Testing out the Beekman 1802 Cleansing Wipes

As I have mentioned before I have been trying out a lot of the Beekman 1802 products because I signed up for their quarterly subscription box. I loved getting the box as it is beautiful and everything looked lovely, but the box is only worth getting if I also like using the pretty, pretty products.

I will admit that the Beekman 1802 Facial Cleansing wipes weren’t my favorite item in the box. It isn’t that I don’t like cleansing wipes. I do. they are really convenient and great to have around. They are a very useful product to have around. However they are single use products and I have been trying to use fewer single use products.

slight texture to the cloth

I am a little relived though as these are 100% biodegradable. It makes the guilt less, but I am still trying to keep the habit of reusable.

It was actually difficult for me to ween myself off using facial cleansing wipes because they are a great convenience product. So I am torn about having them here. I like them but i don’t want to get back into the habit of using them. But they are here and so I will be using them. This pack is the unscented variety. The link will take you to the page where all of their various facial wipes are located and you can see the scents (including unscented) that are available.

I’ll admit the Honeyed Grapefruit is calling to me. I am trying to resist.

But more people should use grapefruit as a scent. I’m just saying.

These cleansing wipes have no scent. which is nice for general use. While I am using this for my makeup I did also use one to get what I think was jam off of a small child’s hands when i was asked to watch him for a moment. His mother said it was fine. There was no cleansing without permission. She didn’t notice he was sticky until the emergency pass over and these were designed for sensitive skin, unlike the soap that we currently had in the bathroom.

worked well for removing makeup

We’ll call that a victory for cleansing wipes.

Actually, I really enjoyed these wipes. The pack has 100 in them so they will last a while. The cloths were damp but not overly saturated. They are slightly textured do they were better able to remove makeup. And of course, they are convenient.

I did have to do a double cleanse. I went for my tube of cleanser after using this to remove the makeup, but it did do a good job of removing the bulk of the makeup without leaving any excess cleansing formula or stickiness behind.

And to be honest, while I am attracted to the scents on the website, I am happy with the unscented. The unscented worked out well for these. It makes them more multipurpose and so I feel more comfortable using them for things other than removing my makeup. (Like sticky fingers). The biodegradable makes me feel less guilty about the single use product.

While I will never go out and purchase these Facial Cleansing Wipes from Beekman 1802 and i really hope they aren’t a routine item in the subscription box, I am okay with using this one pack.it is a good product, it just happens to be one that I will not routinely buy.

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Letting the Sunshine in with the Beekman 1802 Sunshine Scrub

As I mentioned in a couple of recent reviews, I signed up for the Beekman 1802 quarterly box and to decide if I want to keep receiving it I am going through the products and determining how much I like each and how much I want to see come into my house from the brand. Thus far I really like that it is a mix of skin (facial) care items and body care ones.

This is the Sunshine Scrub. It is described as…

Beet the bumps with the first-ever clinically tested body scrub to help temporarily diminish the appearance of bumps and chicken skin associated with Keratosis Pilaris*. Dermatologist tested and approved. This Clinically Kind® formula blends creamy goat milk prebiotic with 7.5% plant-based exfoliating polyhydroxy acids and golden beet root extract to gently exfoliate skin and smooth bumpiness without disrupting your skin’s microbiome.

Now I love a good exfoliator whether it is for the face or body. In fact I think I might like the body ones more. I know it may be strange but there is something deeply satisfying about a good full body exfoliation. It’s like you are covered in new skin.

dry formula

This was a very gentle body scrub and to be honest, instead of doing a once a week scrub with an exfoliator, I found myself simply reaching for this with every shower and I had no ill effects from it. It is worked really well as a body scrub. There is no real scent to it. I know it says the color is from golden beets. I read it well before I got into the shower, but still some how I expected a lemon scent. I don’t know if it is the yellow product or the name Sunshine Blend, but I saw both and my brain immediately said lemon scented even though i also saw golden beets.

I know, sometimes my brain is a bit bent.

There isn’t really a scent and when it dispenses, it kind of looks like mustard. The big issue is that if you put it on a cloth or a sponge or something of that nature, you will need to massage it into the cloth before using. The product won’t soak into the cloth of it’s own accord. which is fine but it does mean that if you dispense the product and accidentally tilt the cloth while setting the bottle down, the product can fall off in one lump. A bit like a snake made from playdoh.

