Perfume Review: Crystal Noir

I have finally managed to whittle down my perfume samples box and while there are still a few assorted perfumes to try, I have restarted one of my favorite subscriptions. Scent Box.

Monthly supply of fragrance, just $9.72 $15.95/mo thereafter, cancel anytime. Free Exchanges & Shipping

I love this subscription. I get to browse through all of the available samples in their library of scents and choose the ones I think i want to try, adding them to my line up and then each month the 0.27 oz sample is sent to me in a travel spray bottle. Each month is a different color. AND each month earns you Scent bucks which you can store up and use to purchase full sized fragrances. The sample size is enough that you can use it every day for a month. And then it is time for a new sample.

I have chosen poorly in my sample selections. There have been some perfumes where I loved the description and then the scent arrived and with the first spray I knew I was never going to use it. That’s why they include a return label and you can send it back and get a different one. I have had to to that twice (once because one spray from the perfume had me sneezing for hours) and there was never any hassle.

And if you can’t choose for yourself (or want to be surprised) they always have a monthly sample they select for you. There are always so many i want to try that I always fill up my queue. And of course you can pause whenever you want to. I had to pause mine for a while because I just had a box of small samples that I needed to go through. But as I said at the beginning of this post, the box of free samples with purchase perfumes is mostly empty. So the first perfume in my line up was Crystal Noir from Versace. The description is…

Crystal Noir by Versace is a lush blend of gardenia and amber, this sheer fusion of modern contrasts is the ultimate statement in luxury and femininity. Destined to become a classic, this delicate scent was inspired by haute couture, and is the ultimate high-fashion accessory. Notes of Gardenia and Amber.

This is a perfume that comes on strong with the first spritz. It felt momentarily overpowering. However after it has a moment to settle down it becomes less intense. In fact i thought it was more intense than it was because when I sprayed it, the scent lingered in the air for a while. When I left my bedroom and walked into the hall and other parts of the house, the scent became only a light fragrance that was only detectable if someone got into my personal space.

I did notice that a few hours later when I had to go into the bedroom there was still a lingering trace of it in the air. It seems to stay in the air where you spray it for a while. So it is not a perfume I would slip into my purse to apply while moving between office and going out. Unless I wanted my car to smell of Crystal Noir for a while. Which I wouldn’t mind actually as I rather like the scent.

But we will get to that in a moment.

On the wrist, the scent is noticeable for a long time. It has the power to last all day. When you wake into the room it is not noticeable to those around you unless that are well within your personal space bubble. However I did notice that if I stayed for any length of time in a small area and then left for a bit and came back, thee was a hint of it in the air. It does take a while to sort of permeate the air. And I have to say that while it does leave a whiff of itself behind, it is a light one. More of a something scented passed this way sort of vibe.

there is a floral note from the gardenia but it is warmed up by the amber. In the scent profile pepper, cardamom and ginger are all mentioned and while none of them are individually identifiable all of them combined gave this a warm spicy scent. There is still a floral note but it plays in harmony with the others instead of rising for a solo performance.

It is very much a night time scent. It is something I would wear for date night, whether going out or staying in. It is just far too sensual for the office. The scent is warm and dark. As I have quite a few day time florals, in fact the last spate of perfume samples have all been more day time scents, I am pleased to have a perfume that I like that is more for the night. I like that while it is sensual and spicy it is not overly heavy on the nose. I am guessing that is the influence of the gardenia. The floral lifts the spice while the spice grounds the floral It is a really good balance and one that I very much enjoyed wearing this week. I am very pleased with my selection and can’t wait to see how the next Scent Box sample performs. For me Crystal Noir from Versace is an excellent date night scent.

Perfume Review: Wakeheart Sunlit Sensations

Some of you may look at the title and maybe the image and think, wait, Mimsy didn’t you review this one? I did not. this was actually a set of two fragrances. They are both sample sized roller ball scents. The labels are different colors and the writing is tiny, but otherwise they look very much the same. According to the brand Wakeheart, Sunlit Sensations is…

Sunlit Sensations is pure serenity. It’s calming, warm, and comforting. Know your value, the warmth begins with being kind to yourself.

Scent: This fragrance is slightly sweet and floral, made with notes of Vanilla Sea Salt, Sparkling Pomelo, Blue Freesia, Orchid Petals, White Patchouli. 

