Makeup Review: The K Voss Bronzing Potion Glow Cream

Do you know, one of the things I really like about subscription boxes is that occasionally things arrive on my doorstep that I have never heard of. And of course some of the items I would look out and not purchase. However once they are here I generally go ahead and try them out. Sometimes it is an epic fail, other times it is a new favorite.

This week, if you have been following my Daily Posts, in the products used for the day you have probably noticed the K Voss Bronzing Potion. It is in use in everyone of my pictures this week in conjunction with other products even though here it is shone working alone. This came to me in a Petit Vour box and to be honest, I would not have picked this up on my own. Mostly because I have no idea what a bronzing potion is supposed to be. Is it a bronzer? A highlight, a primer? Let’s find out.

According to the K Voss website…

What it is: Bring a healthy sun-kissed glow to your skin with this universally flattering bronzer

Why we love it: Instant luminosity, no filter needed, this sheer illuminating cream imparts a natural, no makeup glow to all skin tones while moisturizing for a soft, radiant complexion. Ultra-hydrating and deeply restorative, this cream creates a subtle luster with a formula that flatters all skin types. Worn alone, or as a highlighter over makeup, this lightweight bronzer delivers an instant glow to every complexion.

How to use: Apply a thin, even veil to the face or targeted areas

K Voss

It is also listed as organic, brightening and buildable in case you are wondering.

To be honest, I don’t like the description. It’s like they just created a cream and sent it down to marketing and said,’ see how many ues you can find for this without actually putting it into a specific category. I don’t know why that bugs me, but it kind of does. I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

So beyond knowing that it was brightening, possibly bronzing and maybe highlighting, I opened the tube to begin to play with it. The first thing I noticed was that it has almost no scent to it. It smells like absolutely nothing. And yes I sniffed it in the tube right off the bat. Nothing.

So I dispensed it onto the back of my hand. It is a lovely coppery shimmery color. If it were an eyeshadow i would have snapped it up. To get a feel for it, I blended a little on my hand to see what would happen. The bronze sunk in and really just gave the skin a nice lift of life, as though I spent some time in the sun instead of holed up at my computer for large chunks of the day.

I tried it as a bronzer on top of foundation, but it disappeared. I tried it as a bronzer with just a tinted moisturizer. It disappeared. I tried it as a highlighter with both foundation and tinted moisturizer and again, it disappeared. So I decided to try it as a primer.

I put it all over my face and massaged it in. On the bare skin it gave a soft subtle glow that I could wear with or without foundation. In addition it is thick enough that it is slightly pore filling. It isn’t a massively pore filling primer, but it does make the larger pores on my cheeks less noticeable. It worked well under foundations. The products I layered over it had no trouble with interactions. I did like it better under matte foundation products rather than luminous ones. I am not a glowy sort of person.

Bare face on the left and just the bronzing potion on the left

To be honest when i see the glowy look my brain immediately thinks the person looks a little on the greasy side. I have seen stunning looks people have created on line where they deliberately stated they were going for the dewy or glowy look and no matter how fabulous the look I want to hand them some blotting paper. I know other people love the look and we each have our own preferences, but that is not for me. This K Voss Bronzing Potion under an illuminating foundation was not for me. I did notice though that the Bronzing potion is not wet feeling. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy, it just has the glow and the glow is magnified under illuminating foundation. I know it isn’t greasy, so if you like the dewy look, that might be an option for you.

For me, I liked it under matte foundation products as it gave it a little depth without making the product illuminating.

The best way I found to use this product actually is to use a pore filling primer, something like the e.l.f putty primer and then mix a drop of the bronzing potion into a matte foundation. The Bronzing potion may be a little thick, but it does blend well and feels light on the skin so it won’t make the foundation too heavy. Just a touch will brighten a matte foundation. You can always add more if you want more of a glowing kind of look.

I think this is a good winter product for when you have spent way too much time indoors away from the sun and are starting to get that washed out look, at least I get that look in the winter.It can bring a little bit of life to the skin. You just need to watch what you pair it with so that you get the effect you are actually after.

It is a good product. I’m not entirely certain I would buy a full tube of this bronzing potion though. The sample size is 10 ml and it is going to last me a really long time. In fact, I suspect that as I am starting to spend time outside I won’t need it again until the fall, or if I end up trying an intensely matte foundation before then.The full size is 30 ml. As it is a good product that I have no problem using when I need it, I suspect my willingness to purchase a full size is going to depend on how often I reach for it and how quickly I use it up. It is something I like having on hand, but don’t feel I have to have on hand. If I find myself reaching for it consistently, then I could see myself repurchasing it. If it languishes until autumn and then is used up next winter, it may make my list of seasonal products to repurchase.

Either way I am glad that I got a chance to try this out. It came in a Petit Vour Box. They are really good about adding some makeup items to their products and I am happy they included this one. Incidentally this item is currently a gift with purchase on the Petit Vour site. If you spend $35 or more it is your GWP. I’m not sure how long that will last, but it is active now. You can find the details here.

With a name like Bronzing potion on the label, even if I had found this on my own, I wouldn’t have picked it up because it wasn’t clear what it did. While I still don’t think the product description was very clear, at least now I know how I would use it.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour February 2021 Unboxing

I believe the final February subscription box has now arrived. It’s actually not surprising it is Petit Vour as they don’t ship until about the 20th and as February was a short month, it is not unusual for there to be a little overlap. I just find it kind of fun that I’m already getting e-mail shipping notices for some of the March boxes. Honestly with February this happens every year regardless. the short month just plays havoc with everyone and if feels like February’s boxes barely arrive before march is on the doorstep. Since January always feels like it takes forever it sort of feels like February tries to accelerate to make up for it. But speaking of moving on…

It is time for the February Petit Vour unboxing. For those that don’t know, Petit Vour is  a cruelty Free subscription box that costs $18 per month.  They do have a Petit Vour Plus that costs $25 per month.  I have not tried that one so I can’t vouch for it.  The regular Petit Vour box contains four items that are generally deluxe sized samples with the occasional full sized item thrown in.  While I really do enjoy this subscription, this will be my last Petit Vour box for a while. I will continue to shop on their site as they offer really good deals on lots of clean products that I really enjoy. I am certain I will be back at some point for the box as well, but I needed to take a little break from it. 

