The Underclub August 2021 Unboxing

It has arrived! My August subscription from The Underclub. I always get so excited when I see the little package in the mail. I’ll admit, it is a plain and unassuming little package, but it does always make me smile. For those that don’t know, The Underclub is an underwear subscription. While they have different tiers, the one I receive is for $15 per month and for this price they sent me one pair of undies a month.

I have never been disappointed by the quality of the underwear. You can choose styles and preferences of color. And with each pair they send you a link to review the pair you received. I love that when you get the link and check it, the review you write is just from you to them. There are a few multiple choice bits about how you feel about the selection, but then you get to tell them how the item fits and what you like or don’t like as well as what you would like to see in the future.

Then of course if you want to do a more public review they have a button you can click. And if you do choose to leave a review, before they post it someone will e-mail you to check to make certain that you indeed wanted to post the review.

I know it sounds a little odd, but I really like the fact that you can just talk to them about your underwear and what works separately from the published review.

I also like that they are very size inclusive. I may be on the upper end of the scale but they go from 3X down to an XS. They cover a wide range of bodies and all categories are charged the same price. I know that is a small thing, but more than the money, being charged more for larger garments always makes me feel really judged. And then I either feel sad or defensive. There is none of that here.

And of course they sell more than just underpants. They also sell bralettes and sleep cammies with shorts. They have a really good range of products and more coming out every month it seems. I love going on there and browsing their collections. I also like knowing that everything they sell is going to come in my size. I won’t find something I like and then learn they don’t make it in my size. I also won’t be shunted off to a small corner of their on-line store where their plus sized collection lives.

But as much as i like the brand and store, this is about the August Subscription. So as always the package came with a relatively unobtrusive little package and inside the mailer was a separate bag holding the pants (which I really like, even if the outer bag is secure). Along with the bagged pants is a card which reads…

In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning…Your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. You are way more than enough. And you are doing an amazing job at life.

Its a little thing, but I really like the little personal affirmation. Sometimes I keep the cards as bookmarks or randomly tuck them into things like planners and drawers so I come upon them unexpectedly as a little pleasant reminder. It makes me happy.

This month’s selection is also a very happy pair of pants. They may actually be the brightest pair I own. Even the lovely valentines set, was slightly less bright. This set is called the Maria Keyhole Bikini in Fuchsia and retails for $24. The name of course comes from the keyhole detail in the back, which I think looks really cute. The pink and orange combo took me a bit by surprise. It is a much louder pair of pants than I usually wear.

keyhole detail

I have to say though, I kind of like it. Upon receiving them, I inspected them for loose threads or missed stitches. I found none. I put them in the wash with my other undies and when they came out, there were no additional loose strings. As all of the selections I have received from them have been well crafted, I am not surprised, but I still check.

I have to admit, I really liked wearing the electric colored pants under sober looking business attire when I had to attend a meeting. I don’t know why that gives me an extra little smile to think about but it does. Maybe because the company I was meeting with was very conservative in appearance.

But then again, I just like knowing I am wearing pretty underwear when I go places. It’s sort of like battle armor. If my underwear is pretty, I feel pretty. If I feel pretty, then I am more confident. I think it is also why I don’t like companies that restrict their sizes. It is almost like they are saying that if you don’t fit their specifications then you don’t deserve to feel confident. Which is a load of crap. Everyone deserves to feel confident. And for me, pretty underwear is always a good confidence boost. As electric as this set is, I am happy to add it to my collection. What a great way to start off the month, Thanks Underclub.

Unboxing the July 2021 Underclub Subscription

That’s right my darlings my July Underclub subscription has arrived. It is always the first of the monthly subscriptions to reach me and personally I love the kick off it gives to the month. I have always been a fan of pretty underwear. No matter what else I am wearing or what else I am doing, it makes me feel pretty when I wear nice undergarments and that in turn makes me feel more confident.

As you know I love subscriptions of all varieties and I looked into a bunch of Underwear subscriptions. The underclub was the most size inclusive. It has sizes running from extra small to triple X and has a wide variety of styles. I have never been disappointed in the quality. While there are several subscription tiers to choose from the one I subscribe to is the $15 per month level. There is no tax or shipping, it is a straight $15 fee and for this I receive one pair per month.

Inner package

This month was a pair of soft pink boy shorts. As always they come in a discrete pink mailer and inside have a second plastic bag containing the underwear. I really like the thought of my underwear being twice bagged. I still wash it before wearing it the first time, but I like the double bagging nonetheless. I always check the garment for loose strings or missed stitches both before and afte wearing and I have to say, I haven’t found a single one yet.

In addition the pairs from previous months are still wearing well. While I like adding underwear to my collection, one pair a month is about all I need to feel special but not feel overwhelmed. This soft pink pair is a nice color and a great fit. it is plain this month with only an understated ‘Underclub’ stitched into the waistband. As the last few months have been on the lacy side, I am happy to have a pair that looks a little more sporty. I am certain I will get a lot of use out of them.