*not available outside of the contiguous United States, Canada, & Mexico.


The scent on the website is in a full sized bottle and retails for $49. Which is actually quite good for a perfume. I did not see the scent offered in a roller ball application like the one I am using. which can be a bit of a problem. I have noticed that scents seem to apply differently with a spray than with a roller ball.

Well obviously one you roll on and the other you spray, so the mechanics are different. However there is also a difference in the scent, at least to me. The spray always seems a bit stronger to me than the scent I apply with a roller ball applicator. I don’t know if more of it is just used or if the spray saturates the air so that it feels more like I am surrounded by scent.

The roller ball applicator worked well with this scent. It is a soft feminine scent that smells more like and adult woman than a little girl. Which I’ve noticed is really hard to do with florals. You either get little girl with her first perfume or matron holding court at the plaza. This is able to ride that line between little girl and matron.

Personally I really like it, and to be honest fruity florals aren’t really my go to scent-wise. Perhaps it is that it is leaning a bit more fruity than floral. For me I get the sweet citrus of the Pomelo blended with the orchid as my top notes. There is a hint of vanilla in the background which keeps it a little on the sweet side but is a light enough note that the scent feels more airy and fresh than I would have expected. There is also, surprisingly a hint of coconut.

When I looked this up I found it is supposed to be a dupe for the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. I have not tried that perfume before but if it is anything like this, I may have to give it a try sometime.

It is definitely a day time scent. It will give you a small bubble of scent around you but unless anyone is invading your space (only about a foot away) then I don’t think it is strong enough to cause anyone irritation. This is not a far traveling scent.

It feels more spring or summery than winter, but I have to say on a cold and dreary day it does bring a lovely hint of warmth to the office. While it comes on strong when first applied, after about two hours it fades back becomes much more of a personal scent. I could still smell it on my wrist throughout the day It was still there and remained there until bedtime, but it was very faint after about six hours. Which is quite long lasting actually. Especially for a scent that doesn’t travel a lot. I found this an interesting scent and I would definitely consider adding it to my collection. It is a nice light made for spring scent. I will be enjoying the last of my sample and picking up a full size of the Wakeheart Sunlit Sensations when i can.

Perfume Review: Pinrose Secret Genius

This Pinrose Sweet Genius perfume came in my IPSY Glam Bag X this month. It was one of my choice items. From the description it seemed like it was either going to be something that I liked or something that one of my Aunts would enjoy. It was a description that could lean either way. And really with perfume descriptions they can only give you a very limited idea of what the perfume will smell like on you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love perfume descriptions. They are pieces of writing that are designed specifically to conjure images of lives you might want to live. The descriptions can whisk you off to a life of adventure as you travel the Silk Road. They can describe a glamorous life lounging in an exclusive Mediterranean Resort. They can make you think adventure, love, sex, drama and excitement.

Which is the reason those descriptions exist.

And there are days when I would love to go on one of those adventures, even if I can only get as close as spritzing my wrist and inhaling between answering e-mails and making the weekly meal plan.

Which is the allure of perfumes.

But I have noticed that some perfumes I love in the bottle and adore when I smell them on other people, don’t smell the same when i wear them. Perhaps it is body chemistry or atmosphere. Honestly, I kind of like that about perfumes, even if it is a bit frustrating at times. I really like that even if a hundred other women wear the same scent I chose to apply, it will smell subtly different on each of us. There is something about that I really like.

It is also why I tend to lean into perfume samples. (And I am now down to only one sample size left in my perfume sample box so I have officially restarted by ScentBox Subscription. I am so excited by that actually, both to be restarting my subscription and that I am finally at the bottom of my samples box).

While this is a larger size, 30 mL, I think this was an IPSY size rather than the full size. The full size on the Pinrose site is 50mLThe actual bottle you would purchase is in the picture to the left. I like the look of the bottle. It is nice and sleek looking which I always think is a classy look in a perfume bottles. I also like the cut corner look of the edges. It’s not fully faceted but it is a nod in that direction.

