Pairing the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover with the Glove Water only Makeup removers

Today I combined two separate products to get the best of both. A while back I received the Glov Water only Makeup removers. Now you know I love reusable makeup removers. In fact i have done my best to eliminate most of the single use products of this sort. I don’t really use disposable makeup wipes. I use makeup removing cloths, usually from Makeup Eraser or The Turkish Towel Company. I have replaced my cotton rounds with reusable ones, so when I received these heart shaped water only makeup removers from Glov I was thrilled to try them out.

They are, as you can see, fluffy hearts. For me they are too small for makeup removal, except for eye makeup, and then they tend to absorb a lot of the makeup remover into them. And the heart shape, as lovely as it is, makes them a bit awkward as it tends to increase the chance of them folding up on me.

However i wanted to try out the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish remover and I needed a cloth to do so. I figured why not pair these Glove hearts with the Mineral Fusion and see how they perform. Oddly enough they performed really well. The fluffiness that causes them to pull product into the interior was actually a benefit because i was twisting the cloth around the nail, the product was pushed out as needed onto the polish aiding in it’s removal.

To be honest, these cloths were fabulous for removing nail polish and then they went straight into the wash, coming out with nary a stain. I am really pleased I thought to use them and will be reaching for them with all of my nail polish removals in the future.

But what about the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover?

This is a Non Drying and acetone free formula. Sometimes I can find non-drying formulas nail polish removers a bit greasy. It is almost as though they go too far in the opposite direction and as soon as the nail polish is removed I feel the need to wash my hands thoroughly so I don’t leave grease prints behind. Not so with this formula. It wasn’t drying in any way but it wasn’t greasy either. The polish came off easily and cleanly. In addition my nails did not feel stripped.

The nail polish remover has a slight orange note to it. It was pleasant to use and left my nails actually smelling a little bit orange-y. Actually there seems to be a hint of vanilla in it so my nails actually smell a bit like a cream-sicle. Which I find kind of amusing.

It also makes me want a cream-sicle.

Whether it was just the polish or a combination of the polish and makeup removing cloth, I don’t know. (If I had any regular cotton rounds here I would try the experiment with it). But because of the combination, I only needed one does of nail polish remover on the cloth to get the polish off of all of my nails. The current nail polish was a silvery purple. I suspect i might need a little bit more rubbing if I used a darker shade, but I don’t think it would require that much more. The silvery shade fairly flew off my nails, quickly and easily with this polish, proving it was both deliciously scented and effective. when looking at costs, using less product helps the bottle last longer as well.

post nail polish remover

While I am painting my nails less right now, concentrating more on keeping them healthy until the gardening ends in the fall, I will occasionally polish my nails, knowing that the polish won’t last. In the fall and winter, I end up polishing them once a week. No matter how good the polish, I can’t keep my nails non-chipped for more than a week. It just isn’t going to happen. So for me, getting a bottle of nail polish remover to last longer, really helps me out.

For me the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish remover was a winner. I also love the fact that it pairs well with the Glove Water Only makeup removers. I didn’t like them as makeup removers, but using them to remove nail polish will let me put them to good use and avoid having to buy cotton rounds to remove my nail polish. A win for me all around.

Trying out the Exo Nail Polish Remover pad

I am a nail polish fan. I will use faux nails for occasions, especially when gardening has beaten my nails up despite the gloves (we have thick clay soil with lots of rocks, not good for nails). But nail polish removers can be a little harsh. Plus I have noticed that sometimes I won’t think about my nails until I am somewhere far from home and then realize how bad they look. So having a gentle nail polish remover around that comes in a coinvent little pouch I can toss in my purse for emergencies is not a bad idea.

Enter my beat up nails. This polish has actually done a pretty good job of lasting. It is a wet ‘n wild nail polish in case you are wondering. As long as I put a top coat over it, it tends to last fairly well. I did have this polish on when I was planting potatoes and as you can see…it needs to come off.