July’s selection just out of the packaging

Once again, I am pleased with the month’s selection and thrilled to maintain my subscription. I also love that my subscription gives me a members discount in The Underclub store. There they sell not only the individual underpants, but they sell multiple packs, bralettes, sets and even a some shorts and cami sets.

band detail

I have a set with the bralette and matching underpants and the bralette is just as good a quality and wears just as well. And they are as size inclusive with everything on their site. There is no wondering if a particular item comes in your size as everything comes in a wide variety of sizes. If you aren’t a ‘perfect’ size – not that perfect actually exists, but you know what I mean – you can still shop in their main store without being shunted off to a small corner with fewer options.

It is one of the things that brings me back to the site time and time again, even just to window shop. It makes me feel good to know that every option I see, is an option I can order. They add new items to their story just about every month. The current new item is Eco lace, Lace made from recycled fibers. They look quite amazing, and if I can get an amazing pair of underwear and feel good about it on several levels, even better. when you go on the site they usually have a monthly code offer for a special they are running. I believe this month uses the code FREEBRA.

Add a FREE bralette to any new subscription with code FREEBRA

They tend to rotate the codes and offers as supplies rise and fall so double check the code at the top of the screen if you log in to see their current offer. And don’t forget to look into their store. They’re summer collection is really lovely.

The Underclub June 2021 Unboxing

The first of the June Subscriptions has arrived.  I love that The Underclub is always the first subscription to come in each month, at least for me.  It always feels like a little something fabulous to get the month started on a good note.

For those that don’t know, The Underclub is an underwear subscription.   They have several tiers, I am in the single pair for $15 per month category.  I felt that for me, one new pair of undies per month was just about perfect.

I actually chose this subscription for several reasons.  The first is that I just flat out love pretty undergarments.  I really do. And to be honest, my love of pretty underwear has nothing to do with anyone else.  I have always felt that if I am wearing pretty undergarments I feel pretty.  I has nothing to do with anyone else opinion or appealing to anyone else.  It just makes me feel pretty and more self confident if I know I am wearing pretty underwear.

Silly? Maybe.  But it doesn’t stop it from being true. 

As I gained weight I found that undergarments became a little less cute and a little more utilitarian.  Not that there weren’t attractive larger garments out there, I just didn’t seek them out.  It was almost as though I felt because I didn’t look how I wanted to look I didn’t deserve the pretty underwear.  And while it is not a good attitude to have, it is sadly an attitude that does have a lot of external reinforcement.

When I started on a healthier journey, more than weight loss and healthy diet and exercise, I had to get a healthy mind set and reexamine a lot of my behaviors and reflections.  I knew that pretty underwear made me feel more self confident, yet when I looked in my underwear drawer there was not a lot of pretty going on.

So I decided to change that. 

Since I love subscriptions I went looking for an underwear subscription and The Underclub is the most size inclusive of the subscriptions I looked at.  The diversity appealed to me and I have to say thus far, the underwear has not disappointed. 

The subscription comes in a light pink mailer and inside the undergarments are enclosed in a separate internal bag.  While I still wash them before wearing them, I love that they are so contained. I know I generally tend to reduce waste, but this is one instance where I am fine with a little extra packaging. 

Once opened, I have to say, I very much like the pair that came this month.  They are a bikini cut (you can choose the cut of underwear you prefer from their list – I said anything but thong so mine varoes a bit).  They are black satin with a lace front.  The lace front has a lovely scalloped top edge instead of just a straight line of elastic which I think makes them look  just a little more special.  It is a really nice detail.  The lace is super soft, which I love, because let’s face it no one wants scratchy lace on their underwear.

As always I found no loose strings or slipped stitches when I first inspected them.  They went from the mailer into the wash and came out with no loose threads or stitches.  And of course the creases from being folded in the packaging fell out in the wash so they looked even better.

As always, the fit was perfect.

They are beautiful and comfortable to wear.

I was very happy with the set I received.  The quality is always there, the materials are always good and quite frankly I have never had any complaints with the product. They always mail out the subscription either the first or second of the month and then charge you for the upcoming month on the 11th.  (so June 11th I will pay for July’s subscription).

The closest thing to an issue I have had with this subscription is they were late sending the e-mail with the tracking number.  But this month that might just be because the post office was quick with the delivery.  Usually my Subscription arrives around the 7th. This month, the subscription arrived on June 4th and the e-mail with the tracking number arrived in my inbox on the 5th.

Which quite frankly isn’t that big a deal. 

Or even really a problem.

I really do enjoy this subscription and quite frankly I love the collection of underwear I am building.  I am always delighted to reach into my underwear drawer and pull out one of the pairs I received from the Underclub.  These are items that I can consistently reuse and honestly bring me joy for months after I receive them. 

In addition to the subscriptions, they have a lovely on-line store that they are consistently adding to.  Not only are they nice to look at, but I love the fact that every garment they have listed comes in my size.  I know that  doesn’t sound like a big deal but it kind of is.  There are so many websites where I know my size for their items, however the items they produce in my size are extremely limited.

The Underclub has all of their items in their wide range of sizes from the extra small to the extra large and everything in between.  So when I look for garments I am not shunted off to a small little section of the site and given a limited number of options.  With The Underclub I  can just go to their main site and look around knowing that if I fall in love with something they will have it in my size. 

