Unboxing the Look Fantastic April 2022 Beauty Box

I know, It is late in the month for this Look Fantastic Beauty box, but they did send an e-mail letting me know that it was going to be mailed out late, which I really appreciate. I don’t mind that actually. They let me know when I could expect it and it gave me a nice treat at the end of the month. Since most of my subscriptions arrive closer to the beginning of the month it is nice to have a little something at the end. And yes I do know that this is technically the beginning of may but it did come in on Friday so it did make it here before the end of April. Plus I’ll soon be receiving May’s box.

But now, we need to talk about April, because April was a good month.

The first Item I pulled out of my April Look Fantastic box is from Molton Brown. I love Molton brown shower gels and I really like the travel sized bottles. And this is a scent I haven’t tried. It is the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily. I did open it to take a sniff however there is one scented product in the box that I think might be overpowering it. So I am not entirely certain I am getting the correct scent from it. I will happily be trying it out in the shower though and will report back in.

The heavily scented product is a full size of the Heel Repair with tea tree oil from Australian Body Care. I have never tried anything from Australian Body Care. In fact I don’t think I have ever heard of them. And to be honest, I am not always a fan of Tea tree oil.. Don’t get me wrong, it works fantastically well, I just don’t care for the scent. However this is a product for my feet, and since my feet tend to stay far from my nose I am less picky about the scents, especially at this time of year. That’s right my darlings, the sandals are coming out and the assessment and repair of the feet needs to begin.

As this is designed for extremely dry heels I am more than willing to give it a shot, because my feet need all the help they can get. So this is timely, even if the scent is a bit over powering. Surprisingly when looking in the book a different tea tree product is listed. The pamphlet lists a 10ml bottle of tea tree oil from the brand instead of the 100 ml heel repair I received. I’m guessing there was a swap out, which I am okay with a I would much rather have the heel repair.

The third item in my Look Fantastic Box this month I’m pretty sure pays for the box several times over. It is the Avant Hydra-replenish Lip Balm. It is a full size and while the value is given in British Pounds if I do my handy dandy conversion chart this lip balm is worth a whopping $70.56 (it was 56 pounds sterling in case you want to do your own conversion.) I had to check that twice, but those were the numbers given. I’m sure it is a nice lip balm. Most products I’ve tried from Avant are really nice. The one exception being the rose oil lip scrub which to be fair worked really well and left my lips feeling soft and fabulous but tasted like I had decided to use a heavily perfumed bar of soap as a lollipop for the day.

However, that being said there is nothing that is ever going to get me to say that $70 for a lip balm is acceptable on any level. I don’t are how fabulous it turns out to be, that is over priced for a lip balm. I will use it, and i will feel fabulously fancy doing so, but it will never be repurchased. Still It might be fun to try out, and as shocked by the price as i am, I do like lip balm. (I’ve also been trying one out that I absolutely can’t stand and wouldn’t mind setting it t the side to try something new).

Moving on we have a Philip Kingsley product this month. It is the Elasticizer Booster Restoring Conditioner. I’ll have to read up to see if it is a regular conditioner or a leave in one before I use it. I don’t mind seeing this at all. I recently tried out the Bond Builder from Philip Kingsley and found it fantastic. I will happily give this a try.

Also thrilling this month is the Verso Hydration Serum. I adore the Verso eye cream and their night cream so I am thrilled I get to try another product from the brand. I haven’t tried the hydration serum. It has niacinamide which works well for me. The Verso eye cream is actually the eye cream i compare all other eye creams to so if this works even half as well as that it will be a winner in my book.

Next we have a foil packet of an Aveeno Moisturizer. It is the Oat Gel Calm and Restore Moisturizer. It is mentioned no where in the pamphlet. Usually when we get a foil packet in a Look Fantastic Box it is an extra item they throw in. There are six other items so my best guess is that it was an extra seventh added but not mentioned. I don’t mind it, however it is for Normal to Dry skin.

While my skin may be considered normal to dry in the depths of winter, we are leaving that behind. I do like Aveeno though so this will either end up being passed along or added to my collection of foil packets and used when the weather once again turns cold. I’ll try to pass it on so it can be used quickly but there is always the possibility i will forget.

And then finally we have the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner. It is a travel size but it is probably the item I am the most tickled to see. I love Elemis products. I have never had an elemis product I didn’t like. From the Cleansing Balms, to scrubs to moisturizers to oils.

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However I don’t think I have actually tried out any of their toners. hence one of the reasons I am so delighted. I love a good toner. I am half way through my Murad toner so when I am finished with it I may roll this in. Also I love the scent of apricot. For me apricot just screams summer too so it is very timely.

This was my box and while it did come very late in the month, it was a really good box and I am thrilled to have it. with the exception of the foil packet of Aveeno which is not targeted for my skin type, I am thrilled with every other product and very much looking forward to trying them out. And really that is the mark of a good subscription box. The value for your money is important of course, but for me the value lies in whether or not I will use the items or not. This is a box i will happily use. And to be honest I am already anticipating my evening shower and my first use of the Molton Brown Gingerlily.

Oh and in the back of the pamphlet that came with this months box was the sneak peek for May. It is from Rituals and it is the Ritual of Karma Body Shimmer oil. I’ve tried out a lot of shower gels, body creams and body exfoliants from Rituals but never a shimmer oil so I am looking forward to that. For now I am just going to enjoy the products that I have. The Heel Repair is moving to my night stand for use on my feet before bed, the Molton Brown is moving to the shower, the verso and Elemis are taking their places in line waiting for their turn in my skin care line up and the Avant is staying on my desk so my lips can try out a $70 lip balm. Oh yes my darlings, this was a very good box this month.

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Unboxing the March 2022 Look Fantastic Box

Guess what arrived on my doorstep? That’s right it is the March Look Fantastic Box. I was somewhat surprised as I generally don’t look for this box to arrive until the date has double digits. I know today is March 9th, so it was close, very close. Still I generally look for it around the fourteenth. I really enjoy this box. It does tend to be a bit skincare heavy, but a lot of the brands included are items I have either never tried or have limited experience with. Part of that is because it is a UK based subscription box. This is a $19 per month subscription, but the cost is lower if you sign up for a longer period. I went annual with this one because I enjoy it so much and my cost is $17 per month. I still pay monthly which means I don’t have to come up with an entire year’s worth of payments at one time, which is really nice.

