Trying out the EVIO SKIN Hemp and Peppermint Lip Serum

If you have read these posts for any length of time you know I love my lip products. I love pretty much everything from traditional bullet style lipsticks to liquid lips to lip balms, treatments and lip scrubs. And so I am always happy to test out any that comes my way.

This particular Hemp and Peppermint Lip Serum came to me in a Glossy Box (December I believe). I adore peppermint so I was very excited to give this a go. I also have a couple of lip liners from EVIO Skin that I really enjoy so I was also pleased to try something else from the brand. According to the website…

Evio Skin

I have the shade Speak Up which is listed as a warm coral. On the lips it is a my lips but better sort of shade. The color is very minimal, but it does make my lips look very nice. It also feels very nice on the lips and considering the ingredients list (aloe, castor seed oil, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil to name a few) I am not surprised that my lips really like the formula. all of these listed, plus several more in the ingredients list help make my lips feel soft and nourished.

The name is of course Hemp and Peppermint. Even though peppermint oil is listed on the label, there is no peppermint scent or taste to this lip serum. It does smell vaguely hemp like. And while I don’t mind the scent, it is the taste that gets me.

I know, in general you shouldn’t go around tasting your makeup products. However with lip products it is inevitable. Scent and taste are big factors in lip products. this one is very interesting. The scent is not strong and doesn’t bother me that much. However the first time I rub my lips together after applying a lip product I almost always taste it and this EVIO Skin Lip Serum tastes like hemp. It really tastes like sucking on a bit of hemp rope.

Here is the fun thing.

If you can apply it and not taste it for ten minutes after application then there is no taste whatso ever. The scent also fades. And you are just left with a really good, soothing lip serum with a light tint that makes your lips look good. there is just some compound in the mix that needs a moment to air out. Within ten minutes the scent and taste will go away. You just have to get past those ten minutes. Or accept that there will be a momentary hemp rope taste in your mouth before the product settles down.

it is a very transitory taste and smell even if it isn’t particularly pleasant. It is worth putting up with that momentary issue to get the soft lips. There is no peppermint flavor or scent, which is sad. The Hemp taste and scent aren’t fabulous but they go away quickly. The softening of the lips and the light wash of barely there color lasts for a lot longer. Personally I can get past the momentary hemp of the EVIO Skin Lip Serum to get to the soft lips even if I wish there was more peppermint involved.

Let’s Give those lips some love

This year I tried out a lot of lip care items. What can i say, I love lip products. Whether going out in the cold wind or setting up an overnight lip treatment, I am down for it. Here are four of my favorite products from 2022.

1- Hanalei Sugar Lip scrub

  • This is one of my favorite lip scrubs. It smells sweet and citrus=y, mostly of lime, but it is a very light scent. The sugar aspect of the scrub is fine grained so that it gives you a good, but gentle scrub. While I love lip scrubs I don’t want to cause damage to my lips by using to harsh a particle. Because this suger it also mostly disolves as it is used so it isn’t overly harsh. The oil mixed in with the scrub is just enough to hold the particles together and to hydrate the lips as you scrub. I don;t find that I have to wipe off a lot of excess product when I am finished which is nice. And as an extra consideration, it does have a nice taste. I know not normally something that you think of in a beauty product, but in lip products it is a consideration.

2- Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

  • This is the original lip mask from Tatcha. They now make a tinted lip mask which is lovely, but some how not quite the same. The original has made my top list and will probably reign supreme for a while as my go to overnight lip treatment. It ha a very light barely there slightly peachy scent. I really only smell anything when I first open the container and even then I have to practically stick my nose into the jar. The lip mask is a jelly like formula with a light pink tint to it. To apply I touch the surface of the lip mask lightly with one finger. This gathers enough product to coat my lips.It isn’t sticky, although it looks like it should be. It does feel a little heavy when you first apply it but that soon fades. I apply this before bed (especially in the winter when the heat is running in the night) and by morning the lip mask is absorbed and my lips are soft. It doesn’t repair all damage in one night, but as with any skin care, repeated use brings results. Using the hanalei lip scrub just before application helps speed up the results as the dry flakes are taken away and everything left behind is intensely moisturized.

3- Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil

  • The one pictured above is on it’s last legs and will be used up before the end of the year. It is the second one I’ve gone through this year. It is fantastic in the summertime especially, although I will still use it throughout the day in the winter. It has a slight tint to it, just a my lips but better color and I will often use this as a replacement for lip gloss as my lips get the added benefit of the healthy oils when i wear it. It does absorb in so you have to keep applying it. While I love the oils and the feel of this particular mix of oils Yensa uses, I also like the applicator. Lip oils are often put in squeeze tubes and I sometimes make a mess when applying them. With the applicator I have control not only of where I put the lip oil but how much I put on my lips. with the squeeze tubes I always end up squeezing out more than I need and have to wipe some off. This applicator eliminates that. It is a great product and one I will repurchase.

4- Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm

  • This is one of my favorite stick style lip balms. I tend to keep them in my purse, pocket desk and night stand just in case they are needed. I think every coat I have contains at least one of these in a pocket. Now that the coats are out for the winter I need to go through the pockets and get rid of the ones that were mostly used up last year and replace them with new sticks. I like knowing there is a lip balm in the pocket without having to think about it. It always comes in handy. This is a soft formula that doesn’t need to be warmed up before it can glide over cold and dry lips. It can be used right form the get go. They also don’t leave that white waxy residue that some of these stick formulas have. They have a range of scents to suit every preference and they are associated with a youth organization and give back to the community. I know, fabulous product with a good ethos behind it, what more could you want? well right now they have some pretty spiffy holiday scents out: Holiday Cookie, Ginger Latte, and Candy cane to name a few. This lip balm is always a win.

And there you have it my darlings, my favorite lip treatment products from this year. The fab four of lip treatments. but of course there are always other lip products to consider. Like Lipstick, especially now that we’ve got out lips looking fabulous and healthy… but that is another post.

The Daily: December 6th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has been interesting. Yesterday afternoon I somehow scratched my eye so the contacts came out, the eye was flushed and while I am pretty sure the eye is on the mend it is still a little sore. Plus because I rinsed out everything with saline, everything around my eye is a little sore. I will be adding a little extra moisturizer to the area and it will be fine.

But it does mean that today there will be no makeup. While I’m sure the eye will be fine, I’m not putting anything around it or on the skin around it.

Which means today is all about the lip masks actually. I decided that today is the extra lip care day. I went in with the lip scrub (Hanalei Sugar scrub is my current favorite) and then went in with my Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. While I did pick up the tinted version and really like it for a my lips but better look, it is the original I reach for the most. The tinted version is nice, but it has a slightly different formula and I honestly just prefer the original. I’m glad I picked up both, but in the future I will probably lean into the original for repurchase.

And it is the time of year I start thinking about this sort of thing. Not just the lips, although winter lip masks are a big deal for me. However i am putting together my end of year lists. While I have the list of things I tried as samples through out the year, there are also the things I would repurchase and of course starting next week there will be my personal best of lists going up. I really enjoy those. There are always things I loved but somehow forget about until I look back so for the next few days the phrase “Oh I loved that,’ will end up coming out of my mouth a lot.

Today is a cold and rainy day with no actual meetings, which is nice because I don’t feel compelled to put any makeup on and am not tempted outside by the sunshine. And at least it warmed up so there is no more sleet. This morning I woke up to the tap tap tapping of sleet against the window. It has warmed up just enough to make it rain instead of ice.

Still dreary but easier to ignore. Somehow sleet during the day always seems like the weather is trying to draw your attention to what it is doing. Like it feels as though I’ve been ignoring it for too long.

But for me, that is the day. No makeup, extra lip and skin care, desk work and the delight of thinking about all of the products that impressed me this year. It’s a quiet day, but a good one. And hopefully my eye will be less irritated tomorrow, especially as I have a meeting and would really like to not look blotchy and pale.

Admittedly even if I do look blotchy and pale my lips will look fabulously hydrated.


I wanna Kissu, Plum

While the Tatcha Kissu Lip mask in its original format is one of my favorite lip masks, Tatcha recently came out with a second version of their lip mask; the Limited Edition Tatcha Kissu Lip mask in Plum. It is actually slightly tinted. As we are entering the season of dry lips I thought this would be a good chance to try it out, so I ordered it.

