New Book Release and Shameless self promotion

In case you have been wondering what it is that I have been working on lately, here it is. It is out and now available on both Amazon and Smashwords! The Book is The Academy and it is the second book in the Nameless Series. The first book is called Nameless in case you are wondering. This is one of those characters I absolutely love to write. I am so very pleased that the book is finally out.

The Academy: Book 2 of The Nameless Series

Having fled Balosh and the assassin Harold Red Hand for the safety of the Hidden Kingdom, Nameless settles into the Academy to catch up on his studies before the other students return for autumn classes.  But things don’t go as smoothly as he hoped. No one knows what skills he will develop or when but his new friends are prepared to help where they can even though his rising power proves unexpected and hard to control. 

While Nameless learns to trust those around him and struggles with his new identity as someone other than the Prince’s assistant, he stumbles into plots and political machinations in both the Hidden Kingdom and Beyond. Suddenly lessons are the least of his worries.

Available on Amazon and Smashwords

As a reminder Smashwords is still in the middle of their Annual Summer sale. Most of my books are 50% off and there are thousands of other authors participating as well. It is a great place to pick up your next read or take a chance on a new author or even series you just find interesting.

The Daily: December 21st, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. The weather has finally turned chilly again and we are back to feeling like December. While I may not adore the cold weather it feels really wrong to have seventy degrees where I live the week before Christmas. My entire world gets a little bit off kilter. With the weather steadying I feel steadier.

Of course part of that Steadying is that I just released my latest novel. So I have now been released from final edits. for a while. I always get a little crazy towards the end. I start seeing dancing commas in my sleep. But the book: Blindsided: Book Five of The Society is out on both Amazon and Smashwords, for those interested. Also if you are looking for a great read (whether from my books or someone else) Smashwords is having their annual end of year book sale right now. You can download books in any e-book format (or even plain text if you don’t use an e-reader) and they have over 65,000 books enrolled in the sale. Almost all of my books are 50% off from now until January 1st. And a few of them are even free. The same holds true for a large number of the books enrolled in the sale. If you are looking for something to read or a new author, it is a great place to go.

Despite the temps dropping I did get my morning walk in and I have to say the cold brisk air certainly blew out the cobwebs from my brain. Of course it also made my lings hurt a bit so there probably won’t be a second walk this afternoon. But I feel good about the first walk and who knows, maybe I’ll get some work with the weights in later. as my sunroom is still sans furniture for the most part there is plenty of space. although I did see this couch I really liked this weekend. It is from Eternity Modern.

I like their furniture in general, they tend to have a lot of mid-century modern inspired lines to their furniture. I’m not sure if the couch I like suits the space (or if I’ll have to find another place for it) but i absolutely adore it. The links will take you there if you want to ogle some absolutely stunning furniture.

At the moment we are working on finishing the bedroom and then slowly working through the rest of the house as we redecorate so I have time to think about the couch, I just think it looks fantastic for curling up and reading on. And I had to share. I should point out that my babydoll thinks the couch looks like a giant marshmallow. Oddly enough I think he meant that in a good way.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional Primer

Foundation: AOA Prowear Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Stick Bronzer

Blush: Floss The Concierge Lip and cheek tint

Eyeshadow: Shaina B Miami Nights Palette

Mascara: Roen Cake Mascara

Lips: bareMinerals Mineralist Lipstick in Perception

I’m wrapping up my test of the AOA foundation and will have that posted this thursday, with luck, but I still wanted to use a primer with it that I am familiar with, instead of opening a new primer I have never tried. I will be trying the new primer soon.

I couldn’t resist the new eyeshadow palette that came in my IPSY bag though. It feels like forever since we have gotten eyeshadow palettes in subscription boxes so I was just excited. Plus I always tend to go a little more glittery when New Year’s rolls around so I couldn’t resist trying out the silver. I did put the mattes underneath but the silver just took over so I’ll have to try just the mattes tomorrow to see what i think about them. Today it turned out to ba all about the silver. It applies easily and feels soft. It applies like you are spreading liquid silver across the lids. The problem is that it keeps spreading after you apply. It tends to transfer up and I am seeing the start of a line where my eyelids crease. There is also starting to be silver flakes under my eyes as well. I love the shadow though so it might be worth playing around with to see if I can get it right. So for today at least it was Silver shadow, with everything else facing away.

I went with a darer lipstick so it wasn’t just the silver flash and I really enjoy the formula of the mineralist lipstick. It is lipstick so you do get some lip prints and it does wear off during the day but it is a super comfortable formula to wear and my lips feel conditioned after wearing it, even when the color fades. Those were the two standouts today. Everything else I have used before and really like. They performed just as well as they always have. Today really was about the silver shadow, which sort of overshadowed everything else.

