First use of the Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream

I couldn’t help it, but the lure was too strong. I had to open the new Korres Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream and start trying it out. I know looks aren’t everything, but just look at the light green of that glass jar. It just says pick me up and give me a try. So i am.

In general I really like the Korres brand. I find their products to be both fairly priced and effective. The Pomegranate line has found a permanent love in my heart, despite the fact that they seem to have let it go (sniff, sniff, so sad). I like the rose but not as much as the pomegranate, and since I have an allergy to pine I have to avoid that line, but the yogurt face masks are always in rotation in my mask collection. the Golden Krocus is high on my list to try.

inner lid with tab

I have not tried anything from the Santorini Grape line so I was over the moon when it was a choice Item in my Boxycharm for June. It has been on my must try list since it’s release and when I saw it I pounced. I’m sure there were other options, but I didn’t really bother looking.

And I did order the Santorini Grape Velvet Skin Drink Serum this morning as well because i couldn’t resist giving it a try. But it’s first use will come, for now it is time for the moisturizer.

According to the product page…

For: Oily, Combination + Sensitive, A lightweight gel moisturizer that blurs pores, controls shine, and hydrates skin all-day using a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Willowherb Extract, and the antioxidant-rich, Santorini Grape.

Key Benefits:  Poreless complexion,  Balanced all-day hydration,  Smooth skin canvas


At this time of year I am at my oiliest although I suspect i fall into the combination category. So this is about perfect and it is about the perfect time of year for me to try this moisturizer. As I mentioned above it is in a beautiful green glass jar. I know looks aren’t everything but I do like looking at a pleasing array of skincare on my shelf. It is okay to like pretty things, they just have to be pretty things that also pull their weight in the skincare department.

Opening the jar there is a stout plastic lid as a barrier to air, which I really like. It has a little pull tab to lift it off the top of the jar. It is wide and round and fairly easy to grab and lift. The inner plastic lid fits securely but it isn’t extremely tight so you don’t have to struggle with it if you don’t have a lot of hand strength. You just have to be able to grip the tab. Barring that slipping a thumbnail under the edge can flip it up for those with issues making pinching motions.

I find the scent of this moisturizer interesting. It does smell of grapes which I expected, but it is a grape that has had the sugars removed and smells almost like it is blended with plain yogurt. I didn’t see any yogurt on the list of ingredients so perhaps this is just a face mask hold over. The moisturizer has the same color as the mask, so perhaps that leans into it.

The Santorini Grape Poreless Skin Cream is a thicker sort of cream. It has the consistency of Greek Yogurt actually. It is the kind of cream that I scoop out a little and either dot it lightly on my face and then rub in or rub my hands together and then apply to my face. The second method will cause it to absorb faster on the skin and is fantastic when you are running late in the morning. Even if you choose the first method of dotting it on the skin before massaging it in, it won’t take long to absorb, just start with little dollops as a little goes a long way with this moisturizer.

The scent of the moisturizer fades as you apply it and once it dries down your face is not sticky at all. As a first use, it was a positive experience and I am happy that I will get to use it for the next month. July here promises to be incredibly hot and insanely humid, which is when my skin not only feels oily, but because I sweat so much I end up getting oddly dry patches from salty sweat running over the skin. I am hoping that this combination skin oriented Santorini Grape Poreless Skin cream from Korres will be just the thing to get me through with healthy skin. But only time will tell.

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Let’s talk about the Lait-Creme Line from Embryolisse

Embryolisse very kindly sent me all three of the moisturizers from their Lait Creme line for the purpose of review. As always my views are my own. Prior to receiving this trio, I only had experience with the Lait Creme Concentre. It was the first moisturizer I was given, and it was the one my mother and grandmother both used throughout my childhood. As the brand has been around since the 1950s this is hardly surprising.

Each of the creams I used as a moisturizer for an entire month. Then, as each creme has a multi-functional dimension, I shifted into using it for those other elements as I rotated through the moisturizers. While from the same line and have nearly the same scent to them, they are different creams and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s start with the Lait Creme Concentre. This is the original, the old school moisturizer I remember from my childhood. It’s scent is the scent of bed time kisses and is lodged in the back of my memory banks as what skin care smells like. Which, while nice, does make it very difficult to describe. It is the classic scent of skincare. For me it is what skincare smells like when it has no scent. It does have a scent. Breaking it down I would have to say that is is sort of a mixture of aloe and shea butter but it also has a clean scent to it.

The Lait creme Concentre has the thickest consistency of the three. I started using it when the winter temps were still holding sway and it was the perfect level of moisture for my winter skin. It is a thick cream that needs to warm up before it melts into the skin. If you dispense it into your hand and then rub your hands together before applying it to your face, all is well. If you dispense it and go directly to your face to rub in, there will be white streaks for a second or two while the cream warms up and absorbs.

