Using the Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Body Serum

I recently signed up for the Beekman 1802 Quarterly subscription box. ($65 per quarter and this link will take you to the review of my first box if you are interested). while I knew of the brand before getting the subscription box, I had not tried any of their products (barring a bar of soap that is). I though the subscription would be a great way to try out a variety of their items and see if they were for me, or which ones might be for me.

However it also means that as the box is a brand box, I will be getting another box of Beekman 1802 products sent to me. So I want to try out as many products in the box as I can to determine if this box is for me. After all if I am going to keep getting their products sent to me, I need to figure out if I like their products, right?

So you’ll be seeing a lot of the items in the next few weeks as I do so. This product is the Pure Goat Milk Body Serum. According to the description on the website…

This phyto-squalane body serum is packed with milk-based probiotic extracts, antioxidants, and plant-based actives. It’s a concentrated, long-lasting moisturizer that sinks in deeply to hydrate dry skin and give it a radiant glow. This dewy moisturizer works well for all skin types, and is especially beneficial for dry, dull, or uneven skin in need of essential nutrients.

oil on

It is essential a body oil, and that is how I have been using it for the past couple of weeks. The glass bottle makes it difficult to see, but I am about halfway through the product (maybe a little more than halfway).

during the past few weeks I have tried it out on my still damp from the shower skin and on dry (as opposed to wet) skin. what I have learned is that a little does go a long way. when applied to dry skin, the skin is shiny for a moment and the serum feels like a dry oil. After a moment it will sink in and the skin no longer looks oily or shiny. On wet skin it absorbs wall also. I tend to take hot showers so perhaps the hot water opens the pores, but it feels like this Body Serum absorbs more quickly on just from the shower skin than on dry skin.

right after application (30 sec)

The rounded curves of the bottle make it easy to grip. When I was applying it post shower, which is the application I prefer actually) I had to transfer the bottle from hand to hand, especially when applying it to my legs and arms. With the size that came in my subscription box (it appears smaller than the one featured on the website) It fit in my hand well with only minor slipping. If the bottle was larger, there is the possibility I would set it on the shelf, pump the product into my hands and use it that way. With this smaller bottle for some reason I didn’t do that but passed it hand to hand. Even after I thought about it, that is still what I did. it is stable enough to pump out without lifting, but something about the size of the bottle made me want to lift it with on hand while I was using it. If one or two grooves were added for texture to the slick bottle surface, I think it would prevent any possible slipping.

But even with wet and oil covered hands the size made cupping it a possibility. So really, it basically boils down to cup the bottle to prevent slipping.

The Pure Goat Milk Body Serum has absolutely no scent to it. I know it is listed as fragrance free, but often that can mean no extra fragrances were added and it just smells like what it is. This has zero scent to it so if you are sensitive to scent that won’t be a problem.

It feels like a dry oil on the skin, absorbs well and leaves the skin moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy. I personally like applying it more right after a shower than I do applying it as I would a body butter just before bed. I just think that my skin absorbs it faster when it is still post shower warm. It is a good product and one I would not mind using again. this Pure Goat Milk Body Serum is a definite tick in the plus column for both the brand and the Beekman 1802 Quarterly Subscription box.

Using the Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Oil

This Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Oil came to me via a Boxy Charm. To be honest I had never heard of Mitchell and Peach, however it is the season for body oils. At least in my opinion. In the winter I go for heavier creams which my dry winter skin soaks in.

As the temperatures rise, I tend to prefer body oils. For me it feels like they absorb much more rabidly and hydrate really well. I prefer to use them right after my shower when the heat from the shower has opened my pores. I basically towel off and then apply instead of body lotion.

This year the warmer weather snuck up on me. I was prepared for it, then we got snow and I had to hustle back into my winter clothes. Then just as I thought temps were again on the rise, we had another cold snap. So I am late stocking up on my warmer weather products as it seemed that every time I thought about it, the cold would return.

I am pretty sure it won’t be coming back until October at this point.

Having never heard of Mitchell and Peach (or this product) I looked them up. Accoding to the brand this body oil…

The newest addition to the Mitchell and Peach collection, this expertly blended body oil was inspired by the lush, verdant countryside of the Foxbury Farm estate in Kent, England.

The nourishing formulation, containing natural oils and Vitamin E, is delicately scented with a ‘green floral’ fragrance possessing both cut-leaf freshness and intriguing depth.

Mitchell and Peach
the open top

While I have never been to Foxbury Farm and to be honest my visits to Britain haven’t been to Kent either, I can say that this Body Oil has a very green scent to it. I know, it isn’t helpful when I describe scents as colors. Sometimes the wires just get crossed.

It has a fresh scent to the oil that is like the first scent of a green leaf emerging from a tree. If you sniff the branch where the tree is starting to bud out, before it gets the particular scent of the plant type and is still just new growth, that is more or less the scent of the oil.

It is a light scent that is refreshing after a hot shower, the scent feels a bit cooling actually as it reminds me of an early spring morning which is generally cooler than my shower. Applying it produces a delightful mental fission, at least in me anyway.

I love that there is vitamin E in the oil as it is a great softening agent for the skin and my skin really enjoyed it. Thus far this has been a great addition to the body care line up.

However, while I adore the glass bottle, I don’t really like the lid. It is not the easiest to twist off with damp hands (it also has condensation from the humid air of the bath and is wet itself) and post application it is harder to get into place with my then oily hands.

Normally this isn’t too big of an issue, I can set the bottle to the side, wash and dry my hands and then put the cap back on. The issue is that it is an open top under the cap. There is no regulator and I do not have the largest bathroom in the world. I have almost knocked this over a couple of times. And it really world be a shame to waste it.

I also don’t like the open top for dispensing the product. It is better now that I have used a bit and the bottle isn’t full. It is easier to control the pour when then bottle isn’t completely full. The open top means that you really have to watch how you pour it into your hand as it is very easy to use too much. Too much of a body oil makes you feel greasy. Applying a smaller amount that the skin can absorb easily makes the skin soft and hydrated.

Over all, I really did like this Body oil and will continue to use it until it is gone. Would I purchase it on my own? Yes actually I would. I would however replace the cap with one that would let me control the dispensing of the product a little bit better. I a actually fairly certain I have a cap from another bottle that would fit. I will be trying it out as a replacement later. Beyond that one minor detail, this Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Oil is a great product and it makes me want to further investigate the Mitchell and Peach Brand.