The Skincare Line Up: April 22nd, 2022

Good morning and welcome to the weekly skincare line up. Here we take a brief look at all of the products in play and see how they are performing as they work in a team. This week was a week of allergies so the eyes are watery and the bags can not be blamed on any skincare product. Still I have a bare skin picture to show you so you can see how my skin looks. Despite the allergies I think it is doing well.

There were some minor breakouts due to the massive sugar intake over Easter. Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. I love them but luckily they only come around once a year. Although this year the Peeps actually gave me the sugar shakes. That is far too much sugar to take in one sitting when you haven’t had it in a while. Next year I am either going to have to ease myself in or just skip them all together.

But that has passed and the sugar spots have mostly been cleared away. I’m actually quite pleased with how my skin looks at the moment. So shall we talk about the products responsible?

The Daytime Line Up

Cleanser: Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash

Essence: Time Revolution The First Essence 5X from Missha

Serum: The Nue Co’s The Pill (not pictured because I finished it and threw out the bottle without thinking)

Toner: Murad Hydrating Toner

Eye Cream: Sunday Riley 5 Star Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Sunscreen: Light Hearted Broad Spectrum SPF 30 from Sunday Riley

First Up, I did finish The Pill Serum by Nue Co. It wasn’t my favorite serum. I’m sure it was good for my skin, but there was nothing I could point to and say, yes, this is what that serum did. There were a couple of days where I left off the serum and there was no noticeable difference. The Nue co makes several great products, but I just wasn’t impressed by this one.

The Kate Somerville cleanser is fine. It cleans well without stripping and it is quite gentle. It is a nice cleanser. It probably isn’t one I’m going to remember or seek out once this tube is empty, but I am enjoying using it. at the moment I actually have a stockpile of cleansers so I am working through them. Its also why I have a different one at night. I don;t mind having a lot on hand as I will always go through them, but they have to be special for me to put on the repurchase list and thus far, I haven’t seen anything that makes me really want to repurchase this.

The Time Revolution Essence just gets better and better each time I use it. I can feel my pores opening up and I really think my skin looks better because of it.

When I went into the cabinet to find a toner I realized I had this one from Murad opened and about halfway used so I decided to roll it back into my line up to finish using. I really like this toner. The spray lets me apply the right amount to the reusable pad without the risk of spilling and it smells light and fresh. I also like the proof that my makeup remover is working when i use it at night.

The Sensitive version of the Embryolisse is turning out to be perfect for this time of year. It is light enough that it doesn’t feel like too much when the weather is warm and it works well with my sunscreen. I was worried about that actually. When I apply the sunscreen I have to wait until the moisturizer absorbs. because of this I adjusted my schedule slightly in the mornings. Normally I put on the coffee, then go through my morning routine. By the time i am done the coffee is brewed. What I am doing now is putting the coffee pot on, applying everything but sunscreen, then pouring my first cup. I set the cup on the desk and then go back to the bathroom to apply the sunscreen before having my coffee. I know it isn’t much of a change, but just that slight amount of time is enough for the moisturizer to settle in before I apply the sunscreen.

And I am liking the sunscreen. Which isn’t a surprise as I really liked the sample of it I tried at the end of the summer last year.

This week I also switched out my eye creams. I have been wanting to try this Sunday Riley eye cream for a while. It was a gift with new subscribers for the Allure box (and one of the reason I signed up) and since it was here I couldn’t resist. While I really like the formula of the eye cream and I like that only a little comes out of the tube at a time, keeping the rest of the product away from the air. I am not a huge fan of the applicator. It is very good on the crows feet area but not great for under the eye. So I end up putting the cream on the sides of my eyes and then tapping it in with my fingers. Which is fine. Just something to note. It is a very light weight formula and I did remember to take a picture of the lines around my eyes before I started using it so i can o a comparison pic after a month of use. So hopefully I will see some results.

The Nighttime Line Up

Cleanser: Yensa CBD Superfood Dual Cleansing Oil

Essence: Time Revolution The First Essence 5X from Missha (currently 30% off but get an extra 20 % off with code EASTER20 – sitewide sale code)

Makeup Remover: Makeup Cloths from The Turkish Towel Company (I’m using the cleansing oil as a makeup remover too)

Serum: The Nue Co Topical C

Eye Cream: Sunday Riley 5 Star Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre (Sensitive)

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

The Yensa cleansing oil has worked really well as a makeup remover. I had planned to roll in a cleansing balm for makeup removal but this far I haven’t needed it. I do have a couple I want to test out, but I am happy to wait until this cleansing oil is done since they aren’t necessary at the moment. The Turkish Towel Company cloths are holding up well. They are gentle and effective and due to their dark color, they haven’t stained. So I am happy to keep using them.

In all honesty, I forgot to use the Topical C this week. It ended up pushed to the back of the shelf and forgotten. I remembered it when I moved the bottles around for the photograph this morning. I’ll put it back to use now that I’ve remembered it, but I forgot about it this week.

And Finally the Laneige has been keeping my lips soft and supple. I really love applying it before bed at night and highly recommend it.