So what is in the February Petit Vour Box?

Well the first item up is from a brand that pops up routinely in the Petit Vour Box and that is K Voss.  This time it is the K Voss Perfecting primer. It claims to be a multi use illuminating primer that naturally adjusts to your skin tone.  As I have an ongoing love affair with the primer category, I am very much looking forward to trying this out. I think it may end up in next week’s make up bag.

The second item in this month’s box is also from a brand we see quite often.  Personally I have an unsteady relationship with the brand Goldfaden, MD.  Everything about it says I should like ti and I always approach with high hopes.  Only occasionally are those hopes realized. 

This month I received the Goldfaden, MD Doctor’s Scrub which is an exfoliate.   I love exfoliants as much as I love primers.  I actually tried a full size of this a while back and if I remember correctly it was a good exfoliate but it was also the kind of exfoliate you only use once a month at most.  I could be wrong, I will have to check my notes, but I believe that is the case. It is a small enough sample that I can easily test it again to confirm.  I’ll keep you updated on that once I take it out to try.

lip swatch

There was actually a second makeup item in the box this month ant it is the lip color pencil from the brand Slate Cosmetics.  The name sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t think I have ever actually tried them. I tried looking up the lip pencil but only found skincare on their site. i will do my best to find out more information before I use it and report back to you.  I am always up for trying a new lip product and when I swatched it the color seemed nice.  So I will add it to the products to put in the makeup bag for testing. I find the fact that I can’t find much about it on line rather intriguing.

And finally we have the fourth item in the box and that is Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste.  I’ve seen the toothpaste around, but never tried it before.  In general, I am a Crest girl at least as far as Toothpaste and whitening strops go.  I tend to go with Listerine for my mouthwash.  I am however almost out of my Crest toothpaste so perhaps I will give this a trial instead of repurchasing my standard tube.

One think I like about this subscription box is that they so often send items I would never think of picking up on my own. Often times I find brands that I’ve never heard of or only heard of and never tried.  A few of my new favorites have come out of this subscription box like the Akar Balancing Toning Mist and the Bkind exfoliating scrub of course Bkind also now has a Papaya Enzyme Scrub and as I am really liking the Elemis Papaya Mask so I may have to give that a try as well soon, but that is another story. 

I really like both and would not have found either on my own. While I am taking a break from this box for a little while, it is only so that I can try out other subscription boxes, not because I don’t like it.  This is a box I will definitely be circling back to in the future. But for now, I must bid a fond adieu until we meet again.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour January 2021 Unboxing

I know we are in the first of February but as many things came in late this month we are still hitting the last of the January Unboxings.  As it is February, this particular box is not currently available any longer, but it is more or less a usual box from Petit Vour so hopefully if you are trying to decide if this box is for you or not seeing what was in my January 2021 Petit Vour box will help you make your decisions.

Petit Vour is a $18 per month Beauty box that only sends Cruelty Free items.  I really like the fact that many of the items are ones I would never have found on my own.  Some of them have become standards in my beauty routine while others I try, but decide aren’t for me.  For me this box is definitely one of discovery for me.  There are four items in it each month and while they do lean towards skin and body care, they often have makeup items, which I appreciate.

The first item out of my box this month was in fact a beauty item.  It is the Bronzing Potion Glow Cream from KVoss and it retails for $20.  I believe it is a full sized item.  I like the fact that it is a product that can be worn on a no makeup day to enhance the skin.  I don’t know how well that will work for me, but I am willing to give it a try.  I have a highlighter from Kvoss that I currently enjoy using so hopefully this will work out for me as well.  I’m not huge on glowy skin but, I do love moisturizing products so this could be an interesting product to work with.

The second item out of the box was right up my alley and it was the Sultry Perfume from Inkling Scents.  It retails for $15 and contains 5 ml worth of product which is more than enough for me to get a feel for the scent during a week-long trial. 

I’ve never heard of Inkling Scents so it is a new to me company as well as a new perfume. The product is a roller ball as well which is nice.  I was worried when I saw the small tube that it would be just an open bottle, but it is not so all is well. I love trying out new perfumes and very much look forward to trying this one out. 

The next item was from a brand that we have received in previous Petit Vour Boxes.  The brand is Andalou Naturals and I currently have a body wash and a hand lotion from them in my line up of products to be used.  This is an Apricot Cleansing Milk (value $3). It is a facial cleanser.  I am happy to give it a go.  I generally find that cleansers are items that I tend to go through pretty fast and that aren’t all that common in beauty boxes so having another one is not a bad thing. I will certainly add it to the line up I have from the brand and give it a go.

And finally we have an interesting item called Oil + Water Balancing Calming Ritual from Evanhealy. (retail $10).  I’ll admit, it took me a moment to figure out how to open the box.  It slides open instead of being opened from the top. The serum is in a spray bottle and the oil is separate.  According to the info card you combine the two in your hand and then apply it to your face.

So it is a two part product.  I can see that either being fantastic or an absolute mess. But it will be fun to try.  As always with skin care, I will leave it sealed until I am ready to use it so that it doesn’t start degrading.  All skin care has a timer that starts ticking once it is open and I would hate for it to expire before I get to use it. So for now it is sealed and soon it will be put to use. For now I slid the box closed and left the items in it so that the serum and the oil don’t get separated.

