The Skincare Line up: February 3rd, 2023

Welcome once again to the weekly skincare line up. Here we take a look at all of the products I am currently using in their natural habitat. Actually it is more of talking about how well they play with others. Because let’s face it, I simply don’t use a single product in isolation. I am using it as part of a routine. So let’s look at the items in the routine shall we. Oh and for those you you tilting your heads, the shelf is straight, I just tilted the camera to try and get the best angle. I didn’t realize quite how off kilter it was until I sat down. Hopefully it doesn’t knock anyone off balance.

Makeup Remover: Beekman 1802 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Purifying Cleanser

Toner: Perricone MD High Potency Face Finishing Firming Toner (sent by BzzAgent for review)

Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First essence (currently 30% off on the brand site)

Serum: Elemis Pro Collagen Renewal Serum

Retinol: Kate Somerville Retinol Vitamin C

Moisturizer: ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Moisturizer

Eye cream: Byroe Tea Time Eye gel

Okay we have some continuing favorites and some new additions, let’s just go through the list. First, the Beekman 1802 Makeup Remover. It is really good and gentle on the skin. It does make my contacts cloudy if it gets in the eyes but the cloudy film is easily rinsed away with a dash of saline. I meant to add an eye makeup remover to the mix but forgot. Still it works well and I like it.

The Dr. Brandt Pores no more is a fantastic cleanser. It smells very medicated (salicylic acid). I was worried that it might be a bit drying because of that but thus far that hasn’t been a concern. i think because I was already worried about dryness from the central heat I took steps to add enough moisture that it hasn’t been a problem. i think that If I wasn’t using such a really good moisturizer than I might need to alternate with a different cleanser and to be honest i am thinking of trying to use up some sample cleansers by using them in the morning and this at night. I may do that this week if I remember. I think I have about four sample sizes that I want to clear out. I’ll double check later.

For now, since I already mentioned it, This ESPA moisturizer is fantastic I don’t need much because it is a rich moisturizing formula but that does mean I will be using it for quite some time. It has been a little over a month now and I am not quite halfway through the container. I will happily use this for as long as it lasts and then mark it for repurchase. it is a thick formula that feels light on the skin. It needs to warm up to melt in so there are a couple of white streaks when you first apply it, but the white fates almost immediately as it warms to skin temp. And it smells like a fresh sort of candy. It is just absolutely delightful all around.

Okay the essence is also fabulous. this isn’t the first time i have used this essence and it won’t be the last time. It really opens the pores up so they can make the best use of the rest of the skin care. And even though we are way out of order on the products, I will add that the Byroe Eye cream is one of my favorite products as well. it is one of the best eye creams I have tried in a while. The gel formula absorbs well and I am seeing a reduction in my fine lines.

I know it all sounds fabulous. And it is, but now I want to talk about Kate Somerville and Perricone MD. They have been a very interesting pair. Individually I am really enjoying them both. The Kate Somerville Retinol is something i used twice a week. I’ve gone with Tuesdays and Thursdays and when I use it, I really enjoy it. my skin sucks it in. I apply it, wait a few hours and then just before bed apply my moisturizer over it, because it just isn’t quite enough moisture for my skin. If your skin is more on the oily side you may not need a moisturizer on top. For me at this time of year i do.

the Perricone MD Toner is new. It is an exfoliating toner. It as actually quite nice. My skin feels very fresh after using it, but the rose oil in it is very soothing so unlike other exfoliating toners my skin doesn’t feel extra naked and stripped. it feels clean and ready to move into other skin care. It does have AHAs which make my skin red for a moment after application. the red then fades in less than a minute and I am good.

The Kate Somerville Retinol also makes my skin red for a moment. it takes a little longer to fade, but it does and then my skin looks great.

on their own both are great products. If I try to use them both on the same night, no matter how many products are between the application of the toner and the retinol, my face gets really red and slightly prickly. It feels a little hot. While the feeling fades and my skin calms down, I do not care for it. So on the nights I use the Kate Somerville, I don’t use the Perricone MD. If I separate them than my skin is fabulous and I get the benefits of both. They just don’t want to play well together on my skin. that was the only issue i had with any of the products. On their own everything on this list is proving to be something my skin enjoys. But Kate Somerville and Perricone MD are not playing well together so I am separating them. thus far that has been all it has taken to get them both to settle in and work fabulously. Hopefully, that will continue. It will be something I monitor moving forward. And so the skincare line up proceeds for another week. I will see you back here next week to see how things progress. As we are just passing the 30 day mark for most of these products soon there will be updated results, with luck. Stay tuned my darlings and have a fantastic Friday.


The January 2023 Empties

I have to say this looks like far more product than I expected. It feels like I haven’t gone through anything, but I have worked through a bunch of sample sized products. In many categories I am trying to clear out a bunch of the sample sizes before I switch to the full sized versions. A lot of what I have worked through are hair and body products. I had really good luck with this run of hair care products actually, so we will just start there.

There are two Christophe Robin products. The first is one of my all time favorites, the Cleansing Purifying scrub. It is one of my favorties and I have used it many times. I have a full size waiting for me in my hair care drawer. I also have at least one more sample size to use up before I open it. For me I use it once a month to really get my hair clean and fabulous. It takes the remnants of all products out while leaving my hair soft and fabulous.

The second Christophe Robin product is the Hydrating Melting mask. It has a very Aloe like scent to it and it is majorly hydrating. I liked the mask, but I think it is one of those masks that works better for my hair in the winter when it is dry. It might be a bit much in the warmer months but in the winter it is fabulous and I will probably repurchase this for winter use.