I absolutely love that.

I also like many of their items.  I am still loving the pink and red valentine’s day set (underpants and bralette) and there are so many more that I love. In fact they recently came out with an elements collection that is absolutely stunning.  They have several new sets for June.  In addition to underwear they have several sleep wear sets.  I am personally eying the Room Service Short Sleeve PJ set.  In the summer time I like to sleep in sleep shorts and those look absolutely adorable.  I suspect that I may be treating myself to an early Birthday present.  My Birthday is at the end of June, but they have quite the Summer Sale going on right now.  So it is a good time to stock up.

Underwear Packs discounted 20% off, just use the code PACK20

At the moment they also have the Limited Edition Undervention box which includes a selection of items worth $275 which members can purchase for $175. (non-members $218.75).  The PJ set I want is actually a part of the box and I am trying to decide if I want to go ahead and just get the whole box.  It is very tempting. I may have to look at the budget and see.  But if you are looking to stock up on some great products, you might want to check out this limited edition before it is gone. Thus far everything I have gotten from them has been of excellent quality and has fit perfectly.  I’m sure their limited editions will be just as fabulous. 

Limited Edition- Undervention Box ($275 of intimates, yours at $175)

For now, I am enjoying my June set and trying to decide between just the sleep set or the entire box. It’s time to spend a little bit of time with the calculator and budget to see what is possible, because you know, deep down, I want it all.

Unboxing The Underclub May 2021

It has arrived!  My subscription from The Underclub is here!  I love that it is the first subscription to arrive each month as it never disappoints and always makes me happy.  In case you haven’t guessed from the name, The Underclub is a monthly luxury underwear subscription service.  There are several different tiers and some have one pair sent to you and others two.  My tier is the one pair for $15 per month one.  I have never once regretted signing up.  While some of the underwear I would not have chosen specifically for myself, I always absolutely love them.They always have a sign up deal going on as well. I’ll post the link if you are interested.

use code “SWEETDREAMS” with any 6 or 12 month Gift or Prepay Subscription and get a FREE UC Eyemask + Bag!

And then there is the store.

Underwear Packs discounted 20% off, just use the code PACK20

They are always releasing new sets and package deals like the seven day bundle.  The recent release of the Zodiac elemental sets are really hard to resist.  Since I was born at the end of June I am  a Water sign and the underwear and eyelash lace tank that goes with the Water are really calling to me. I just love that shade of blue. I couldn’t find a good picture of it, but all of their zodiac sign themed undie sets look amazing. All the links in the post will take you to their homepage if you want to check out the zodiac (or any other) collection. I really think they were well designed.

May’s Subscription set

I also love that they are very size inclusive.  There have been a lot of sites where I’ve seen something I liked and found out they just didn’t carry it in my size or if they did it was a lot more expensive than it would be for a smaller size.  The Underclub store has all their sizes at the same price and I am included in their size range.  Pretty underwear is one of my personal pleasures.  I really do like pretty undergarments.  It has become an additional daily treat as I wear the plane cotton Hanes underwear to the gym and then only put on the delicate lacy things after my post work out shower.  So it is an extra little incentive.

‘If you do the workout like you scheduled you can wear the pretty undies after.’

Somedays, I confess, I need the extra incentive.  Especially if it is raining and I don’t want to drive across town to the gym. 

Lace detail

But that is another story, we are here to talk about this month’s Underclub selection. 

And it is a nice one.  It is soft dusty pink lace in a boy short cut. I love the scalloped edging.  The las is soft against the skin and not scratchy.  As always I looked for any loose threads or missed stitches before I washed them and found none.  They are very good quality.  And even though they did come sealed in their own little bag inside a bag. I washed them before trying them on.  I also looked them over as they came out of the wash and found that nothing came loose in the wash either. 

On the small bag that the undies came in they are labeled Viola HW Cheeky in Rose Cloud.  And they do feel cloud soft against the skin. 

I am especially pleased with these because they are actually the Underclub brand of undies. Each month prior I’ve gotten a different brand, but I have never received a pair from the in house brand.  I was curious as to the quality of the actual Underclub brand of underwear.  I am not disappointed. 

I will get a lot of use out of these and quite frankly, they were the perfect reward for talking myself into doing an extra set of arm workouts today. I know my arms will be sore, but I still get to wear the pretty, pretty lace which makes me feel better about the sore arms. Way to go Underclub! This was a fabulous start to the May Subscriptions.

The Underclub April 2021

I love the double bag for the Underclub

This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. The Underclub is a monthly luxury underwear subscription service. While they have multiple tiers, some with more than one set of underwear, I went for the $15 per month option. It is exactly $15 no tax or shipping added. For this price I receive one pair of undies each month. It ships on the first and charges on the 11th. I actually received April’s pair on Thursday April 8th (there was a shipping delay adding two days to delivery) and I was charged for May’s set on April 11th.

I initially chose this subscription service to try for three reasons. The first is that I really like subscriptions. I really do like the surprise package in the mail and the ability to try new things.