Overall this was an interesting mix of products that I rather enjoyed receiving from Petit Vour. I love that they are all cruelty free items. This month there were two beauty items and two skin care items which makes me really happy to see and quite frankly I can’t wait to test these products out. I really like the Petit Vour Box as a way to discover new products. I’ll be honest most of these I have never heard of. Although I did almost pick up the Andalou Apricot Cleansing milk a few weeks ago when I was looking at cleansers. It was very reasonably priced and came in a nice pump that looked easy to use in the mornings. I was looking up details about their body wash when I came across it. I ended up getting distracted by a phone call and and had to log out before purchasing, but now I can try it before I commit to a full sized bottle. So that’s kind of a bonus for me. And far more productive than the distracting call truth be told. Either way I am very happy with this month’s Petit Vour Box and look forward to seeing what February holds.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour Beauty Box December Unboxing

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday weekend.  I don’t know why, but whenever a holiday is on a Friday I am always surprised when mail comes the following Saturday.  I know I shouldn’t be, but somehow it always surprises me.  This Saturday I received not one but two subscription boxes.  While this one arrived in a relatively timely manner, the other was a bit of a saga. But that is another tale for another time. Now it is time to discuss the December Petit Vour Box.

For those that don’t know, Petit Vour is a clean beauty Subscription box.  I believe they were actually the first clean beauty subscription box.  They have two tiers, the regular Petit Vour box for $18 with four items inside and a $25 Plus box which I believe has 5-7 items.  I only receive the regular and not the plus, so I may be off on that. 

Oh and before I forget, Petit Vour is currently having a 20% off sale. Just use the code TAKE20 at checkout.

I think one of my favorite things about this box is that I generally end up receiving items that come from companies I may know little to nothing about.  For me this is very much a discovery box.  Sometimes there will be items from a company that I have heard of, but usually even if I have heard of them I haven’t always tried them out.  I also like that there is often a makeup item included in the mix.  While finding clean skin care is becoming easier, sometimes.  Makeup items are a bit harder to ferret out, at least they have been for me.  I like being able to try out some clean makeup items and decide if they are in fact for me.

The first Item out of the box this month was a makeup item actually. And it was from a brand I had never heard of, so a double experimental surprise.  The item was the Ultimate Multi Use color (retail $28) from a brand called Habit.  It comes in a little glass bot with a metal lid.  While it can be used for eyes lips, and cheeks, given the color, I think that cheeks may be the destination for this product. Or at least the first trial test for the product.  Perhaps there will be others. 

I have to say recently I have been looking into more cream face products.  Some clearly work better than others.  My issue is currently one of brushes.  Most of my brushes are geared towards powder products  and are only so so with the cream products.  Mostly because I bought them to use with powder products.  It’s not actually the brushes fault.   They do what they are designed for.  I know that Adesign Beauty has some brushes designed for use with cream products in mind that I may be looking into soon as my cream product collection grows.  However, that is a discussion for another time.

The second item out of my Petit Vour box this month was the Earth Harbor Marina Biome Brightening Ampule (retail $13). I currently have another earth Harbor serum waiting in my serum line up for me to try out.  I know it came in another subscription box, but at the moment I can’t remember which one.  So I have heard of the brand and have a second item to try, but I have yet to actually try it. 

I love when I have multiple items to try out from a brand so that I can get a better feel for the brand itself.  I will certainly be scheduling a try-out for this product. And as it is an ampule and so little product is actually used in one sitting, I know this size will last long enough to give me a full review of the product.  Which is also nice. And I have to admit, blue tansy is an ingredient I find interesting. So technically this is a win all around.

Odacite is another brand I have heard of, but never used.  I think one of their eye creams was an IPSY choice a while  back.  I don’t believe I chose it or received it.  Although my December IPSY bag is still MIA so it is possible it is in that bag somewhere. I’ll have to see.  This Odacite product is the Immediate skin Perfecting Beauty Masque (retail $5.50).  I am always willing to try a new mask, especially one that promises results after the first application.  I am always skeptical of such claims, but always willing to try them.  I will certainly put it into the ‘to be tested’ line up.

And finally we come to the last item in the box.  But wait, there are two items remaining.  Am I seeing double or did someone make a mistake?  Neither actually. 

This month there are two Thera-Intensive Foot cream trial sized tubes in the Petit Vour Box (each retails for $14). It isn’t an accident as on the insert card it even says, X 2. So the double tube inclusion was deliberate. 

At the moment my favorite food cream is from e-cooking but I am always willing to try another foot cream out as in the winter keeping my feet from drying out is a nightly focus. In general I do like Lavido products as well.  My only issue with them in the past has been scent based. 

The hand cream I tried from Lavido was so bergamot heavy  it made my eyes water.  I am beginning to think that I don’t just dislike the scent of bergamot but that I might actually have a slight allergy to it.  I didn’t break out or anything, but the runny eyes and nose weren’t pretty. It is something I will be looking into.  Luckily this is Achillea, Myrtle and Tea Tree scented. I don’t know what Achillea is and will look it up before I use the cream, but the cream smells mostly of Tea Tree and Myrtle.

Admittedly, the only myrtle scent I am familiar with was the alcoholic drink my great Uncle used to make from Myrtle.  I remember it being green and thinking it was the same thing that turned Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk.  The fact was enhanced by the fact that my Great Uncle was a chemist.  So I was certain that the radioactive goo that created the Hulk smelled like his home brew Myrte. This cream smells very similar, although without the alcohol and mixed with Tee Tree oil. 

I’ll let you know if my feet start hulking out.

So my darlings, that was my December Petit Vour box.  They typically mail by the 20th of the month, and as the box arrived on the 26th, I have to say it was one of the few items mailed to me this month that arrived exactly when it was scheduled.  It made me feel like doing a happy dance.  Everything else has been spending excessive amounts of time either in New York or Atlanta. But such is life.  I have to say I was very pleased with the value of this box as well.  For my $18 I received $74.50 worth of products, and yes I added the Lavido twice as I received two tubes. 

