Unboxing the Look Fantastic September 2021 Beauty Box

Okay, everyone take a deep breath.  Guess what arrived?  My Look Fantastic Beauty Box for September.  I know!  It has been so late the past few months I wasn’t actually expecting it.  I received the e-mail saying it was on its way with the date to be updated later.  Then the next morning the box was on my doorstep.  When I looked back at the tracking info the site claims that it should arrive at my place sometime next week. 

So there are still some crossed wires in the system, but hey I got my box before the end of the month. So I’m happy. 

I’ll be honest, when I opened the box I looked inside I thought, hmm, not the greatest month.  I saw an eyeliner, a couple of tubes and a face mask.  Not the most exciting things in the world.  And then I took a deeper look.  The more I actually looked at the box, the more excited I became. 

Let’s start with the one thing I was happy to see at first glance.  It was the Christophe Robin Hydrating Melting Mask. There are three brands of hair products that Look Fantastic introduced me to that are now in my list of favorites: Percy and Reed (I always have a tube of their Wonder Balm), Grow Gorgeous (Any time I see the shampoo and Conditioner from the Intense Line on sale I stock up, it is rapidly becoming the shampoo I use when I am not testing other shampoos) and Christophe Robin.

I know, if you look at my older posts I was a bit down on the Christophe Robin sea Salt Scalp scrub.  Then I realized I was using it wrong and now, it is on my top ten list.  If you are having a dull hair week or you think that you have too much buildup of other products on your scalp, pick up a jar of this and take one day out of your week, use the scalp scrub instead of shampoo and really lather it up and massage the scalp.  It does wonders for the hair and removes build up from the scalp.  After, I generally use a hair mask as a conditioner to the scalp scrubs shampoo.  Lately I’ve been reaching for either the Klorane Nourishing moisture mask or the Mane Club’s Cry Baby mask. They both pair well.  Since I now have a Christophe Robin Mask to try out I may pair it with the Christophe Robin scalp scrub and see how that works.  So first product in I am super excited about.

The second item I expected to be disappointed by.  It is an eyeliner by 3inA. Even though it has a brown packaging there are so often black eyeliners of all varieties in subscription boxes that I find it really hard to get excited about them.  This is not black it is brown.  And it has a really fine felt tip pen tip.  And it applies smoothly and the swatch lasted on my hand overnight without smudging.  I finally had to put a dab of makeup removing oil on my hand to get it off.  Then it came off well, but I had to deliberately remove it.   I may have to give this one a chance.  I’ll admit, I haven’t really been wearing eyeliner for a while.  Part of it really is the season.  It is hot and humid where I am and eyeliner can melt with sweat or get smudged as I squint in the bright light. So in the summer I almost always skip it. 

But summer is ending.

And it isn’t a black eyeliner.  I am actually quite happy to give this a go.

And then came the third item.  It is the Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant.  I’ll admit, I saw it, thought body scrub and was inclined to move on.  Not that I don’t like body scrubs, but in general they aren’t that exciting. Except this one is.  It isn’t just a take into the shower and scrub down kind of body scrub.  It is formulated for bumpy and really dry skin.  While they say it is good for relieving the ‘chicken skin’ look, I have a patch of overly dry skin that I have been trying to deal with for years.  It is on my left forearm and it drives me crazy.     Apparently this is something you put on, scrub with and then let sit for a few minutes before washing off.  I’ve never heard of this product before and it is quite a great deal more interesting than I thought it was at first sight.  I don’t know if it will help me out, but I am very eager to give it a try. 

This leads us to the next tube of cream in this month’s box.  It is the SVR Palpebral Cream.   I have heard of SVR before, in fact I have a moisturizer sample in my collection that I have yet to try.  I have to admit I did have to look up the word Palpebral.  It turns out it is a word that means the upper and lower eyelid.  See, we all learned something.  Unless of course you already knew that and then you my darling deserve a gold star. It is not just an eye cream but an eye cream that you can use to reduce redness and irritation around the eyelids.  It also has hyaluronic Acid, and Omega 3, 6 and 9 inside.

I’ll be honest, I know that Omega 3,6, and 9 are used for improving heart health.  My mother has heart issues and those are all things she looks for (and has for years) so they are familiar to me.  What they do to the skin around the eyes, I don’t know.  I’ll have to look it up before I open this product to use.  Because you know anything with Hyaluronic acid in it the fine lines around my eyes are down for. And sadly I picked up my ESPA eye cream this morning and it is really starting to feel light. It isn’t empty yet and eye creams only need a little with each application, so I still have a while.  I just hate to see it end as it is such a good eye cream.  Still it is nice to have something interesting waiting in the wings.

The face mask was the next item in the box this month and it is an anti aging sheet mask from Beauty Prcy.  I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I am always willing to try a new mask.  This one is infused with Collagen, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.  I am not entirely certain that the collagen does anything.  I know it is a good thing in general, but I don’t think it can be absorbed topically. I’m not entirely certain of that though and will need to look into it.  Most of what I was researching about collagen was based on the efficacy of the collagen supplements for hair and nail health. So I wasn’t looking at topical applications at the time.  But again, I would have only been a side note.  I’ll have to investigate (if only for my own piece of mind).  I do know that despite the collagen and its absorption, my skin loves both Vitamin C and Aloe Vera so I suspect I will like this mask in general.

And finally we come to the last item in the box.  It is a By Terry Nourishing lip balm.  I have had one of these before and it is an interesting product.  The Shea butter and Vitamin E mean that my lips love it.  The intense Rose scent is, however a lot to take in.  You really need to love Rose to use this lip balm.  It feels fantastic and my lips are always healthier after a stint of using it.  But that rose.  It is intense.  If you love rose, great, you have found the very best of lip balms.  I’ll be honest, I like rose, but not enough to use this consistently.  I do have a use for it though.   It is the best anti-snacking device I have found.

I know, you laugh.  But if I think I want a snack and then apply this lip balm, I instantly don’t want a snack.  The rose scent is strong enough that it instantly kills any desire I have to eat anything. And when I lick my lips, the rose flavor kills any part of what remained of my thoughts about food.  It is simply so rose forward that rose is the only thing you can think of.  And while I enjoy flowers, smelling them rarely makes me want to eat.  I know that is a strange thing to say about a lip balm but quite frankly it is strange to have a lip balm that heavily scented with rose.  It does amazing things for the lips.  But it has a scent that has to be taken into account when you use this product.  For me, it is an amazing snack mode killer with the side benefits of loft luscious lips.  Quite honestly, I’m okay with that.  Will it be my new fave?  No, but since it is here, I will use it.  I suspect this holiday season everyone I k now is going to make up for skipping out on last year.  And sometimes my diet could use a little back up.

So that was this month’s Look Fantastic box.  I’ll admit, when I opened it, I wasn’t that impressed.  The more I looked at the actual products, the happier I became.  Was this worth the $19 subscription price?  Yes it definitely was and I am very happy to try out pretty much all of these products.  I may wait until the weather cools just a little bit for the eyeliner and I’ll wait until my current eye cream is finished, but everything will be used.  And I even found a couple of things I want to research.  And we all know, I love my research. So two thumbs up Look Fantastic.  This turned out to be a great box.