I thought that the darker polish would be a good test for the EXO Nail Polish Remover cloth. This particular one is lavender scented. According to the description I found on Sally Beauty

Stinky acetone- be gone! EXO Pure Remover is a safe and glamorous way to melt away even the darkest polishes. What makes it special? Removes Dark And Glitter Polishes, Biodegradable formula, Non-Drying Formula, No Harsh Chemicals, Naturally Scented, Non-Flammable, and Non-Toxic

Sally Beauty
the cloth

I’ll go ahead and let you know I did not try setting it on fire. i trust that it is non flammable. I also didn’t try eating it and will trust them that it is non-toxic Basically what I wanted to find out was would it take off the dark polish and and would it dry out my nail beds.

The cloth when extracted from the pouch was very lavender scented. There was no doubt that there was lavender oil inside the cloth. While I don’t mind the scent of lavender, in fact I rather enjoy it. I have to say it was a bit much and worse my fingers ended up very greasy. This I’m guessing aids with the non-drying nature.

Fair enough, but I think they went over board.

About the dark polish removal?

the oil

It worked well enough. There was bit of polish left over. It did take time to remove and at one point I went to wash my hands and a lot of the residue washed off with the lavender oil. So the polish remover did break down the polish enough that the dregs could mostly be washed away. I had to go back in around the edges with the cloth wrapped around the end of an orange stick to get the rest.

So it worked.

But here is the thing. This is the sort of product designed to toss into a purse or a travel makeup bag for use on the road. It isn’t something I would use at home. Even if the cloth is biodegradable I suspect the foil lined packaging is not and it would be a lot of waste to use this every time I took off my polish. Wile I would pick this up to travel with me, it is not something I would use quickly when going from place to place.

the results

The excess oil and need to rinse my hands to complete the removal process means that while it is probably better to travel with than a bottle of nail polish remover, you still need a sink. So use in a hotel room would be fine, use on a bus or train, probably not your best bet. As it was, in my house I left lavender scented finger prints on my way to the bathroom. It is a good product and I like that it was gentle, but it does have some limitations. As long as you keep those limitations in mind, you should be fine with the EXO Nail Polish remover cloths.

Treating the nails to a little NCLA So Rich Nail Oil

Normally my cuticles aren’t much of a problem for me. I’ve never really been prone to hangnails and in the winter a little extra lotion for my hands keeps everything running pretty smoothly. I do take extra care of my nails in the winter though because once summer gardening starts, even with gloves my hands take a bit of a beating. So generally I will pick up a nail oil to use in the winter time.

However the last two years haven’t been exactly normal and the introduction of multiple hand sanitizer use per day has really taken it’s toll. No matter how much lotion I apply, my hands always seem like they could use just a little bit more. And I have had more hangnails in the past year than I have had in my entire life. So I have been going through cuticle oils like crazy. It has become a nightly ritual and once I actually established it as a nightly routine, the hangnails gradually disappeared and my hands got better.

Incidentally, I know my nails look a little yellow in these photographs. If I wear nail polish consistently and don’t give them a break then they tend to turn yellow. (generally two months without a nail polish break turns them a bit yellow). So when I took of the last polish and saw the yellowing, I applied a nail growth formula to my nails. I generally let it sit for a few days then take it off and allow my nails to be natural until the yellow fades (about a week or so).

But back to the nail oil. There is a bit of variety in nail oils, predominantly in the oils chosen (and to be completely honest if I don’t have a cuticle oil handy, I will use a face oil on my nails. I find it really helps out.

The Treatment oil I have been trying out is the NCLA So Rich Treatment Oil.

Squeeze cuticle oil into dropper for enough oil to apply on one hand. Gently apply and massage drops of So Rich cuticle oil to the nails and cuticles two times a day to nourish and soften the cuticles for easy removal.