The second reason was that I wanted to try some subscriptions that weren’t makeup and skincare based. I am trying to branch out more into lifestyle and clothing subscriptions.

Plus, one thing people don’t tell you when you start working out is that no matter what underwear you are wearing, it is going to take a beating. I generally pick up packs of Hanes Cotton Undies for workout wear but I like to have nice underwear when I am not working out and in my initial workout phase, I didn’t realize I needed to switch out my undies like I switch out my regular bra for a sports bra so a lot of my nicer underwear didn’t survive. So it is nice to build up my collection again.

And thirdly, when I went looking for sizes, the Underclub was very size inclusive. They not only had a size that fit me, they had models that weren’t Victoria Secret Standard. They were all beautiful women but they were also real women. I know that I do not look like a Victoria Secret model in my underwear. I know that even if I get my body down to a healthy weight I will not look like that. Which is perfectly fine. How boring would the world be if we all looked alike? I like that The Underclub recognizes that and markets for real world bodies.

Waist detail

I also like the quality and styling of the undergarments as well. This month’s set of pants was quite lovely. On the surface they look like plain black undies. They are made of a kind of net material. The front has an inner liner, the back does not. The Brand is MOD by Parfait which we have seen before.

This set, like every set I’ve received fit perfectly. So if you are looking for your size, follow the size chart. I measured myself, took my inch measurement to their chart and have not had an issue with fit. It is a spot on size chart, which is really nice when trying to find your size. And while I am on the heavy end of the spectrum, they do have extra small for those of you on the other side. They have a pretty wide array of sizes which is again one of the reasons I chose to try out the subscription in the first place.

With this month’s set, I was very impressed by the quality of the elastic around the waist band. I know that sounds very strange to say, but most of the underwear I’ve received thus far has less of a stout waistband, The thinner waistband suited the style and the elastic was thinner because of design. This pair has a thicker waistband and a correspondingly thicker elastic. The elastic doesn’t constrict too tightly and you can tell it is the sort of elastic that will last a while. It is an oddly difficult balance to find. The elastic fit properly and didn’t leave marks on my skin.

As with all the underwear, it went straight from the packaging to the washer and then I tried it on. There were no loose strings or missed stitches wither before or after washing. The garment was well constructed. Like I said before it fit perfectly.

My one issue was that there was not a liner on the rear as there was for the front. I understand the styling and looking at it, I really like the way it looks. However, I did wear them sitting at the desk while working on the computer and ended up with a net print across my rear end. It wasn’t in any way uncomfortable, just oddly textured skin when i stripped down for my shower. I was momentarily puzzled, then realized it wa from the pants.

Over all I am very pleased with this pair and happy to keep the subscription another month. I am still wearing the Valentine’s bralette and pants set. They have been in rotation since February and they are holding up quite well even though it is more delicate looking than untehr sets. It looks just as good now as it did when it arrived. I really like the bralette, I just have to remember it is in no way designed for exercise and change accordingly. It does fit well though and looks great when working at my desk or generally moving around. It just doesn’t have the support i need for workouts (which isn’t surprising as it isn’t a sports bra). I still have my eye on the minty green pajama set (pictured above) and now they have a Birthday three pack available. In fact each month they seem to come out with a new set in a different style and the list of ones I want just keeps getting longer.

While I am drawn to the mint green Pajama set mostly because I am starting to transition from my winter pajamas into more summer themed sleepwear, I also like the bra and pants in the same material and style. I’m actually torn as to which one I want to order as they both look really nice. Soon I will start inventorying my spring and summer clothing so it may end up being a decision made on what survives the purge. I have some spring and summer clothing that is now a little large on me and some that is just worn out from seeing too many summers. So I may make the decision after, but seriously how cool is that set? I think I may have said the same thing last month but it still remains true. I just really like the color and design of it. And if you are just looking for undies, they have great bundles as well as individual sets. I’ll link the birthday link below.

Personally, the more I receive from this subscription the more I like it. They are size inclusive and don’t make me feel badly about myself because I don’t fit a certain mold. They recognize that everyone deserves to feel pretty, which I love. If I am wearing pretty underwear, even if no one knows it, I feel pretty all the way through, which I’m sure reflects in my attitude and self confidence. while pretty underwear doesn’t fix everything it is often a great personal boost.

I like that they are always coming out with new designs and that every piece i’ve had from them is a quality piece. Plus it is a really good monthly surprise. Overall I just really like this subscription service. If you are looking to expand your underwear collection, this is definitely one I would recommend looking into. I for one will be keeping this one for a while.

Birthday Gift 3-Pack

March 2021 UnderClub Unboxing

I love pretty underwear. There is no getting around it. Pretty underwear makes me feel special when I put it on. Of course it doesn’t have to be sexy underwear, it can be cute cotton as long as it makes me feel special.As my weight increased, the designs became less cute though. In fact it became down right depressing and my underwear shopping started to imly lean into the functional.

Which is just plain sad.