Unboxing the August 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

To be honest as it is nearly the end of the month, I wasn’t sure I should post the unboxing. I don’t believe August’s box is still available to order. However I thought that for anyone who is trying to decide if they want to start a Look Fantastic Subscription, the post might be of interest. I believe if you order now you would be getting the September Look Fantastic Box, but check the website to be certain before you click on the buttons, if you decide to sign up. There is a spoiler for the September box and it is the By Terry Baum De Rose Flaconnette. Which looks basically like a lip gloss. It has a value of $14 so I don’t think it is a full size but a deluxe sample.

The box itself costs $19 per month, less if you have a longer subscription. As I generally enjoy this box quite a lot I do have an annual subscription and pay $17 per month. while some months are of course better than others, I always find something I really like in this box.

Currently Look Fantastic has a Labor day Sale going on in their on-line store : 20% off with the code LABORDAY.

And I know with autumn just beginning, not everyone has shifted into holiday mode yet, but The Look Fantastic Advent Calendar pre ordering begins September 1st (this Wednesday). It is always a fantastic Advent Calendar. Last year it included items from Molton Brown, Natasha Denona, Elemis and Charlotte Tilbury if I am not mistaken. It does lean more towards skincare, but there are still several makeup items in the calendar. If you are looking for an advent calendar this year, The Look Fantastic one is one I would recommend. Last year they sold out in pre order and never made it for general release, so you might want to keep an eye out or sign up for reminders on the site if you are interested in picking this up.

But on to the August Box.

The first item in this month’s box I smelled before I even saw it. It is the Bubble T Rhubarb and Custard Bath Fizzer. I have tried several bubbleT products and have liked them all actually. And it is getting to the time of year when I start thinking about restocking my bath supplies. As much as I love baths, in the summertime, I stick to showers. the thought of sitting in a bath in the summer here rarely even crosses my mind. All of the bath related items I have gotten from Subscriptions have been set aside in anticipation of the cooler fall weather. I love bath time in the cooler temps and I also love the scent of this bath fizzer. I am very much looking forward to the first soak of the season and as I have not yet restocked any of my bath fizz yet, then I am glad to have at least one on hand.

The second item in my box was a makeup item. It is the Ciate London Glow to Illuminating blush. I really enjoy Ciate London’s products and I currently have two blushes in use from the brand. One is also from the Glow to line and came in last month’s Glossy Box. If this is a different shade, I will keep it and happily use it. If it is the same shade, I will be passing it along. It is a really good formula and I am pleased to see it. Even if it is one that I have, I know I can pass it on to someone who will love it.

The third item I will be passing on. It is the AHAVA smoothing body lotion with Kale and Turmeric. For me I find AHAVA to be good. I generally like them. In fact I have tried this body lotion and liked it quite a lot. My mom on the other hand LOVES the brand. They are her go-to brand for skincare items and she is always delighted with them. So since I like them but am not in love with them, I tend to pass all AHAVA products that come my way unopened in her direction. So even though this one isn’t for me, I know it will be absolutely loved.

The next item we come to is the Filorgia Age Purify Intensive Serum. I actually have an eye cream from the brand in my collection of eye creams to try out. For a stretch of time every subscription box had eye creams in it (or at least it felt that way) so I am slowly working through them. The Filorga one is rather large so I wanted to clear out some of the smaller tubes first before settling into a trial with it. I have heard fantastic things about them and am happy to have a serum from the brand to try out as well. I look forward to putting that into my skincare rotation.

The Skimonos Radiance Recovery eye Sheet Mask will be used very soon. It is designed to reduce the look of fine lines and puffiness. Right now grass pollen is high in my area so puffy eyes are kind of my standard. As my workouts included walks on the walking trail I have been using eye masks post walk and pre makeup for the last few weeks to sooth my eyes. I am always happy to try out a new mask for the under eye, especially at this time of year.

And this finally brings us to the Glov Mask remover. It is a microfiber cloth sewn into a square with a pocket for your hand. Apparently it is supposed to remove masks with water. Like a Makeup Eraser for masks, I suppose. I’ll have to give it a try with this week’s masks and see how it performs. If it works well I will be happy to welcome it into my collection of beauty tools. I’ll have to get back to you on it’s performance.

So that was this month’s Beauty Box from Look Fantastic. It was later than expected. However, Look Fantastic did send me an e-mail telling me it was going to be late and then kept me updated on the progress of the box. In addition because it was so late they ended up crediting me $10 in the Look Fantastic Store. So I am okay with this month being a little late. I am disappointed that it didn’t come early enough for me to share it with you in time for you to order it for yourselves if you were interested, but I am not disappointed in the contents.

For me, this month’s beauty box worked. The Bath Fizzer is timely as I am just beginning to restock my bath time products for the up coming cooler weather. The eye mask is needed as allergies are in full season and I end up using eye masks almost daily at this time of year. Two of the items I will be passing on, not because I don’t like them but because I know they will be better loved elsewhere. The final two products I am excited to try out. So over all I am happy with this box. And the one benefit of it coming so late is that hopefully it will seem like no time at all before the September box arrives.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box July 2021 Unboxing

I have to admit, I was very concerned for my Look Fantastic Box this month. I came back from my short walk yesterday to find it by the door.  It looked as though it had been stomped on.  Usually my Look Fantastic Boxes are in quite good shape considering their long and arduous journey.  Look Fantastic is a beauty box based in the UK.  If you are on a month to month plan the box is $19.  They have three month, six months and annual plans, each one going down in cost the longer you are subscribed.  The 12 month plan is $16 per month which is what I have and I always find it well worth the $16. 

If you are looking to try it out you can get your first box at a discount to see if you like it.  Just use the code LF10 for 10% off your first box.

Nothing was actually damaged.  The box was a little crushed because it was the travel bag this time and not the hard cardboard box, so the edges crumpled a little but the products were fine.

This month the theme is Wanderlust and to complement the theme the products come in a reusable travel bag.  It is a sort of leather look plastic with one side having a clear window.  It is the perfect size for putting into a suitcase.  They usually do one of these summer style bags each year.  Last year it was an aqua color and had two clear sides.  That one I didn’t travel with (mostly because I didn’t travel, but it was perfect as a garden tool.  I put a wet wash cloth and a few ice cubes in the bag and took it with me when I worked in the garden.  It was perfect for keeping cool while I worked and it didn’t leak.  The bag still looks and works great actually.  It is a bit on the dirty side from its time in the garden but I have been using it this year as well as last year and will continue to use it for quite some time to come. 

This year’s bag is white and looks more like something I will keep for traveling. But it is what is inside the bag that counts.  So let’s take a look at the products. 

The first item in the bag is the Grow Gorgeous Intelligent Haircare Defense Anti-pollution leave in Spray.  According to the pamphlet, it is supposed to shield your hair from heat damage, colour fade and external aggressors.  Grow Gorgeous is one of those brands I didn’t really know about until I started getting this box and it is rapidly rising in my estimation.  I have an overnight hair mask from them that I absolutely love and I recently picked up a set of Shampoo and conditioner to try from them during The Skinstore’s Grow Gorgeous sale.  Also this morning when I looked at Boxy Add ons they had a different set of shampoo and conditioner from the brand that I picked up at 50% off so I can try that as well.  I am almost finished with my Zents shampoo and conditioner (although I will definitely be repurchasing those) and I wanted something new to try.

But I would never have tried this brand without this subscription box.  I think that is one of the benefits of getting a box from outside the country.  But It is clearly not the only item in the box.  The second item I pulled from the box is the Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturizer. 

