Weekly Weight: 231.4 Lbs

I know last week I was okay with the weight staying the same, but this week I was worried that it would again stay the same. Happily, it did not. The downward trend continues. Personally I am very happy with this week’s weight because this was a week of rain and varying temperatures.

Not only did that mean that the park and walking trail spent much of the week submerged, but it also meant that my sinuses were not happy. weather changes just cause me to get stuffy and to have a headache. It is not really me being sick because I can take a quick sinus tab and drink a lot of water and I will be fine for the day. I’ll feel a little hazy because of the medicine, but otherwise I am fine.

Until I try to exercise.

Then as soon as I get moving my nose starts running. No matter what medicine i took. I know it isn’t, but somehow that always makes me think my brain is leaking out of my nose. I know that isn’t how it works, but it feels like it.

And so exercise of any sort was a bit hit or miss. I will say that I went onto the My Fitness Pal App and logged every single thing i put into my mouth this week just to try and stay on top of things. I think that might have been my saving grace as far as diet went.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 232.4 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 231.4 lbs

Lost this week 1.0 lbs

Lost this far: 14.6 lbs

My one thought for this week is to hope that the weather evens out. I don’t care if it is cold or if it is warm, I just want consistency so my sinuses are not constantly adjusting. Is that too much to ask? Maybe. we’ll see. For now though, I am happy with the weigh my weight loss is going, despite the weather and my sinuses.

Weekly Weight: 232.4 lbs

No my darlings it is not Deja vu. This is the same weight as last week. To be honest, while I would always like to see the numbers shrinking, I am not terribly surprised. Last week I lost nearly three pounds which for me is a lot in a week. Usually I have a big loss and then not so big a loss the following week. I’m okay with that. If that trend holds up I will be fine.

This week was also very strange as far as exercise went. I managed to get a few walks in and I did about 40% of my indoor exercises. I know 40% is something I can work on but there was very little sun this week and with the flip flopping either my sinuses were running like a faucet. while I got stuff done this week there were days where breathing was sort of an achievement all it’s own.

So I am impressed there was no weight gain. That makes me feel good.

I owe that to keeping track of everything I ate. (I am using the My fitness pal app as my food diary.) I don’t know if this is a factor of getting older but if I just watch what I eat and limit my calories, I mange to not gain weight not lose it. It is only when I have a Wonder Twins Activate movement with exercise and calorie control that thigs start to move.

Perhaps that is another reason I am not terribly surprised there is no movement. It was more of a hold the line sort of week. with luck things will dry out next week and I can edge back into a decline in the scale numbers. For now, I feel content with what I have done. Part of that content may be the sinus meds kicking in and the ability to draw in deep breaths for the first time this morning, but I am not worried this week. It is only if the scale stays static for multiple weeks that i start to worry.

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 232.4 lbs

This week’s Weight: 232.4 lbs

Lost this week 0.0 lbs

Lost this far: 13.6 lbs

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Making water just a bit Sassy…

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you. It keeps you hydrated, makes your skin look good and is excellent when you are trying to lose weight.

One of the first things I found out when i started working out and trying to live healthier is that sometimes I mistake being thirsty for being hungry. Sometimes just having a little bit pf water makes me realize that I wasn’t actually hungry at all. Which means I consume less in the way of calories, which I find really nice.

The trick is convincing myself to drink more water. I use several tactics. One is that I find water to sit less heavily on my belly if it is carbonated. As I don’t want to run out and get a bottle of sparkling water every time I need a drink, I purchased a Soda Stream. I’ve actually been using it for years and it is one of my favorite items in the house. It is a purchase I will never regret making.

But I don’t like drinking from the large water bottles that the machine takes. They are great for making the water fizz, but not so much for drinking. I can drink from them but I find that if I just use the bottle to carbonate the water, the bottles last longer.

To drink I will often use a glass. I am quite fond of a stemless champagne flute as my glass actually since it makes my water feel far fancier than it it. To this I will often add a twist of lemon or lime to the glass so the water seems almost cocktail like.