Overall a pretty good deal and all are products I really am looking forward to giving a try.  So I am very pleased with my December Petit Vour Box and am looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds for the subscription.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour November 2020 Unboxing

Welcome to the Petit Vour Beauty box unboxing for November 2020. Petit Vour is an $18 subscription box featuring four to five items per month.  Some items are full sized, most are not and all are cruelty free. The Petit Vour box always gets shipped out by the 20th of the month which usually puts its arrival towards the end of the month. This month we sort of ran out of month due to the holidays, but the box did arrive on time, which was sort of a minor miracle this month.  So what was inside?

First up is the L’oeil Definite The Eye Define eyeliner from Josephine Cosmetics.(retail $26).

This month I also received a Josephine Cosmetics liquid eyeshadow in my Allure box and quite frankly until November, I never heard of the brand.  I am looking forward to trying both the liner and shadow out. I have to say the liner did swatch well and didn’t seep into fine lines which is very promising.

My second item was The Green Fairy Hand and lip balm (retail $18). Clearly it is an absinthe reference and there is some anise scent to the balm.  The scent does lean more towards peppermint than Anise though.  I tried it on my lips and hands and I really liked it. 

I also like the packaging.  However my baby doll is a huge fan of anise and licorice scented/flavored anything.  And getting him to remember to use a lip balm before his lips crack and bleed is always the winter trick. 

He liked the scent enough that he was willing to carry around the metal tin, despite the fairy on the cover so I have passed it into his care.  Hopefully he will use it.  If he does, it will be worth way more than the $18 price tag.

The third item is the Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream (retail $10) from Pacifica.  I really like Pacifica.  I like the fact that it is an affordable clean brand and I am a big fan of some of their products. 

Their Alight Foundation is fantastic.  I have enjoyed several of their skin care items as well and look forwards to testing this one out.  With luck it won’t be too coconutty for me.

The fourth item listed is the Lavido Mandarin Aromatic Body Lotion (retail $5). I tried a couple of Lavido products (one from Boxycharm and one from Ipsy) a while back and really enjoyed them both. 

My only concern is that this has bergamot as one of the scent notes.  While I love mandarin scented lotions and really think there ought to be more of them, I’m not such a fan of bergamot.I may have to open it and give it a sniff.  If the orange comes up trumps I will be happy.  If bergamot rules, it will be passed along.

Oddly enough even though there were only four items listed on the insert card, there was a fifth item in my box this month, it was the Juice Beauty Green Apple cleansing bar (soap). 

I’ve had the item before and it wasn’t my favorite. The green apple smelled nice until water hit it, then the scent faded to nothing.  (If I’m going to use a bar soap in the shower, I’m probably going to steal my Babydoll’s Cedar Citrus from Dr. Squatch.)

There was no note with the soap as to why it was included so I’m guessing it was just some sort of mistake. As I was looking up the value of the soap I did find that the cleansing bar has been discontinued so that too might have something to do with why it was tossed so unceremoniously in my beauty box this month. As I am making up several little kits for family with beauty and self care products, I’ll probably pop it into one of those.  Actually, those will be mailed out this week so I can get them to their locations on time.

But my trips to the post office aside, this was a pretty good box this month.  I have my fingers crossed about the Body Lotion and the lip balm has been appropriated by my babydoll (which actually makes it extra fab) but I have high hopes for the eyeliner and the Pacifica moisturizer.

For my $18 I received $59 worth of listed products and an extra bar of soap. I suspect the bar of soap is because the box is usually listed as being worth over $60.  If I remember correctly the sample bar of soap was $3 in the month I received it as a listed item. Is it the most exciting box this month?  No.  I’ve had much more exciting items from Petit Vour in the past. I will however get some decent use out of the items.  Although to be honest it is the fact of my babydoll getting a lip balm he might actually use that saves this box. But November was a difficult month for a lot of subscription boxes.  Hopefully December will be more exciting.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour October Unboxing

Finally, it has arrived!  My October Petit Vour Box! 

I know, technically it isn’t late.  It arrived just on time.  The Petit Vour Beauty Box subscription (A vegan, Cruelty Free subscription box) costs $18 per month and features four products.  Occasionally there are five, but mostly it is four.  They do have a larger subscription tier for $25 that has 5-7 products in it. They generally mail out their subscription boxes by the 20th of the month.  Sometimes it is earlier, but usually not, so it is one of the subscription boxes that consistently arrives towards the end of the month.  Which I personally like.  It’s nice to get an end of the month package.  It just felt a little late this month because I checked the tracking so much.

I wasn’t obsessive, more curious than anything else.  Sometimes I feel like I am playing a strange game with the post office.  I get the tracking number and check in.  There is no information yet.  So I check back again later when they give me a range of dates.  ‘Cool,’ I’ll think, ‘I’ll just check back later to see when they narrow that down.’

Then I check back and the dates have disappeared.  So I wait and then check back.  The Post office will then list a date that is earlier than the previously mentioned range, which has me a little confused and I will wonder where they are shipping it from that it is able to get their earlier than they planned. I’ll check back on the day they have listed for delivery and the date will have vanished and a message stating there was a delay in transit and dates will be updated at some point later will appear, sometimes with a reminder about various catastrophic events that might affect shipping.

(And let’s face it, there have been a lot this year, I think we might only be missing an earthquake to round out our natural disaster collectors set.  Not that I want to complete the set.  I’m perfectly happy with an incomplete set. You hear me Universe? That was only a random thought, not a wish or a double dare.)

The post office will then not update anything until the message changes to Out for delivery on the day it arrives, which incidentally will be within the range of dates originally given.  Its almost like the Post Office is having a crisis of confidence. They start out strong and then start to doubt themselves. It is both oddly disturbing and fascinating to watch.  I’ve never seen an entire organization have self-esteem issues before. Which is why I have been checking the tracking numbers along with my initial run through my morning e-mails every morning. 

