Georgia on my…cheeks?

I am a long time fan of Benefit Cosmetics. I love their primers, have an adoration for several of their mascaras and enjoy the ultra fine mist from their setting spray. One of my favorite Benefit products is their Gold Rush Blush. For me it is a great shade and works well for me. Much of the sparkle was actually in the overspray on the top of the pan and wore off as I used the blush, just giving me a fabulous blush.

In a recent BoxyCharm I received a Benefit Blush. This one is the Georgia blush. According to the Benefit Cosmetics Website…

Benefit’s cult-favorite golden peach blush is back and sweeter than ever! The NEW Georgia is a warm, vibrant peach shade with a soft, golden shimmer for a fresh-picked flush. Peachy cheeks are always in season!

  • NEW! golden peach blush
  • Silky-smooth & superfine with a creamy, blendable formula
  • Fresh peach-floral scent
  • Includes mirror & soft, natural-bristle brush

First, the Brush. I like that Benefit sends a brush with it’s blushes and a part of me really likes that it fits into the box with the blush. I actually like the brushes, but I generally don’t like using them with the benefit blushes. I use them for other products, just not the blush. I tend to reach for a denser bristled brush when using this blush. The benefit blush brushes are great with loose setting powder, especially when working under the eyes.

I ended up using a kabuki style brush with this It was the Anastasia Beverly Hills A30 for those interested. For me the denser bristles just work better with the formula.

As to the scent, if you are looking for a highly peach scented product, this isn’t it. To smell anything I more or less had to press my nose against the pan and even then it smelled more like blush than peach. It was slightly sweet scented, but it isn’t a big peach scent. So if you are worried about overly scented products, this isn’t something that really should concern you. I really had to press my nose almost to the pan to get anything.

It is a creamy blendable formula. It performs just as well as the Benefit Gold Rush blush in that respect. For me the issue I had was mostly to do with my skin tone. I think that it is really designed to work with paler skin than mine. On the website the picture featured a pale, freckle faced redhead which should have been a clue. I don’t think you have to be a pale red head to use the blush but I think that is the shades target.

With me, I am tan enough that the blush came off as a subtle tint. Personally I really like it for a natural makeup look. On me that works really well. When paring it with face products. It is really good friends with BB creams and tinted moisturizers. With a medium coverage foundation, the blush disappeared. Natural-look and barely there products are kind of it’s zone.

For me, that covers most of what I wear in the summertime and I really think this will end up being a great summertime blush for me.

I think that if you are just starting to play around with blush then this might be a product that you might want to look into. I have a friend who never uses blush because she always goes really heavy handed with the blush. This is one I would recommend to her. Even going heavy handed, it is a pale pink and just provides more of a healthy glow to the cheeks rather than a dramatic blush. Like the Gold Rush Blush there was a kind of protective spray coat on the top, so when using it for the first time, you kind of have to work your way through it. Once you do, it is a light flush for your skin and a handy tool to keep for your natural look days.

As always the question is, would I repurchase?

I think the answer is yes. I would be more inclined to purchase one of the blush palettes from Benefit Cosmetics rather than an individual pan because I really like several of the shades they have and enjoy the formula. I also know that this is a summer blush for me rather than a year round one so the palette would be more practical. If it is in one of the palettes. I’d have to look.

However in whatever form individual or palette, I would, when this blush runs out, purchase this again.

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Makeup Review: ECOFabulous Blush

New to my makeup collection this week was the Eco Fabulous Blush in the shade Camellia. ECO Fabulous blush is a clean beauty packaged in a reusable metal tin. personally I really like the tin. Inside instead of plastic compartments, or even permanent compartments is a foam cushion that holds the product in it’s pan.

while the product is securely in the container it is easy to remove and once removed the tin can either be used to house another blush from the company or put to another use, like holding hair pins. Because there are no permanent divisions within the container, the likelihood of it being reused is pretty high. It can be used for the purpose it was created by purchasing a refill or for something completely different, which i think is really smart. I can very easily see this becoming part of my traveling kit (when I am allowed to travel again).

The official description on the site is…

Our thoughtfully formulated EcoFabulous blush “Camellia” is a gorgeous coral shade with a golden shimmer. With naturally derived, skin-friendly ingredients, such as Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, as well as Sunflower-derived Vitamin E, we successfully left out harmful ingredients such as Dimethicone, PTFE and Polyethylene. This gorgeous color will leave you looking and feeling fabulous! We strive for an ingredient of 2 or lower according to the EWG (1 being the lowest). And if for some reason an ingredient falls out of range, we will let you know why with an asterisk (*).


Eco Fabulous

I have to say that while I am thrilled with the packaging and the ethos that the company projects about reducing waste and being both eco friendly and sustainable, I am a little squidgy on the fact that Mica is the first ingredient. I understand why it is an ingredient and as an ingredient my issue is less with it and more with the way it is harvested. While lots of companies and products use mica with a company so focused on projecting a positive message I would expect a little something about their mica sourcing. I couldn’t find anything on the site. I think they are a relatively new company though so may it is coming. I will keep an eye out and update you.

