Diving into Geraniums with Stone Street Soaphouse

I’ll admit, when this body cream came in Boxycharm, I was not terribly enthused. part of my lack of excitement was that in Boxy Choice it was the only option I was sort of okay with. The other reason is that I am about body creamed out.

I know that I have been using up a lot of body cream and hand lotion. And to be honest a lot of my body creams have been rolled into the hand cream arena as it keeps my hands from drying out completely due to hand sanitizer use. But even though I managed to clear out my previous stockpile, a new one is rising in it’s place.

Also I can’t say that I’ve ever really thought of geranium as a scent i was really keen on wearing. And in the jar, this Stone Street Soaphouse Geranimo Wholesome Body Cream was intensely geranium scented. I will admit, I was prepared not to like it. But try it i would.

The Stone Street Soaphouse had this to say about it.

OK, we know the limelight often shines on this body cream’s famous little sister (that’ll be the Hay Ho! version), but Geranimo’s quiet, complex charms are beyond dispute.

With a heart of geranium flower oil, her light scent is a little floral, a little herbal and so VERY moreish, once you get to know it.

Natural oils including jojoba, argan and almond, nourish the skin, without making it greasy. 

Free from artificial silicone and colours, parabens, SLS and microbeads. Cruelty free. Made with 100% responsibly sourced natural oils. Made in England. 250ml 8.46 fl oz

Stone Street Soaphouse

I have been using this since it’s arrival and I have found it far more interesting than I initially thought i would. While it is knock you over the head geranium scented in the jar, it isn’t always so intensely floral.

it is a thinner and more quickly absorbing cream than I thought

Unsure if i wanted to coat my entire body with this cream, I tried it out as a hand lotion first. I also figured that if it was going to cause a reaction it was better to find out on my hands than anywhere else. So my first use was dry and on the hands. The scent when applied was as intensely geranium as expected. After a while it did fade, but when applied to dry (as opposed to wet) skin it does take a while to fade.

The cream, however thick it looks in the jar has a thinner consistency than I first thought it did. This cream applied quickly and lightly and absorbed into dry skin beautifully. It wasn’t at all greasy and the speed with which it absorbed was quite surprising. I could apply it to my hands and then go immediately about by business without waiting for absorption.

Having no issues with the dry skin application, I took it into the bathroom to try as a full body lotion after my shower. On wet skin the body Cream formula of the Stone Street Soaphouse absorbs just as well as it did on dry skin. It sunk in and moisturized excellently. In addition, the scent faded back to a lighter note, leaving behind more herbal notes than the floral bombardment i had when I applied it to dry skin.

I don’t know if it is the presence of water, the post shower steam of the bathroom or my warm from my hot shower temp of the skin, but using this after my shower still had the cream absorbing well, but it knocked back the floral scent. As I did find the floral scent a bit hard to take and was pleased that it eventually faded after i applied it to dry skin, I was thrilled by the even more rapid floral descent when used right after the shower.

On dry skin, all I noted was relief that the geraniums were fading. On damp skin the geraniums faded swiftly, but the herbal notes remained noticeably longer and sort of stayed with my skin as I dressed and went about my day. While this is a cream that can be used as a hand lotion in a pinch, he moisturizing and nourishment working well, where it shines is on damp skin fresh out of the shower, used as the body cream it was designed. I am very pleased that I gave this cream a chance instead of just sniffing and passing it along because of the florals. It will be staying in my bathroom until the jar is empty. And yes, I believe I will be ordering this again when my body cream supply once again dips low enough that I can consider placing an order and possibly looking at other products while i am there

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It’s Not Pot Hemp Body Cream

This Not Pot Banana OG Hemp Body Creme was an interesting body cream to try out. First despite the name (Banana OG) the version of the cream I received is fragrance free. There is a version that does smell like bananas, but I alas did not get it.

I think I might have enjoyed the cream more if it did smell like bananas. But for those of you looking for fragrance free body lotions, this has absolutely no scent to it. According to the website…

We weren’t monkeying around with this formula. Say “yellow” to Banana OG Hemp Body Crème, a daily banana smoooth-ie for your body. Packed with banana extract, niacinamide, magnesium, and cannabis sativa oil—it’s ultra-nourishing, brightening, soothing, and calming—aka your recipe for healthy-looking skin.

Some noses don’t like the scent of banana, and some skin types don’t like the feeling of fragrance. So we made a version for you, too! Despite the name, this formula is 100% THC-free, so even the littlest monkeys can play!