Like the original Kissu Lip mask it comes in a small jar and costs $28.Both the original and tinted versions are the same price and size. If interested, they are also sold as a set for $50. I have been using the original Kissu mask for quite sometime now. Very little of the product is needed and it is a fantastic overnight mask. I apply it on my lips and the product absorbs well. It is a fantastic way to fight off chapped and dry lips.

I have this horrid tendency to pick at my lips when they become chapped so the best thing for me is to not let them get dry and chapped in the first place, so lip masks are one of my favorite things. Used nightly I think the original jar of the Tacha Kissu mask will last at least a year. I have made a dent in the product over time, but like I said so littel is actually needed that it is well worth the price.

So how does this new Limited Edition tinted plum variety stack up?

First the tint…

This subtle hue was inspired by the Japanese plum blossom, which adorns this special jar. Known as ume-no-hana in Japan, these buds signify the coming of spring. They come to life in the winter frost, and have long been associated with endurance, health, and inner strength.

The tint is very subtle. I would call it a lightly tinted lip balm. On the lips it blends into a my lips but better look. I made a swatch on my hand as it is the best way to actually see that there is a tint to the product.

It looks far brighter on the fingertip or on the hand than it does on the lips It has a slightly less jelly like consistency than the original version. I don’t know if it is the tint added to it that does it, but it feels more lip balm and less gel.

It isn’t a major difference, but I did notice that the original felt a little heavier on the lips in comparison to the plum version. If worn at night my lips are softer and well moisturized with both. However i often feel like the original Kissu Lip mask needs to sit over night and be given the time to absorb instead of being worn during the day. The Plum Kissu mask from Tatcha had a more day time feel to it

It seems to absorb just a slight bit faster and is lighter on the lips. I feel like it is the sort of lip mask I want to keep on my dask and apply throughout the day if my lips are in need of a little moisture, where as the original Kissu lip mask I want to keep on my night stand to apply just before bed.

Which quite frankly is perfect for me. we are entering winter and it is the wime to have a go to lip product waiting for my desk. I like having something reliabal in rach that I can put on before I go on my walks outside and something i can add to my lips once I settle down at my dask. I like haveing something that can go over whatever lip product I am wearing and this mask has had no adverse reactions with any of my lipsticks.

With the original mask I would occasionally put it onto my lips after my morning moisturizer and let it sit until I was ready for applying my makeup, then i would wipe it off. With the plum, I applied a light coat and let it sit the same amount of time and didn’t have to wipe my lips before applying lipstick. while the tint in the lip mask doesn’t preclude the Plum Kissu mask being worn at night, I think the lighter formula makes it ideal for day time wear. And for me, I am happy to split duties, wearing the original at night and rolling in the Plum Kissu Lip mask for the day time wear. It makes both products last longer and keeps my lips soft and hydrated throughout the winter. For me, this is a definite winner.


Let’s talk about the Sephora Lip Scrub

I don’t talk about Sephora products a lot, but like a lot of people I will always have a few of them floating around my world. I think it is because of how I usually come to purchase Sephora products. In general when I do purchase them, it wasn’t because I intended to purchase them. Sometimes I add them to the cart to reach the free shipping minimum (although at the moment the FREESHIP code they have listed on the Sephora site takes care of that. I have no clue how long that code will last as I am not affiliated with Sephora, but it was there the last time I ordered.). Other times I pick up Sephora items much the same way I add mints to the grocery cart when I am checking out. “Oh that looks nice, I’ll try it.”

Sometimes the products are flops and other times they rune out to be favorites. The last primer I tried from them proved to be really good and well worth picking up again actually. Their eyeshadows I wasn’t as enamored with.

This was a just before checkout add on for me. Sephora now has 50% off section where certain items are temporarily discounted. Maybe they have had it a while and I just noticed it (it has been a while since I went onto Sephora’s site to be honest). However before checkout I strolled through and saw this lip scrub. Normally $7 it was $3.50.

And you know I can’t resist a good lip scrub. Plus I really like the lipstick shaped ones as they are less messy to use. Sometimes they aren’t as good as the jarred ones, sometimes they are, but they are always less messy. According to the product page…

What it is: A collection of nourishing lip balms and soft lip scrubs with natural-origin ingredients.

