Unboxing the BoxyCharm Premium for November 2022

My Boxycharm Premium for November 2022 just arrived and I have to say this was a bit of a strange one. The day before I received my tracking e-mail I received another e-mail stating that the Kate Somerville Moisturizer i chose would be sent separately and that an additional product would be in my box to make up for it. My guess is that either there were supply chain issues or the wrong box was packed and sent. However when it arrived there were the usual six items and I received a tracking e-mail that the moisturizer was on it’s way separately.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Boxycharm Premium Category, this is a subscription that includes six full sized items each month, two of which you get to choose during choice and while I believe it is advertised as $39.99 once all of the taxes and fees are paid I am charged $46.07 each month for this subscription.

Shall we see what was in this month’s box?

The first item I received it, I believe the makeup item for the missing moisturizer. It too is a Kate Somerville product and it is the EradiKate Daily Foaming Cleanser. (retail $44). Oddly enough I do have a sample of this cleanser in my foil packet collection at the moment. I think it came from a Sephora purchase. Some acne cleansers I can use and some I can’t. I will be trying out the sample and if it works well with my skin then i will keep this for times when i break out (and as we are heading into the season of richer foods, that won’t be long) If the sample dries out my skin too much i will send it along to someone who might make better use for it. It is a good sized tube though.

The second item which I did choose was the Iconic London Precision Duo Contour pot (retail $29). I chose this mostly because I didn’t want the other option. I can’t remember why. I just remember choice wasn’t that exciting. I am actually interested in this though. One of the contour pans is a powder and the other is a cream. The powder looks to be the right color for me. I’m not s sure about the cream but i am more than willing to give it a try. And I do like the little round pot. I think it looks kind of cute.

Next up we have a set of two lip liners from Saint Luxe (retail $30). I like lipliners and i am glad they came in a set of two. When i swatched them though one was a bit on the pink side and the other was really brown. They feel pretty smooth and creamy though. I might be able to use them to help alter lip products whose color needs a little help, but honestly neither color is that appealing to me. I also suspect that once i put them away I will end up looking at the brown lip liner and think it is an eyeliner. It is just a brown eyeliner sort of shade. I just find the shades to be an odd choice for a duo and while I am interested in testing out the formula I am not certain how much use i will actually get out of them.

Next up we have an item I am actually really excited by It is the Wander Beauty Wanderess Escape palette. (retail $42). The last Wander Beauty palette I had I used a lot and then a shadow broke (because I dropped the palette and it landed badly). I continued to use it until it was just unusable. I love that it has the bronzes and browns and golds. I also love that pink shimmer and that pop of blue. I am looking forward to giving this palette a go.

I am not exactly that excited by the Complex Culture Executive Level mascara (retail $28). Complex Culture is a sister brand to IPSY. And I have received many items from the brand. The packaging is always beautiful but the products tend to be so so. They are never bad. But they are also never good either. They are mostly forgettable. They tend to be the kind of product you use while it is there and then let it go without another thought. I’m sure this mascara will be fine as well. All their products are. Who knows, maybe this one will surprise me and it will be really great. We shall see.

The last item in my box this month is the Skin Inc Sculpt Lift Bar. (retail $125). It is one of those battery operated face sculpting tools. I think this makes the fifth one I’ve had in a subscription box this year. the shape of the end is a little different in each one and I have to say this curved end does look like it will be more comfortable than the bar ended one I have and might even be as comfortable as the rounded quartz ended one I have. Will it work? Yes. Will it be a good tool to sculpt the face like a battery operated gua sha? Yes. Am I somewhat annoyed that its $125 value makes up the bulk of the perceived value of this box especially when Boxy Charm sent me two nearly identical tools already this year? You betcha.

I know these tools are nice and I have one that I do like and use. I have also passed on four others. The people I passed them to like and use them. I just don’t need another one. I also think it is over priced and, while in general it does annoy me when things are over priced, it bothers me more knowing that this is the item they are going to use to inflate the value of the box when they say that for your subscription price you receive this mush worth of product.

And so i am not adding up the monetary value of the items in the box. I have listed the prices above for each item so if you want to add them up feel free. I will not do so in protest for this tool.

Having said that, I really like the eyeshadow palette. The palette is very much a daily wear set of colors for me. I am looking forward to trying out the bronzer/contour as well. I may be able to use the cleanser, or I may pass it on. I may love the mascara but I suspect I won’t. I know the lip liner colors aren’t for me but at least I get to try out a new formula. There is a little bit of excitement over the two items I like but i have to be honest for me, this month Boxycharm fell a little flat.

Unboxing the July 2022 BoxyCharm Premium

Once again my Boxy Charm Premium snuck in without a whisper of a tracking code. I don’t know why by Boxy Charm seems to have stopped sending me tracking codes. This is the fourth month in a row this has happened. However as my box usually arrives around the time that Choice opens up, it is pretty easy to expect it. Anyway, I have the Boxycharm Premium subscription. I worked my way through all of the subscription levels trying to find the one that most often brought me more items I wanted and I ended up with premium. The official price is $39.99 and with taxes it comes to about $43 each month.

I feel that I do get my money’s worth with this box, although some months are better than others. With the Boxy/IPSY buy out, there are more overlap with products which is why I am making changes to my subscription. For now I am going to be keeping this box but only getting the IPSY quarterly X box (skipping the month’s between) and see if that works out for me. That is the plan for now. Everything might change in December when I do my subscription line up for the year, but for now that is where i landed.

So shall we see what is in this month’s Boxy?

Let’s start with the two items I chose. My choice for this month’s box was interesting. The first item I chose was the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (retail $37). It is a tinted moisturizer. I love bareMinerals. Their bounce and blur blush is one of my favorites and I adore their Mineralist lipsticks. With face products (blush aside) I have only tried powdered product from them before. So I am looking forward to trying out a cream product. I have to admit that once I saw the bareMinerals on the choice list I didn’t really look at anything else so I don’t really know what it was up against.

Interestingly enough I had the opposite reaction to the second choice. Nothing on that tier really inspired me. I ended up choosing the Stone Street Soaphouse Geranimo Body Cream (retail $32) because I had never tried anything from the brand and it seemed like the best of the lot.