But a beautiful bottle is one thing, what is the product like? My plan was to spray it once and if it seemed like a scent I liked I would continue with a personal test. if I didn’t like the scent I would pass it along. Because I am not the only one in my family who enjoys perfume we often pass perfumes from one to another. I am not the only one who has picked up a scent based on a description only to find out the actual scent didn’t work for me. Luckily we each have different enough tastes that what one of us doesn’t like someone else will.

Oddly we also have a contingency of family who are very scent sensitive so for holidays no one wears any perfume, so I figured the week before I headed home would be a nice time to indulge in a perfume trial. As you can probably tell, I ended up liking the perfume so I tried it for the full week and I will be keeping this bottle in my collection.

But before we get to that, lets look at the description…

An intoxicating blend of caramel, Madagascan vanilla and sandalwood.

Sophisticated sugar? Yes. Syrup? No. That’s the brilliance of Secret Genius; luscious caramel and vanilla notes rendered so sheer they’re almost diaphanous. Like a dulcet voice it draws you in… eager to whisper sweet nothings.

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy Gourmand
Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot
Heart: Caramel, White Chocolate, Jasmine 
Dry Down: Madagascan Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood 
Perfumer: Harry Fremont



Now if you have read many of my posts you know that the item on that list that gave me pause it was the bergamot. Luckily for me, it is not a prominent scent. This perfume comes on a bit strong so spray and let it dry a moment. Vanilla is the scent I get first and foremost. It is a sweet vanilla and I’m pretty sure it is the caramel scent. However as it settles in there are some spicy notes that rise. The cedar wood comes through for me. I think the sandalwood is more of a background note. It is a sweet yet wood spice scent for most of the day. As it starts to fade the vanilla remains and the Jasmine starts to kick in.

I found this an interesting scent to wear. It started off sweet that made me think of wearing it to a barbeque or a picnic, then as the cedar notes kicked in it felt more sultry and less day time. It felt more like a scent i would wear for an evening out. Then as the jasmine started to rise (towards the end of the day) it once again felt like a day time perfume.

I’ve never had a day time perfume turn into a night time perfume and then back into a daytime perfume before. I prefer the more sultry night time scent, but I like the sweet and floral bookends as well. It stays longest in that sultry zone so i would probably classify this as a night time scent.

I think it is too heavy a scent to wear into an office during the day. Even the lighter day time ends to it, seem to lead my brain to out door events like barbeques or picnics. It just doesn’t feel like an office scent to me. It does have a good longevity to it. I spritzed in the morning and could still detect the scent when I was getting ready for my evening shower.

This is not a scent that will proceed you down the hallway by a mile, but it isn’t one that sticks close to the skin and doesn’t travel. It is a scent that a person standing in front of you for a chat will smell. It is not an outlandish travel scent cloud, but it isn’t one that just hugs the skin. which is another reason I would probably not wear it to an office. To be honest it is the sort of perfume intensity that makes me think of old mystery movies of novels. When the detective comes into an empty room and remarks that the faintest trace of a perfume was evident in the air but soon disappeared.

that is this sort of scent.

So don’t get involved in any locked room murder mysteries while wearing the Pinrose Sweet Genius perfume, and you should be fine.

Perfume Review: Prism by Wokeheart

As you all know by now I love perfumes. I love the opportunity to tailor the scent of the world around me to suit my mood and my day. Sometimes I do this with candles (Incidentally, Paddywax has just released their new Aura collection for those interested in fantastic candles in reusable containers.), sometimes I do this with scented oils, but a lot of the time i do this with perfumes.

I know some people like to find their signature scent, but I personally like to build a scent library. Maybe it is because I am so scent oriented but I really like to adjust my scent to the time of year, my mood, or what I am doing. But I don’t go off an purchase scents randomly, first because that would be a lot of money and second because I am somewhat picky about my scents and perfumes are one category where purchasing something without trying it first can be a real waste.

While I do like samples of perfumes the amount in sample containers can be somewhat variable. It’s one of the reasons I absolutely adore my ScentBox subscription. each order is a one month long supply of the perfume so you can really get a good use out of it and decide if that is the scent for you.

At the moment My Scent Box subscription is paused. I will never cancel it, but i did need to take a little break. mostly because i had a box of sample perfumes that was over flowing. You know the kind that generally come as a gift with purchase or are picked up randomly. I put them in a box and try them one at a time to see if they are worth investigating further. the ones I like the best usually end up going on the ScentBox list as a secondary test and from there to possible purchse.

