One month of the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

I picked up this facial cleansing brush from Vanity Planet, called the Ultimate skin Spa because I used to love using a spinning facial brush to cleanse my face. The tool I used long ago ceased to function and indeed the tools I used (clarasonic) are no longer in production.

However when I did use it, I really loved it. So I wanted to see if i would still love it. So when I saw this on sale I snapped it up. I think it is currently back on sale if you ae interested (regular $49, sale Price $29.99). Admittedly even at regular price it is not an over the top price for this device.

molded box is nice for storage but the tool has to be completely dry when placed inside or water gathers and is trapped

In my first use post of this Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa I went over all of the features and how I felt about them. I’ll link the post here if you want to look into those details. This post is mostly about how it has performed and the things I have noticed after using it for a month.

daily brush after a month of use

First off the brush heads. The device comes with three. There is the everyday one, the once a week exfoliating one and the sensitive skin silicon brush head. The everyday one i use, well every day. It is no longer as pretty looking as it was before being used but it really isn’t showing any signs of wear. The brushes don’t look as fluffy from the instant water touches them, but as soon a the device is turned on they fluff right out. They also aren’t showing any sort of wear that would cause any replacement issues. I’ll have to update it when the brush does need to be replaced but after a month of twice a day use, it is still showing no real signs of being worn out.

silicone brush, used only a few times, but rinses off looking as good as new (to this point none of the products I’ve used with it have any color so no staining.

It is a brush that is good for everyday use. The type of cleanser you use matters though. It is recemented that you wet your face and then put the cleanser on the brush. Then put the brush to your face and turn it on. If it is a thick cream cleanser I would say that is the way to go. Think about it like putting toothpaste on your toothbrush. If it is a thinner cleanser, I noticed that it works better if I put the cleanser on my damp skin and then use the brush. Always place it against the skin before turning it on so it can get the cleanser on it and run smoothly though. I have noticed that it works well even when it is a foam cleanser. If I apply the cleanser to the skin first and then use the brush i can use whatever cleanser I want. If I am using a thicker cream, it is best to apply it to the brush and then set to cleansing.

It has two speeds. I really only use the first speed. I find the second one to be too much. I will use it when i am cleaning the brush head though. After I clean my face I will click it to the second speed while running it under water to rinse out all of the product from the brush. I don’t like using that second speed on my skin.

I am also not a fan of the exfoliating brush head. I find it too harsh on the skin. I would rather just use a separate exfoliator and have done with it. The silicone brush head is amazing if my skin has any irritation. It is gentler than the every day brush head and really works well. it is also good if you are using a cleanser with any sort of particulates in it. If there is anything solid in the cleanser then it will get stuck in the brush head at some point. if there is anything in the cleanser, from exfoliate particles to bursting moisture beads or whatever, I will use the silicone head rather than the everyday one. I suspect that there will be at least one day this summer where I spend too much time in the sun and switch to using the silicone brush for it’s sensitive nature.

I have found that I spend more time with my cleanser when using this Ultimate Skin Spa tool then I do normally. As a result I am getting a better clean and I have noticed my toning pads are much cleaner because of it. There is almost no makeup residue on the toner pads. I do use a cleansing balm to remove my makeup before cleansing. I am certain that if I didn’t the white bristles would end up stained. I also like using my cleanser to wash my face rather than washing my makeup. Removing it first with a cleansing balm means there is lese residue so any skincare benefits actually go to my skin.

I think the one drawback I have noticed is the case. It is a plastic travel case with a solid plastic niece for all of the tools and brush heads. But here is the thing. It is solid plastic. So if you put the tool away wet after using, water will pool underneath the tool and go stale. And then you have to rinse out the box. I have found I will just put the tool on tool of the box after use. My plan is to put it away after it dries, but by the time I notice it is dry, it is time to use it again. I think if this came with a small stand to put the tool on while it is in use that would be helpful. I also think an upright stand would take up less pace in my already small bathroom. I would like to find a place to put it that isn’t just balanced by the sink or on the bare shelf. Which is why I set it on top of the box.

that has been the one main flaw I have found. while I would like a small stand for everyday use, and the exfoliator brush is a bit too harsh for me, the other two brush heads are fantastic. I feel like the device lets me get more out of my cleansing products, while using less cleanser. So for me it is a win. It is a skin care tool I will reach for everyday and use consistently. It will be interesting to see how long those brush heads last. But for that, I’ll have to check back in, maybe after six months of use. For now I am very pleased with the Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet.