But wait…that’s not all…

(and yes I wrote Tuesday and Thursday on top of the Retinol to remind myself not to reach for it every day)

The Others

Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid – A toner used every other day

Shani Darden Retinol Reform (used Tuesday and Thursday nights)

The Shani Darden is almost empty, I will probably finish it out before the end of the week. It is a nice retinol. I’ve been using it Tuesdays and Thursdays and then using the Alpha H Liquid Gold Monday, Wednesday and Friday. when i tried using them together there was some stinging so i separated them and have had no problems with either product. The retinol is nice however it does male me a little sun sensitive. As we are entering into the season where I spend a lot more time in the sun I will probably be switching to a bakuchiol instead since it doesn’t have the same sun issues. I am only using this retinol at night though. I think I would like to try this product in a full size to see how well it performed over a longer period. I think that might be a skincare trial for next winter though.

The Alpha H is fantastic. The first couple of applications it did sting a little, but the sting faded as my skin got used to it and I really think my skin looks lovely partially because of this Liquid gold. I am very happy to keep using it.

And that is the skin care for the week. I am enjoying the products I am using and this week I will roll in a serum to take the place of The Nue Co and I will finish out the retinol and roll in something else. If you are looking at products, I hope this helps you out. Happy Friday everyone.

Mother’s Day Gifts: Missha Time Revolution 5x Best Sellers Set

It is time to begin the hunt for the best Mother’s day presents. From now until April 30th I will be posting about various Mother’s day gifts for those of you looking to shop (for your mother, yourself or a mother-like figure in your life). Hopefully it will provide you some inspiration as you look for the perfect gift.

Growing up my mother always claimed that for Mother’s day she just wanted a nice quiet relaxing day.  So we concentrated on home spa like gifts, as we got older the gifts branched out of the drug store bubble bath into more luxurious pampering and included both spa like bath elements and skincare.   There was also the occasional delicate snack and or sweet (chocolate covered strawberries anyone?).  In general though I tend to go for gift boxes and as we roll towards the end of April and into May I’m going to bring up some of my favorites and hopefully help inspire your gift giving this Mother’s day.

Today we are going to start with the Missha Time Revolution 5x Best Sellers Set. Usually this set retails for $106.00 however they have a Mother’s Day sale going on and you can pick it up for $42.40.  Which is 60% off (for those of you who don’t want to do the math).  

In this gift basket is a full sized version of the Missha Time Revolution The First Essence 5x.  This Essence alone retails for $54 (and is so worth it.).  This link will take you to my first use post of the Time Revolution The First Essence 5X. I just finished the second week of the full trial and I absolutely adore this essence.  It has almost no scent to it and feels fresh and clean on the skin. I will be using every last drop of this essence. 

There is also an opening up feeling when the essence touches the skin, which is perfect as the main point of the essence is to open up the skin so that more of your skincare products can be more readily absorbed.  I also have to say my skin has been looking pretty good since I started using this essence and feeling even better. It is really easy to see why this is a best seller. 

Especially going into the summer months.  It not only opens the skin but it hydrates as well and anything that can help me lock moisture into my skin when I start to spend more and more time outside in the sun is a big win in my book.  And since I learned my gardening skills from my mother, who will also be spending most of the summer in her garden, this is a winner.

Of course it isn’t the only item in the gift basket. If it were it wouldn’t really be a gift set, it would just be a single product.  Which would be fine, I would be thrilled with just the essence as the gift, however it is a set.

The set includes Time Revolution The First Essence 5X (150 ml and 30 ml) so you get the full sized version and the travel sixed one which I didn’t realize they had a travel sized version and will be looking into that for next years’ stocking stuffers for my skin care minded family members now that I do. It also includes the Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 5X (50 ml and 10 ml), Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule Cream 5X (10 ml).  That’s five separate products.  And it is currently on sale for less than the cost of just the First Essence. 

I’ve tried several products from the Time Revolution line and ended up loving each and every one of them.  And with each product it is easy to see why Missha is a trusted Korean Skincare Brand.  If you are looking for a skincare related Mother’s Day present, I think this would be a fantastic option. It is a good value (even without the sale), excellent products and it comes in a lovely box.  It is certainly on my list of possible gifts.

Missha has several different gift basket options so you can choose the one that most suits you (or your mother’s) skin care and beauty needs. The Time Revolution Best Sellers Set is my personal favorite but I’ve liked the Missha Mother’s Day Gift Guide below if you want to see what other fabulous offers they have this year so that you can find the perfect gift.

MISSHA Mother’s Day Gift Guide

First use of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Recently Embryolisse sent to me three of the moisturizers from their Lait Creme Line. As I was familiar with the Concentre (and knew it was the most deeply moisturizing of the line) I tried it first. Not only was it a fantastic moisturizer but it has become a standard in my makeup line up as a pre makeup base.

