Making Changes with Bite Beauty Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation

Bite Beauty has, for a long time been my go to for lip products. From their Amuse Bouche Lipsticks that not only look good and feel good, but smell utterly delicious, to their Agave Lip masks, I have been a fan for years.

However I have never branched out of my little lip zone where Bite Beauty is concerned. I tend to have that habit with a lot of brands actually. I will find one category of product that I really like and suddenly I will think of them as the brand that does great lip products, or mascaras, or foundations and forget that they usually have an entire array of products, some of which I might also enjoy. I remember seeing that Bite Beauty released the Changemaker Supercharged Micellar foundation and I remember thinking, I should probably check that out.

And then the next time I visited the site I picked up the maple scented Agave lip mask in a tube. (regardless of what lip masks I end up trying out, it remains a personal favorite.) Yeah, I completely forgot about the foundation I wanted to try.

Luckily for me the Bite Beauty Changemaker foundation was a choice item in a Boxycharm Premium so despite my memory lapse I finally got to try it. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and it has been interesting. At first, I didn’t really like the foundation. I used a brush to apply it and it didn’t spread very well and felt heavy and streaky. I was using my usual foundation brush to apply it and then going in with a makeup sponge to clean it up a bit.

In the places where I used the makeup sponge, I liked the way the foundation looked a little bit better. So the next day I left the brush alone and just used the makeup sponge to apply the foundation. It was a complete game changer. The foundation felt less thick and heavy because I was using less product when I applied it with the sponge. It went over my skin smoothly and easily and I was very impressed with the way it looked.

Because I was using less product, I also had no problem with it wearing away or peeling around my nose or mouth. I only had those issues when I applied it too thickly. Otherwise it worked beautifully. After I used the makeup sponge to apply it, I went to the Bite Beauty website. They recommend either using a brush or your fingers to apply it. While I had no luck with my brush and really good luck with my makeup sponge, it also applied really well with my fingers.

The foundation is also described as a light to medium coverage foundation that you can build up in areas where you need it.

I would describe it more as light coverage that might possibly be considered a light medium coverage if you wanted to stretch the term. And I didn’t have any luck building it up. It was a beautiful lightweight foundation that offered a great natural looking finish, but building it up to achieve more of a medium coverage didn’t work for me. Any attempt at building it up made the foundation look and feel heavy.

Which is a shame as it is such a good lightweight foundation. Making it feel and look heavy seems like an insult.

What I ended up doing on the areas where I wanted a little more coverage, was to go in with a concealer first and then blend in the foundation over the concealer. The foundation blended really well with the concealer and everything looked more natural. The concealer I used was one from Pretty Vulgar. It’s formula really blended well with the foundation and made it mostly undetectable.

I know a lot of people put concealer over foundation, but I’ve always found it easier to blend if I put it on my troublesome spots first and then blur the edges of the concealer with my foundation when I apply it. When I do it the other way around you can always see the spots I am trying to conceal as though I was highlighting them. So my preferred application actually worked really well with this foundation.

In the end I really enjoyed using this foundation. The foundation I have is just a shade too light for me. While I can get away with it when my skin is winter pale, if I am to use this foundation when the seasons change, I will have to get a darker shade. I think this foundation may just be worth keeping a seasonal shade around. It feels light weight enough that I might actually be able to wear it in the warmer months. Recently I started sticking with tinted moisturizers in the summertime instead of actual foundations, but this one is light enough that I could probably use it as a tinted moisturizer on days were I actually wanted the coverage of a foundation.

I think it’s natural look would really lend itself to summer wear as well as winter, providing of course that I can get the shade correct. They do have 32 shades so I’m sure the right one is in there, it is just a matter of finding it. I have pretty high hopes though. The shade I have is L20 and the image on the foundation splotch matches the foundation I squeezed out onto my hand almost perfectly so it is just a matter of finding the same undertone one shade darker. with luck, that shouldn’t be too hard a task. If you are interested in this foundation, when I popped onto the Bite Beauty website to check out the links, I found that this foundation is currently half off the usual price. Typically it sells for $44 but is currently $22.

I don’t think it is a sitewide sale, but they do have several products listed on their sale page and this foundation happens to be one of the items. I’m not sure how long the sale will last, but it is up now if you are interested in shopping for this foundation or any other Bite Beauty product. Several of their Agave Lip masks are on the list and as always, I will highly recommend them. And after this past trial, I have to say, this Changemaker Foundation from Bite Beauty is something I highly recommend as well.