Nothing against it, but I am awash in body creams right now. I opened it to see and t was really floral. It is geranium-tastic in scent. I think my use of it is going to depend on how floral that ascent stays when applied to the skin. If the scent dies back and the cream performs well I’ll be happy to use it, but it was far more strongly scented than I thought it would be. That will be an interesting trial.

I have to admit, the third item I took out of the box didn’t thrill me, although it did start to interest me the more I looked at it . It is the Luxie makeup Sponge set (retail $40). I’m not a big fan of getting makeup sponges in subscriptions. I use them, but they aren’t a tool I use a lot. There are some products I need them for, but most of my products I don’t need them, so the ones I have last a long time.

Plus I tend to be specific in the ones I like. I like the ones with at least one flat edge as I find them to be the most useful with the way I apply my makeup. I do love Luxie Brushes though and I have never tried the sponges so I’ll try them. One feels like a regular makeup sponge. The one I find interesting it the other one that appears to have some sort of textured almost rubberized surface to it. That is the one I find interesting and the one I will look into.

The next item was a Lunar Beauty Eyeshadow Palette called Nude Prism ($48). I can’t remember if I have ever tried Lunar Beauty before. I think I might have but I’ll have to double check to be certain. I am really hoping it performs well because these shades are right up my alley.

It is something that if I like I can see myself getting a lot of use from. I knw it isn’t that exciting, but while I love the look of a lot of the brighter colors in the pans, I don’t tend to wear a lot of the brighter shades. I tend to dress more for meetings then dinner out with friends. I have a weakness for bronze shades though and there are three in this palette calling to me. It will be fun to play around with

There is one hair care Item this month; a shampoo and conditioner set. It is from Outre ($66 for the set). It is a repair and hydrate set incused with CBD. I remember trying an Outre hair mask a while back and liking it but I have not tried their shampoo and conditioner. I am always up for trying a new shampoo and conditioner.

And I do love when they are paired. In the summertime i tend to go with Argan oil and other repair type blends while in the winter I go for more volume and thickness inducing products (Like the Grow Gorgeous Intense set– The link will take you to the full collection if you are interested.) In the summer there is so much humidity in the air that thickening shampoos would just turn my hair into some sort of armor plated bouffant. As these are repairing I should be able to use them during the warmer months.

And finally we come to the last item in the box. I left it because I know I am just going to laugh at the retail value. It is an Avant product and their prices are always listed as so high it makes me giggle. The products are always good. For example their lip balm is one of the best that I have tried. it is also a $78 lip balm which is beyond the realm of laughable. I like getting Avant in subscription boxes and on sale in places like the Boxy Charm Pop up, but the retail prices are just so crazy.

With that intro, this month I received the Avant Skincare Blue Volcanic Stone Purifying and Antioxidant Cleansing Gel. (retail $110). It is a 100 ml sized tube. I am sure it will be a good cleanser, Avant’s products usually are good. I am also sure i would never pay more than a hundred dollars for a cleanser. I am looking forward to trying it out though.

All in all I have to say I am pleased with this month’s box. I love that there was a bareMinerals product and I am looking forward to trying out the Lunar Beauty Palette and the shampoo. I am interested by the textured makeup sponge and if the geranium can be tamed then the body cream will be good as well. I also know that once I open the Avant Cleanser the blue color and the reference to volcanos is going to have me thinking Blue Hawaii and humming various Elvis tunes as I wash my face. But there are certainly worse things. Over all Boxy Charm Premium was a pretty good box for me this month.

Spellbound by the October 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Box

Good morning my darlings and welcome to a bright and crisp Monday morning. Today it actually felt like October when I woke up. Early October , but still the dew was frosting the tips of the grass so I think we can safely say summer is behind us.

This weekend my October BoxyCharm Premium box arrived and there is a lot to talk about. There are changes with Boxycharm as well as the box. The major change is that this is the last month that this box will cost $35. Starting November 1st the cost will increase to $39.99 per month. I know they are just trying to get around saying $40, but really that’s what it is.

Part of the increase is due to shipping charges being raised. And I get that. They have also promised new changes. At the moment the only official change is the changing of the name Add ons and Pop up to Drop Shop. But I am willing to give them a few months to see what other changes they might come up with. The price increase is not an automatic end for me. Officially I usually make my do I keep or do I let go decisions about subscriptions after I receive Decembers boxes and before I am charged for January. So that gives me two months of receiving Boxycharm at the higher price to see if I still want to keep the subscription.

I’m okay with that. Two months is a decent time to see about possible changes and to listen for some upcoming ones. So I feel I will be better able to make a decision then. While Boxycharm has had its ups and downs, over all it is a subscription I enjoy. If it continues to be one I enjoy, I’ll keep it. It is really a very simple equation in the end.

But what was in this month’s box? Let’s see shall we?

Let’s start with the two items I chose. First off though I would like to mention a change to the premium choice this month. With premium you are allowed to choose two items. Usually the categories are a mix of items, but this month the first category was all skincare and the second was all makeup. Which I kind of liked. I don’t like mentally debating with myself between the skin care item and a makeup item. I like that the choice was separated out.

The first item I chose was a skincare item and it was the 111Skin Antioxidant Energising Essence (retail $100). In general I like 111Skin. Sometimes they are a bit over priced and sometimes I find the price justified. It really depends on the product. For me their worst products still work well with my skin so I never really mind getting something from the brand. And this is somewhat timely as well. I have been using the Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Essence. I love it not only as an essence but as a general skin soother. The bottle I am using actually emptied this morning. Partially because I am now no longer the only person using it. My Babydoll likes it as well. Which is why I went ahead and ordered a second bottle. It will go in the medicine cabinet, mostly because he will uses something to sooth his skin if he can think of it as medicine rather than skin care, but that is a battle I have been fighting for years with him. Now I just put the skin care for him in the medicine cabinet and he’ll use it.

Regardless, I am ready to try out a new essence and am happy to have this one on hand. It will be rotated into the line up soon. Probably this evening, actually.