Don’t get me wrong, functional is important. But so is how you feel wearing it. And anyone who has read my posts for any length of time knows that I also love subscription boxes. For a while I concentrated mostly on the beauty products, because skin care doesn’t care about your dress size. It just works to make the skin you are wearing be the best it can.

Recently I started branching out (don’t get me wrong, I still love my skin care) and trying other things. While I am still slimming down for health reasons, I am still not tiny (and don’t ever really plan to be) This made underwear subscriptions somewhat problematic. To be quite blunt, I was a little past their size charts. Then I found that Underclub had a more inclusive size range and signed up to try it out. This is my third month with them and I absolutely love them thus far.

This month is an adorable blue pair that is basically a polka dotted mesh. The see through nature of it is why I am not modeling them for you and why they are on my desk instead I love you all my darlings, but there is a limit to what I am willing to photograph. They are bikini cut. and fit really well. I tried them on after washing them ( I always wash my garments before wearing them, even though this is double packaged. It is a habit.) Washing them first also lets me see if any strings will pull loose or if any stitching is off. There were no issues. They are well constructed with no loose strings.

The set also came with a scratch off card. You scratch it off and get a discount, mine ended up being for $5 off. I think it is a cute idea for a lucky st. Patrick’s day add on.

The brand for this pair is Toast, which has shown up before in this subscription. I am still wearing the first pair and they are showing very little signs of wear so I have high hopes for this pair. They are mesh and see through. I tend to favor cotton during the day and this sort of thing after my post workout shower. The cost for the tier that I am in with this subscription is $15 per month. I have to say each month I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. Like I said this is the third monthly subscription. I also have a set including a bralette and undies that was designed for valentines day. I am still enjoying that as well. The bralette is not a supportive garment, but it is not meant to be. It is great for working at the desk, not so much for going on a walk. Just remember to change to a sports bra before working out and you are good. To be honest I kind of like that. My workouts beat up my undergarments something fierce, especially in the summertime and having to change out of the bralette before working out also reminds me to change out of the noce undies too. By changing them I get to keep the nice underwear longer.

In case you are wondering, my workout underwear comes from Hanes. (the link will take you to the set I purchase, and repurchase for workout wear.) I can buy a pack relatively inexpensively and then just wear them until they can’t take it anymore. As they are good quality, that does take a while, but quality or not, salty sweat is not a friend to cloth. I did find out that I might actually be in the size range for the MeUndies subscription service which features cotton undies, so I might be checking that out soon.

For now I really like the pretty undergarments from underclub. Because of the material and the styling I feel special putting them on and because I tend to put them on after my post workout shower, it feels like a little reward. “I did my sweating and now I get to put on something pretty”. I am all about the small rewards to keep myself on track with my weight loss journey. Pretty underwear is a pretty good reward in my book. And more importantly it isn’t a reward tied to the scale. Putting it on is just a reward for showing up and getting the workout done. If you are interested in this subscription, right now they have a deal going on where you can get a free bralette when you sign up.

Add a FREE bralette to any new subscription with code FREEBRA

Which is not a bad deal all in all. They also have some really delightful sets in their shop. Some are packs of undies to last a whole week and others are individual sets, all are very pretty. They also have an adorable satin sleepwear set that I keep making passes back to the site so study. It is very much on my list to purchase. I’ll Link the image below.

Underclub X Power 2 The Flower Mint  Satin 5-Piece Collection

There are several I have my eye on at the moment but that is probably at the top of the list. Seriously how pretty is that? Their store is fun to check out, and clearly I like to frequently stop by to see their new additions. In the past three months they have been putting up between 1-3 new sets a month. I don’t know if that is typical or if there was a Valentine’s day extravaganza, but they do release new sets fairly regularly. Personally, I like seeing what is available and knowing that because of their size inclusiveness, any set I choose will actually fit me. That makes me feel just as good as pulling on a new pair of undies every month.

The Underclub X Toast Cyndi Mesh and Lace Bralette Set Review

This weekend I received a very nice surprise as The Underclub very nicely gifted me the Underclub X Toast Cyndi Mesh and Lace Bralette Set. This set was released for Valentine’s day (retails for $49) and it arrived on February 13th, just in time for me to wash it and have it ready for Valentines day. I love that the pieces were individually sealed in plastic, just like the regular Underclub Subscription.

Birthday Gift 3-Pack
We love gifting – we want to help you love it too! This 3-pack featuring a surprise mix of different styles is sure to make that special someone’s big day.
Available in sizes XS-4X

Although this set is pretty enough that it’s wear is not going to be confined to one day a year.

I am a member of The Underclub which is a monthly Luxury Underwear subscription service. There are several tiers and the one I belong to is the $15 per month tier where I get one pair of undies sent to me each month. Thus far I am absolutely loving the subscription. The underwear is lovely and quality made. Plus, they are all different brands so I get to ty different styles as well as companies each month.

Receive 10% off purchases in the Underclub Shop with coupon code XTRA10

Plus I can’t lie, I really get excited by new underwear. And the fact that The Underclub has underwear in my size just makes me so happy. All of the other subscriptions I looked at I didn’t quite fit. I was just out of their size chart’s range. The Underclub size chart has a wider range, both larger and smaller, so I was able to indulge myself in an underwear subscription without waiting until I was a “more fitting” size.