It is my system.

But I have almost emptied the box and I am hoping to once again start up my Scent box membership. When I dipped my hand in to try something new I found two small roller ball scents in the bottom of the box. Both are from Wokeheart. One is Prism and the other is called Sunlit Sensations. Prism is the one I decided to try this week. (I’ll probably try out Sunlit Sensations next week), The picture at the top of the post is from the Wokeheart website to show the full sized bottle.

I must also confess that I adore perfume descriptions. Sometimes they sound like the plots for romance novels, other times like the start of an adventure store and occasionally like a sustainability manifesto. Occasionally you will get a combination of all three. because I know words have a strong hold on my imagination, I insist on samples. If i didn’t then i would not only have far more perfumes than any one person would ever want to wear but descriptions and scent preferences don’t always line up. Still I love the descriptions.

Shall we see what Prism’s descriptions

Powerful and elegant, the Wakeheart PRISM fragrance is cool and sweet, with fresh notes of pear and iced berries, and an undertone of Vanilla. It’s subtle, yet memorable – molding to your personal aura, and elevating your every day scent.

TOP: Green Anjou Pears, MIDDLE: Iced Juniper Berries, Magnolia Blossoms, DRY: Vanilla Oakmoss


I did try the scent before I looked up the description because I wanted to give it a fair shot. While I love perfume descriptions they sometimes conjure up visions that don’t match the scent. The version of Prism that I have is a rollerball. I have noticed that scent applies differently with a roller ball than with a spray. Don’t get me wrong, the roller ball doesn’t change the scent, it is just that a spray atomizes it so that while some of it goes on the wrist, a lot of the scent goes in the air. what that means is that with the roller ball, far more scent goes on you, but the room at large where you apply it is less affected.

Sometimes that matters, sometimes it doesn’t.

With Prism, it does. I applied it to one wrist using the roller ball and then rubbed my wrists together. The scent came on strong, very strong. It took about fifteen minutes for the scent to die down to a wearable scent. It was an overwhelmingly powerful scent. After those fifteen minutes it was fine and it was a wearable fragrance that I could wear all day long and even have a nice light scent by the end of the day. But those first fifteen minutes were rough.

However, when i did go on the website, I found spray samples and I found a spray bottle, but I did not find a roller ball. I don’t know if someone else realized that the roller ball was a bit too intense an application for the scent or what, but it appears not to be a format they use. As much as i like roller balls, I think this would be a scent that would have a much softer application with a spray. i am just mentioning this because it was such a noticeable impact. i would go lightly with your application and see how the spray works.

In the initial spray of Prism it was a vaguely floral slightly fruity scent bomb. It was too strong ti pick out much. As it died back there were scents of pear and magnolia discernable in the scent. I really like the scent of pear in perfumes. It is fruity, but not as overly sweet as some fruit notes can be. And paired with magnolia you are going to want to watch that sweetness.

This was a good blend of the magnolia and the pear. The scent leans more towards the floral than the fruity. I would have personally preferred something that leaned more into the pear as I prefer it to the magnolia, but it was a bright summery floral. Looking in the description I think the vanilla moss was supposed to provide a touch of earthiness to the mix and perhaps that is why it isn’t as sweet as it could be but if it does deepen the scent, it doesn’t really impart anything noticeable to it.

The scent is light and summery and would work well in an outdoor setting. It is certainly a day time scent, but it isn’t one i would wear to an office. Even though the scent died back after a little while of wear, it is not a skin hugging scent. it is the sort of scent that likes to travel around making friends and enemies. (depending on how scent sensitive your cubicle neighbors are).it is a scent that conjures up garden parties and Easter egg hunts.

It is a nice scent, but for me it is a little too floral. I love the pear and if it were stronger, with maybe something a little more earthy to ground the magnolia, this would be more suitable for my personal wearing. As it is, I know at least three people who this scent would suit. While I wore it for a week, there is still plenty of scent left in the bottle and as it is a glass bottle with a roller ball, the container can easily be reused once it has been used up. I think the size would make a perfect travel tag along. For someone else though as I just can’t deal with that much magnolia. However the blend does make me excited to try out the second fragrance in this set. That however is a story for next week.