It is fantastic moisture all day. As the temperatures warmed up, it was too much moisture for day time use but remained a good night cream for year round use. I can still use it now as a night cream when I need to.

however it is a multi use cream and as soon as I used it for it’s second purpose I didn’t want to shift it back to moisturizing status. One of the secondary uses is as a pre makeup base. A little dollop of moisturizer (pea sized or less depending on your skin type) applied five to ten minutes before you apply the rest of the makeup plumps up your skin and extends the life of the day’s makeup. It has now relocated to my makeup drawer and honestly it is almost gone and the next tube I purchase is just going strait to the makeup section. It is just a great first layer.

the Concentre and the Sensitive have the same seal while the Fluide is in a pump top bottle

It can also be used as a hand and body lotion, but I would use it on really dry skin. It is thick and needs massaging to absorb in. If you do have really dry skin it can be a life saver.

The Lait Creme Sensitive is very mush like the Lait Creme Concentre. It is simply lighter in ever sense of the word. It has a lighter scent, it has a lighter texture and it absorbs faster. it also has a lighter moisturization level. I used this as winter faded into spring and it worked well. I didn’t need a separate night cream. As a multi use element it was interesting. I liked it slightly less as a makeup base and more as a hand and body cream. It worked well as a pre makeup base, but the concentre was just a little bit better. If I hadn’t so recently compared them, and for a few days alternated between the two I might not have noticed much of a difference, but comparing them together there was a slight one. It is still good, just a whisker less effective than the concentre.

And finally there is the Lait Creme Fluide. Again we have a similar scent, even lighter than the Sensitive but the same classic skincare scent. The consistency is lighter than the two previous as well, almost a cream based water cream in texture (as opposed to a gel one). It was light enough for summer time day use and worked well at night. On days when I spent a lot of time in the sun, I needed to add a night mask to the mix. But even with increasing temperatures and time outside that was only needed once or twice a week as just a little boost.

To be completely honest, i didn’t like this as a pre-makeup base at all, however it is a fantastic body lotion while the other two are only okay in that department. I think it is a matter of consistency. The lighter the creams got in moisture level and texture the less I liked them as a pre-makeup base but the more I liked them as hand and body lotion doubles. Which I am perfectly okay with. The Lait Creme Concentre I will continue to buy, but probably not use as a moisturizer unless I need some deep winter time moisturizer because I do love it so much as a Makeup base. The Lait creme sensitive would more than likely shift between bathroom and makeup vanity.

Whereas I would happily purchase the Lait Creme Fluide and keep it in the bathroom as a year round day time moisturizer and occasional body lotion. With that use I would only need to roll in the night cream a few times a week during the summer and probably just shift it to day cream use in the winter. While I don’t mind having a separate day and night cream it is rare for me to find a moisturizer that can shift with the seasons. The Fluide vision from the lait Creme line has that capacity.

All three of these cremes from Embryolisse’s Lait Creme line worked for me in different ways. All three were very nice products that I would happily use again. For me it is very easy to see why this has been a family favorite for a long time.

Lait-Crème Concentré

First Use of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Fluide Moisturizer

That’s right my darlings, we have reached the third moisturizer from Embryolisse’s Lait Creme Line. Today was my first use of it and I have to say I am a bit tickled with myself. Embryolisse sent all three creams from their Lait-Creme line for me to try out and review. I have used each in turn and while there will be a full comparison review of the three after I’ve given this one a full try, there is one thing i do have to mention.

I chose to use the Concentre first because it was the only cream in the lait creme line i was familiar with. I used it before and knew I loved it so I thought I’d refamiliarizing myself with the moisturizer before starting on the two I had not tried. I put the Lait-creme sensitive second as I thought it was a sensitive version of the concentre (which it is) and it made sense to try them one after another. I then put the Fluide last, because there were only three creams so it was the last one left.

pump top

Inadvertently I chose the best line up possible for the creams based on the weather and my skins needs. I think that is what tickles me. The Lait Creme Concentre was perfect for my winter dry skin. As the temperatures rose a bit and spring started to fight with winter for dominance, the sensitive lait creme, which is a little lighter than the concentre, was the perfect weight for my skincare needs. Now as I was thinking that the Sensitive might be a little too heavy and need to shift into night time use only, it is time for the Lait Creme Fluid to arrive on the scene.

And wouldn’t you know, it is the perfect weight for the summertime.

The Lait Creme Fluid comes in a pump format rather than the metal tubes of the other moisturizers in the Lait Creme line. And it is easy to see why. This Fluid cream is thinner than the other two in the line and if put into a tube far too much would come out in one squeeze. As this was my first use, I dispensed one full pump, just to see how much came out with one pump.

one full pump was a bit too much for me, in the future I will be using half a pump.

The truth is, far too much came out. I used this amount to cover my face, neck, upper chest, and both my arms. About half a pump is what I will go for in my next application. Although I can’t say that my arms didn’t appreciate the use. This is just a good all round moisturizer to be honest. But this first use is more about the face and it’s use as a facial moisturizer.