While I do love their underwear, I had not yet tried out their bralettes and I was curious. In fact, I don’t think I have ever worn anything that could be called a bralette. I know shocking reveal. But to be honest I have always been hesitant to pick one up, mostly because of the way they are sized. I see Small, Medium and Large on bras and quite frankly I want a little more detail, which is why in stores I generally pass them by.

lace detail

Currently my bra size is 42D in case you are wondering. And while that is partially due to my weight (current weight 218), when I weighed 115 my bra was a 38C. So I was never really a small. Also once you get into C and D range stores like to make your bras look very basic. It is getting better, but there are always so many really pretty bras in the smaller sizes that aren’t always replicated in the larger ones. And there are a wide array of really pretty bralettes.

I’ll admit, I was perusing the bralette section of the Underclub store and wondering about picking one to try out. Which made the arrival of the gifted set so absolutely fabulous it made me giddy.

So let’s look at the set, shall we?

It is a bralette and underwear set from the brand Toast. I’ve never heard of them before, but I have to say if all of their underwear is like this, I will be looking for the label next time I order. The garments are well constructed with no pulled threads or missed stitching. The detail work is quite lovely. The elastic on both the underwear and bralette is covered by satin ribbon which is a nice touch. There is an extra loop in the underwear to go around your waist. It looks a little odd when the pair is sitting out, and I was worried it would be too tight when I put it on, but it is not. It is a very comfortable pair of underwear to wear. The set’s design features red mesh and light pink lace inserts.

fastener at the back

The design of the lace is scalloped so that it almost looks feathered. I found it to be quite lovely. The underwear is very comfortable as well as pretty. I was surprised to find the bralette was as well. It has the same adjustable back strap that a regular bra has which really helped with comfort. I think one of the issues I’ve always had concerns about with bralettes is that they mostly seemed designed like tank tops with no adjustment possible.

Not the greatest picture of me but the first one I’ve ever taken of me in my undies.

I love that this had that adjustability. The bralette sent is an XL and it fits really well. It isn’t one that I would do any exercising in as it is not designed to be terribly supportive, but it is comfortable to wear in non-workout scenarios. I actually wore it all day yesterday (Valentine’s day) and had no problems whatsoever. It is just as nice to wear as it is to look at, just don’t go jogging in it.

I have to say I am impressed with all of the little details as well. The crossed ribbons at the cleavage, the extra lace along the strap at the back. It is a well thought out design for both the bralette and the underwear and I am happy that i get to wear the set. It also made me realize I don’t have all that many matching sets anymore and that I really like having a few around. I generally start out with matching sets but along the way one or the other will be lost and leave the drawer while the other sticks around and I end up with single items rather than sets. So clearly it is time to order a few new sets.

Knowing that I now can wear bralettes (and what size) I may have to look at ordering a few more sets of those as well as regular bras. The Underclub has quite the selection on their site. Despite Valentine’s day being passed, this Underclub X Toast Cyndi Mesh and Lace Bralette set is still available (and really, why limit pretty underwear just to one day of the year?) I’m not sure which holidays they favor with new releases, but I for one will be keeping my eye out for new launches as well as perusing the large selection already available on the site. There is just something about pretty underwear that just makes me feel pretty all the way down to my skin. Even if i am the only one who sees it, and sometimes especially if I am the only one who sees it, I just find it delightful to wear pretty underwear. I will be keeping this subscription for a long time to come and will no doubt be picking up more sets from the Underclub store.

Underclub February 2021 Unboxing

Just in time for Valentine’s day

I think the Underclub is very quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions.  For those that don’t know Underclub is an underwear subscription.  They have several options in their subscriptions depending on if you want one set each month or two and if you want their regular subscription or their premium one.  I am in the regular subscription and I receive one item each month.  My subscription price is $15 per month and the underwear is mailed out at the first of the month. 

I love the double bagging of the product

This is my second month of this subscription.  The first month was a lovely black set of underwear that had a subtle detail.  While I was impressed with the quality of the undergarment when it arrived, I have now washed and worn it several times and I have to say the quality still remains.  There are no loose strings or coming apart at the seams. I was very impressed.

So how does my second month stack up to the first?

Very well actually.  This month I received a pair called Celeste from Peche.  When I looked the company up, and managed to convince the computer that I did not in fact mean peach, I found the company offered a pair almost identical to the set I received (different color) for $30. Which is of course double what I paid in my subscription.

package rumpled pre washing

Before I wear any new underwear, I wash them.  I know they come sealed not only in the outer packaging, but inside an inner plastic package as well, but I still always wash underwear before putting them on.  Before washing these looked very nice, if a bit rumbled from shipping. 

There were no loose strings, all the seams were straight and correct and there was no damage to the underwear.  I know that sounds like a lot of inspection, but I wanted to make certain they were in good condition before they went into the wash.

lace and stitching detail

Both the material of the garment, as well as the lace decoration are soft material that will wear well against the skin.  According to the label the body of the underwear is 76% nylon and 24 % spandex and the lace is 82 % nylon and 18% spandex. It is also a lovely lavender color. (The camera tended to wash it out to a pale pink, but id you look in the top photo you can see it is lavender).