What Else You Need to Know: These Sephora Collection lip formulas are enriched with plant extracts and free from ingredients of animal origin. They gently exfoliate lips with coconut powder and sugar and offer lasting nourishment with their creamy texture.

Clean at Sephora
Clean at Sephora is a curation of brands committed to evolving the beauty industry. When you see our Clean seal, you can be sure this brand’s products are formulated without certain ingredients that are potentially harmful to human health and the environment and also address ingredients clients are concerned about, including phthalates, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, oxybenzone and octinoxate, hydroquinone, triclosan, coal tar, methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone, insoluble plastic microbeads, and more. For the full list, check out the Ingredients tab.


I like that this is from their Clean line. I love that the packaging is mostly cardboard and can be recycled when I am through with this, especially as I don’t think it will last long (the product not the packaging, the packaging is quite sturdy). And I like it came in several different scents/flavors. The vanilla appealed to me so that’s the one I chose. I have to say i was also intrigued but the fact that it is both a lip balm and a scrub.

So to the lips!

The top is flat and speckled with what i assume are the scrubby bits It is somewhat vanilla scented but it actually has a playdoh like scent to it as well. The first time I used it, I thought I had ordered a plain lip balm by mistake. I actually checked the package. It is listed as a lip scrub. I used it that night and the next morning. It still felt like a lip scrub. I did the same for the next two days. At the end of those days I started to get a little bit of scrubbing.

I thought that there was just an extra layer of lip balm on the top from the manufacturing process or because they didn’t want all of the scrubby its to fall out. I expected it would become a little more scrubby. It did not.

first use the product was just above the top of the tube this is the product level after one week of use

This is the mildest lip scrub I have ever used. It is still a lip scrub, it just took a few days of use to get to that part. Normally I would only use a lip scrub once a week. I wouldn’t want to over exfoliate my lips. That isn’t a problem with this lip scrub. I can actually use it daily with no problem.

There is no rinsing required the scrubby bits seem to dissolve, at least I can feel the scrub when i use it but once I stop rubbing no bits are left behind on my lips. What is left behind is a waxy feeling lip balm. while this is not my typical lip scrub, I don’t think this is a bad product to have around, especially in the winter.

lips a little waxy but healthy and hydrated

The application of the scrub takes off the dry flaky bits and it can be used daily without causing irritation and once you stop rubbing it functions like a chapstick. We tend to get harsh winds blowing down from the mountains in the wintertime where I live and some sort of thick balm is really needed to keep the lips from becoming chapped. In that capacity I think this would be a great product to have around. If applying any other lip products I would wipe it off first, but it will ensure a smooth lip if used daily, wont over exfoliate and does work well as a lip balm, even if it is a bit waxy feeling.

For me this Sephora Lip Scrub was well worth the $3.50 I paid for it and I would consider paying the full $7. And as daily use will use the product up fairly rapidly, I wouldn’t even mind investing in several different flavors/scents.

Vichy USA- ACD

So, shall we forget the filler?

I love lip products. I love lipsticks, lip scrubs , lip masks and lip glosses. I also have a strange affection for lip plumpers. I don’t know why exactly, I have just always had a strange affection for them. I do like when my lips look plumed and firm though. I think part of why I have a weakness for them is because I just want to see if they actually do what they say their are going to do. Plus I know even if they fail I will still get a lip gloss out of it so it isn’t really a hardship.

I really like the trials where even if I don’t get exactly what I was expecting I still get something I like.

This is also the first makeup item I have tried from Lawless Beauty. So what is the Lawless Beauty Forget the Filter Lip Plumping Line Smoothing Lip Gloss?

A clinically proven lip-plumping treatment and ultra-shiny gloss with immediate and long-term visible plumping, softening, and hydrating benefits. Immediately, lines look filled and the lip surface looks smoothed. Key Active Ingredients:  MAXI-LIP™ : Scientifically and clinically proven to increase lip volume by 40% and decrease wrinkling by 29%, Shea Butter: Hydrates and soothes the lips, Rosehip Oil: Makes lips pillowy soft

Lawless Beauty

I will say that shea butter is excellent at making skin hydrated and soft as is rosehip oil. So even if I don’t know what their maxi-lip secret is, I know I am already in for hydrated lips. In the ingredients list there is also jojoba which makes skin soft and both ginger root extract and Capsicum both of which sting and plump the lips. So a quick look at the ingredients list is very encouraging.

