You’re making me blush…

Looking at the blushes I reach for I find myself a bit surprised. I know these are the ones I reach for but I find the formulas that they turned out to be surprising. But we’ll get into that as we go through the top five blusehs I reached for in 2022.

1- BareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

  • This is the only sample in the collection and when the sample does run out i will be repurchasing. It is just one of those samples that never seems to run out. I suspect once it starts showing pan it will disappear immediately there after. But I am happy to use the sample until then. It is a cream to powder formula. I apply it with a finger tip and then blend with a makeup sponge. It gives a fantastically natural looking blush to the cheeks and is prefect for a natural makeup day. It blends well and lasts all day long.

2- Illamasqua Gel Blusher

  • I bought this gel blusher out of curiosity as at the time i had not tried a gel blush. I love it. the shade I have is a sort of powdery pink which for me leans to a more natural look I’m sure other shades are more dramatic but this dusky pink tends to lean natural flush for me. It needs to be blended as you apply it, don’t apply it on one cheek apply the second and come back to blend. Apply it with a fingertip and blend as you apply. Once settled in it stays there for the rest of the day if you blend it right away you don’t have to think about it the rest of the day.

3- Dominique Cosmetics Cream Blush In natural Rose

  • This cream blush is more of a summer shade for me. I do need to warm it up with my finger tip but once it becomes less stiff in the pan i switch to a makeup sponge. I wipe my finger on the sponge so as not to waste product and then apply the cream blush with a sponge. this is another one that needs to be blended as you go. Don’t try to put it on both cheeks and then blend. And once it is in place it styas all day. I am a big fan of this cream blush and will be using it all summer long.

4- Hourglass Ambient light blush

  • This shade looks toxicly pink in a swatch but blends out to be a lovely soft pink on the skin. i can really only wear this shade in the winder but it is now coming into it’s season. It is a baked powder formula and the marbled white and pink really help it blend.

5- Doucce Posh Powder Palette

  • I thought about putting this with the face palettes but I really only use it for blushes. There are three blushes and three highlighters. The highlighters I will use if I take the blush palette out but they not the reason I reach for this palette. I do like the gold toned one though and it is the one I reach for the most and would probably pick up separately. They are just there when i reach for the blush. The blush is one of my favorite powder formulas. And which of the three I wear depends on the season. The orange-ish one I can only wear at the height of summer, the soft pink I can only wear in the winter and the third I can wear all year round. I really enjoy these blushes.

And those are the top five blushes for me this year (I know I sort of cheated the numbers with the palette). what I find interesting is that this time last year, I was using the Bare Minerals cream to powder, but all of the others were powder formats. This year, that isn’t the case. I love blush and I think it will be interesting to see where I am next year with this. This year cream blush seemed to have it’s moment and while there were a few I hated, there were a couple of really good formulas. I will be curious to see how this changes in the following year. But for now, these five top the charts for me anyway.