Testing out the Beekman 1802 Cleansing Wipes

As I have mentioned before I have been trying out a lot of the Beekman 1802 products because I signed up for their quarterly subscription box. I loved getting the box as it is beautiful and everything looked lovely, but the box is only worth getting if I also like using the pretty, pretty products.

I will admit that the Beekman 1802 Facial Cleansing wipes weren’t my favorite item in the box. It isn’t that I don’t like cleansing wipes. I do. they are really convenient and great to have around. They are a very useful product to have around. However they are single use products and I have been trying to use fewer single use products.

slight texture to the cloth

I am a little relived though as these are 100% biodegradable. It makes the guilt less, but I am still trying to keep the habit of reusable.

It was actually difficult for me to ween myself off using facial cleansing wipes because they are a great convenience product. So I am torn about having them here. I like them but i don’t want to get back into the habit of using them. But they are here and so I will be using them. This pack is the unscented variety. The link will take you to the page where all of their various facial wipes are located and you can see the scents (including unscented) that are available.

I’ll admit the Honeyed Grapefruit is calling to me. I am trying to resist.

But more people should use grapefruit as a scent. I’m just saying.

These cleansing wipes have no scent. which is nice for general use. While I am using this for my makeup I did also use one to get what I think was jam off of a small child’s hands when i was asked to watch him for a moment. His mother said it was fine. There was no cleansing without permission. She didn’t notice he was sticky until the emergency pass over and these were designed for sensitive skin, unlike the soap that we currently had in the bathroom.

worked well for removing makeup

We’ll call that a victory for cleansing wipes.

Actually, I really enjoyed these wipes. The pack has 100 in them so they will last a while. The cloths were damp but not overly saturated. They are slightly textured do they were better able to remove makeup. And of course, they are convenient.

I did have to do a double cleanse. I went for my tube of cleanser after using this to remove the makeup, but it did do a good job of removing the bulk of the makeup without leaving any excess cleansing formula or stickiness behind.

And to be honest, while I am attracted to the scents on the website, I am happy with the unscented. The unscented worked out well for these. It makes them more multipurpose and so I feel more comfortable using them for things other than removing my makeup. (Like sticky fingers). The biodegradable makes me feel less guilty about the single use product.

While I will never go out and purchase these Facial Cleansing Wipes from Beekman 1802 and i really hope they aren’t a routine item in the subscription box, I am okay with using this one pack.it is a good product, it just happens to be one that I will not routinely buy.

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Cleaning up with the Wishful Clean Genie Cleansing Butter

I’ll admit.  I put off trying this cleansing balm for a while.  This is the Clean Genie Cleansing Butter from Huda Beauty’s Wishful Skincare line.  In general I like cleansing balms.  They are, to be honest, my favorite form of makeup remover.  I really like being able to take the semi-solid balm and place it where I want on my face and see that it is there.  I like being able to see that I have covered my face with it.  I feel that cleansing balms give me a little bit more control than products like oils.

before use, pale green with an inner and an outer lid to keep it from drying out

I’ll use other forms of course, but I prefer balms.

So, Why did I put off trying this balm?

Scent.  While I love Huda Beauty’s eyeshadows and liquid lips and well quite a few other items from the brand, I have generally found that the skincare items I have tried from Huda Beauty are very highly scented.  I tried a serum that was so perfumed that a) I had to double check that it was serum and b) ended up with a headache. 

So I kept finding excuses to put off trying it.  But I decided it was time, so I took it out of the skincare drawer.  And I am glad I did.  There is almost no scent to the product.  Which came as a welcome relief. The product description is short and to the point…

full face of makeup

Clean, Refreshed, and Radiant Skin! A cleansing butter infused with green tea and cherry blossom extract to melt away makeup and impurities while keeping skin feeling soft and supple, instead of greasy and dry.

cleansing balm on, breaks up makeup almost on contact

I expected to be hit over the head with green tea and cherry (especially the cherry blossom).  If you stick your nose right down into the product there is a slight green tea scent with a lightly sweet note that I’m guessing is the cherry blossom.  It is light and barely noticeable.

mascara harder to remove and is still on lashes and under eyes. I went in and cleaned up with a makeup eraser, which is pretty standard for most makeup removers

As for the rest of the description, it is spot on.  The cleansing balm had a little trouble with mascara, but most non eye makeup removers seem to do that and the mascara left behind was easily taken care of by my Makeup Eraser.  The rest of the makeup on my face melted away easily and quickly.  My skin didn’t feel stripped at all.  I can’t say it felt especially hydrated, but it did feel clean.  All of my foundation was gone as was eyeshadow and lipstick. 

I was very impressed with this cleansing balm and will happily use the rest of the jar and consider repurchasing it. I will also keep my makeup Eraser handy unless I am specifically using an eye makeup remover as well. Trying to use any form of makeup remover not specifically designed to remove eye makeup tends to leave a residue on my contacts that is hard to clean off. But the Wishful Clean Genie was a very good cleansing balm, it just needs a little backup.

Makeup Eraser

Rating the Reusables

I am constantly looking for ways to reduce waste in my home, and especially in my beauty routines. while there are several steps I have taken the one that has made the most difference in my reduction has been the incorporation of reusable makeup removal cloths. I know, you might ask why I can’t just use a wash cloth. Well I can, clearly, however makeup often stains and Makeup removal cloths are designed to resist staining as well.

