in the non peek traffic times. Sadly if we leave earlier we will still end up arriving at the same time we will just spend a lot more time sitting in traffic.

And yes, we have timed it on several occasions. So noon it is.

So Wednesday morning I will be cleaning all of the makeup brushes that I am not taking with me so that when I return home all of my brushes will be clean. There is something just fabulous about coming home to having everything clean and fabulous. It is why I spent a large chunk of the weekend cleaning. After the few days we are gone the scent of cleanser will fade and the house will just smell clean when we come back.

Its a little thing, but it is just so nice to come home to. So I take the time before I leave. It also amuses me to look at the activities list on my calorie/activity calculator on My Fitness Pal and find out how many calories vacuuming burns. I don’t know why that amuses me, it just does. So on the only makeup post this week, shall we see what I used?

Today’s Look

Primer: Stila One Step Correct

Foundation: Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

Bronzer: Iconic London Contour Dup Pot

Blush/Highlighter: Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette from Beauty Bakerie

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting powder

Eyeshadow: Sweet Potato Pie Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty Bakerie

Mascara: Complex Culture Mascara Black

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick

I know I am still testing out the Dr. Brandt Primer, but I couldn’t resist trying out the Stila color correct. It actually looks like a twisted marshmallow in the tube and I was curious as to how it would apply. while I will obviously test it more, I have to say today it did even out some redness to my skin. It was quite nice on the skin. As pretty as it looks in the container, it comes out as a purple tinged gray that is distinctly unappealing. It does work well though, at least for the first try, and enough to continue testing.

I am still really liking this foundation. Since I have been working on testing out a primer I haven’t gotten to use it as much as I wanted in the past couple of weeks (with primers I like to try them with all sorts of foundations while testing them). The box is messy, but I know they are changing that and really as long as you remember to wipe off the bottle after each use you can keep it pretty clean. I only needed two pumps to cover my face and honestly I think it looks great today. I’ll test it out longer when i am not playing with primers.(I’m kind of looking forward to that actually.)

This Bronzer has a cream and a powder product. Today I used the powder product because I really like it. I played with the cream this weekend and while I am getting better at using it, I honestly hate it. It is not the best product. In fact it may be the worst cream bronzer that I have used in a really long time. I do however adore the powder part of the duo. I’ll break it out in more detail in a full post, but if you are going for an Iconic London contour or bronzer, go for the powder.

The more I use the Blushlighter palette the more I like this blush. It is bright, but it doesn’t come on strong. It can apply very softly and then be built up to whatever level you like. I have been using a kabuki style brush to dot it onto my cheeks and then use the makeup sponge to blend it out at it has worked really well with me. It does have a bit of shine to it, but once you put setting powder on that it dims down. The highlights are all nice glowy highlighters instead of glitter bombs which is also nice. I am definitely more of the soft glow rather than the glittery highlight sort of person. These work well for me.

Thus far this Flour setting powder is also doing well. The oat has just enough tint to it that the powder is not bright white and glaring. Which I really like. Also as it has an interior cap that I can turn and lock the powder into the container so it isn’t all in the cap if i travel with it, I will be traveling with it this Thanksgiving. It is a good size for travel and it has the interior lock so into the travel bag it will be going.

Today I got to use the Sweet potato palette. I put it to the side because it didn’t really go with the fantastic red lipstick I was testing out. This is an interesting palette. It is reddish/orange toned, which is appropriate for the name of the palette. I couldn’t resist the blue shimmer though. And then i went in with the yellow shimmer so it came out distinctly green. Which is basic color theory I suppose yellow and blue to make green. Not sure how that goes with Sweet Potatoes I do however like it. This isn’t a color scheme I would naturally go to, which is actually a plus. I feel like I always go for the brown toned neutrals lately. It is actually really nice to just go crazy with color. But it is a safe crazy. There are several lighter tones I just went for the really bright ones. I did have the more neutral shades underneath(before I went crazy with the blue) I used only dry brushes and finger tips for application today. As I play with it I will try out some wet brush applications especially with the shimmers. There was very little fall out though and the shades blended well. I will continue playing with it, but for this uses, I really enjoyed it.