Anyone who reads this regularly knows that I am a huge fan of Elemis products.  I am thrilled that I get to try one from the Superfood line that I haven’t tried.  My only issue is that in the booklet the product described it the Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter, which I was actually really looking forward to trying.  The packages of the sample sizes look exactly the same, but they sent me a different one.  I will still use it and see how it works out, but I kind of would have preferred the cleansing butter.

The next item in the box this month was a small tube of the Illamasqua Beyond Liquid Highlighter in OMG.  Some of you may find that familiar if you read my daily posts where I list out the makeup I used that day and my thoughts on it.  The Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in the shade OMG is one of my go to products. It is a beautiful highlighter that can be used to create a stunning gleam or blended into a soft glow.  I haven’t tried the liquid form of this highlighter but look forward to comparing the two. Incidentally if you are shopping Illamasqua products you can get 25% off from new orders on their website with the code ILLANEW25

The fourth item in the July box is the Mine Tan Body Skin Cucumber gradual tan. It is a face and body spray with a gradual tanner and a refreshing scent.  To be honest most of my body gets far too much sun as it is, and doesn’t need the help.  However, I generally wear jeans and pants so my legs are ghost pale. 

In fact, I am pretty sure they can be seen from space. I could probably signal aliens by putting on a pair of shorts and lying in the grass in the backyard.  While it normally doesn’t bother me, as the summer progresses the skin color difference between my legs and upper body is very noticeable when I do wear skirts and dresses so I have been looking for products to address this.  I have a couple in the line up and I think this might work well.  I am not certain how far I’ll get with the small spray bottle, but it should be enough for at least some preliminary thoughts.

Moving on to item number six there is a Revlon Lipstick. It is full sized. It has been a while since I have tried any makeup products from Revlon and I am always happy to see a new lipstick (as my dressing table can surely attest).  I don’t mind that there is a drug store product in her as I like having a few products that if I like I can run out and pick up rather than order on line.  And as I haven’t tried a Revlon Formula in a while it might be nice to see if I like it so that there is another brand I can just pick up a color I like on impulse when I am shopping.

Finally, there is a Starskin VIP 7 second Luxury all day mask. It looks like something you slip over your fingers and rub across your face rather than a sheet mask you apply over the skin in, well, a sheet. It is supposed to refresh and rehydrate your complexion.  I will have to look into it a bit more before I use it to find out what it is actually supposed to do.  I might actually set up a Friday masking day for a Friday full of odd masks.  I have one for the hands from Starskin as well which might go into that category.  I’ll have to take a look at the details and see what can be done.

But for now that is my July 2021 Wanderlust themed box.  While there was a minor snafu with the Elemis Product, everything in here is something I want to give a try and am interested in using.  All Subscription boxes have high and low months, this in my opinion was a definite high and I can’t wait to test out the products inside. With Look Fantastic I really like that all of the samples are of a size large enough to give me a good idea of how the product will perform. I like that there are some of my favorite brands mixed in with brands I’ve never tried. I also like that there are often things I would never think to pick up on my own. Like the Starskin VIP Finger mask thing. I know that if I saw it in a store or flicked past it on-line I would be interested but probably wouldn’t buy it. Now I get to try it and see if it is worth buying.

This is definitely a subscription I will be hanging on to, especially knowing that next month’s spoiler is a Ciate London Blush.  Currently the Ciate London blush I have is one of my favorites so having a new one in a different color is very exciting.  I am also trying to decide if I want to try and pick up the August Limited edition box Look Fantastic is putting out.  It is a LookFantastic X Omorovicza box.  I’ve tried a couple of products from the brand before and they were absolutely fantastic.  They were quite pricey though.  It would be fantastic to be able to try several more products before committing to buying the full sized ones. 

They also have a limited edition box partnered with Revolution this August.  All of their limited editions sell out super fast so if either of those appeal to you keep your eyes peeled for release dates and pounce as soon as you are able.  There have been several in the past that I just managed to miss. Fingers crossed that this time I can manage to catch the Omorovicza box.

Even if I don’t I am pleased with this month’s Look Fantastic Box and looking forward to seeing what August brings.

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Look Fantastic June 2021 Unboxing

This month I opened my Look Fantastic Box and the first thing I thought was “Wow, this smells good”.  For those who don’t know, Look Fantastic is a monthly Subscription box that is from the UK and costs $19 per month.  I signed up for an annual subscription and although I still pay month to month, I receive the subscription for $16.

Each month you get five items generally travel sized but occasionally full sized.  What I like about this is that I tend to receive brands that are not in a lot of US based subscription boxes.  I find this subscription to be a nice way to try out brands that I have never heard of or heard of but never really seen or tried out.  This month is Eco Month for Look Fantastic and each product was chosen to go along with this theme. 

The first item out of the box was a reusable Gentle Facial Buffer made by the ecologically responsible brand SO ECO.  The product is all natural and the packaging is 100% recyclable.  I really like these kinds of buffers although to be honest I don’t use them on my face.  I tend to use them on my body as I find them a little too harsh for the skin of my face.  It is relatively soft, but still, I think this is more of a body product for me.  And There is even a body wash in this box for me to use it with.

The second item in the box is the item I smelled when the box was first opened.  It spells amazing.   It is the Rituals Ritual of Jing.  It is actually an exfoliating body scrub, which I absolutely love.  At the moment I am using another Rituals body product.  It’s a foaming cleanser. 

Once I’ve used that up (it is nearing the end of the product) I will roll this into the bath time line up to try out  There wasn’t a specific reason listed as to why this is considered for the Eco Friendly box, but it is a great brand that I love using and I am looking forward to testing it out.  I’ll make a note about it being eco friendly though so when I do get around to testing it out, I can do my research on that and hopefully come up with more information.  For now I just know that it smells fantastic. I also love that it is a good size. With body products so often the sizes are one or two uses. This one is large enough that I can use it for a while and truly get a feel for the product which I appreciate.

The next item in the box was the Balance Me Pre and Probiotic Cleansing milk.  I have tried many Balance Me products.  While they always perform excellently, for me the scent is what causes me to not want to buy the full size.  Hopefully this will work as well as all of their other products and smell fantastic to boot.  I always have high hopes for Balance Me products.  So I have my fingers crossed for this one.  

The fifth item out of my box this month was the ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturizer.  ESPA is a brand that works well and I have never had any scent complaints with.  The products always perform beautifully for me and I am always happy to have another eye cream on hand. 

To be honest, I actually like the sample sized eye creams almost better than the fill sized ones.  Full sized eye creams tend to come in jars, but the samples come in tubes.  With the tube you can dispense a tiny amount without exposing the rest to air and without having to dip your fingers in the pot.  Plus you really only use a little bit of product with eye creams so the samples usually last a long time. I am very happy to have an ESPA Eye cream ready and waiting for its turn to be used.

There was one sort of cosmetic item this month and it is the Dr. Lipp Tint.  It is 100% natural and pigmented with red radish.  I have tried the regular Dr. lipp before and absolutely love it.  It is amazing on really dry chapped lips.  I can’t wait to see how the tinted version works.  What I find interesting is that this is another one of those products that works better almost in a sample size than the full size.  The sample sized is perfect for lip use.  The full size is almost too large.  At least with the regular Dr. Lipp Nipple balm.  As Dr. Lipp is something I tend to keep in my purse all winter long, I am looking forward to giving the tinted version a try and perhaps extend its use out of the chapped lips repair category.