I was surprised that the lip gloss smelled like watermelon to me. I didn’t see any watermelon scented anything on the list. I’m not complaining, I like the scent i just found it odd. I also really like the applicator. The curve of the applicator really fits the lips. While it sound’s strange, I generally find that the curved applicators are not only comfortable to use, but tend to use less product than the flat applicators. Or at least I have to dip the applicator wand in the tube less to get an application so I feel like I am using less product.

The shade i have is soft baby pink so it looks like my lips but better. This means I am not worried about adding color. I found one dip into the tube was enough to cover my lips. It is slightly gooey when you take the tip out of the tube and the product wants to make a string, almost like pulling apart two halves of a grilled cheese. It is only one string though and it quickly snaps, but it can be slightly messy when you first pull the applicator out. I ended up wiping off the top rim of the tube so it wouldn’t get sticky. I imagine as time goes on that might be more of a concern or annoyance. Mine is still relatively new so there is no build up. But I could see it being something to watch out for.

The Lawless Beauty Lip Plumping gloss did have the sting to it when it was first applied. It was also a bit sticky when it first goes on to the lips. Both the stickiness and the sting faded, although whenever I rolled my lips together while the gloss was still on my lips a little of the heat of the sting would wake up. The stickiness did not return.

It isn’t an intensely stinging plumping gloss. It is over all a mild tingle. So does this mild tingle do anything?

no gloss left, gloss after 10 minutes on the right

In the photos I can’t say I see a whole lot of plumping going on. My lips do look a little bit smoother, but it isn’t a major difference. On the the plumping I’d give it a five out of ten. However it is a really good gloss. The gloss stuck around for a while and even when it was gone, my lips felt soft and hydrated.

Which is not a bad thing. There was a little pluming and my lower lip looks a little fuller, I think the lines on my lip with the gloss on are where the lips sort of fluffed out a bit. But my lips feel great and if it is a choice between a gloss that makes my lips shiny while it is here and does nothing else and something that might give my lips a little plump but leaves them soft and hydrated after the shine has worn off, I am going to lean into the second every time.

Is it mega plumping? No, but the Lawless Beauty Forget the Filler Lip plumping Line smoothing lip gloss does have a place in my makeup bag and I am happy to use it.


Let’s get plumping…

I love a good plumping lip gloss. Buxom Cosmetics and Colourpop So Juicy tend to be my favorite but I’ll admit, I will pass by the Soap and Glory rack in the grocery and somehow mysteriously find that one of their plumping glosses has mysteriously found it’s way into my cart. I wonder how that could have happened…

And yes I suppose that a part of it is that I like having plumped lips. Part of it is also the fact that I adore the scent of peppermint and oddly enjoy that little tingle I get when I apply the plumping gloss. I also don’t mind having a good clear gloss on hand.

TYS Beauty was a new brand to me and finding new to me brands is one of my favorite parts of subscription boxes (I think this one came in an IPSY). This is the TYS Beauty Lip Treat Lip Plumper. According to the product page…

In just one sweep, this iridescent treat leaves your lips looking instantly fuller and brighter. It’s peppermint and ginger root formula work together to stimulate circulation and create a prickly sensation improving the size and color of the lips. Additionally, this plumper is packed with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin B and antioxidants to help hydrate, soothe and provide a long-lasting glow.  

TYS Beauty

First off, I like the look of the tube. The clear plastic top and the iridescent sheen to the gloss just combine to look pretty. I find it quite appealing. I also like the wand. if you look you can see that the doe foot has a curved dip. When using it to apply this hugs the lips and makes the application a lot easier.

I’ve noticed a lot more liquid lip products are starting to have this kind of dip and I for one really appreciated it (especially in darker lip shades) as it makes application so much crisper. It is less of an issue with a clear gloss, but still appreciated.

