Trying out the AOA Prowear Foundation from Shop Miss A

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of a $1.55 foundation. But I will admit, I am willing to give most anything a try at least once. At least as far as makeup goes. And in general I will try it at least twice to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke.

For the past two weeks I have been trying out this AOA Prowear Foundation to see how it performed. The shade I picked out may be a bit to light for me, which is totally my fault. with lipstick and foundation I am really bad at picking shades in the store. With the low price tag attached to this though it meant that there was very little risk.

Plus with a light foundation I can always work a bit of magic with a bronzer to balance it out. If the foundation works that is.

When the foundation arrived, I opened it and found I couldn’t squeeze it out. to use it you have to snip the top of the inner nozzle to release the product. I know, sometimes you have to be smarter than the packaging. I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure that out. But in the end, I did figure it out. After that I did like the dispensing of the product. It came out well and not in too large an amount. It is a classic creamy foundation formula. So it won’t run out like a serum will. I don’t think you have to shake it, but I found myself shaking it just because of the bottle shape.

I applied the foundation to my skin and then blended it in with my foundation brush. Streaks were left behind. I had to call in a beauty sponge to get rid of the lines. Once I did, all was well.

The foundation was a fairly decent medium coverage product. It will last all day, but you need to wear a pore filling primer underneath. It will settle into the fine lines around your eyes and the corners of your mouth. This is not a foundation that you can wear without a good primer underneath, unless you do not have a lot of fine lines. While I use many good skincare products, that ship has sailed for me.

just the foundation

Even with a good primer, you are looking at about eight hours of ear before it starts to really sink into those lines. This is one of those foundations that I found easy to apply in a hurry, if I had a surprise meeting as it does blend very well and very easily. It is just not something that I am going to pull out of my makeup drawer when I know i have a long day.

full face done

I have to say even with it’s slight issues, the foundation performed better than I thought it would. And to be honest I often find myself with unexpected meetings that I hadn’t prepared for rather than a full day of meetings.

settling in the corners

So for me, the longevity is not that big an issue. I just have to remember that f I quickly apply it for a meeting, I can’t leave it on and wear it when I go out. Having said that, I would definitely be willing to invest $1.55 more in picking up a shade that is more suitable for my skin tone and keeping this AOA Prowear Foundation around. I just need to remember it’s limitations.