Not Pot

The formula is simple a thick white cream with no scent. What I found interesting was putting it to use. On dry skin (as in not wet) it is a very hydrating formula. It absorbs well and feels good. It isn’t spectacular and if the hemp and banana do anything for the skin, I didn’t really see it. I know I didn’t give it a super long test. And the reason why is because of wet skin.

When applied to damp skin, this cream does feel a little slimy and it takes a while to absorb in. I know you are thinking why not just apply it to dry skin? which I will do for the duration of the bottle. But here is the thing. There are two main times I use body lotion. One is right after my shower and the second is after I have washed and sanitized my hands.

which means the most use I have for body lotions and hand creams comes when my skin is damp. I do apply it on dry skin just before bed and that is what I will be using the remainder of this bottle for. It is an okay, but not really notable body lotion on dry skin and slimy on wet skin. I think if it was banana scented I might be more interested in using it because I don’t have any banana scented body creams. I do however have several unscented lotions, many of which I like better than this. I like the concept and who knows, perhaps long term use will show more results and I will end up posting a letter of apology to Not Pot. But for now, I have to shift the cream out of the bathing products line up and into the night stand because I just can’t take it as a post shower body lotion. I will use it, but i don’t think this Not Pot Banana OG Hemp Body Creme is a product I will be repurchasing.

Trying out the Bodylab Collagen Complex Body Lotion

This body lotion was sent to me for the purpose of review by Bzz Agent, however as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you know there were years of my life where I didn’t really think of body lotion. If I noticed my skin was dry I would add some but that was it. These days hand and body lotion are in constant demand. Not only is the sun drying my skin as I work in the garden or go on a walk, but my hands have coopted any body lotion in the house to try and mitigate the effects of too much hand sanitizer.

I’ve just gotten into the habit of using the hand sanitizer anytime I go out, sometimes even multiple times and my skin can’t handle it with out a back up. It has thrown hand and body lotion from a category I barely think about, to a much needed necessity.

This Bodylab Collagen Complex + Body lotion is available at Target ($7.99) For me that is an added bonus. Target is right next to my grocery store and tends to be one of the few places I shop in person so if I run out it is easy to repurchase on the fly. Providing I like it of course. According to the product page, this body lotion…

Promotes Skin Suppleness, is Nourishing & Rejuvenating, has an Innovative Moisture Rich Formula, is Cruelty free, Clean beauty and Dermatologically tested.

It also has Vitamin e which my skin adores. The body lotion looks like most body lotions. It is your standard white cream. It does absorb really fast though which I like as I am often putting body lotion on and then moving into something else. Sometimes that is getting dressed after a shower or simply moving on post hand sanitizer. I really like that it is so fast absorbing. And the moisture it provides is nice as well. I found it really hydrated my skin.

The scent I was sent s called Floral Honey. I love the scent of honey. Florals I can be on the fence about. This scent doesn’t smell like honey. It has a sweet note and the florals have a slightly cirtusy note. It is a rather nice scent, I’m just not sure it is appropriately named. To be honest, it smells exactly like the foaming hand wash that my favorite movie theater when I was a teenager used. So for me it is a bit nostalgic.

The scent is a bit strong. It fades after a few minutes but if you are sensitive to scent, this might not be the product for you. I love the way it hydrates and feels on my skin and I kind of enjoy the scent. I also love that it is both paraben and dye free and good for all skin types. It means that I can use it and set it out where everyone else can to. The pump top makes it easy to use and for hands and arms I generally find that one pump is all that is needed.

Is it my favorite body lotion? No. But it is a good one, offered at a reasonable price that I could easily pick up when out shopping and know that it would work and that it can easily be used by anyone coming into my home. I would probably look for a more neutral or at least less floral scent, mostly so that a wider range of people could enjoy this, but I would pick up this Bodylab Collagen Complex Body Lotion again.

Trying The Ritual of Mehr

Hand and body cream are items that I have always had around, but never really gave much thought to. Often times they came in Subscription boxes and I just used them and let them go. Rarely did I have to purchase them. I generally gave more thought to body lotions as they covered a much larger expanse of skin and therefore I would be stuck with a scent and all over feel I might not like.

Hand cream was something I just sort of grabbed when I pulled too many weeds in the garden and my hands were starting to get a bit rough or something I reached for when my skin felt a bit dry in the winter.

And then came the year of hand sanitizer and extreme hand washing.