Generally i am not impressed with Complex Culture. Usually they look fantastic and then apply only so so. They are never bad, but they are never really great. they are the sort of product you can use while they are there but never miss when they aren’t. This mascara however was better than expected. It is very lengthening and I like it. I am more into volumizing of lashes, but this was quite lengtheing and that is nice. It is a little flaky though. Not a lot, but enough that it is noticeable to me.

I really like the ABH Matte lipstick formula. This shade was discontinued (Dead Roses) but it is a great neutral. I am reaching for it a lot right now because I want to use the last of it instead of hoarding it because i k now I can’t get it any more. Also it is perfect for the season. Moisturizing enough that it doesn’t dry out my lips for the winter and a really great fall/winter shade/ I do like the formula and will be picking up other shades, I just want to use this one up.

And so my darlings, that is me today. I will have regular posts tomorrow and Wednesday with the sales list on Thursday and then I will be out until Monday. I hope whatever you are planning for the Thanksgiving you have a fabulous time.

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The Daily: November 17th, 2022

I’m afraid my darlings this is going to be a short post. It has been a day of fun and excitement. It started with a pool of water on the floor. It was by the dishwasher, which we set to run before bed. Which is usually when we run it actually. However sometime within it cycles something came loose.

Hence the watery surprise before coffee.

Not my preferred way to wake up.

While it was a pain and it did take quite a lot of time out of my day, we were able to get someone in to look at it. Something came loose or has been coming loose for a while apparently and something else wore out. I didn’t pay too much attention to the specifics once I heard it could be fixed. It turned out to be a simple fix though and now everything is working properly so fantastic news on not needing to replace a major appliance just before thanksgiving.

I am very thankful that all it took was a relatively small repair payment and a chunk of my time today

It did however take a chunk of that time. So, no makeup today. There is laundry today. I think we used every towel in the house o mop things up and then move things around on the kitchen tiles. Then I noticed that whole the kitchen floor wasn’t terribly dirty, the area where the flood covered looked cleaner than the rest, partially (I Think) because the dishwasher was on sanitizer mode so the soapy and super heated water might have done a better job then my week day stiffening.

I admit the spot bothered me so I broke out our Bissell all in one steam cleaner. The floor now matches and the cleaning pads for the steam cleaner are now in the wash with the towels. I am always amazed at how fantastic a job this thing does.

Not the day I planned, but I have to say, my kitchen floor is spotless now.

It won’t last, because it is way too heavily trafficked and used an area, but it is nice to see now.

And so with the repairman gone, the dishwasher now washing the dishes it flaked out on last night and the towels now chugging away in the laundry, I am finally settling back into my desk chair to catch up on everything. I suspect it will be a very late night tonight.

I hope your day runs a little more on expected lines.

At least I didn’t have to replace the dishwasher.

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The Daily: November 16th, 2022

Welcome to Wednesday my darlings. It has been a chilly and rainy one. I actually didn’t realize how dark and cloudy it became until I took my picture for this post. I like to use natural light so the makeup I am wearing can be seen a bit more as it would look in the real world and I had to crop out the indoor overhead light as it outshone the sun outside. Which wasn’t the case this morning. It was a little cloudy when I got up but there was a little sun peeking through. Which was nice, I like having daylight when I wake up. It makes me feel better in general.

Which is why that week running up to the time change hurts so badly for me. This year it didn’t help that I’m pretty sure there was some depression and I suppose we’ll call it trauma fatigue going on. This year has been a personally rough one for me and I think that in addition to the grief and mourning for the death of my brother there was just a sense that everything was piling on without end. This month I finally got enough of a breather from any new catastrophes that I actually feel more settled in my skin than I have in a while. Its a bit like taking a deep breath after you’ve finally taken off the body shapers you’ve been wearing for too long, Delicious and slightly off balance all at the same time.

I know that was an unexpectedly heavy mention for a daily post, but as I originally started this site as a way to be honest with myself about my weight and to think through the things I do and the products I use, I try to be as honest about everything here as i can. Only the names have been changed, or at least omitted. I promised my babydoll for one that I would never put his name in a post, hence why he is always referred to as Babydoll.