Recently The Turkish Towel Company sent over a six pack of their Makeup removal face cloths. There are six so I have been rotating them so that I get a fresh cloth each day and get to see how they perform. (a 12 pack is currently $44 which breaks down to $367 per cloth). In addition to using them to remove makeup I have used them to remove face masks as well. Mostly because I often use my makeup removing cloths to remove face masks so that I don’t stain my regular wash cloths and towels.

Thus far they have done a good job removing my makeup, they feel soft against the skin and they have washed up clean with nary a stain upon them. Now part of that is their dark color. dark colors don’t stain as much. Simply because they are dark colored. I also washed them in with my regular towels and the dye did not wash out to tint the other cloth items in the wash. I have to say I also like that they have the word Makeup embroidered on them.

It is a little thing but when you are hurrying to get laundry done, folded and put away, having that word, white letters on black cloth, means you don’t have to think about where they go. The makeup cloths are easily stacked to the side for deployment back in the bathroom. I don’t stick them in the linen closet with everything else to be used as regular washcloths. I’m hoping not being used for hand washing will aid in their longevity. Thus far these makeup removal clothes from The Turkish Towel Company have sailed through my testing beautifully. I will continue to use them and repost after a year of use to let you see how well (or poorly) they have held up, but for now, they are working out quite lovely.

And I have not added a single stain to my wash cloths since their arrival.

But you may have noticed that it is not the only makeup removal cloth in the top photograph. As Easter approaches and I gather the elements for the celebration, I am doing a little bit of cleaning and I have noticed that I have accumulated quite a few cloths. Not all of them have performed equally and not all of them will stay.

This rainbow hued Makeup Eraser is about five years old. It came in a Boxy Charm box a while back. i was thrilled to get it as my original pink Makeup Eraser accidentally ended up being repurposed. (It was in the wrong Laundry pile and my babydoll grabbed it when he was working on lawn mower repair. Incidentally the motor oil did wash out of it completely but by then the new one had arrived and my baby was so impressed I let him keep the old one). I also have a smaller Makeup Eraser that I received in a different subscription (I can’t remember which).

It has been fantastically useful for eye makeup removal, especially with water proof mascara. The smaller size is fantastic for that, I use one side for each eye and then don’t have to worry about getting face makeup in my eyes. The smaller pink one is three years old at this point. You may notice that neither of them have stains on them and are both still working like champs. I keep meaning to get a set of the seven smaller ones so I can have one each day (although at the moment I have enough cloths that isn’t really needed). I mostly want them because I adore the Disney villain’s set. I keep talking myself out of them because I have plenty, but i really want that set and know at some point I will cave. Oh and when I was getting the links for these I saw the ones they released for April as Earth Month. They are round and each one looks like the earth AND they come with a mesh bag for washing. Those bags are fantastic. I had one but it has mysteriously disappeared and must soon be replaced (more for the small reusable rounds I use with toners and serums than these cloths, but that is another story.)

side 1

I know thus far it has been a raving success, but don’t worry that is about to change. Next up we have Simple Satch. I got this as a set. It came with a Velcro headband (which I use daily and absolutely love), two terrycloth scrunchies which are nice but a little bulky, seven reusable rounds (which are fantastic) and this makeup removal cloth. I purchased the set in either November or December of 2021.

side 2

I adored the light blue color but should have known it would not last long. After the first week of use I had mascara stains on it. The lipstick has also stained the cloth in multiple places. In addition the cloth itself is starting to look worn. It looks much older than my five year old Makeup Eraser. And the light blue cloth is starting to come out of the wash looking dingy. It is still useful, but I don’t know how long this cloth from Simple Satch is going to stay around. I will probably use it until I just think it looks too worn out to keep around.

side 1 glov

I am pretty sure my Glov mask Removing cloth is at the stage where it no longer looks acceptable I know it is more of a mask remover than a makeup remover, but as I also use my makeup removing cloths to remove masks and I store them together, I decided to review it here. This is a mirco-fiber cloth that is specifically designed to remove masks. I’m not a huge fan of the stiff and scratchy material, but it does keep my wash cloths from being stained. (I am a big fan of charcoal based masks. One of my favorites is from Annmarie Skincare but it comes with a warning about staining on the jar. Well worth it as it is a fantastic mask, but they aren’t joking about the staining.)

side 2 Glov

This Glov cloth is basically a pocket that you slip your hand into, which is quite handy. Although if I wet it and then use it to remove your mask, I generally find that even if I rinse it out as i go, I have to keep turning it to find new spots because the cloth really likes to grip the masking material. It isn’t a major deal but the shape of it really wants to limit how you use it. It it is a light gel mask then there is no problem. Any clay masks will require extra effort. And as it is the clay ones that generally have wash cloth staining pigments in them (as the gel ones tend to be clear) that isn’t very good. I love the idea, am not a huge fan of the material and I think the shape could use a little work. It is really stained at this point and the makeup cloths from The Turkish Towel Company have dealt with my mask like champs so I have no problem letting this Glov masking cloth go.