This month’s theme is empowerment and I believe all of the products were chosen from email founded brands. The first item out of my box this month is the Emma Hardie Facial Oil. There are two identical bottles in my Look Fantastic box and I’m not sure if that was intentional or an accident. what is interesting is that I have a still sealed full size bottle of this exact same oil. I use facial oils more slowly than I use other products in my skincare collection and I am a bit on the picky side with them. i have tried lots of oils I don’t like and a few that I adore. I am still branching out with them What I like is that I can try one of the small bottles and if I like it move on to opening and using the full size. And if I don’t I can pass along the full size unopened. Even though I have that oil in my collection I know virtually nothing about the brand so this will also give me an excuse to investigate. Over all, a pretty good way to start.

The second item I took from the look Fantastic box was the spoiler in last month’s pamphlet. It is the Sachajuan Styling Cream. Until I saw it in last month’s pamphlet I had never heard of the band in any capacity so it is completely new to me. I am always willing to try new hair products.

Next up is the Starskin Dream Kiss Plumping and Hydrating Lip mask. I have heard of Starskin in fact last week I used an eye mask. While the eye mask wasn’t really to my taste I do have another Starskin eye mask to try out. Perhaps I will pair it with the lip mask next week. I’ve tried lip masks in sheet form before but none of them have been plumping. I am kind of curious as to how that will work since every lips sheet mask I have tried has been much bigger than my lips in general. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

And I have to say that is one of the things I love about subscription boxes in general. Since i found the eyemask okay but not fabulous, if I saw this lip mask advertised I would be curious but probably pass it by, talking myself out of purchasing it. Now I get to try it and assuage my curiosity. And that’s not a bad thing.

The next item is a brand that I was introduced to by Look Fantastic and I always get excited whenever I see it appear in my box. And that brand is ESPA. Every product I have tried from the brand has been fantastic. We’ve had a couple of their items in the box and they are the sort of products that bring the spa home. And thus far every item I’ve tried in a subscription box, I’ve ended up purchasing in a full size. It is just a good brand.

This month there is an ESPA refining Skin Polish. And we all know I love a good exfoliator. I am getting ready to start a month long mask trial with a mask from the brand Bl’eau that also has exfoliating properties so I am going to have to set it to the side for now, but I am always thrilled to get ESPA in any subscription box.

The two remaining items in the March Look Fantastic are makeup related, one is a makeup brush and the other a lipstick. The brush is from a brand called Luvia and it is a detail shader. (When I went to look for a link I found the brand but not the exact brush which is odd. The link will take you to the look fantastic set of Luvia brushes) I frequently use this style of brush so having another one is not a bad thing. The bristles are soft and the brush feels like it will be of pretty good quality. I won’t know how I lie it until I use it, but I am always happy to have another brush. Especially since I realized the other day that I seriously need to sit down and remove some of the a little too well loved brushes from my collection. Several of my favorites have spent a little too much time as my favorites and are now edging into retirement. So it is extra nice to have a new one to try out.

And finally we have a lipstick from Wet’ n Wild. It is from the megalast collection and I really enjoy the formula. It does last a long time for a bullet style lipstick and it feels very comfortable to wear. This shade is Sand Storm which is a really nice looking neutral that I think I’ll be able to wear without having it wash my lips out.

Over all I am really pleased with my March Look Fantastic box. All of the items are ones I will use, with a couple of really exciting ones included. I love the mix of brands I am familiar with and the one I know nothing about and I really like the empowerment theme for the month. Usually I would say it bothers me that they only break out four of the included items in the pamphlet. This is a recent thing and not one I am a fan of. However this month the two things they didn’t break out were the wet ‘n wild lipstick and the shading brush so it wasn’t a problem. Last month thee was an item that I wanted more information on that they didn’t include in their top four and it was a bit frustrating. This month it wasn’t an issue. We’ll see how it goes next month.

And speaking of next month, there is a teaser for next month’s box. Next month is the Hyaluronic Replenish Lip Balm from the brand Avant. Avant is a rather pricy brand. In general I like their products. The last lip product they scent I had issues with because it was rose flavored and tasted like sucking on a perfume bottle. It worked well, just tasted bad, I’m pleased to see this lip balm is not rose scented. The price listed is in pounds, but using my handy dandy pounds to USD converter I find this lip balm is worth $73.39 (56 Pounds) which may be the most expensive lip balm I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see how that performs. But that is for April. For that we have to wait.

Unboxing the February 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

I always love when the Look Fantastic Box shows up on my doorstep. I think it is because the only spoiler I ever see is in the back of the previous month’s pamphlet as their Sneak Peak. And then I forget what i saw so everything is a surprise. Plus I often get items and brands I’ve never heard of mixed in with familiar favorites. Incidentally in the back of the February’s pamphlet is March’s sneak peak. It is the Sachajuan Volume Styling Cream (125 ML). I’ve heard of the brand but never tried any of their hair care products, so that should be fun.

This month there was a hair mask from Paradox in the Look fantastic box. It is the Paradox Repair Game Changer Hair mask. I have tried a hair mask from this brand before and I really enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to trying this mask out and hope it works as well as the last one. It is in a metal tin and I couldn’t help but open it. The tin is quite full, which is always a ood sign. I’ll have to look into ingredients before I try it out but do you know what it smells like? It smells like those natural deodorant creams. I find that a little strange, but also an excuse to go on an ingredient investigation so that might be fun as well.

original on left and this months version on the right

The second item I had to double check because of the packaging. It is the Dr. Botanicals Lemon Repair cream. I’ve gotten this before in a different subscription box (I think it was Birchbox) and I loved it. Then I found a store near me (walgreens) that sold it and I picked up another travel sized tube for my purse. this has the rainbow colors rather than the yellow tube but is it exactly the same cream so I am thrilled. The tube from my purse is almost empty so it is nice to have a replacement.

Funny thing is that I used to put my least favorite hand creams in my purse so if I was away from home and needed hand cream I would go ahead and use them up because there was no alternative. Now with hand sanitizer drying my hands out at every turn I am putting my favorite hand creams in my purse because I know I will need to reach for them. Not the only switch up in my world but a slightly amusing one nonetheless.