When I moved it to my makeup drawer I rolled in this Lait Creme Sensitive into my skincare line up to try it out. (In time I will try it out as a pre makeup base as well, but for now I am sticking with using it as a moisturizer.) The tube looks nearly identical to the original Lait-creme Concentre. It has the same style of tube, the same inner seal that requires the pointy side of the cap to break through. However once you open it, you are aware that it is indeed a different cream.

The word for this Lait Creme Sensitive, is light. Especially in comparison to the original. The scent is nearly identical to the first, but much lighter and dissipates more quickly. while the white blob of cream in my hand looks the same as the white blob of cream from the original, it looks and feels just a little bit lighter as well.

When the original was dispensed and applied, it left white streaks on the skin until the cream warmed up and then melted in beautifully. This Sensitive version, does not need to warm up time. It absorbed into the skin without any white streaks whatsoever. It was highly moisturizing, but absorbed a little faster. It is also a slightly lighter moisturizer as well. For me that is a really good thing. The Original was perfect at night and great as my skin was winter dry. As the temperatures and humidity levels rise where I am, the lighter cream is a very good thing.

It isn’t all that much lighter, but just enough that it seems quite perfect for early spring time use. I suspect it will work well as a pre makeup base as well, but I haven’t tried it out yet. The key thing is that this is just like the original only lighter all around (scent, moisturizing, etc).

no white streaks

The application is the same. I find that I am using twice as much at night as I do in the day time, which isn’t unusual for me where moisturizers are concerned. I like letting the moisture sink in overnight so I often look a little like a glazed doughnut before bedtime. Over all if you like the original, but are just a little more sensitive to scents or want a slightly lower level of moisture, this is a great alternative to the original. I will be using the Lait Creme Sensitive from Embryolisse as my sole moisturizer for the next thirty days and I have high hopes that it will perform just as well as the original.

Lait-Crème Concentré

First Use of The First Essence 5x by Missha

Missha just sent over their Time Revolution The First Essence 5X for me to try out and review. If you’ve read my posts you know I am a huge fan of their Time Revolution Artemisia Line. I just finished a full review of the Pack Foam Cleanser from that line and the Artemisia essence is a summer time staple as it is fantastic for dealing with skin that has spent a little too much time in the sun. It is amazingly soothing as well as a good essence.

Once this arrived, I went onto the

site to take a look at what I should expect from this essence.

A K-beauty and Missha #1 best-seller, the Time Revolution The First Essence 5X is the brand’s fifth-generation leading essence. Formulated with 97% Desert Cica Yeast Ferment, this firming and brightening essence helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, delivers dense moisture, and offers basic strength care. The pure and potent skin-nourishing ingredients provide eight key skincare benefits: clarity, moisture, skin tone, texture, soothing, smoothness, hyperpigmentation, and protection. Ingredients are fermented with Missha’s EXTREME FERMENT α™ Method, a unique three-step fermentation method that stably delivers an extreme boost of active ingredients to the skin.

Time Revolution The First Essence 5X is clinically proven to improve tone, texture, and moisture within 14 days of use. It is recommended for those with dull, dry, or aging skin, and can be used on normal/sensitive skin types.

Missha Skincare

While looking up the details I also found Missha is having a large Mother’s Day sale. This essence is currently 30% off (as are most of the other items on the site if you are looking to stock up).

Personally I think this is the perfect time to start trying out this essence. This is the time of year where my skin always feels a little dull due to the ending of winter and too much time spent indoors over the past few months. It is also the time of year where the temperatures and humidity levels are all over the place. (fire watch and tornados over the weekend, rain and much cooler temps today with flooding on it’s way)I generally find that a good essence can help to align the other products in my routine as well as do a fantastic job in and of itself.

Plus if you look in the description (and the ingredients list) you will see cica listed. Cica is one of those ingredients you see a lot in Korean skincare and for a good reason. It is great at soothing skin and taking out some of the redness and irritation. With allergens in the air growing each day at this time of year and the sun beating down as I start moving plants from the greenhouse to the garden, redness and irritation are near constant companions. I’ve used cica infused products before and my skin has always behaved well with them so I am looking forward to seeing what this essence can do.

As this is the beginning of the thirty day trial I can’t yet speak to it’s efficacy, but I can say that it is a clear liquid with no real scent to it. It looks like water in the hand but when applied my skin sucked it in like a sponge. I let it sit for a minute to ensure that my skin had absorbed it all and then proceeded with the rest of my skin care. I don’t think I had to wait that long as it didn’t really need the time to absorb, but I like to give it a minute to settle in. It actually absorbed faster than other essences I have tried so I know it will not be adding any time to my skincare routine (and might actually be taking some time off my morning prep.) It was a fantastic first test and my skin did feel a little more hydrated than usual. Towards the evening I start to feel a little dry at this time of year. Soon the season will switch and I’ll start to feel a little more oily towards the end of the day.

I felt less dry than usual. As this was the only item switched out today, I think that the Time Revolution The First essence from Missha can be credited with adding a bit more moisture to my skin. which isn’t a bad thing. I am looking forward to seeing how well it performs. As I already love the Artemisia Essence from the line, it has a lot to live up to.