The two main oils listed are Safflower and sunflower seed oils. The scent is Birthday cake and it Little glittery stars in the oil. The stars don’t actually do anything but they are kind of pretty. They don’t stay in the oil long though and almost as soon as you finish shaking the bottle they begin a slow drift to the bottom. The scent is very much a birthday cake scent. It is that kind of vanilla frosting scent. I find it quite nice.

first applied

I really like the dropper that comes with the oil. with cuticle oils I like having either a dropper or a roller to apply it. The oils are something I apply while in bed as a general rule and I know I would eventually spill an open topped bottle. I keep the cuticle oil in my night stand and just before going to sleep I will massage it in. To be honest I do this so that I won’t just wash off the oil with another round of hand washing. Over night seems to give it the best chance to soak in.

While the NCLA So Rich Treatment oil is a good oil and if left to work will soften the cuticles. it is not a fast absorbing oil. I put a little dab on each finger and massage them in. I then wipe off my fingertips, avoiding the tops of my fingers where the oil needs to work. Generally with most nail oils, after I dap off my fingers, I can go to sleep with no issues. With the NCLA oil I have to wait before going to sleep or the oil will spot the bedding. It washes out, but I still am not fond of it. Plus it makes me wonder how much is getting on the bed and how much is staying on my fingers.

ten minutes after being massaged in

Because of this, I have started applying the nail oil earlier in the evening. I also like to read a little before falling asleep. I generally find it is a good way to quiet my brain. (I also generally go for history or other non-fiction rather than something like a murder mystery. I’m actually reading The Ugly Renaissance by Alexander Lee at the moment – highly recommend.)

I can typically keep the oil from staining the book or e-reader and by the time I am done with my nightly reading the oil has absorbed in enough not to wipe off on the sheets. While it works well and in my opinion smells nice, it does need that extra time to absorb. If you give it that time it is fine. Because of that time, and the multiple daily hand washings, I couldn’t imagine using it twice a day as is recommended. I think the during the day application would just be a waste. At night when it has a chance to settle in and stay in the skin for several hours is when you will see the best results with this oil. It is not my favorite oil, but it is a good one and to be honest I would not mind picking it up again. The NCLA So Rich Treatment Oil in the scent Birthday Cake works well, smells nice and looks nice. As long as you remember to give it time to settle in, then it is a pretty good product.

Let’s talk Summer Nails

I will be the first to admit that I am not a light and bright pastel sort of nail person. There is a brief window of time where pastels are my friends. I will break out the lavender, the pink and the pale pale blue and I will wear them with glee.

just Slate-r Girl

Generally it is around the time when the Easter Bunny comes hop hop hopping along the bunny trail. The the spring sunshine turns to summer heat. And my interest in pastells fades.

with Let’s get Digital top

while I go for hot reds and burgundies, lately I have been loving this Slate-r Girl by Sally Hansen. I have also been really liking the formula of the Miracle Gel polish. I do a lot of work in the garden and my nails take a beating. I typically only wear clear polish when I know I am going to do yard work as the polish gives my nails a protective layer and helps prevent them from breaking as quickly.

The Miracle gel formula of these nail polishes has proven to be quite durable as I work outside, so I have been able to indulge in nail polish more this summer. The polish is thicker (and gel like) and sturdier. If that makes sense. It chips less and my nails have been breaking less as well.

And I even found a way to make the multitude of darker polishes look a little more summery. Earlier this year I found one of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes called Let’s get Digital. It gives a blue-ish iridescent sheen to the polish. While I still really like the slate-r Girl Gray, there are occasions where a more summery feel is called for. I think the Let’s et Digital provides the perfect addition. It also works well with a lot of my polishes. It has shades of both blue and pink and I’ve found it generally works well with any polish with those tones. It is a simple way to summerize your nails while keeping your favorite polish. Summery or not, I am thrilled that the formula of this gel polish lasts so long and keeps my nails from taking the damage that summer usually brings. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish is joining Nails Inc and OPI in my top categories of nail polish. In fact, it may just have made it to the top of the list for it’s durability and color.

Looking to expand your nail polish collection? Try Sally Beauty.