However when I make my water in this fashion I tend to sip the water. So I reserve the champagne flute for evening water consumption. I have also found recently that my water consumption has been slipping and I am trying to get uit back to where it needs to be.

Enter Smartass and Sass. They are a subscription service and do have a monthly box. They also have an on-line store where you can purchase various item, usually from one of the boxes. Recently I took advantage of one of their sales to puck up this water botte/glass.

I am sure it is listed as a water bottle, but i think of it as a glass. The container itself is made of glass and it dishwasher safe. I really prefer glass bottles as they are not only easier to clean but they last longer because they don’t retain off flavors and scents over time. Sometimes I add flavors to my water, other times I don’t. I like that to be my choice rather than the water bottle’s.

Over the glass is a silicone sheath so the glass will not become slippery. The lid is wood, bamboo with a silicone band to keep it in place and a silicon liner for the hole for the straw. I love that the straw hole is lined with silicone as it will help keep the lid lasting longer. The hole in the wood for the straw is often the weak point and I have had several unlined wooden lids for bottles that simply took a beating from everyday use. With the lining I think it will last longer.

The lid fits in snuggly, although I wouldn’t pick the bottle/cup up by the lid. The straw is also a reusable plastic. I love that the lid comes all the way off. It not only aids in cleaning (while I will send the bottle through the dishwasher I won’t put the lid in as it will last longer if I just wash that by hand.) It also lets me add thongs from Ice to fruit if I want.

The bottle/cup itself holds 17.5 ounces of fluid. I think this is a fantastic size. It means that it will not only hold a lot of water, but it fits my hand well. It is quite comfortable to use. All in all it is a very well thought out design.

And for me, it is good to look at and good to hold, both of which encourage me to continue drinking from it throughout the day. For me though the straw is the key to getting me to drink more water. I find that when I drink through a straw I tend to drink more. I don’t know if there is some sort of physics involved, if it is the memory of fountain sodas needing to be drunk before the ice melts or if it is just how I drink liquids, but I will drink more, faster with a straw.

Which means that with the purchase and use of this Smartass and Sass Water Bottle/cup my daily water consumption is back where it needs to be. This is going to be a favorite for quite a while.

Weekly Weight: 232.4 lbs

I have to admit I was thrilled to see the weight drop this week. It has been one of those weeks where I felt like I did everything right even though the world seemed somewhat against me. The weather was foul, the park was flooded and because of the rains I woke up in the dark which always makes me feel like someone has adjusted my clock in order to play a bad joke. My body has no problem staying up to the wee hours in the morning, but there is something about waking up before there is sunlight that I just do not like.

It makes my mornings feel like I am swimming through molasses just to get things done.

But I did stick with my plan. I kept to my workouts and not only are my muscles noticeably less achy than they were last week but the scale has given me a bit of recognition as well. It feels fantastic.

Yes, I know the scale is not the end all be all and weight is just a number, however on weeks where nothing seems to have gone my way, everything was interrupted by something (although thee were some good interruptions as well as bad), it feels amazing just to have the vindication of the numbers to show that me sticking with the plan, in spite of myself worked.

Somedays a little external validation does make a world of difference.

The Stats: Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 235.3 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 232.4 lbs

Lost this week: 2.9 lbs

Lost thus far: 13.6 lbs

And so with a feeling of good will I leave you here and continue on my day. The rain is still raining and the park is still flooded. But I have a handle on my meal planning and will continue with my indoor exercise plan. I feel really good going into this Friday. I hope you do as well.

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Weekly Weight: 235.1 lbs

I will admit that his week was not the loss I hoped for. It is actually somewhat disheartening to see actually. I have started back on my indoor workouts and quite honestly my muscles are on the sore side. I know last week I was all “I’m going to do these every day!” but the truth is, that wasn’t what my body wanted and as they are strength training exercises I actually needed a day between to let the muscles rest.

So I went with the Monday, Wednesday Friday approach this week which was far more sensible. Monday was good and by Monday evening the soreness crept in. It’s presence was felt more on Tuesday, Wednesday morning wasn’t bad, but Wednesday night I was sore with increasing soreness on Thursday morning. This morning I was fine and I suspect i will be a little sore this evening and then a bit more sore tomorrow morning.