The scent of the gloss is peppermint and ginger mixed which is quite pleasant. And then it goes on the lips. It is a lovely gloss with a slight iridescence which I really enjoy. The tingling is quite a lot and it does last a good twenty minutes. I always kind of liked the feeling so i don’t mind. As for plumping. The below pics are taken before application and then after five minutes of letting the product sit on the lips.

bare on left, gloss (after five minutes) on right

There may be a little plumping, but it isn’t much. The tingle is intense though. I like the shine and the look of it. When applied over a matte lipstick the shine is there but the tingling is a bit less (still present, but muted.) As it is a gloss it will wear off when you drink liquids. As it is clear it just leaves smudges on the rim of a glass. However I have noticed that if I take a sip from a glass after applying this and then go about my morning and then come back after the gloss has worn off my lips and take a sip from the same glass, my lips will start to tingle. I actually surprised myself a few times while testing this gloss out.

Super plumper it is not, however it is a very good lip gloss with a holographic shine to it and with the vitamin e in the mix it did leave my lips softer than when I first applied it. If your lips are in any way chapped avoid it because it will make your lips feel like they are being attacked by bees with their stingers dripping with acid. Otherwise it is a nice pepperminty sting that I quite enjoy along with a nice lip gloss.

Keys Soulcare


Scrub a dub those lips with Manna Kadar

We all know I love a good exfoliate but I also adore a good lip scrub.  Oddly enough I am a little more picky about my lip scrubs.  I know, you’d think it would be the other way around, wouldn’t you.  I think it is because I have used some rather rough lip scrubs in the past.  Maybe it is because the skin is delicate or maybe it is because unlike the rest of my skin, my lips have the added dimension of taste involved.

Not that I eat lip products, but 9 times out of ten you do end up tasting what you apply to the lips so it is a factor other skincare items rarely have to contend with.

This is the Manna Kadar Lippie Love 2.0 Lip scrub. As a brand I find Manna Kadar interesting.  I know it can be a bit pricey, but to be honest I have never encountered it outside of subscription boxes.  I never see it in stores or on the websites where I shop.  In all fairness it may be there, but nothing has ever brought it to my attention.  That could be me, it could be a marketing failure or some packaging design element, but it is not a brand I ever notice when I am shopping.

While I like all forms of lip scrubs, I find that the ones shaped like lipsticks are the most convenient to use.  (Admittedly my absolute current favorite is from  Hanalai and comes in a jar.)

So the Manna Kadar is off to a good start with the formula.  It rolls up like a bullet style lipstick and has about as much product in it as a lipstick would.  I know it looks like I rolled it up simply to see how much product there was inside, but I actually am looking at the consistency.  Sometimes when you get these stick lip scrubs some of the scrubbing particulate (usually sugar) is clumped on the side.  While it may make it limpy, depending on where the sugar chunk is, it can also fall out as you use it and cause the product to break off and fall out of the tube.  So it isn’t actually an appearance thing, it is more of a product usage thing.  If that makes sense.  This particular tube looks fairly smooth.  The texture, when touched has a slightly textured surface so it feels as though the particulates will be fairly finely ground.

So now to the use.  

Lips well scrubbed but they feel a little on the raw side

There is almost no scent to this product and when in use if the lips are licked then there is just the taste of sugar.  I don;t particularly need a flavor with my lip scrubs but it is a factor as I have had some really bad tasting ones in the past.

The top of the tube wore away pretty fast as it was more oil than particulate and pretty much melted away.  This is kind of expected for a first use with a tube style lip scrub, or at least it has happened with every one of them I’ve used.  So I wiped my lips, took a break and came back to try the lip scrub anew.  

While the particulates are not large, they are a little on the harsh side.  They did work, but I found my lips growing quite pink from the friction of the scrub.  I like a lip scrub that feels like fine grained sugar.  Thai felt as though the sugar crystals hadn’t had their rough edges sanded off before being put in the mix.  

In addition I found that this deposited a substantial coating of lip oil on the lips.  While I don’t mind having the oil mixed with the scrub remain on the lips, this felt a little waxy and not all that pleasant. I found myself wanting to wipe it off.  

This Manna Kadar lip scrub is a decent lip scrub, however it needs to be used with a light hand so you don’t damage your lips.  It is also one I would use only on lightly dry and flaky lips, not ones that have painful cracks in them, It is simply too harsh a product and I fear you would cause yourself pain.  I know at that point most lip scrubs would cause pain so your best bet would be to use a lip mask until the painful cracks are gone then use an exfoliator to take away the dry bits.  But in general this had a rough particulate so caution when using is advised in general.  To be honest, this isn’t my favorite. It isn’t even my favorite stick formula lip scrub.  For that I would turn to elf.  They have a wide variety of scents and flavors, are inexpensive and are less harsh on the lips.  While I will use this lip scrub, I will use it gently and when it is used up, I will bid it farewell and not seek to replace it. There are simply much better products out there.