Body lotions took on a whole new importance as my hands began to resemble what I like to think of as the desiccated iguana look. For a time it looked as though nothing was going to help. Slowly began the rescue from the dry and scaly look and in the process I found that there were some higher priced lotions I liked and some that I didn’t. I found several drugstore lotions and creams that were worthless and several that were ultimate rock stars of hydration.

In all honesty, scent had always been one of my driving factors when picking up hand or body cream. I figured they would all do a decent enough job of hydration o it was the scent I would be stuck with.

And if you’ve ever used a Ritual’s product, you know that sachet is a big issue with the brand. Every product I have tried from them has been highly fragranced. Most of the products I have tried have been bath related. This is actually my first body lotion from the brand. As with all lotions though, I now start them with my hands and arms. If I like the scent and feel enough then they graduate to being used as full on body lotions.

Plus I find it a good way to test any allergic reactions and I figure that if the lotion can keep my hands hydrated, than it should work well on the rest of me.

According to the Ritual’s Website

If you want healthy, radiant and nourished skin, along with a delightfully energetic and joyous fragrance, then The Ritual of Mehr body cream is just for you. This bright fragrance opens up with a sparkling citrus top note, blended with a heart of florals and grounded with a drydown of cedar wood. Contains uplifting sweet orange and stimulating cedar wood, to help hydrate your skin while also treating your soul with energising properties.

It is also available in our eco-chic refill option, allowing you to reuse the luxury jar.

I like that it comes with a refillable option as I am always looking for ways to reduce waste in my routines. I am also not surprised to find that the Ritual’s Hand cream description sounds a bit more like a perfume description than a lotion.

As far as scent goes, it is pretty strong. And it smells of cedar and orange. I’m sure there is some sort of floral note in there somewhere, but it really buried under the cedar and orange. I don’t mind it actually. OI really enjoy the scent. I think in the summer time it would be a bit too much of a scent bomb for me. However as the days get cooler, this is a warm and rich scent that I don’t mind having around me. If it were a candle I would buy it in a heart beat.

The scent is strong though and it does linger. I put a little dab of lotion onto my hands and massaged them. After two hours the scent was still with me. If you are sensitive to scent, this may be a product you want to shy away from. If you like scent, just make sure that it doesn’t clash with your perfume and you will be fine.

But scent isn’t everything.

Using this moisturizer I found it absorbed well and fairly quickly into the skin. It didn’t leave any greasy spots and it didn’t make my hands feel slick. I think part of that is because they seem to lean more into sunflower seed oil rather than something like shea or coco butters on their ingredients list. The oil seems to absorb more quickly and easily into the skin.

While it did moisturize well, I found that it wasn’t enough for my hands. It is not a cream I could use in the morning and just not think about it all day. I found myself applying it a couple of times a day. Even on days when I didn’t leave the house and therefore didn’t need the hand sanitizer. The scent lasts much longer than the hydration.

I know, this Ritual of Mehr is a body cream. If used as a body cream it worked well. For skin that doesn’t need as much hydration as my hands it was enough. In truth this product is more about scent than it is about intense hydration. I think that this is the sort of cream I would use after a long bath or shower as part of my get ready to go out ritual. The scent is luxurious and delightful. The cream feels good on the skin, but it isn’t enough to be used as an everyday sort of product. I don’t mind having special occasion products, and I think this falls into that category. If you are looking for an orange and cedar scented luxury for those special nights, then I would go for this. For an everyday post shower moisturizer, I feel it is a little lacking. So for me, I will set this lotion to the side to use the next time I want to give myself a luxurious home spa day and look for a different daily body cream.

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Using the Grown Alchemist Mandarin and Rosemary leaf Body Cream

I have to admit, I was quite surprised by this body lotion from Grown Alchemist.  A while back I received a night cream from the brand in a subscription box.  As I am always on the lookout for a good night cream I tried. It.  While it worked very well, it was so highly floral that I made it halfway through the tube and then set it aside to use something else.  I will return to the night cream some point soon so that it doesn’t spoil and can be used in a timely fashion but I needed a break from the scent.  I think it may be a product I roll in and out of my skin care line up just to use up because that floral was just so intense I couldn’t take it on a nightly basis.

I expected the body cream to actually be more intense.

Oddly enough it isn’t. 

The Grown Alchemist Body Cream is in the scent mandarin and rosemary leaf.  I saw the rosemary on the list and thought it would dominate and the cream would smell medicinal.  It doesn’t.  The mandarin and rosemary balance really well.  The rosemary keeps the mandarin from being too sweet and the mandarin keeps the rosemary from being too medicinal.  In addition, while it does have a noticeable scent when first applied, it fades back fairly quickly.  If you lift a hand to your nose, you can still smell it, but otherwise it fades away to nothing. 

