Trying out the Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty Spray

I am a big fan of the Honey Pot’s foaming shower wash. I tried it and incorporated it into my daily routine. It has become a staple in my daily routine. It is ph balanced for a woman’s body and even though I was skeptical about actually needing it before once I tried it there was no going back to just using a regular body wash on my nether regions.

however after trying, loving and repeatedly repurchasing, I didn’t try anything else out from the brand. And so I decided to pick up this Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty spray to try out.

Totally innovative and dynamic, The Honey Pot Co’s Lavender Rose feminine hygiene spray is a great way to feel fresh throughout the day. We’ve updated our refreshing herbal panty sprays with DeoPlex® technology, resulting in a perfected formula for better deodorization and moisturization. Use this feminine hygiene spray to freshen up fast, without any artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. 

I chose the lavender and rose because I thought they would be a good balance. They work well together but they are a bit strong for me. The heavy scent is a bit too perfume-y and I would prefer a lighter fresh scent. I think if choosing again I would go for the cucumber and aloe scent instead.

And would I purchase this again? Yes actually I think i would. It isn’t as necessary for me to have on hand as the wash, but it was quite useful this summer. When I went for my walks in the summer heat, i came back sweaty. while I generally jumped in the shower as soon as I could peel my clothes from me often times I just rinsed myself off with water. I like to do a full shower at night and just rinse off after my walk. with the water rinse and towel drying bits of me over drying more than any form of personal scent were the main issue. This spray was just enough moisture without causing any fragrance irritation in sensitive areas.

For me the Honey Pot Lavender Rose Panty Spray was excellent post work out, simply for the way I move and care for my body. The scent was a heavier one but can easily be remedied. While I might not need this as much as the heat fades and autumn gets underway, it is something that I will certainly have on hand as spring fades into summer. I will just choose a lighter scent to suit my own personal preferences.

Testing out the De-Stress Muscle Gel from Aromatherapy Associates

There are some products that announce themselves slowly, their scent gently wafting through the air to tease your senses. This De Stress Muscle Gel from Aromatherapy Associates is not one of those. it is a lavender bomb. Actually that isn’t enough this is a LAVANDER bomb. I’m sorry for shouting but there is nothing subtle about the lavender scent of this muscle gel.

It came sealed in it’s tube and even through the sealant, heck even through the closed subscription box it came in, the scent of lavender made it through. this gel came in a Boxycharm box and even before I opened the box I knew something lavender was inside.

The first thing you need to know is pretty obvious. If you don’t like lavender, this isn’t a product for you. I like lavender but even then I had to think about when i wanted to use it. However, I can always use a good muscle cream. while most of my workouts are walking based, as the weather heats up I have gone indoors more. I recently Signed up for Yoga Works, and online Yoga class website with more than 1300 classes (because I needed something a little bit more structured than what i could find on You Tube but still wanted an at home work out). It’s early days, but I’m liking it thus far. My muscles however have registered complaints, so it seemed like the perfect time to test this muscle gel out.

The product claims…

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel instantly cools painful and sensitive muscles, once cooled the gel then provides a penetrating warmth for a refreshed relaxed feeling.

Vegan, Nut-Free, and SLS-Free To use: Apply to aching muscles and joints twice a day.

Aromatherapy Associates

Pretty straightforward. Even though it says gel in the name I was surprised a little by the consistency. It isn’t what i would think of as a true gel and it isn’t really a cream. It has a consistency a bit like a water cream. It is like a hybrid of gel and cream.

Once dispensed, the lavender scent increases slightly but it brings a rosemary backer as well. The combination turns this from floral to medicinal almost instantly. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as rosemary is listed right behind the lavender on the ingredient’s list.

This gel applies very wet. The water gel texture just turns it to liquid as it comes into contact with the warmth from your skin. Then it takes a while to absorb. If you pull up a pants leg yo apply it to your skin, it will cause the material to stick to you. You need to allow a good five minutes to let this cream absorb.

Once on the skin, a menthol scent joins the lavender rosemary combo bringing it more fully into the medicinal scent arena. It applies cool, which I think is the menthol evaporating and the gel absorbing. The coolness of the gel is very helpful to sore muscles. The feeling doesn’t last all that long.