But to get back on track for the day, I tried a short walk while it was still sunny and the park was flooded so I returned home, warmed up and did a short indoor workout. That wind cut right through me so there were more cups of tea then I usually have in an afternoon. I sort of slosh when i walk at the moment. But I am warm. The clouds started piling in as I returned and look like they are here to stay a while. I think it is going to be indoor workouts the rest of the week. So, let’s see the look my computer screen was faced with today.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Foundation: Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Bronzer: Iconic London Precision Duo Contour Pot

Blush/Highlight: Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette from Beauty Bakerie

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder in Oat

Eyeshadow: Revolution Beauty Mini Reloaded Palette

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara

Brows: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lip

Today I wanted to see if I could go for a quick and easy look with no fuss. Also I was a bit in a rush and when i reached for the red lip I am currently testing out I couldn’t find it. (I actually put it away with the other lipsticks instead of leaving it out, imagine that.) It will be back tomorrow, but I did grab one of my favorite Neutral mattes from ABH to dash on quickly.

Apparently the time I set to do my makeup was the time people chose to sell me things at my front door. Today I received two church invitations, neither I’ve heard of actually, one very pushy internet provider option and someone wanting to buy the house.

I was a bit unintentionally mean with the realtor. He mentioned the housing shortage in our area and how houses like mine are being snapped up so now would be the perfect time to sell. I then asked him where I would move to if my house sold and there was a housing shortage. It seemed like a natural question but it seemed to traumatize him. which wasn’t really my intention. I gave him a shortbread cookie to make up for it. (I baked them last night).

Moving on. Everything worked well for a low key look today. The Dr. Brant lifted the Revolution foundation a bit. It is one of the more matte foundations I have and the luminizer under it did give it a bit of a glow which I liked.

In fact there really was only one thing i didn’t actually like today. It was the cream side of the Iconic London contour duo. The cream didn’t apply well. It was my first time trying the cream side so I’ll still play around with it. I tried applying with my finger and the product blended out completely. I then tried a brush and the way it blended sort of made my face look a little dirty. I got most of it off, but I am going to have to see if it is user error or product failure. I like the powder side of the duo but this cream is something else. And I do like a lot of cream products. This one I’ll have to work with.

I think I have the hang of the blush in the beauty bakery Blushlighter palette though. I dot it into place with a kabuki style brush and then blend out with the makeup sponge. I really like the subtle glow it gets with the blush alone. I did forget to use a highlighter though. But I already knew i liked their highlighters.

I went quick and easy with the eyeshadow today. I used the dark brown to blend out across the lid and then the pinkish shimmer on the inner corner and called it good. I dipped once in the pan for each shade and each eye. it gave me a really soft look for the day which I enjoy.

And then I locked down the face products with the setting powder. I am very much enjoying the Flour setting powder.

And that my darlings is me today. A bit more head space than makeup face today, but what can i say, my brain turned inwards rather than out. But now it is back to work for me. I hope you have a fabulous afternoon.

The Daily: November 15th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to the middle of November. How we got here is a bit of a mystery. But most of this autumn has managed to slip by me. The days keep whooshing past. I try to fend off the flying calendar pages with to do lists. Somedays it works better than others. Yesterday everything was in a bit of a rush.

As you may have noticed from the posts, this is the week of the subscription boxes. There is one more tomorrow, the IPSY Glam Bag X and then we will be through with the subscriptions. I am actually on the fence with posting the unboxings. I think there are some subscriptions I hold on to because they make good posts. I really need to sit down and decide which ones I want to keep regardless of whether or not they make good posts so I think I may take a few months off of posting unboxings, or just do a singular subscription box round up post once a month. It is something i am thinking about. The reason is that I find myself putting off other posts so that I can get the subscription box unboxings posted in a timely enough manner so that if you wanted to order that month’s box you can see what is inside and decide if you want that box. However with shipping delays in the boxes arriving at my place as well as supply chain issues causing substitutions, that seems rather irrelevant.

And there are other things I want to post about. Like in depth product reviews for makeup, skincare and haircare as well as some more fitness stuff. I have actually started using this cordless jump rope workout that is kind of amazing and strange all at the same time.