The Sachajuan hair mask was also a very good mask. It made my hair clean and soft, but it isn’t as heavily moisturizing as the hydrating melting mask. It is good for a weekly pick up for my hair. It is definitely somethin I would repurchase just for everyday use.

The Amika Dream Routine Overnight hydrating treatment is another winter fabulous hair product. I think it might make my hair a little overly hydrated in the summer time, but in the winter it is fantastic to help counteract the dry winter hair. I tend to pick a day where I don’t have to go anywhere to use this mask because I just don’t like sleeping with a hair mask. I love the results, I just can’t sleep with it in my hair. It also has that fabulous AMIKA hair product scent.

There were three Ouai products in my empties this time around. All three are from the Melrose Place Scent line. It smells like a very expensive rosy scent. I personally enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more in the hair care products than I did in the body cream. In the hair products it is intense in the shower but once the product is rinsed out it is a soft and subtle scent. With the body cream the scent is more intense and because it doesn’t get washed out, the scent remains. the three products I use were the Detox shampoo, the Ouai hair and body scrub and the body creme.

I adored the detox shampoo. it really cleansed my hair. It does need to be paired with a deep conditioner. I paired it with the Sachajuan hair mask actually and that worked fantastically well. The Ouai scrub worked well. It really got down to my scalp and cleansed while rinsing away clean. It too needs to be followed with a strong conditioner or hair mask. I found when i didn’t my hair needed a really heavy does of detangler. It is good for hair and body but personally I found using it as a body scrub to be a waste. It is much better with the hair. The body cream was absolutely fantastic, however its scent is very intense. I can wear it, but I can only wear it when I am not going to be spending time with people who are scent sensitive. But it is a fantastic creme so if you like the scent, go for it. I will definitely repurchase the detox shampoo, the other products I might repurchase if there is a sale. I would use them if they showed up, but the shampoo is the one I would go out of my way to purchase.

The Cake Milk Made hand cream I really like. The scent is very vanilla but the shea butter really soothes the skin. It is one of my favorite post hand sanitizer creams. I tend to get the small tubes of this just so that I can keep it in my purse. I have had several and will probably pick up several more as I really enjoy it.

There were two First Aid Beauty body products. One is the Bump Eraser Body Scrub and the other is the matching body lotion. The body scrub is fantastic. It is very finely milled and rinses off easily after providing a gentle scrub. It also leaves a bit of a sandy residue in the bottom of the shower you have to rinse away. It isn’t the most attractively scented product, but it works well. The matching body lotion has the same not so attractive scent. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the fantastic function of the body scrub. The scrub I will use again despite the scent because it is fantastic. The body lotion is just basic lotion with a not great scent so I would give it a pass.

The ESPA Refining Skin Polish is more of a facial exfoliator than a body one and I have lost track of how many of these I have gone through. I have used it in the sample size and then purchased the full size and then got several sample sizes in subscription boxes. This is a fantastically gentle exfoliator and I will no doubt use it again. Actually there hasn’t been a product from ESPA that I have tried and not loved. They are a really good brand if you are looking to create your own spa like event at home. I also pick up things from them for my birthday home spa each year.

The Wishful Clean Genie cleansing butter is a really good makeup remover. I would use it again. It melted every type of makeup that I used. From the deepest red lip stains to the most waterproof mascaras, it took down it all. I do wear contacts though and it did leave a film of oil over my contacts. It washed right away with a little saline solution, but just be aware if you wear contacts and remove your makeup with them in, you will need to clean your contacts after.

There were two moisturizer samples I finished at the very end of last year. One is the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. I adored this and will be looking at picking up a full sized version this year to test out. I also used the It Cosmetics Beauty Sleep Night cream. It was good, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. It is a product i wouldn’t mind using, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase.

There are two cleansers in my empties bin as well. Like the creams, one I would repurchase, the other I wouldn’t. For me the Medic8 Micellar Mousse was fine but not fabulous. It sort of smelled like furniture polish. You know that sort of lemon industrial scent? Yeah not my favorite. It was a decent clean, but not my favorite. However the Milk Wash from Beekman 1802 was fantastic. You apply it to your face dry and then add water to massage it and rinse off. It is n exfoliating cleanser and it is super gentle and just really takes off the last of the makeup. I thought it was absolutely fabulous and was very sad when it was empty.

Finally we have one empty makeup item. I did finish out a couple of items in my use up box, but we’ll get to that when we look at the use up box in a later post. This Milk Makeup Kush Mascara was a sample and I used it. I really enjoyed it. I would happily use this mascara again. I think, if i am honest, if I were to go to Milk to put in an order I would purchase the Rise Mascara before I would pick up the Kush, but I really enjoyed using the Kush masara.

And that my darlings is the empties bin from January. This month I actually had a lot more than usual because I am working my way through many of the sample sizes that have lingered in the drawers. I think that as I get through the samples, there will be a smaller number of items. Personally I really enjoy seeing the empties and thinking about how I feel about the items now that they are gone. This month I had a really good run of muck. Here’s hoping the next group of products I try out will be as good.


The Skincare Lineup: January 27, 2023

And so we reach the end of another week. And it is time once again for my favorite post, the skin care line up. While I do like posting about the individual items, this post is all about how the items i use on my face work as a team. Because let’s face it, I don’t use just one item in isolation. Many of my items are approaching the 30 day mark of use and soon I will e able to look at actual results. I love skin care, but it isn’t a magic potion. It takes time and consistent use to show results. And generally you only start seeing changes after 30 days. So, soon sooooon… But until then, we have mostly the continuing products and one brand new cleanser. I have also put a picture of my face sans makeup because honestly, I think my skin looks fabulous this week. Even with the baggy allergy eyes. So lets get into it shall we?