Moving along this month there is a Balance Me Vitamin C Eye serum in this month’s box. Balance me and I have scent issues. The products are always fantastic though, the scents are just too strong and almost always remind me of industrial floor polish. Occasionally furniture polish. Which kind of makes the sample sized versions good for me. I can use them and then about the time I can’t take the scent any more, the product is gone and I have moved on. I don’t think I’ve tried the eye cream so that will be a nice change.

he BYBI Clarity Cleanse is completely new to me. I have not heard of the brand and clearly not tried the product. I am always up for finding new cleansers though. It is one of those categories I will always use. No matter what else happens during the day, I will always wash my face in the morning and again at night. More than any other product in my skincare line up, I like having an array or products that I know I can pick up because they will work for me. I like having both drug store and high end brands that I know I can consistently reach for. Because if i run out of cleanser I may order one of my favorites on line, but I will also run out and pick one up from the store to hold me until the order arrives. Since I know nothing about this brand I suspect it isn’t going to be one I can just run out and pick up. And of course since I haven’t tried it, I don’t yet know if I’ll want to. But I like trying new cleansers. I do have to add I had a hard time finding this one. There were other BYBI products listed but I couldn’t find the clarity cleanser anywhere. I will have to look further.

There is one makeup item in my Look Fantastic box this month. This box does tend to be a little heavy on the skin care but usually there are a couple of makeup items. This month’s makeup item is one I already own. It is a travel size of the Lottie London Ombre Blush. It is an interesting product. Because it is ombre there are color variations across the pan. The darker sections of the blush work fantastically for me. The lighter shades are too bright pink. While this does work well in a larger pan. It isn’t very good in a small trial size like this because no matter how carefully you dip into the pan you will get multiple shades on the brush. The pigmentation and blendability are great and I would consider getting a full size of the darker shade (if it is offered). Since I already have this blush I will be passing it on, but I don’t mind it.

Glov is a frequent brand to this box and this month there is a packet of two reusable makeup remover pads. They are small heart shaped cut outs that feel quite soft. I am always looking for reusable products so I will happily give them a try to see how they perform. Some Glov products I have really liked and others I just can’t stand so it will be interesting to see which category these fall into.

And finally we have item number seven in this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box. And it kind of amuses me. This is the Pixi Glow Tonic exfoliating toner. I have tried this toner before and really liked it. what amuses me is that after I used up the bottle I purchased I went back to the store to restock and they were out. In fact they have been consistently out of this product every time I go. This and the Clarity Toner are my two favorite Pixi products and the two I would continually repurchase. Unfortunately both are almost always out of stock whenever I go to purchase them. And now a subscription box sends me a small (15ML) sized bottle. It feels a bit like they are taunting me.

We know you like this, but you can’t have a full sized bottle, oh no. But you can have the small one, just don’t try to repurchase.

I’m sure they aren’t intentionally taunting me, but as I again looked for the toner this weekend and came up short, it just feels that way. I am happy to have it though. It is a good product and once I finish trying out the sample toner I’ve got going now, I will use this up. I just find it amusing. And yes I know I can order the toner. But it has been gone from the store so many times that i am now determined to buy it at the store here. Just once. Then I’ll probably order it. I do have other toners so it isn’t a major thing. Its really just me being stubborn.

So there you have my February Look Fantastic box in all it’s unboxed glory. And you unintentionally got a peek at a little piece of my internal crazy. Sorry about that. And I don’t really think that Pixi and Target are deliberately hiding toners from me. Or taunting me with samples in subscription products that I can’t find because the racks are always empty. Since I tend to go shopping at the same time each week, I know it probably is a timing issue. There is no collusion.

I’m like 87% sure anyway.

This month was a pretty good box for me. There were a couple of products I love and a couple that I want to try. There is one I will pass on and the rest will be put to use here. With th seven items it feels like the box was overflowing this month. I will say that I wasn’t too thrilled with the booklet that came with the box. While there was a picture showing all the variation items, they only broke out their favorite four. So there was less information about the products that i received than usual. I think they might have had more variation items than usual so that’s why they chose it. They did include heaps of other information about skincare routines and even a Valentines Day Book club, but I would have liked a little more info on the products I actually received. It is a minor complaint as far as these things go though and I’ll just end up looking up items before i use them. Otherwise, great box.

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La Roche-Posay- ACD

Hands up for Bloom and Blossom

I know my darlings, this sample sized tube of Bloom and Blossom Hands Up Age Defying Hand cream just arrived in this month’s Look Fantastic box. The box arrived late Friday afternoon. The look Fantastic Box review went live on Monday. And over the weekend I used up all of this tube of cream.

And I wanted to post the review before I forgot any details. The only product I have tried before from Bloom and Blossom was a lip product. I was not a fan. But I know several people who rave about their products so when this hand cream arrived in the Look Fantastic Box I was happy to give it a try. According to the Bloom and Blossom site…

Soft, youthful hands anyone? Fast-absorbing and ultra-nourishing, this hand cream packs a punch. Hydrating, repairing, brightening and restoring. Put it right there for some tender loving hand care.

Niacinamide packed with Vitamin B3 to help improve signs of skin damage;  Liquorice root extract crammed with antioxidants to brighten skin, reduce inflammation and even skin tone; Shea Butter rich in Vitamins A and E to hydrate, nourish and lock in moisture.

On the nose: A bergamot, ylang ylang and cedarwood blend takes you where you want to go (no passport needed).

Bloom and Blossom

Now hand cream doesn’t need much in the way of explaining, you dispense it from it’s container and rub it into your skin. So lets get into the claims. Fast absorbing? Yes. It absorbed into my skin quickly and easily without a trace of grease left behind. After applying it I walked to the kitchen and opened a jar of olives with no issues. It absorbs and does not leave the skin greasy.

Ultra Nourishing? Definitely. The dry spots on my hands felt better after using it and it was a feeling that lasted. I applied the first trial of the cream on Friday night and my hands were still noticeably more hydrated Saturday morning. It is a nourishing, hydrating and restoring product. I didn’t notice any brightening, but in a sample this size that is not surprising.

Plus I was distracted by it’s scent.