Save an additional 25% with the code BEST25

The Eye Mask Trials Continue with Youth Haus Glow and Go

As Spring slowly starts and allergy season begins, the trial of my single sets of eye masks continues. I think this may be the last single set of under eye masks I have in my stockpile. Thus far there have been a few I like and many I haven’t felt worth purchasing in a full pack. Most of these singles have appeared as part of subscription boxes. I tended to let the singles pile up and focused on using my few favorites (Grace and Stella and Klorane). while some of them have been good, none of them have supplanted the favorites so both of those will be reordered in preparation for under eye depuffing during allergy season.

But what of today’s under eye masks from Youth Haus? Do the Glow and Go under eye masks deserve a deeper look?

Let’s find out.


According to the website these under eye masks…

Sparkle with our Glow & Go Eye Patches. Look bright and beautiful with a blend of powerful ingredients – including Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and the dreamy duo of Retinol and Bakuchiol for a youthful glow. You deserve a skincare routine that treats you like gold, and these patches will restore your natural radiance.

Youth Haus Glow and Go mask

Inside the package the two eye masks are sitting in a little plastic tray. they actually came out of the packaging without sticking to the containing envelope which was nice. Part of it is because there is a lot of excess serum. The patches are sort of swimming in it and when I accidentally tilted the plastic it poured out into the sink. The eye masks are the kind of jelly like consistency I really like. Because of the excess serum they slide around a bit when I first applied them.

mask on

They settled in after a bit and as per the instructions I used my jade roller over them to kind of roll them in place and to enhance absorption of the serum. You do have to be careful that they don’t wrap around the roller and pull off.

The patches grew cold feeling against the skin almost immediately. I did not put them in the fridge before hand (which is recommended to increase the cooling effect). I wanted to try them on their own first. I was not disappointed. I also think that with the level of cooling these eye patches do on their own putting them in the fridge might be a bit too much for me.

mask off

as it was, these cooling patches were fantastic. I felt revived and more alert while wearing them (this is one of the things I like about the Grace and Stella Energizing eye masks too). The cooling died down about the same time that it was time to remove the eye masks from underneath my eyes. The skin is cool to the touch and I have to say, despite swimming in serum, there is not a lot left on my skin. I patted the rest in.

I didn’t have a lot of puffiness to my eyes today so there was no real visible depuffing, but I feel more alert and awake. I really enjoyed these eye masks and would love to use them again. That’s right ladies and gents, for the first time in the singles trial we have a set of eye masks that will be added to my list of favorites. There have been a few that I liked and will repurchase, but this is the first set that has made it to my, keep in stock list. which means I now have three brands of eye masks on the list. Way to go Youth Haus Glow and Go.

Klorane Deluxe Samples + Free Shipping on Orders $40+

Using the Merci Handy Hand Cream

It is rare for me to be annoyed by a hand cream. I have tried out a lot of them. Especially in the last two years. Some have been very good. Some have been very bad. Some have given me lasting hydration and some just made my hands feel slimy and greasy for a little while. But very few have truly annoyed me the way this Merci Handy Hand Cream has done.

It isa fairly normal hand cream. It is the size tube that works fantastically well in the purse or a back pack, or even in the car. And I have gotten into the habit of keeping small tubes of hand cream within easy reach at all times. I went through a bad series of hand sanitizer induced cracking and I am not likely to let myself be so afflicted again. Typing when the skin of your hands hurts to move is not a fun experience.

dry skin

So I have hand cream everywhere. when this came in a recent Glossy Box I thought, “Excellent, right size, nice scent, perfect for the bag.’ While I have a large container of Olay with a pump that I am loving right now, I needed something for my purse. So that’s where it went.

Here is the thing with this hand cream. It has shea butter and almond oil in it. I love the scent of almond oil and I love the softness of shea butter. So this should have been a home run for me. It absorbs well and my hands feel fantastically soft and nourished. And then there is that lovely sweet almond scent.

Fabulous right?


Yeah, I had a couple of meetings back to back in different buildings which required a few different applications of hand sanitizer. No problem, right? I have hand cream in my purse. Oh you don’t have hand cream, well let me share. Oh yes isn’t that a nice scent. Wait…what is…oh no.

Yeah it turns out that this hand cream not only leaves soft sweet smelling skin it it’s wake so that you don’t forget that it was there, it leaves a holographic sheen on your skin as well. If you look at your skin, at first you might not see it, which is why I had it in my bag and shared it out with a work related group of people. Then the light caught the hand cream and we all had soft and sparkly hands.

I apologized and everyone was amused (partially because they are used to me testing things out) but it wasn’t really how I wanted the day to go. Afterwards I read the back of the label…

We roamed the sky looking for the softest clouds, added a drop of magical sweet almond oil and a dash of enchanted shea butter, bottled it all up in a tube and ended up with this whipped butter lighter than a uncumulonimbus.

Back of the Merci Handy Hand Cream Bottle

While there are the words magical and enchanted in the description, at no point does it say, will leave a holographic sheen on your skin that will cause you and a group of your coworkers to enter a meeting looking like you took turns slapping Tinkerbell.