And finally last, but certainly not least is the Philip Kingsley Styling Finishing Touch.  It is a hair product and it is designed to fight frizz.  Until I started getting this subscription, I had only heard of the brand, but never seen it in real life.  It just simply wasn’t sold where I was looking.  Or if it was I didn’t see it.  I’ve recently been using a leave in conditioner from the brand.  It performs beautifully but is a little too coconut-y for me.  Hopefully this comes with a different scent to it.  I am looking forward to getting a chance to try this one out.

So that was my June Look Fantastic box.  Personally I think this was a pretty good month. Look Fantastic always tends to go a little heavy on the skin care, but I am happy they balanced it out with body care and a hair care item as well and quite frankly I am looking forward to using all of the products that arrived this month. It wasn’t a flashy sort of month but each of the items are ones that will see a lot of use. 

Unboxing the Look Fantastic May 2021 Beauty Box

Everyone do the happy dance, my Look Fantastic Box has arrived.  As you may recall last month there were a few issues with my box.  Namely that it never made it to me.  For the longest time the tracking link didn’t update and then one morning when I checked in I had a message stating that Royal Mail declared the box to contain banned substances and had it destroyed. 

Which was quite shocking in a beauty box. 

I contacted their customer service and as it was so late in the month, Look Fantastic refunded the cost of the box. It was no hassle at all and I was quite impressed with their customer service.  I am still curious as to what was considered so dangerous, but Royal mail has sent no further explanation.

I will say that I checked this tracking number daily from the time the link was sent to me until the very day it was delivered.  This month it arrived safe and sound. 

So what was in this months’ box?

Well the first item I took out was the Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel .  It is a moisturizer and the tube looks to be completely full of product so I should be able to get about two weeks of testing out of it.  I’ve tried comfort Zone Moisturizers before and I haven’t been too impressed.  Perhaps this one will surprise me.

The next Item I was happier to see.  It is the ecooking Peeling Mask.  Ecooking is one of those brands that doesn’t get a lot of ad time, at least I don’t see a lot of ads for them.  However every product I have tried from them has been really good.  If you have dry feet or even cracked calluses on your feet I highly recommend their foot cream.  It smells a little bit like Vick’s Vapor Rub but it does amazing things for dry and calloused feet.  Actually in preparation for summer sandal wearing weather I slather my feet with it and then put on a pair of socks before bed.  A few nights and my dry feet are fantastically hydrated and sandal ready.  I haven’t tried the peeling mask but I am very much looking forward to it. 

The This Works Stress Check Kind Hands Cream I am less enthused by.  I rarely get super excited about hand cream anyway, but  the brand This Works and I don’t tend to get on.  I know so many people rave about them (my mother included) but their products always seem to leave me flat.  Except their pillow spray, that I was actually allergic to and had a massive sneezing fit when I tried it.  I ended up having to change out pillows before I could sleep. I may end up just passing this along to my mom who will no doubt love it.

The Burt’s Bees Lip balm, while not terribly exciting is nice to have around.  It is a good formula and I like Burt’s Bees.  There were several possible options.  I received the Watermelon Pasteque. It is a clear lip balm that smells like Watermelon.  It is nice and I will definitely use it, but it isn’t hugely exciting.

I am interested in trying out the Dr. Botanicals Kiwi eye Serum.  I recently tried their Pomegranate sleeping mask and I really enjoyed using that so I hope the eye serum performs just as well.  I didn’t open it up , even though I dying to know if it does smell like kiwis.  It is an all natural brand and once you open it the clock starts ticking.  Even though I want to know about the scent I will have to wait until I am ready to roll it into my skin care line up to find out about the scent.

Finally there is a skincare tool in my box.  It is the Silicone Exfoliating Pad from the Vintage Co.  I have to say I am intrigued.  I have seen these in stores for years but never picked one up.  Now that I have one I think it will be fun to give it a try. It is a very soft silicone so I think it might actually be gentle enough to use on a daily basis. That is always the trick with anything exfoliating. I have some products I can use multiple times a week and some I can only use once a month. I can’t wait to see how this performs with my La Roche Posay Toleriane Foaming cleanser. Will there be more foamng? A deeper clean? I don’t know, but it will be fun to try.

So that was my May Look Fantastic Box.  Was it the most fabulous box they have ever scent? Not really.  However for me the ecooking Peeling mask and the silicon exfoliating pad make the box for me.  The This Works hand cream I’ll pass along to someone who will love it, I’ll certainly use the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and I’m willing to give the Comfort Zone a try.  Even though it isn’t hugely exciting, it was still a good box and in my opinion definitely worth the price of the subscription.

And speaking of the cost of the subscription.

While this box is $19 per month (a pretty good bargain in my opinion) if you sign up for a year you can get the box for only $16 (plus tax) and you will still only pay monthly. You don’t have to pay the entire year up front. Which I personally love. And if you sign up by using my referral link then for a limited time you can get 20% off. I think I get credits if you use it , otherwise I have no affiliation. It has, for me, been a very good box. Even on month’s that weren’t exciting I’ve gotten good products that I wouldn’t have found on my own. And with the one exception of last month’s Royal Mail debacle, I’ve had no issues with the subscription. And even then their customer service took care of it right away. Personally, I still want to know what Royal mail deemed so dangerous about last month’s Beauty Box.

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Unboxing the March 2021 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic is one of those beauty box subscriptions that I look forward to receiving every month.  Of course some months are better than others.  Last month was a truly fantastic month.  In fact I enjoyed it enough that I signed up for an annual membership instead of keeping it month to month. 

The month to month membership is $19 per month.  If you sign up for a year you still pay monthly but the cost drops down to $16.  I thought the box was worth it at $19, I am thrilled to only pay $16.  Oh and if you do sign up for this box (either subscription) the cost is total, there is no shipping charge and if there is tax it is rolled into the cost so it is just a flat $19 or $16. I know before I sign up for a subscription I like to see how it will affect my budget so I run the numbers through before committing, and knowing about tax and shipping helps, so hopefully you find that helpful to.

This month’s box was very interesting actually.  I was actually on the phone with my mother when it came in so I unboxed it while talking to her.  The first Item I took out was the AHAVA Mineral Dead Sea Mud Soap. My mother adores anything AHAVA while I have generally found that my skin likes the products but they aren’t ones that I absolutely love.  She actually tried this bar and unsurprisingly she loved it.  So I will be leaving it unopened and sending it to her in an Easter care package I am sending out.

I will also be sending her the package of First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads.  I tried and used an entire jar of them a while back.  I liked them but they weren’t my favorite.  I find I generally prefer the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads to the First Aid Beauty ones.  She was happy to give them a try as well so into the mail we go.

The rest of the box I am keeping and will use.  The first item that is remaining with me is the Brushworks Eyebrow brush.  In general I dislike dual ended brushes but I make an exception for eyebrow brushes because the spoolie doesn’t get its bristles crushed if it is placed on its end. 

Plus while I have eyebrow brushes I was looking for a thin angled brush I could use with the Eyeko Galactic lid gloss and I think this may actually work.  Since it is an eye brow brush it is thin with stiff bristles so I may try it with that and just play around with the metallic shades. I’ll have to report back once I see how that goes. When I went to look for the individual brush, I couldn’t find it but I did find it as part of a rose gold set that retails for $14.55 on All Beauty. It is a nice looking set actually. The brushes are good quality so if you are looking for a simple set you might want to check it out. It has the brush, spoolie, flat packing brush, and two types of tweezers. Oddly none of the brushes are double ended. They are all single. Personally I rather like the tweezers. I have been looking for a pair of the really fins point ones for a while. I couldn;t find this particular brush on it’s own, but for $14.55 it is a nice set.