The claim is a bergamot, ylang ylang and cedarwood blend. If ylang ylang and cedarwood are blended in then bergamot took them hostage and beat them into submission. This is a bergamot bomb. And it isn’t bergamot being sneaky either. It is bergamot in attack position. It is strong. It is intense and it is lasting. This bergamot scent will be with you for a while. it took about an hour before it faded. I could still smell it on my hands if i lifted my hands to my nose, but it was no longer in full on assault mode.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not a big bergamot fan. I can deal with it in some perfumes if it is a back note. But it is the reason I have banned Earl Gray from the house. This was like Earl Gray called in an attack squad to exact his revenge. It was far too much bergamot for me. Which is a shame. The Bloom and Blossom Hands Up Age Defying Hand cream works fantastically well. It is an excellent hand cream and I eagerly used the entire tube of this sample size this weekend.

Will I purchase a full size? Absolutely not. Because the scent would kill me. To be honest, if this cream came in any other scent, I would scoop it up. If it smelled like lemon scented floor cleaner I would still pick it up. It is just that good a cream. I just can’t get past the intensity of the bergamot. So sadly, this fantastic Bloom and Blossom Hand Cream, will not be returning.

Unboxing the January 2022 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic has been one of my favorite beauty boxes for a while now. It consistently gives me a good mix of items. I receive brands I like and love as well as brands I have never heard of. They tend to lean into the skincare side rather than the makeup side, but they also include body and hair care items. Most of the time the items are deluxe sample sized products but they like to throw in a couple of full sized items in now and again as well. The price of the box is $19. I go with an annual subscription. It still charges monthly but the cost is lowered to $16 ($17.56 with tax). And for me, it is always worth it.

This month was a little interesting. The theme is Wellness is the Way and as always the box comes with a booklet detailing the products and giving you insight into the featured ingredients as well as giving a spoiler for the following month’s box. It is actually a really great way to find out about some of the ingredients in the products you are using. It isn’t all inclusive but it does provide great information and is an excellent way to ease into finding about more about the things you use.

And knowing the February spoiler is nice as well. In February 2022 all boxes will include a Pixi Glow Tonic. It the Exfoliating Toner. In my opinion it is the best of the Pixi Toners. It is certainly my favorite. Oddly though it is really hard to find. All of the stores near me love to carry the Rose toners, but this Glow Tonic is usually missing. I don’t know if everyone loves it as much as I do and just empties the shelf before I get there, but I am happy there will be one sent to me next month.

However, while all the usual information is in the booklet, not all of the products that arrived in my box were listed in the pamphlet. They list four products and leave the other two as mystery items. Let’s look at the four items listed first.

The first item in my Look Fantastic box this month was the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It is a 10mL sized spray and it is designed to help you sleep. I’ve tried this before and something in it made me sneeze my head off. On the other hand, my mother adores this. In fact anything This Works, I generally just send her way. the only thing from the brand i kept was the hand sanitizer. Which was a great moisturizing formula but so strongly scented that it needs to be used in an open area. I’m not upset about getting this. It is a good product, just not for me and I know my mother will use every drop.

The second Items in the box is the Bloom and Blossom Hands Up Anti-aging hand cream. It is a sample size. the perfect size to keep in a purse actually. I have tried the Bloom and Blossom lip balm which also came in a Look Fantastic box and I didn’t like it. I ended up talking to my cousin about it and she agreed it was not a good lip balm, but she absolutely adores their hand creams. So I’m happy to get a chance to actually try the hand cream. I have my fingers crossed that I like it more than I did the lip balm.

Next up we have a variation item. In the box you could get either an AHAVA Mineral Shampoo or a Mineral Conditioner. I have the conditioner, which I am actually quite excited by. their hand cream is fantastic and while their skincare isn’t quite for me, I have never tried any hair care products from them. I honestly didn’t know they made hair care products. So this is extra exciting.

The fourth item listed in the pamphlet is the Skin Chemist Rose Quartz Lip Plumper. At first the rose had me a little concerned as rose and lips aren’t always the best of friends, but the rose in this seems to apply to only the color and the fact that it has a slight pink tint when applied. It has a very peppermint-y scent which I am all in favor of. I have never heard of the brand nor tried anything from them so I look forward to giving them a try.

And now we go off into the wild blue yonder of mystery items. Neither of these two items are listed in the pamphlet. One is full sized and one is a deluxe sample. The full size (at least from what I can figure out) is the Bubble T Lavender T body wash. I have tried bath salts and bath fizzies from Bubble T and liked them both so I am looking forward to giving the body wash a try. Through the sealed cap the scent of lavender with a slight hint of lemon comes through. I’m going to leave it sealed until I use it, but Bubble T seems to favor strong scents. What I can smell of it though the seam seems nice though.

And finally we have the Polaar Eternal Snow Youthful promise cream. I find it kind of amusing that they have put this into my Look Fantastic box this month as IPSY also chose this item for me this month. I haven’t gotten my IPSY box yet, but I double checked the site and it is a full size of the same cream. Which is kind of nice. Thus far i have tried the Polaar sunscreen, and night cream. I enjoyed them both actually. I have another moisturizer from Polaar in my samples bin as well. Since I know I have a full size of this coming, I may give the Sample size a try first to see if I like it or If I should pass on the full size. It is kind of nice being able to try it without opening the full size. Although as I’ve liked all of the other Polaar Products I’ve tried I’m sure I will like the Eternal snow as well.

I don’t know if Look Fantastic is planning to keep this surprise option or not. I think it may just be for January. Or they could be trying something new. When it comes to Look Fantastic I am an enthusiastic consumer, not an insider so I can only guess. I can say that this month’s box has kept me as an enthusiastic subscriber. It is a great mix of the familiar and the new and while I may be passing on the pillow spray, it is going to someone who will love it. All the other items will soon be tested and tried by me, perhaps making it onto my favorite’s list.

Look Fantastic December 2021 Beauty Box Unboxing

Oh yes, my darlings, it is the week of unboxing. while this usually does happen in a month, all of the subscriptions arriving at the same time, it seems especially fun to me that it is happening the week before Christmas. It’s like extra presents. That I bought myself.

But it is fun to unbox them.