$6 Nail Polishes (Sally Hansen, OPI, Morgan Taylor and Fingerpaints)

Trying out the imPress Color Press On Manicure from Kiss

This box of Kiss imPress Color Press on Manicure was sent to me by Influenster. To be honest, I would never have picked them up on my own. I have always done my own nails. I love picking out the colors and polishing them on my own. Because there are seasons where work in the garden tends to destroy my nails, I like to take my manicure time as a time to put oil on my cuticles and treat my hands to an extra moisturizing lotion. I even have a sheet mask for my hands waiting in the wings for when the early season gardening gets to be too much for my hands.

while this work does do a number on my hands, it also has consequences for my nails. Part of my manicure attention is to deal with little nicks and dings to my nails before the nails can end up splitting painfully down to the bed. Nail polishes don’t last and my nails, while nice and long in the winter, don’t tend to make it through the spring.

I have in the past tried press on nails for when I went out in the summer, but i never felt confident enough in the glue used to hold them on and always suspected that they would pop off at an inopportune moment, possibly ending up in the coleslaw. I don’t know why I always picture them landing in the coleslaw, but that is my mental image. None have ever landed in food, but they have been known to not adhere as well as I like, often leaving me with half a manicure.

Then of course are the other kinds of fake nails which can actually damage the nails themselves. While my nails do take a beating during the planting season, they are overall fairly healthy so I didn’t want to risk damaging them for the sake of having long nails. In addition there is a limit to how long I can have my nails and still be able to type on my keyboard effectively. As a good chunk of my workday is spent writing at a computer my nail length has a limit beyond which they really can’t go without making me somewhat ineffective.

I accidentally chose a thumb that was a little too big for this hand, but otherwise I really enjoyed them

However when the impress Color Press on Manicure arrived I decided to give it a try.The color (Petal Pink) is a dusty Rose that actually matches one of my favorite nail polishes. The kit comes with 30 nails and to be honest I had to dump them all out on the flat of my desk to find out which sizes were appropriate for which finger. The box recommends putting the nails on all of your fingers first and then doubling back to your thumbs. Once you start applying them it is easy to see why. The glue tabs are pre attached to each nail and you really need your thumbs to help peel the backing from the glue.

Once pressed into place, these nails stayed where they were put. For me they were also just the right length. It took me a few minutes to get used to them as they are longer than my actual nails. However the length of them isn’t too bad. They are actually at the upper end of what I can use to type. Anything longer would cause me issues at the keyboard. These nails are my upper limit for nails.

Once certain I could work in them, I wore the set for a week solid. At no time did any of the nails even shift let alone fall off. The paint on the nails didn’t chip at all and they looked exactly the same at the end of the week as they did at the beginning. At the end of the week I took them off. Because of their staying power I feared the damage they might do coming off. The box does give you a small wooden orange stick to pry them off should you need it. The instructions also recommend using a little bit of nail polish remover to get them off if they aren’t peeling off on their own.I have one of those nail polish remover dips in the jar so I dipped a nail in, pulled it out and the nail came off easily. There was a little bit of glue residue on my nail, but it easily wiped off with more nail polish remover. They were easy on and easy off while looking lovely in between.

Because this was sent to my by influenster I didn’t pay for them however I did go and look them up once i decided to try them out. On the ImPress manicure site the sets of nails are offered for $8.99. They are also sold at Ulta and Target for a slightly lower price ($7.39) but Ulta and Target don’t seem to have as wide a variety as offered on the imPress website. They just seem to have the basics. Which is fine. I really like the basics actually. Although on the website they do have an OPI collection I couldn’t resist looking into as I really like OPI Nails. The gray of Suzi talks with her hands may end up coming to me soon.

Also when I looked on the site, imPress is having a Memorial day Sale. From now until memorial day you can get free shipping with the code SHIPFREE. It looks like normally they only ship free if you spend more than $25. I am not affiliated with them, I just saw the code on the site and thought I’d share.