I know I planned to increase each week, but I think that I am going to listen to my body on that as well. When the soreness dies down a bit, I will increase. Then I’m sure i will be sore again.

There were a few things I was reminded of this week. The first is that I need to do these exercises first thing or I will find reasons to skip them. The best way for me to do this is to have my work out clothes already out. Tat way I see them first thing in the morning and just put them on. Then I can shower and change and get ready for my day. Starting the day off in workout clothes increases the chance that i will actually do the work out.

the second thing I need to remember that these are strength exercises which are important but don’t burn the same number of calories as cardio. This week there was not a lot of cardio. There was a lot of intermittent rain and most of my cardio is done out doors. It is a simple equation. I did find myself drawn into exercise equipment adverts more this week. Peloton commercials drew me in a couple of times. I also found myself strangely drawn to the curved treadmill. I don;t know why I find it so appealing but I do. I am disturbed that they didn’t have a price on the website, but I find the curved treadmill appealing. Maybe it is because I walk as so much of my exercise.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s weight: 235.3 lbs

This week’s Weight: 235.1 lbs

So over all not a mass of weight lost, barely a flicker. But I feel good, aside from the muscle stiffness and I think that counts for something. Now I just need to figure out if my treadmill window shopping is because I think it is a good idea to buy or because I simply miss the walking trail. The summer sun may cause me problems and cause me to realign my schedule, but the winter rains flood the walking trail for several days at a go. o at this time of year i always feel a little antsy. Still not sure if that is a treadmill endorsement or not, but I certainly feel it when I can’t get my walk in. fingers crossed that today the rains of last night will have dissipated and the trail will no longer be flooded by midafternoon. Then I can sneak a walk in and still window shop for exercise equipment. Next week looks to be drier so hopefully there will be more walking and more weightloss next week. At least that is the hope. I’m also hoping for a reduction in muscle stiffness, but only time will deal with that as well.

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Weekly Weight: 235.3 lbs

I was pleasantly surprised by this morning’s weigh in. I may have gained weight over the holiday but it was only about a pound. Please excuse the hair in the photo by the way. I brushed my hair before pulling the scale out and didn’t realize there was hair on the floor until later. I saw it after I put the scale back in it’s out of the way place and cleaned up the floor but until I sat down to post this I didn’t realize it was in frame. It is the curse of a clear glass scale. well that and the reflection of me taking the photo.

Anyway, while a weight gain isn’t something I would normally celebrate i have to say I am pleasantly surprised that it was only one -ish pounds. I was expecting a lot more actually. Especially after yesterday’s realization. I posted about this on my daily post, but to sum up, I realized that Each time I didn’t really feel like doing my indoor workouts I would lower the reps that I did and then later forget that i lowered them so the lower number became standard. Until the next time I didn’t really feel like doing them and so I’d knock off another couple. It was a bad cycle.

I’ve fixed it by creating a spreadsheet actually. It’s a simple Excel sheet with the numbers clearly marked on the page. Like my food journal it is helpful for me to write everything down. And if I have to see the numbers I can’t fake them to myself. I have the bad habit of thinking, Oh I’m sure I only planned to do twenty of these squats today. If I have marked down on the paper that it was in fact thirty, it is harder to think twenty because I’ll know I am lying to myself. It is the same with food actually. Measuring and weighing are a bit of a pain, but it keeps me from saying things like, sure that looks like only half a cup. And then only counting half a cups worth of calories when i actually consumed a full cup.

Which I actually started recording my food again this week as well. during December I did pretty good with recording the meals I prepared. The problem was that I had a lot of meals that I didn’t prepare. Which is why I was expecting a lot more of a weight gain. So, pleasantly surprised. Let’s get the official stats for the first weigh in for the new year then.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 235.3 lbs

Lost thus far: 10.7 lbs

I know there is still a long way to go but I am committed to reaching a healthy weight. And I think I have set myself up with the tools to accomplish this in 2023. At least that is the plan. It is one I hope to stick to. As it is January, hopes are high. I think that if I can stick with the plan, I can manage it. I suppose we have twelve months to figure that out.

