Winding down with Aceology

Oh my darlings, it has been a day. One of my neighbors hit a tree. They are fine, the tree and car not so much. And it sort of did a bit of damage to the neighbor’s roof too. We have had (and are still having) a lot of rain and some of the driveways in our neighborhood are a bit on the steep side. Steep drives, slick roads, low visibility and an attempt to rush are not a good combination.

Everyone is fine, the damage was all done to property, although there are going to be some air bag bruises. There were lots of assorted official vehicles outside my house for a large portion of the day.

But now they are gone. While I wasn’t involved, I did have periodic visitors so I didn’t want to put on a face mask until I no longer had to open the door. I don’t mind spooking the occasional unexpected arrival, but I figured knowing there were people who might knock meant that the face mask could wait for a bit.

I went with a peel off mask for easy clean up today as well. I know I am trying to go through some of my new face masks, give them a try and then pick one to wear for a month of use so I can get a full trial, but I decided to just go with one I already knew I liked.

Actually I am really liking all of the Aceology peel off masks that I’ve tried. I know, normally I am not a huge peel off mask fan, but these are not as painful to remove, they smell kind of like a high end spa treatment and they leave my skin feeling great. So I decided it was an Aceology kind of day. I went with the brightening treatment mask. I know, one application is not going to brighten up all my dark spots immediately, but my skin feels brighter and clearer once I remove the mask and let my skin settle back down, post removal. Even though this is not a painful peel off mask every peel off mask leaves my skin slightly red as it is removed. That’s normal. the skin is just reacting to being tugged.

The red dies down pretty fast though and then my skin is fabulous. And after the chaos of the morning, it was very nice to sit down, Light my candle (Yes I repurchased the Edgar Allen Poe candle from Paddywax. I know I need to branch out and look at new candles instead of just purchasing the same one repeatedly. But it is one I know and love. I promise I will branch out soon. But like the Aceology mask, the candle scent was comfortably familiar. And who knows, now that the excitement has died down I might actually get some work done, because between you and me, this was not a productive day.

But my skin feels fabulous.