While wearing these on a daily basis isn’t something I think I would do, partially because they would be wrecked in the garden and they do make a slight clicking noise when I type with them. I can very easily see keeping a collection of these around for when I go out. I can very easily see myself using them when my own nails have taken a beating and I want my hands to look presentable when going out somewhere. I would never have chosen to pick these up on my own but I really like them and can easily see myself stocking them for an instant manicure. I am very pleased with the way they performed and I know I won’t have any fear of losing these in the coleslaw.

Let’s get Digital (Nails) With Sally

Recently I have been absolutely loving this <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Miracle Gel from Sally Hansen. In itself it doesn’t look like much when painted onto bare nails. It gives them a subtle sheen, which is nice but not all that spectacular. Oe the top of matte nail polishes however, This color really sings.

Two of my favorite matte nail polishes are the Smith & Cult Doe My Dear and the OPI Nail Lacquer Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink. Both are really nice polishes on their own. They are actually the ones I tend to wear the most frequently if I am honest. The pink is is s a sort of dusty rose with a bit of a shine to it instead of being flat matte and the Smith & Cult is just a very understated shade that goes well with everything.

I have generally noticed that with each I can get about a week’s worth of nail color out of them before they start to chip. I’ve been experimenting with different top coats to see if I could extend the life of the polish. As I’ve experimented, I’ve learned that not all top coats are created equal.

Originally I picked this up thinking it was a pastel blue with some sheen. I did not realize it was clear with an iridescence to it. I was looking for a clear coat in the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Miracle Gel formula to try out, but that section of the rack was empty. Given how this performed I can see why.

OPI Alone

Once I realized that this was a coat that I could put over another polish I began playing around. First i tried it over the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>OPI Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink. The pink undertones in the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Let’s Get Digital Miracle Gel from Sally Hansen match well with the pink base coat and add a nice depth to the polish.

I don’t know if these pictures quite do it justice.

(as a warning, I am a messy polisher. I tend not to worry about it too much and just polish my nails, let them dry completely and then go take a shower. By the time i’ve washed hair and body, my nails look better. Also I have recently been using a new hand sanitizer that has really dried out my skin. So if that sort of thing bothers you, you might not want to look too closely. I am almost out of that bottle and will be trying out the ESPA version that came in my Glossy Box).

OPI with the Let’s get Digital Top Coat

I know that the pairing with the Smith & Cult Doe My Dear do not come across as spectacular in photos as they are in real life. With the Smith & Cult, I really like the toned down color. It is a subtle color that goes well with everything. when I applied the <a href="http://<a href="; target="_top">Sally Beauty Deep Link</a>Let’s get Digital Miracle Gel over it, my nails, when i wiggle them in the light, have an iridescence to them shifts and glows as I move my fingers. It shows pink with an undertone of blue and oddly enough makes words like unicorn drift through my head. I think it reminds me of several products that use the word unicorn in them and have that sheen.

The color is quite stunning on the nails.

Smith & Cult alone

However it isn’t just looks that this formula provides. The miracle Gel formula also provides a really good top coat to the nails. It seals the color in and I found that instead of lasting only a week before chipping, I could almost double the length of time I could wear my manicure before I needed to take off the remnants and reapply polish. It wasn’t quite the full two weeks I made it about twelve days with both the OPI and Smith & Cult formulas.

Smith & Cult with the Let’s Get Digital Top Coat. I tried to catch the light to show the shine. I really like this combo and will be using it for a while.

Now I know what you are thinking. Glitter polish is a pain to take off. It practically has to be chipped off with a jack hammer and then still the color departs while the glitter can some time remain. This is true. I have regretted many a glitter polish when the time comes to remove it. however this isn’t a glitter polish. There are no particles in it. The formula is just iridescent. You can get the glittery shine without having to fight the glitter polish. Plus it goes on smoothly. There are not bumps because nothing is actually suspended in the polish. It is just a smooth gel coat.

At the moment I am a big fan of this formula as a top coat and as a color. I am going to have to pick up some more from this line in order to test out the formula more, but at the moment, this is leading the pack as far as protective top coats go.