However ethos aside a product is only worth purchasing if it does the job it is supposed to do.

I have to say I did like this blush. It does have some shimmer to it but not alot. It isn’t a glittery blush. While I do sometimes like glittery bluses I tend to keep them separated because I don’t want to pick one up in a hurry and have glittery cheeks during a meeting. Glitter is many things, but it is rarely professional. There are exceptions, but for most of my meetings I like to go glitter free.

This blush did not need to be separated out. It has a slight shimmer but not glitter.

It is a bit more pink than I like for my current skin tone, however as I tan throughout the summer months (and no I don’t lay out and bake myself, I just walk and work in the garden and my skin naturally tans through normal exposure. Even with sunscreen and a gardening hat, I darken quickly) I think the shade will work better with my skin. I think it only looks a little bright to me because I am at my paleest.

first swatch on the left and doubling up on swatches on the right (sorry I changed the angle of my hand between swatches)

It is a buildable formula, which I like as well. I showed it on my hand as it was easier to see. The first swatch has only one stripe from my finger and the second swatch has a second swipe placed over the first. It is easier to see than on my cheeks, but it builds up just the same on the face.

My one issue with it though is that the blush didn’t last all day. I generall put on my makeup around ten and by about two I noticed that I really didn’t look like i was wearing blush any more. so that is just something to be aware of. It is a nice blush with a good ethos and good color (at least for me). I like the packaging and the buildability but I don’t like the longevity.

Using the bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

bareMinerals is one of those makeup brands that I really like, but tend to forget about for long stretches. Then I will use one of their products and wonder how I could have possibly forgotten about them. They are always good quality with good for the skin ingredients and for me they always work really well.

This week I used the bareMinerals Bounce and Blur blush in Mauve Sunrise.  According to the product page…

This fingertip-friendly, weightless powder blush blends like a dream — no brush needed. The good-for-skin formula blurs the look of pores and imperfections for a naturally airbrushed effect with no harsh lines or uneven texture. Choose between 4 shades inspired by the gorgeous tones of the sunrise and sunset.

Our breakthrough bouncy technology provides a buildable, blendable texture thanks to a Botanical Blend of hydrating botanical ingredients, naturally derived from Moss. Mineral Blurring Microspheres and Vitamin B blur and minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections. Like all of our mineral makeup, these blushes are Paraben-free, Sulfate-free and completely cruelty-free.

Okay in many of my skincare posts I have mentioned why parabens and sulfates are bad for you and not just a marketing gizmo. (well they may also be part of a marketing plan, but it isn’t an empty one) Parabens and sulfates can  potentially cause skin irritations and clogged pores and have been linked to certain cancers. So really not good to apply on the body.

I like that bareminerals does not have these nasties in them.

But how does it perform?

First off, the color I used is Mauve Sunrise which is perfectly suited to my skin tone.  While I have a sample size currently, this is the color I will be picking up in the full size.  And yes, I will be purchasing this in the full size once the sample runs out (I like to completely use up samples before I purchase the full size).

This bareMinerals‘ blush feels like a cream when touched, but applies like a powder on the skin.  It also blends like a powder, so if you have fears of cream products leave them aside. It may feel creamy to the touch but you work with it more or less as you would a powder blush. Which is kind of the best of both worlds in my opinion. I use both creams and powders and I like each for different reasons. This has the ease of applying that a cream has in that you can place it exactly where you want with your fingertip and have absolutely no fall out from the product, but has the blendability of a powder. I love the combination.

You apply this blush with your finger and basically brush it along the skin and then blend it in.  You can blend it in or use a makeup sponge or even a kabuki style brush to blend it in if you really want to, but fingers really do work best. And as I had my Makeup Eraser handy, once I was done, I simply wiped off my fingertips before reaching for the next product in my getting ready process. It was super simple with no mess.

I found it blended in well and gave me a nice soft look to my skin.  There were no harsh lines from the application and the blush stayed in place all day, it didn’t fade away throughout the day and it didn’t disappear when blending.  And best of all there was no fall out.  So my sink is not dusted with pink and all of the product that came out of the package was actually used. There was no waste. 

I very much enjoyed using this blush this week and I will be working to use up the sample.  Once it is empty, I will be purchasing the bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush in a full size. I will probably stick with the Mauve Sunrise as well as the color works really well on my skin and I can see it working well in both summer and winter for me. Truthfully the hardest part is knowing my shade and liking the formula. I really want to order a full sized version for my collection. Currently bareMinerals is having a 30% off sale so I may be checking them out later and if this blush is a part of it, I may pick the blush up now and just nt open it until I use up the sample. that way I can prevent waste AND take advantage of the sale. Of course even if the blush isn’t on sale, there are several bareMinerals products I wouldn’t mind stocking up on. The sale banner is linked below in case any of you fancy a bit of shopping as well.