Plus as much as I love my subscription boxes, I need to pare them down so i can use up the items I have and clear some things out. Although I am making progress with that actually. I did a big unopened skincare clear out of duplicate products and took a box to the local women’s shelter. I only took things that were still sealed so they were happy to take it. And I know it will be well used.

I know that is more than many of you wanted to hear about subscription boxes, but the planning for 2023 is in full swing and so I have started thinking of adjustments. Plus it is a cold and rainy day and rainy days always make me a little introspective. They also make me crave bold lipstick. Luckily i am testing out the matte lip from Beauty Bakerie this week and it is a bold red. So it is all good. So let’s look at what i am wearing on this cold and rainy Tuesday, shall we?

Today’s Look:

Primer: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Foundation: Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

Bronzer: Iconic London Precision Duo Contour Pot

Blush/Highlight: Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette from Beauty Bakerie

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder in Oat

Eyeshadow: Revolution Beauty Mini Reloaded Palette

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara

Brows: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

Lips: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Matte Liquid lip in Mon Cheri

I am really starting to like this primer. The glow of the luminizer isn’t too much and it simply does amazing things for my pores. It has a blurring effect that I really like. In addition it doesn’t clog my pores. Sometimes when I use a primer designed to help smooth out the look of pores, it comes at the expense of my skin. Right now my skin is looking pretty good. I know a chunk of that is my skincare, but part of that is not using pore clogging products. This fits that bill and I am really enjoying this primer.

I know I have been working my way through the foundations but I couldn’t resist this one. It is newer. I tried a sample liked it and ordered it. Incidentally this foundation is still half off on their site (It is not an affiliate link, just a product one). I think they are in the process of changing the packaging. The foundation now appears in a different package on Sephora. And I can see why. I really like this foundation and if I go light with it, it is a beautifully natural look. the bottle get’s messy fast. It is the one where you dispense the product into a divot on the side of the bottle. I can see the thought was a good one, but it does get messy fast and it has to be wiped off before it gets put back into the drawer. otherwise everything else gets messy. I do like this foundation though.

Today I again went for the Iconic Contour. the shade of the powder side is perfect for me. It does go on a little strong so use a light touch. I think it is a shade that I can use lightly in the winder and go a little heavier when my skin is summer tan, so i really like that. And it blends well. I meant to try the cream side today, but I simply forgot. I will try it out tomorrow and see if I like it as well as the powder part of the do. I do also like the small size and potential ability for travel.

Today I again used the Beauty Bakerie Blushlighter palette. The blush has a sheen to it that is almost a shimmer, but once blended in and setting powder is used the effect is less shimmery and more blush with a bit of lift if that makes sense. It is very pigmented so I went in light and built it up a bit. It is buildable and it blends out really well with a makeup sponge. It isn’t a shade I would have picked up on my own, but I have to say it does kind of work for me. the highlighters in the palette apply better with a fingertip than they do with a brush. and like the blush they do blend into a soft glow. Today i I used the No Champagne, no Gain, which I really like. It is hard to see in the photo, especially as ther is no sunlight today, but when it catches the light it is a soft warm glow which is my preferred highlighter.

The setting powder is really nice. It adds just enough of that matte layer to tone down the shine of some of the products I used today without looking powdery. I will never really be a dewy sort of person. so for me a good setting powder that doesn’t make me look powdery is a key element of my routine. This Oat translucent powder has just enough of a tint to it that it blends better than a bright white powder would. I am very happy to keep using it.

Today I wanted a neutral toned down eye look to contrast with the brighter lip I am using and I reached for this mini palette. It has six shades and is small enough that I am considering it for travel. It is also a $3.50 palette. I have to say it is really worth it. It is a simple brown and gold palette with one gold shimmer and one pink toned shimmer. It is simple and easy to use. The mattes are pigmented and blend well. The shimmers apply better with a fingertip. Actually with most revolution shadows brushes are kind of pointless when applying the shimmers and you always need a finger tip. A damp cotton swab also works well, but skip the brushes. I really like this little palette.

Whenever I take out this ABH mascara my first thought is “Oh look at the fluffy brush, it’s so FLUFFY.” And it is. It is a fluffy brush. And one or two swipes is all you need for fab lashes. Don’t attempt to use this on lower lashes or it will only end in heartbreak. It is fantastic on the upper lashes.