And that is the annoying part, first no warning, but mostly it is a really good hand cream. It makes my skin really nicely hydrated and the scent, while nice is not overpowering and disperses in a few minutes so you aren’t sending out a cloud of almond scent. That not only keeps you from annoying your coworkers, but lets you use it multiple times throughout the day without causing a scented overload. If it weren’t for the holographic shimmer, this would be a hand cream that I would purchase repeatedly even if it was just to keep a tube in my bag.

glitter hand

With the shimmer, I had to take it out of my bag and only use it when I know i am not going anywhere. I will use this. I will revel in it’s softness and scent. But when it is done I will not repurchase it simply because I don’t want to accidentally end up in a meeting while my hands are covered in glitter. I would be both less annoyed if there was a warning and if it wasn’t such a good hand cream. The fact that this Merci Handy Hand Cream is a good hand cream that I will never purchase again really just annoys me.

Thirty Days of Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

It has been thirty days since I opened this Embryloisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Embryolisse was kind enough to send not only this cream to test out and review but two other creames from the Lait- Creme Line. (The other two were the Sensitive and the Fluid) I started with the Lait-Creme Concentre because it was the standard and I have used it before.

It has been around since 1950 and even though I have not been around nearly that long it was something I grew up with my mother and Grandmother both using and it was the first moisturizer i ever tried out. It had been quite some time since I tried it so I began my test of the Lair Creme line with the one I had tried before. It has been a very interesting thirty days.

I know it is a multi tasker, but we will start with the product being used as a moisturizer. A little about my skin. I have skin that falls into the moisture level of ‘normal’. I have friends with oily skin and friends with dry skin, both of whom think I am lucky. I might be but when choosing products it can be difficult. There are normal to oily products that lean heavy towards helping out those who are oily and there are normal to dry products that lean into helping out those with drier skin. They may or may not be good for me.

It actually depends on the year. My skin is very seasonal. The more time I spend inside, especially in the winter, the more I lean towards products favored by the dry skin folks. When the humidity and heat rise, I lean into the oily skin products. There are some products that I can only use at certain times of the year. In the three Products sent to me by the brand I thought this would be the most hydrating and so I chose to test it out when my skin was at it’s driest. I like to give product’s their best chance. I never actively want a product to perform badly so I do my best with timing.

So we have been in the driest section of time for my skin. I was concerned that if the weather turned it might become a bit too heavy and I would have to use it only a a night cream, but that never happened. Even though the temperatures and humidity are on the rise, I have not had an issue with this moisturizer. During the day I use half of the amount I use at night. At night it is the last thing I applied to my skin. I know it seems more logical to cover the day first but as that is where the multi tasking comes in, I am going to start at night.

So after I have finished with my cleansing and serum-ing, I apply the moisturizer. It is a white cream that is slightly thicker than a water or gel cream but not by much. It is not a cream that you dispense and say ‘Wow that is a thick cream’. It is one that needs to warm up before it absorbs in. Personally I found it easiest to just dispense it into my hand and rub my hands together to warm the cream up and then apply it to my skin. It cut down on the white cast of the cream.

The cream only leaves a white cast until it warms and then it absorbs. For a few minutes after you will have a bit of a shiny glazed look to your skin but after five minutes you can lay down without risking the moisturizer sticking your pillow case to your face like velcro. Just give it five minutes to settle in and you are good. Fresh hydrated skin in the morning.

And if you warm it in your hands there is less rubbing, plus your hands get really soft.

In the day time I generally wake up, use the facilities, put on the coffee pot and while the coffee is brewing I attend to my skincare. By the time my skincare is complete I have a pot of coffee and can begin my morning. There is generally an hour or two between the first cup of coffee and my makeup application. No one wants to see me apply makeup before the caffeine hits my system. (Or maybe they do in a train wreck sort of way.) Hence the time difference.

after first application 30 days ago

So in my morning moisture application I went through the same application process as I used at night, was less glazed looking and only used about half of the amount of moisturizer I used at night. It worked fabulously well and despite the fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels (seriously this past month started with 78 degrees, rolled into four inches of snow and then came out with tornados and wildfires). I never felt like it was too much moisture for my skin’s needs.

However Then I saw the multi tasking on the label. And recalled seeing that while the Embryolisse was created by dermatologists it was recommended by makeup artists. so I did some reading and found it used as a pre makeup base.

You know I had to try it.

now in the makeup drawer

I started out with about half of the moisturizer that I use in the morning (so a quarter of what I use at night). I applied it ten (or so) minutes before I applied my makeup (essentially, I wet my makeup sponge, applied the Lait- Creme Concentre and then gathered the rest of the makeup. If I was testing a specific eyeshadow palette I would debate my color choices, if not then I would go through the shadow selection process. Depending on the day it would either be ten to twenty minutes before i sat down to apply the makeup. (Some days picking colors takes longer and requires a scheduled meetings check).