Look Fantastic is one that I especially enjoy. This month I have to say I didn’t see any spoilers, mostly because it was so crazy that I didn’t even have time to think about looking, let along go and actually look. So let’s see what surprises we have in store this month shall we?

The first item is from Elemis. Do I have to say I love Elemis? I feel I say it pretty much every time it appears in the box. Or in my weekly skincare line up. They are just a good reliable (if somewhat pricy) brand. This month we have the Pro Collagen Energizing Marine Cleanser (currently this is on sale at Lovely Skin should you be interested in picking it up for less than the usual price.) Oddly enough I just finished up a moisturizer from this line. I took it home with me at thanksgiving. It was a fantastic day cream. I hope that I will like this cleanser as much as I liked the day cream. If so, I will be very happy.

The second item in this months box was the Starskin VIP Revitalizing Luxury Gold Foil Eye Masks. I’ve tried Starskin products before and liked them and I absolutely adore eye masks. I don’t know if I’ve tried foil masks before. But I am willing to give them a go. Hopefully they will turn out well and I will have another brand of eye masks to think about adding to my collection. I go through a lot of eye masks.

While Look Fantastic does tend to lean heavily into skin care, there were two makeup items in this month’s box. The first is a blush from Lottie London. I am actually really pleased to get this product actually. A while ago I received a Lottie London Bronzer in a subscription box. It performed really well, but the artificial coconut scent of the product made me want to avoid it. I wanted to try something else from the brand to see if all of their products were so heavily scented or if it was just that particular one. And if the non-scented products worked as well as the scented one. I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I did take a second to sniff the blush and there was no scent. The color is a bit bright but hopefully that will be able to be blended into something more wearable for me.

The second makeup item I am also thrilled to receive. It is the Spotlight stick highlighting crayon from Eyeko. Eyeko is generally my go to brand when I do wear eyeliner. When I wore it regularly, Eyeko was really the only eyeliner I used. I wear eyeliner a lot less and since I tend to think of the brand as only fabulous eyeliner I don’t think of them that often. I would love to find more products from them that I do like, if only to stop thinking of them as the eyeliner company.

The last two items in the box are both in the category of tools. At least that is how I would classify them. The first is the Hollywood Browzer, which is a dermaplanning tool. I actually use the ones from Favy and I have been loving them actually. I am happy to try out a different brand though and see how they compare. It is a tool I use and am happy to try out.

The final tool is a Satin Sleeping mask from Glov. I actually sleep with a sleeping mask every night. I am an extremely light sleeper and changes in light as cars go by the house actually wake me up. So for me a sleep mask is essential if I am to get any sleep at all. Not all masks are created equal though. In general I prefer an adjustable strap on my sleeping masks. I also tend to go with silk over satin, just because I prefer the feel. However I do have a couple of satin ones. I have several other Glov products so I am familiar with the brand and happy to give them a try. And it is always nice to have an extra of an essential item floating around.

It’s one of the reasons I have two pairs of ThinOptics Reading glasses floating around. Some things you can streamline, other times it is best to have duplicates. Reading glasses and sleep masks always fall into the multiples category.

Look Fantastic is one of my favorite boxes. As with all boxes they have their good months and their not so great ones. Sometimes it isn’t a matter of good or bad, but of what i can use and what I’m going to pass along. This month I’ll use everything and that, quite honestly makes it a win for me.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box November 2021 Unboxing

And so the subscriptions keep coming. My Look Fantastic box for November has arrived. This subscription is normally $19 per month but I have an annual subscription so it drops the price down to $16 per month for me. This is a heavily skincare based subscription, but they usually have a few non-skincare items in the box. Personally oi really like the subscription. Currently they have an autumn deal if you sign up using my referral link then you get 20% off your first box(I also get store credit for referring you, so if you feel uncomfortable about that I understand). This is my referral link if you want to give Look Fantastic a try.

As it is UK based, I sometimes receive items that I am less familiar with, r that I’ve never heard of. I actually learned of the brand Grow Gorgeous from this subscription and now the brand’s Intense Shampoo and Conditioner are on repeat purchase for me. I just had a new bottle of each come in yesterday’s post. I took advantage of The Skin Store’s sale. They generally put Grow Gorgeous on their sales lists a few times a year (sometimes for the brand, sometimes for haircare in general and sometimes as a site wide promotion. Right now they have the site wide promotion. The link will take you to the site if you are interested.).

This month they put their brochure on line and just sent a QR code with the box. I’m okay with them saving paper personally. I have no idea if they are going to make this a continuous thing or if there was just something awry with the printing this month. I was expecting to have to wait longer for the box, but it did arrive quite early in the month.

So shall we see what is in this month’s box.

We’ll start with a quasi-familiar item. It is a moisturizer from Comfort Zone. It is the Comfort Zone Renight Cream. I am always willing to try a new night cream so it will be interesting to try it out. While I have tried other products from Comfort Zone this is a new one for me. I haven’t been blown away by the quality of Comfort Zone in the past, but I am willing to keep an open mind. I am pleased that this is a deluxe sample. Most of what I have received in subscription boxes from the brand have been half the size (15 Ml). This one is 30 Ml so I should at least have enough product to make a good decision about it’s use.

Next up is the one makeup item in the box. It is a tiny stub of a pencil. It is the Diego Della Parma Eye brow pencil. It is the size of a golf pencil. I generally prefer pomades and creamy pencils for my brows (when I am not lazy and skip doing them) but I will give this a try. Partially because it is a small enough pencil that if it works well it will be good for travel. With Thanksgiving coming up, my brain has started switching into travel mode. I have tried a couple of lip pencils from the brand and really liked them. They aren’t the creamiest formula but they ae extremely long lasting. So hopefully this will fall into the same category.

The third item in the box s the NCLA So Rich Cuticle oil. It appears to be a full size. I’m rather happy to have it actually as my cuticles need all the help they can get. Since I destroy my nails doing gardening each summer, I tend to baby what’s left of them and my nails (actually my current favorite cuticle oil is Nailac if you are interested). I baby my hands while I work them and then when my gardening season is over I kind of let it slide and just revel in being able to wear nail polish more than two days without destroying it. Then the heat kicks on and my nails and cuticles suffer. I need to reorder my Nailac as I used up the bottle I had. While I am waiting, I will give the NCLA version a go. I like their nail polish, maybe I will like their cuticle oil as well. It can’t hurt to try.