It wasn’t a big clear out as fare as these things go, but if you are looking to work more reusable makeup cloths into your routine and wanted to know a little bit about the cloths and how they perform, I hope this helped you out a bit.

Let’s Talk Reusable Makeup Cloths

Finding reusable products instead of disposable items is something that is really important to me. I have been doing my best to eliminate waste in my routine wherever possible. I have reusable rounds instead of disposable pads for products like toners and I use wash cloths and reusable makeup wipes for my makeup and mask removal.

The Turkish Towel company recently sent a set of six Makeup removal washcloths for me to try out and review. I’ve seen their towels before and have actually been contemplating picking up one of their robes for quire some time, but I missed the fact that they have Makeup cloths. Currently on their site the Turkish Towel Company has a set of twelve Cloths for $44. which boils down to $3.67 per cloth and given that you can more than likely reuse these cloths for years makes it a really good deal.

These look like washcloths and have the word makeup embroidered on the front. So I am surprised that i missed them. They are 100% cotton, which I absolutely love. I am a big fan of natural fibers. I don’t mind using non-natural ones in some cases but if i can use natural it is my first choice.

I have only been using these cloths for a week (maybe a little less). As there are six of them in a pack that means that they just came back from their first laundry day. I’m sure many of you know from pictures that I am a fan of both dark colored lipsticks and charcoal masks. Both are the reasons that many of my wash cloths and reusable cloths have some staining on them.

In fact one of my favorite charcoal based masks (The Annmarie Charcoal Cacao Mask) is the reason that several of my wash cloths have gray splotches permanently on them. It is an excellent mask and they do warn you it can stain, for me it definitely did (but still well wroth using which is why I just picked a wash cloth to use specifically with the mask)

hung up to dry after use, once dry they are put in the wash with other dark colored items, easy peasy no special wash

Thus far everything has washed out of these Makeup Cloths from the Turkish Towel Company with zero staining. Now they are black to begin with so they have a leg up, but honestly making a reusable makeup removal cloth out of dark material just shows good sense. These cloths are soft and absorbent (hello, 100% cotton). Six cloths gives me enough so that I can use a different cloth every workday with one for masking and then just put them in the laundry. I hang them up to dry after use and then when dry just put them in the wash with the rest of the laundry.

back from the dryer, no staining

I wash them with other dark colors, mostly jeans and towels and There was no issue when they came out of the dryer. I simply folded them and stacked them for another week of use. I will be using them as my makeup removing cloths exclusively for a full month just to get a feel for how they wear, and then I’ll be mixing them with the other cloths that I use.

Thus far, these makeup cloths from The Turkish Towel Company look like real winners. Hopefully they will stand the test of time. If they do it will give my other wash cloths some much needed relief from potential staining. And it will make me much less worried when I restock the Annmarie Charcoal Cacao Mask which is a definite plus.

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Melting Away with Vike Makeup Melt

My all time favorite makeup removing method is a damp Makeup Eraser. Sometimes, a little product is needed to assist and in general when i need a makeup remover, I reach for a make up balm. This isn’t to say I don’t like other products. In general the reason I go for the balms is that they are less drippy.

I know, not a really scientific reason.

I will say though that when I received this Vike Makeup Melt Spray in my Boxycharm Premium, I was intrigued. I really like the thought of being able to apply a makeup remover and then be able to reach for the water taps without leaving makeup remover smeared all over them making them slick. In theory, a spray would be a good solution. And I had never tried a spray on makeup remover. I had also never heard of the brand Vike.

makeup on

We all know that makeup removing in general is so annoying, so we wanted to make it better! Makeup wipes are actually not your friend. They are harsh on the skin and over time, that rubbing can cause an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. #realtalk

What it is: A makeup removal spray with skincare benefits! The spray makes it easier to target all areas of the makeup you want to remove, no wipes or pads needed. No longer do you have to tug on your delicate skin and lashes to remove makeup after a long day. All you have to do is SPRAY! Makeup Melt provides an easy solution to remove everyday makeup giving you a spa-like experience at home. Makeup Melt has four key antioxidants to nourish your skin after removal, leaving your skin bright, clean & renewed.

Vike Beauty

All of that sounds interesting, and so product in hand, I tried it. I actually tried it several times and in several different ways. The first way I tried was with a dry, makeup filled face. I sprayed and let it sit for a couple of seconds to settle in and start the melting process. And yes I am the sort of person who timed it. I set the timer for 30 seconds.

removed with makeup eraser and spray (allergies have my eyes super puffy)

The scent of the Vike Makeup melt is odd. It lists cucumber, grapefruit, moringa and passionflower. It also lists eucalyptus. I used it for a week thinking the scent was vaguely familiar. I just couldn’t place it. Finally I asked my babydoll. His response was…

This smells like something my grandparents would have in their medicine cabinet as a topical cure all, got a rash, here you go, need to disinfect a scrape, here you go it hurts less than iodine.

And to be fair, he is right. Somehow all of the ingredients combine to smell a bit like an old fashioned not as harsh as iodine spray that my grandparents would have kept in the medicine cabinet. You know the kind of think that smells like medicine but you aren’t sure if it actually does anything?