The softness remains.  The cream absorbs quickly and not a lot of cream is needed to hydrate the skin.  It isn’t greasy and keeps the skin hydrated for quite a while. 

I actually really like that it is a body cream that isn’t too sweet.  Many of my body lotions smell like candy as they have vanilla in the mix.  While I don’t mind this, it is nice to have a bit of a change.  The rosemary gives it a slightly earthy note and combines with the orange to feel and smell really fresh. While I wasn’t terribly enthused by this cream to begin with, I have to say it has won me over.  I am far more impressed with this than I was with the overly floral night cream. I am very glad I tried it and I would definitely consider adding this to the list of body lotions I would repurchase once it runs out.

Well this takes the cake… the Cake Milk Made that is.

I forget which subscription box this Cake Milk Made Totally to Die For indulgent body milk cream came in, but recently I pulled it out of my box of creams and lotions.  At the moment it looks like I am stockpiling them.  At least the deluxe sample sizes.  I have two full sized tubes of body lotion that I have been working through and so I just kept putting the smaller tubes and jars in a box to get to when I finished them. 

Finally, I decided that it was time to start using the sample sizes up.  Mostly because with the last addition (the Barefoot Goddess from October’s IPSY box) the lid no longer fit on the box I was storing them in. So I picked out a few to pass on since I tried them before and then chose one randomly from the box. 

The current trial was the Cake Milk Made Totally-to-die-for Indulgent Body Milk Cream. To be honest, I didn’t have terribly high hopes for it.  According to the product page…

Infused with candied oat milk concentrate and soothing marshmallow root extract, our beloved formula is equally rich and fluffy. Slowly whipped to create a uniquely weightless texture, this beautifying formula glides across your skin effortlessly, sinks in seamlessly and leaves a smooth and supple finish, without the harsh chemicals. Enjoy our iconic scent of candied milk cake for the ultimate birthday-party-nostalgia.

I expected a sweet vaguely vanilla scented product.  And given the cute name, I didn’t have high hopes for a lot of skin nourishment either.  I was vaguely relieved that it was a sample size and therefore wouldn’t last long if I used it on my entire body after my bath. (And it didn’t last long, I got three uses from the tube).

However I was very wrong about the product. 

I’ll admit, I jusdged a book by its cover. Or at least a body lotion from its overly cute name.

While it does smell like icing, it isn’t cloyingly sweet and the scent is more complex than just vanilla.  I really enjoyed the scent actually which with the ‘cake/icing’ scented lotions is kind of rare for me. 

And you know what else?  I also like the way it felt on my skin.  This was a bit more of a surprise actually. 

It looks thick, but melts into skin beautifully

Despite the fact that the description states that it is a whipped formula, when it comes out of the tube it feels really thick.  I was expecting it to sit heavy on the skin.  It did not.  It melted into the skin surprisingly well and did not leave my skin at all greasy.  My skin felt nourished and moisturized.

The ‘candied cream’ scent of the cream faded pretty quickly, but the softness remained. I was really impressed with this cream.  According to the site it was once sold in a jar and is now sold in a tube.  I like this as it makes it easy to measure out the amount of cream used and to keep it fresher.  While I have been through quite a few creams lately, this is one I would actually consider repurchasing.  I really enjoyed it.  The fact that it is $8.99 for a 200 mL tube isn’t a bad thing either. Having used it before I checked the price I expected it to be more expensive (between $12-$16 actually so not super pricey but up there).

I think this is one of those things that the pandemic is teaching me.  When Corona arrived I had assorted lotions and hand creams.  Some I liked better than others, but I didn’t give it a lot of thought.  Then the war to overcome the dryness of the the hand sanitizer began and lotion became more important. 

Suddenly, okay didn’t make the cut. 

I’ve had some rather expensive lotions that did well and others that didn’t.  I’ve had the same luck with the less expensive ones.  Interestingly, price hasn’t been a determining factor. There has been no consistent sweet spot with prices.  This $8.99 Cake Milk Made Totally-to-die-for Indulgent Body Milk Cream performed better than several creams that cost more than double the price. I am really glad I pulled this out of my box of lotions.  I can definitely see a full sized bottle making an appearance in my skin care regime as soon as I work my way through a few more of the samples (which despite the number of them shouldn’t be too long actually given their size).  Meanwhile, I am actually excited to see what other treasures (or flops) lurk in my sample’s box. Who knows what I’ll uncover next.

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