Weekly Weight: April No Scale Continues

Today I was actually relieved not to have to get on the scale. We had company last weekend and to be good hosts we brought in things we normally wouldn’t have in the house. Much of the week we have been dealing with left overs just to clear them out of the pantry. One of the things I have noticed though is the sugar intake.

I long ago cut out sodas from my normal day. We will keep a six pack of mini ginger ales in the cabinet, but to be honest, a six pack will last several months and then more than likely one can will be incorporated into a Friday night cocktail (Sometimes even a mocktail I really like taking one of those cans pouring it into a glass and adding a drop of sour cherry syrup to it and calling that my Friday Cocktail.)

We had three 12 can (regular sized) boxes on hand for company. My baby took one box to work just for meetings. I had a couple earlier in the week because they were there but after I realized the sugar was affecting me and my sleep patterns, i stopped drinking it. It is one of those things I simply don’t think about any more. People talk about how sugary drinks are bad for diets, but since I rarely indulge I focus more on salt and fat when I think about diets. Also my big weakness is cheese rather than chocolate so I know I can walk away from the sweets more easily than the savory.

It also helps that we don’t bring it into the house. But this week it was there. and because it was just there I indulged. I had one of those moments where I realized how much grocery shopping affects my diet. Simply put, you can’t eat what isn’t in the house. I know that sounds like a foolish statement to make but it was really brought home to me this week. This week I ate things simply because they were there. Why bother to add a little flavoring to water if the soda is right there taking up space? Why cut up celery sticks if there is a bag of chips right there? Do I know the other stuff is better for me? Of course, but the other stuff can be consumed with no effort or thought. And since we prepared things for company instead of preparing snacks and other things for the week, I hadn’t helped myself out by doing the prep work early like i usually do.

It was a bad week for food, but an eye opening one. even when you realize that what you by matters, sometimes you just need a hard reminder that you are the gatekeeper. You are the one who decides what to bring into the house and you are the one who ultimately decides what you will eat based on what you bring into the house. I knew that. Of course I knew that. But sometimes, it is really good to have that hard reminder. This week more than anything else, that was what I got. Sometimes, I just need things spelled out for me.

Hopefully it helps you too if you are on a similar get healthy journey with weight loss.

Weekly Weight: April No Scale Begins

This morning was interesting. On Fridays I get up , use the facilities, walk to the kitchen to put on the coffee and then go back to the bathroom. Then, before I begin my morning skincare I strip down and step on the scale to record any changes over the week. While I have taken breaks from the scale, most notably around holidays, I have been weighing myself every Friday for a long time.

Not stepping on the scale this morning felt…strange. There was a feeling of relief that I wouldn’t have to see myself dealing with tiny fragments of weight (in either direction) as I try to get myself off of this plateau I am on. There was also a feeling of guilt.

And to be honest, this feeling of guilt bothers me. I felt almost as though if I didn’t get on the scale, I hadn’t really done any of my exercising. I hadn’t recorded my food. I wasn’t working towards a healthier me. All of which is foolish. I have been getting my exercise in, but I am working to shake up my routine so I can see where that feeling of not doing what I was doing when I stepped on the scale might occur.

In addition I have been writing down all that I consume. Partially because I had a doctor’s visit this week. Since I am wearing a FitBit which records my activity and I am recording my food we sort of looked through that. It turns out I haven’t been eating enough. Which is part of my plateau at the moment. Each time I see the scale not move, I knock a few calories off and apparently that doesn’t help. So there is some recalibrating.

and he did validate my decision to step away from the scale for a month. He suggested letting my body get used to things before I start second guessing myself and making adjustments. Which is smart. Smarter than My I can’t just can’t stand to see 0.2 weight increments for a while version of stepping away from the scale because it is driving me bonkers.

So we are going with his version of Smart so that I don’t try to micro manage myself idea. It sounds much better than my initial thoughts. Both are still true of course. I just need to get over the guilt that stepping away from the scale causes. It annoys me that I feel guilty, but denying it isn’t going to help. So I am acknowledging it and hopefully putting it behind me.

So doctor’s visit down, caloric intake tweaked I am moving forward. I feel good about what I did this week and ultimately it feels good not to think about the number on the scale for a bit. The weight loss journey will continue, even without the confirmation of the scale. I know this. Sometimes you just need a breather.

