November 2020 BoxyCharm Premium Unboxing

I am going to come right out and say it.  This was one of the better boxycharm boxes they have had in a while.  At least as far as I am concerned.   Boxy Charm Premium is a $35 per month subscription tier of the BoxyCharm world.  For this $35 I am supposed to get six full sized products. Let’s see what products they sent this month.

First up is the Grown Alchemist Night Cream (retail $125).  I believe everyone received this product in their boxes this month.  As so many of my creams lately have turned out to be fantastic day creams but not so great at night, I am always looking for a good night cream.  I have heard of Grown Alchemist but never tried anything by them.  While I like the look of the paint tube container for the night cream, it will be interesting to see how it works in practice.  I can see both the possibility for great good and great evil inside it. And that is just the packaging.  Regardless, I am ready to give it a test and happy to see it in my box.

The Smashbox Photo Finish fresh setting powder (retail $39) was my choice item this month and I’ll admit I was intrigued by the fact that you spin the dial to loosen powder from a solid surface.  I don’t know how it will work but it did make it to the house early enough that the powder made it to my makeup bag this week so I will let you know on Friday.

Also making it to my makeup bag this week and arriving in this November BoxyCharm Box was the Pur 4-in-1 skin perfecting powders face palette (retail $32).  I love the thought of face palettes.  The all in one that saves space and makes it easy to get ready.  Thus far it hasn’t worked out too well for me but I continue to hope.  We will see how this palette does in it’s makeup bag test.

Another item I believe everyone received this month is a new launch from Cosmedix.  It is the Skincare brush set (retail $25).  I have been using a silicone spatula brush for my masks for a while now. 

I picked it up from Amazon for less than a dollar a while back and it has been working fabulously well.  I’m happy to give a more expensive brush set a go.  I like that on the spatula looking one there is a smooth side and a textured side.  I am a little less certain of the flat brush.  It is composed of actual bristles.  I’m going to try it with a couple of my creamier masks and see how it performs.  I’ll have to get back to you on that.  I am curious but I suspect it might not be as fabulous as the flat silicone brush.  But I am willing to try.

Next up is the Dose of Colors Block Party single eyeshadow (retail $20).  It is an old cold kind of shade which picks the light up very well.  I like the Dose of Colors formula even though I don’t have many of their eyeshadows. 

I think this color is one that I might incorporate into my Holiday looks actually.  This year we may be staying home but we will be festive for the video calls.  There will also be cocktails via the video calls, but that is another story. 

And New Year’s may see me on the couch with my baby doll but even if I go with comfy pajama pants, I will still be rocking a new pair of shoes, a glass of champagne and at least one sparkletastic eyeshadow.  Will this be it?  We shall see.

Finally we take the last item out of the box and find it is the Realher lip liner duo (retail $25). Am I super excited about a lip liner duo? Not terrible, however I don’t have a red quite this shade (and need to buy one because I have several red lipsticks this shade)) and the second one is a lovely neutral.  They both feel creamy and I have lately been really liking the Realher products that I have been using. In fact the Dream so Big Palette is on my list of products to pick up. I am going to have to do a bit of a palette declutter before I do though. But the shades in that palette just look so nice. I also want to try out their lipstick formula. They are actually having a sale on those right now so I might be talking myself into the set sooner than the eyeshadow. Lip products, my eternal weakness. I linked the sale at the bottom of the page for those interested.

That was the contents of my BoxyCharm premium this month.   So I paid $35 and received $266 worth of product. While that is a good return for my money, I am more pleased by the fact that everything in this box is a product that I can use.  I love setting powder and have high hopes for the Pur Palette.  I love eyeshadows and was looking at ones specifically for festive looks, which this is certainly sparkly enough to qualify as.

And actually I was contemplating buying one of the shades of lip liner that I received this month.  When I first started getting Boxy Charm there were months when it would arrive and the majority of the items in the box were ones I had either just run out of or had been looking at picking up.  At first it made me think that BoxyCharm might have hidden cameras somewhere in my dressing table. Then they kind of went off the rails a little bit.  This box felt a bit like the old Boxy Charm was returning. Which is kind of amusing as they have now been bought by IPSY. I have to say, it is still a nice feeling.

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