For most days the amount used was correct. If it was humid and I was not using a usually drying foundation, then I used a little less of the Embryolisse, but not much less. (As I am now moving the tube into my makeup drawer it will be interesting to see how that progresses over the summer. I’ll have to do an end of summer update on this actually. But for right now the amount differences were negligible.)

After thirty days of use

I adore this as a makeup base. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed using it as a moisturizer and it works really well. But I ADORE it as a pre makeup base. Especially with a foundation that can be a little but drying and tended to flake a bit towards the end of the day. the added moisture underneath kept the drying foundation from drying out and flaking off. I did make sure to concentrate my application of the Embryolisse in the areas where they foundation tended to kind of dry out and flake away.

It was fantastic. It was not only great for my skin but it took a lot of howevers out of my makeup products. You know the howevers…”I love this shade, however it looks a little powdery come mid afternoon. “I love the look of this foundation, however by three o’clock in the afternoon it is flaking a little around my nose.

Using this as a pre makeup base took a lot of those howevers away. It simply provided moisture that the products could use when they thought about drying up. Like a moisture reserve for times of drought.

Like I said, I did enjoy it as a moisturizer and would happily just use it as a moisturizer, but i was surprisingly impressed with it’s use as a makeup base. After thirty days there is plenty of product left in this tube. Normally I would switch it to night time use as I opened up the Sensitive version and began trying it out and comparing it to the original. And while i will do that on the first couple of days, if nothing goes amiss, I will speedily locate this Lait Creme concentre to my makeup collection and use the rest of the tube there, ceding the moisturizer field to the next product to be testing. (Since it too is a multi tasker it will get a trial run with the pre makeup application test and I am hoping it works just as well).

After thirty days of use, I love the way my skin looks. I love the hydration level it provided. It was perfect to ride out this tumultuous weather system we have been having. It was a rockstar in the makeup bag and that is where it will live, the remaining product being used before may makeup is applied. I may have to make an effort not to use it on days I am testing out first time product uses so it isn’t giving them a helping hand, bit otherwise it is a standard for daily wear and a product I will be replacing as soon as it is empty. I am starting the trial of the Sensitive version from the Lait-creme line and I have high hopes that it will perform up to the high level this Lait Creme Concentre has set for the brand. I will also do a recap at the end of the summer to let you know how this Embryolisse performed as a makeup base through the hot, sweaty summer months. But only time will tell us that. For now, let the thirty days of Sensitive Lait-Creme commence!

Lait-Crème Concentré

The Skincare Line Up: April 1st, 2022

Ah yes my darlings, another week of skincare down. And changes are a foot. Several products are on the verge of being empty and will soon be replaced. First we look at my skin as it is the ultimate response to how products are working. Personally I think my skin is looking quite nice this week. I have a few bumps around my lower orbital bone, but I think that a lot of that is more to do with where my face mask presses’ than any skincare products.

my bare skin this week

And this afternoon i will be using my Bl’eau Mask which will bring up the clogs and since I won’t be wearing makeup or facemasks this weekend then my skin will have time to clear out the issues before next week starts up. Other than that, I have no real skin issues this week. Which is always nice to say. we are on the verge of seasonal changing though so in the coming weeks there may be a bit of finding my footing as the temperatures rise. A lot of that will depend on if we have a slow spring that rolls gently into the summer or if the Summer sun shows up early and clobbers spring into submission. Last year we had a long cold spring and then almost no autumn to speak of. Si I guess we will see what we get this year. But weather (and the future) aside, let’s see how this week’s products performed. For many of them, this is tha last time in the Line up this go round although some will be returning.

The Daytime Line Up

Cleanser: Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Serum: The Nue Co’s The Pill

Toner: Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic

Eye Cream: MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

All of these products were in use last week (and several week’s prior. Next week will see many of them go away. The Missha Cleanser is almost used up. I think the fact that I used it as a mask as well as a cleanser used up the tube far faster than anticipated. I will definitely order this again and I will use it as a cleanser. when i use it as a mask it won’t be as a traditional face mask but as a cleanser I let sit to sooth the skin. I am actually ordering a new tube soon (they have a massive sale right now 20% off with code HELLO20) just so that I can have it on hand for the summer. That Artemisia is fantastic at soothing sun irritation (as well as other irritations) and I want it on hand.

The 111Skin essence has been great and I have loved not only how it increased the efficacy of the other products I was using but also the high end spa scent it brought to my routine. It was nice and I would certainly use it again. However I think there is only enough product to get through the weekend. Soon a new essence will join the line up. I have enjoyed the 111Skin Essence though.

The Nue Co’s The Pill is one of the few products staying. It is nice. It isn’t my favorite serum. I haven’t noticed anything that makes me think Wow when I use it. I think part of that is because it is an everything serum. There is not one targeted thing that I can see it doing. I’ll keep using it because it is nice, but i am still trying to figure out how i feel about it. The Vitamin C powder from the Nue co is another story, but I’ll get to that in the night time routine.

The Pixi toner is one I like. I’ve used it before and will no doubt use it again. The sample size I have is almost out. So I will use it this week. I plan to roll in the Alpha H Liquid Gold Toner which can only be used every other day so I will probably be using those together in the coming week. This should make the small amount of toner last out the week.