While I did pick up the Sally Hansen Let’s get Digital in Target, I generally pick up my OPI (as well as Nails Inc and Orly, and China Glaze if it comes to that) at the Sally Beauty Site. I find it the best way to get the colors I want as they often have a broader selection of colors than my local store. I don’t know if I always hit the store when they are restocking or if they just don’t stock a wide variety where I live but it always seems like the OPI section is half empty. Maybe my neighbors like the OPI formula as much as I do and they can’t keep it in stock. Who knows? I just know I like choice in my colors. Plus I like ordering several colors at once so I always have a selection to choose from. I recently just got rid of several older polishes and found my selection dimmed. It was a purge a long time coming, but it doesn’t make it any happier. At least I soon get to restock. Plus Sally Beauty has Free US Ground Shipping for Orders over $35. And I can definitely order more than $35 worth of nail polish.

The Daily: October 5th, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. I know I got my scale back but I kind of enjoy the afternoon waffle. So for now I am going to keep it up. Today, I feel really good about myself. I didn’t overindulge this weekend, which is always key. And I remembered to log in my calories.

On weekends especially I really forget to do that. It’s not like I don’t think calories count on the weekends (although really how awesome would that be?) I just tend to be away from my desk on the weekends and it doesn’t always occur to me to write them down when I am not at my desk for long stretches of time.

But if Friday’s weigh in taught me anything it was that I need to be more vigilant.

I suspect my vigilance will fade after the shock wears off (maybe two weeks) but hopefully by then I will be back on track. Friday I painted my nails for the first time in a few weeks and despite no garden work this weekend they already look beat down.

It’s this polish. I love the color. It is this reddish brown color that looks better in person than on camera. It has a slight sheen and sparkle to it without actually being glitter. I break it out every fall. And every fall I apply it, it looks fantastic on the day I apply it and then the next day it goes down hill fast. I either need to find a top coat that can seal it in or I need to find this color in a more reliable formula.

Every year I try it, and every year I am disappointed.

Seriously, I just painted them Friday afternoon

But seriously, I always get excited by the color. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

But as disappointing as the nails were (and most of them broke off this weekend to which was sad), I did find out something fabulous. Glossy Box had a sneak peek released.Well two actually. They are for the October box. The first item they had a sneak peek of was the Generation Skin Ultra Violet Purple Brightening mask. That’s right, one of my favorite masks is going to be in the October box. And Sneak peek number two? Translucent powder from Ciate London.

I know, it’s like they peeked into my empties bin and asked themselves, what is it Mimsy likes? So that was fun to find out. If you aren’t a member of Glossy Box, you can get a discount on your first box with the code BEAUTYTALES. With that you get your first box for $16. And it is going to be a good one this month. They also have a Rodial Limited Edition Box set to be available October 22nd so if you are a fan of the brand and interested, you can go to the Glossy site and get put on the notification list for that. I’ve tried a sheet mask from them which I liked, but I have to confess, I don’t actually know all that much about Rodial. Although I have to say the fact that it is the Dragon’s Blood collection does make me curious. I know, my fantasy roots are showing.

But I was super excited for the Generation Clay Mask. Now if only I could work out this nail polish issue. Do you think if I put it in the empties bin the powers that be will notice? Possibly not. I already got two items I used up and want to use again coming in a box this month and that may be the limit. Maybe I’ll just call that plan B and when I take my car for it’s weekly spin around town to make sure everything is still working I’ll stop in at the drug store and see what there seasonal selections look like. Surely someone has this color or something to help this color.

Does the Lauren B Beauty Nail Growth Serum really Work?

The Lauren B Nail growth Serum came in my June Petit Vour box and I have to say I was very eager to try it out. My nails have taken a beating this year.  I fought an ongoing battle in the garden with both bunnies and bindweed this year.  While the bunnies could be scared off with a squirt from the hose and threats regarding my grandmother’s mustard based marinade, the bind weed was immune to insults.

And empty culinary threats.

I’m pretty sure the rabbits even know that non-lethal hose is my only weapon.