If you are looking for something that provides the deep muscle relaxing sensations that you get from something like Icy Hot then you will be disappointed. This is not a deep tissue sort of muscle assist. It did do a little bit of cooling on the skin and I did feel that my muscle aches were eased a little bit. It is much more subtle in its effect than something like Icy Hot. It smells much more pleasant though.

The scent is very strong. And it doesn’t go away. The scent lingers in the air and it lingers on your skin. I applied it before bed to ease muscle strain and it worked well enough to relax me enough to go to sleep and the scent was more pleasant than any sports cream would have been, but the scent remained into the morning. When I threw back the covers to get out of bed the next day, a waft of lavender was still present.

If you ae looking for an alternative muscle gel this does have some benefits. It does cool you down and temporarily soothes minor aches. Once it absorbs it isn’t greasy, although it does take a while to absorb. Th biggest drawback is it’s scent. It is strong enough that regular exposure gave me headaches. I know it is an aromatherapy type product so the scent is an important part, but they went overboard with it. It is simply too strong a scent. If the scent was halved I would enjoy using it more. As it is, I can only use small amounts and only in well ventilated places. While I would love an alternative to the scent of traditional sports creams, for me, this De Stress Muscle Gel from Aromatherapy Associates is simply not it.

Scrub a dub dub with Mio in the tub

Recently I have been using the Mio Sun Drenched Body wash.  It came in one of my subscription boxes (In case you have noticed a theme, I am trying to test out a bunch of my sample sized products, not only to clear out some space, but so that I can get an idea of what I want to order as gifts or for myself when the big sales kick off. So the phrase ‘sample sized from a subscription box’ may be an oft repeated one for the next little while)

According to the Mio product site…

Rejuvenate your skin with the Mio Sun-Drenched Body Wash. This luxurious shower gel effectively cleanses the body, swiftly capturing dirt and grime that may be lingering at the surface. Enhanced with illuminating pearlescent Minerals, the indulgent formula helps to boost the skin with a healthy-looking radiance.

Now available in a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formula, the scented body wash is upgraded with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients. The brand’s new Feel-Good Complex features an Indian Fig Extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry blend, helping the skin to maintain hydration levels for a supple, silky finish. Andiroba Oil cloaks the body in its moisture-rich properties, working to thoroughly nurture and replenish.

Infused with a natural fragrance of Citrus and Orange Blossom, the vegan body wash fills the air with an energising, zesty aroma that invigorates the senses with every use. The micellar cleanser gently lifts impurities from the skin while restoring its vitality, leaving the body clean, fresh and luminous. Housed in 100% recyclable packaging, this product is crafted with sustainability in mind. Vegan and cruelty-free. Made in the UK.

The full size of this product retails for $20.  I love that the packaging leans towards sustainability and that it is nourishing to the skin.  I will say that it lathered up well and rinsed away clean.  My skin did feel hydrated and smooth. Even though the product appears to have a little shimmer in it, this doesn’t translate to the body. There is no shimmer once it foams and is used.

Product on the Daily Concepts body scrubber

I also felt as though I was washing myself with a liquid version of orange Starburst candy.  Because that is exactly how it smelled.  Like orange starbursts.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It was kind of amusing actually.  It was very nourishing on the skin and it was mentally fun to try and reconcile something that was good for my body with the candy scent (which as candy, one could assume it isn’t on any doctor’s recommended list.  At least thus far in my life no doctor has ever told me that my health would be improved by the routine ingestion of candy. Not that you should in any way ingest this body wash. It is for external scrubbing only).

While I did enjoy using this and my skin does feel lovely, I ended up craving candy far more than usual while using this.  While I’m not a big candy fiend, I do like Starbursts. They are tangy enough to not be just sweet. So while the product was nice, it won’t be returning to my bathroom. It wasn’t nice enough to overcome the candy infused desires.