First Use of the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask

This Tatcha Kissu Lip mask has been on my list to try for a while now and I decided now was the time. Now we all know, I love my lip products. And lip masks are one of my absolute favorite ones. I know, they surprisingly rank higher than lipstick on my personal list. let the gasps commence.

While it is easy to think of lip masks in the winter where icy winds casus daily chapping, I often find them of great use in the summer. My lips don’t chap in the summer in the same way they chap in the winter. I know that sounds a little weird. In the winter if not taken care of my lips will get dry and crack in painful chapping. In the summer time though, my lips will get dry spots on them from too much time in the sun rather then the same chapping that they get in the winter.

My only theory on this is that with the heating on the air is over all drier inside as well as the exterior exposure and in the summer time the air where I live is so humid that it is never quite the level of dryness that chaps my lips. I’m sure there is a more logical or medical based explanation. but that is my working theory. I’d be happy to be corrected, but it does mean that I deal with my lip health, shall we say, differently.

the product was all the way to the top of the glass

First off I use a lip scrub in the summer time. I don’t bother in the winter because all my lips need then is a moisture bomb, not a scrub. My current lip scrub of choice is the Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub. It works well and it smells like lemonade. Which I rather enjoy. It also scrubs without overly drying my lips more since it has it’s own oil inside.

The Lip scrub I need to pair with a lip mask.

From all descriptions the Tatcha lip mask sounded like it would be perfect for the summer. It is a Jelly lip mask, which I hoped would feel lighter and it has squalene inside which all of my skin tends to react well to using. According to the Tatcha website this mask is…

Elegant, non-sticky jelly melts into skin and layers on to comfort, hydrate, and lock in moisture. Plumps the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a supple, firm look. Restores essential moisture to flaky, parched lips for a smooth, soft texture.

The three key ingredients are Japanese Peach Extract: A traditional Japanese beauty secret used centuries ago to help repair damaged lips. Works with orange peel extract to revitalize and calm irritation, Japanese Camellia Oil: Rich in oleic acid, vitamins, and nourishing Omegas 3, 6, and 9, this featherweight oil has been prized in Asia for centuries for its superb ability to help seal in moisture, and Squalane: All-natural squalane works instantly to richly moisturize and improve the skin barrier, locking in moisture and minimizing dryness all day. The weightless emollient absorbs easily without clogging pores or leaving behind an oily residue.


The jar is a clear glass jar that shows off the delicate pink mask inside. The jar comes with a little golden spatula. I think that this might come in more useful as I delve deeper into the jar. Although it is fine now. It is very easy to scoop too much mask with the spatula though. You really need to just surface glide across the top to get enough product. If using a finger instead of the spatula it is a bare tap of the surface to get enough product on your finger tip.

First applied

When I first opened the jar I thought there was a plastic sheet on the top (incase you notice the divots. There isn’t one. The product goes all the way up to the top. The lid is tight fitting enough that I am not worried about it drying out at all. And honestly I love that it is completely full. There are no air pockets making the jar half empty. It is completely full of product.

I also like that very little product is actually needed to apply on the lips. It means this little jar is going to last me a long time, even with continuous use. Which my budget likes. I don’t mind spending more on good products, but I am always happy when they last a while. And even happier when they work well. Although to be honest, this mask was $28 which isn’t a terribly outrageous price (Laniege lip masks are about $25 and those tend to be my standard jarred lip masks – smaller tubes of lip masks are cheaper of course, but in size the Laneige is the closest to the Tatcha in product amount that I regularly use)

After 20 minutes (The lighting difference is natural sunlight vs. artificial)

So, how does it work?

Well the full review will have to wait until a month of use has passed but for a first use, this went really well. I used my lip scrub to remove the flaky bits and then rinsed and dried my lips, applying the mask over it (I didn’t want the il from the lip scrub affecting perception). The Tatcha Kissu lip mask is slightly sticky to the touch. when applied and spread on the lips it feels a little sticky at first, almost like a lip gloss. Thee is almost no scent to it. There is a light scent that might be peachy, but it is gone so fast it is hard to identify.