The second Item I chose was the Lys No Limits Matte Bronzer (retail $18). I really like the sleek triangular packaging and can not wait to give it a go. It just looks so nice in the package. It is also a pretty large pan so it should last a while even if I decide I love it and want to use it every day. And I haven’t tried anything from the brand before. It is always fun to try out new brands. As it seems like it is really well priced, I am hoping I like it and possibly like other items form the brand.

The next item I pulled out of the box was also a makeup item. This was the Benefit Cosmetics Georgia Golden Peach Blush. (retail $30). I have the Benefit Gold Rush Blush and I absolutely love the formula. So for me this was spectacular to see and I am really hoping the color works well for my skin. I will be trying it out soon. I am also happy to see makeup items in this month’s box. While I have a deep love affair with skincare, I have so much of it right now that I really just wanted something new in the makeup category.

Continuing with the makeup, I aloo received the Tarte Maneater Plumping Gloss (retail $19). I love a good pluming gloss and while I have never tried a tarte lip product I do like other products from them And to be honest one of my favorite mascaras from them is from the Maneater line. And if my recent lip declutter wasn’t enough of a clue, I really like lip products. So over all, not a bad choice for my box.

Dipping back into skincare we have the Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Citrus Brightening Cleanser (retail $35). I can always use a good cleanser. It is the one category I am always guaranteed to plow through as I use cleansers at least twice a day. I also like Vitamin C and I am a fan of the brand Perricone. Their eye cream is fantastic and I really like their no makeup makeup lip gloss line. I’ve never tried their cleanser, but am happy to give it a go.

And finally we come to the Dew of the Gods Filla Collagen Under eye pads (retail $20). I’ve never heard of Dew of the Gods, but they seem to have a lot of products in the Boxy add ons or rather the Drop Shop, this month. I am a fan of under eye masks as they are lifesavers during allergy season. The ones I tend to use are depuffing and a fall and spring staple for me. I’ve not used collagen ones, but i am willing to give them a go. i like that there are ten in the container and that it is a metal tin so that I can keep them together more easily. Also i just like little metal tins.

So over all this was my BoxyCharm Premium this month. I was rather pleased with it. My $35 brought me $222 worth of products if you are looking at a strictly monetary exchange. More importantly to me, the items are ones that I will use and that I am actually looking forward to using. While I do want there to be value for my money the use is the better value for me. I like to see trusted brands and I like to be surprised by new ones. I like to see products that interest or excite me and I like to find things that I might not have found or picked up on my own. All of these are the reasons I buy subscription boxes and this month, Boxycharm ticked all of these boxes for me. It will be interesting to see how things proceed as we move into November, but for now I am willing to keep my subscription and see what Boxycharm has planned.

Unboxing the BoxyCharm Premium Box for August 2021

This seems to be the month where subscription boxes just sneak into the house. Maybe they have all decided to go incognito through the mail. As with this month’s Birch box, I didn’t get an e-mail saying that the August Boxycharm was on the way. It just showed up on my doorstep.

Surprise! Boxy is here.

I am currently subscribed to the Premium category of Boxy Charm. They have the Base box which is $25 a month, the Premium (which I get) for $35 and the Quarterly BoxyLuxe which I think is $50. At one time I had all of them and after monitoring the items I received I realized I was most consistently happy with the products in the Premium category so I dropped the others and kept the $35 box. In general I have been pretty happy with it. Occasionally some months are less exciting than others, but you get that with every subscription. But for me the Premium category has been consistently decent.

So let’s see what came in this month’s box.

The first item is one I chose and that is the Wishful Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer (retail $49). I love so many of Huda Beauty’s products and I really wanted to try out something from their sister skincare line (Wishful) so I was excited to see this as a choice item. I rotated in a sample size of a moisturizer for night time use this week in my skin care line and since it will be an empty container by Friday I have been debating what product to replace it with. I might just add this in to try it out. But I was happy to see it as a choice option.

The second choice was mostly a line of Vesca Products. I had never heard of Vesca, but I am always willing to give a new brand a try. I could have sworn I clicked on the bronzer, but in my box was the Soft Sun Radiant Skin Primer and Luminizer (retail $30). I am never opposed to a primer. I suppose I was thinking bronzer and my hand automatically clicked on primer. (or there was another mix up).

The swatch above the primer is for the Zoeva Lippie below

I tried this on my hand and it looks like it is going to be quite the luminizing product. I suspect I am going to have to pair it with a definite matte foundation to balance it out. But I will give it a shot and see how it performs. It should be fun to play around with , and I am happy there was some makeup in the box.

Speaking of makeup there was a Zoeva Powerful Lip twist in the shade Rhea (retail $$14). I like the size of the lip rayon and I think I can make the color work, but it is a very soft formula. Just trying it on my hand bent the tip of the crayon nearly sideways. So I’ll have to be careful with it. Or possibly put it in the fridge for a few minutes before using it.

This month there was a Rainforest Mist Hairspray from Voir (retail $26). I do not use a lot of hairspray to be honest. I generally keep a travel sized bottle in with my hair products and the trial sized bottle lasts for pretty much ever. I did clear out an empty travel sized bottle from my drawer of hair care items the last time I sorted products so I don’t think I actually have any hair spray in the house at the moment.

Now I suppose I do, for any hairspray emergency that comes up. This one has a nice fine mist of product and has a scent like a high end hair salon. I’ve never heard of Voir before, but this looks like it could be a pretty decent product. Perhaps in the fall when the humidity lowers I’ll come up with some hair style that needs hairspray so I can give it a try. Right now not only is it too hot and humid, but my hair is too long and heavy to wear down. Most of the time when I curl it (and thus using hairspray) I wear it down. So the Voir awaits fall.

ohe last two items in my Boxy Charm this month were both skincare tools. The first of these is the Luxe + Willow Phoenix Rose Gold Quartz Vibrating Facial Massager (retail $79.99). I have a context beauty facial massager that is built along similar lines. The big difference is that the top is a bar instead of a quartz disk. While I like the vibrations of the tool on my face, I don’t like that bar, especially under my eye area. It feels a little too hard and angular. I suspect I might like the rounded disk a lot more. I really do like the facial vibration tools. I enjoy the Fereo as a cleanser and I think I will really like this. I actually can’t wait to try it.