It’s easy to pick up unless it falls into the spray. If it does, let it go. the water softens it and it becomes a scrub rather than a playdoh snake looking creature. It is just a drier formula in the bottle than I am used to for body scrubs. I am also used to body scrubs that come in jars and where you have to scoop the product out. They also have skin softening agents so I think that keeps the formula wetter.

I was worried that the tube would clog, but it didn’t. I am about half way through the bottle now and there is no issue with the dispenser clogging which was a bit of a concern with a body scrub.

I like this scrub. It is nice and gentle and it works well. It is gentle enough for everyday use actually and I can’t think of any other body scrub I have tried recently that I can say that about. Most I use once or twice a week instead of daily. My only complaint is the lack of scent. I understand why it isn’t there, but i did find myself wishing there was a little bit more scent to the product. Is it my favorite body scrub? no. I miss the scent. Would I use this again? Definitely. I would also purchase it for a couple of family members who have problems with scent and who are looking to stock up on products that do not include scent in them. For me personally, I find the Sunshine Scrub a great product, I just kind of miss the scent.

Using the Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Body Serum

I recently signed up for the Beekman 1802 Quarterly subscription box. ($65 per quarter and this link will take you to the review of my first box if you are interested). while I knew of the brand before getting the subscription box, I had not tried any of their products (barring a bar of soap that is). I though the subscription would be a great way to try out a variety of their items and see if they were for me, or which ones might be for me.

However it also means that as the box is a brand box, I will be getting another box of Beekman 1802 products sent to me. So I want to try out as many products in the box as I can to determine if this box is for me. After all if I am going to keep getting their products sent to me, I need to figure out if I like their products, right?

So you’ll be seeing a lot of the items in the next few weeks as I do so. This product is the Pure Goat Milk Body Serum. According to the description on the website…

This phyto-squalane body serum is packed with milk-based probiotic extracts, antioxidants, and plant-based actives. It’s a concentrated, long-lasting moisturizer that sinks in deeply to hydrate dry skin and give it a radiant glow. This dewy moisturizer works well for all skin types, and is especially beneficial for dry, dull, or uneven skin in need of essential nutrients.

oil on

It is essential a body oil, and that is how I have been using it for the past couple of weeks. The glass bottle makes it difficult to see, but I am about halfway through the product (maybe a little more than halfway).

during the past few weeks I have tried it out on my still damp from the shower skin and on dry (as opposed to wet) skin. what I have learned is that a little does go a long way. when applied to dry skin, the skin is shiny for a moment and the serum feels like a dry oil. After a moment it will sink in and the skin no longer looks oily or shiny. On wet skin it absorbs wall also. I tend to take hot showers so perhaps the hot water opens the pores, but it feels like this Body Serum absorbs more quickly on just from the shower skin than on dry skin.

right after application (30 sec)

The rounded curves of the bottle make it easy to grip. When I was applying it post shower, which is the application I prefer actually) I had to transfer the bottle from hand to hand, especially when applying it to my legs and arms. With the size that came in my subscription box (it appears smaller than the one featured on the website) It fit in my hand well with only minor slipping. If the bottle was larger, there is the possibility I would set it on the shelf, pump the product into my hands and use it that way. With this smaller bottle for some reason I didn’t do that but passed it hand to hand. Even after I thought about it, that is still what I did. it is stable enough to pump out without lifting, but something about the size of the bottle made me want to lift it with on hand while I was using it. If one or two grooves were added for texture to the slick bottle surface, I think it would prevent any possible slipping.

But even with wet and oil covered hands the size made cupping it a possibility. So really, it basically boils down to cup the bottle to prevent slipping.

The Pure Goat Milk Body Serum has absolutely no scent to it. I know it is listed as fragrance free, but often that can mean no extra fragrances were added and it just smells like what it is. This has zero scent to it so if you are sensitive to scent that won’t be a problem.