I am perfectly fine with a lip mask having no scent as a scented lip mask can be a bit much. As the lips are located right under the nose, any scent, if lingering, can become a bit much. while the light scent was there when I opened the jar, it was gone by the time I applied it to my lips and not noticeable at all as I wore it.

The mask was a little lip gloss sticky when applied and it had a lip gloss shine to it. The stickiness faded after a minute or two and after twenty minutes I took the second picture of my lips. The shine faded and while my lips felt hydrated it no longer felt as though I was wearing anything on them.

Now I did this fires test in the day mostly because i wanted to see what was happening, however I did wear the mask to bed at night. I applied it, had my usual half hour of reading before sleep and then went to sleep. I was worried that because the mask disappeared so quickly that it wouldn’t nourish through the night. I needn’t have worried. The next morning my lips were soft and nourished and completely hydrated. While I am sure that there will be greater effects after a month of use, One (okay technically two times) of use makes me very hopeful that this will be the perfect summer lip mask for me. It is light weight, with no over bearing scent and it appears to hydrate well. As a first use, this went fantastically well.

Samples I am so looking forward to trying out.

And when I ordered, I received three samples of other Tatcha products I’ve wanted to try out, so even though the point was to find a fantastic summer weight lip mask (which I think I might have done) I also get to try out a couple of products that were on my to try list before I place another order. I know, a lot of companies send samples with their orders so that isn’t shocking.

However i am tickled that when they showed the list of samples available and I got to choose three there were actually three available on the list that were on my personal to try list and now I get to try them before I purchase in the full sized. (they were the Liquid Silk Canvas Primer, the Silk Powder and The Rice Polish (Deep), in case you were wondering. So often when you get to check out the samples aren’t ones you wanted to try or hadn’t tried, at least for me anyway so that was just an extra bonus. All in all I was happy with my purchase and can’t wait to see how this Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask performs over the next thirty days.


Testing the Avant Hydra Replenish Lip Balm

I will be one hundred percent honest. I did not want to like the Avant Hydra Replenish Lip balm. I know, you should never go into a product with a set opinion. But to be honest my desire to not like this product was due to the price.

Avant is always a pricy brand. I am always surprised by how much their products cost. I’ve received several products from the brand in subscription boxes over the years. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t, but I almost always feel that they are overpriced. When this lip balm came in I was expecting it to be expensive, but the cost of it was stunning.

The Avant Hydra Replenish Lip Balm for “For satin-smooth, hydrated lips, this soothing balm aim to leave lips irresistibly soft, youthful and nourished.” retails for $77. That’s right, it is a $77 lip balm.

Inside this lip balm is Hyaluronic Acid and Cupuacu Butter…

Hyaluronic Acid aims to penetrate deeply into the lips to hydrate and instantly help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Cupuacu is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, fatty and amino acids. Being from the cocoa family, Cupuacu aims to improve the tone and texture of your lips whilst protecting them against damage caused by free radicals.


So there are more skincare beneficial items than in you $1.99 tube of lip balm. But is is worth $77? Truthfully, No. I am never going to be able to say any lip balm is worth $77. Because it just isn’t. I know it is odd to say that but something about charging $77 for a lip balm offends me somewhere deep in my soul. I can justify the cost of a lot of things, but not a lip balm.

light formula that applies well

However I will say that this is a really good lip balm. It is smoothing, it is hydrating and it is just an all round good lip balm. It glides on smoothly and absorbs well, leaving soft healthy lips behind. while my lips are prone to drying out and the occasional cracking, I don’t have severe problems with my lips. If I regularly apply any lip balm I am good.

If you routinely have issues with your lips drying out then maybe you might find the cost justified. It is a good product that works well. If it were in the $30 range it would actually become a staple in my lip care routine. I love the slight almond/vanilla scent and I love the way it applies and makes my lips feel.

I also know that while I have a single lip balm in my house I will not be able to convince myself to purchase this at full price. It is fabulous, but not $77 fabulous. So I will use up every last drop and enjoy this lip balm while I can. I just know I will never purchase the Avant Hydra Replenish Lip Balm on my own.

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