And finally there is a plastic bag filled with three reusable rounds from LaRuce Beauty (retail $24). I have several brush sets form them and they are nice. The brushes are a bit overpriced, but nice enough. These rounds actually seem perfectly priced, which is nice to see. These three are all fuzzier than any of the facial rounds I use. The package recommends that The white be used to remove makeup, the gray for toners and serums and the black for washing the face. I think the black one would be very good for washing the face. I might use the gray with toners, but I would be hesitant to try them with serums as it looks like it might absorb more product than a regular reusable round due to its extra fluffiness. I think the white one, as well as the other two when it comes down to it, would be good at removing makeup. It will be interesting to see how long that fluffiness lasts and what effect it has. I like that they can be added to the washing machine. I’m going to give them a good try with a variety of different uses and see how they perform as well as how they wash. I’ll have to get back to you on my thoughts regarding them after they have been given a fair trial.

So that was this month’s Boxy Charm. My $35 box had $222.99 value to it. For me the value is in whether I will use the items and I have to say I will. I may not get as much use out of the hair spray, but it does fill a gap in my current products list and I would have bought hair spray in the fall once the weather cools down. So it means I don’t have to buy hairspray now. The rest of the items I am looking forward to trying out. All in all I am actually pretty satisfied. There were two makeup items, one hair care item, one moisturizer and two skincare tools. Over all it was a pretty good mix of products. I am certainly happy to keep Boxycharm Premium for another month.

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BoxyCharm Premium March 2021 Unboxing

Good morning my darlings and welcome to the March 2021 unboxing of the BoxyCharm premium box. If you follow me on instagram then you know this box came in yesterday afternoon. My reaction was quite simple. I saw it and squealed “Kypris”. I was very happy. So that is where I am going to start.

Before i do, I should mention that this is the BoxyCharm Premium category which is $35 per month. They have a $25 base box and quarterly they offer a Luxe box. March is a luxe month. The BoxyCharm link will take you to the Boxy site where there are all the details. I am not an affiliate, but it is my referral code and I believe I get charms if you use the link to sign up.

So Kypris. I was actually introduced to this brand by Boxycharm. They sent a serum in one of their boxes a while back. I remember at the time there was a big blow up about the ingredients labels not matching the labels on the site. Since Alyaka (one of the sites I routinely purchase clean beauty products from) was having a sale on Kypris at the time, and I was really enjoying the serum that was sent in Boxycharm, I went ahead and ordered a second bottle.

It performed exactly the same and my skin loved it. It is a bit on the pricy side so I haven’t reordered. I was actually waiting until Alyaka put a Kypris Sample kit together again. They had one for a while but last time i looked it was gone. Of course now they have several more sample kits that I have been eyeing.

As a brief aside the Alyaka sample kits cost around $27 each (the link will take you to them if you want to see what is available, they change out periodically) and let you try different brands like RMS, and Lilah B to see if those products are for you before you invest in the full size. You know I love the try before you buy method and as Alyaka also has free shipping to the US it’s a double win for me. But this is about Boxycharm.

The Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer + Shimmer Palette kit contains a bottle of eye serum and primer which I think will be fun to try out and it comes with a shimmer eyeshadow palette. When I do my makeup after my workout and shower I will be using it today for my shadow and will give you my first impression then, I think I may have to pick out at least one matte shade to go with it. But that is for the afternoon. For now, I am happy to have the kit and will soon put the eye cream in rotation.

The second item in my premium box this month was the IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask. It is a spray hair mask. I have to say I am intrigued. And may have to take it into the shower with me post workout.IGK is a really good brand. For a long time it was my go to brand for hair products. I still really like and use their products, but I have branched out to try others. Some have been better, many have been worse. I;ve never tried the Prenup and you know I adore hair masks so this will be fun to try out.

Moving right along we have the product I chose. This, surprisingly enough was the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I know, I was surprised I chose it as well. While I like – who am I kidding, ADORE – primers, when I tried a small sample of the Too Faced Hangover Primer I was not that enthused. It was too moisturizing for me at the time. I think I may have better luck with it now that my skin is in it’s winter dry levels.

Also I noticed I am getting quite a collection of serums I need to work through and while more will no doubt come in, I decided not to deliberately choose another one to add to the pile. It takes a while to work through a serum and I may have to pass a few along so that they don’t go bad (I don’t open them until I use them and store them in a dark closet in the coldest part of the house so I still have some time. I suspect a skin care declutter is in the works soon. As I just did a savage lip declutter, I’m kind of dreading doing a skin care one.

Speaking of lips however (and avoiding thinking of skincare declutters) a new lip product came in this month’s box and the packaging is gorgeous. It has a clear lucite looking top and then the color. Very chic. It is from Roen, the Kiss my Liquid Lip Balm to be exact, which I have never tried before. I’ll be wearing it this afternoon along with the Kypris shimmers and the Too Faced Primer so we will see how it goes. I’m not sure it will match very well but I have no video calls scheduled today so no one will know. Well except you.

As long as you don’t tell on me, we’ll be good.

There was also a set of brushes in this months box. It was from a brand I had never heard of – Beauty Diva London. I have to say, first impressions out of the package and they do not look all that impressive. They have very light weight plastic handles that I can very easily see myself dropping and cracking. However I could be wrong and they could be fabulous. When I do my make up today I will set my Luxie Brushes to the side (I’m planning a reviews soon) and try them out. Perhaps they will perform like rockstars and I will adore them. Who knows.

And this leaves us with the Dose of Colors Block Party single shadow. For me this is a repeat. I received this exact same eyeshadow in this exact same shade a few months back. It is a slight disappointment. It’s a good formula but because I already have it, I will be passing it along untouched. It is still a good shadow. The only disappointment is in the repeat.

That was my BoxyCharm Premium this month. Quite frankly I was very pleased with it. While I do love skincare, we have been getting very skin care heavy boxes lately so it was nice to see one that was makeup heavy. After all even the eye serum came with an eyeshadow palette. I know many of you are looking at the above run down and asking yourselves why are there no retail prices next to the items. I deliberately waited until the end for that. I wanted to look at the items and decide on it’s value to me, based on the items inside before looking up prices. This month’s box was very much worth the $35 price tag. I enjoy the items and I am looking forward to trying them out.