The pump is obviously easy to use. it has a wide flat top that is finger width. It’s wide pump means that it is still easy to use even if my hands are still wet and or slick from previously applied products. In addition there is a circular imprint on the top of the pump with lettering to show you how to lock and unlock the pump should you choose to move it about instead of leaving it in the bathroom. This design, while appreciated for the information it gives, also provides a bit of a rough surface for the finger which aids in gripping and using the product.

From a packaging standpoint it is a ten. It is very easy to use even should you have mobility issues and it is a thick enough bottle that it stays stable on the counter. In addition the bottle is solid, thus protecting the moisturizer from the light. But as we all know packaging isn’t everything.

applied with dabs

While a full pump was too much, a half pump would be about perfect for face, neck and décolletage. The moisturizer formula has a scent comparable with the others in the line. It is oddly lighter in scent than the sensitive version which I found interesting. (I still have some of the sensitive so I did a comparison and it is just a slight bit lighter in scent but exactly the same scent.) I think the lightness of the scent is due to the less dense cream. While still a white creamy texture, this Lait Creme Fluid is more like a water cream than your standard cream moisturizer. It isn’t quite a water cream, but it is heading in that direction. Or I suppose a better way to put that is that it is a cream based water cream rather than a gel based water cream, if that makes it a little clearer.

easy absorption, not greasy and no white residue

In application, it applies really well. I dotted it on my face, mostly because I dispensed too much. Otherwise I would have rubbed my hands together then applied it – there was simply too much in my hand. It massaged in almost instantly with out leaving a single trace of white on the skin. There was also no greasy residue left behind. For me not only is the lighter cream good for summer moisturization levels, but because it absorbs so well so quickly with no greasy feel left behind, it actually aids me in applying my sunscreen.

In the summer I like to get into the habit of applying my sunscreen with my morning skin care so I don’t forget and then just before my walk I add an extra coat of a spray sunscreen over my previously applied layer of sunscreen. With the way the Lait Creme Fluid applies, I have very little lag time between moisturizer and sunscreen. Since I don’t have to wait it is less likely i will forget to apply the sunscreen, and the more I remember my sunscreen the better off my skin is.

Somehow I managed to find the right order in which to try out these moisturizers from Embryolisse. This first use went well for me, which as I generally like Embryolisse products isn’t that big a surprise. The biggest surprise for me was how well timed the start of this moisturizer trial is. For me this is the perfect summer weight moisturizer and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs as compared to the more standard versions of the Embryolisse Lait Cream that i know and love. As a first use, this was quite fabulous.

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One month of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Embryolisse has been around for a long time. Their iconic multi-use moisturizer has been around since the 1940s and growing up I remember both my grandmother and mother using it. So when Embryolisse sent three moisturizers from the Lait Creme line for me to try out and review I was thrilled. I was familiar with only the original Lait creme Concentre so I started with that and am now working my way through the other two and comparing them to the original.

The second Embryoliss moisturizer I have been testing out has been the Lait Creme Sensitive. According to the product page…

The Lait Crème Sensitive is ideal for the sensitive and reactive skin of adults, children and babies alike. It was specifically formulated to soothe, nourish and moisturize easily damaged skin which reacts to the tiniest trigger, and needs the most tender care. This type of fragile skin is steadily increasing in all industrialized countries. The creamy milk texture leaves a comfortable, non-greasy, silky veil over the face and body.

The Lait Crème Sensitive has a creamy formula that moisturizes, nourishes and protects even the most reactive skin. The cream shares the very same properties as the Embryolisse cult favorite Lait Crème Concentré, in a new hypoallergenic formula developed for sensitive skin! The multi-function skincare is suitable for all the family and gathers all the benefits of the Lait Crème Concentré in a formula that is: Fragrance-free*, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free


While using it I found this cream to preform as a moisturizer in almost exactly the same way as the lait creme concentre. It moisturized well, absorbed well and was an all round good moisturizer. There were however a few differences between it and the concentre.

no white caste even when freshly applied

If I had to choose a word to describe the Lait-creme sensitive from Embryolisse it would be light. There is a slight scent to the cream that is reminiscent of the concentre, but it is significantly lighter. The creme looks exactly the same in the palm of the hand, but again when applied it feels a little bit lighter. In fact in every aspect you can say it is is like the Lait creme concentre but lighter.

Which is not a bad thing. It is the sensitive version so lighter scent and a hypoallergenic formula are very good things. It has the same moisturizing properties and it works well as a pre makeup base, but again the byword is lighter.

In this it is also not a bad thing. My skin is what tends to be classified as ‘normal’ which I always find amusing. In reality what that means is that while my skin isn’t technically overly dry or oily, its needs are very seasonally based. In the winter when i spend time indoors with the indoor heating on, my skin dries out more so that it is normal to dry. In the summer when the weather heats up I shift to normal to oily.