Today I reached for a brow pencil. I haven’t gotten around to do much brow clean up so the stencil is just pointless. This pencil is a good one and it let me add a little shape so my brows look done and not too wild today. Of my brow pencils this is actually one of my favorites. Part of it is the shade. I often find that I end up getting pencils that are just too dark for me. I like my brows just a little lighter than my hair otherwise I always find they look too dark and possibly menacing. Like I am starting to lean into stage villain makeup rather than everyday makeup. You may not feel that way but somehow that is always how too dark brows look to me. Probably just a personal thing though.

This liquid lip. Classic red, applies well with one coat and dries down matte. It is also quite comfortable to wear and doesn’t seep into the fine lines around my mouth. I’m kind of in love.

And a red lip on a dreary day just makes me happy.

And so my darlings that is me today. I feel pretty good about things. I know the sun is not sunny but we can still have lots of good fun that is funny. Or at least be productive at the desk. I have a lot to get done before I turn into a pie baking machine and travel to my Mom’s for the holiday. I expect pretty much everyone else is in the same boat. Maybe without the pies. So it is back to work for me. I want to clear all of the paperwork away before I get into the pie dough. I’m not baking today obviously. I don’t want the pies hanging around that long before thanksgiving. I just want all my work done before I shift into holiday mode. That way I can focus on making the pies, packing and getting the house spotless for our return. there is nothing like coming home to a house that is clean and tidy after a holiday trip. So I try to get a good clean in before I go. For now, the paperwork is calling. Happy Tuesday.

The Daily: November 14th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I actually had a really good one. Friday was veteran’s day here and we helped out at the VFW Barbeque/auction. It was fabulously good fun, if a bit cold and wet. The temperatures plummeted by about 15 degrees and the rain was constant. Luckily the wind wasn’t blowing. We were in tents with open sides (the pavilion sort of tents) and someone brought out some outdoor heaters (like the kind from restaurant patios not personal space heaters) so no one was overly cold, but that rain did add a bit of a raw edge. It was a big turn out though so that was nice.

It just wasn’t a late night.

It was fun though.

And this weekend I got a fantastic package in the mail from Beauty Bakerie. They sent over all sorts of goodies for me to try. While I will spread the items out for testing, I couldn’t resist trying them all today. And while I love the eyeshadow Palette color story and the color of the lipstick, I don’t think I would normally wear them together. I did today, just because I couldn’t wait to try them, but I think I will split them out and pair the lipstick with a different shadow palette. which is more a personal thing. The eyeshadow palette is bright and the lip is bright. With bright eyeshadow I tend to go with a more neutral lip and with a bright lip I go with neutral eyeshadow. I feel weirdly off balance when both are bright, or when both are neutral actually. But apparently I am already jumping into today’s look so let’s get started.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Pores No More Luminizing Primer from Dr. Brandt

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer: Iconic London Precision Duo Contour Pot

Blush/Highlight: Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette

Setting Powder: Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder in Oat Translucent

Eyeshadow: Beauty Bakerie Sweet Potato Pie Eyeshadow Palette

Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Magnet Mascara

Brows: i Method Beauty eyebrow Stencil kit

Lips: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Matte Liquid Lip in Mon Cheri

I am still testing out the Pores No More Primer. Well sort of, I know I like it and I love what it does for my pores, but i am playing with different foundations so i am using it as an excuse to keep it around. Today I used the No 7 Lift and luminate. It might have been a little more illumination from the pair than I usually prefer, but when the setting powder was added it worked really well.

This was my first use of the Beauty Bakerie Setting powder (since it just arrived). First of all the packaging was adorable. I love the little flour bag it came in. I also like that the oat has a slight tint to it. It isn’t a dark tint, just a little something to take the bright white off the powder. While my skin does go lighter in the winter as my summer tan fades, I am not an extremely pale person in general. My skin has some natural tan to it. Often times I will find that a true white translucent powder is just too white for my skin. Sometimes I use it to lighten a slightly too dark for winter foundation, but sometimes it is just too white which makes it look powdery. I know lots of people talk about white cast with flash photos but to be honest, I rarely take flash photos so it is more of a powdery look that gets me. And I would rather look good in daily life than worry about a roving photographer. This powder looks good in daily life. It applied well and didn’t look powdery. It also knocked back some of the glow caused by layering two luminous products together. Fir a first use this powder worked well.