Of course it is always fun to look at monetary value as well, if only because we can be excited for the money we saved by buying the box instead of the items separately. So…The Dose of Colors Block Party Single shadow is valued at $20. The IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask is $32 while the Beauty Diva Eye Brush Set is a $48 value. Roen Beauty Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm in the shade Charlie is valued at $26. The Too Faced Hangover Primer has a retail price of $35 and the Kypris Illuminating Eye Serum and Primer + Shimmer Palette Set which is a new launch is valued at a whopping $145.

So six items with a combined retail Value of $306. That my darlings is quite a savings. Oddly enough I had planned to pick up the Too Faced Hangover Primer to try it on my winter dry skin. It was actually in my shopping cart when it came up as a choice on BoxyCharm. As it is $35 and I was already prepared to pay that separately, but instead paid $35 for the box, I am actually extra tickled by this. It’s rare that timing lines up perfectly in my world. For example I have been trying to catch the Urban Decay Honey Palette on one of their sales for a while now and always just miss it. Or I’ll spot it and before I can purchase it an emergency expense pops up. I’m beginning to think that palette is cursed… But that is another story. For now I am very pleased with My March BoxyCharm Premium and look forward to seeing what April has in store.

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December 2020 BoxyCharm Premium Unboxing

Yesterday afternoon I had a surprise waiting on my doorstep.  My Boxycharm premium box arrived.  I know, I ordered it so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.  However, this month, there was no e-mail sent to let me know it shipped or to give me an arrival date.  It simply appeared on my doorstep.

Which I’m okay with. I was wondering when they were going to ship it.  December is one of those months where I always get a little nervous about packages. I watch tracking numbers constantly.  Usually the post is good, but around the holidays the sheer volume can cause delays and mishaps.  This year I imagine the amount of shipping has doubled.  I know I sent out at least twice as many packages as usual this year than I did last year.

So even if the box arrived without notification, at least it means I didn’t watch it’s progress through the system.

Boxy Charm has several tiers to their subscription service.  The regular tier is $25, the Premium is $35 and the Luxe, which comes out quarterly, is $50. While I did have all three tiers, I have since pared it back to one.  I kept the Boxy Premium category (for $35) because after several months it was the one that offered more consistently good boxes.  At least good for me.  I didn’t worry about not keeping the others as at the beginning of the month BoxyCharm has add ons and they have started listing some of the other items, so if there was one or two items in one of the other tiers (or offered as a choice) that I wanted, I could usually purchase it then.  In fact I did that with this box, but we’ll get to that later.

So what was in my $35 Boxy Charm Premium this month?

Well, the first item out of the box was the item I chose.  It was the Viseart 12 pan Neutral Mattes Eyeshadow palette (retail $80).  I have to ay I was pleased to see a Viseart palette in the box this month. It isn’t a brand that has been in Boxy Charm before and it is one I have always been curious about.  I have never tried their shadows.  They were always so expensive but didn’t actually look like they should be as expensive as they are so I could never bring myself to buy them. 

Part of it is the packaging.  That plastic cover just sort of gave me drugstore vibes.  I will say holding it in my hand, I have to change my opinion on that.  The plastic is thick and sturdy and in no way cheap.  I’m still not entirely certain why it is an $80 eyeshadow palette, but hopefully once I start using it, I will figure that out.  I’m actually quite happy I get a chance to try it. You know without spending the $80.

The second item out of my box this month made me smile. It was from Elemis.  I am a huge fan of the brand and thus far I have never tried a product from them that I didn’t like.  Maybe I’ve gotten lucky with my selections or maybe my skin somehow fits squarely into their formula, but it is a brand I will always be happy to see in any subscription box.

This month I received the Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask (retail $82). I’m not entirely certain the system for using the eyemask.  It may be used like a regular face mask or something used over night, but I will certainly look up the details, give it a try and report back. 

This Elemis product was one of two  products from the brand that could be in my box this month and since the add on section of the website was still up when I received my box, I actually went on to the site and ordered the sleeping mask that I did not receive in my box.  I adore sleeping masks.  So nce it comes in, I will be trying that one out as well.

But that was not in my box, it was something I ordered, so on with the box.

Item number three was the True + Luscious Lucky Glow Palette (retail $46).  It is a blush, bronze and highlight palette.  I’ve never heard of the brand before, but look forward to giving it a try.  I am enthused by how large the pans are.   

I know that sounds strange but I have had face palettes before that were small enough that when I used the brush on the blush I also picked up bronze and highlight which made using them difficult. This seems large enough that it wouldn’t be an issue.  So fingers crossed that the product is good..

Moving along I pulled a small bubble wrapped vial from the box.  Once the bubble wrap was removed I found a bottle of The Lifestyle Co’s 100% Natural Cuticle oil.  (retail $22). I don’t mind having cuticle oil and each year just before new year’s I always do a nice manicure, so if I use the cuticle oil from now until my New Year’s prep perhaps my cuticles will look extra fabulous.  It seems to be a nice product, but I won’t lie, it’s pretty hard for me to get excited about cuticle oil. At least upon initial viewing. Once I actually start using it, I could get really excited. It is one of those products that gets more exciting it results occur.

I was more excited about the set of Crown All eyes on you 5-piece Luxe Brush set.(retail $34.95). It looks like an interesting set.  The bristles feel soft and none of them were falling out upon arrival.  I will give them a go and see what I think of them.  My brush collection is more of a mishmash of brushes so it will be nice to actually use a full set for the week.

And this brings us to the final item in this month’s Boxy Charm Premium box. It is the Elizabeth Mott It’s so Big Volumizing Mascara (retail $20). I have tried an Elizabeth Mott Primer before and really liked it. I know nothing about any other products, but the primer was really nice so I am happy to try out something more from the brand.  And I am a fan of volumizing mascara.  At the moment I have several products open so it may take me a few weeks to start trying this one out, but I am looking forward to it. I won’t open it until i start to use it so the look of the wand will have to remain a mystery to all of us at the moment.