The Ultimate Skin Spa with Vanity Planet

A long time ago I used the Clarasonic face cleanser. I loved it, but it and the company I believe are no more. It has been gone from my life for a long time. I was however recently on the Vanity Planet Website. I was looking at facial steamers actually and what did my little eye spy?

The Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System.

It is a spinning cleansing brush. Before I get into the details I should mention that Vanity Planet has a huge Spring sale going on right now. Actually they have a spring sale and a festival sale so large swaths of the site have products for 20% off. Plus if you ae a first time shopper you can get 15% off. This Ultimate Skin Spa is on the sale list. It normally retails for $49 but is on sale for $29.99 at the moment.

Which is why I kind of jumped on it. It was a while ago that I used a cleansing brush like this so I might have debated longer had it not been on sale. Because it was it went into my cart immediately and I sort of forgot to continue looking for the steamers I went there to check out in the first place. So I will have to go back.

Let’s look a little at this set though. It comes in a travel case. I love these travel cases, usually not for travel though. I really like having a specific place to keep the brush heads. If they go in a drawer or a shelf on their own they tend to pick up lint and hair and I don’t care for that. I really like having them in the closed box where everything is safe and easy to find.

There are three bursh heads with the set. Thee is the everyday cleansing brush, the once a week exfoliating brush and a silicone brush for sensitive skin. The bristles on the everyday brush are soft and suitable for everyday use. The exfoliating ones are a little stiffer but not by much and this silicone is of course silicone.

This is a first use post so I have only tried out the every day brush head. I’ll be updating after a month of use so we’ll talk more about the brush heads and their use then,

It is a dual speed device so you can go gently or a little more intense with the two speeds. I tried them both and found that for daily use the first setting was right for me.

It is powered with two AA batteries. I love that the battery compartment is so easy to open. With daily use these batteries will be put to the test. Again, this is a first use so the batteries are fresh, but it will be used twice daily so those batteries will run out. I love that while the compartment is sealed, opening it will not cause me to break a nail It is designed so the batteries can be replaced relatively easily.

One of the things I find interesting about this system, is that I find myself washing my face more deeply than I do with out it. And that is only partially because of the deeper cleaning nature of the brushes. When I use a tool like this I find myself taking more time to wash my face. It isn’t just a quick wet the face add the cleanser, rub rub rub and then rinse. I find myself spending more time with the cleanser. I make sure it is all over every inch of my face. I use the brush to get into the crevices by my nose. I take more time, double than I usually do when just washing my face.

I don’t have to. The device itself could be used in less time, but I personally find myself extending the wash time and end up with much cleaner skin because of it. Also as most of my cleansers have some extra good for the skin benefits (other than just cleansing) the longer the cleanser is on my skin the more of the benefits my skin might get from the cleanser.

It was one of the reasons I used to use this type of cleansing brush in the past and I am thrilled that I now get to do so again. I will be using this brush at least for the next thirty days (most likely longer) I will be putting it through it’s paces and seeing if this sort of skin care tool still has a place in my daily skincare routine. At the moment, the first use was very positive and I am looking forward to using this Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System from Vanity Planet for the next thirty days and =putting all of the brushes through their paces.

First use of the Comper Smarkin 4-in 1 Beauty Device

This device was gifted to me from the brand for the purpose of review, however all opinions and thoughts are my own. I have to say I was tickled to be able to try out this device. The Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 Beauty device is a skincare/treatment device that you link to an app in your cell phone. While you can operate it manually just by pressing the buttons on the device, with the app you can set up a treatment program and the phone automatically transitions the device between the different modes. It also keeps track of the treatments and reminds you when it is time to use the device again so it is easy to keep up with a regime.

easy to use buttons, soft grip texture and the device fits well in the hand

But that is getting a bit ahead of ourselves. First what does the Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 device do? According to the website this device gives you…”Professional Treatments At Home
An advanced, smart skincare tool that brings forth a new generation of skin treatment and improvement via RF, EMS, MASS, and LED.”

I know, some of you went, wow that’s nice and some of you are looking at the letters and thinking only a few of them sound vaguely familiar. I had to look them up to be certain myself, so lets do a quick break down.

RF is radio frequency and Radio Frequency (RF) can heat the dermis layer evenly over a larger area. It stimulates collagen regeneration, reduces wrinkles and provides immediate lifting and tightening.