Makeup Remover: Beekman 1802 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Purifying Cleanser

Exfoliator: Elemis Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Toner

Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First essence (currently 30% off on the brand site)

Serum: Elemis Pro Collagen Renewal Serum

Retinol: Kate Somerville Retinol Vitamin C

Moisturizer: ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Moisturizer

Eye cream: Byroe Tea Time Eye gel

Lips: Tatcha Kissu Overnight Lip Mask

Okay let’s start from the top. The Beekman cleansing balm is good. It takes very little to actually remove the makeup. It is a bit crumbly so the spatula isn’t used to you don’t contaminate the product with your fingers but an actual necessity for getting it out of the jar. And luckily it has it’s own holder on the top of the jar so it is less likely to get lost. while i like this cleanser and how the crumbly bits melt to oil, I don’t like it to remove my eye makeup. It tends to make my contacts a bit cloudy. It rinses away with a little saline solution but i think next week I am going to try an eye makeup remover separately. I have a couple in the drawer as well as a few micellar waters so I might try one of those.

I was using a sample sized cleanser and it is finished. I pulled this Dr. Brandt one out of the drawer to try next. I seem to have a lot of cleansers waiting to be used. I think there was just a run of them from subscription boxes for a while. I don’t mind that actually as I do go through them pretty fast. While I did like the clean I got from this Dr. Brandt, I think I am going to have to watch it. It smelled medicated when I tried it and after I washed my face, I looked at the tube. The smell alerted me but the label does mention salicylic acid and white willow bark, which was I was smelling. Sometimes that can dry me out. I have been using this for three days at this point and there is no signs of drying but it is something I will monitor. Thus far it is just a really good clean.

I am almost out of the Black Currant Jelly exfoliator. I have loved using it. I just don’t think it will last the week. I tend to use a little more product than I should but it is now at the six week mark of use so I can’t really complain. I really like this daily exfoliator.

The Elemis Toner is slowly but surely being used. I am just past the half way point in the bottle. It is kind of funny but with the toner, essence and the Elemis Serum not a lot of product is used with each use so it takes a while for it to show that it is being used and then all of a sudden you see it. I really like this toner. It smells a bit like fermented cider and I kind of dig the scent. It also takes care of any stray makeup bits that the cleanser might have missed.

I really love having an essence in my routine and this Missha one is a good one. It makes my skin feel like it is open and ready to receive skincare. Which is sort of the point of an essence.

The Elemis serum is making my skin feel soft and simply fabulous. I know, I tend to be a big fan of Elemis products and have been for a long time. This is a good serum thus far. My skin looked bright and clear and i am seeing a small reduction in some of my fine lines. plus the soft skin it leaves behind is amazing.

I have the Kate Somerville Retinol in my line up and I have been using it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week I have to confess, I didn’t remember to use it. Tuesday got crazy and then all day Thursday I somehow thought it was Wednesday. So it is in the line up, but this week, I just didn’t reach for it.

the more I use the Byroe and ESPA products the more I like them I am approaching a month of use with each of them and they will be with me for quite a while. The ESPA is not even half way empty and so little of the eye cream is needed with each use that it will last a long time. I have a sample of a different Byroe eye cream that I may pause this at some point to try out, but I really want to see what this eye cream can do. I am already seeing small improvements and I think with further use I will continue to do so. I did remember to take preliminary picks so in another week or so I will do after photos and we can do a side by side comparison, but at the moment I am loving the way my skin looks and feels. and honestly that is the best think i can say about any skincare line up. This is a winter moisturizer for me, so I did start using it at the prefect time. I love it when a skincare line up just works, don’t you. I don’t mind drama elsewhere in my life but I don’t care for it in skin care unless it is , Wow I think my skin looks great. And at the moment, that is the kind of drama i have because at the moment I do feel that wow, my skin does look and feel great. Let’s hope it continues.

The Skincare Lineup: January 20th, 2023

Welcome once again to my favorite post of the week. That’s right my darlings it is time to talk about skincare. Today I left everything on my bathroom skincare shelf instead of moving it to the desk so I apologize if not all of the labels can be seen. The Kate Somerville is especially hidden. But I’ll list everything out below and we’ll take a look at how everything is performing in a group setting. so….

Makeup Remover: Beekman 1802 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Medic8 Micellar Mousse

Exfoliator: Elemis Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Toner

Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First essence (currently 30% off on the brand site)

Serum: Elemis Pro Collagen Renewal Serum

Retinol: Kate Somerville Retinol Vitamin C

Moisturizer: ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Moisturizer

Eye cream: Byroe Tea Time Eye gel

Lips: Tatcha Kissu Overnight Lip Mask

My Crest toothpaste seems to have also made an appearance. The Deep clean is my favorite and to be honest the only toothpaste I really use. I get samples of toothpastes and I will try them out, but I none of them perform like Crest so I always return.

The Beekman 1802 Makeup removing balm is paired with my Makeup Eraser to get all of my make up off. It is a stiffer balm than I am used to and really needs that spatula to remove the product. It melts into a more oil consistency as you use it but it is a bit crumbly when first taken out so the spatula is needed. The scent is going for unscented I think. It smells a bit aloe-y. All said, I’m not a huge fan of the scent but it works well enough.

The same can be said for the Medic8 Cleanser. It works well enough but isn’t my favorite. Luckily for me this was it’s last week of use. It is a fine cleanser. Foam isn’t my favorite application for a cleanser as I like to be able to see where I put it and the foam isn’t very good at that. It also smells a bit like furniture polish. It is the scent that is harder for me to get over. it is a good cleanser and I am glad I tried the sample, but I am also glad the sample is now empty. It isn’t going to be a repurchase for me.