Perfume Review: LaVanilla Vanilla Coconut

That’s right with my nose working once again we delve into the perfume reviews. This one is a little bit interesting actually. This is Lavanilla Vanilla and Coconut scented perfume.

Lavanilla is termed the Healthy fragrance and one of the reasons is that they use sugar cane alcohol because it is less irritating on the skin, and in fact helps soften the skin while maintaining antiseptic properties. At least this is the claim ion the brand website. But what of the perfume itself?

Paradise Found coconut vanilla perfume. Young coconut blends with Tahitian tiare flower and warm Madagascar vanilla for an utterly addictive island escape scent. 

As far as perfume descriptions go, it isn’t all that descriptive. I will say when I first sprayed it on my wrist I could only smell vanilla. I thought I was going to o through this trial smelling like a bakery. There are worse things of course, but I suspected that would just make me crave sweets.

Interestingly enough after that inital burst of vanilla, a slightly floral scent arose that brought with it coconut. Together the two balanced into a less bakery sweet scent when blended with the vanilla.

The two scents seemed to have tamed the vanilla and lead it out of the cullinary realm and back into the perfume world. I am guessing the floral notes come from the tiare flower. It is a soft floral that isn’t overwhelming and isn’t cloying. There is a slightly soapy scent to it that I think might be from the floral as well. It smells like the sort of flower you would put in a glass vase a hotel lobby rather than something you would grow in the garden. The vanilla and coconut are present and perhaps that is what keeps the floral from becoming overpowering. Both are, on their own, strong scents. They blend well together and do give a tropical feel to the fragrance without leaning too heavily into the coconut.

The scent does tend to create a cloud around you rather than sticking close to the skin. it isn’t a strong enough scent that it would go down the hall well before you took the first step to warn people of your imminent arrival however if you are working in a cubicle next to someone who is scent sensitive, they will notice.

For me this does feel like a day time scent. It also feels very summery. It does not feel like something that would work out in an office. It is the kind of scent that wants to be out doors. And given that it does like to create a bit of a cloud, perhaps that is where it is best worn. It would certainly get you noticed in the elevator.

For the first hour of wear, the scent was always noticeable. After that it did fade a bit. After four hours it was mostly gone. this is something to wear for an afternoon out with friends. It will be gone before dinner time.

Perfume Review: Tocca Stella

I have to say one of the things I hated most about losing my sense of smell when my nose was stuffed up was that wearing perfumes was pointless. In fact it was not only wasteful, but because I couldn’t tell how far the perfume was traveling or what it might be doing to those around me it could be potentially assault with a deadly scent.

And that we can not have.

But my nose is working again and into the box of perfume samples I went. Now above is pictured the actual bottle from the Tocca Website. I am working with a small sample vial. i just couldn’t resist putting up the full picture. I just love the look of the bottle. It has that simple but elegant look that I really do like. But there have been many perfume bottles that i have liked over the years and I have learned (often at great expense) that just because I like the beautiful bottle, doesn’t mean that the scent will work out for me.

But what does Tocca have to say of this scent?

Stella is a fresh floral fragrance that embraces your flirtatious spirit. It is inspired by a spontaneous romance and is a bright and breezy blend of lavish Italian citrus, sweet freesia, and spicy lily. It is a playful indulgence for your inner coquette. Scent Type: Fresh Floral, Key Notes: Blood Orange, Freesia, Spicy Lily, Personality: Flirty, Sensual, Spontaneous


And so we spritz and spend the week wearing. What is the final review?

when first sprayed there is a slight alcohol tinge to the scent. It goes away after a moment. Once it is gone, the scent comes through. At first it is very orange-y. It has those sweet orange notes that I do associate with blood orange. A few moments later and the florals start to come through. There is freesia and lily but there are spice notes that keep it from being too floral. The orange shifts to a back note.

After about an hour of wear most of the initial orange scent is worn away and the scent remaining is of a spicy floral. i had a really hard time trying to decide if I liked it or not. I think for me part of the problem is that I really liked that initial burst of orange and regretted it’s fading. Without that orange it became a different scent. I do like the spicy floral, as the spicy notes (which lean a little towards cardamom without getting into the warming notes of cardamom) really balance out the florals well and keep them from being too sweet and overpowering. I think if I hadn’t scented the orange at first I would have liked the resulting scent. But because I did, I missed the orange.