EMS is a micro current(EMS) promotes a deep movement of muscles and enhance blood circulation. It tightens the skin for facial lifting and helps improve skin’s contour, tones, fine lines and puffiness.

records use

LED light therapy repairs cells and capillaries, balances facial water and oil levels, helps to eliminate acne, reduces pigment issues and heals UV damage. While MASS is short for massage and through micro-vibration massage at a certain frequency, Skin Massage(MASS) enhances the skin absorption and becomes a perfect match with other skin care products.

So essentially this device is designed through it’s different programs (each with three levels of intensity) is designed to reduce wrinkles and puffiness. lift tighten stimulate collagen regeneration and reduce acne and pigmentation. I can pretty much get behind all of that actually, although it is a long list and I was curious as to how complicated it would be to set up.

easy to follow program leads you through the treatments with timing counting down

It turns out it was very simple to set up. The user manual came with step by step set up instructions. My app was downloaded to my phone via google Play and took seconds to install. It is easily named Comper Health App. I plugged in the device, turned it on and synced it with the program. What I like is that should you decide to purchase any other Comper device (they have many interesting looking ones), it looks like they can all be linked via the same app, Which means that you don’t have to download a bunch of different apps and you can keep all of the monitoring information in one place for reference. I really like the ease of the set up.

Once linked I was lead through a bunch of different questions about my skin. Once I inputted all of my information (It is multiple choice and no personal data other than skin conditions and issues are asked), they system sets up a recommended treatment regimen and frequency.

Hyaluronic acid serum to pair with the device

And that’s it, you can start using it right away. It is recommended that you use a Hyaluronic acid serum with the device partially because the serum is good for the conditions it treats, and partially because applying a serum with the device helps it glide more smoothly over the skin. While Comper did send me their HA serum, which I rather like, any HA serum can be used. I really like knowing that as it is an HA serum, many versions of which I have in my skincare arsenal already waiting to be used, I don’t have to worry about running out of a specific one and not being able to use the device.

skin before treatment begins, front view

So on to the first use. I entered the app and simply pressed the start button. The device reminded me my skin needed to be clean, dry and the serum needed to be applied to the head of the device. It then waited for me to accomplish these tasks and when I was ready I pressed the button marked ready, made sure the device was turned on and let the phone connect with the device. It did and lights went on and a buzzing sounded. My first treatment combined the Massage and the radio frequency. It was warm and quite pleasant actually. In addition, the device walked me through the motions and the time I needed to use those motions.

At the bottom of the screen I could see how long the full treatment would last and at the top I could see how long this particular segment would last. In between there was a face showing the exact placement and movements I needed to use at that time. With each shift, the device prompted me and shifted the image on screen. It was extremely easy to use and and fears I had of maintaining a complicated ritual faded away. It is one of the most user friendly devices I have tried out.

Side view 1

The treatment started at the forehead and worked it’s way down in predictable motions, slowly moving to the jaw line and neck. Once the neck had been treated the system told me it was time to move to the second treatment. It adjusted the device settings for me and I began the LED therapy. It again led me through the motions and I completed them effortlessly. At the end the device shifted to the EMS. I have to admit I was a little worried about the micro current. I thought it might hurt, it didn’t. The device started me on the lowest setting and it felt like there was a current running into my skin but there was no sort of shock with it.

side view 2 (photos are all before to compare with at the end of 30 days

Now clearly with one use there were no striking visual changes. I will say that my skin felt warm and invigorated as well as oddly rested. I know invigorated and rested shouldn’t pair together but it was rested the way your skin feels after you’ve laid a hot wash cloth over your face for a bit and invigorated as though you splashed something like eucalyptus on your face. My face felt really good even if one use wasn’t enough to show any changes. I have included the before pictures with this post so that when I get to the end of thirty days of use I can show any actual changes in my skin.

To be honest, I have high hopes. In part my hopes are because of the movement in the device use. A lot of them are similar to the movements I used when trying out the Gua Sha stone on my face. That too is a sculpting tool and even without the techno bits, I received really good results using it. This incorporates the same movements along with the techno bits mentioned above so I expect there will be significant improvements at the end of the month. As with all skincare tools, devices, treatments, and products, consistent use is the best way to see any form or results. So I will consistently use this for the next month and get back with you at the end of the thirty day trial to see how well this device performed and how it felt to use it for the duration. As I very much enjoyed this first us, I can honestly say I am looking forward to continuing to put the Comper Smarkin 4-in-1 Beauty Device through it’s paces.