Over all, I found this to be a really good box.  There were brands I love and brands I wanted to try.  There were brands I knew very little about and some I had never heard of before.  While I am a big skin care fan, recently boxes have been so loaded down with skin care that I really missed the makeup. This was a makeup heavy month.  It also seemed concentrated on the eyes.  I don’t mind that, I just think it’s kind of amusing. As for return on investment.  I paid $35 and received $ 284.95 worth of product.  So I am happy.  Personally the fact that I received an Elemis product for essentially $35 made me happy with the box.  But as everything in this box is something I want to try out, I am very happy with the mix and looking forward to keeping the subscription in the new year.

Incidentally if you are looking to stock up on Elemis, they are still having their extended Seven Days, Seven Surprises holiday sales. Today is day four and the promotion is: Unwrap 50% off Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil & Marine Oil.* Use Code: DAY4. I missed out on the Marine Oil when it was a Boxy Charm Item and I have been kicking myself ever since. At the time i didn’t see the point of oils as a category, then of course I tried them and really like them (well some of them) so I have wanted to try one from elemis ever since. Now might just be the time.

Reviewing BoxyCharm Premium for June 2020

June 2020 BoxyCharm Premium (and no the pickle jar wasn’t part of it)

Boxycharm Premium is a tier of Boxycharm and costs $35 per month. I have to say I was eagerly anticipating this month’s box.  Last month, to be blunt, it was a flop, would this be as bad or would it be redeemed? 

Let’s see shall we?

The first Item that appeared when I began unpacking the June Box was the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping mask (retail $49).  I’m sure by now everyone realizes that I love sleeping masks.  I love a product that works while I sleep. And this is one I have been wanting to try for a while. 

At the moment I am conducting a Volition Skin Care test, but as soon as I finish my month long trial and start incorporating other products in, this Glow Recipe sleeping mask will be added to my line up. I’m hoping it is as good as their Watermelon sleeping mask, If possibly less jelly like in consistency.

The second item was one I actually chose during the selection day.  It was the Milk Makeup Glow Oil Lip+Cheek. (retail $15).  I know some of you may be thinking, didn’t you get that in your last box, and didn’t you complain that it was travel sized?  Yes and yes. Well spotted. 

It was a different color last month and last month’s shade was one I could use on my lips, but wasn’t very good on my cheeks.  This one looks like it will be a good color for the cheeks as well as the lips so I might give it a try.

Of the selection items it was also the only one that really interested me.  And I like Milk Makeup so I’m not upset at having a second one.  I wasn’t too enthused with the selections, but that is another story.

The Billion Dollar Brows sculpting duo brush ($30) was also in my box this month.  It is a decent quality brush.  I’m not terribly enthused with double sided brushes as one side always gets smashed or if I use both sides then when I put it back in the jar of brushes product gets all over the other handles.  Usually with dual ended brushes I’ll pick one end to use and just forget about the other side.  But it is a decent brush and it did go with the next product. So I could see why it as chosen for the box. It does show that at least a little thought went into the box’s makeup where the last couple have seemed very random.

This was the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette (retail $44).  As with most Too Faced products, the packaging feels super lux and the products smell absolutely delicious. The outer packaging has that soft touch feel that I absolutely love.  

I have held of swatching and playing with it because I want to get a solid first impression of it.  I will be adding it to this Friday’s makeup bag and trying it out next week so there will be a review of it soon. (Plus there is a limit to how long I can hold of playing around with it.)

It was very hard not to go ahead and add it to the bag this week.  I just kept wanting to touch the packaging.  So I was needless to say very happy to see this in my box this month. And I can see why it went with the Billion Dollar Brows Contour brush.  I may even use the brush with the palette.  I just don’t  like the dual ended part.

Also in this month’s box was the Living Proof Restore Repair Leave in (retail $30).  I used to use Living Proof products a lot, but I sort of got away from them and haven’t picked them up in a while.  I remember being fond of their shampoo mostly.  But it has been a while since I’ve used them.  I tend to gravitate more towards IGK and Klorane. Klorane is actually one of my favorite dry shampoos.  I go through a lot of their product.  But that is beside the point. 

I am happy to once again try a Living Proof Product. Especially as I can’t really remember why I stopped using them in the first place. Maybe this will jog my memory, maybe it will just be a good product to use. We shall see. Over all, I am pretty happy to see it.

Finally, we come to the box of Grace and Stella Anti-wrinkle +Energizing face masks (retail $25). The box was actually wedged into the bottom of my Boxycharm box and had to be pried out.  It just barely managed to fit.  At first it looked like a false bottom.  I actually tied this mask for last Friday’s Face mask post if you want to check out my review. 

I generally like Grace and Stella products and this one made me look like an ancient Mayan statue while doing great things for my skin, so I wasn’t mad.  I also like the fact that it is a full box of six face masks.  This feels like something that should be in a premium box.  If there was only one, I probably would have been upset.  But I like the six as it is clearly a full sized package.  I also liked the masks, so that helped my assessment.

So that was my June Boxy Charm Premium. I have to say I was far more excited by the products than I have been in the past couple of months.  I’m hoping that they are going to keep their standards high and that the lapse was because the world went insane and shipping was delayed rather than anything else. For my $35 I received a selection of products whose retail value was $193.  As I believe their promise is at least $170 for the premium, I am pleased with the value.  Even with my personal dislike of dual ended brushes, I believe I will end up using everything in my box. And let’s face it, that’s the true value of the box.  If you aren’t going to use the items, they are essentially worthless.  These are items I will use. So June was definitely a good month for Boxycharm Premium.

BoxyCharm Premium April 2020 Review

BoxyCharm premium is a $35 per month beauty subscription box offered by (unsurprisingly) BoxyCharm. Inside the box each month are six full sized beauty items. This month was a pretty good month for me. It was heavily weighted towards self care (be it skin or hair) than it was makeup which was a bit surprising as I tend to think of BoxyCharm as makeup heavy. Oddly enough despite the multitude of eyeshadow palettes available in their selections this month, neither my regular BoxyCharm nor my Premium this month had an eyeshadow palette. While I don’t mind, as nearly every box I’ve ever received from Boxy has had some form of eyeshadow in it, it was just surprising.