Towards the end of the day, the vanilla is a little more prevalent than it was earlier in the day. The florals tend to wear down after about three or so hours and the spice and slight vanilla scent remain until it fades completely.

While this scent does stick relatively close to the skin and doesn’t travel much, I wouldn’t term it an office scent. There is something slightly sensual about the scent (regardless of the orange or not) that doesn’t seem to blend well for office hours. It is definitely an off hours scent, but I think that despite it’s sensuality, you could still wear it in the day time. I would just wear it in the day when I wasn’t in the office. When wearing it I tended to think of vacations I’d taken in sunny locations where ocean breezes made the heat not as oppressive as it is here and now. I also began to wonder if my passport was up to date rather than focus on the work at hand.

So for me, this was not a scent i will be wearing during business hours. It is however one that I think i will add to my list of scents to add to my personal scent library. orange not withstanding, it is a nice scent that I would love to wear out on a date night with my babydoll.

Perfume Review: Skylar Coconut Grove Rollerball Perfume

This is a roller ball perfume that came in my recent IPSY Plus Glam Bag. I have been wearing it for the past week and I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about it.

First of all I like the brand Skylar. I love that not only is the box, bottle and cap recyclable, they have a video with the perfume showing you how to remove the one part of the package that isn’t recyclable (the roller ball) so that you know exactly how to recycle it when the product is empty.

It also makes me feel a slight bit guilty because I do like roller balls and that is the one part of the package that isn’t recyclable, However the fact that it does come out means that the entire system can be thoroughly cleaned and if it can be cleaned it can be refilled. I have several perfumes in larger bottles that don’t travel well or in open top samples that I don’t reach for. Before the bottle ultimately ends up in the recycling bin it may be recycled in house for a bit. I especially have a hard time remembering to reach for the small open topped samples so I think this will help me use them up.

One thing I also like about this perfume is seeing the size of it. Skylar has a scent subscription. It is a bit on the pricy side ($20 per month as opposed to one of my all time favorites Scent Box which is significantly less, I’ll link it below for those interested). All of their Skylar Scent subscription samples are Skylar scents. And this roller ball is the size of each shipment in the subscription (10 mL).

So that was nice to see. But it is the scent we are evaluating. So what does Skylar have to say about their scent?

Wander along a deserted beach on a faraway island.

There is something very reassuring about exotic locales. Coconut Cove transports your spirit to a place where creamy coconut mingles with the scent of coastal winds through green trees, heightened by blooms of jasmine and gardenia, almost intoxicating in its tranquility. It’s a sensual, calming scent that will awaken your desire to make your own way in the world.

Top: Bergamot, Cardamom, Hibiscus Nectar, Twist of Lemon; Middle: Coconut, Jasmine Petal, Gardenia, Lush Greens; Base: Ambrox, Coastal Woods, Heliotrope, Vanilla Orchid


The first application of this scent smells like a mix of coconut, jasmine and vanilla orchid. While I am not a huge fan of coconut, this sort of reminded me of the old fashioned coconut cake an elderly southern lady brought to church when I was younger. I am fairly certain that cake is the reason coconut exists. It is what all little coconuts dream of growing up to be before life grinds them down and turns them into sunscreen. It took three days to make so she didn’t make it often and there was almost a riot every time she did make it. It had it’s own place of honor on the pot luck table.

It’s arrival was an event.

So I can’t say I was upset by the scent. And I do have her recipe. I used to help her out when I was in high school (run errands, take her to appointments that sort of thing) and at some point she needed assistance making it and switched to directing me in it’s creation, usually while telling scandalous stories of elderly church members and neighbors who had long since died. The initial scent made me want to make it, even though it is traditionally a winter cake.

However after a few minutes, this delightfully nostalgic scent started to fade. Bergamot and gardenia began forcing their way forward. They overpowered the more delicate scents and sort of took over so it was an entirely different scent. This scent too reminded me of some of the older church ladies of my childhood, but not in a good way. It was overly floral an cloyingly overpowering.

The scent did have a lot of lasting power. It didn’t travel far but stuck close to the skin so if it is a scent you like then I thin you could get away with wearing it pretty much anywhere. Someone really has to invade your personal space to smell it.