But in the end it did arrive on time, even though it seemed like they weren’t sure they could pull it off.  In the end they did.  Way to go USPS! I still believe in you.

In the October box there is a card listing the products there in, their retail values and a little something about them.  The back of the card was very October appropriate.  It stats ‘You are Pure Magic’ and looks like a Tarot card.  Not one of the actual cars, more like the back of the informational card that comes with a new deck.

So what was inside?  Well, first we start off with OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream.  It’s the full size, with a retail value of $48.  It is a light weight daily moisturizer that doubles as a primer.  I actually have a second one of these creams sitting in my skin care drawer as it was a Boxy Charm Choice (September, I believe)

I haven’t gotten around to use it and I am curious about the moisturizer and primer aspect of the cream.  I’m trying to work through the last of my sample sized moisturizers before opening a full sized one.  If I like it, then I have two.  Although I might actually pass the second one on to my cousin and see if she wants to try it.

I do love the OSEA cleanser though (the review of which is actually being posted this afternoon oddly enough. So hopefully I like this cream as much as the cleanser. We shall see.

Next up s the Tinted Rose Lip Butter (retail $5) from Ellovi.  It is a highly concentrated lip moisturizer with just six ingredients that are pure enough to eat. At least according to the description.  While I do try not to eat my lip products it is inevitable that some will end up being consumed so I am happy they thought of that.

I did want to see what they meant by tinted though before I decided where to put the lip balm.  I have some lip balms I keep for use at the desk and some I put with lipsticks.  Mostly it depends on the pigmentation.  Very light pigmentation I can repeatedly apply at my desk without a mirror.  The more color, the more I need a mirror. It’s a simple dividing line.  From the product on my hand I can tell, this one, will need a mirror so it will probably end up in my makeup bag rather than on my desk. For those wondering, it doesn’t actually smell of rose.

The third item is the Citrus Shower Gel from Andalou Naturals (retail $3).  I believe I have a body cream from the same brand in my samples box.  I may get that one out next and use these two together as a cleanse and moisturize pairing.  Even though I do have the cream I haven’t tried it and it is the only reason I’ve heard of the brand so it will be interesting to give it a try. 

And finally there is the Derma E Naturals Essential Radiance Toner (retail $2.50). I’ve tried a few Derma E products before.  Some I’ve liked, others not so much.  Its sort of a hit or miss brand for me, but I am always interest in looking for another toner. It is like the category everyone forgets.  Although recently I have been getting a lot more toners in subscription boxes, so maybe someone finally decided they were worth focusing on. It could very easily be a treend I know nothing about. Regardless, I look forward to giving this one a try.

So that was my Petit Vour Box this month.  As you can see most of the value was in the full sized moisturizer.  I’m actually okay with that.  I think it is mostly because I only need a couple of showers to tell if I like a shower gel, a couple of weeks to determine if I like a toner and an afternoon to decide about a lip balm.  Moisturizers take more time. If you add it up my $18 box came with $58.50 worth of products.  All are ones I will use and try so there is no waste.  I have to say, October was a pretty good box.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour September Unboxing

Petit Vour is a clean and Vegan Beauty Box subscription with a monthly price of $18. They also have a Petit Vour Plus Subscription for $25 a month.  The regular Petit Vour Box (which I subscribe to) offers four to five products per month with the products worth over $50 each month.  You can get the subscription price lowered to $15 per month with an yearlong subscription. (the Petit Vour Plus box has five to seven travel and full size products with a value of $100 or more each month.)

Oddly, I think the Petit Vour Plus subscription might end up being an almost direct comparison to the new version of the Allure Beauty box that is coming out in October.  Allure isn’t guaranteed clean and vegan of course but the products and price might end up being comparable.  I’ll have to check into that as Allure gets going. But that is for future debate – and would require I have a Petit Vour Box to compare it to. 

And I am subscribed to the regular Petit Vour Box.  Thus far I have really enjoyed each box I’ve received so let’s see what I received this month to try out.

The first item in the September box is the Shine on Stick from KVOSS (retail $28).  It looks like it is full sized.  If it isn’t then the full sized one must be enormous because this looks full size to me.  It is a creamy highlighting stick in a golden shade. I’ve had cream highlighters before but they weren’t in a stick.  This should be fun to play around with. While the highlight is just streaked across my hand for the photo, I blended it out with my finger and it melted beautifully into the skin showing a more subtle glow instead of the gold streak.

I also like that there is a makeup item in this one.  While I am testing out more and more clean and vegan skincare, trying out clean makeup is a bit of a more daunting task. I’ve picked up several products that were just not good for me and I have also found a couple fabulous ones.  Because I don’t know how I will react to some of the changed formulas I like getting them in beauty boxes so I can try them out before committing to a full size.  It is far less wasteful that way of both product and money.

Moving on there are two products from Goldfaden, MD in this month’s box.  The first is the Needleless Smoothing Face Serum (retail $14).  It is supposed to plump skin and prevent fine line depth in a non-invasive way.  The second is the Detox Hydrating Gel (retail $10) which is described as a moisturizer that detoxes congested skin. 

I have to say both products sound intriguing.  I tried the Goldfaden, MD exfoliating scrub and found it a little too harsh for me to use more than once a month.  If I did use it once a month it worked really well.  More than that was overkill for the product. 

I also have a serum that came in this month’s IPSY bag from Goldfadden, MD that I need to try.  At the moment I am testing out several Timeless Skincare Products.  Perhaps when I am done I will give the a brand trial. I certainly seem to be collecting enough products to at least try it.