There was one makeup item in my box this month and it was the Lottie London AM to PM retractable eyeliner in black. At the moment I have several eyeliners open, some almost used up, so I will wait for a bit before opening it and using it.  I recently tried a Lottie London powder, my first item from the brand. While the powder seemed nice, the holes were almost impossible to get the product out of.  I may doctor the lid just so that I can more fully try the product.  I have no idea what to expect from the liner.  So it will be a surprise when I get around to it. 

I am not entirely certain what to expect from the Polaar IceSource Ultra Moisturizing mask but as everything I have tried from Polaar has been really nice, I expect this will as well.  I am still in the dry skin section of my year so I will be trying this out on Friday to see how it performs.

Likewise I will be testing out the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear seed oil, possibly this Saturday on my usual hair mask night. I am actually very curious to try this mask.  I tired the sea salt mask from the brand but found that my jar had too many large salt crystals to make it through my hair effectively to the scalp. 

My hair was silky soft from the formula but as it was a scalp mask I felt like I was missing out.  I talked to a few friends who also tried the mask at the same time and they didn’t have the same issues.  Their salt crystals were much finer, so I think it was just my jar.  I have secured a second   jar to try out and hope that it has smaller crystals.  Since this isn’t a scalp scrub I just have to see how the formula works with my hair on this one.  As the other formula was good, and I have friends who rave about the brand, I have very high hopes. 

The final item in this months’ box is the Bloom and Blossom Wonder Worker Multitasking balm.  It can be used on the lips or any other skin that is dry.  I usually keep a lip balm on my desk. I recently finished  a Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm in Lemonade (they are my go too lip balm brand actually) and I recently opened the Bali Balm to try out.  I can already tell you the Bali balm will not be replacing the Jersey Shore Cosmetics in my affections. Since I wash my hands so much I have started keeping hand cream at my desk as well.  The skin around my finger joints has been getting very dry lately. It might be because that’s where the skin bends a lot as well as being overly washed and hit with hand sanitizer.  I don’t know.  However I think I may try keeping this Bloom and Blossom on the desk for a while and see if it does anything for the extra dry bits.

While I am passing along two items unopened, one I have already tried and the other I know will be loved.  I don’t actually mind passing them on I am actually looking forward to trying out the other five items in my bag.  This month isn’t quite as spectacular as last month, but it is still a really good box.  I am looking forward to trying out all of the products.

I was thinking about ordering the Limited edition Mother’s day box from Look Fantastic, but it has already sold out.  The limited edition Easter egg (not to be confused with the Glossy Box Egg) is still available.  It costs $75 with a retail value of over $220.  I went looking and the items look fantastic.  It includes products from <a href="http://<a href="https://www.dpbolvw.net/click-9275903-14361596&quot; target="_top">Shop Erno Laszlo</a>Erno Laszlo, Molton Brown, <a href="http://<a href="https://www.jdoqocy.com/click-9275903-14345400&quot; target="_top">These beauty steals are the prettiest pick-me-ups.</a>Chantecaille and 111Skin.  You can follow the like to see the full details as well as some (if not all) of the products.  I am seriously tempted. I also know I need to make a decision quickly before it sells out.

I’m still kind of bummed about the Mother’s day box being sold out as I was going to send it to my mother.  I might just go with a gift card from The Art of Tea.  I give her the subscription as a gift for her every Christmas and she enjoys it all year and I know she makes a list of her favorites. A gift card will let her pick out some of her favorites, or maybe a new teapot.

She’s kind of funny with teapots actually.  She uses her mother’s brown glazed earthen ware one (even though she now uses and electric kettle to heat the water), but I always catch her eyeing the more modern glass infuser ones when she thinks no one is looking.  I might just go ahead and pick one of those up for her so that she’s saying she is only giving it a try because it was a gift.  I might say that it is for non-caffeinated teas as I am pretty certain that no matter how clean she gets her teapot, it has been used to make black tea for so many years you could probably just add water and leave it over night to find you had tea.


But the tale of the magic teapot is for another time.  At the moment I am happy with the contents of this month’s Look Fantastic box and I am thrilled there are even a few items I get to share. This month there was also the first spoiler for next month in the pamphlet and next month subscribers will be receiving the Avant Pink Orchid Subtle Restoring Overnight Serum.  While I didn’t like the eye cream from Avant, most of the other products I’ve tried from them I have really enjoyed.  I haven’t tried this one and am very much looking forward to giving it a go.  In addition, this month’s brochure was really nice as well.  Some months I flip through them and think okay, fine,  This months I really liked the short article on PHAs which I knew nothing about and need to look into more.  Even better was the article about The Eve Appeal and the signs and symptoms of gynecological cancers.  It was well worth reading making the pamphlet inclusion an excellent addition to the box this month.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box February 2021 Unboxing

My February Beauty Box from Look Fantastic arrived and I have to say I couldn’t be happier.  This is a UK Based Beauty Box so shipping has been interesting in the past couple of months.  It is $19 per month, but if you sign up for a three, six or twelve month subscription, the price drops down.  I have had this box for about a year now as a month to month option and while some months are better than others, I have never felt like cancelling it. That’s why I went ahead and switched to the annual subscription and starting next month I will be getting this box for $16 per month.

Normally, I try to only look at the one spoiler that comes in the pamphlet so that it will be a surprise.  This month I was on the Look Fantastic site a lot as I really enjoy ordering from their on-line store (plus they are always running sales on various items and brands so I can pick up some of my favorite high priced products for a little less.) and I did see a couple of sneak peeks.  There were two variation items in the box this month and I knew right away which variation I wanted and I am pleased to say, I got the variation I most wanted.  Not that the other options didn’t look lovely, but well, we all have our favorites.  But before I give too much away, let’s open the box and go through it together.

First up, is the spoiler from last month.  Each month in the pamphlet Look Fantastic lets you know one of the items that will be in the following month’s box.  Last month they Announced the Illamasqua primer.  Now I have, use and love the Hydra Veil Primer from Illamasqua and the shape of the Illamasqua product looks the same as he samples I’ve had in the past (which is mostly a mini version of the full size) So I thought, wow, I’ll have a travel size handy so I don’t have to travel with the large version next time I travel (because the hydra veil primer actually helps with the skin travel dryness I tend get when traveling).  But of course I skimmed the text and wasn’t wearing my reading glasses so I missed that this was a different primer all together it is not the Hydra Veil Primer it is a mini version of the Beyond the Veil Primer.  It combines the hydra primer with the Beyond Powder into one product. I have not tried the Illamasqua Beyond Powder, but it is on my list to try as I have heard fantastic things about it. I already love the Hydra Veil Primer so I can not wait to try this one out.  I am very happy to have gotten it wrong.