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Weekly Weight: 211.6 lbs

Nope, it is not a repeat. It is the same weight I was last week. Which is rather annoying. It’s a plateau and I have an appointment with my doctor scheduled for next week to hopefully help me adjust what I’m doing. Maybe it will shake things up.

Hopefully it will shake them up in the right direction.

I have made a decision though.

while I step on the scale each week as a method of accountability, I need a break from it. The scale, not the accountability. I know I’ve done this before and I think it is time to do it again. I will be taking April away from the scale. I’ll still post about my continuing weight loss journey each Friday, but I won’t be getting on the scale each week to record the numbers.

I simply need a break.

Part of that is the plateau moment. It just gets frustrating to know I put in the effort and seem to be getting nowhere. So next week I sit down with the doctor and I’ll spend April getting things sorted out and then pick up with the weight posting at the beginning of May. I think it will greatly help my state of mind. Because that scale is just stressing me out at this point.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 211.6 lbs

This week’s Weight: 211.6 lbs

Lost this far: 34.4 lbs

So this coming week I will talk to my doctor and possibly a physical trainer. I’ll keep an eye on my calories and exercise, reporting back each week on how things are going and get everything squared away in April. Then in May there will be a return to the scale and hopefully a better frame of mind. But for today, there was no loss in weight, but the loss of a scale and a whole lot of peace of mind gained.

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Weekly Weight: 211.6 lbs

This week was strange in regards to working out. I started strong on Monday, then work went crazy and I managed the bare minimum for the rest of the week. Most of my focus was on my food this week.

Logging my food, writing down everything I put in my mouth was the only way I could keep track of things once work got out of control. And I’ll be honest, mostly what happened was that I jotted down what I ate during the day and then once i finished for the day but hadn’t yet started making dinner, I counted up the calories and figured out what I was going to eat for dinner, or at least my portion size.

we still had the basic menu in place which helped. It was just my portion size that varied. I have to say having the Smoothie box shakes really helped. They were delicious, but they also had the calories clearly marked so I didn’t have to think too much about it. There was little to no math. While I normally like to keep it to one or two a week, I hit them hard simply because it was easier than thinking about it and they were quick.

While this loss wasn’t a big one, it is t least going back in the right direction. I was very worried that this week would either be a no loss week or even a gain because of the workout shorting. But keeping a firm control of those calories really helped to at least reign it in and make sure I didn’t take a hit with my weight.

As annoying as it is writing down everything I consume, it does help. It not only keeps a record of what i am putting in my body so that when things go wrong I can sort of figure out where the problem is, but it also makes me aware of what I am eating. There is no mindless snacking when you have to count out the items you plan to consume from a larger bag so that you can accurately write it down.

As an aside it always astounds me that olives (at least the kind I was eating) are ten calories a piece. I know part of it is the salt, but I always feel like they ought to be about three. They aren’t, I know they aren’t which is why I count them before adding them to my salad. But it still seems like they should be. Part of that is i do love olives and kind of wish they were lower. But still, 10 cal seems a bit much.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 212.0 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 211.6 lbs

Lost this week: 0.4 lbs

:Lost thus far: 34.4 lbs

And so the slow chipping off of weight continues. This weekend I am reevaluating, going through my fitness and food logs and seeing where things can be improved. I don’t mind the slow chipping, but I wouldn’t be opposed to heftier slivers being released from my body each week. So This weekend I will see what can be tightened up and what needs to change.

Weekly Weight: 212.0

I never like reporting a weight gain. It makes me feel like I failed, even though I know I did everything I could. I stayed on top of my fitness this week. It rained a lot so I was doing more indoor work, but i think I was still doing well on calories. The food this week is still a little bit wonky because my babydoll is still recovering from dental surgery so things need to be shifted for him and since I am generally cooking one meal for both of us then my food gets shifted as well.

That should be back to normal next week though.

I think what might have got me (and the reason I am not panicking about the weight gain) is because dinner last night was at 10 pm. Generally we eat around 6:30. I don’t like to eat after 7 pm as I really don’t sleep well with a full belly. I think my body can sleep or it can digest, but it has issues doing both at the same time. Given that I ate so late last night, I think that my weight might have been thrown off a little.