In the winter the Lait Creme Concentre was perfect. However now that spring has sprung, the concentre is a bit too much for my skin. Which made spring the perfect time for the Lait-creme Sensitive. As I mentioned before it was in all ways a lighter moisturizer. In the winter I think I might have to roll in a night mask once or twice a week if I used it when my skin is the driest, however at this time of year, this moisturizer was the perfect weight.

There is of course a third cream in the Lait-creme line to try and that is the Lait Creme Fluid. I have yet to open it and give it a try but soon I will shift the Sensitive to the makeup drawer to take the place of the almost empty Lait creme concentre as my pre makeup base and I will begin testing the third in the lait Creme line. It comes in a pump bottle and I am hoping it will be the perfect summer weight moisturizer. However that I will only learn in time.

As for the Lait Creme Sensitive. I really enjoyed the hypo-allergenic formula and the ease with which it absorbed into the skin. It worked well for me and it is a moisturizer I would certainly use again.

Embryolisse Moisturizer – One is sold every minute around the world.

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First use of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Recently Embryolisse sent to me three of the moisturizers from their Lait Creme Line. As I was familiar with the Concentre (and knew it was the most deeply moisturizing of the line) I tried it first. Not only was it a fantastic moisturizer but it has become a standard in my makeup line up as a pre makeup base.

When I moved it to my makeup drawer I rolled in this Lait Creme Sensitive into my skincare line up to try it out. (In time I will try it out as a pre makeup base as well, but for now I am sticking with using it as a moisturizer.) The tube looks nearly identical to the original Lait-creme Concentre. It has the same style of tube, the same inner seal that requires the pointy side of the cap to break through. However once you open it, you are aware that it is indeed a different cream.

The word for this Lait Creme Sensitive, is light. Especially in comparison to the original. The scent is nearly identical to the first, but much lighter and dissipates more quickly. while the white blob of cream in my hand looks the same as the white blob of cream from the original, it looks and feels just a little bit lighter as well.

When the original was dispensed and applied, it left white streaks on the skin until the cream warmed up and then melted in beautifully. This Sensitive version, does not need to warm up time. It absorbed into the skin without any white streaks whatsoever. It was highly moisturizing, but absorbed a little faster. It is also a slightly lighter moisturizer as well. For me that is a really good thing. The Original was perfect at night and great as my skin was winter dry. As the temperatures and humidity levels rise where I am, the lighter cream is a very good thing.

It isn’t all that much lighter, but just enough that it seems quite perfect for early spring time use. I suspect it will work well as a pre makeup base as well, but I haven’t tried it out yet. The key thing is that this is just like the original only lighter all around (scent, moisturizing, etc).

no white streaks

The application is the same. I find that I am using twice as much at night as I do in the day time, which isn’t unusual for me where moisturizers are concerned. I like letting the moisture sink in overnight so I often look a little like a glazed doughnut before bedtime. Over all if you like the original, but are just a little more sensitive to scents or want a slightly lower level of moisture, this is a great alternative to the original. I will be using the Lait Creme Sensitive from Embryolisse as my sole moisturizer for the next thirty days and I have high hopes that it will perform just as well as the original.

Lait-Crème Concentré

Thirty Days of Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

It has been thirty days since I opened this Embryloisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Embryolisse was kind enough to send not only this cream to test out and review but two other creames from the Lait- Creme Line. (The other two were the Sensitive and the Fluid) I started with the Lait-Creme Concentre because it was the standard and I have used it before.

It has been around since 1950 and even though I have not been around nearly that long it was something I grew up with my mother and Grandmother both using and it was the first moisturizer i ever tried out. It had been quite some time since I tried it so I began my test of the Lair Creme line with the one I had tried before. It has been a very interesting thirty days.

I know it is a multi tasker, but we will start with the product being used as a moisturizer. A little about my skin. I have skin that falls into the moisture level of ‘normal’. I have friends with oily skin and friends with dry skin, both of whom think I am lucky. I might be but when choosing products it can be difficult. There are normal to oily products that lean heavy towards helping out those who are oily and there are normal to dry products that lean into helping out those with drier skin. They may or may not be good for me.

It actually depends on the year. My skin is very seasonal. The more time I spend inside, especially in the winter, the more I lean towards products favored by the dry skin folks. When the humidity and heat rise, I lean into the oily skin products. There are some products that I can only use at certain times of the year. In the three Products sent to me by the brand I thought this would be the most hydrating and so I chose to test it out when my skin was at it’s driest. I like to give product’s their best chance. I never actively want a product to perform badly so I do my best with timing.

So we have been in the driest section of time for my skin. I was concerned that if the weather turned it might become a bit too heavy and I would have to use it only a a night cream, but that never happened. Even though the temperatures and humidity are on the rise, I have not had an issue with this moisturizer. During the day I use half of the amount I use at night. At night it is the last thing I applied to my skin. I know it seems more logical to cover the day first but as that is where the multi tasking comes in, I am going to start at night.