There are three Elemis Products in the line up. I adore the blackcurrant exfoliator. It is the perfect gentle exfoliator for day to day use. It smells like nothing but works like a dream. The toner is also fabulous, It smells like fermented cider which I like. I also like how it removes any scrap of left over makeup. The Elemis Serum is entering it’s third week of use (i rolled it in just before the first post in which it appeared for those of you looking at the calendar). it feels good and only takes 5 drops to cover the face. I am hoping to see signs of effectiveness soon.

I love this Missha essence. In the summertime I tend to lean towards their Artemisia Essence because it is soothing after being in the sun, but this one is just fantastic for opening the pores to receive more skincare. I can always feel the difference when I leave it off and always love when I go back to it.

The Kate Somerville Retinol is a Tuesday Thursday product. I do get a little red flush after I apply it but the flush fades after a few minutes. It does claim to be a moisturizer but I find if I don’t moisturize after my skin feels really dry in the morning. I think that might be the retinol (and the central heating). I tend to apply the Retinlo and wait about an hour or so and then go in with my moisturizer just before bed.

The ESPA moisturizer is perfect for this time of year and perfect with the retinol. It provides just the right amount of moisture for me. I suspect in warmer months I would use it as a night cream but for this time of year it works both day and night. It also helps keep the retinol fry drying my skin.

I adore this BYROE eye cream. for me it is interesting. I love the bitter greens toner they make but everything else I’ve tried from the brand has been okay but not my favorite. this eye cream joins the short list of items I will always pick up from Byroe. The tea time eye cream and the bitter greens essence toner ae the only items on the list, but two is plenty.

And as always I wrap up with my chapped lip savior, the Tatcha Kissu lip mask. With this as a nightly lip mask I have not had any chapping of my lips this year. I love the jelly texture and will happily repurchase this anytime my level drops too low.

And that my darlings is this week’s skincare line up. Plus toothpaste. As everything is still in motion from last week it isn’t a big surprise. But we are nearing the thirty day mark for a few products so that is exciting. And next week we have a whole new cleanser to try. For now things are chugging along and honestly I am rather happy when my skin cae has no drama.

The Skincare Line Up: January 13th, 2023

Welcome once again to my favorite post of the week. Here I get to talk about all of the products I am using in my line up and how I feel about them. While many of these products will end up with their own individual posts, here is where we see how they perform as a team. Shall we look at the starting line up? Fabulous, let’s dive in.

Makeup Remover: Beekman 1802 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Medic8 Micellar Mousse

Exfoliator: Elemis Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Toner

Essence: Missha Time Revolution The First essence (currently 30% off on the brand site)

Serum: Elemis Pro Collagen Renewal Serum

Retinol: Kate Somerville Retinol Vitamin C

Moisturizer: ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Moisturizer

Eye cream: Byroe Tea Time Eye gel

Lips: Tatcha Kissu Overnight Lip Mask

Okay this is the first week for the Beekman 1802 makeup remover and this far it is doing a really good job. It takes off makeup well and has very little scent. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I have been using it with my Makeup Eraser an hour or so before I do the rest of my skincare and my skin feels fantastic.

The Medic8 Cleanser is a travel size and I find it to be an okay cleanser. I like foam cleansers. Well I like one foam cleanser actually. (and yes it is from elemis) but over all I find them more fun than functional. This cleanser gets my skin clean but I really prefer seeing where I’ve put my cleanser and then going back and rinsing it off. that is a personal preference of course. The scent is also a personal preference. This smells a little like furniture polish. It is a good cleanser and i think I have about one more week’s worth of product in the container, but I don’t think it is a product for me. I think I will use it and then not repurchase.

The elemis Black Currant Exfoliator has already gone on my repurchasing list. i know exfoliators are an easy sell for me since I love them, but this is gentle enough to use everyday which you don’t get form a lot of exfoliators. I wish it smelled more of black currants but it has no real scent to it and that is a minor thing. And really just because I like black currants. I do find that on the days where i use the Kate Somerville Retinol I don’t use this exfoliator. I think it is too much. with the Kate Somerville I am using it twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and I think that is quite enough for me. It makes my skin red for the first five minutes after i apply it and then the red goes away. while it is a retinol moisturizer it is not enough moisture for my skin so on the nights when i use it I apply it and then read for an hour or so before bed and then add my moisturizer just before bed. That seems to work best for me.

While we are on moisturizers, holy cow do I love this one. This Espa Moisturizer smells fantastic and feels fantastic. i warm it up by rubbing my hands together before applying it. There is a little white for a moment and then it just gets sucked in by my kin. there is no greasiness at all and I am able to use it both in the morning and in the night with no issues. I might use a little less during the day, but on the nights where I used the Kate Somerville I do find that I use a little more than I do on other nights. I think that is just because of the retinol.

I know I normally try to go more or less in order of use but this week i sort of got a bit muddled and went free form association a bit. Let’s see what did I miss. The elemis serum. I only need five drops and it absorbs well. It has only been a little over a week with this serum and I am just starting to see a glimmer of effects. The really fine lines are looking a little less firmly etched on my skin which I love. I am hoping for increased results as I continue.

The Byroe eye cream i am absolutely adoring. The more I use it the more I love it. the gel texture absorbs well and I have had no clogged pores since using it. As I am prone to clogged pores around the orbital bone this is kind of a minor miracle. I am so glad it takes so little so I can keep this jar around for a while. I plan to use every little scrap of it.