Perhaps the adjustment was because of my choice. Each month you are allowed to choose one item that you want in your box from a limited selection of items (usually 2 or three options are presented). The option I chose was the Kopari Coconut Face cream (retail $38). I chose it because I liked their toner and thought the face cream would be interesting. Also in my Scentbird subscription (which has both perfumes as well as some skincare and makeup items) I added the Kopari facial cleanser to my queue. It will be a few months before it comes up but as I have other face cream I want to try out, I have no problem waiting, especially as mid summer seems like the perfect time for something coconut scented. I suspect most of my summer travels this year will be virtual instead of actual so I can theme a tropical getaway in my backyard this year. I’m sure the summer will be hot enough to suit so all I need to do is add fruity drinks with little umbrellas and a few tropical scents and I’ll be fine.

But I digress.

Surprisingly in this month’s premium box there was a second moisturizer. It was the Lavido Age Away Replenishing Cream (retail $69). I’m not mad at it actually. I received the Lavido cleansing scrub in IPSY this month so I am actually using them as a pair at the moment. (I just finished my Tatcha trial and will post that next week.) I’m actually liking the cream a lot at the moment, I just find it surprising that two moisturizers came in the same box.

The next item I pulled out of my box ths month was the Farmacy Beauty Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask (retail $38). I have yet to try anything from Farmacy that I didn’t like. Last month I was disappointed that the cherry cleanser was only in the base box (which I didn’t get because it was a Luxe month, although last month luxe itself was somewhat disappointing). I was also disappointed that even though it was offered for sale in the ad-ons this month it was sold out before I could even log on, so alas, the cherry balm was not for me. That’s okay I still have the song Cherry Bomb stuck in my head, which isn’t a bad consolation prize. And I get to try out the Honey potion this month. I’m sure everyone knows how much I love masks and I have to admit, I have been plowing through them more since the stay at home order went into effect.

Next up, I received the IGK Hair Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray (retail $32). I like IGK and I have a lot of hair I need to tame into good behavior. I also have a few weeks of cool/warm weather where I can still wear my hair down if I choose. Once the weather heats up my hair is too long and thick to be left down. I was planning to get a cut before the summer hit but didn’t quite make it to the salon. Once heat hits my hair pretty much stays bundled on top of my head until fall. So I’ll either be trying this out double quick or waiting until the return of the chill. either way I love the brand and have high hopes.

Finally we get to the first of the two makeup items in my box this month. The first is Nudestix Magnetic Lip Plush Paints (retail $28). It looks like a very pinky nude that I’m not entirely certain will work for me, but I am excited to try out the formula. Plus I’ve started keeping various lip products whose color may not be the best for me on my desk. That way I can try out the formula and only my computer monitor will judge me. As I know where the power button is located, I don’t fear that judgement all that much.

And last, but certainly not least is the Wander Beauty Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara.(retail $26). I am always on the hunt for a good mascara. At the moment I am finishing out a couple of travel sizes that have been in my collection a little too long, and then I will be testing out this mascara. I have to say it was really hard for me to set it aside and wait to test it. I have heard such fantastic things about it. But I need to clear out some space by using up the travel sizes.

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I’m being good. I don’t want to be, but I am.which will just make it more fabulous when I am done being good. At least that’s the hope anyway. Then I’ll get to celebrate extra space from the clear out, a feeling of virtuosity and a new fabulous mascara.

Yeah, I’m betting I crack and try it out before the week is over too. I’m just not that good at being good.

But I am trying.

So that was my BoxyCharm Premium this month. The total value of my $35 box came to $231. While I was somewhat surprised by the fact that I received two moisturizers, I am over all pleased with my box. I have no idea why the tag for this box is festival vibes as absolutely nothing in this looked even remotely festival themed. Even the plush paint lipstick is a very muted color. And that was the only color in the box. Nevertheless, everything in it is something I will use. For me, that increases its value, theme appropriate or not. While I love skin care, I am hoping that next month is a little more makeup heavy to balance out this month, but still, I’m very pleased by BoxyCharm Premium.

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March 2020 Boxycharm Premium Review: The Fenty Box

The much anticipated March 2020 Boxycharm Premium Fenty Box

BoxyCharm Premium is a $35 per month beauty subscription and each month comes with about six full sized products. Usually the products are from a variety of brands but this month Boxycharm went with a full box of Fenty products.

I have to say, while I have seen Fenty in stores and on commercials, I have never purchased any Fenty products. As with any well hyped product thought, I have to say I was curious. Ever since it was announced, every one was buzzing with it and talking about the products.

The first item in the Fenty box was the one I heard the most about. It was the Killawatt Freestyle highlighter in the shade Trophy Wife. (retail $36). It is gold. Bright gold. It swatches well. Oddly the color blends in but the glitter, that stays, and spreads. I wiped off the swatch with one hand to see how it blended in and now my entire arm is glittery. I am little concerned with how well it will stay in place because of that, but only time will tell if it is a great highlighter or a traveling glitter bomb.

The next item in the box was the Match Stix Shimmer Skin Stick (retail $25) and mine was in the shade Confetti. Despite the many uses claimed by the product, it is a shimmery purple cream highlighter. While it is a cream product instead of a powder and a very different shade from the official highlighter, I have to say I’m not terribly thrilled with getting two highlighters in the box. It is a nice highlighter and it seems to blend well with none of the glitter fall out of the other one, but I wish that if they had shades that could be used as blush (which was one of their claims when advertising the elements of the box), they would have gone with those shades rather than just two highlighters.

Admittedly the Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette made me feel better. The package is beautiful, although now covered in fingerprints. So if I go missing, or am accused of a crime, you know where to look for a full set. While I can take or leave highlighters, the shadow palette is a good one. The colors are shades I like and am eager to play around with. I did a quick swatch of the colors. I started from the left hand side and swatched each row left to right. As you can see in the above picture in the box, the colors aren’t in two straight rows but on a diagonal. The colors feel soft and creamy and I am looking forward to playing with them to see how they work on the eyes.

Inside the box was the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer (retail $19). It is a clear gloss with a bit of shimmer. I have to say it may be my favorite new lip gloss. It is shiny with a bit of shimmer, but it isn’t sticky at all and it smells like walking into a high end patisserie. It is that pastry cream with a hint of vanilla and the dep down belly knowledge that this is going to taste good. Although it doesn’t taste like anything, but it does smell good and sort of makes me feel like I’ve had a pastry. Sort of aroma dieting. I personally love the lip gloss.