So after I have finished with my cleansing and serum-ing, I apply the moisturizer. It is a white cream that is slightly thicker than a water or gel cream but not by much. It is not a cream that you dispense and say ‘Wow that is a thick cream’. It is one that needs to warm up before it absorbs in. Personally I found it easiest to just dispense it into my hand and rub my hands together to warm the cream up and then apply it to my skin. It cut down on the white cast of the cream.

The cream only leaves a white cast until it warms and then it absorbs. For a few minutes after you will have a bit of a shiny glazed look to your skin but after five minutes you can lay down without risking the moisturizer sticking your pillow case to your face like velcro. Just give it five minutes to settle in and you are good. Fresh hydrated skin in the morning.

And if you warm it in your hands there is less rubbing, plus your hands get really soft.

In the day time I generally wake up, use the facilities, put on the coffee pot and while the coffee is brewing I attend to my skincare. By the time my skincare is complete I have a pot of coffee and can begin my morning. There is generally an hour or two between the first cup of coffee and my makeup application. No one wants to see me apply makeup before the caffeine hits my system. (Or maybe they do in a train wreck sort of way.) Hence the time difference.

after first application 30 days ago

So in my morning moisture application I went through the same application process as I used at night, was less glazed looking and only used about half of the amount of moisturizer I used at night. It worked fabulously well and despite the fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels (seriously this past month started with 78 degrees, rolled into four inches of snow and then came out with tornados and wildfires). I never felt like it was too much moisture for my skin’s needs.

However Then I saw the multi tasking on the label. And recalled seeing that while the Embryolisse was created by dermatologists it was recommended by makeup artists. so I did some reading and found it used as a pre makeup base.

You know I had to try it.

now in the makeup drawer

I started out with about half of the moisturizer that I use in the morning (so a quarter of what I use at night). I applied it ten (or so) minutes before I applied my makeup (essentially, I wet my makeup sponge, applied the Lait- Creme Concentre and then gathered the rest of the makeup. If I was testing a specific eyeshadow palette I would debate my color choices, if not then I would go through the shadow selection process. Depending on the day it would either be ten to twenty minutes before i sat down to apply the makeup. (Some days picking colors takes longer and requires a scheduled meetings check).

For most days the amount used was correct. If it was humid and I was not using a usually drying foundation, then I used a little less of the Embryolisse, but not much less. (As I am now moving the tube into my makeup drawer it will be interesting to see how that progresses over the summer. I’ll have to do an end of summer update on this actually. But for right now the amount differences were negligible.)

After thirty days of use

I adore this as a makeup base. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed using it as a moisturizer and it works really well. But I ADORE it as a pre makeup base. Especially with a foundation that can be a little but drying and tended to flake a bit towards the end of the day. the added moisture underneath kept the drying foundation from drying out and flaking off. I did make sure to concentrate my application of the Embryolisse in the areas where they foundation tended to kind of dry out and flake away.

It was fantastic. It was not only great for my skin but it took a lot of howevers out of my makeup products. You know the howevers…”I love this shade, however it looks a little powdery come mid afternoon. “I love the look of this foundation, however by three o’clock in the afternoon it is flaking a little around my nose.

Using this as a pre makeup base took a lot of those howevers away. It simply provided moisture that the products could use when they thought about drying up. Like a moisture reserve for times of drought.

Like I said, I did enjoy it as a moisturizer and would happily just use it as a moisturizer, but i was surprisingly impressed with it’s use as a makeup base. After thirty days there is plenty of product left in this tube. Normally I would switch it to night time use as I opened up the Sensitive version and began trying it out and comparing it to the original. And while i will do that on the first couple of days, if nothing goes amiss, I will speedily locate this Lait Creme concentre to my makeup collection and use the rest of the tube there, ceding the moisturizer field to the next product to be testing. (Since it too is a multi tasker it will get a trial run with the pre makeup application test and I am hoping it works just as well).

After thirty days of use, I love the way my skin looks. I love the hydration level it provided. It was perfect to ride out this tumultuous weather system we have been having. It was a rockstar in the makeup bag and that is where it will live, the remaining product being used before may makeup is applied. I may have to make an effort not to use it on days I am testing out first time product uses so it isn’t giving them a helping hand, bit otherwise it is a standard for daily wear and a product I will be replacing as soon as it is empty. I am starting the trial of the Sensitive version from the Lait-creme line and I have high hopes that it will perform up to the high level this Lait Creme Concentre has set for the brand. I will also do a recap at the end of the summer to let you know how this Embryolisse performed as a makeup base through the hot, sweaty summer months. But only time will tell us that. For now, let the thirty days of Sensitive Lait-Creme commence!

Lait-Crème Concentré

First Use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

Embryolisse recently sent three of their products for me to try out and review. They are the Lait-Creme Concentrate (which is the main point of this post), the Lait-Creme Fluid and the Lait Creme Sensitive. I chose the Concentre to try first because I believe it is the most hydrating of the three and this is the time of year when my skin is the most dry.

the three product sent

Some of you may look at the name and not recognize it, some of you probably do. And to be honest, I recognize both the bottle and the scent and tend to forget the name. And I think that is because this cream has been around my world (and the world at large) for a long time.