I will say that I can’t see the makeup melt sitting on my skin long enough for there to be a lot of skincare benefits going on. And it is going on top of makeup so there is a bit of a barrier. However I don’t mind that they are putting good for your skin things in makeup removers. It is better than bad for your skin things. I just don’t think it comes in contact with your skin long enough to do much of anything.

After letting the spray sit on my skin for 30 seconds, I rinsed it off. It is a very fine mist. It did an okay job. Mascara and more foundation than I like was left behind. For my second trial, I sprayed my dry makeup covered skin and let the product sit 30 seconds. I then used a damp makeup eraser to remove everything. It worked well.

The combination left virtually no foundation on my skin and took down all but a few smidges of mascara. There was less rubbing involved. This is not a spray that you can just spray on your face and splash a little water on to remove all of your makeup. This needs a wash cloth or a Make up eraser with it as a partner. I did try using just a wash cloth, but there was significantly more rubbing to remove the makeup needed. Plus there is always the possibility of makeup staining the wash cloth (especially mascara). My suggestion is to just get a makeup eraser if at all possible. It really is going to help decrease the amount of rubbing.

All in all I am very pleased with this spray. The spraying directly into my face with makeup remover took a little getting used to, but it does work well with pairing with my makeup eraser. The two together remove more product than either alone and with significantly less rubbing and pulling of the skin. I am glad I got to try this out. And even though I did tease about the scent, it isn’t a scent I mind. In fact I kind of like it. It just bothered me when i couldn’t identify it. Now that I know why it seemed familiar, I am okay with it. This Vike Makeup Melt retails for $24 which I think is a very good price. It works well and I was not left with a greasy residue on my skin. Oh and even though it was a spray, it didn’t get into my contacts and cause them to go all fuzzy. In my opinion, this is a makeup spray I would not mind repurchasing. It also makes me curious about what else the brand produces. Most definitely something to look into.

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Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser

For the past few weeks I have been using the Peach Pudding Makeup Cleanser from the brand Peach Slices. I admit I bought it mostly out of curiosity. I really like the Glass Skin serum from Peach and Lily and when I go to the Peach and Lily site I often see this Peach Pudding, along with a lot of other items from not only Peach slices but other Korean brands as well. It is one of those sites that is really fun to poke around on because even though it is serious skincare a lot of their products are packaged with a lot of whimsy. Take the moisturizer that I purchased from them recently. It is in a cupcake shaped container, or maybe an ice cream cone, I can’t remember but it is really cute.

But this is not about the moisturizer, it is about the Cleanser. And cute packaging is one thing, but the product has to work.

This Cleanser is called Peach Pudding and decorated with a large Peach on the cover. Unsurprisingly, it smells of peaches when you open the container. I think I’d be rather disappointed if it didn’t. However it is not the sickly sweet Peach scent. I don’t feel as though I am smearing peach cobbler all over my face.

The white cream has a clean and fresh skincare scent to it that is blended with peaches. It smells more like you are walking past a basket of freshly picked peaches at a farm stand than anything sweet enough to feel sticky.

I know that sounds a little strange but sometimes when I smell sweet things that I associate with a sticky sugary thing then when I apply the product I sort of feel sticky even if the product isn’t actually sticky. With this that wasn’t a problem. Even if it is called a Pudding.

Pudding is actually a decent term for it. Most of the cleansing products I have tried are oils or balms. This has the consistency of a moisturizer. I would say it is more like a gel cream than a water cream, but it is that sort of range.

To apply I took a little out of the container and then rubbed it all over my face as though I was applying a moisturizer. Although it was over makeup. It melted the make up off really well. I had trouble with mascaras and had to go in switch my Klorane Coneflower Waterproof eye makeup remover, but on all other products it worked really well. It took down the brightest of my red lipsticks and had no issues with shadow.

It is a hydrating make up remover, which was something I didn’t really care for. It removed the Makeup well and when I rinsed it off my face felt a little greasy. It wasn’t that big a deal as the makeup remover is only step one in my nightly skincare routine and I followed it up with my current Cleanser, the Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser. The Korres took the greasy/hydrating elements of the Peach Pudding makeup remover right off. It is however something to be aware of. If you have very dry skin, it might not be an issue for you. For me, i didn’t care for it and was happy that my second cleanse removed the feeling.

Besides that one thing, I have to say I really enjoyed using this Cleanser. It works really well, uses only a little product, removes makeup without stripping the skin and a 100ml sized jar only costs $9.99. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the texture of the cream Cleanser as well. It is definitely a product I will be repurchasing. I will also always use a second Cleanser, but I will certainly purchase this Peach Pudding Make Up Remover again.

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Trying out the Klorane Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

I have tried a lot of different types of makeup removers.  They have come in different forms from oils to waters to balms. Some have worked well, others not so well.  Some I even used inappropriately.  A very big thank you to the reader who pointed out that I needed to start oils on a dry face to use them to their best efficacy and then rinse with water instead of starting with damp skin. I very much appreciate that.

However, often the issue I have with some cleansing products involves my eyes.  As mascara is always a product I need to remove, this is somewhat of an issue.  Sometimes the products will sting my eyes and sometimes they will seep into my eyes, coat my contacts and make my vision cloudy until I realize that no matter how much I rinse the contacts, the product isn’t coming off of them and so the contacts need to be replaced.