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Shameless Self Promotion: A New Book Release

For those who have read my posts for a while you now that in my other life I am a writer of fiction, predominantly Fantasy and Science Fiction. My latest book, Through the St. Claire Gate is now available. It is light Science Fiction. (not very heavy on the tech) For those interested I have posted the information below.

I am happy to announce that Through the St. Claire Gate is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords. I am very excited to have it finally be available. It is not in any of my existing series, it is something entirely new. But don’t worry I will be returning to my existing series. A new Channel Riders books is in the works and the Sequel to The Ravenwood Arms will definately be out this year. That being said, I really enjoyed writing Through the St. Claire Gate and really hope you enjoy reading it. as I said you can find it on both Amazon and Smashwords. The links will take you to whichever site you prefer. The book info is posted below.

And don’t forget the Smashwords Annual Read an E-book Book Sale is still going on through March 13th. It’s a great place to stock up on books from your favorite author or find a new author to love.

Through the St. Claire Gate

Thirty years ago, Dr. Robert St. Claire established a portal to another planet in a far distant galaxy.  His scientific achievement was kept secret by a group called the Conclave who wanted to reap the benefits of this new world, Tarnos, without sharing with the rest of the earth. Twenty five children were sent thought to Tarnos as part of a genetics project, but only three survived. 

Now with the Gate failing, those children, now adults, are returning to earth. Can Robert help them establish normal lives, blending with other humans or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives as objects for others to study? And will the sciences they bring back be beneficial or destroy the world as he knows it?

The Daily: February 1st, 2021

Today has been a really good day. I will admit that i got very little done in the way of exercising. I kind of knew I wasn’t going to though so I am okay with that. I’ve been watching my calories though so I think I should be fine.

A while ago I released a book called Cursed. It is a twisted fairytale of sorts, a new version of sleeping beauty where the Princess discovers she has magic of her own and not all godmothers are to be trusted. It was amazingly fun to write and it has actually begun a new series of books for me. I’m currently working on the second book and absolutely adore my main characters.

But that’s not the point.

I entered the book in an Amazon Contest which required me to only have my book available on Amazon for a certain duration. That duration has finally ended (yesterday actually). So today I completed the formatting adjustments needed and the book is now available on Smashwords. Smashwords lets the e-book be formatted for any type of e-reader and not just Kindle which I like (although it is formatted for kindle there as well). It also lets you purchase the e-book in a text format if you just read it on your computer so you don’t technically have to own an e-reader at all to read it. Plus, smashwords really supports independent authors so I am always happy to have my books there. It is still available on Amazon of course as well. It’s just no longer ONLY on Amazon.

Anyway the formatting is complete and the book is now available on Smashwords. All of these links will take you to the book. In a few days it will be available in sites like Barnes & Noble, but now you can actually download it from Smashwords.

So everybody mambo!

Okay, I am not only glad it is released, but that my day of formatting has been completed. Now I get to spend the rest of my day doing something other than double checking formatting. Woo Hoo!

And there is quite a lot to do as the formatting took longer than expected. I know it is more of a life update than a fitness one and tomorrow I will catch up on my walks and throw myself into my workouts to make up for it. Today I am going to take a moment to revel in the end of my day of formatting and then I am going to dive into all the other things I put off to the side in order to do the formatting. But as today was the only day without any conference calls,it mostly involves sorting e-mails and responding to messages I pretended not to see this morning.

But first there will ba a dance around the office to celebrate, then it is back to work. So for now, everybody mambo!

New Book Release: Nameless

New Book release

Time now for a bit of shameless self promotion. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this one short and sweet. My latest book is now available. If you are interested in checking it out I’ve posted the information below. Nameless is the first book in a new epic fantasy series. Enjoy!


In Pontuse, the Capitol City of Balosh, noble lords employ assistants to amuse and entertain them as well as to distract others from their shortcomings and intentions. Despite being an orphan without a name, Nameless holds the prize position of Assistant to Prince Roland, heir to the throne of Balosh.  While he dances and performs acrobatic feats to distract from Roland’s often less than regal nature, things aren’t exactly what they seem.  The Queen looks at Nameless with growing anger and hatred despite his bet efforts to please and when the Prince is sent to the neighboring Kingdom of Genarai to negotiate a treaty, she arranges for an assassin to eliminate Nameless from the Prince’s retinue. The threat sends him down an unexpected path leading him to his past and a possible new future. Can he elude death long enough to reclaim his own long forgotten name, or will he forever be Nameless.

You can find Nameless as well as links to all of my other books HERE.