This moisturizer was originally created in the 1950s. According to their website…

In 1950, a dermatologist specialized in skin pathologies created the Lait-Crème Concentré. The skincare quickly became a make-up artists’ favorite after Dr. Aron-Brunetiere, head of the Dermatology Department of the Rothschild Foundation, prescribed the LCC to the Barons de Rothschild and the stars of the time, who spoke to their make-up artists about it. Since then, the popularity of the cream naturally spread in the pro community through word of mouth.

The Lait Crème Concentré has been used and recommended by professional make-up artists, actresses and top models for decades. They swear by this multi-functional product to take care of their fragile skin and keep it beautiful. Its winning formula includes a blend of essential ingredients from natural origin. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it delivers nutrients to the skin, retains moisture and protects it from external aggressions. Well-moisturized, nourished skin regains comfort and balance, making it the ideal make-up base.


This is actually the moisturizer that my mother and grandmother both used when I was a child. For me it is the scent of bedtime kisses’ and story time before sleep. So my scent descriptions are a bit more nostalgic when i think about it, but i will try. It is a lightly floral scent. It is a creamy moisturizer scent that smells a little like aloe and a little bit like shea butter. Honestly the first thought that comes to mind when I smell it is ‘Mom’s night cream’. As I know none of you grew up in my household I apologize but it is just a really strong scent memory for me.


It is also the first moisturizer I ever used. Like, ever ever. It has however been a really long time since I picked up a bottle. And while the scent memory remains, the details of the creme have long since faded.

For this first use I used it not only as a day cream but as a night cream so technically it is two uses. The Lait Creme Concentre comes in a metal tube. The top of the screw on cap has a point used to puncture the safety seal in the top of the tube. I really like this. First off it lets me know the tube is sealed. Secondly Even though I know I should open new products before i start applying my skincare, sometimes (most times actually) I forget and then have to pull off those tiny little metal seals with wet or greasy fingers. Usually I end up punching through them with a set of tweezers. This type of seal is ideal for me so I was happy. I knw the cream was sealed and I could get into it.


I also really like the metal tubes as I can flatten them like a toothpaste tube as I use them and know exactly how much product is left.

It is a bit too easy to squeeze out more than you intend. So go cautiously at first. The cream is a thinner cream, not quite a water cream but not as thick as a heavy white moisturizer. It is a formula that needs to warm up to your skin in order to absorb. I think it is the addition of the shea butter actually. If you dispense the product and put it cold on your skin it will leave a white cast until it warms up and absorbs in. It takes very little time, just a few circles of the hand and the white fades. I tend to dispense into the palm rub the hands together to warm it and then apply my hands and the cream to my face. The white is not an issue and the cream absorbs faster.

applied without warming first

This was especially useful this morning. I used less product in the morning than I did in the evening, about half actually. which is something I will need to remember as i continue. As you may recall I apply my morning skincare before coffee and I am not at my brightest before my coffee.

literally two swipes of the hand and less than ten seconds later, the creame is absorbed

This first use turned out really well. My skin absorbed the Lait Creme Concentrate from Embryolisse well and I really like the feel of my skin. It seems well moisturized, but not overly so. I am looking forward to giving this moisturizer a good trial over the next month asn then comparing it to the other two moisturizers in the Lait Creme Line. Overall, Embryolisse is off to a really good start. This is going to be a fun (and quite nostalgic) skin care trial. But don’t worry, it will be the product and not the nostalgia that makes the review.

Lait-Crème Concentré

Using the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar

For a little over a month I have been using Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar in my skincare line up. (currently it is on sale on the Skinstore Website, if you are interested in it, they have a massive 4th of July sale going on right now as well for other Skincare related items – I’ll link it below.)

As you can see the jar is simply lovely to look at.  It is heavy glass and feels very luxe in the hand and looks great on the skincare shelf.  I received this product in a Boxy Charm box a while back and when I did I just received the jar.  In looking at the site page for the product, it shows that the company does include a spoon/utensil with the product.

While I didn’t receive one with mine, I appropriated a small spoon from the kitchen because this product needs one in order to use.  The consistency of the product is not the sort where you can really dip it out with your fingers. 

In general I don’t like dipping fingers into skincare products because of possible contamination. I like using s clean spoon or spatula to get the product out and then after use I wash the spoon or spatula.  I just find it better than contaminating the whole jar with other serums or cleansers or anything else that may be on my hands at the time.

With this product, the spoon is less optional and more of a necessity.  The consistency is more like marmalade than a cream or a gel and because of the jar shape, were I to use my fingers by the time I used the nectar down to the half way point  in the jar I would have a hard time reaching it.  The mouth of the jar is narrow so a spoon is the way to go. 

That is not a complaint.  I actually like that the jar is shaped in such a way as to protect the product and that its shape and consistency force you to use the spoon rather than forget and use our fingers.