Oddly enough towards the end of the day, the coconut and a slight hint of lemon reappeared just before the scent faded completely. it was as if they were trapped by the bergamot and gardenia and only when they faded could the two lighter scents escape. It was a quick escape. i smelled the two scents, remembered they were in the mix and then they were gone.

This was a very peculiar scent to wear and honestly I can’t say it was my favorite. I liked the initial scent although it did remind me more of cake than of a scent i want to wear, it became something cloying and overly floral and then just before it left it had a flash of something light and delicate that i actually wouldn’t mind wearing. it was a rollercoaster ride of scent, but I honestly don’t think I will be lining up to try again. I may try other Skylar scents because I have had some that I really enjoyed and didn’t have this kind of scent swap, but as much as I like the brand, I don’t think that Coconut Grove is for me.

Perfume Review: I Want Choo by Jimmy Choo

Once again I delved deep into the samples box to extract a perfume sample to try out. I felt the crinkly paper and extracted a sample of I Want Choo by Jimmy Choo. I have to say, I was a bit excited. When I first decided to get a Scent Box account and start trying out more than just the tiny little bottles of perfume, one of the first samples I chose was Jimmy Choo’s Illicit. It has remained a favorite, as has the Scent Box subscription.

At the moment that subscription is on hold because of my collected box of samples. For a while they were coming in thick and fast and the box filled up. When the lid was no longer fitting without the possibility of samples breaking I put it on hold while tried and used up the smaller samples. The level of the samples box is low so soon, sooooon I shall go back to my Scent Box Subscription.

While Jimmy Choo’s Illicit has long since been added to my perfume collection, I have not always been enthralled by other samples I’ve tried from the brand, but a few have come close. So with great anticipation I opened the foil pack container of I Want Choo and began my trial. According to the product page I Want Choo is…

Built around the fascinating, almost hypnotic, red spider lily, I Want Choo is a deep yet uplifting floral scent combining soft vanilla notes with the sensual vibes of jasmine sambac. A burst of fruity notes combines the sparkling citrus of mandarin juice and contrasting smooth, velvety peach. The bottle is a true object of desire. A gold spray cap with hammered jewelled effect and the signature JC emblem is underlined by the soft and elegant peach tint of the fragrance.

Jimmy Choo

I have never smelled the Red Spider Lily but I have to say, this perfume makes me want to find one and smell it, possibly planting it in my garden. This scent has light floral notes that I can’t identify and I am guessing are a mix of the red spider lily and jasmine. A few of the notes are jasmine esque but it is clear there is something else in there.

The floral notes come on strong at first but they fade back fairly quickly. Vanilla and peach rise but have their sweetness toned down by a hint of citrus. It doesn’t really smell of mandarin, but it is definitely from the citrus family. The result is a well balanced slightly fruity perfume. while it goes well with summer, I can easily see myself reaching for this scent in February when the weather has turned nasty and I am dreaming of an early spring. I could also see myself wearing it to an outdoor barbeque. It is both the hope of spring and the warmth of summer.

There is something slightly sensual about the scent that makes me hesitant to wear it in an office environment. It seems more like an after hours scent. I think it could be a day time scnet as well as a night time scent, but if worn in the day time it says ‘go for a walk in the park’, not ‘this will not annoy Susan in the cubicle next to you.’

Admittedly it probably won’t annoy Susan, or anyone else actually. It is not a scent that travels very far. If someone is smelling the scent of I Want Choo then they are within your personal space bubble. while you still need to be cognizant of your coworkers and potential allergies, this is very much a personal scent that stays on the skin.

I don’t think it would bother anyone around you, but its scent doesn’t feel like it wants to belong to the work day.

It is a long lasting scent though. It comes on strong, but within a minute it settles down and the florals start to fall away. The light fruity scent remains for most of the day. the last of the scent to fade is vanilla with a blush of peach.

I really enjoyed this perfume. This was the perfect time to pull it out of the box and I can easily see myself adding this to my collection. It has been a while since I liked a scent enough to consider adding it, but I think this one may be destined to join my personal scent library. so yes, I too Want Choo.