I know it sounds like a justification or an excuse, and it is, but it is also why I am not worried. I didn’t go crazy this week. I hit my workouts and ate reasonable portion sizes. I know that the food will balance back out in this coming week and I am confident this increase is temporary. it’s only when I don’t know why things are happening that I start to worry. This is explainable. If I go up again next week despite hitting my planned workouts and getting my food back to normal, then I will worry.

I also now have a reminder of why I don’t eat that late at night. I know it makes me sound a bit like an old fogey but I’m not ready for the early bird special yet. And honestly, I have never been able to eat late at night. My relationship with sleep has always been a delicate dance. eating late is like having an elephant try to rhumba through a waltz.

The stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 211.2 lbs

This week’s Weight: 212.0 lbs

Change this week: +0.8 lbs

Lost this far: 34 lbs

So there we have it. It is never fun to record a gain, but sometimes life, and a delayed dinner, happen. All I can do is not let it get me down and keep moving forward. As long as I never quit, I am still winning. Even when it doesn’t feel that way. I will say though. Tonight dinner will be early and I am going to take my HUM sleep gummies to help ensure my bran quiets down enough for sleep. At the moment that is the bigger concern. My body my not like digesting and sleeping at the same time but what little sleep I got with a full belly wasn’t good. So early dinner, a little sleep insurance via HUM and with luck feeling right as rain on Saturday. For now though, it is time to tackle Friday.

Weekly Weight: 211.2 lbs

The scale moved! You have no idea how happy that has made me. I did not like seeing only 0.2 lbs drop off and then have the scale in the same place for two weeks. I know there were extenuating circumstances that affected everything, but still it was hard to see.

It was fantastic not to see 212.6 this morning. I will admit, I did a happy dance. Scaled back of course as the bathroom where I was weighing in is actually a small powder room. And I didn’t want to actually hurt myself with my happy dance. But it was a happy dance nonetheless.

This week the weather was clear and warm and the floodwaters finally receded giving me clear passage for walking. I will admit, on Monday I did skirt a large pool of water and squelched through the barely revealed grass at the side of the pathway. But After a week of rain and flooding I really needed to walk. So I did. And then I had to dry out my sneakers. I also gave myself a blister on my foot from where the wet sock rubbed on my foot. But it was worth it just to be moving out side once again.

The stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 212.6 lbs

This week’s Weight: 211.2 Lbs

Lost this week: 1.4 lbs

Lost over all: 34.8 lbs.

I know the number on the scale isn’t the end all be all, but seeing a weight loss is a great way to start a Friday. It is going to be a good day. I can feel it. happy Friday everyone!

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Weekly Weight: 212.6 lbs

No my darlings, you aren’t seeing things. That weight is exactly the same as last week. It is frustrating. I did really well with diet and exercise this week and then Wednesday we switched up the meal plans. My babydoll has dental surgery on this coming Tuesday and his way of dealing with the nerves is to focus on eating everything that he thinks he won’t be able to chew for about a week after the surgery.

I don’t know if he feels he will starve the week after his surgery but as a result foods that we don’t normally eat except for every once in a while have been creeping in this week and because he was starting to get crazy eyed I told him we could do whatever he wanted for meals until his surgery. The crazy eyes stopped, but the food has gotten a bit indulgent.

I have been trying to keep my portions slim. Which is surprisingly easy as many of the foods he craves aren’t ones I really want to eat a lot of. But even small portions are caloric. And while my exercises have been good, I don’t think I’m burning as many calories as I do when I walk through the park. It is still flooded.

I suppose I could look at it as I did enough and exercised enough portion control not to gain anything. But it doesn’t feel like much of a win. I know, it is temporary, and a bit out of my control. I am controlling what I can and just have to accept that I don’t in fact run the universe. I wonder if that means I have to give the intergalactic crown back?

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 212.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 212.6 lbs

Lost this week 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 33.4 lbs

So today is a steady as she goes day. No wins, and no losses. Not what I hoped for, but completely understandable and not the end of the world.


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Weekly Weight: 212.6 lbs

I know it isn’t much of a loss this week, in fact it is a completely negligible loss. But I am not worried. For the most part I stayed on track this week. I watched my intake and exercise. I may have over done it with the exercise a bit. But here is the thing.