The next item is the Pa’akai Cleansing Cream (retail $12).  I have to admit, I have seen this around and been curious about it.  I have never tried the brand but I see them tucked into various places all the time. And a cream cleanser with Hawaiian salt, hibiscus and seaweed does sound quite unique.

Speaking of seaweed, the final item is from the Seaweed Bath Co and it is the Firming Detox Body Cream (retail $4).  It is skin plumping so maybe it will help with my stretch marks.  Either way it looks interesting and I am willing to give it a go.

While there is no set theme for these boxes this month seemed to have an underlying theme of detoxification. With the exception of the highlighter pretty much every item in the box had the words repair, renew or detox in the description.  Apparently someone at Petit Vour Central realized that after the brutal summer we all suffered though we could all use a little self restoration. I can get behind that. It feels like this summer took a lot more out of me than I expected.

I have to say, this, for me was a really good box. The value ended up being $68 which is more than they promised which I like.  Plus they are all products I am going to enjoy trying out. If you are just starting to dip your toe into the clean beauty scene as I am you might want to take a look at the Petit Vour Box.  Through them I have managed to find several products I would never have tried on my own but now will actively seek out.  Almost as important I have tried things that I thought would be absolutely fabulous, but turned out, weren’t for me (although occasionally I find they are for someone else and I end up adding to my gift idea list).  To me that has equal value.

At the moment in addition to their regular subscription Boxes, Petit Vour has several curated boxes available.  Not only can you get some fun and fabulous products but 10% of box sales go to Austin Pets Alive. Just use code DONATE10 when you check out.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Keeping it clean with Kahina Giving Beauty Cleansing oil

As many of you know, I adore a double cleanse. I love knowing that I have gotten all of the makeup as well as the residue of the day off of my skin.  There is just something fabulous about getting you skin super clean.  In a previous month’s Petit Vour box (I can’t remember if it was August or an earlier month) I received the Kahina Giving Beauty Cleansing oil

The full size retails for $59 and contains 100 mL worth of product.  The size I received contained 11 mL.  The suggested use is both morning and evening so that is what I did. Using the cleanser twice a day (with a second cleanser) the 11 mL cleansing oil lasted two weeks. The full size contains a little over nine times the amount of product (9.090909 if you want to be more accurate). So if I have done my math right then the full sized version would last a little over eighteen weeks, or if you only double cleanse in the evening to remove your makeup then a little over 36 weeks.  Which breaks down to $1.63 per use whichever way you use it.

But knowing the math is one thing, what the product does is another.  According to the product page it is designed to…

Dissolve makeup, sunscreen and bacteria with this nourishing oil cleanser that leaves skin clean and soft without residue. Super hydrating, antioxidant rich plant oils combine with healing and anti-inflammatory Calendula, Turmeric, and Blue Tansy to calm and detoxify skin. Luxuriate in the scent of a blend of all natural neroli and geranium essential oils.

This unique Oil Cleanser is water soluble and can be removed with just water.  No washcloth required. Ideal for dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin.


100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan | Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Isoamyl Laurate, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil*, Polyglyceryl-2 Sesquioleate, Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate, Daucus Carota (Carrot) Seed Oil, Panicum Millaceum (Millet) Seed Extract*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract*, Tocopherol, Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract*, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract*, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli) Flower Oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Leaf Oil*, Tanacetum Annuum Flower Oil, Hypericum Perforatum (St. Johns Wort) Leaf Extract, Santalum Spicatum (Sandalwood) Wood Oil, Bisabolol, Citronelol†, Geraniol†, Linalool†, Farnesol†, Limonene†

* Ingredients From Organic Farming †Potential Allergens In Essential Oils Included In The Formula.  Not Added Ingredient. 100% Of The Ingredients Are From Natural Origin 76.84% Of The Total Ingredients Proceed From Organic Farming Cosmos Organic Certified By Ecocert Greenlife According To Cosmos.

Made in USA

Kahina Skincare

The fact that sunflower seed, argan and carrot seed oil are the top three ingredients really makes me happy.  My skin always reacts well to those three.  My hair too, as a matter of fact. Beyond the assorted oils, there are a couple of preservatives so the product doesn’t spoil and so that nothing funky grows in the bottle. 

end of the day makeup

Over all there is nothing troubling in the list that I can see.  I know some folks have issues with Limonene because it is a fragrance component and can cause sensitivity. It is however the very last ingredient on the list and I have never had sensitivity issues to it.  My skin is also not terribly sensitive in general. I know some people can develop sensitivity issues, however as this is a cleanser it is not designed to sit on the skin all that long so I have very little issue with it being in the ingredients.  Plus it’s the first step in a double cleanse so very little of the oil, if any will remain on the skin. If you are sensitive to it, you might want to be aware that it is in the oil.

So now that I know what is in the bottle and what I should expect from it, it is time to give it a try.  I wet my face and then dispensed the oil into my hand.  I used two pumps to get the amount I needed and then I rubbed it into my fully made up face.  As you can see, my lipstick had more or less vanished by the time I tried this oil, but what did remain, the oil took off. 

slightly foamy where the water touches the oil

After cleansing, there was some mascara remaining as well as some foundation.  It was broken up foundation though.  I’m not certain that you can see this in the photo, but what foundation remained was ready to let go and wash away.  While it didn’t rinse off with the oil, when I applied my regular cleanser to follow the oil, the remaining foundation practically streamed off the face with the first touch of soap.  I didn’t even have to rub. 

I did rub however as my mascara was still holding on for dear life. In fact as I washed with my regular cleanser more mascara came off my lashes that had not been touched by the Kahina Oil Cleanser.