Also in need of massive moisturizing are my feet. That is a constant this time of year. And again I need to restock. I’ve tried a lot of fancy and sometimes quite expensive foot creams, because my feet always need love. Honestly the product that always works, is the Foot Food from Soap and Glory. It is hands down the best foot cream I have tried regardless of price. It is inexpensive, available at Walgreens and fantastic for really dry feet. In the winter I tend to put it on before bed, put on some socks and let it work its magic overnight. I am out of that as well and need to repurchase.

But that is an aside. And not what is in the box. What is in the box is the Moisturizing foot mask with Lavender from Le Mini Macaron. It is a moisturizing sheet mask for your feet, Think sheet mask booties. I’ve tried peeling foot masks, which were kind of creepy yet oddly fascinating. I have never tried actual moisturizing foot masks. As my feet are so dry at the moment, I might give these a go and see if I can jump start the hydration before going back to my fantastic Foot cream.

This month there is another Balance Me Product it is the BHA Exfoliating concentrate. I know I’ve received this from one of the subscription boxes this year, but I don’t think I’ve tried it. I think it is still waiting in the wings. Balance Me seems to be in a lot of subscription boxes this year. Or maybe I just notice them more because of my love hate relationship with them. I always love how well the products work but nine times out of ten I hate the way they smell. I always feel bad about that because they are a great brand that I want to support and their products are fantastic. But the scents get me every time. I just can’t take them. But I know the product will work well, so I will give it a try. I have my fingers crossed.

And finally we have the sixth item in the box and quite honestly it is the item I am most excited about. I find the other products interesting and I will certainly use them, but this is the one I am excited about. It is the Prai Ageless Throat and Décolletage Cream. I have seen so many before and after pictures that look downright miraculous that I have wanted to try this for ages. I have tried other products from the brand and they have been fantastic, but the pics for this one were just hard to believe. At the moment I am still getting over some sun damage to my neck and throat. It took a beating this summer, so it can use all the love it can get. I can’t wait to open this and give it a try.

So that my darlings was this month’s Look Fantastic box. It was an interesting month for me actually. I need to work on my feet and cuticles so two of the items were very timely. I am thinking about travel products so the eyebrow pencil could be good timing too, depending on how it works. I am always willing to try a new night cream, have high hopes for Balance Me, and I am very excited to try the Prai. Over all it is a pretty decent box this month. With the exception of Prai it isn’t tremendously exciting, but I will use all the items and they actually fit my needs pretty well. That is hard to argue with.

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The October 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box unboxing

That’s right, the subscription boxes are starting to come in. Can the middle of the month be too far behind? Look Fantastic is a UK based subscription box that costs $19 per month if you are on a month to month subscription. I have an annual subscription so my box is $16. I always find the box worth it actually. As it comes from the UK often times it has brands that I’ve either never heard of or don’t see all that often. Look Fantastic also has a shop that is always running specials and deals on various products. So even if you don’t subscribe, it is well worth popping over to the site to see what’s on sale.

This month’s theme is Treat yourself: Time for your Monthly R&R. The first item I gravitated towards was the Rituals product. what can I say, the golden color called to me. I have received a lot of bath products from Rituals in subscription boxes, in fact one is still in my shower as we speak. They always smell luxurious and leave my skin feeling pampered. This isn’t a bath product though. This month Look Fantastic sent a body cream. The scent is orange and cedar which I think sounds interesting. Normally i am not a fan of getting body creams since I have so many of them, but as I have never tried a Rituals body Cream i have to say i am curious. I have high hopes for this one. It is the Ritual of Mehr. As I just finished a body lotion, this one is going straight to the shower to use post bath. I’ll let you know how it works out.

The second item I was even happier to see. Ecooking is one of those brands I don’t think we hear enough about. It is really good skincare that tends to fly under the radar. If you ever see their foot cream, snap it up. You won’t be sorry. It’s scent is a bit strong but it can take down the toughest of calluses. This month there is a gentle cleansing gel in the box. it is a really good sized pump. The pamphlet doesn’t say if this is a full size or not but it is 125 ml which is much larger than a sample size. If it isn’t a full size then it is at least a deluxe or travel size. I am very much looking forward to giving it a go.

The third item this month is the Filorga Oxygen glow Creme. It is a sample size of their moisturizer. I am always happy to try out a new moisturizer. I have an eye cream from Filorga waiting for trial, but I haven’t actually tried it yet. So even though i have seen the brand (and actually have products from them) I haven’t tried them out yet.

Dr. Botanicals had been making appearances in subscription boxes lately and quite honestly I am not upset about seeing another product from them. The ones I’ve tried have performed really well and over all it is a pretty affordable brand. I am always happy to discover affordable brands that work really well. This month we have the Turmeric Mask. I think I’ve used a moisturizer and a hand cream but not a mask. Both the Pomegranate moisturizer and the Lemon hand cream made it onto my list of repeat purchases so we will see if the Turmeric makes the cut as well.

There were two hair products in this months box, rounding out the products. One is the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder. It is a split end remedy. Philip Kingsley is one of those brands that is kind of pricy, but always sort of leaves me ambivalent. The Leave in conditioner works well enough to use if it is around, but not well enough to actually purchase over other products. Perhaps this Bond Builder will be one of their better products and lean me towards them a bit more. I haven’t tried it and I am always looking for ways to improve the health of my hair.

I will certainly get a lot of use out of the Vintage Cosmetics scrunchies. The yellow is a bit bright for me, but the material is soft and not likely to pull and the elastic underneath feels strong enough to hold my hair in place. Plus this summer I had issues with the elastic bands tangling in my hair so I tended to wear the scrunchies I had more than the bands. Many of the scrunchies did not survive the summer. So it is nice to have some replacements.

So that was my October Look Fantastic Box. Was it worth the price? Absolutely. Look fantastic has always tended to be skincare heavy and the theme is kind of skincare based anyway so i can’t be upset about the lack of makeup. Makeup isn’t really Look Fantastic’s strong suit. Some times they do hit it out of the park with the makeup though. Just not this month and not very often. To be honest, Look Fantastic is where I have found some super fabulous hair care products and brands that I didn’t know existed. Hair and skincare are where this box shines. And this month, I think they did pretty good. I definitely got my $16 worth.