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The Daily: January 5th, 2023

Oh my darlings today my bones feel like jelly. I am fine when sitting at my desk but once back in motion I can feel the inside of my muscles talking to me. I realized that I haven’t been pushing hard on a lot of my indoor workouts. I had a list of exercises to do but I would vary the number of reps I was doing. So I went back to my beginning list and saw the number of reps I started with. I think what happened was that every time I didn’t really feel like working out but made myself anyway, I shaved off a couple of reps to make myself feel better. And then later I forgot that I shaved them off.

And so I would go with that number until the next time i really wasn’t feeling it and there would be another couple of reps shaved off.

Not a very good spiral.

And so we make a spreadsheet. That’s right. Spreadsheet. Since today is Thursday i will call today and tomorrow part of next week’s week 1 and start writing things down. In case you are interested here is a screen shot of both the oddly long week one and week 2. Following weeks will be like week two. Each week I will increase the number done by a small amount I also usually take Saturday and Sunday off. Each time I complete one set I put an x in the box. I usually run through a set each morning (when I haven’t talked myself out of it) and occasionally I will do a second set in the afternoon. At least that is what i was doing when I was losing weight regularly. Which is why I will get back to it. Week one is getting me back into the habit of every day workouts and to make sure I stick to the proper numbers. The plan is this week to once again build the habit. Then next week I will increase the numbers slightly and add in one day where I do the work out’s twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Then we will see how it proceeds from there. Here is my preliminary chart.

I am sure things will shift as I get into it, but hopefully they will shift in the right direction. I just used a simple spread sheet. As I fill things In I will add additional weeks. I know that seems a little obsessive, but I generally find that when I write things down or require myself to keep an actual record then I am better able to stick with a schedule of this sort. I don’t suddenly decide that maybe 20 squats instead of thirty feels right today because I can’t put an x by the squats if i don’t complete the numbers. And If I can’t put the x by them then doing twenty isn’t going to be recorded.

I know there are a lot of people out there who start the new year off with plans to get in a better shape either for general health or weightless. if there is one thing I have learned in this entire process it is myself. I have learned more about how i think and how I process things than I ever thought i would. i have learned what motivates me and what will get me to stick to whatever plan I am doing.

i used to marvel that there were so many different systems or ideas about weight loss. And then I was told it was because every body is different. Which is true. however more importantly every mind is different. And it is the mind you have to engage in the process. now I’m surprised that anyone comes up with any weight loss system that works for anyone but themselves. For me part of what helps me out is writing things down, food, exercise, schedules. Seeing it all laid out and then being able to go back through and see the things I have checked off gives me motivation.

I should also mention i told a friend this and they shivered in revulsion and said they would never even start a work out if they had to write something down. it would doom them to failure. To each their own. I need the documents.

I didn’t actually mean to go off into weight loss land, but there we go. it is what is most on my mind today. But here we will leave it and get into today’s look. I went for a softer one today and am quite pleased with myself.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Marc Jacobs Under (cover) Blurfection Primer (discontinued- from the Use Up Box)

Foundation: Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid hip Long Lasting Foundation

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight/powder: Pur 4-in 1 Perfecting Powders palette

Concealer: Trestique Cover and Correct Crayon

Setting Powder: Becca Cosmetics Pink Haze Setting Powder (discontinued – from the Use Up Box)

Eyeshadow: Ciate London The Velvet palette (currently on sale for only $8)

Mascara: Iconic London Triple Threat Mascara

Lips: Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Lip Gloss with Vitamin E

Setting Spray: Ciate London Watermelon Burst Setting Spray

Okay first I have to do the happy dance. This was the last use of the Becca Pink Haze Setting Powder. It is no more. It is empty. Which means if nothing else I have managed to use up one of the items in my use up box. And considering how large the square powder box is, that is really helpful. i will have to find a pink setting powder to replace it, but it was time to let it go.

I also used the Marc Jacobs Primer from the box and will hopefully be letting that go by the end of the month.