Is it a good cleanser?  Yes, but it is very much a part of a two step cleanse.  It will break up the makeup but it needs a second step to make certain it is all gone. Just to make certain that this mascara was not being stubborn, I tried the oil cleanser with two separate mascaras, one an all natural vegan one and the other a waterproof one (the one I wore this week was a regular non-waterproof one).  The vegan one was easily removed with the oil, the waterproof one was not.  I then tested just my regular cleanser with the makeup and different mascaras.  The regular cleanser worked the same on all three mascaras, but without the oil I had to scrub more to remove the foundation and when I used my toner, the cotton round had much more makeup left behind on it than when I used the oil cleanser. 

still with a bit of the mascara remaining, more unfortunately came off my lashes when I went in with my second cleanser

So essentially what I found with my skin and products was that the Kahina cleansing oil was really good at loosening up and breaking down all makeup except mascara (other than the vegan one) and that it is definitely worth the time of doing a double cleanse. I actually enjoyed this cleanser very much.  My skin was cleaner than when I washed without it and it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed.  I like that the ingredients are ethically sourced and that very little was actually added to the oils. I also like the fact that it didn’t smell of bergamot. I don’t know why so many oil cleansers (especially the ones that are clean and vegan) tend to lean into the bergamot scent.  This one thankfully did not.

Would I consider buying it? Yes, I think I would.  It was a good cleansing oil and while it was a rock star with the foundation and fell down a bit with the mascara, most cleansing oils seem to fall down with the mascara.  And at least when I tried it on my eyes it removed all the shadow and didn’t leave a film on my contact lenses (which some have been known to do). All in all a pretty good product and I’m glad I got a chance to try it.

As I mentioned before it came in one of my Petit Vour Boxes. It is a clean and vegan beauty subscription I am really enjoying using. 

At the moment in addition to their regular subscription box, they are offering twelve limited edition curated boxes for sale.  The prices vary depending on what is in them but you can actually see what items are in the limited edition curated boxes on the Petit Vour website.  Several of the items have been featured in previous boxes and they vary from skin care to makeup.  All of course, cruelty free.

As an extra bonus now through december 31st 10% of all curated box sales are being donated to Austin Pets Alive. Just add code DONATE10 at checkout.

There are a couple of samples I’ve tried before that I wouldn’t mind having a second sample size of before I decide whether I want to commit to a full size.  Or that I just want to have around in general. It is definitely worth checking out, especially with 10% going to such a worthy cause. You can find the boxes at the link above or by clicking on the general banner below and following the prompts on the site. The Austin Pets Alive link will take you to their site if you want to look into where the money is going.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour August 2020 Unboxing

Petit Vour is a monthly subscription box that focuses on non-toxic and plant-based beauty.  The box is $18 per month (or as low as $15 if you get a yearly subscription) and each month subscribers receive four products in a box always valued over $50.  This is a newer subscription for me and I have to say, thus far, I have really been liking it.

The products included have all been quality products and to be honest, they are not ones I would have picked up on my own.  Some simply because I haven’t heard of them and others because I passed them by thinking I might try them at some later date. 

Not only have I found a couple of products I definitely plan to repurchase, but through this service I have found several companies, I didn’t know existed.  While the products in the box may or may not end up being on my repurchase list, I have been able to place several companies who focus on producing clean beauty products on my radar and will be trying out other products they produce at a later date. 

One more thing about this box, and it may be an odd thing to state, but with the exception of the strip of mailing tape designed to keep the box sealed in the mail (and which is easily removed from the package) I can cut this box into pieces and, along with the undyed little paper fuzzies used for packing material, add all of the outer package to my compost bin. I cut it up so it decomposes faster. I know that sounds odd, but because of their packaging choices I don’t have to throw away the box and packing material or send it out to be recycled. Given how much care they took on the inside, I appreciate them doing the same on the outside.

So when I saw that my Petit Vour Box was in my mailbox today, I was very excited.  I also have to say that more than most, this box is always a complete surprise to me.  While spoilers for other subscription boxes are hard to avoid, this one seems to fly below the radar, at least for me. Maybe I just miss them, I don’t know. This month I didn’t see a single spoiler for the August box so the entire thing is a complete surprise.

Yes, you may insert excited giggles here.

So let’s see what August’s box holds.

It is still sealed so that I won’t accidentally open it until I am ready yo use it.

This month apparently there are five items instead of four.  The first is a Lengthening Organic Mascara from Harvest natural Beauty (retail $18).  While I have never tried anything from Harvest Natural beauty and never tried any natural mascara that I am aware of, I am always happy to have a new mascara on hand. 

I am almost at the end of several mascaras and so will be purging some from my dressing table at the end of the month (because they are getting a bit old). So I will set this aside and wait for a little while before opening it, but it will make a visit to my weekly makeup bag in the near future. Then there shall be a detailed accounting.

Now I have heard of AKAR Skin before. I tried an eye cream sample and I remember absolutely loving it but it was so long ago that I can’t really remember the details. It was also before I began reviewing products so I don’t have notes to go back to either. I automatically made the ooh sound when I saw the brand name so I know my association with the brand is a positive one. The Balance Toning Mist (retail $15) which is in the August box is new to me.  I’m not entirely certain what a toning mist actually is.  Is it a toner that you spray on?  It sounds like it, but I’ll have to look into it further before I use it, and let you know when I figure it out.  As an aside though, how pretty is that bottle? It may be vain of me, but I really do like looking at pretty products. I won’t keep something around just for looks, it has to work, but I really do like the pretty packaging too. And this is very pretty.

Another brand that I know I’ve used in the past is the EiR NYC.  Again I can’t remember the product but I had a positive reaction to seeing the brand so I’m sure it was good.  This is the Tough Love Cuticle Balm (retail $12). As Autumn is rapidly approaching and soon it will be time to clear out the garden and get it ready for winter, this is a timely product for me. 

Every spring and autumn my hands take a beating as I work in the garden.  In the spring thought there seems to be enough moisture around that nothing dries out too badly.  In the autumnal garden prep, my hands and cuticles always dry out fiercely.  I think I sweat in the gloves, but the air is drier.  I always end up using much more hand lotion after my late season chores where as in the spring I get red and raw patches from fighting with weeds.