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Unboxing the Look Fantastic September 2021 Beauty Box

Okay, everyone take a deep breath.  Guess what arrived?  My Look Fantastic Beauty Box for September.  I know!  It has been so late the past few months I wasn’t actually expecting it.  I received the e-mail saying it was on its way with the date to be updated later.  Then the next morning the box was on my doorstep.  When I looked back at the tracking info the site claims that it should arrive at my place sometime next week. 

So there are still some crossed wires in the system, but hey I got my box before the end of the month. So I’m happy. 

I’ll be honest, when I opened the box I looked inside I thought, hmm, not the greatest month.  I saw an eyeliner, a couple of tubes and a face mask.  Not the most exciting things in the world.  And then I took a deeper look.  The more I actually looked at the box, the more excited I became. 

Let’s start with the one thing I was happy to see at first glance.  It was the Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask. There are three brands of hair products that Look Fantastic introduced me to that are now in my list of favorites: Percy and Reed (I always have a tube of their Wonder Balm), Grow Gorgeous (Any time I see the shampoo and Conditioner from the Intense Line on sale I stock up, it is rapidly becoming the shampoo I use when I am not testing other shampoos) and Christophe Robin.

I know, if you look at my older posts I was a bit down on the Christophe Robin sea Salt Scalp scrub.  Then I realized I was using it wrong and now, it is on my top ten list.  If you are having a dull hair week or you think that you have too much buildup of other products on your scalp, pick up a jar of this and take one day out of your week, use the scalp scrub instead of shampoo and really lather it up and massage the scalp.  It does wonders for the hair and removes build up from the scalp.  After, I generally use a hair mask as a conditioner to the scalp scrubs shampoo.  Lately I’ve been reaching for either the Klorane Nourishing moisture mask or the Mane Club’s Cry Baby mask. They both pair well.  Since I now have a Christophe Robin Mask to try out I may pair it with the Christophe Robin scalp scrub and see how that works.  So first product in I am super excited about.

The second item I expected to be disappointed by.  It is an eyeliner by 3inA. Even though it has a brown packaging there are so often black eyeliners of all varieties in subscription boxes that I find it really hard to get excited about them.  This is not black it is brown.  And it has a really fine felt tip pen tip.  And it applies smoothly and the swatch lasted on my hand overnight without smudging.  I finally had to put a dab of makeup removing oil on my hand to get it off.  Then it came off well, but I had to deliberately remove it.   I may have to give this one a chance.  I’ll admit, I haven’t really been wearing eyeliner for a while.  Part of it really is the season.  It is hot and humid where I am and eyeliner can melt with sweat or get smudged as I squint in the bright light. So in the summer I almost always skip it. 

But summer is ending.

And it isn’t a black eyeliner.  I am actually quite happy to give this a go.

And then came the third item.  It is the Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant.  I’ll admit, I saw it, thought body scrub and was inclined to move on.  Not that I don’t like body scrubs, but in general they aren’t that exciting. Except this one is.  It isn’t just a take into the shower and scrub down kind of body scrub.  It is formulated for bumpy and really dry skin.  While they say it is good for relieving the ‘chicken skin’ look, I have a patch of overly dry skin that I have been trying to deal with for years.  It is on my left forearm and it drives me crazy.     Apparently this is something you put on, scrub with and then let sit for a few minutes before washing off.  I’ve never heard of this product before and it is quite a great deal more interesting than I thought it was at first sight.  I don’t know if it will help me out, but I am very eager to give it a try. 

This leads us to the next tube of cream in this month’s box.  It is the SVR Palpebral Cream.   I have heard of SVR before, in fact I have a moisturizer sample in my collection that I have yet to try.  I have to admit I did have to look up the word Palpebral.  It turns out it is a word that means the upper and lower eyelid.  See, we all learned something.  Unless of course you already knew that and then you my darling deserve a gold star. It is not just an eye cream but an eye cream that you can use to reduce redness and irritation around the eyelids.  It also has hyaluronic Acid, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 inside.

I’ll be honest, I know that Omega 3,6, and 9 are used for improving heart health.  My mother has heart issues and those are all things she looks for (and has for years) so they are familiar to me.  What they do to the skin around the eyes, I don’t know.  I’ll have to look it up before I open this product to use.  Because you know anything with Hyaluronic acid in it the fine lines around my eyes are down for. And sadly I picked up my ESPA eye cream this morning and it is really starting to feel light. It isn’t empty yet and eye creams only need a little with each application, so I still have a while.  I just hate to see it end as it is such a good eye cream.  Still it is nice to have something interesting waiting in the wings.

The face mask was the next item in the box this month and it is an anti aging sheet mask from Beauty Prcy.  I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I am always willing to try a new mask.  This one is infused with Collagen, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.  I am not entirely certain that the collagen does anything.  I know it is a good thing in general, but I don’t think it can be absorbed topically. I’m not entirely certain of that though and will need to look into it.  Most of what I was researching about collagen was based on the efficacy of the collagen supplements for hair and nail health. So I wasn’t looking at topical applications at the time.  But again, I would have only been a side note.  I’ll have to investigate (if only for my own piece of mind).  I do know that despite the collagen and its absorption, my skin loves both Vitamin C and Aloe Vera so I suspect I will like this mask in general.

And finally we come to the last item in the box.  It is a By Terry Nourishing lip balm.  I have had one of these before and it is an interesting product.  The Shea butter and Vitamin E mean that my lips love it.  The intense Rose scent is, however a lot to take in.  You really need to love Rose to use this lip balm.  It feels fantastic and my lips are always healthier after a stint of using it.  But that rose.  It is intense.  If you love rose, great, you have found the very best of lip balms.  I’ll be honest, I like rose, but not enough to use this consistently.  I do have a use for it though.   It is the best anti-snacking device I have found.