But the jar is hardly the point, as lovely as it is.  So let’s look at the product. According to the website…

A healing ointment-to-serum, quench-it-all hydrator that soothes, nourishes and helps repair the skin’s barrier.  Powered by our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex and a bouquet of earth-sourced botanicals, apply it anywhere your skin needs extra love. Try it as a moisturizing sleep mask—you’ll wake up with skin fit for a queen. NO Parabens, NO Sulfates, NO Phthalates, NO Fragrance, NO Synthetic Dyes

Skin type: dry, combination, sensitive

Skin concerns: dryness, dullness

INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, Propanediol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Water/Aqua, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Caprylyl Glycol, Phospholipids, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-10 Stearate, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Silk Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Verbascum Thapsus Flower, Marrubium Vulgare Meristem Cell Culture, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Isosorbide Dicaprylate, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Panthenol, Tulipa Hybrid Meristem Cell Extract, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Lactate, Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol, Butylene Glycol, Rumex Occidentalis Extract, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Tocopherol, Phenethyl Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Dextran, Nonapeptide-1


Okay the first thing you need to realize is that no fragrance does not mean that this product does not have a scent. It does.  A rather strong one actually. It is just a natural scent.  It smells a bit like tulips, but to be honest, the scent I get from the nectar is vaguely cinnamon-y. I really like the scent. It smells vaguely desert like without being sweet. There is no accompanying sweet scent that makes the word sticky spring to mind.

As you can see from the ingredients list, there is no cinnamon listed.  There is a lot of good stuff listed as well, like sunflower Seed oil, Silk Amino acids, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. All very good.  There is also a proprietary tulip complex in there that is supposed to help moisturize.  Moisturizing and brightening are this product’s main goals. 

And it does them very well. 

I had an interesting journey with this Nectar though.  The first week I used this Nectar every night and it worked well.  The second week, I found that every night was too much and that I need to drop it to every other night.  By the third week I found that once a week and additionally on nights when I spent too much time out in the sun, was when I needed to use this product.  In the fourth week the trend held steady. 

I think that this is one of those products that is too much moisture for my skin to take on a day to day basis.  I think that when I first started using this product, my skin was just coming out of a dry season and getting used to being in the sun again and so the extra moisture was a fabulous addition.  As my skin recovered I needed less and less of it.  I like this nectar on my skin and found that I had no adverse reactions to any of the ingredients, however I think for me, it is a post sun or once a week mask in the summer time.  I think in the winter I would use it more often, maybe a couple of times a week.

My skin falls into the middle range generally referred to as Normal.  Occasionally I can fall into a Combination category.  What that means for me is that my skincare tends to be seasonal.  I am dry in the winter and oily in the summer and Spring and Autumn can vary by the day. This is very much a dry skin product. 

However, I have found that after too much sun it does work well in my personal recovery pairing.  Lately I have been reaching for the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha to put on my face after too much sun. I’ve found the Artemisia or Mugwort really helps sooth the skin.  After soothing, a little bit of this Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Nectar on top of the absorbed essence really helps with post sun recovery. 

If you have dry skin, I think you would really like the moisturizing effect of this product.  If you have oily skin, you might want to avoid it.  It is defiantly a moisture bomb.  When I use I at night it is the last step of my skin care routine and I have to apply it at least twenty minutes before laying down.  The twenty minutes gives it enough time to at least partially absorb so that it isn’t smearing off all over your pillow.  Some probably will go on the pillow, but if you apply it early it will be more absorbed into your skin than your pillow case.

All in all I did enjoy using the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar, however I think I am going to adjust my usage to a once a week or post sun treatment rather than attempting to use it as part of my daily skin care regimen.  My skin simply doesn’t need that level of moisture.

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Let’s talk First Aid Beauty…

I’ll be honest, I know a lot of people look to First Aid Beauty as one of those Ride or Die Brands. I have Friends who have used them for years, love them and would never consider using anything else. I have tried a few products from them and generally put them in the ‘I’ll use it if it comes in a subscription box, but I won’t go out and buy it.’ The products seemed okay, but easily forgettable.

Until now.

And I have to say, I absolutely love it. For the past month i have been using the Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer from First Aid Beauty. The jar I have is 1.7 fl oz (I think that is a deluxe sample size, but I’m not certain. It might actually be the full size. They have several sizes available on their website.). After about a month of use, I am about half way through the jar.

My skin is in the ultra weird category most brands call Normal. A fact that always amuses me. What it boils down to is that how my skin acts depends more or less on the seasons. I can get away with using the same products in spring and autumn but summer and winter are entirely different. In winter I lean towards dryer skin and in the summer I lean towards oily.

Half gone after a month of use

This moisturizer from First Aid Beauty has the thinner consistency I like with my summer weight moisturizers. I simply couldn’t use this in the winter time. It is slightly thicker than a water cream but not as thick as a gel cream. With oil control products, even in the summer time, I have to be careful because many of them are designed for skin much more oily than I become.