And finally we round out the list with one of my favorites from last year. I picked up this Kissu Lip mask just to try and I fell in love with it’s texture and results. I use it most nights just before bed and I have to say this is the least chapped winter I can recall. My lips are hydrated and feel fantastic. And when they are not chapped my lipsticks go on more smoothly. Plus I can wear darker colors which I love. Darker colors tend to show the chapped bits a bit too much. I love dark lipsticks and I love healthy lips so it is a win/win for me.

And that my darlings is the rundown of this weeks skincare products in motion. Most of them were rolled in during the first week of January so they are just beginning to hit their stride. Right now it is more about feels and making sure there are no reactions form ingredients than it is about results. It takes about thirty days before results really start to show so we have a bit of a wait. Right now I am hopeful, especially for the elemis Serum. But so far nothing has caused a calamity so Forward we go into the next week of skincare. Have a great week.


First use of the Beekman 1802 Buttermilk Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

I am a huge fan of cleansing balms. I like to use them in conjunction with my Makeup eraser actually. I generally fins that if I apply a cleansing balm over my makeup covered face and then rinse it off with a wet Makeup Eraser, I have to use less product and I have to do less scrubbing of my skin to get all of the makeup off.

I just emptied the Wishful Cleansing Balm container that I was using and it was time for a new one. During the holiday sales I picked this one up because it was on sale and I wanted to try a Beekman 1802 Cleansing Balm. I tried a bunch of their products because I was trying out their subscription box (and so a box of them arrived on my doorstep each quarter). Incidentally if you are interested in trying out the brand that is a really good way to go. I found I liked about 80% of their products. There were a few that came my way that weren’t really for me, but for the most part I enjoyed them so I decided to try out this Buttermilk Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm.

First, we have to talk about packaging. The container is frosted plastic. I would have preferred glass but I understand with costs and everything else, why they went with plastic. I personally like the frosted look of the container and find it aesthetically pleasing. As it is also sturdy enough to be reused once empty, I don’t mind the plastic so much. I will recycle this in house. I tend to pick up The Mane Club’s Hair masks which come in foil packets but have enough product for two to three uses and so emptied skincare containers are often what i use to hold the extra product so I don’t have to mess with open foil packets. Plus the best recycling is reusing something in your own home.

This Makeup Melting balm comes with a stick for scooping out the balm from the jar. It fits into slots at the top and is actually tight enough in there that I can lift the jar by the spatula as though it was a handle. However if I grip the jar with one hand and pull it does come out fairly easily. I think it will be interesting to see how that system progresses as I continue to use this makeup removing balm. At the moment it works well and it makes the spatula easy to keep track of.

For me the spatula is necessary to get the product out. I suppose I could use the back of my nail to get it out, but it is a solid enough balm that you need something to get it out. The balm is a little crumbly when it comes out. There are some makeup removing balms you can just apply directly to your skin. This is one where you need to rub your hands together to warm up the balm and start the process of melting it down into oil.

Once I did that I rubbed it all over my face. You can see the makeup starting to melt with the balm right away. I deliberately tried it with a dark lipstick. This is a liquid lipstick that dries down well and had been on my lips for several hours (I reapplied it after lunch because I wanted a full color on the lips for the trial). The wet Makeup eraser was then applied and the makeup came off rather well. At first my skin felt slightly greasy, but that feeling didn’t last. I patted the skin dry and what remained of the makeup removing balm made my skin feel soft and hydrated.

I took off my makeup well before beginning my skincare routine for the night, wanting to see how my skin reacted before moving in with my cleanser and other skincare. There was no greasy residue, and my makeup was removed well. For me it was also important that using this makeup remover from Beekman 1802 did not cloud my contacts. Many cleansing balms and oils will cloud up my contacts, which is why I usually keep a second eye makeup remover handy (Klorane Cornflower Waterproof eye makeup Remover). This makeup balm did not cloud my contacts. i will still use a secondary eye makeup remover to take off the last of my mascara and eye makeup, but when rinsing this off my face it didn’t cause any problems, which I appreciated.

Over all this first test of the Beekman 1802 Buttermilk makeup melting Cleansing Balm was a good one. I can’t wait to see how it performs over time.

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The Skincare Line Up: December 23rd

Welcome to the Friday before Christmas. This afternoon I will be heading out so next week will be interesting, but lets see what got used this week shall we?

Cleanser (day time): GlamGlow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

Cleanser (night Time): Milk Wash Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser from Beekman 1802

Toner: Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar Liquid Glow

Serum: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum

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Eye cream: Byroe Rose Tea Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Drunk Elephant Protini polypeptide Cream

Night Cream: IT Cosmetics Confidence in your Beauty Sleep And Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Overnight Repair Concentrate

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu lip mask

Okay there were a couple of items that I ran out of last week and so I reached for products I already had in use. To replace the empty Skin Inc Serum i went for my trusty Truth Serum from Ole Henrkisen. I have lost count of the number of times I have used this serum and I will no doubt pick it up again when this bottle is done; It is a really great vitamin c serum that doesn’t make your skin sun sensitive. I am a fan.

I am also a fan of the Elemis Superfood Fruit Vinegar toner. I know, I love most Elemis products. There is something about this scent that I just love. It is like fermented apple cider. It also works really well.

And then we have the two cleansers. They are a fabulous power couple and I adore both of them. I will happily use both of these any time.

Returning also is the Byroe Tea time Eye cream. It is fantastic. The gel texture has it absorbing really well and my skin is absolutely loving it.