The more i use this Bounce foundation the more I like it. It is very light weight and doesn’t require a lot of product to get the look i want. At the moment I don’t have any break outs so it isn’t really having to cover a lot and I still need to test it over larger blemishes, but it covers redness well and lasts all day long. I am glad they changed the packaging though as if you don’t tilt it just right or press too hard you can end up with foundation on your shirt rather than in the provided dip.

I really like the Pur palette which is odd since in general I am not a huge fan of the products I have tried from the brand. This palette however is an old standby and one that I will repurchase once this one is no longer usable. It is the perfect palette for travel and I really like all of the products in it. which again is odd since I have tried a couple of their products separately and wasn’t a fan. Something about this palette I just like.

I didn’t sleep terribly well and this yo-yo weather has my sinuses going crazy. Over all I don’t get sick much but every year I get a seasonal cold where my internal systems react to the weather changing. Usually it is in the spring or the Autumn. This year it seems to be every few weeks. So I went for the concealer. This color is perfect for me and I like the stick application as i an more easily put it where it needs to go. It is a formula that needs to warm up a little before use as it is a bit stiff. So I just hold it in my hand while I am studying the eyeshadow palette to see what look i want to put together. That generally warms it up enough for me. I have no had issues with it creasing and I need to remember to reach for this more often.

Speaking of eyeshadow. this was my first use of the Ciate Velvet Palette. For me Ciate Shadows are hit or miss. Sometimes I will get a palette and I just won’t like the formula. Other times I will get a palette and fall head over heals in love with the palette. Oh my darlings this is love. I am actually rather surprised by it as I expected this to be a shimmery palette I only occasionally used. It is mostly shimmers but a few shadows apply more matte than they look in the pan. And they applied beautifully. They went on smoothly and while pigmented weren’t over the top with the pigmentation so i was able to build them to what I wanted and the shimmers are stunning. I think I will be playing with this palette for a while.

As usual the Iconic London mascara is great at lengthening but that is about it.

In addition to the eyeshadow i think I am falling in love with the Revolution Pout Bomb. I think there may be a little plumping, I’ll do a photographic time check to be sure but even if it isn’t I really enjoy this formula. It feels a little sticky going on but the stickiness fades away pretty fast and you are just left with a clear gloss. (I’m sure they make other shades but I have clear). The best thing though is the vitamin E. even after the gloss wears off my lips feel nourished. i really like this lip gloss.

And so we will end on a high note. Fantastic shadow and fabulous lip gloss as well as a work out plan I can stick to. To me that makes this feel like a good day. i hope you are having a fantastic one as well.

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Weekly Weight: December 30th, 2022

Here we are my darlings on the verge of the end of the year. Usually I like to look at a retrospective of my year in weight loss at this time. To see how I coped with life’s little ups and downs. Except that this year there were no little ups and downs. My world was more or less a small boat in the middle of a very angry ocean.

Often times weight loss was the last thing on my mind and many times my diet got left far behind because circumstances took over. This year had long stretches where no routine of any sort was possible. As a result I know I will be ending this year heavier than I was last year at this same time.

And I am okay with that.

It doesn’t make me happy of course. no one attempting to loose weight wants to gain it instead.

But here is the thing. Every once in a while you get a year that just kicks your feet out from under you. the ground will shake like your own personal earthquake and it takes all the effort you have in you to stand upright and hold on until the ground stops moving.

For me, this was just one of those years.

But here is the thing. Those years don’t last. eventually the ground stops shaking and the cyclops on the hill stops chucking goats at your head. And yes this year it felt like there were screaming goats being hurled down upon me. Go ahead take a minute close your eyes and picture it. I’ll wait.

Yeah, like i said, goats.

But eventually the world settles down. Your footing is regained and you can reestablish a routine.

You can breathe again.

That is how I am looking at this new year. I will not be doing a retrospective of the events that led me to this point. I will just put up my goat proof umbrella, maybe send if out for repairs because of the beating it took, take a deep breath and move forward. Because ultimately, that is what a new year is. A chance to move forward.

For me it will also be an excuse to drink champagne and wear a fabulous pair of heels. As we are having a quiet new years at home this year it will be a fabulous pair of heels paired with a fuzzy pair of pajama pants. But that is okay too. And rather suits me.