The winds have really stirred up my babydolls allergies and he came home and asked if we could just order pizza. Since I hadn’t started dinner (and he looked a bit on the morose side) I agreed so last night was a much heavier meal than I planned.

It generally takes me at least twenty four hours to recover from something as heavy as pizza. Yet today, I still didn’t show a weight gain. One night off track won’t kill my diet. It means that I will have to watch my intake over the weekend (Saturday is usually the day where I don’t bother counting calories as a break to myself). So even though I didn’t lose as much as I would have hoped I would, I am not terribly upset.

I tend to only rally get upset if i don’t know the reason something has happened. I hate when i work out and watch what I eat and still the scale seems intent on staying the same. with this I know exactly what happened and how to recover from it so I am fine with it.

I can work with logic. It’s just when things get wobbly that my brain starts to freak out and goes in circles trying to figure out why things aren’t going the way I want.

And I have to say…That pizza was really good.

It is salad tonight for dinner, but it was worth it.

The stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 212.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 212.6 lbs

Lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 34.4 lbs

Weekly Weight: 212.8 lbs

Good morning my darlings. I know I shouldn’t get so excited by a number on the scale but I’ll admit, I did a little happy dance today. I know it isn’t a full pound down, but every time I see 213 I remember being stuck there for a really long time so anytime i see a number lower, I am happy. And As my weight was in the 212 range just before the holidays started I have now officially lost all of the weight I put on during the holidays this year.

That in itself deserves a happy dance.

I should also point out that in general I feel pretty good. Which is a better indicator than the scale. I got my exercises in but didn’t over do it. I monitored what I ate but didn’t skimp on my means so that I felt like I was starving.

I will admit that because I took on a couple of large scale projects recently my work load has increased so I have been a little tired. But i think I have now adjusted the schedule a bit and am getting back on track. It was just one of those weeks where the schedule isn’t really set so everything is adjusting to a new position. I ended up working a little late pretty much every night this week, but i think now I have figured out a system that works a lot better than I thought it was going to. I honestly didn’t think that one of these projects was going to be as time consuming as it is turning out to be. Hopefully that to will settle down. And at least that is a short term project, so even if the crazy lasts, then I only have a few weeks of the crazy.

So over all, a little tired going into Friday, but feeling good about keeping on track with both my diet and exercise. I’d have to term this a pretty good week.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 213.6 lbs

This week’s Weight: 212.8 lbs

Lost this week: 0.8 lbs

Lost over all: 33.2 lbs

And so we go into Friday feeling just a little bit lighter and very pleased with the way this week has worked out. I hope that you have a lovely Friday and roll into a fantastic weekend.

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Weekly Weight: 213.6 lbs

Good morning my darlings. I have to say even though the loss this week wasn’t as great as I hoped for, I am just glad that the weight went down. I had a nightmare about it being stuck in the same spot even though I made changes. Luckily the sale is back on it’s down ward trajectory.

This week I concentrated on getting my exercise in but not overdoing it. It is a strange line. I like the thought of expelling more calories causes more weight loss but there is a limit. If i don’t eat enough my body just goes into lock down and refuses to let the scale budge an inch. It is quite frustrating.

It is also a lesson in balance. And one I thought i learned a long time ago, but apparently you can never stop learning the same lesson. I’m sure there is some sort of parable written about that, but instead I am just going to say that I have once again learned the lesson. I exercised moderation this week and once again the scale is moving. It wasn’t enough movement to earn a happy dance, but it did make me happy.

Do you know what also made me happy? Having those video workouts lined up and waiting. As expected Wednesday night the skies opened up and it really hasn’t stopped raining since. The low lying areas have flash flood warnings going out once an hour so I suspect that even if I wanted to walk, the park is going to be flooded for at least a few days after the rains stop.

But I had those videos lined up and waiting.

That did get a morning happy dance. Two thumbs up for thinking ahead and planning. Woo hoo for me and my bad weather work out.

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 214.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 213.6 lbs

Lost this week: 0.4 lbs

Lost over all: 32.4 lbs

And so the chipping away of the weight continues. The progress is slow but for the most part steady. And it encourages me to keep going. I know it is a back and forth process and if any of you are going on your own weight loss journey, I hope you remember to be kind to yourself and to celebrate even the smallest of achievements. Because taking care of yourself is always a worthwhile effort.

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