I know, you laugh.  But if I think I want a snack and then apply this lip balm, I instantly don’t want a snack.  The rose scent is strong enough that it instantly kills any desire I have to eat anything. And when I lick my lips, the rose flavor kills any part of what remained of my thoughts about food.  It is simply so rose forward that rose is the only thing you can think of.  And while I enjoy flowers, smelling them rarely makes me want to eat.  I know that is a strange thing to say about a lip balm but quite frankly it is strange to have a lip balm that heavily scented with rose.  It does amazing things for the lips.  But it has a scent that has to be taken into account when you use this product.  For me, it is an amazing snack mode killer with the side benefits of loft luscious lips.  Quite honestly, I’m okay with that.  Will it be my new fave?  No, but since it is here, I will use it.  I suspect this holiday season everyone I k now is going to make up for skipping out on last year.  And sometimes my diet could use a little back up.

So that was this month’s Look Fantastic box.  I’ll admit, when I opened it, I wasn’t that impressed.  The more I looked at the actual products, the happier I became.  Was this worth the $19 subscription price?  Yes it definitely was and I am very happy to try out pretty much all of these products.  I may wait until the weather cools just a little bit for the eyeliner and I’ll wait until my current eye cream is finished, but everything will be used.  And I even found a couple of things I want to research.  And we all know, I love my research. So two thumbs up Look Fantastic.  This turned out to be a great box.

Unboxing the August 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

To be honest as it is nearly the end of the month, I wasn’t sure I should post the unboxing. I don’t believe August’s box is still available to order. However I thought that for anyone who is trying to decide if they want to start a Look Fantastic Subscription, the post might be of interest. I believe if you order now you would be getting the September Look Fantastic Box, but check the website to be certain before you click on the buttons, if you decide to sign up. There is a spoiler for the September box and it is the By Terry Baum De Rose Flaconnette. Which looks basically like a lip gloss. It has a value of $14 so I don’t think it is a full size but a deluxe sample.

The box itself costs $19 per month, less if you have a longer subscription. As I generally enjoy this box quite a lot I do have an annual subscription and pay $17 per month. while some months are of course better than others, I always find something I really like in this box.

Currently Look Fantastic has a Labor day Sale going on in their on-line store : 20% off with the code LABORDAY.

And I know with autumn just beginning, not everyone has shifted into holiday mode yet, but The Look Fantastic Advent Calendar pre ordering begins September 1st (this Wednesday). It is always a fantastic Advent Calendar. Last year it included items from Molton Brown, Natasha Denona, Elemis and Charlotte Tilbury if I am not mistaken. It does lean more towards skincare, but there are still several makeup items in the calendar. If you are looking for an advent calendar this year, The Look Fantastic one is one I would recommend. Last year they sold out in pre order and never made it for general release, so you might want to keep an eye out or sign up for reminders on the site if you are interested in picking this up.

But on to the August Box.

The first item in this month’s box I smelled before I even saw it. It is the Bubble T Rhubarb and Custard Bath Fizzer. I have tried several bubbleT products and have liked them all actually. And it is getting to the time of year when I start thinking about restocking my bath supplies. As much as I love baths, in the summertime, I stick to showers. the thought of sitting in a bath in the summer here rarely even crosses my mind. All of the bath related items I have gotten from Subscriptions have been set aside in anticipation of the cooler fall weather. I love bath time in the cooler temps and I also love the scent of this bath fizzer. I am very much looking forward to the first soak of the season and as I have not yet restocked any of my bath fizz yet, then I am glad to have at least one on hand.

The second item in my box was a makeup item. It is the Ciate London Glow to Illuminating blush. I really enjoy Ciate London’s products and I currently have two blushes in use from the brand. One is also from the Glow to line and came in last month’s Glossy Box. If this is a different shade, I will keep it and happily use it. If it is the same shade, I will be passing it along. It is a really good formula and I am pleased to see it. Even if it is one that I have, I know I can pass it on to someone who will love it.

The third item I will be passing on. It is the AHAVA smoothing body lotion with Kale and Turmeric. For me I find AHAVA to be good. I generally like them. In fact I have tried this body lotion and liked it quite a lot. My mom on the other hand LOVES the brand. They are her go-to brand for skincare items and she is always delighted with them. So since I like them but am not in love with them, I tend to pass all AHAVA products that come my way unopened in her direction. So even though this one isn’t for me, I know it will be absolutely loved.

The next item we come to is the Filorgia Age Purify Intensive Serum. I actually have an eye cream from the brand in my collection of eye creams to try out. For a stretch of time every subscription box had eye creams in it (or at least it felt that way) so I am slowly working through them. The Filorga one is rather large so I wanted to clear out some of the smaller tubes first before settling into a trial with it. I have heard fantastic things about them and am happy to have a serum from the brand to try out as well. I look forward to putting that into my skincare rotation.

The Skimonos Radiance Recovery eye Sheet Mask will be used very soon. It is designed to reduce the look of fine lines and puffiness. Right now grass pollen is high in my area so puffy eyes are kind of my standard. As my workouts included walks on the walking trail I have been using eye masks post walk and pre makeup for the last few weeks to sooth my eyes. I am always happy to try out a new mask for the under eye, especially at this time of year.

And this finally brings us to the Glov Mask remover. It is a microfiber cloth sewn into a square with a pocket for your hand. Apparently it is supposed to remove masks with water. Like a Makeup Eraser for masks, I suppose. I’ll have to give it a try with this week’s masks and see how it performs. If it works well I will be happy to welcome it into my collection of beauty tools. I’ll have to get back to you on it’s performance.

So that was this month’s Beauty Box from Look Fantastic. It was later than expected. However, Look Fantastic did send me an e-mail telling me it was going to be late and then kept me updated on the progress of the box. In addition because it was so late they ended up crediting me $10 in the Look Fantastic Store. So I am okay with this month being a little late. I am disappointed that it didn’t come early enough for me to share it with you in time for you to order it for yourselves if you were interested, but I am not disappointed in the contents.

For me, this month’s beauty box worked. The Bath Fizzer is timely as I am just beginning to restock my bath time products for the up coming cooler weather. The eye mask is needed as allergies are in full season and I end up using eye masks almost daily at this time of year. Two of the items I will be passing on, not because I don’t like them but because I know they will be better loved elsewhere. The final two products I am excited to try out. So over all I am happy with this box. And the one benefit of it coming so late is that hopefully it will seem like no time at all before the September box arrives.