Also on a first use was the Iconic London Contour pot. It has one powder and one cream. Both are shades that I use for bronzer. Today I used the powder one and really enjoyed it. It came on a little strong but it did blend well. So it is something I am willing to work with. And I actually will be working with it this week especially as it is smaller than my other bronzers and we are coming up on Thanksgiving travel. So I want to see if it is worth traveling with.

I will be honest, when I saw the Blushlighter palette I was a little nervous. Actually my first thought was how pretty is the packaging, which is a common thought with Beauty Bakerie items. The blush however looked bright in the pan. But I wanted to give it a go. So in I went. It is bright and it is highly pigmented. But it blends out really well. I applied with my blush brush and then blended with a makeup sponge. (I am trying out the Eggs Beauty Bakery sent in the package this week as well and in the common theme, how adorable is that egg carton of makeup sponges? I’ll go into more detail with the sponges after I’ve given them a longer than first day trial, but nice thus far.)

The blending made me less nervous about the pigmentation. It is a blush that i will dip into lightly and then layer as needed. It is a bright enough color that a cautious approach is warranted but it really blends well and I think it will prove buildable as I get into it more.

I went with the pink toned highlighter. I have another highlighter palette from Beauty Bakerie and i love the pink toned one in there. This worked just as well for me. It is more of subtle glow than a streak of light. And for me, especially at this time of year, the pinks just look really good on me. They catch the light being more glow than glitter. I know it is not really a test as it is a color I knew would work well, but I will be rotating through the other pans so I am fine with going with the more familiar shade today.

This is the first Beauty Bakerie Eyeshadow i have tried and I really like that it is not that powdery. I did still tap my brush off, but there wasn’t a lot of loose powder left in the pan when i dipped in. I think several of the palettes I have tried have left a lot of crumbles after I dipped in so it was nice not to see that. I also didn’t have any fall out with the shades I tried. I like the colors. Oddly enough the name Sweet Potato Pie makes me think of fall but the color story feels more spring to me. I’m fine with that actually as I don’t have a lot of palettes I can say that about. The colors are pretty pigmented but not uncontrollably so. I was able to blend them well and it is a palette I look forward to playing around with. It has been a while since I leaned into a colorful palette so I am going to have to think about the shadows and how I want them to look. But it is a fun looking palette.

I don’t think the palette goes with the lipstick though. It is bright paired with bright. I do love the lipstick though. It may come off a little pink on screen but it is a fire engine red in person and I really like the color. The want has a nice point to it, which I find really helpful with brightly colored liquid lips. It just lets me apply them more neatly, with the pointed edge working almost like a lip liner before I fill in the rest. Because lets face it brightly colored liquid lips can get messy fast. I didn’t have any mess with this one. It dried down well and didn’t run into the fine lines around my lips at all. It has been very comfortable to wear today.

I think I am going to wear it this week and save the eyeshadow palette for next week. I know no surprise that I am drawn into the lips first. It is a fab shade and feels comfortable to wear. Plus I just love lip products. So bright lip this week, Sweet Potato Pie Eyeshadow next.

For Brows and Mascara I just went with two products I love and didn’t have to think about, the benefit mascara is rapidly turning into my favorite and I really love the iMethod Beauty stencils and product. I actually have to reorder the eyebrow creme as I am almost out. I also need to take some tweezers to my brows ASAP. When my bangs get long they are so easy to over look. And then I get the bangs trimmed and reveal them reminding myself I have forgotten them. It is the cycle of brows for me. But it is time for some brow clean up.

and that my darlings is me today. I know that was a whole lot of first use products but i couldn’t resist. They were calling to me. I will be spreading them out so I can concentrate on a few at a time rather than all (or mostly all) new. I can already tell I am going to love this lip. At least if today is any indication. But still, we shall see. Let the test commence. And now it is back to work for me my darlings. I hope the rest of your Monday is absolutely fabulous.

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