But at least they still run.

The bindweed just sort of digs in deeper and holds on tight.  Even with gloves on, my nails needed some help.  So again, I was happy to give the Nail Growth Serum from Lauren B a try. But what is it?  Well according to the website…

Applicator brush

Salvation for fragile, brittle nails that refuse to grow. This sheer blend of amino acids, antioxidants, Vitamins E and C, peptides and biotin sinks in instantly to boost natural nail growth and strength. Brush it directly onto your nails before applying polish, or on bare nails once or twice a day.

Directions: Use thin applicator brush to apply directly onto the base of nails where your nail and cuticle meet (the half moon portion) allow formula to sink in for 5 min before rinsing off, applying polish, cremes etc. Best to use on clean bare nails, or over polish that is completely dried. Use once or twice a day. Pro tip: keep this product on your bed side table and apply each night before bed so you do not forget. This will also allow the formula to sink into your matrix of nail and to work. Keep container closed tight when not in use and stored in neutral environment.

I feel the need to point out that I did not read the full directions before I started applying.  I only read the first paragraph (the part before the word directions – yeah I know, I amaze myself sometimes too). 

Thumb at the start (with polish remnants)

The first thing I did was trim off the ratty bits on the ends of my nails. The parts that got dinged up in the ongoing battle with Bindweed. Without the damage, my nails tend to be rather healthy.

Hand at the start

So I applied it onto my nails and waited for it to dry a little, then applied polish. 

I do not recommend doing that.  The formula never really dries down and while the polish goes over the formula covered nail well with seemingly no problem, when you go you wash your hands (which I have been doing a LOT recently, as I’m sure we all have) at a later point in time, the nail polish sort of slides right off. Seriously, in one clean sheet.  It was most disconcerting, yet oddly intriguing at the same time.

just from hand washing

Figuring out that I might have done something wrong, I returned to the site and this time read ALL of the directions.

Yeah, either wash your hands after giving it time to sink in and then polish your nails or just apply it along the cuticles overnight.  I tried it over polish, but the formula just felt greasy and I think the polish kept it from soaking in.  Just go bare nails for this one is my suggestion.

So once I figured out how to use the product how did it perform?

Well my nails did not grow out by a mile in the past few weeks.  They do however feel stronger and less inclined to break and chip.  I ended up trimming several of them down because the tips of the nails were damaged from my gardening activities. 

I think the trimming eradicated the weakest part of the nails and the serum helped ensure that what grew back was healthier and stronger. I would call it more of a nail strengthening serum rather than a nail growth serum as I think adding the word growth creates different expectations.

My thumb at the end

Yes, stronger nails are less likely to break and therefore grow longer, so it isn’t a misnomer, I just think it is really about strength not length. 

I also think that having to pay nightly attention to my nails helped as well.  I found myself filing small dings and trimming away ragged bits nightly instead of when I sat down to do my nails (once a week). 

hand at end of the trial

The nightly attention helped them out a lot as well.  I don’t think this will be a continuous use product for me, but I could see keeping it on hand for the times when my nails do take a beating. 

As I know that occurs two times a year, once when I deal with the garden in the spring and once in the fall when I prepare the garden for winter, it would get use then. Since I trimmed and filed the dings and chips out of my nails before applying it each night, it also kept small divots from being large breaks. It forced me to take care of problems when they were small rather than leave them for the week and possible additional damage the following day.

I think if I knew I was going to an event I wanted my nails to look nice for, I might use it the two weeks prior to the event so that I could ensure I paid attention to the nails.  Do I consider this an essential item to keep around, no. Nor do I consider it some sort of miracle growth formula, but it is kind of fun to add to my at home manicure while it lasts. It was also a nice product to get in a subscription box as I don’t know if I would have ever picked this up on my own. As the subscription box was Petit Vour, I also know that this product is clean, vegan and cruelty free. While I tend to think of those elements in my skin care items, I don’t always think of them when dealing with my nails. Perhaps in the future, I will.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box