Having said that all four of these products are too big for me justify packing in my bag. This Christmas is going to be a shorter visit than usual as I spent two weeks at my mom’s in September and then we went down for longer over thanksgiving. And so the smaller bag is packed. Plus I need space for the box of gifts we are adding. So as much as I love these products I will have to leave them home and know that they will be waiting for me when I return.

This week the It Confidence in a Beauty Sleep cream finished on Tuesday. I like it. It is a good cream and I think that for the duration of a jar of cream i could tolerate the scent of it. It is strong and not my favorite scent. But it works well enough that I would be willing to ignore it for the duration of the jar. I would probably be very happy to finish the jar when i am done,. but I do like the cream enough to use. For me it is a thicker cream that works well in the Winter but I think might be too heavy at other times of the year. If you have drier skin then it may be for you for a longer part of the year, just know it is highly scented. Even though i suggest you test most moisturizers before you use them full size, I would definitely recommend trying this first just to see if the scent is for you before picking up a full jar.

Since it ran out, I rolled in the Wander Beauty Night Concentrate. I have used it before and absolutely loved it. So it was really nice to have it in my list up again. While I could probably make space in the bag for it, the type of pump it is doesn’t make it ideal for travel, so I will leave it home and then start using it again when I return.

As for the Drunk Elephant, I scraped the bottom of the sample sized container this morning. I used every drop of this and as far as samples go, it did it’s job. I definitely wast to purchase the full size of this moisturizer. it wasn’t large enough to see results but my skin felt so soft and hydrated after I used it that I am definitely willing to put it on the list for a full sized trial. I loved this sample. It had almost no scent to it, absorbed well and felt fantastic. It moisturized well and I am looking forward to a longer trial sometime in this upcoming year.

Tatcha Lip, always fabulous. And going into the travel bag before i leave.

And that my darling is my skincare for this week. While most of the items were super fabulous, they will be staying here and waiting for me when i return from Christmas. It will be nice to return to them, but it will be a sample sized Christmas.

Also this week I will be skipping the Friday Face Mask since I will be on the road. I suppose I could put one on while i’m driving but I really think that might be a bit much for my fellow travelers. I will probably put on a face mask with my mother tonight, but that won’t make it to a post. I hope that whatever you are up to this year, you have a fabulous vacation and some well deserved down time if nothing else. Merry Merry and I’ll see you back here next week.

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The Skincare Line Up: December 16th, 2022

Another week, another list of skincare products. This week I find it really exciting. And yes, there are a few empty containers in that line up. That means after I type up this week’s list i get to decide if I want to try something new or continue with other products. it is a toss up as the lure of working through a few more samples before the new year is strong. it is one of the reasons I rolled in a sample sized moisturizer this week. But we’ll get to that in a moment, first the line up…

Cleanser (day time): GlamGlow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

Cleanser (night Time): Milk Wash Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser from Beekman 1802

Toner: Best Face Forward Clarifying toner

Serum: Skin Inc Supplement Bar French Pine Bark Serum

Eye cream: Byroe Rose Tea Eye Cream

Moisturizer: Drunk Elephant Protini polypeptide Cream

Night Cream: IT Cosmetics Confidence in your Beauty Sleep

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu lip mask

Okay the Two cleansers are a great power couple. The GlamGlow brings things to the surface and the Beekman 1802 sends them on their way. basically it is a clearing cleanser and n exfoliating cleanser. The exfoliating cleanser is the reason I don’t have an exfoliator in my line up at the moment. this is a gentle daily exfoliator I really enjoy. These two products are pretty much going to be with me until the end of the year. I suspect they will run out about the same time as the year does. But that does mean i get to start the new year with a ne cleanser so i am okay with that. But for now, they are fabulous.

This toner is now done and I have to say it is kind of a relief. i really should have put it to the side when my skin stopped breaking out. It was great when i was breaking out, it helped bring down the blemishes without irritating the skin, but once they were gone it was a little too drying. So it won’t be a constant use product but it certainly has a place. I enjoyed it when I needed it. It was drying when I didn’t need it and I am happy to have used it up. if it had been larger than a sample size I would have stopped using it when my skin no longer needed it. I just couldn’t see putting half of a sample back in the drawer. But we are now done.

Sadly the Skin Inc serum is done as well. I really enjoyed this. It absorbed into the skin really well and really fast. I loved it for morning use as it made my morning routine flow smoothly. I did see a little bit of a textural improvement in my skin while I used this but honestly i don’t think I used it long enough to actually see real results. I suspect that if I used it for a longer time I would see improvement. At least I hope I would because it felt really nice. I will be trying this in a full trial in the future. i will also be looking into the benefits of French Pine bark as my skin seemed to really enjoy it.

And then we have the Tea Time Eye cream. I am so going to have to do a deep dive into these ingredients because my skin really likes it. I am starting to see increased improvement around my eyes and I am really hoping it continues to get better as i use it. It feels really good on the skin. It is a gel like texture rather than a cream, absorbs well and has caused no clogged pores thus far. I know it hasn’t been used that long but I am really loving this eye cream.

The two moisturizers in this week’s line up are both samples. I think I should be able to get through most of this coming week with both of them before the samples run out. I’ll see how long they will last and have something to roll in should they run out. I know I should probably start with the day cream and then go to the night but as i used the night cream two times last week, i am going to start with it. The It night time moisturizer is a light lavender color and has a really great level of moisture for me at this time of year. It is a really good night cream. It also smells like a combination of licorice and menthol. Which isn’t great.

