Trying out the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfood Mask

In my house Saturday night is hair mask night. We’ll we do other things as well. we don’t sit around thinking Oh hair mask night, highlight of the week. It is however the night that I tend to treat my hair to a little extra something special in the form of a hair mask.

With mosk skin and hair care products I generally find that it is through repeated use that I can tell how much I like them. Hair masks are sort of a special category. Because they aren’t used every day, at least not by me, I can generally tell if I like them in one use.

I generally pick a hair mask that suits my hair’s needs at the moment and then see if the mask addresses them in that moment. It is probably why I find hair masks so satisfying. There is little waiting for a cumulative effect for most of the, There are some exceptions of course, but in general, you know if you like them with one use.

It is also what makes sample sizes so perfect. This week’s sample size is the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture superfood mask. It is a deluxe sample size and even though I can tell after one use how much I like it, the tube had three uses worth of product in it and this was my third use of this mask. The tube is now empty.

According to the product page…

For those with dry, dull and parched hair. This protein-free, nourishing hair mask is proven to boost moisture for softer, smoother and more manageable hair after 2 uses. 97% Naturally-Derived, Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

The first thing you notice when opening the mask is that it is green. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be white. I think it is because most maskst tend to be white or at least white-ish. But given the avocado and kiwi, the green makes sense. Given that I have been spending a lot of time in the sun, my hair does qualify as dry and parched, at least those were the concerns I went after this week.

This mask smells lovely. It actually smells a bit like candy to be honest. Very sweet and fruity. It has more of a kiwi sort of smell than anything, except the slight tartness I associate with kiwis is missing. I like the scent. It is quite delicious.

The mask applied well, it provided moisture and rinsed out easily, leaving my hair clean and hydrated. There was no heavy residue. It is a good mask. Is it my favorite mask? No. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice mask and there was nothing wrong with it. In fact if I received another tube in a subscription box I would be thrilled and I would use it. However I don’t think I would purchase it. I actually proffered the moisture in the Mane Club’s Cry Baby Mask, It made my hair soft, hydrated, silk and very manageable. To be honest, it worked a little bit better than the Briogeo. It was also $3 for a pouch that gave me between three and five uses. This mask is $38.

And it isn’t just the price. I also get better results from ESPA Pink Clay hair masks and at $72 per jar, they are more expensive than this Briogeo mask. I just find this Briogeo Mask to be very middle of the road in terms of results. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t bad. Would I use the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture superfood mask again? Yes, it is a good mask. However, there are other hair masks, both more and less expensive, that I do prefer. It is simply not as stand out as some of the others and would not be my first choice when buying a hair mask. It is nice, I just probably won’t be repurchasing it anytime soon.

Crowning Glory

I can get away with not wearing makeup every day.  I can even forgo perfume.  My clothes change depending on what I plan to do that day, but if my hair looks bad, everything else just looks like an afterthought. My hair is my crowning glory as my grandmother used to say and if it looks good, I feel good.

And if I feel good, I look good.

Now for me, hair care products are an interesting category.  While I am always willing to try new products, I have my standard pillars.  With skin care I seem to have more fluidity.  I’ll try out different products and maybe because I have so many steps I am willing to negotiate on a day to day basis. 

With hair care, all products are judged against the pillars. The products are either as good as, better then or worse.  If they are worse than what my standard is, they are unceremoniously kicked out never to return.  As good as means that I might pick the product up when it is on sale and better than, usually means it replaces the pillar and thus becomes the standard against which all future products are judged.  So there are fewer products in each category. 

For example in the dry shampoo category I have two products I turn to.  One is my standard for every other day washing and the second is my standard for intense dry shampoo needs (aka the just finished a workout and realized I don’t have time for a shower before my conference call).  My everyday dry shampoo (or every other day actually) is the Klorane Dry shampoo with oat milk – gentle formula. It takes out the greasy look of my locks, makes my hair smooth and clean looking in a pinch and leaves less of a scalp residue than any other product I’ve tried.  Less residue means my scalp doesn’t itch from too much product. 

My emergency holy crap I mistimed the meeting and my shower and regular dry shampoo won’t cut it emergency dry shampoo is the IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo.  It is a great product if my hair is not just in between washes but hammered from a workout.  It is an intense clean that I keep in reserve.  I have tried many dry shampoos, and they have become especially important since beginning my weight loss journey.  But these are the two I come back to each time.  I have lost count of how many times I have repurchased the Klorane.  At the moment the can is very light and needs to be reordered again.  Even though I plan to test other dry shampoos, I will be reordering the Klorane to have on hand anyway.