So I am pumped to have a cuticle balm.  I have to say I opened the little metal canister and found that it smells exactly like the Speak Natural Deodorant I used a few months back.  It has the same look and the exact same scent. Also as the box was in my metal mailbox in the sun, the cuticle balm sweated a little bit. I won’t touch it until it cools and the sweat will be absorbed again. The same thing actually happened with Speak. I’m sure it is just a crossover of ingredients, but I find it a little odd.  But if it works, I’ll get over the oddness.

To go with the cuticle balm is the Kukui Cocoa Nourishing Body Butter (retail $3) from Andalou Naturals.  I’ve never used the brand before, but I have seen them around.  At the moment I have several body lotions and hand creams open so I will set this aside for when I finally manage to empty a couple of them.  I am close on a couple, but I would rather leave this sealed until I am ready to use it. While I am never really super thrilled to see hand lotion/body butter in my subscription boxes, there were five items instead of four this month, so I am willing to consider this a bit of an extra.

Finally there is an Oil Cleanser from Kahina Giving Beauty (retail $10). I am always happy to try out a new oil cleanser. I am actually still using the oil cleaner I received in last month’s Petit Vour box. As soon as it is empty I will rotate this in to give it a try.

All in all I am very happy with the products in this month’s Petit Vour Box.  For my $18 I received $58 worth of products.  So it is a couple of dollars over the $50 estimate. I’m guessing that’s why there were five items this month as there was no mention of anything extra on the card. I am very much looking forward to trying out pretty much all of these products.  I’m also really happy that one of the items was a makeup item, the mascara.  While I love all natural skin care, I know very little about all natural and plant based makeup.  It makes setting this mascara to the side for a few more weeks a test of will power as I am very curious as to how it will perform.  But as I also don’t want to waste product, I will set it to the side and wait. Meanwhile the Tough Love Cuticle Balm will be going next to my gardening gloves and the cleanser will be waiting to go into my skin care rotation.  The Akar toning spray will also go into the mix once I figure out if it is actually a toner or something else.  Personally, I am looking forward to finding out. While I find all of the products interesting, that is the one I am most intrigued by and can’t wait to try. I think it is the orange, beckoning me in. It will be fun to see if it works as good as it looks.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Petit Vour July 2020 Unboxing

The July 2020 Box

And a happy national Lipstick day to each and every one of you.  I hope you are flaunting your favorite shades today.  While my lips are clad in my favorite Kristopher Buckle Cashmere lip in Bardot (it wasn’t in my make up bag again this week, but I couldn’t resist bringing it out in celebration today) let me tell you about this month’s Petit Vour Box.

Oh yes my darlings, it too finally came in the mail. There are two levels to this subscription, the Petit Vour beauty Box and the Beauty Box plus (Plus has 5-7 travel and full sized items for $25 per month). My subscription is for the regular Petit Vour beauty box and features four cruelty free items each month.  You get the occasional full sized item, but most are deluxe samples. 

The box is $16 per month and this is actually my second month receiving the box and thus far I am really liking it.  Last month I found an exfoliating scrub I never would have come across on my own and that I have now placed on my to be ordered again list.  It was from B kind and I really like how gentle, yet effective it was.  The link is to my full review. The product can be purchased both at the company site or on the Petit Vour site. I know they have a points system for rewards based on purchases but I haven’t had the subscription long enough to play around with it. 

But on to this month’s box.  The first Item is from Province Apothecary and it is a deluxe sized cleanser and makeup remover (retail $20).  As I am almost finished with my Elemis Cleansing Balm, it is pretty good timing to have this arrive now. 

The big decision is whether I want to squirrel away the remaining Elemis and start testing the Province Apothecary or just bite the bullet, finish the Elemis and let it go. Either way, this will soon take its place in my bathroom next to my Make up Eraser and we will see how well it removes make up.  With luck I’ll like it just as much as the Elemis.


The second item in my box this month is the Antonym Cosmetics Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil.(retail $19)It is a brown eye pencil, which I have to admit I don’t have a lot of.  It is a standard pencil format, which isn’t my favorite, but the product did feel nice on my hand and not too sharp feeling so it should be fine. 

In addition it has its own rather substantial pencil sharpener on the end.  So when it gets dull I won’t have to go looking for a sharpener. It’s always nice to avoid a panicked search for a missing tool when you are half made up. It arrived too late to be in this week’s make up bag, but perhaps I’ll put it into the bag for a trial next week.

The third Item actually came in two little potted containers.  It is the Ursa major flash mask.  (retail $12).  I’m not entirely certain if that means each pot is one use or what so I will have to investigate before I use them. 

I like the idea of a three minute mask, especially if it matches the claims of increasing firmness and restoring luminosity.  I’m not going to give up my fifteen minute relaxation time each Friday with my face masks, but perhaps a mid-week pick me up for my skin wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Perhaps I’ll make it a self care reward for making it through a particularly grueling work out.

Finally there is a Sea Clay Body mask (retail $8) from Formulary.  I have to say I am intrigued by the thought of slathering myself in sea clay, spa style, but the package suggests it is most effective on the neck, back and décolletage, so perhaps I will reign myself in.  As my décolletage has taken a beating due to my propensity for v-necked shirts while working in the garden, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to treat that particular section of my body to an extra special treat.

All in all, I am really pleased with my subscription this month.  It is my second month and just like the first, I received items I will definitely use and want to try.  My plan was originally to test out this subscription for three months to see if I like it. I suspect I will not only keep this subscription past the three month mark, but if it continues to be such an excellent selection, around month six I may be considering upgrading to the Plus level of the beauty box, especially if I decide to let other beauty boxes go.  For now however I am just going to use my products and report back.  Who knows, I might find another new favorite.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box