Perfume Review: Ralph Lauren Romance

That’s right it is time for another perfume review. I still have a box of samples to work through and I made a deal with myself that I can’t re-subscribe to Scent Box until I have cleared out the box. I know, new samples are always coming in, but all I have to do is make it through the box completely once, and see it empty, even if it is only until the next subscription box arrives, for it to count. Admittedly i am not getting as many perfume samples as I was before I let my Macy’s Beauty Box subscription go so I may have a chance at clearing it out and returning to the once a month Scent Box Subscription.

I like the larger samples that give me enough product to use the scent for a month before deciding if I like it enough to think about purchasing it. Of course some perfumes I don’t need a month to know if i like them or not.

pretty bottle, but the scent isn’t for me

Shall we see if Ralph Lauren Romance is one of them or if it makes the cut?

According to the product page…

The women’s fragrance that evokes the timeless essence of falling in love. Discover the sensual essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals, and seductive musk. Top notes: mandarin essence, pink pepper, white violet leaves. Middle notes: rose, jasmine, marigold, geranium. Base notes: patchouli, oakmoss, musk.

Ralph Lauren

This is an unapologetically floral scent. It talks about mandarin and pink pepper as well as musk. But to be honest i think it skips right over the top notes and blends rose, jasmine and geranium with elements of patchouli to keep it from being overly sweet. with the patchouli mixed in, the scent does feel like an adult would wear it. Often times florals can come off feeling very little girl-ish. This does not. I would say this is a scent that would work for the 20-30 year old range.

It has a medium travel range. So it doesn’t just stick close to the skin but wafts around a little bit. It won’t announce you down the hall but it will perfume your office cubicle and people may notice it if you walk past or sit next to them in a meeting. For me the patchouli is a little heavy and I am not a fan. I also prefer my florals with a little more spice to them. It does have a spring/summer vibe to it and I would say it is definitely a day time scent rather than a night time one. While not for me, I could definitely see several of my friends who prefer florals wearing it. It is nice, but for me a week of wear was enough. The sample is still half full so I will be passing it on to one of those floral loving friends with a great deal of confidence that she will like it.

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Perfume Review: Calvin Klein’s Defy

Calling this a perfume may be a misnomer. It has the feel of a cologne like scent and I could very easily see it termed masculine. On occasion I like wearing scents that are termed masculine just as much as I like the ones officially decreed feminine. However in the week before father’s day this seemed like a bit more of an appropriate scent to review.

According to the product page this scent is…

Fresh. Masculine. Addictive.

Calvin Klein Defy is a daring contrast of invigorating freshness and powerful woods. For the modern man who breaks boundaries while exploring his authentic truths and the contrasts within.

The scent opens with an addictive citrus blend highlighting crisp bergamot and fresh lavender absolute. Rugged and earthy vetiver oil—responsibly sourced from Haiti—is the heart of the fragrance, connecting the vibrant textural elements with a rich and alluring base of amber notes.

Dare to Defy.

Top notes: Bergamot oil, mandarin oil, cedar leaf oil, Mid notes: Lavender absolute, sage clary oil, notes of violet leaf, Base notes: Vetiver oil, notes of amber, musk note

Calvin Klein

While Bergamot isn’t my favorite scent and you can tell that it is mixed into the scent, the cedar leaf is far more prevalent a scent. When first sprayed the top notes of bergamot and cedar are more present than anything else so at first I was very unsure. As it sits on the wrist however the vetiver, and musk come to the forefront. They don’t dominate, but mellow the scent.

While I like some masculine scents, I generally find them to be more warming and wintery for me. Wearing this Defy this week was an odd seasonal shift for my brain. I would smell the scent and want to get a fluffy blanket out to curl up with. The fact that the temps outside have hit triple digits and we are in the middle of a heat wave made me feel a little bit off balance.

I would say this scent is masculine and warm. It is the kind of scent I find appealing as the air becomes crisp and leaves begin to turn colors and spiral down from tree branches. It is not a summer scent. I do think Defy isn’t really appropriate. It smells classically male. It isn’t a ground breaking scent but something that someone fond of traditional scents would appreciate. It actually reminds me of my uncle. in fact if you added the scent of pipe smoke to this scent then you would get the scent of my uncle. While I would be willing to wear this scent when the weather cools, it is a scent i could easily see myself picking up for one of the men in my family. It may not break boundaries as the description claims, but I could see most of them enjoying the scent of Calvin Klein’s Defy.