It is an ongoing frustration.

I have found products that I like for removing makeup (including eye products) but I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the way they worked with my eyes. With some products I like them enough that I devise systems to make sure they don’t get into my eyes.  It’s sort of like my own nightly game show event.

However, when I made my last dry shampoo purchase from Klorane (I am loving the Nettle infused formula for dark hair and may not go back to the regular version) I received a sample of their Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover made with soothing cornflower to try.  While only a sample size the bottle does contain 25 ml so it is plenty for multiple trials to see if I like it.

heavier than usual eye makeup with waterproof eyeliner

I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical since I had at least one minor issue with almost all of the makeup removers and my eyes in the past, but decided that since I had the sample, I might as well try it.

According to the website…

Remove stubborn makeup the easy way with Klorane Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover with Soothing Cornflower. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner can be difficult to remove at the end of the day, or it can leave behind a faint stain. Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover with Soothing Cornflower removes everything in one gentle swipe. This formula is infused with cornflower, a mild botanical that works to soothe the delicate eye area and calm inflammation and redness. Free of common irritants, this eye makeup remover is perfect for sensitive skin and those who wear contact lenses. 

one pass with a moistened cotton round – I did a little under eye clean up with the mascara that was it.

Oh yes my darlings, the description actually addresses the main issues I have directly.  And so I tried it. 

I put a little on a cotton round and used it to remove my eye makeup.  The trick with this little bottle is that under the cap it is just an open bottle.  There is no regulator to control dispensing (which I believe the full size has).  So you need to press the cotton round to the top of the bottle and quickly upend then right the bottle so the product just kisses the cotton.  Otherwise when you put it to your eyes the product will just run down your cheek.  It won’t cause issues, it just wastes product. 

And after my first use I knew that I didn’t want to waste product. The eye makeup remover has a lightly floral scent that actually smells of cornflowers. I used to live in an area where they grew wild everywhere. It is a very light fresh scent rather than a perfume-y one and it doesn’t last, dissipating quickly into the air. 

The product itself feels slightly greasy when you apply it, but the greasy feeling doesn’t remain on your skin, it departs with the makeup.  I had a really easy time getting rid of my eye makeup with the product.  It required no harsh rubbing or pulling on the skin.  After the first pass I had to go back in under the eyes to catch the last of the mascara sludge, but that too came off easily.

the cotton round

I did get some product in my eyes, especially when I accidentally got too much on the cotton round.  I didn’t try to get the product in my eyes and I don’t recommend deliberately putting it there, but if you have ever removed eye makeup then you know getting the remover in your eyes is an occasional occurrence you can’t always avoid.

There was no stinging at all and no clouding of the contacts.  Zero. Zilch. Bupkis. It felt like I splashed water in my eyes and then blinked it out. That was it.

The Klorane Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover worked well, had no stinging in the eyes and no clouding of my contacts.  I also only needed to use just a little bit to achieve the results I needed. 

While I added a lot of eyeshadow to my eyes during this test, concentrating on both waterproof formulas and the darker colors that tend to be harder to remove, I don’t usually go all that heavy on my eyeshadow. I tend to favor simpler more low key looks and with those sorts of looks, a tiny drop was all I needed.  After about a month of use, I am only half way through the sample sized bottle.  The sample sized bottle is 25 ml while the full sized bottle is 100 ml. That means Klorane’s $16 bottle of Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover would last me about six months. Clearly if you wear a lot more and a lot heavier makeup, you would need to use more remover. But for me this is a great product at a great price that will last me quite a while.

In addition, I still used my normal cleansing balms on the rest of my face.  Since I didn’t have to play the “What will this do to my eyes and contacts’ Game with them, I found myself liking several of them a lot more as well.  Plus, as I didn’t have to use them to remove my eye makeup I could use less of them, and concentrate them on my face where they belonged. It was an extra win for me.

Normally, when I think of Klorane I think of Dry Shampoo as they are my favorite brand of Dry Shampoo.  If I expand my thoughts I still usually stay in the realm of haircare.  I actually have a leave in conditioner from Klorane that I have scheduled to try out. I rarely think of them outside of haircare, but if their other products are as good as this Waterproof Eye Makeup remover, I really need to start branching out and trying some of their other products. 

The next time I order my dry shampoo, I will be ordering a full sized bottle of this eye makeup remover.  I’ll probably also keep this sample sized bottle around so I can refill it for travel. As it is the perfect size to fit into my travel kit.  I will probably also start poking around the site more to see what I can find to try out.  After all their Dry Shampoo is my go to product and the Waterproof Eye Makeup remover is now on my must keep stocked list.  I can’t help but wonder what other goodies the brand has to offer.

Klorane USA

Tool Talk: Afterspa Reusable Rounds

Each week I give posting space to a variety of products and talk about their benefits and uses, but I don’t often talk about the tools I use with them.  I am trying to correct that with these tool talk posts. Some weeks it will be makeup brushes and other weeks flat irons. This week I decided to go with the reusable cotton rounds from Afterspa.

The Afterspa reusable rounds came in my January Glossy Box and I for one was very happy to see them.  It was actually a really good box this month. You can check out my unboxing here if you’d like to see the whole thing.