I was actually pleasantly surprised actually.  Usually I expect everything in February to be geared towards pinks and reds.  The pastel lavender was a very pleasant surprise.  Not that I don’t like pinks and reds, but it was nice to see something different. Although they do have valentine’s day packs avaialble.

Valentines Day Sale: Toast Pink / Red set both Bikini & Thong, Electric U thong 3-pack, Monique Morin packs – both Black & Infinite and Strappy Black 3-Pack


When looking in the member store I spotted the celeste in both the Curvy Weekender Three Pack and in the Best Week Ever Seven Pack. Both sets looked really nice actually. One of the reasons that I chose this underwear subscription out of the multitude of underwear subscriptions available is because of the size selection.  For many of the subscriptions I was simply just not within their size range.  For the Underclub I looked at their size chart, realized I fit into it and joined.  I still expected the underwear to end up being cut a little small, but it is not.  Both last month and this month fit perfectly. 

For me if I know I am wearing pretty underwear I feel pretty all day.  In fact, underwear and perfume are the only two things that can do that for me. If those two items make me feel good then it doesn’t matter if the wind swirled through my hair and the wings of my eyeliner are lopsided, I feel pretty. 

Given that I love subscriptions, an underwear subscription is a no brainer. I had ‘an underwear subscription’ on my list of rewards for weight loss from the very beginning, figuring that at some point I would lose enough weight to be in range for one of the subscriptions and then I could feel pretty on a monthly basis.

I love the fact that Underclub’s sizing lets me do that now.  I may be losing weight for my health, but I like feeling good about myself at whatever weight I am.  I shouldn’t have to be thin to enjoy either my body or pretty underwear and I love that Underclub’s front page tag line: Designer Underwear for Every Body, Every Month, makes me feel included instead of like an afterthought. I also love that the women modeling the underwear also come in a variety of sizes as well and don’t all fit into the ‘standard underwear model’ category of woman.

A good pair of underwear makes me feel pretty, being included instead of feeling like an afterthought makes it feel fun. Add in the fact that I like the underwear I’ve received, and I can see myself keeping this subscription for a long time to come. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they send my way next month.

Add a FREE bralette to any new subscription with code FREEBRA

Oh La La Cherie

The Underclub January Unboxing

I have several weaknesses. A good bottle of wine, a pungent cheese, chunky decorative rings, lots of skincare and most lip products are all on the list. But there is one weakness that has been with me for a long time and sadly it is one that I frequently set aside.

I adore pretty underwear.

Actually, I should expand that to include all lingerie if I am being completely honest.

I love lace and silk.  I love soft cotton and decorative stitching.  Solids and patterns. It is a weakness. And despite my increasing weight over the years, it is one that I frequently indulged in.  If I felt pretty in my undies I felt pretty all the way down, even if the only shirts I could find were made from that stretchy rayon/poly blend I personally refer to as Fat Girl Cloth.

You know the kind where the cloth is woven with threads of elastic so that it can fit multiple sizes, but if you push it too much you get patches (usually on the chest) where the material is showing slightly white from the elastic and is very, very shiny. So in photographs it looks almost like someone is aiming a spotlight at your chest.

I personally hate that cloth.

With a passion that is sometimes unseemly.

As my weight has started to go down any of those pieces in my wardrobe were jettisoned as soon as possible. There are a few lurking towards the back ‘just in case’ because for a long time they made up the bulk of my professional clothing and I might need a quick office outfit. So I kept one pair of pants (very shiny behind) and a couple of shirts for emergency office visitations. I have about ten more pounds to go when I’ll feel comfortable replacing them with others, but that is another story.

However losing that weight also meant adding a lot more sweat to my day.  Most of my pretty undergarments suffered in the beginning. Because the underwear drawer contained the only garments that made me feel pretty, I only had pretty underwear at that point. Some materials were not designed to hold up in the gym. In fact most of the materials were not meant for working out.

I also discovered the fact than when lace is soaked with sweat and pressed against the skin it rubs the skin raw in much the way sandpaper does. Not a pretty fact, but a fact nonetheless, and one of the reasons why my current workout underwear is generally cotton and comes from Hanes (they are currently having a 70% off clearance sale on holiday themed tee shirts anf sleepwear if you are interested, although the lik will take you to my favorite workout undies).  Those garments sit well, wear well and cause no issues.

Not my usual list of wants from my undies but necessary at the moment.

But I still love my pretty undergarments.  So I use them as a daily prize for completing my workouts.  I work out in Hanes cotton and then after my post workout shower, I get to put on something that is not gym appropriate. It is a small, every day sort of reward.

And it makes me happy.

You’d think that with my love of subscription boxes and underwear I would have signed up for an underwear subscription a long time ago.  The truth is, I’ve looked at them.

A lot, actually.

And usually with a tape measure in hand as I study the provided sizing chart.