It feels like a dry oil on the skin, absorbs well and leaves the skin moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy. I personally like applying it more right after a shower than I do applying it as I would a body butter just before bed. I just think that my skin absorbs it faster when it is still post shower warm. It is a good product and one I would not mind using again. this Pure Goat Milk Body Serum is a definite tick in the plus column for both the brand and the Beekman 1802 Quarterly Subscription box.

Trying out the Milk Primer from Beekman 1802

Recently I signed up for the Beekman 1802 Quarterly Subscription Box. (It is $65 per quarter and one of the most beautiful subscription boxes I have opened). while I really like the look of the box and the products, a subscription box is only worth the money if the products are ones you want to use. Since it is a brand specific subscription, all of the products coming from Beekman 1802, I am going to be working hard to try out all of the items before the next quarter. I want to get a feel for the products and how they perform before I commit to having more of them arriving every few months.

As I just finished my latest bottle of sunscreen (Volition Luminizing Shield, one of my all time favorites) I decided to start with the Milk Primer SPF 35 sunscreen primer. I know, Milk Primer doesn’t sound like sunscreen, but it is. According to the Beekman 1802 website…

one pump dispensed

Your one step for summer skincare is here! Beekman 1802’s Milk Primer is the only goat milk sunscreen to combine a weightless formula with SPF 35. Formulated with natural mineral Zinc Oxide, this 3-in-1 mineral sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup primer acts like a physical shield against harmful UV rays and blue light while leaving skin brighter and more hydrated. It’s also pregnancy safe and completely oxybenzone-free and won’t damage coral reefs or irritate sensitive skin. Provides daily defense with SPF 35 broad-spectrum sun protection. Sheer application brightens skin and helps to blur the appearance of pores and blemishes. Perfects skin for makeup application or that flawless no-makeup look by minimizing the appearance of pores with a velvety, matte finish. Silky, oil-free formula feels weightless.

First of all, let’s take a look at the bottle. It is pretty. I love the frosted glass bottle and I really like that it is a pump product. And while it is aesthetically pleasing (all of their products are actually) I find it easier not to fiddle with extra caps when applying most skincare. I like that the bottle looks like skincare rather than just sunscreen. I can put it in my skincare line up and just use it as the last step in my skincare rather than something I have to remember to put on before I go outside. while I do keep a bottle of spray sunscreen stationed by the door for use just before I leave, I really like adding in sunscreen as part of my skincare. If it becomes a part of the skincare habit I forget less.

the slight white cast before it warms up, as you can tell it is already starting to warm up and lose the white.

I know that says more about me than anything else.

The glass bottle lets me see how much product it left, which I also like. It also makes it apparent that this sunscreen needs to be shaken up before use. which is easy enough. Pick it up, shake and then pump out what is needed. Easy peasy.

The scent of the sunscreen is light. It does have a slightly zinc-y scent to it, but it fades pretty quickly. In fact once it has been rubbed in the scent more or less disappears. I put the sunscreen in my hands, rub my hands together and then apply it to my face. I generally find that this helps the product warm up a little. As it warms to skin temperature it melts into the skin. Until it warms, it is white on the skin. There is very little rubbing needed, it is just the heat of the skin that makes it disappear. No harsh rubbing is needed.

I used this sunscreen after my moisturizer and had no issues with it absorbing in. I did need to wait until my skin absorbed the moisturizer, but that was it.

As for the Beekman 1802 Milk Primer working to blur pores and act like a primer… I can’t say I saw much use in that department. For me it didn’t really work as a makeup primer. It is however a sunscreen that sat well under my makeup products. After my skin absorbed it, it felt lightweight and non greasy, in fact it was easy to forget it was there. Primer and foundation (as well as the rest of my makeup) went over it as though it wasn’t there.

It didn’t have any effect on any of the makeup products I used over it. I have had some sunscreens that did cause foundation issues, this just simply isn’t one of them. And while I have a lot of primers I like to wear and very few sunscreens i enjoy using routinely, i am more pleased with this Milk Primer working as a sunscreen than I am with it not being a fabulous primer. Over all I was impressed with this sunscreen. It didn’t clog my pores, melted into the skin without leaving me feeling greasy, worked well with both my skincare and makeup and had little to no scent. This Milk Primer gives me great hopes for the rest of the Beekman 1802 products from the subscription box. Thus far this brand trial is off to a great start.