It does fade after you apply it. It is just the initial scent that gets me. I find myself bracing before opening the jar. I know that sounds strange but for me scent is really important. There are really good products that I won’t use because the scent will keep me from actually using the cream. This is right on the line. I think it works well enough that I might be able to get past it long enough to use it. I think part of the willingness to use it is that I think at other times of the year it may be too thick for me to use with my skin type. I think it might be a winter only cream and that means that it would be a winter use cream. I might be able to use it for the winter and then not use it the rest of the year, then come back the following winter. if that makes sense. I’ll see how I feel when the little sample is empty.

After one week of use I already know i am going to have to try a full size of this Drunk Elephant cream. It is the first item I have tried from the brand and I really liked it this week. It absorbs well and rather quickly. My skin felt soft and hydrated but not greasy. I was very impressed with it. I am hoping I can stretch the use of this sample to the end of next week because I really enjoyed it.

And as always I love my Tatcha Kissu Lip mask. I am going to finish every drop of this lip mask and then I am just going to purchase another one. It s a really great mask to put on over night and just sleep in. My lips are soft and hydrated when i wake. And considering the heat is running all night at this point, that is really impressive. It may be my favorite product from 2022. I know it was out before 2022 but this was the year I tried it so that’s my label.

And that my darlings is this week’s skincare line up. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. I do love skincare…

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The Skincare Line up: December 9th, 2022

This week is an interesting mix of the products I used for travel and want to use up and the products I was using before I traveled for thanksgiving. Plus, there are a couple of new items to the line up. Oddly only one item has reached the end of it’s use and will be replaced for next week. Of course several of the items remaining only have one more week’s worth of use left in them. Confused yet? I know, let’s get into specifics. It will make sense as we get into it.

Cleanser (day time): Glam Glow Supercleanse Clearing Cream to Foam Cleanser

Cleanser (night Time): Milk Wash Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser from Beekman 1802

Toner: Best Face Forward Clarifying toner

Serum: Skin Inc Supplement Bar French Pine Bark Serum

Eye cream: Byroe Rose Tea Eye Cream

Moisturizer: OGEE Velvet Botanical Moisturizer

Night Cream: IT Cosmetics Confidence in your Beauty Sleep

Lip Mask: Tatcha Kissu lip mask

Okay as usual we start with the cleansers. My travel Cleanser (OSEA Ocean Cleanser) finished out around tuesday so I returned to the two cleansers i was using before I traveled for Thanksgiving. The morning cleanser was the Glam Glow. It is a really good clearing cleanser and I have really been enjoying it. It feels like you are puting on a thin clay based mask, and we all know how much I love a good clay based mask. It also is a clearing cleanser and it really good at bringing clogged pores to the surface so you can clear them away. It pairs really well with the Milk Wash from Beekman 1802 as that is an exfoliating cleanser. Most exfoliating prducts i can only use at best a couple of tiems a week. This is actually gentle enough for me to use daily. I could probably use it twice daily with no issues, but I really like the one two punch of clearing cleanser in the morning and exfoliating one in the evening. For me this has worked really well. Both cleansers are around half way empty at this point so i still have a few more weeks with them. I can’t complain about that as I will be very sorry to see them go when I am finished. At the moment I have a stick pile of cleansers to work through so I can’t buy any more until I whittle down the pile but both of these are on my list to repurchase.

The BFF Toner has been really good for me as I over indulged at thanksgiving and needed some clearing power. I am noticing that there is a little bit of drying going on now that my skin is not breaking out as much as it was post butter and sugar extravaganza. I think this is the sort of toner that i really can only use when I am having break out moments. I am happy to finish it out, but in the future if i pick it up I will pick it up to use only when my skin is breaking out. I think this week I should be able to finish it out. It may return, but it won’t be a daily use because my skin simply doesn’t need it.

This will probably be a last week of use for the Skin Inc serum as well, but i am actually really sad about that. I haven’t used it long enough to see long term results but I really like the way my skin feels after I apply it. The serum absorbs very quickly and my skin feels very soft. While I love trying out sample sized products this is one of those times when i wish I had a full sized version because i really like the way it feels and would love to see if it had any line plumping wrinkle erasing properties. it feels good on the skin though.

This was the first week of the Byroe eye cream. It is a gel formula rather than a cream style. I don’t know if it is because this eye cream is following a cream that i thought was just so so, but this eye cream gel from Byroe feels fantastic on the skin. It absorbs well and even though I have only used it for a week I can actually see a little bit of improvement in my fine lines. Even though it says rose in the name, I don’t get a lot of rosy scent,. although to be fair given how it has performed this week it could be an overly scented rose bomb and I would still keep using it. This eye cream came out of the gate strong. Hopefully it can keep up the good work and the improvements will continue. I have tried a few creams that were super fab at the beginning but then their performance tapered off. This one started strong, hopefully it will just continue to get stronger as i use it.

This is the last day of use for the OGEE Velvet Botanical Moisturizer. I really enjoyed using it but this morning when i went to apply it, the pump sputtered and I had to unscrew the top and sort of steal the last of the moisturizer from the bottle with one of my skincare spatulas. It is officially empty. It was a great moisturizer but for my skin it was more a day cream than the only cream. I think if the weather were warmer and the central heat less drying then i could use it as my only moisturizer. At this time of year though I needed a little extra moisturizer a couple of times a week.

This week I used the It Confidence in your Beauty Sleep Night cream for the two times this week i needed to roll in something. It was good for those two days and this coming week I will be using it as a night cream until it is gone. The cream is good. The scent of it is quite strong. It is a licorice root and menthol sort of scent. I only used it twice and twice was okay with the scent. I think this will be interesting to see how I like it over the course of the week. And for me that will be all about the scent. The feel of the cream is nice but that strong scent may be a bit much for me. I think it was extra strong because for the most part most of the products I am using at the moment have very low scents. Still it will be interesting to see how I feel with nightly use.