However, I will be buying this body wash over the holiday season. The reason is my brother.  He does not like most of the ‘manly’ scented body washes out there.   He thinks they smell like he is bathing in cologne. In all honesty, I can’t tell you which ones he has tried.  I do know that occasionally he ends up buying little kids body wash as he likes the scent better. (otherwise he goes for the dove unscented body wash – but then he complains it is unscented and returns to the dino-wash).

foamy on the body scrubber

I should point out that while I ended up with a taste for the savory, my brother is a candy fanatic. I have never been in any place he has lived where there hasn’t been at least three stashes of candy around the house.  He puts the candy in mason jars so bugs won’t find them and break into his stash. I’m pretty sure this is why he likes the little kid’s body washes. Many of them seem to smell sweet.

Although recently he has been complaining that they don’t do the best job (mostly because they aren’t designed for adult skin so no surprise) and he doesn’t really like the dinosaur or cartoon like heads on the lids. I suspect someone has been teasing him about it since he has been trying out more adult body washes and complaining of most of them.

To be honest, I think that this body wash is actually the perfect solution for him.  It is an adult body wash that works for adult skin. It does not smell of cologne and it isn’t filled with perfume. It has no giant cartoon heads on the lid and it still smells like candy. I think that this might be a good addition to his Christmas stocking this year.  So despite not returning to my bathroom, I think I know someone who will really enjoy using this Mio Sun Drenched Body Wash.

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Not just for my Bum Bum

While made for a bikini ready bottom, The Sol De Janerio Brazilian BumBum Cream works really well when dieting and convincing your skin to shrink with you

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Save 10% on the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream at Sol de Janeiro when you Subscribe & Save

When you start to lose weight, you expect your body to change. You expect your clothes to get big. You expect that there might be occasions where you have to haul up your jeans because they’ve gone sliding but you aren’t quite down enough to be a lower size.

What no one really mentions is your skin.

I know when I say that many of you immediately go to the thought of those extreme weight loss shows where pounds of excess skin has to be removed. This isn’t that. I may have been big and still am in the big range, but my heaviest weight topped out at 246 lbs. I’m pretty sure those shows tend to go for the 600 lbs plus range.

So I didn’t really think about my skin. I just thought about how nice it would be to fit into a smaller size and not have any ‘fat girl cloth’ in my closet. If you are female and have an x on your garment labels I’m sure you know what fat girl cloth is and we shall mention it no more.

Then I started losing weight and I began noticing my skin. the first thing I noticed was my neck. Mostly because I see it more often. My skin would get loose as I lost weight , and then tighten back up. I picked up various creams to assist with the tightening back up part.

Then I noticed my belly.

My first thought was, “When exactly was I attacked by giant cats?”

It turns out they were stretch marks and not some strange night time visitation by belly seeking beasts. Enter Sol De Janeiro and their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It is the lotion with the scent half the world loves and the other half seems to hate. Most people say it smells a bit like buttered popcorn. I’d say that is a fairly accurate description. I personally love the scent.

Travel in Style with the Bum Bum Jet Set

My babydoll thinks is smells ‘super fancy’ and then he does a little head wiggle. If you remember an earlier post defining his terms, fancy means it smells nice. super fancy means he really likes it. Apparently the added head wiggle means he really likes it and thinks that it smells expensive as well. Now you too are up on his incredibly detailed analysis of scented products.

While I really like the smell, I am in love with the way it not only moisturizes the skin but with the way it is also helpening to tighten the skin a little bit on my belly. It isn’t magically erasing the stretch marks, but they are fading and the skin is tightening up around my less weighty figure. As I think the formula was designed to help you look good in a bikini with some tightening elements included, I suppose i shouldn’t be surprised.

It is an excellent moisturizer and my hands are always so soft after I use it, however, I sort of jealously guard it for use on my belly and use other lotions on my arms and legs. They don’t seem to be as traumatized by my weight loss adventure. This is one cream I don’t want to run out of. And let’s face it I have a long way to go. The Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream will be living on my night stand for quite a while to come. Who knows perhaps when I no longer need it to combat the stretch marks I will use it to get swimsuit ready.

Save 10% on the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream at Sol de Janeiro when you Subscribe & Save

For now I use the cream for my belly and reorder when it gets below the halfway mark in the jar. I noticed recently they have both shampoo and conditioner out as well as some body washes. I may have to put those on my list to pick up when I next order a refill, that way the rest of my body can get some love even if I don’t want to share my Bum Bum Cream.

