A Shop Miss A Haul

In general I am not a haul posting kind of person. Mostly because in general that isn’t how I shop. I generally find something I want and pot it on my list. Then I think about it a while and maybe wait for a sale. And then I buy the item and maybe a couple of other items to ensure free shipping. However Shop Miss A is a different kind of store. It features almost everything on it’s website for around a dollar. Most of the items I purchased were around $1 or $1.88. I think the only item I purchased that was more was the makeup brush kit for $10.00.

The entire order cost me less than $40

I have purchased a few makeup items from Shop Miss A in the past simply to try them out. I saw that they had other items but didn’t really go into the housewares, stationary or anything else really, I just stayed with the makeup. the items I tried, while a limited selection, worked well.

This time, while I did order several makeup items from Shop Miss A, I went in to almost every category in their store. I started with their new arrivals page (which is changed daily and tends to sell out quickly) and just kept going. Initially i went in because I wanted to try out more of their makeup. I have several younger family members who are just getting into makeup. They aren’t allowed to wear it out of the house yet. Their schools don’t let them wear it to class and I think the most they are allowed is clear lip gloss worn to church, but they are allowed to play around with it at home so they can learn and just have fun with it.

I figured the makeup or brushes might make decent stocking stuffers should the quality prove worth it. Once I selected items, like the single eyeshadows, eyeshadow quads and lip gloss (I already have a selection of Miss A Face products including foundation) I branched out.

I’ll admit, I ordered some to look at as potential gifts but several items I ordered because I wanted to see the quality or was just plain interested in trying out. A few things I actually needed. There is a heat mat to set down a hot hair tool without causing damage and potential fires. I was planning to get one and kept forgetting so I added it to the cart.

I love that this rolls up for easy travel

Many of my hair sticks are showing a lot of wear so finding replacements isn’t a bad idea and I have seen the hair massage tool in a lot of places and wondered about it. Picking it up here to try out is an inexpensive way to see if a tool like this is something I would use or something that really isn’t for me.

There was also a lot of cute jewelry that would be perfect for stockings if it proved decent enough quality. As always I am skeptical. And it isn’t because of the price. I’ll admit I am suspicious of the quality of $1 jewelry, but as I have had more expensive jewelry where the charm on the necklace was high quality but the chain was cheap and snapped after a few days of wear, I was willing to take a chance. Plus they had some really adorable items. I couldn’t resist these gummy bear looking earrings actually. (those are the green ones in the earring three pack).

I can never resist a pair of cure socks so I picked up a pair of those as well to see how they feel on the feet. And I love sunglasses. I have several expensive pairs as well as several cheap pairs and honestly pricy or cheap is less important to me than the look of the glasses. I was thrilled with these and I love that they came sealed in a separate foam wrapping to keep them from getting scratched up in transit.

Honestly, everything was very well packed and wrapped so that absolutely nothing was damaged in transit.

Traveling so recently has also added some of the items to my purchase list. I ordered travel nail polish remover wipes which I really hope works. I didn’t take any nail polish remover home with me and my mom didn’t have any in the house so my nails looked spectacularly bad when i returned.

I also picked up a travel case for my makeup sponge which i really could have used this trip and because I was giving their makeup up tools a try I decided to add a makeup sponge to the order as well.

And then I wrapped things up with a notebook to try out (graph paper pages), a soap tablet for a refillable soap container and soap sheets for washing my hands. They had a wide variety of scents to choose from and this is something I have been looking to purchase for a while. While I am sure it will be good for travel, there are two separate buildings I go to for various meetings (most of my stuff is done on line but there are still a few in person meetings) one has a bathroom that is almost always out of soap and the other has one stocked with soap that I am allergic to as it causes my hands to break out in an itchy rash. The soap sheets added to my purse will be quite appreciated.

Providing they work and I have no reaction to them. I will be testing them out before adding them to my bag as a staple item. In fact everything will be tested and tried out in the near future. Partially because I want to try out the items I purchased and partially because I want to determine if the quality is high enough that I can order stocking stuffers and birthday add ons.

Quite honestly I am looking forward to the testing portion of the items in this order. There are a wide variety of items and some of them are quite practical. others like the candy gloss and gummy bear earrings just look like good fun. Either way, I can’t wait to try everything out from my recent Shop Miss A Haul.

Five Subscriptions to Gift this Valentines Day

No matter if you are shopping for your significant other, friends, family or even yourself this Valentine’s Day, here are five subscriptions that are bound to please.

1 – The Underclub

Nothing says Valentine ’s Day like lingerie and Underclub has you covered, no matter if you are looking for something special from their Valentine’s day collection, a special set that caught your eye or a monthly subscription to enjoy throughout the year. 

Valentines Day Sale: Toast Pink / Red set both Bikini & Thong, Electric U thong 3-pack, Monique Morin packs – both Black & Infinite and Strappy Black 3-Pack

Their pieces are well made and lovely to look at and wear.  They also come in a wide variety of sizes and have a handy size chart so you can get the perfect fit whether you are purchasing it for yourself or someone else.

Addiction Nouvelle

2- The Tea Club

Offered by The Art of Tea there are five separate categories : Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, and Pyramid Sachets. You can mix and match as well as choose a 3, 6 or 12 month plan making it customizable for the tea lover in your life.

Valentine’s Day Love Box Gift Set

They also have single teas available and currently have a special Valentine’s day box curated for those who want to share the love of tea.

3 – Smartass and Sass

Perhaps you are looking for a gift that says I respect your inherent love of sarcasm. If so Smartass and Sass has you covered. They have a monthly sarcastic t-shirt option (with sizes ranging from Extra small to Triple XL), A subscription box featuring a variety of items to sarcasm and humor throughout your loved one’s life and then they have the big box which combines the t-shirt and box into one large gift.

Use Code SC10 To Get 10% Off Your First Subscription or Shop Order.

Gifting is easy and boxes ship out on the 18th of the month. Should you be running late this year they offer a downloadable card that you can print out to let your loved one know that you did in fact remember to order on time. Don’t worry the printable card doesn’t contain the date you actually ordered.

4 – Curateur

Do you have a fashion lover in your midst? Perhaps you should check out Curateur. The Curateur box is a quarterly subscription that features five items ranging from jewelry and fashion to skincare, beauty and lifestyle.

Get exclusive seasonal styles delivered right to your door, four times a year! Join now at CURATEUR.com!

The items inside are always curated to the current and upcoming fashion trends rather than holdovers from trends gone by giving this lifestyle box a fresh feel. The Spring 2021 curation has just been released and has a retail value of more than $850.

5 – Bloomsy Box

What would Valentines day be without flowers? Not a happy one in my world. Flowers have the ability to brighten up any space and bring warm and delightful colors to even the dreariest of days. Bloomsy Box features farm to vase flowers that are always of the highest quality.


For Valentine’s Day, you can shop flower subscriptions, premium roses, unique mixed bouquets, and more. They have flexible plans and delivery options whether you are just looking for the perfect Valentine’s bouquet or a routine delivery.

Whatever you choose you are sure to have a happy Valentine’s Day.