And so my darlings that was this week’s skincare list. Over all it wasn’t that bad. The tone was a little drying but the eye cream was a bit fabulous. It should be fun to see how things proceed.

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Using the Beekman 1802 Milk Wash

This Beekman 1802 Milk Wash Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser came to me in the Beekman 1802 Subscription box (Winter 2022). I was delighted as I wanted to try out this cleanser. You know I love a good exfoliation and to be honest there is something just delicious about a good cleanser. I may be a complete weirdo but I love the feeling pof a freshly cleansed face. It is that moment after patting your skin dry. Before you apply any sort of serums of moisturizers and before so much as a speck of dust can settle on the skin that just feels absolutely amazing to me.

Provided of course that it is a good cleanser.

According to the Beekman 1802 website…

Our AHA- and BHA-powered Milk Wash instantly transforms from a light jelly formula into a deep-cleansing milk to dissolve makeup, deeply purify, and exfoliate without abrasive scrubs. This multi-action cleanser helps draw out oil-based debris and is Kind to your skin, leaving it feeling silky, soft, and moisturized, rather than dry and tight.

Benefits: Removes makeup including water-resistant formulas, Deep cleanses and exfoliates for clearer, brighter skin, Helps control oily skin, clears pores, and resurfaces

Beekman 1802

I have been using this Milk Wash for a while now, primarily as a night time cleanser. I have a different cleanser for the morning that I am finishing up, but the two of them worked well together. I did try it for a few days as my only cleanser and it was gentle enough to use twice a day. And perhaps when i finish the current morning cleanser i will use this twice a day. I don’t think my skin will take any harm from extended twice a day use. (my current morning cleanser is a clarifying one so it brings clogged pores to the surface so I use it in the morning and then this in the evening to clear away the risen clogs).

Let’s start with the packaging. It is a slender rounded tube of product. While the tube is slick, the lettering is raised and that actually provides a slight bit of grip. I think that if I used it with wet hands then I would want a couple of ridges to grip it,. but I rarely used it with wet hands (more on that in a moment.). I am not terribly fond of the dispenser pump. Its size means that you have to pick up the bottle to dispense rather than leaving it sitting on the sink and pumping into your hand. It does pump well, but you have to pick it up and tilt it to use. I am half way down on the product level but I suspect it will become interesting as the product drops lower.

The cleanser is clear and because of the pump shoots out in jelly like strings. I feel like I have to pump a lot to get the amount of product i need. That isn’t a deal breaker it is just something of note. There is no scent to the product, at least not any I can sniff out. As most of the Beekman 1802 products don’t have much of a scent unless clearly marked as scented I sort of expected it.

To apply you put this cleanser on dry skin and rub it all over your face. then you wet your face. It foams (slightly) and then you massage it some more before rinsing off. With the product on I look wet and shiny. It is after all a clear product. I tried to get a picture of the slight foam as well. Cameras and wet hands are always fun.

Photo op aside, I do like this method of applying a cleanser. My hands are dry when I pump and apply the product so there is no slippage, I can see where I am applying everything and make sure all of my skin gets that good exfoliation. I while I do like foam in my cleansers, I am fine with the low foam especially a my skin feels nice and soft and refreshed once i rinse it off.

where this cleanser falls down is with makeup. If you are wearing a full face of makeup, this will take off the setting spray and powder well and some of your bronzer and blusher. Some of the foundation may come off as well. When you go to use your toner post cleanse it will look like you still had a full face of foundation on after you cleanse. If you wash with this same jelly cleanse a second time, it will take off the foundation and your toner pad will give you a thumbs up.

Or whatever passes for a thumbs up from a makeup free toner pad.

While two uses will get your makeup off whether it is waterproof makeup or not, I consider this a waste of a good cleanser. Use a make up remover to take off your makeup. Then the cleanser will get every last flake of anything your makeup remover left behind AND your actual skin will get the benefits of the exfoliating aspect of this exfoliating Jelly Cleanser. Using a cleanser like this to take off your makeup is just a waste of product. Yeah, it will get the job done if you don’t have a makeup remover, but you will use at least twice as much product and all of the goodness in the cleanser will be aimed at removing the makeup rather than helping out your skin.

When I did try to skip the makeup remover step, my skin was clean, but it wasn’t as soft and it didn’t feel as deeply cleansed as it did when I just took off my makeup first. To get the full benefit of this product, remove your makeup first and then let your skin dry from the makeup removal. Then you will get the full benefit of the cleanser.

Personally I really enjoyed this cleanser. My thoughts about the pump are minor since the pump does work adequately. At this time of year I find myself eating more sweets and fatty foods and my skin shows the change in diet before my waste line can even react. Also because of various events I find myself wearing makeup for longer periods than I do the rest of the year. Having a daily cleanser that is a gentle exfoliator really helps keep down the seasonal blemishes and makes my skin feel good without over drying or over exfoliating. I am very impressed with this cleanser and will happily finish the bottle and put it on my reorder list. For those looking to order this (or any other Beekman 1802 product) when I pulled up the links for this post I saw their current cyber week sale is up to 30% off on products (I think it depends on how much you purchase, the more you buy the more you save sort of deal. I’m not an affiliate so this is just what I saw on the site). They also have 24 hour deals where they rotate through different sales for different items. As there are several products I like from them I might keep an eye out and see if any of my faves are up in that window. If nothing else I will definitely be stocking up on their sunscreen and this Milk Wash exfoliating Jelly Cleanser.