Bliss (and Bite) with the Friday Face Mask

Bliss and Bite Beauty for the Friday Face Mask Win

Welcome once again to Face Mask Friday.  I have to say, I am very happy to be here.  Today has been a nice calm even day for me.  I worked, I walked, I showered I masked.  And then I’ll go back to work for the rest of the day.

first applied

It’s kind of nice.  The mask I went for today is not a new one in my collection.  I have had it a while and I always enjoy using it.  It is the Bliss Pore Patrol Deep Detox Four Clay Souffle Mask. The soufflé mask means that it is a little bit lighter than regular clay masks.  The deep detox part means it really helps with the clogged pores forming bumpy lines in roughly the same locations as my face mask rests against my skin. 

Imagine that.

can’t really smile when it dries down so despite loving the mask I sort of look angry, I’m not I’m just locked in place.

This mask is a very reliable product for me.  I think I originally received this in a subscription box, however I have repurchased it a couple of times since then.  This and the Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Bright and Radiant Whipped Mask are two I regularly keep around.  The Mighty Marshmallow is really good when I’ve got inflamed break outs as it seems to calm the irritation down and the deep detox is the one I reach for when I have clogged pores.  At the moment all my current breakouts have pretty much cleared up so it is just the clogged pores, hence the choice of mask. Bliss is having a sale on Masks and treatments this weekend as well, 30% off. Since their masks are always affordably priced it is an even better bargain than usual.

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There is no tingling with this mask and to be honest, very little scent.  It feels cool against the skin, but that I think is mostly just the nature of clay.

clean and no longer looking like I am angry

You may notice that my lips are a bit shiny in the photos (or the camera may not have picked it up).  That’s because I like to indulge my lips a bit when I do my masks.  I usually do, I just don’t always remember to mention it.  MY go to lip product is the Bite Beauty Agave Night time lip therapy mask.  It has almost no scent to it. 

I tend to use the Maple lip mask during the day and the night time one at night, partially because if I try wearing the maple one at night my baby doll wakes up craving pancakes.

starting to reach the bottom of this jar of the Bite Beauty Agave nighttime li

When I mask I use the Night time one as well.  Some of it will wash off when I rinse off my mask but a surprising amount will have sunk in during my fifteen minute masking.  The amount that sinks in always makes me feel as though I’ve been ignoring my lips.  But they do feel wonderfully soft when I am done.  In case you are interested Bite Beauty has a sale going on this weekend for their lip treatments. From today until September 16th it’s buy one, get one 50% off on the entire Agave+ Collection.

Buy one, get one 50% off on our entire Agave+ Collection. 9/11 – 9/16

I highly recommend both the regular lip mask (that’s the maple scented one, although they do sell other, it just happens to be my favorite), and the Nighttime lip mask.  I am actually stocking up on both for the winter. As you can see I am getting quite low on my night time mask and need to restock. Since I have an almost new tube of the regular lip mask I may look around and actually branch out from my favorites and (gasp, shock, awe) try something new. Summer and winter are when I need them most, spring and fall I generally use just regular lip balm and call it good, but summer and winter, my lips need just a little extra love.

And now I am refreshed and my skin feels smooth and clean. For the rest of the afternoon I am going to be working at my desk so I am going to stay fresh faced and just let my skin breath for a little while. I’ll probably give it a spritz of the Timeless Skin HA Spray later on if I need a little refresher, but otherwise I’m just going to let my skin be. For now, it is back to work for me.

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Behold the Mighty Marshmallow – It’s Face Mask Friday

I know I should be a little more adult but occasionally, I am not. For example today, as soon as I managed to get my face mask on – The Mighty Marshmallow Bright and Radiant whipped mask by Bliss – there was a mighty pounding on my front door.

This was not a light tapping, this was a heavy knocking like police on cop show raids or the contractor working next door announcing a gas main was cut and the entire neighborhood is gonna blow kind of knocking on the door. Being the only one home, I naturally raced forward, wondering what I should grab should an evacuation be eminent.

It was to my surprise not anyone from the construction site. (I’ll admit while they have been quiet this week after the whole house vibrating water shut off, I’ve been prepared for inadvertent demolition.) There was no evacuation called. There were just two lovely people prowling the neighborhood looking for people to join their church.

Once I knew disaster was not upon me, I relaxed and momentarily forgot that my face was smeared with a face mask that has the consistency of fluffy pink frosting. their reaction of ‘oh…did ew…um…catch you at a …bad time?’ Did clue me in that something was off. Then the slightly tingling sensation provided by the mask and aided by the cold air pouring in through the open front door reminded me that I was in fact wearing a face mask.

Wait, do I have something on my face?

I know the adult thing to do would have been to acknowledge the fact that I was wearing a face mask. Did I choose to do so?

No. No I did not.

I replied. “No, I’m just working from home today, was there something you needed?”