The second item in my beauty box this month was from Eyeko.  It is the galactic lid gloss.  While I adore their eyeliners and like their mascaras, I have not tried out any kind of colored makeup products from the,  There were to shades that were options Stardust which is a silver and Zodiac which is a copper color. 

so pretty…

While I would have used the silver, you know I have an absolute weakness for copper colored shadows.  So after seeing the spoilers you know I was keeping my fingers crossed for the copper colored Zodiac, and that is the one that appeared in my box this month. I don’t know if the swatch does it justice but in person it is absolutely stunning. It looks like liquid metal and I can’t wait to try it on my eyes.  I think if I took a black shadow and blended it out across the lids and then used this on the inner part of my lid it would be absolutely stunning.  I can not wait to play around with it and see how it performs.

The third item in my Look Fantastic box this month was the Bubble T Strawberry Macaroon Body Butter.  While I do have a lot of body lotions and hand creams at the moment, I do like the brand Bubble T and I do like the scent of strawberry Macaroon.  It will be interesting to see if the sent lives up to its name as well as if it is a good body butter. I took a sniff through the metal foil and it certainly smells very strawberry-esque

There is a hint of almond to it which might serve to cut the scent somewhat.  I really like the size of the tube as well.  With this size I can use it as a body butter and perhaps even get two or three uses out of it instead of just one.  Which is nice as some of the body butter samples I’ve received in different subscription boxes have been small enough that they were just one use. This is definitely a good size for testing out a product meant to cover the entire body.

The Balance Me AHA Glow mask was an interesting addition to my Beauty Box this month.  I have a sort of love/hate thing going with Balance Me products right now.  I’ve tried several samples and the product itself always works well, but the scent of the product is never one I want to use.  Because their products work well, I am crossing my fingers that this one has a scent I like.  It is also a mask though which might have an impact on my use.  Thus far I have tried only serums meant for daily use.  The scent of the serums meant that I didn’t want to use them daily. With a mask, it isn’t designed for daily use so even if the scent isn’t my favorite I still might be able to use it.

This leads me to the second variant in the box this month.  This month you could either receive the Hydra Recharge Cream from SOS or you could receive the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.  I was actually looking at purchasing the Enzyme Peel the last time I was on the Elemis site actually.  (I ended up going with the Cleansing Balm, it is one of my absolute favorites and the reason I was on the site in the first place.)

I didn’t purchase the peel, mostly because I needed cleansing balm, so I was thrilled not only to see this as an option but that it was the option I received in my box.  I have nothing against SOS, but if there is one brand I have a weakness for it is Elemis.  Every product I’ve ever tried from them has worked well on my skin.  There are very few brands I can actually say that about.  Plus after using the High Beauty High Maintenance Peel, I kind of want to try another peel  product to see the comparison.  Why not try one from a brand I like?  So I was very happy to receive this Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel to try.

And last but certainly not least was the product I was most excited for.  I know that sounds strange but I am so looking forward to trying out the Magnitone Wipe Out Reusable ‘Swipes”(The link is to the magnitone UK website. I am hoping that if I do order I’ll be redirected to a US link I can order from or that they will just ship to me but this was the only place I could find the exact product).  I have been looking for reusable replacements for my cotton rounds as I am trying to reduce the amount of waste in my routine and I use a lot of cotton rounds.

  These Swipes are the same size around as my cotton rounds so I have high hopes. They are thicker so I am hoping that makes them more durable and they are really soft to the touch.  I’m hoping that if I like them they are available for purchase as I will need more than two to get through a week. For now though I am happy to have a chance to try them out.

I know this post was a bit more excitable than my normal Beauty Box reviews but I have to say I was really excited by the selection of products in my box this month.  I get to try several new to me products from my favorite brands as well as test out more reusable rounds in my quest to reduce the amount of trash I produce. All in all this was a fabulous month.  Not only will I be keeping this Look Fantastic Subscription, but I am now signed up for a full year.  After all the only thing better than getting a really nice beauty box each month, is paying less for the really nice beauty box each month.

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Look Fantastic January 2021 Unboxing

I am always happy to see my Look Fantastic Beauty Box arrive on my doorstep.  It always has products I will use and usually at least one item that I get super excited about. Look Fantastic is a UK based subscription box so these days I just feel like cheering when it manages to leave one country and enter another one.  At the moment that feels like a magical effort all on its own. And this month it made the journey with what appears to be a little less difficulty than December.

I am so happy it is here.

So Look Fantastic is a Beauty box that has 5-6 products for $19 per month.  The items are mostly deluxe sample sized products with a few full sized ones thrown in on occasion. I really like that they include a large number of high end luxury brands in the box.  I am a big believer in the try before you buy, especially when it comes to pricy items and I have found many items in this box that I might have passed over because I didn’t want to commit to a full size until I knew I liked the product. There have also been high end brands that I saw and thought I wanted but after I tried it, decided it wasn’t for me.  There is a benefit in that as well.  In addition, because this is a UK based subscription box often the products are not ones I am extremely familiar with.

And now that we all now what this box is about, lets dive in and see what came in the January box.

The first item I pulled out of my box looked like a face mask.  However it is not.  It is the StarSkin Hollywood Hand Model Hand Mask Gloves. I have used Star Skin before.  I currently have a couple of their masks sitting in my masking drawer. 

I have tried many sheet masks and even a few foot masks, but I have never tried a hand mask.   I have to say I am kind of excited by this.  I’ve been using cuticle oil and hand cream to combat the effects of extra washing and near compulsive hand sanitizer usage, but a hand mask sounds like it could really help. 

I may add this to my Face mask Friday this week. This week I am going hard on the Vichy Mineral Face mask because I used a cleanser that dried out my skin badly and I am doing damage control and this is one of the best hydrating masks I’ve tried.  It might be nice to add a little hand mask to hydrate my hands as I repair my dried out skin.

But that is for Friday. 

The second item I took out of my January Look Fantastic box was actually the spoiler for last month.  Each month they put the spoiler for one of the following month’s products in the booklet that comes with it. 

The booklet, incidentally, is like a mini magazine and I always find some piece of useful information inside. The item in this box was the SVR Hydraliane Intense Moisturizing Cream. I’ll admit, I have never heard of the brand before so it will be a completely new experience to try it out.  But it is a really large size to try out so that is nice. I’m actually deliberately not looking anything up about it at the moment so that I have no bias when I start to use it. I don’t want my expectations tempered by what I might read online.  I like going in with a blank slate with a brand whenever possible so other people’s opinions won’t affect my own.

The next product out of the box comes from a brand I have heard of and not gotten around to trying out. The Brand is Grow Gorgeous and the product is the Balance Overnight Mask. I am always happy to try a new night mask.  I have a lot of moisturizers that fall into the gel and water cream category and I find that while nice in the day time, my skin craves deeper moisture at night. I am currently finishing up a night cream at the moment but as soon as it is done I will rotate this into the mix.

In this box there was a Verso Eye Cream.  Eye cream seems to be a popular item at the moment.  I have actually tried this eye cream before.  It is quite pricy and while it works okay, it isn’t my favorite eye cream.  It isn’t a bad eye cream, but there are several products I’ve tried that I like better. So I am going to put this in a care package to my mother so she can try the brand and see if it suits her.

The next two items are makeup related.  The first is the SO ECO  complexion sponge.  I have to say this comes at a really good time for me.  I am currently using the Huda Beauty Basic B makeup sponge.  It has one flat side that I have really come to love, as well as being composed of  a density I like.  It is however showing a bit of wear.  Trading it out now and again with another sponge will hopefully make it last longer. 