While interesting, this is not a color I will turn to often

As we all know my love of lipsticks is sometimes shameful, I was very much looking forward to the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick (retail $18) included in the box. While I am coming around to lip glosses as more than an anti snacking device, I love matte lipsticks. They are my go to. I will say that when I tried the lipstick, the formula was very nice. It was creamy and matte and everything I look for in a lipstick. It was however in the shade Clapback which is an odd blue tone. while there are some who can pull this shade off on the daily, I am not one of them. While the formula is an excellent one and it is highly pigmented, the color was just a bad choice. It just sort of says ‘we put the colors that weren’t selling in retail venues in your box to get rid of them’. I really wished they chose a color more people can work with instead of a left over.

That isn’t an entirely premium feeling.

Finally the last item in my box was the Invisimatte Blotting Paper (retail $16). It is a cute holder and will probably live in my purse for quite some time. I don’t have very oily skin and I rarely use blotting paper. It is good to have around for the occasional usage, but it isn’t going to be something I reach for very often.

Over all this was a mixed box for me. I really like getting to try several Fenty products. I will use the purple highlighter. If they were going to brag about it being useful as a blush, I wish they sent a blush shade, but I will use it. The gold Trophy Wife, if I’m honest, will more than likely end up as eyeshadow rather than a highlighter. I just don’t need that much glitter on my cheeks. I love the shadow palette and the gloss.

I like the formula of the lipstick so I may try out another color at some point in time, but I won’t lie, it was a disappointment. Clapback is a color meant to stand on its own. It is not something I can work with or blend down with another color. It is what it is, and that is a disappointment. while the blotting paper was just, meh.

It is also somewhat telling that this box arrived at my house March 5th. I am still waiting for my regular March Box to arrive. I have not at this time even received notification that it has been sent. I know everyone got the same products, with only a few shades differing so it was easier for them to put together, but it was clear that in the color variations it was a completely random choice and not one with any individual consideration. I get that. From a business/logistics perspective it makes sense. If color choices were a little different, I would feel very different about the box.

I will forgive a lot for a good lipstick.

Sadly it is their color choices that made me feel a little let down by this box. Double highlighters and a disappointing lipstick make this just an okay box, not a great one. And to be honest, given Fenty’s popularity and the amount of good reviews they have, I was expecting a great box.

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BoxyCharm Premium Review: January 2020

BoxyCharm Premium January 2020

BoxyCharm Premium is a $35 per month subscription box. It is one of the tiers in the BoxyCharm list of subscriptions and each month it contains about six full sized beauty products.

This month’s was an interesting one. I received my subscription box on Friday and I couldn’t wait to open it. While they do give lots of spoilers for different variations throughout the month, there is only one guarantee as to what will be in the box and that is the one item you get to choose prior to it being sent out.

The item I chose was the Too Faced Cosmetics Palm Springs Dreams Cocktail Party Eye Shadow Palette (retail $45). I simply saw the design and couldn’t resist. I have to say, the packaging did not disappoint. It is absolutely stunning. The shadows themselves are named after drinks or cocktail themed things (like Last Call) and they look gorgeous. The hardest part about getting the palette was that I was still testing this week’s palette and wanted to force myself to wait to play around with it. Today I will post this week’s palette (by ELF, just FYI) and then today after I return from the gym and shower, I will get to play with it. Next Monday I will report back but I am really looking forward to playing with those colors.

It was hard to put it aside and wait for today to play, but I did.

Oddly, in addition to the full sized palette, I received a single KAt Von D Beauty eyeshadow in Lolita. It is a stunning color and as always her shadows are great. As my current week’s palette was very neutral I did add it to Friday afternoon’s look to spice it up. The shadow is soft and highly pigmented. A little goes a long way. Even though it is a $19 shadow and a big pan, I’m not entirely sure it should count as a full sized item and since I already received a palette in this box, I wasn’t as enthused as I might have been otherwise, but it is nice. And like all single shadows, if I remember I have it, I will use it. Otherwise it will get lost in the drawer.

Another item I wasn’t too enthused about seeing was the Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller’s Kit (retail $42). It is a nice kit and contains a really nice brush for detail work, a nice highlighter/concealer stick a brow pencil that works well and has a spoolie on the end asd a clear setting gel. I also received the exact same kit from IPSY last month so I will be passing this one one. The products are nice. The brow pencil is not a favorite so I don’t feel the need to keep a spare.

Lolita swatch. I barely tapped my finger into the pan to product this color.

Next up we have an item that I was so excited to see that I went ahead and used it for my Friday Face Mask on Friday. That was the Bliss Pore Patrol Mask Deep Detox Four Clay Souffle Mask ($18). I immediately used it for the face mask and I absolutely love it. It made my skin feel fresh and clean and I know I will use this product until it is gone and then go out and buy a replacement. Just so you know, Bliss has a sale through January 20th. I’ll post the code and link at the bottom of the page. (it is an affiliate code so i may receive some compensation if you use the link in a purchase.)

This month I also received a cleanser in my box. It is the Skinfix Barrier+Foaming Oil Cleanser (retail $28 according to the info card but the website lists it for $38)). I love when I get cleansers in my subscription boxes. I feel like I go through so many of them with all the sweaty workouts these days. At the moment I am using the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and once I have finished with it, I will be trying this one out.

Finally, my subscription box this month contained the Farsali Liquid Glass Radiance Serum (retail $54). In addition to giving you a radiant glow it is also supposed to help smooth out fine lines. While I am currently testing a serum for fine lines (Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum, in case you were wondering) once I have completed that trial I will be testing out this one. I love trying new skin care, but it does require a few weeks of use to determine if I actually like it or not so its a slower review process. I did lift the cap though and I have to say, it smells amazing.

The Farsali Serum smells absolutely amazing.

Okay that was my January 2020 Boxy Charm Premium box and over all I have to say I was very happy with it. The single shadow was a little odd and I will be passing on the brow kit but I am very excited about everything else. My total retail value for this month’s box was $206. while it is usually a little higher, I am happy with what I recieved and happy to continue receiving this subscription box.

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