A while back I took a look at the waste in my house and I have been trying to reduce the amount of it.  In the back yard, we purchased a composter and a lot of our kitchen waste makes it back there, from coffee grounds to egg shells.  It keeps it out of our trash bin and gives us some really good compost each year. Actually many of the subscription boxes that I get make their way there, the shipping boxes getting torn up and used as dry material in the composter. I just have to peel off any tape. The ones with the wax coating take a little longer to deteriorate so often times I’ll use them to line the bottom of a raised flower bed to keep the weeds down. It smothers the weeds and eventually disintegrates into the dirt.

In the bathroom I use a Makeup Eraser and some kind of makeup removing produce (balm, oil, micellar water) to remove my makeup instead of the makeup wipes.  Occasionally, I will use a makeup wipe, but I don’t buy them regularly any more.  It took a while to break the habit, but I did.

At the moment I have a sample pack that I received in a subscription box that I have been slowly working through.  I also signed up for a trial Refreshments box from IPSY and will be getting a pack in that.  I wanted to try the subscription and if I like the scents I will trade out the wipes for another product if possible as I suspect a full sized pack of wipes will either be something I use up right away simply because they are there and I go makeup wipe crazy while I have them or I will parcel them out miserly for an extended period. I don’t know which it will be as I haven’t used them routinely in a while.

But I no longer use them routinely so it won’t be a reorder for the subscription if i end up keeping it. (My first shipment is in February so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Empty containers usually make their way into my greenhouse where they are repurposed.  Moisturizer jars are used to hold sprouting seeds, serum droppers are used to dose out liquid fertilizer mostly to orchids, spray bottles are turned into misters for plants that like water through their leaves instead of at their roots.

This means that at the moment cotton rounds are my biggest waste product in my bathroom.  The two things I use them for the most are toner and eye makeup remover.  I know, I can use the Makeup Eraser for eye makeup removal, however at the moment I have a single Makeup Eraser that I use all week and then throw into the wash at the end of the week. (I used different spots and rotate around so I’m always using a clean section of cloth.)

I really need to look into getting a pack of smaller Makeup Erasers.  They now have small square ones that let you use a different Makeup Eraser each day so that you can put them in the wash after one use. I had planned to get a pack of the Sponge Bob Square pants ones, but they sold out and then I got distracted. I know they have a Goodnight Moon Set that I really like the look of, but it is one of the full sized ones instead of the smaller cloths so I need to talk myself out of it. Or find out if they have it in smaller sizes.

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I don’t mind using the one Makeup Eraser all week, I just shift to different spots on the cloth to take down my face makeup each day of use. I am just a little more hesitant to do so around my eyes.  Not only is there more product around my eyes, some of which is harder to remove – like mascara-, but I just don’t like the thought of potentially putting germs near my eyes.  So I tend to remove my eye makeup with disposable cotton rounds so that I know they are fresh each day.

In theory, the reusable rounds from Afterspa are the perfect solution. 

The pack sent to me in Glossy Box contained two rounds, which is quite perfect as far as testing goes. I can use them and see how I feel about them before committing to a box of them, because realistically I would need a minimum of three per day: two for my daily toner and one for eye makeup removal. Or so I thought.

it was a brown eyeshadow day, but some of that is foundation

I took out the After Spa reusable rounds to try and my first recommendation is to wash them before you use them.  While I am certain they are hygienic right out of the pack, if you use them without washing you will end up with a lot of white fuzz on your face.

The reusable rounds are soft and floppy.  The feel good against the skin.  However with toner, they felt a little too big.  I generally hold my cotton round against my face with the use of two fingers and occasional assistance by my thumb.  This required the whole hand.  There were maneuverability issues and the reusable round kept rolling up on me so that one application accidentally used both sides of the round.  I wasn’t certain if I could use one side and then have the other side available of  a second use, but it was something I planned to test. However even if the toner hadn’t leaked through and the side away from my face remained sanitary under traditional use circumstances, the round kept rolling up so there was no way that the other side could be used as it was already partially used during the first pass.

The rolling was a bit annoying actually and that was only partially due to size.  The round is really too big to be used for a product like a toner. The other issue was the material.  It is very soft and almost too soft for use in applying toner. If the material was a little thicker or the edge was a little stiffer, this would be an entirely different review. I did not care for them when using it to apply products like toner.

But there is also eye makeup removal.

To remove my eye makeup: mascara, liner and shadow, I had to use both cotton rounds, both sides.  The problem is, again, that the thin cloth is too soft.  It feels good against the skin, but it doesn’t have the thickness that is needed for makeup removal.  The Makeup eraser is still soft material but it is sturdier as well and does a much better job. It also has a stiffer edging which really helps it. I don’t think these rounds need a large border, but because of the super soft material it really needs a stiffer edging to help it lay flat.

I will say that when I tossed them in the wash after use, they came out spotlessly clean.  They were white and even the eyeliner and mascara washed out. I am not certain how long they will last under weekly use and washing conditions.  I will continue using them to see if I might find some tricks to getting them to perform the way I want them to as well as seeing how long they hold up, but I don’t think these particular reusable rounds are for me.