In the product description First Aid Beauty Claims

This oil-free cream instantly mattifies and delivers weightless hydration without clogging pores.

This ultra-light formula provides optimal hydration for oily skin without leaving a greasy after feel. Oil-controlling ingredients deliver a powder soft finish, help minimize the appearance of pores and keep skin shine-free all day.

In the first week, it applied well, absorbed fast and didn’t make me feel greasy. Generally the first week with an oil control product is fine. It is the second week where issues start cropping up. So I kept an eye out. I looked for overly dry spots, flaking and redness. None occurred. I continued using it and after a month, it is still performing well.

It absorbs into the skin but doesn’t overly dry me out. There is no real scent to the skin so if you have issues with fragrances in your skincare you should be fine with this. I have to say that after using this First Aid Beauty Oil Control Moisturizer for a month, it actually meets and eve exceeds everyone if its listed claims. This is one First Aid Beauty Product that is going on my repurchase list. It will only go on my summertime skincare list though. While I do like the hyaluronic acid in the list as well as the oat and licorice root, I only really need oil control products in the summer and this would simply be too lightweight for me to use once the seasons turn. For now though, it works and it works well. I will happily continue using it for a second month thus finishing out the moisturizer. While our summer heat won’t have faded by then, hopefully the moisturizer that follows will prove just as summertime worthy.

For those that enjoy First Aid Beauty Products, the Skinstore has them all on sale right now. In addition they have a program that gives back helping to pay off student loans. As I took quite a long time to pay my own off, that is a cause I am happy to help out with. I’m just glad i now found a product I like enough to reorder so i can. The details are all on the Skinstore website with links to specific products and programs.

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Trying out the Pearl Brightening Sleeping Mask from LAPCOS

Recently I have been using the Pearl Brightening Sleeping mask from LAPCOS as my final touch at night.  Make no mistake, it is not a night cream.  Night creams tend to have a thicker consistency so that they can slowly soak into the skin overnight.  This sleeping mask has a much thinner consistency to it.  It is a light cream that oddly reminds me of a water cream as far as texture goes.

According to the Lapcos website…

Our Pearl Sleeping Cream features a 2-in-1 formula with a convenient spout that makes it so that you can enjoy the brightening, skin tone evening efficacies at home or on the go. For an even and energized appearance, this balancing formula revitalizes dull, lackluster complexions come morning. Pearl Extract & Glycolic Acid both lightly exfoliate to clarify skin and reveal a glowing complexion. Bilberries contain both strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to even and resurface the skin tone, and defend against spot-causing environmental aggressors. 

How to use:  After face cream, apply the cream evenly across face (avoiding the eye area) as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine. Cleanse in the morning with warm water. Use two times per week or when needed.

Now, I am currently using a moisturizer that is a day cream. I do have an actual night cream on hand as well. I have about half a tube of the Grown Alchemist Night cream left.  It is a good cream and I need to write a full review of it, but basically I like it, but needed a break from the heavy floral scent of it. I can only take the scent for so long before I have to put the cream away. However, for this I can rotate it into use if needed since I know it works well.

Here is the thing with this sleeping mask. If I used the sleeping mask as the last step over the day cream that I am currently using (111Skin’s Y Theorem Day Cream) then I had to use it every night because the day cream really isn’t enough of a moisturizer for night time use. If I tried using the sleeping mask over a night cream (Grown Alchemist) then is never really absorbed.  The night cream basically had it covered and the services of the sleeping mask were not needed. 

And so the mask sat on my skin.

Well, actually the mask absorbed into my pillow case and now my pillow case has a grease spot from the side of my face. I’m hoping it washes out when I do laundry this evening.

I tried the sleeping mask on its own without the day cream as sort of a replacement night cream, but I just didn’t like it.  The sleeping mask absorbed almost all the way, unlike when I paired it with any other product, but it didn’t feel like my skin was getting the correct level of moisture. 

For me the trick with this mask was finding the right balance.  It couldn’t be used in conjunction with a night cream and it couldn’t really be used on its own.  So I had to use it after my day cream absorbed in simply because my day cream wasn’t providing enough moisture for the night. 

I really wanted to like this mask.  I would love to have an affordable sleeping mask that I could just have on hand.  This one is very affordable, but I’m afraid it just isn’t for me. Perhaps if I had much drier skin I would be able to combine it with a night cream and be happy, but even when my skin is at its driest, it isn’t dry enough for this sleeping mask.

This is a sleeping mask for people with really dry skin.

I would much rather just get a good night cream and skip the sleeping mask.  It would have been a lot less trouble. I am all for adding a variety of products to my list.  I don’t mind having a long and detailed arrangement of skin care products.  when it comes to skincare I am not a minimalist.  However, if an item is on my list, then there is a clear benefit. Sleeping masks have a benefit.  I have tried several that I really like.  This just isn’t one of them.

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