The density of this one is very similar to the Huda Beauty one, but it doesn’t have that flat edge I like.  I know other makeup sponges have the flat edge but the ones I tried had a different density. And as it turns out the feel of the sponge as a whole outweighs my love of the flat edge.  So I will use this, even as I reorder my Huda Beauty.

And finally the last item is a lipstick.  A Matte Me liquid lipstick from Sleek to be exact. There were multiple shades available and the one I was sent was Hellacious which is kind of a burnt umber shade. I actually really like the shade. The swatch (below) shows up a bit more orange than the product does in real life. I have one other Matte Me Lippie but it is a very bright pink that doesn’t suit me at all (In fact it looks like my lips lost a fight with a vacuum when i wear it.) so I haven’t gotten around to trying it.  With a shade I would wear I can do more of a test to see if I like the feel and use of the product.  As anyone who reads my posts on a regular basis knows, I am always willing to try a new lip product.

All in all I am really happy with this month’s box.  Everything in it is a product I will use, some I’ve heard of but never gotten around to trying, others are a complete mystery.  It is a nice mix of items.  Look Fantastic usually leans more to the skin care side of things, but I am happy there were two makeup related items included as well.  Speaking of which, the spoiler for next month is a makeup item.  It is the Illamasqua Beyond the Veil Primer. It is a mini one.  I’ve used the minis of this product before and actually have a full size in my dressing table.  Actually, I chose it as my primer for this week’s makeup bag.  So I will be talking about it this Friday when I do the weekly Makeup Bag Post if you are interested in hearing more about my opinions of it.

I really enjoy this box and I really enjoy the Look Fantastic Online shop.  They have new deals running every month and I find it is a great way to pick up some of my favorite things for just a little bit less. They have a few really great sales on now actually. I’ll list them down below so you can click on the ones that might appeal to you.

These Look Fantastic sales run from January 19th – 25th

Sitewide 15% off with the code EXCLUSIVE15.

25% off French Skincare Favorites with code FRENCH25 (Brands included: Filorga, NUXE, Embryolisse, Talika, Darphin, & Bioderma)

25% off Retinol (no code needed: Brands included: NIP + FAB, Zelens, Pixi, Elizabeth Arden, REN, Skin Doctors, SVR Laboratories, PCA SKIN, NEOSTRATA, Jurlique & more!)

25% off TriPollar products with the code TRI25

25% off Perricone MD with the code PMD25

25% off Sarah Chapman with the code SC25

25% off Shea Moisture with the code Shea15

25% off Candles and Diffusers with the code CALM25 (Brands included: NEOM, this works, Rituals, Sanctuary, OSKIA, Aromatherapy, Cowshed & more!)

Look Fantastic Beauty Box December 2020 Unboxing

This month my Look Fantastic Box had a journey.  It was the first subscription box to send e-mail notification that it was on its way and is the second to last box to arrive. (IPSY still hasn’t come in and in fact seems to be settling permanently in Atlanta.) Look Fantastic is a British based subscription box so it had to make it through the UK’s lockdown, escape the country, make it through customs, escape New York and compete with Christmas deliveries for space in the delivery van. 

I felt like cheering when it managed to arrive at my house, and arrive completely unscathed I might add. The box was in no way dented and every item was in good working order.

But enough of the shipping saga!

Look Fantastic is, as I said  UK based subscription box. It is a $19 per month subscription and thus far I have always gotten value for my money.  Currently, you can get even more value for the money.  They are still running their Black Friday sale and if you sign up for a 12 month subscription (which knocks your monthly box cost down to $16 per month) you get your first month for only $1.  They have already sold out of the December boxes so your first box would be the January Restoration Edition Box. The January sneak peek is for the SVR Hydraline Rich Intense Moisturizing Cream. I have never tried the brand out before, but I have heard good things and am looking forward to trying it out myself.

But while you are trying to decide whether or not to go for the subscription, let’s talk about the December box.

My first item out of the box was the spoiler for last month. It is the Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch.  It is essentially a Hyaluronic Acid based eye cream.  Avant is a very pricy brand and while I don’t think this is a full sized tube (the full size comes in a jar) it is eye cream and a little drop is all you actually need to use.  My tube is full to the brim and will no doubt last a really long time once I open it to start using it.  The Avant products I have tried before have all been really good so I am looking forward to giving this a go as well.

My next item is from a brand I have heard good things about, but never tried.  In this month’s box I received the Medik8  Hydr8 Serum.  Again it includes my good buddy, Hyaluronic Acid, so I am very excited to give it a try.  It was a variation in the box this month. 

The other option you could have received was from Ren.  It was the Atlantic Kelp Body Lotion.  While ren is a brand I would like to try more from, I am currently well stocked on hand and body lotion and am very happy with the selection sent to me.

The Balm also made an appearance in the December Look Fantastic box. While this box is heavily weighted towards skin care, they do add some makeup items.  The Balm’s Petal to the Metal eyeshadow came in various shades.  The one I got was a golden coppery sort of shade so you know I was happy. While I have used quite a few products from The Balm, I have never tried any of their cream shadows.  I’ve only used the powder ones, so I am pleased that I not only got a shade I adore, but it is in a formula I have yet to try out.

Also in the makeup category is the Jecca Blac Champagne Glow Drops. It is a cream highlighter and if the package looks familiar it is because I did receive a Jecca Blac Highlighter sometime this summer.  It was either from Look Fantastic or Glossy Box.  I can’t remember which. 

However, the shade of that one was rose gold.  I really liked the formula  so I know I’ll like this formula and it is nice to have it in a different shade.  I know it claims that you can add it all over your skin, but I ended up using the rose gold as a highlighter.  Perhaps this one will work better all over, or perhaps it too will just be used as a highlighter.  Either way I am happy to have it.

From Brushworks there was a double ended brush.  One looks flat and designed for packing shimmers on the lids and the other is flat and angled for using shadow like eyeliner or working under the eye.  I have never tried Brushworks brushes before, although I think they were the company that made the Jade Roller that came in a box this summer. I passed that one on to my mom so I’m not entirely certain. I do know I haven’t tried their brushes before so I am happy to give them a try. 

I am working to find the brushes I like and separate them out from the brushes I just use because they are there (which is why I am adding more tool talk posts this coming year).  I will say that while I am happy to try out a new brand of brushes, I am never a fan of double ended brushes.  I store my brushes in glass jars, usually candle containers that have been repurposed. So I either end up using only one end of the brush or I make a mess with it in the container as product gets all over the handles of the other brushes when I put it back in the jar.  But we shall see.

This leads us to the final product in my box this month.  According to the extensive pamphlet that comes with the box each month, my final product should have either been a Percy& Reed Hair Spray or a Sukin Pink Clay Mask.  I love clay masks and after trying out and falling head over heels in love with the Wonder Balm from Percy & Reed I would have been happy to try out another product from them.  Instead, I received a BellaPierre Color correcting Palette.  It has three cream shades for correcting. And looks to be quite nice.  I’m guessing it was a last minute substitution.  I don’t mind the substitution as I have been thinking about trying some color correcting and don’t mind having products to play with.

However, color correcting is not my strong suit so a little information would have been nice.  One of the things I really like about Look Fantastic is the brochure that comes in the box.  It has write ups about the products as well as blurbs about how to use them.  As this was a last minute edition, there was no blub.  The only color correction I have tried was with a Dragun Beauty orange color corrector for under the eyes that made me look as though I was slowly turning into an Oompa Loompa. No matter how I blended, the orange was just too much for my skin.  These look like they will be more suitable for my skin tone and possibly usable for me.  I will just have to look them up before I actually try to use them so that I use them correctly.