M. Greengrass Dry Oil Spray Review

M. Greengrass Dry Oil Spray

I’ll admit, when the M. Greengrass Dry Oil Spray (retail $36) came in my BoxyCharm Subscription box this month, I wasn’t quite sure what it was or how to use it.  In my defense the description ‘multi-purpose dry oil spray’ didn’t give a lot of direction, it just implied multiple uses. I don’t know, maybe I’m thick.  Luckily, the back of the bottle was much more descriptive and came with basic instructions citing use for both skin and in the hair.

As for the claims, according to the website:

This fast absorbing dry oil spray is formulated with a blend of high quality oils that quickly penetrate delivering superior moisture leaving skin soft and luminous without feeling greasy. 

 Notes:  Bergamot, Citrus, White Jasmine, Brazilian Soft Woods, Heliotrope, and Musk.

Free of parabens, PEGs, artificial colors, petrolatum, gluten, phthalates and mineral oil.  No animal testing ever!!!

I very much liked the free of list, especially as it is intended to more or less cover me from head to toe and some things I really don’t want on my body.  Since I don’t believe gluten can be absorbed through the skin and I don’t really feel like drinking the product, the gluten free is a bit superfluous, but I appreciate the lack of petroleum and mineral oil. Those seem like more practical exclusions, at least to me. I’m sure there are plenty who disagree. which is fine, personal differences make the world a more interesting place.

And we all know I’d hate to be bored.

In addition, all of the scents included are ones I like and when I spritzed the oil I really liked the way it smelled.  I can sort of see why the scent is named ‘Beach Air’ as it does sort of have a scent reminiscent of the beach, or at least it brings thoughts of the beach to me. All it really lacks is a kind of briny back scent for the full beach impact. 

It has a very light aroma with a slight earthiness which I’m guessing is from the musk. It is not as floral as I would expect from the Bergamot, White Jasmine and Heliotrope, which I also appreciate as if it was I think it might be too cloying without the earthy back note. I think the citrus and musk help balance the floral scents well.

As much as I like the scent, it is not billed as a perfume, so I set off to test it as a body oil first. When sprayed onto dry skin, the oil soaks in well and does not leave a greasy residue on either body or face. While the scent lingers for several hours afterwards, I was not leaving greasy fingerprints behind me which I (as well as those around me) appreciate.

I also tried it on wet skin, spraying my body after getting out of the shower instead of using my more customary body lotion.

My fresh from the shower skin absorbed the oil more readily, which isn’t a big shock as damp skin usually absorbs product more readily. I found my skin softer than when I used the oil on dry skin but oddly enough there was less of a scent remaining afterwards. 

On dry skin, the scent remained almost like a perfume.  With the wet skin, the scent was absorbed more and didn’t linger.  I will say though that throughout the rest of the day I did catch faint whiffs of scent, but it was very faint and no where as pronounced as when I used the spray on dry skin. With using the spray on wet skin I still could use a perfume should I so choose, when I used it on dry skin any perfume I wore fought with the scent of the oil.

After trying it on the skin, I used the oil on my hair. I found there to be no real value in using it on damp hair, but when used on dry hair, it helped with fly always and gave me the same powerful scent that it gave on dry skin. I also found that when I used the dry oil spray in my hair I could not wear perfume for fear of clashing scents. It did however not cause my hair to be greasy in any way. My hair did not feel weighed down and the scent and softness remained throughout the day.

As I found the scent quite nice, I think that I might use it on hair and dry skin on days where I am wearing no other perfume, but for the most part, I plan on keeping it in the bathroom for use on my skin just after the shower in lieu of body lotion.  I think it is more effective that way and I like the little teasers of scent that I get throughout the day without having it clash with any other perfume or scented product I may be using that day.  In addition I really like the spray bottle.  Not only is it an attractively packaged product, but the spray is a sturdy one that sprays an even, fine mist. It is also easy to use with wet hands, making it a really nice addition to my post-shower routine.


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