I still have high hopes that I will find some reusable rounds that are.  Because I would love to continue to eliminate as much waste as possible, but for now, I will use my makeup eraser and in the near future order a set of smaller makeup erasers for eye makeup removal if nothing else.  I will still use the cotton rounds for applications of things like toners though and I will keep searching for reusable rounds to eventually take their place.

I know this was a post about the Afterspa Reusable rounds, and you got to hear a lot more about the Makeup eraser, but to be honest, using the After Spa Rounds made me appreciate the Makeup Eraser more. And when introducing a new tool to your repertoire it is good to fit it into the context of already used products and to see how it stacks up. At least that is my thought.

Makeup Eraser

Removing it all (almost) with Polaar IcePure Micellar Water with Arctic Cotton

Polaar Ice has been making routine visits to my Look Fantastic and Glossy Boxes recently. This summer I tried and liked their sunscreen and now that my Marc Jacobs Youthquake trial has completed I will be trying out a sample size of one of their moisturizers.

After using cleansing oils (thank you on correcting me on how to properly use them Deanna after your comment on the SkinFix, I changed my use) and cleansing balms, it was interesting to use a non-oil liquid cleanser as my first step in a double cleanse.  As I used to use micellar water in general as my makeup remover, it isn’t an unfamiliar product, but it has been a while.

So what are the claims Polaar makes?

Purify and refresh your complexion with the Polaar Arctic Cotton Micellar Water; a luxurious, transparent fluid that expertly cleanses the skin, lips and eyes. without over-drying or uncomfortable tightness.

Harnessing the powers of Arctic Cotton, the gentle cleanser effortlessly eliminates dirt, pollution and even the most stubborn make-up to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion. Delivers long-lasting moisture and hydration to leave skin feeling soft, supple and revitalised.

Ingredients: aqua (water), propanediol, peg-6 caprylic/capric glycerides, peg-7 glyceryl cocoate, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, glycerin, eriophorum spissum flower/stem extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, codium tomentosum extract, hydroxyethylcellulose, parfum (fragrance), butylene glycol, citric acid, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, decylene glycol, sodium benzoate, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, linalool.

This treatment is formulated without parabens, alcohol or mineral oil. It has been tested under dermatological control.


Not too over the top in terms of claims.  So I tried using a little of this Polaar Ice Pure on a cotton round to take off a full face of makeup.Mostly so that I could more easily show the mlevel of makeup removal.

That was a bad idea.

The first thing I found was that the cotton round was not up to the task.  Applying toner, yes. Removing a full face of makeup, no. A full face of makeup was just too much product for the cotton round to handle.  The product did well with taking off the makeup, but the cotton round broke down.

too much makeup for the cotton round

So I turned to my Makeup Eraser (Incidentally they have a huge discount only for today with the code EGGNOG You get 60% off a 14 day set of daily use Makeup Erasers- the small square kind so you can change them out daily instead of using parts of the same one for the whole week. They are doing a 12 days of deals so there is a new deal each day. They reveal each one on the day of the sale and each one gets better I don’t know how they are going to beat 14 Makeup Erasers for only $20 but I’ll be checking in to see.) 

I used a bit of the Polaar Ice Pure on my Makeup Eraser and it worked really well removing all of my face makeup.  (I know Makeup Erasers work really well in general with makeup removal, but this just sort of bumped it up several degrees from just using water.

It was when I got to my eyes, that there was a difficulty.

While shadow and mascara were a breeze for this to remove, eyeliner was a bit difficult.  Thinking it might be the specific eyeliner, I pulled a couple of different ones to try out and had the same problem. 

eyeliner remains

In addition to testing it on removing the product from my eyes I drew a couple of lines on my hand and then tried to see what the issue might be.  I think that part of it is that with most eyeliners, you have to rub this product (and the cloth it is on) pretty hard to remove the eyeliners.  The other products didn’t require that much effort to remove.  I think that might just be the nature of eyeliner, at least good eyeliner. 

I just didn’t want to rub my eyes that hard.  Plus there is a second issue with this makeup remover and the eyes.  It stings.  I had a little bit of product get into my eyes every time I tried to use it to remove my eye makeup and it stung every time.  It wasn’t an unbearable pain and it faded quickly, but it still wasn’t pleasant. 

Makeup on (yes my lip liner got out of hand, sigh more on that in the Makeup bag post Friday) and then on the left makeup off. or mostly off

On my face however I really liked how it removed product.  It left the skin clean and didn’t feel tight in any way.  I would agree with the product description that my skin felt soft, supple and even revitalized (which typing that out makes me sound very much like i was working oil and polish into an old boot). I was however pleased with the product. I did use this as the first step in a double cleanse and my skin was almost completely clear of product. I had less residue than I expected. In fact the second cotton round I used with my toner, came out clean and lovely. (at the moment I am trying out a Murad Toner)

The only real issue is the eyes.  I currently have an eye makeup remover from Klorane that I want to test out, so I think I will be partnering that product with the Polaar to see how they team up.  It too is micellar water based (although designed for the eyes specifically) so hopefully they should pair well. Over all I did enjoy this cleanser and found it a gentle, but effective product on everything except eyeliner. I will happily use the rest of the bottle (avoiding my eyes) and I wouldn’t mind using this again as I feel it is worth the price.  In the future, I’ll just keep it away from my eyes.