All in all, even with the product substitution, I was very pleased with my box this month. While I feared for its safe travels, it did arrive safe and sound.  As they have always been on time before I am more than willing to concede that this month was not the month to try and judge anyone on shipping capabilities.  And like I said they have always been really good with shipping prior. I can’t wait to see what the January Restoration Edition Box has in store. I’m sure it will be fantastic, just as I am sure I will be keeping my Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscription well into 2021.

Look Fantastic November 2020 Beauty Box

Finally, my Look Fantastic Beauty Box has arrived.  For a while I thought I somehow got dropped from the subscription list.  The box doesn’t charge until they are ready to ship it so I kept waiting to be charged.  But eventually things were straightened out.  I think the current lockdown had an effect on shipping times.  To be honest I would have been surprised if the current lockdown didn’t have an effect on shipping.

So what was in my Firecracker Edition Beauty Box from Look Fantastic this month?

The first item I received was the Philip Kingsley Pure Color Serum, which is a conditioning heat protectant.  Thus far, all of the heat protectants I’ve used have been sprays so it will be interesting to see what the cream does and how it performs. 

This was a variation item.  Those who didn’t get the Color serum Received the Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo & Conditioner duo. I would have been okay with either.  Phillip Kingsley is a brand I have heard a lot about but haven’t tried much so I am looking forward to giving them a test.

My second item was the This Works In-Transit Close up .  It is listed as a mask, moisturizer and primer in one.  I’m always leery of products that promise too many things but this does seem like a combo that in theory could work.  In theory.  I’ll be reading up a little more on the product before putting it to the test. I’ve tried the This Work’s pillow spray and absolutely hated it. For a while i was getting it in sample form as well as in the full sized versions and I just couldn’t take the scent. Luckily my mother loved it and was happy to receive anysize that came my way. I just hope I have better luck with a non-pillow spray from the brand. Although it is nice to see they make other products.

This was also a variation in this month’s box with those who didn’t receive the Close up Cream receiving the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle. I’m perfectly okay with my variation as it is doubtful I will be wearing any skin bearing clothing until spring at this point. At the moment our morning rain is edged with ice and snow is predicted by the end of the day. Plus, I am really interested to try out the three in one product.

I am also interested in trying out the Polaar Ice Pure Micellar Water with Arctic Cotton which was in my box this month. From the description it sounds like a makeup remover that you use before your cleanser for a double cleanser.  I think.  The description is a little vague so I’ll look up more details on line before I open it.  I really enjoyed using the Polaar Sunscreen this summer and I still have a moisturizer from the brand in my skin care line up.  As I am almost through with my current moisturizer test, I may switch to the Polaar next just so I can try out the pair together. 

The fourth Item out of my box was the spoiler for last month and it was the Naobay Detox Oxygen Facial Cream. Until this month (or technically last month as it was a spoiler) I hadn’t heard of the brand.  But I did get something else from them in a subscription box this month.  I am always happy to have another moisturizer to try out and I do like that this is a really good sized tube with plenty of product inside. 

There is the possibility I may actually be able to get a full month long trial from this tube.  Which is kind of awesome.  While the smaller tubes let me know if the product reacts well with my skin and let me decide if I want to try a full size out, the larger samples actually give me a chance to possibly see the start of some results.  So I am very pleased with this.  I’ll have to see if it pairs well with the other Naobay product I received this month.

The next item was also a choice item you could get one of several full sized Longwear  lipsticks from 3INA or a nail polish from Nails Inc. I really do like Nails Inc polishes.  They last a long time and have great pigmentation.

And each time I try to go replace some of the nail polishes I got rid of in my last declutter (some were very much at the end of their useful lives), I get interrupted before I can place my order. It’s like the universe waits for me to get halfway through an order for nail polish order and then pounces with an emergency conference call or an unexpected twist to the day.

Barielle Free Shipping

I’ve seriously been on the Sparituals (they have 60% off Vegan nail polishes (making them only $4.80) and 50% off the Gold 2-step nail colors (currently only $9) I adore Mauve Shimmer -which is what i usually buy- although to be completely honest I am mostly looking at their dry body brush and the citrus cardamom foot cream – seriously how fantastic does that scent sound?), Barielle and Sally Beauty (they have a great selection of OPI polishes and some fun little emery boards) websites at least three times each in the last week and have yet to complete an order. Barielle was a hard as nails kit that is currently $15 (usually $30) and has everything you need to get your nails in shape. Or everything I need. Hopefully. I’m planning a cyber Monday attack this afternoon so wish me luck.

However, I am always happy to have lipstick appear at my house.  Especially as this box is so skin care heavy. Plus, this is a brand I wanted to try out the formula for and had yet to circle around to.  The color I received seems really red, but swatched out a lot more pink than I expected.  I will do my best to see if I can make it work. I think I have some darker shades that I could bend this with to come up with something more suitable for me.  I will have to play around with it.  But for now I am happy to test the formula. Formula first, experimenting later. I will say I really like the sleek packaging on this, it looks really pretty. hopefully the formula works as well as the packaging looks.

And finally we come to the last item in my November box.  I received a travel size of the Eyeko Skinny liner.  While I am thrilled to have a new one of these liners in my collection ( I have been currently using the Eyeko Fat liner. BTW Eyeko is having a 50% off sale for Cyber Monday. their eyeliners, both fat and skinny are fantastic. They don’t seep into fine lines and stay put all day.) I was a bit surprised as the pamphlet specified one of two Lord and Berry liners would be in the box.  While I do like Lord and Berry, with eyeliners Eyeko is my go-to brand, so I wasn’t upset with the switch.  I am guessing it was one of those end of the month substitutions. 

At the moment I am a lot more easy going with substitutions than usual.  Things happen, especially now, and at least they substituted something relatively equal (eyeliner for eyeliner). Plus, because my box was so late they added $4 worth of credit to my account to be used in the Look Fantastic store.  As I am always picking stuff up from them, it is the kind of store credit I know I will use.

So that was my November Look Fantastic Box.  Was it the most exciting box ever? No. It is quite frankly the least exciting box I’ve gotten from Look Fantastic.  Every other box I’ve had previously from them has been really good.  Don’t get me wrong, this box was good, it just wasn’t as exciting as previous boxes.  I will still use all of the products and enjoy playing around with them. And who knows maybe one of the products will wow me as I use it and I will feel more excitement.  But while good and solid, this wasn’t all that exciting.  I have my fingers crossed for December.  The sneak peek for December was the Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final touch.  I have to say I am a little excited to see Avant return to the box and have my fingers crossed that it heralds a fantastic December Look Fantastic Beauty box.  Until then I will be taking advantage of several of the Look Fantastic Cyber Monday sales.  They have a really big one going at the moment too. It is up to 75% off sitewide AND an extra 5% when you use the code EXTRA5 at checkout. How awesome is that? They have so many brands that listing them would turn this post into something massive. They have just a little bit of everything beauty related. I highly recommend checking it out, even if you are just browsing to see what some of the higher end products are going for during the sale. But if you are looking to stock up, Look Fantastic is a pretty good place to start this Cyber Monday. (Oh and the codes are site codes and have nothing to do with me so use them as you will.) Happy Cyber Monday shopping!