While I have lost weight, I am still not a small woman. However, when I checked the sizing chart on Underclub, I found that they had a wider array of sizes.  They actually go up to 4X in their sizing.  Although I would double check the size chart with your measurements before picking a size. Mine is currently a 3X on their charts even though I’ve gotten the bulk of my clothing down to 1X.

When I checked my measurements against their chart, I found they had a size fitting me and I decided to give them a go.  The Underclub has different options.  They have two categories: regular and premium and within those categories you can choose to get either a one or two pair option.  The value of the garments in the regular category ranges from  $18 – $28 per pair.  A set of one pair is $15,the set of two is $28 per month.  With the Premium Category the garments are valued between $28 and $55 per pair.  The one set option in this tier is $21 and the set of two is $35.

I chose the regular tier and the one pair of undies option.  I figured one pair that wasn’t premium would let me assess the Underclub and if I wanted to change later I could always upgrade. And for now one set per month is plenty for me.

So first, the details.

For my tier of the Under club it is $15 per month.  I was very happy to see that there wasn’t an adjustment in the price due to my size.  I know I’m larger and my underwear takes more cloth to make, but I really hate when the cost goes up because of sizing. I can understand why some companies feel justified in doing it. I see the logic.  I still absolutely hate it.  It makes me feel bad and if buying your product makes me feel bad, I am going to stop buying your product.

However, here that wasn’t an issue. I was very pleased that Underclub does not do this.  It is the same price for everyone.

The subscription mails out the first of the month and charges on the eleventh of the month for the following month. So I paid for the subscription in December.  January 1st it mailed out. January 5th it arrived and I will be charged January 11th for February’s box.  Pretty simple really.

I have to say that I loved the various questions they asked as I was setting up my subscription.  I could choose styles, and let them know if I liked patterns or preferred solids.  I could tell them if I liked bold colors or pastels.  And at the end of the listed questions there was a space where I could add in any of my own personal concerns they didn’t touch on. I was very impressed with the simple survey. It is a little thing, but it is really important.

So what arrived? And is it worth getting a February box?

The underwear arrived in a simple mailer.  While it does say Underclub on the outside, it is a fairly generic packaging, which I like. Although my postman ins a very stone faced individual so any package I get could be covered in glitter and streamers and the only thing he’d check was if the postage was correct. Which I appreciate.

Inside the mailer is a little card that just tells you that in a few days an e-mail will be sent asking you to review your purchase so they can make the subscription better for you. As this is my first month, I don’t know how much that applies. I can however see that it would be really handy to get feedback as underwear is quite personal and everyone likes different things.

I’ll have to see how that plays out in the following months.

In addition to the card, the underwear is in the bag.  It is in its own separate cellophane bag.  I personally like that. I know the mailer is sealed but making it have its own bag within a bag makes me feel happy.  While I still wash them before wearing them, I just like them as sealed as possible. Call it a personal quirk.

So to the underwear!

This month’s pair is black with decorative patterns on the sides.  It is simple and quite pretty. The back is see through but it is soft instead of a scratchy net that you sometimes get on cheaper panties. The company listed on the tag is MOD by Parfait.

But pretty isn’t everything and I can hear my grandmother’s voice in my head as I start to look them over.

detail from sides

There are no pulled threads or missed stitches.  A slight tug on each of the seams doesn’t pull anything loose. It is a well-made garment.  And yes, I did the test before I washed it, and because I will never get my grandmother’s voice out of my head, I did the same test after washing them for the first time.  Nothing pulled loose in the wash, there are no loose threads it is still a well-constructed set of panties.  It has a simple design and looks good.

So grandmother’s voice temporarily silenced, there is one test left to go. I have to try them on.

They fit perfectly.

The back

I know that shouldn’t be a surprise as I double checked the measurements before deciding on the size, but it is nice to see that they are actually the size that I chose and fit me perfectly.  I’m hoping that once I lose enough weight to go down a size it will be relatively easy to alter the size in my subscription.  As everything else on the page is relatively easy to deal with, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be as well, but it is something that I will have to update you when the time comes. 

I’m sure you’ve already realized this but, yeah, I am keeping this membership. The underwear is of good quality and it fits me. I agree that if I were to purchase the underwear it would be in the $18 – $28 range.  This pair would probably be closer to $18, but still worth the price of the subscription. This design was nice and somewhat understated. While I like them, I hope that there will be a bit of variety a well.  I suppose we will see.  For now I am very happy starting off 2021 with this new subscription. I am also looking forward to seeing what they come up with for February. It is the month I would expect a lot from an underwear subscription. February seems like the month for an underwear subscription to really shine.  It will be interesting to see what arrives then as well as to see what special options they have available in their on-line store.

If you are interested in trying out the Underclub for yourself, here are two codes you might be interested in.

Receive 10% off purchases in the Underclub Shop with coupon code XTRA10 Or Get a Free Thong with a new subscription. Use code EXTRATHONG at check out!

Underclub also has gift subscriptions available if you are buying the subscription for someone else.

Like i said above, this was my first subscription box from the Underclub, but it has been overwhelmingly positive and i can’t wait to see what arrives next.