The MZ eye cream has been performing well. There is some reduction in fine lines. I would have expected to see a little more of a result but we are just approaching the thirty day mark (I think, I sort of lost track with the eye cream and will have to check) so it is still a little early to expect massive results. I will keep using it and hope the results increase. I think part of my expectations is that I know how much the cream costs ($159 per jar) and the cost leads me to expect really spectacular results. Especially since I have gotten spectacular results with a $30 eye cream. But as always where skincare is concerned, only time will tell.

And this leads us to the Embryolisse. I love this moisturizer. It has been fantastic. I thought that with the changing seasons it might end up being too heavy, but it hasn’t been. However we are approaching a moment. I have used it for thirty days. Now while I would love to keep using it, I have two other creams from the Lait creme line of Embryolisse so I need to use each of them in turn and compare them. However this moment also makes me happy. I tried the Embryolisse as a pre makeup base and now I am hooked. So while I would like to keep using it as a moisturizer, I am relocating it to my makeup bag and will be using it before applying my makeup while I test out the other moisturizers in this line. For me this is a win win. Having it in my makeup bag means I won’t forget it and can use it each day with my makeup and won’t have to run back to the bathroom to fetch it. So that’s kind of a bonus win for me. I will have the thirty day final post of this up next week with a lot more detail.

But that was my Day time line up. Only three of the products will be back next week. And new ones will be gin their testing. I can’t wait. But for now it is into the night…

The Nighttime Line Up

Cleanser: Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha

Makeup Remover: Sunday Riley Vitamin C Makeup Removing Oil Paired with the Makeup Cloths from The Turkish Towel Company (currently on sale on the site)

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Serum: The Nue Co Topical C

Facial Oil: Annmarie Anti-Aging Facial Oil and Byroe Fig Recovery oil

Exfoliating Pads: The Somme Institute Transport Exfoliating pads

Eye Cream: MZ Skin Sooth and Smooth eye cream

Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

Lips: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

Okay I won’t go into the repeat products from the morning as they worked the same in the day as they did in the night. I needed a break from the Vike spray. It works well but that scent made me feel like i was in a cloud of vaporized mothballs and I needed a break. So I went to my skincare drawer knowing I have at least two cleansing balms in there. And at the back I found this Sunday Riley Vitamin C makeup remover oil. There is only a little bit left so i decided I would go ahead and just use it up. I used it this week and think that there might be enough left to finish it out this week. It was fantastic. I am a bit fan of the entire Vitamin C line, but I couldn’t find this on their website so i think it may have been dropped. It is a really good makeup remover and I didn’t have to scrub that much a the makeup just melted away.

I am finishing up the second week of trying out the Makeup removal cloths from the Turkish Towel company and am really liking them. I know this sounds strange, but the fact that they have the word Makeup embroidered on the front has kept them from going walk about. Everyone leaves them alone and they don’t get used for other things. which means I can easily rotate through them and not wonder where they got to.

The topical C powder is fantastic in my moisturizer. It just melts in and blends beautifully. I am a huge fan. I am however not a fan of the Somme institute. I think the pads didn’t even make it into today’s photo because I just stopped using them this week. The serum is fine but those cloth pads are a pain. So I stopped using them. I know it is wasteful but i just got so annoyed that i didn’t want to bother. I’ll do a short review detailing my experience and why I’m letting them go but i am passing them on to someone who will hopefully get better use out of them.

And finally there is Laniege. I love the lip mask and will use it until it is gone. Which will take a while as there is a lot of product in the container and you don’t use that much with each application. But it is fabulous. I think that when i do repurchase, i will go with the mini set so that I can switch out scents and flavors. But it is a great product.

And so that is my skincare line up for this week. Over all things went well. there were some misses, but nothing missed badly enough that it cause a break out, so i am calling that good.

Eye Mask Review: Grace and Stella Everything is better in Pink

I tried to resist. Grace and Stella are one of my all time favorite eye masks. Their gold Eye masks are a staple for me during allergy season. One of the reason I started on my quest to work through my single sets of eye masks was because I was constantly turning to the energizing eye masks from Grace and Stella and ignoring the others.

Hence the build up.

So I was trying out other eye masks to see if they were worthy of adding to my eye mask purchasing list. And then this box of 12 eye masks arrived in my BoxyCharm. I’m not complaining. But it did mean I had to exercise a lot of will power.

But today, my will power failed and I opened the box. I just wanted to see how they compared to the originals and then I will set the box aside and continue working through my single sets. This set of eye masks are a little different than the gold ones. The god ones are listed as energizing, these are collagen boosting. Let’s take a look at the website for a minute.

You’ve seen them in gold. They’ve been a cult favorite for years. You’ve endured many early mornings with the help of them. They’re the best wake-up ritual, and now…they come in pink.

With a slightly different formula, our Pretty In Pink Eye Masks are focused on firming and hydrating the under eyes. Formulated with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 to stimulate and boost collagen production, Fructose to attract and retain moisture in the skin, and Horse Chestnut to maintain healthy blood circulation and strengthen capillaries (bye, dark circles!), these eye masks are the key to improving skin texture and firmness.