How well does the Yensa CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil work?

I have to say I have been really impressed with Yensa lately.  I was always a fan of their primer, but then I fell head over heels in love with their lip oil.  As you may recall if you read my IPSY unboxing post this past month, one of my repeat items was the Yensa CBD Super Food Dual Cleansing Oil.  At the point when the new bottle arrived I had been using the bottle of cleansing oil I had for about a month.  I am less than halfway through the bottle.  So in case you read the post and think, how did you get through so much cleansing oil in such a small amount of time?  I did not, this is the older bottle.

full face of makeup

So first, let’s see what the product claims are…

A dual makeup remover and cleanser infused with CBD and 8 SuperOils that nourishes, cleanses, softens and removes impurities without stripping the skin.  The eight benefits are:

  • Dual-phase Makeup remover and cleansing oil
  • Nourish, soothe and cleans the skin while removing impurities
  • Powered by CBD 8 super oils
  • CBD oil calms skin and helps reduce redness
  • Black sesame oil improves skin rejuvenation
  • Black cumin oil fights against acne and clogged pores
  • Chia seed oil restores moisture in the skin
  • Broccoli seed oil is rich in omega -6 and helps cell renewal

Ingredients: Heliantus Annuss (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seed Oil, Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin) Seed Oil, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil, Daucus Carota (Carrot) Seed Oil, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cannabidiol, Bakuchiol, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Extract, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract, Fragrance (Parfum)


Now, I could be wrong, but here is my take on cleansers.  I am happy to see all sorts of good ingredients in them and I do prefer the ones that are designed with skin care in mind rather than throwing a bunch of elements at me.  However with a product like a cleansing oil, it is the first step in my skin care routine.  I apply the cleansing oil over my makeup, let it break down the makeup, rinse it off, and then go back with a regular cleaner.  Then of course I proceed to the toner. 

Cleansing oil over makeup

What this means is that the products that are in the cleansing oil, aren’t going to stick around long.  I don’t know how much cell rejuvenation and renewal the ingredients can do in the short amount of time they have against my skin.  I appreciate their efforts, but I am not looking for a whole lot of long term benefits in a cleansing oil. 

What I want it is to not cause damage to the skin, remove my makeup and not leave my skin feeling stripped. The lovely ingredients list tells me that the ingredients in the cleansing oil are not going to do damage to my skin.  Nothing in the list is something I have a sensitivity to and nothing is going to cause a reaction for me. So that is one box checked.  The only issue I could see is from the fragrance added.  However it is the last ingredient listed so I don’t think there is enough included in the product to be an issue.

water added to foam the oil

As for the scent of the product, it is slightly earthy.  If I was blindfolded and asked to sniff this cleansing oil I would be able to tell it was a CBD product. It has that CBD scent to it.   To be honest, I have no idea how else to describe it, and not because of my usual scents coming up as colors and tastes either.  It smells like a CBD oil.  The only time I have smelled that scent is in products with CBD in them. It isn’t a heavy scent.  It isn’t over powering, but it is present.  I don’t particularly mind the scent, but if you have issues with the scent, you might want to pass.

I really like the design of the pump.  It is easy to dispense, the bottle is sturdy and to be honest, I will probably end up reusing it when I am done with the product. Only two pumps of the product are needed to cover the entire face.  It is a clear oil in a green bottle.

As with most cleansing oils, it does have the tendency to get into your eyes when you remove your mascara and eyeliner. I did get it in my eyes.  It didn’t sting and surprisingly it did not stay to film up my contact lenses.  I had that problem with the Sunday Riley Oil cleanser.  Once in my eyes it would stick to my contact lenses and no matter how many times I took the lens out and cleaned it, the film remained so the world was a cloudy place.  I wear disposable lenses so it wasn’t as big a deal as it could have been but It was something that bothered me. 

clean skin

This Yensa CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing oil did not have that problem. When it did get onto my contacts, it was easily rinsed away.  Perhaps it has something to do with the dual cleansing.  Speaking of which…

After I applied the oil over my makeup and rubbed it around on my face, letting it start to break down the makeup, I added water as specified and began to wash.  The cleanser did foam up a little and then rinsed off.  It took 90% of my make up with it when it washed off.  There was a little mascara and a bit of foundation left behind (toner pads don’t lie), but most of it was gone. My skin did not feel stripped and I had no issues with clogged pores. 

However, I still felt as though I needed to wash my face with a regular cleanser.  Especially after I did the toner test and found makeup remaining. My skin just didn’t feel all the way clean with just the cleansing oil, dual action or not.

It is a very good cleansing oil, but I needed a regular cleanser to follow. I enjoyed using it for the past month and will continue to use it moving forward.  It is one of those cleansing oils that is a good reliable product.  I may set this to the side to try other products, but I will return to it until the bottle is empty.  I have no problem returning to it and in the future I might pick up another bottle. While I am more of a cleansing balm sort of person than a cleansing oil, this is one of the better cleansing oils I have tried lately. While I am uncertain about the eight listed benefits in the description, it does meet my three criteria, It doesn’t irritate my skin (or do other damage), it takes off my makeup well, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped.

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