The man kept opening and closing his mouth as though unsure what to say. The woman of the pair kept sort of half lifting her hand up to her face as she stutteringly invited me to join them on Sunday. She sounded very hesitant as to wheter she really wanted me to join them.

I wasn’t offended but I did try to look interested instead of amused while they sped through what I think was supposed to be a much longer speech. They were Baptists which I hadn’t gotten before. Working from home I get Mormons once a quarter and Jehovah’s Witnesses stopping by in the spring. we usually get visits just before christmas and then nothing until right before Easter when it seems like everyone is competing for my soul.

After telling them I was good and sending them on their way, I lingered near the front door. No I was not trying to be extra creepy, although the thought did cross my mind. They were going to my neighbor Agnes’ house and as she has dementia, I kept an eye out since I saw her care nurse leave a little while earlier. I like Agnes and she seems to like me, although I am confident she thinks I’m someone else.

Agnes threatened to turn the hose on them.

Its a hollow threat since the hose has been unhooked and stashed in her shed for several months now. Her daughter put it away on the same day I was putting mine away and we chatted. But it was cold so they decided it was best to continue on their way without further ado.

I felt a little sorry for them.

It wasn’t quite the relaxing face mask afternoon break I planned, but I can honestly say I didn’t think about work once. Now I have clean and glowing skin, and for some reason the scent of this always clears my sinuses out so I am breathing better as well. I think there is eucalyptus in it somewhere. That’s usually what gets my sinuses open. This is a mask that has been on the market a while and it is one I have repeatedly purchased and generally make sure I have on hand. It smells fresh and clean, feels like you are smoothing frosting on your face and leaves your skin soft and dewy fresh. All items in the plus column of my book and a very good reason to keep it stocked.

My attempt to clean out my inbox was only marginally effective so I have to get back to it, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed both my mask and my interlude of non-work interaction.

All hail the Mighty Marshmallow.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Face Mask Friday: Bliss Pore Patrol

The Bliss conundrum, two good products, only one face.

Decisions, Decisions. One of my standby masks has been the Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Bright and Radiant Whipped Mask. Putting it on is like slathering yourself with marshmallow frosting, without the stickiness.

And the taste. Don’t eat the mask. No matter how much it looks like frosting, it doesn’t taste like it and should not be eaten. Trust me on that.

Earlier this week I went out and picked up a fresh new container and planned to use it today as my mask.

Then this month’s BoxyCharm arrived and inside was the Bliss Pore Patrol Deep Detox Four Clay Souffle Mask (retail $18), just waiting to be used.

So yeah, I caved and used the new product instead of my favorite standby. (I’ll post my review of the BoxyCharm Box on monday, I think it was the Premium box actually.)

Next week perhaps my lovely marshmallow.

Today, I went with the Pore Patrol. (and yes for some reason I have the Chips Television Theme song in my head because of my choice. Feel free to hum along now that you know today’s exciting soundtrack.

Most of the masks I’ve been using lately have been of the detoxing variety. As I consumed more sugar, salt and fat in the last month than I think i had in the previous six, I am not mad at that.

dispenser detail, the plastic bit in the air was the plug the package came in prior to me opening it.

Unlike the tub of marshmallow goodness, the Pore Patrol comes with a shaving cream like dispenser. I really like the fact that it keeps the rest of the product safe from air and finger contamination. Incidentally for the Marshmallow, which does come in a tub I use a small salt scoop I got at a fancy kitchen goods store to extract the product. If memory serves it cost only a dollar or so and has proven invaluable with many products. it is metal so I tend to chuck it in the dishwasher with the regular silverware when it needs sterilization.

The mask dispenses easily. I was worried that being a clay based mask there might be some hiccups. There weren’t. I’m guessing that was due to the souffle consistency. I did dispense a little too much first try, so be aware the product comes out faster than you might expect. Or at least faster than I expected.

It went on smoothly with that slightly cool sensation I expect from clay. I let it sit for fifteen minutes while I contemplated the type of bath salts I wanted to get now that I can use the bathtub on a regular basis, and then I went back to the bathroom to wash it off.

This mask needed no real scrubbing to get it off of my skin. It rinsed off quickly and cleanly, leaving my skin smooth and clean. I had a slight redness where a zit was threatening to erupt and it was significantly less red and looking like it was rethinking the need to bother erupting, which I am thrilled with. I think Mighty Marshmallow might have a new companion in the masking shelf in my bathroom. If continued use reproduces the same results, I will certainly be repurchasing it. (or I guess purchasing it separately since it came in my Boxy Charm.) either way, I like both the product and the price. I have a code that takes 20% off purchases which I’ll post below. There is another sale as well which I’ll post with it.The site wide 20% off starts 1/13 and runs through 1/20 and the other code is currently active and remains so until 1/12. Hopefully that will give you a little bit of a discount. As always if you use my codes towards a purchase I receive a small compensation.

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