We’ve also passed over some of the best ingredients from our gold eye masks, like Chondrus Crispus Powder, a type of seaweed rich in anti-oxidants to help protect skin from blue light exposure, and Glycerin for drawing in moisture to the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.

They’re everything and more – and they’re in pink. 

Grace and Stella

I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of pink. I kind of think of it as a wishy washy shade that doesn’t have enough of a force of personality to be red. But then I am more into jewel tones. That aside, I really like these eye masks. They are, like the packaging says more hydrating than energizing.

That being said they work wonders for depuffing under the eyes. they don’t have that burst of awake-ness that I get from the Gold masks and I do find myself kind of missing it. I do like the way they adhere to the face. I like the level of serum, the cooling and depuffing and well lets just be honest, i do like everything about them. If I hadn’t tried the gold masks and if I weren’t so in love with them, these would be top of the charts fabulous. They beat all of the eye masks I have tried in the past few weeks. The only thing they can’t beat is themselves.

I like these a lot. I will use up every pair and I would repurchase them over every other eye mask I have had thus far in my trial. But I wouldn’t buy them over the Gold Grace and Stella eye masks. And that is really just because I like that energizing zing. Otherwise, these are fabulous and I will happily use them. But they do come in second place to the Gold. Which I suppose makes the pink, silver.

One month of the Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser from Missha

It is the end of the month and I am wrapping up several month long product trials. With the Time Revolution Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser it is a bittersweet wrap up. While I enjoy the thought of trying out new products, this is truly a cleanser that will be missed for several reasons. It was a very good cleanser.

But before we get into that, let’s look at the product claims from the website…

2-in-1 foaming cleanser and soothing clay mask to relieve the skin of redness and irritation as well as reduce the skin’s production of excess sebum and oils. Made with double-fermented artemisia (mugwort) extract harvested from a mineral-rich environment. Recommended for: sensitive/irritated/acne skin.

Missha Skincare

Okay, while I have used this mostly as a cleanser I did try it out as a mask. I liked it, but I realized that I liked it more as a cleanser. The thing with the masking element though is that it was very helpful when i was using it as a cleanser.

cleanser going on

I now, it sounds strange but bear with me. First of all, this cleanser is thick and almost mask like in texture when you dispense it into your hand. It also has this wonderful light, herbal scent that just smells clean and fresh. With the masking texture, I always knew exactly where I was applying my cleanser. There was no guessing if I missed a spot. Which I know sounds odd, but I am not my best in the mornings and sometimes will wear a night mask. i have occasionally missed washing off parts of my night mask only to find the non rinsed off mask peeling off in little strips (and making me think my skin was peeling) So this was an added benefit for me.

foams with water

The best part was the Artemisia that is in the pack foam cleanser paired with the masking capacity. Last summer I found out that my skin really likes Artemisia especially after too much sun. while the sun hasn’t been as much of an issue during this trial, (often disappearing for weeks on end), cold blustery winds have been a bit on the damaging side. On those days where I start my night time skincare ritual and realize that I spent a little more time in the wind than my skin was comfortable with, this cleanser became a secret weapon. I could apply it and then give it a minute or two to sit on my skin (I removed my makeup prior) and the Artemisia would soothe away any wind burn I had. Then I rinsed off the cleanser and continued with my routine. The next morning it was like the wind burn had never occurred.

rinses clean

By using this soothing cleanser and employing the mask function I was able to correct the damage when the irritation was small and not have it become an issue. while I wouldn’t use this as a face mask in the normal sense (not because it doesn’t work, but because it is much more useful elsewhere) I loved that I could let the cleanser sit like a mask so that my skin could get more benefits from the ingredients.

And you may be wondering how the thick green cleanser washed off. It washed off beautifully. I applied it to damp skin and if I washed it off right away or let it sit for a few minutes, it made no difference. The mask faded into white bubbles and rinsed off cleanly, leaving smooth, soothed and refreshed skin behind. I absolutely loved using it and I think I will be getting another tube just to have it on hand for the summer. The Artemisia Essence i used last summer has become a staple, but I think that this cleanser may come in handy. I never actually plan to get too much sun,. but between gardening and the walking trail, there is always that one day where a little soothing sensitivity is a good thing. At the moment Missha is having a sale. This cleanser (long with the rest of their products) are 20% off with the code Hello20.

While I think this cleanser is well worth stocking up on at full price I am never upset by a discount. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin this might be a cleanser you want to look into. It is actually designed for sensitive and acne prone skin. While it is a great daily cleanser, it really shines when my skin has minor issues. It helps clear them up before those minor issues can become major ones. I imagine if you have continuing issues this would work even better for you.

As for me, I have enough product left in this tube for this week and possibly into a little of next week. I am also going to be taking advantage of their sale and picking up at least one tube for emergency summer use. I was very impressed with this cleanser and while I enjoy trying out new products, the next cleanser I try, has a lot to live up to.