As for regular shampoos I have two that have yet to be unseated from my favorites and they are the Suave Professionals Rosemary and Mint and the Tresemme Moisture Rich.  I know, neither is terribly expensive, and both work fantastically well.  I’ve tried a lot of other shampoos and conditioners and these are the two I consistently come back to.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t splurge now and again.  One of the few higher end shampoos that I’ve tried recently that can topple my drug store favorites every time is the shampoo and conditioner from the Genesis Line from Kerastase.  Those and the Kerastase fortifying serum are my serious hair care splurge items and I allow myself to pick them up twice a year, once around the holidays when I want my hair to look extra fabulous for an event and once for my birthday (June).  Generally though the fortifying serum lasts longer so that ends up being a once a year purchase for me.

And yes, I watch those sales like a hawk.

There is actually one currently going on that I am planning on taking advantage of.  Get 20% Off, Free Heat Protectant & Shipping With Any Order! Use code HOLFF20 at checkout. Offer valid 11/16-11/23. This os one sale I will take advantage of.

The current heat protect spray I use is from Tresemme as well it is the Keratin Smooth with Marula oil.  I am a big fan of this and I’m pretty sure it is one of the reasons I have so few split ends at the moment.  While I haven’t been doing a lot with my hair lately, I do use my travel sized FoxyBae flat iron on a regular basis. Its actually on sale today as their Monday deals if you are interested. The link will take you to the sale.

Oddly enough I use it more than my regular sized flat iron.  I mostly use it on my bangs when they have decided to go all wonky on me and then I end up using it to put a few curls in my hair.  It is a really good size for just a quick few decorative curls. At the moment though I mostly am letting my hair rest so I haven’t really touched my other hot hair tools in months.

I currently have two leave in conditioners that I am using. One is my long time favorite the IGK Mistress.  For a long time it has been my go to leave in conditioner. However I am using this tube up and then replacing it with my new favorite.  That is the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm from Percy and Reed.  I got it in either a Glossy Box or a Look Fantastic and I absolutely love it.  I never would have found it without the subscription boxes and it is now replacing the Mistress as my top leave in conditioner.

As for hair oil, I tend to only use it in the winter as a means of controlling flyaways when the air becomes a bit dry.  Then I grab the MoroccanOil Treatment LIGHT. I know that sounds strange as I have thick, heavy hair and the light is designed for use on finer hair, but I accidentally purchased the light oil and found I really liked it a lot better than the regular version even though I do have thick hair.  With the oil I just rub a few drops on my hands and then run my hands over the top of my hair.  Maybe it is just because I am using it to control just the lighter top hairs that makes me like it better.  Either way I have found nothing that comes close to performing as well so it remains a stand alone standard.

While I don’t use a lot of styling products I will keep the Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse around.  It is a pricy product, but well worth it.  If gives my hair volume without becoming sticky even in the humidity.  What I like to do is to apply it when my hair is damp instead of my leave in conditioners, let it dry with the hair and then brush it out and style it after it is dry.  It gives me long lasting volume if used that way.  Admittedly I don’t use it a lot so I have a tendency to pick up travel sizes of the Mousse and just use those.  Thus far I have not found anything that works nearly as well for me so it remains a favorite.

With hair masks, at the moment the masks I am enjoying the most are the Briogeo be gentle be kind Avocado and Kiwi mask, which smells great and gives me excellent shine and the Nature Lab Tokyo Repair Treatment scrub.  I find that scrub really gets the product residue off of my scalp and makes my hair shiny and soft. They actually have a repair kit right now for $12 that has the scalp scrub along with shampoo, conditioner and a second hair mask that I have been eyeing and will probably pick up soon.  They are sample sizes, but I really want to try more of the Nature Lab Tokyo Products and I think kits like that are a good way to do it.

So my darlings these are my current hair care products.  They are the ones I consistently repurchase, the products I splurge on and the products I want to try in the near future.  There will be more that crop up, I’m sure but for now, I think we will leave it here.  I hope that helps for anyone looking to pick up new products to try.  For me I think that because there is no travel this holiday for me and there will be plenty of video calls instead, I am concentrating more on the self-care items. 

Don’t get me wrong, there will probably still be a new pair of shoes, because even if I only wear them on the couch while wearing my fuzzy cookie monster pajama pants and sipping champagne with my babydoll for new year’s eve instead of going out to a bash, there will be new shoes.  New shoes and a glass of fizz make me feel the new year will be better than the old year I am leaving behind, and after 2020 I am willing to give 2021 all the help it can get. But despite the new shoes I will be focused more on self-care this holiday season so I can go into the holidays and emerge out the other side in 2021 as the best me I can be.

And yes, that means I will probably be splurging on more hair products then usual.  Luckily, Kerastase has already started their sales, of course so has Shoe’s pie

Shoespie Anniversary Super Sale!