Was this year the best for weight loss? No, this year my weight loss journey took several dark detours. But here I am looking at this incoming bright shiny new year. And I am still standing and I am still willing to put in the effort to make next year a better one.

And honestly that counts for a lot too.

Once the champagne and heels are put away, The journey will resume.

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Weekly Weight: December 23rd, 2022

The last of the holiday parties is done. I know that sounds strange to say on December 23rd, but almost everyone I know is leaving town today, including me. I’ll be leaving this afternoon and returning on the 29th. In Case you are wondering, there will be posts, but no Daily’s while i am gone. I’ve got the best of Lists set up to continue through the week. And once I get home it will be a pretty quiet Christmas this year. Half of the people who were going to come can’t because of health issues. Mostly positive tests. So it will be small and quiet, which is kind of ideal this year. Next year we’ll look at a larger celebration this year we are just circling the wagons and hunkering down in case 2022 has anything left it wants to through our way.

This has not been a banner year for the family.

So while Christmas will come with a big meal there won’t be a lot of party platters. which i am okay with. I did well this year and I really learned that there aren’t a lot of holiday foods people serve that I really enjoy. I know that sounds strange but growing up our holiday treats were often cheese platters, sausage slices, spice cookies and eggnog. This year it seems everything was coated in chocolate. I like chocolate but I don’t get that excited about it. At best i like my doctored hot chocolate. And I like dark chocolate. I like the bitter notes. And I d make a mean chocolate coated candied orange peel. But this year milk chocolate ruled.

I don’t remember it being so heavy the years before. But at least it was easy for me to resist. My baby doll nearly ate himself sick though. He loves chocolate. I am the savory person in out household and he is the sweets. He ate a lot of sugar this week and is kind of regretting it now.

But he feels a little better now. And our fridge has been emptied and by noon we will be on the road out of town. I feel good about my consumption over the holiday and I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas. I hope whatever type of holiday you are looking forward to you have the best version of it possible.

Weekly Weight: December 16th, 2022

This week I have to admit, I was tempted by the scale. I resisted knowing no good could come of it though. I need the break and actually I am feeling good about the break. We had three holiday gathering events this week. It was interesting as two were for companies I did a lot of work with this year. I expected to drop in and say hi and hoppy felicitations to the few people I worked with, but it turned out to be a bit more. I think it was more open because they were in public places not office parties held in offices. It was meeting for drinks and snacks at a local brew pub for one of them and in a bar for the other. I had never been to either and it was nice to support local business. the fact they were oddly work related gatherings with people I’m not everyday friendly with meant I didn’t consume a lot of anything even if I stayed longer than I planned. The third was a group of friends at someone’s house and there were trays meant to be grazed on.

I think the holidays sort of snuck up on everyone. We have another gathering tonight and then a few next week. Oddly I don’t think anyone is doing anything for new years. I think that may be the way the days fall though. Like me a lot of people seem to be taking off on the twenty third and then just not returning until the new year. I’ll be back on the 29th to have new Year’s at home but with the weekend holidays it seems to have worked out that way.

My holiday weapon this year is soup. A bowl before I go out has been amazingly filling and has kept me from grazing too much. This week we only had one real grazing thing and I am kind of proud of myself for only sticking to a few of the things I liked and not nibbling on the things that aren’t special holiday treats.

It also helps because I didn’t really get much exercise this week. Anytime I said, right, I’ve got time to take a break and get my work out in, it was like sending up some sort of bat signal for my phone to ring. Seriously, every time. And the weather has been bad enough that the park and walking were out. So I monitored calories like a hawk and will hopefully have better luck with the work outs next week. I did religiously mark down anything I knew the calorie count for in my My Fitness pal Diary so I am feeling pretty good about it actually. I just feel a little jittery from not getting enough movement in.

It seems my body is used to moving now and not inclined to stop. Which would be good if it weren’t so cold and rainy. And the phone wasn’t crazy. But it is good in general.

But that is me today. Wishing I got in a little more exercises but feeling a little bit proud of myself for not going over board on the holiday treats. Happy Friday.

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