Holiday Shopping Guide: Molton Brown

I know the holidays always seem to come faster and faster each year. Typically I like spreading my holidays out, however before the holiday, comes the shopping for the holiday. For me, my family is scattered pretty much around the globe at this point. So some gifts I pick up, wrap and get the chance to deliver in person while others I order, wrap, and then pack up to ship back out to other destinations. It means that I try to get my shopping done as early as possible. Adding in that everyone has supply chain issues these days and shipping is often delayed, it makes shopping a little early a good idea.

So if you are shopping now or planning your Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday domination, I thought I’d go into a few of my favorite brands and take a look at some of this year’s holiday offerings.

Molton Brown is a long term favorite of mine. And while There will no doubt be ,more Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, currently they have a 25% off site wide (T&C apply) sale going on for those looking to stock up early. For a long time I simply ordered their Rhubarb and Rose body wash and didn’t bother branching out into the other scents. Then I received a couple of travel sized scented body washes in subscription boxes and liked them so much that I had to try a variety of scents.

One of my favorite things to get is the Stocking Stuffer Collection (usually $50, currently $37.50). I tend to pick this one up every year actually. I admit I usually keep one, but the rest of them I parcel out into various stockings. It works out really well because some family members like heavily spiced items, others like fruity scents, some like florals and others are citrus fanatics.

So the sampler stocking stuffer set is really handy.

I also generally pick up at least one of the holiday baubles because it never fails that after I have finally thought i picked up every item I need on my list there is always one Secret Santa or family friend gift that I some how forgot.

And given how much help so many people have been this year with my mother’s surgery, I will be picking up a bunch of these as extra holiday thank yous this year. The Holiday Baubles are usually $15 for one and are currently $11.25. While I will be getting a few of the individually packaged ones I will probably also get several of the three pack holiday sets (usually $49 for three but currently $30). My plan for those is to just have a basket and let people choose the scent they like best.

One thing I love about Molton Brown is that while they put their regular scents of shower gel and body lotion sets out for the holidays, they also have special holiday scents available. This year they have Merry Berries and Mimosa, vintage with elderflower (which might not be strictly a holiday scent but as my dad used to make elderflower wine and always brought out a bottle around the holidays, I always associate with the holiday scents), Jubilant Pine and Patchouli, and Festive Frankincense and allspice.

You can pick up sets that have just the holiday scents, such as the trio of bath gels to the right, or you can go for your favorite scents. If you are looking for something that is slightly floral but has a sweet tart scent to it, then I would suggest the Rose and Rhubarb. If you like something with a bit more of a clean fresh scent than I would lean more towards the Costal Cypress and Sea Fennel. Currently the one I am absolutely loving right now is the Heavenly Gingerlily. It is slightly spicy with a slightly floral note. And like all of Molton Brown’s products, foams beautifully and rinses away cleanly while leaving beautifully soft skin behind.

As always they did release an advent calendar this year but alas it is currently out of stock. I am hoping they will bring it back by the time Black Friday rolls around. I believe that is what they did last year. I remember seeing it was sold out, then on Black Friday got a notice that it was back in stock and by Saturday afternoon when I went to see about purchasing it, it was out of stock again. As it looks like a great way to try a variety of their products I can see why it is so popular.

For me, I love the brand and the products. I also love that while I have several people on my Christmas list who have sensitive skin, no one has ever had any problems with any of the Molton Brown products. I do have two relatives who are very scent sensitive so they tend to get bath time gifts from another company because of the scents (Molton Brown is quite potent in the scent department), but the formulas are great for all skin types. In addition to stocking stuffers and making sure everyone has a little holiday scented fun at bath time, I like the fact that Molton Brown’s products are always nice gifts but not to personal to give to work acquaintances at Secret Santa Gatherings, or your mother’s church friends who made sure she got to doctor’s appointments on time. They are just nice all round gifts and this time of year is a great time to stock up on them, whether it is for a gift or just yourself. I can already tell you, there is at least one Heavenly Gingerlily product heading into my own shower in the near future.

Molton Brown (US)

Is Bubble T Scrubtacular?

I love a good body scrub just as much as I love a good exfoliating mask for my face. In fact, I may love it even more. There is just something invigorating about a Body Scrub. This particular Body Scrub is from Bubble T and it is in the scent Watermelon.

Watermelon and I can have issues. Most of the issues stem from it being overused. I have this same problem with pretty much every over used scent (except peppermint. You can never have enough peppermint.) The summertime seems to be the time when both Watermelon and Coconut scents are used and abused.

They appear everywhere and while I can be fond of each, over use makes me dislike them both. The second issue is that not everyone treats Watermelon right. (they also do naughty things to coconut, but we will stay with the Watermelon for now.)

Watermelon can be overly sweet. While sometimes this can smell nice (like in a lip gloss) when you are talking cleansing products overly sweet smells can tip over into making me feel sticky even though I know I am not. As this summer has not been overly watermelon infused, I thought now was a good time to test this out. According to the product description…

Boost your shower routine with our Watermelon body scrub. This refreshing scrub is formulated with nourishing ingredients and smells refreshing to give you that extra lift to start your day.

This fruity body scrub is Vegan friendly, SLS and paraben free meaning no nasties whatsoever. Simply apply to your skin and gently rub away any rough or bumpy areas. The refining ingredients also help lock in moisture, for skin that appeals soft.

Bubble T

When dispensed out, this body scrub has a blue tint and you can see some of the scrubbing bits. There is a slight watermelon scent, although to me it smells a bit more peachy than watermelon-y. It is not overly sweeet, which I like, but it is also not overly anything much. The scent mostly dissipates as it comes out of the tube.

There is absolutely no foaming of the scrub. Some body scrubs do, some don’t. This one doesn’t. The scrub from the Body Scrub is okay. It isn’t something i was particularly excited to use. It didn’t leave me feeling especially cleansed and did leave a little bit of a film on my skin. I think this might have been the softening elements of the body wash. I didn’t care for it. While I started off using a wash cloth, I rapidly switched to an exfoliating body scrubber (Daily Concepts) . Ths scrubber took off the film, and I suspect gave me more exfoliation than the body scrub.

While this isn’t overly sweet or watermelon-y it isn’t really overly anything else. If you had sensitive skin and wanted a gentle scrub, you might find this of use. As for me, it was a product that i used and emptied. I am now letting it go and not picking it up again. I like that Bubble t is a relatively inexpensive bath product line, but thus far my favorite thing from them have been the Bath Fizzies. Those I would return to the site to buy. This Body Scrub I wouldn’t buy again, nor would I put it in my cart to make it to fee shipping. I would just add another bath fizzie to the mix. For me, this was a definite failure.