Why Hello Thailor

This Kim Chi Chic Beauty Thailor Bronzer (shade I went to Venice) is the second makeup item that I have tried from the Kim Chi Beauty Brand. The First is the puff Puff Pass Setting powder and that I absolutely love. The powder is nice and the powder puff that comes with it fantastic.

This Thailor bronzer comes in a plastic heart. While it is cute, I wish it were a little less puffy of a heart as it does take up a little more space. But that is a minor complaint. The magnet on the package is really strong so I don’t worry about it accidentally coming open. And the mirror is a good usable size inside the heart shaped compact.

There are eight different shades. I am actually quite pleased with this one actually. It is a soft buttery formula in the pan. It did have an impression on the product, but use has already worn it away. Because of the soft formula, I expect it will be one of those products that does get used up pretty easily. I still think it will last a while, because there is a lot of it, but I think the wear will be noticeable because it is a soft formula.

completely bare cheek

which I don’t actually mind. I would much rather have a good product that I can use up than a product that I keep long enough to go bad in the case.

It is highly pigmented. One quick swipe through the powder was all that I needed to do in order to collect enough product on the brush (because it is such a soft formula you do not need to press down to gather, just swipe across the top. – there may be an over spray that wears off on the first use or two as it gets much more pigmented after the first couple of uses.)

just foundation and bronzer

I found myself using a light hand when i applied the bronzer because it is very easy to get a deep streak with this product. I know some people really like the dramatic contour line. Personally I like a more natural look in my day to day life. I do like the bronzer to make my cheekbones look a little more prominent and by extension less rounded by fat.

What I really liked about this formula was that it is very bendable. if you find yourself putting up a dark line that is a little too harsh on your face, it is easy to soften the edges and blend it out.

However this bendability does come with the soft formula and that soft formula is probably also the reason that this tends to fade out a little bit towards the end of the ay. As I tend to go soft and subtle with my bronzer, it is not as noticeable a fade.

If you are going for a dramatic look, the drama may fade a bit after about five hours. So plan accordinly.

Personally I really like this bronzer. Because I do lean into subtle, I use less product, One swipe of the brush is all i need for each cheek. I love the bendability. I also sort of like the restraint of having to start with a light touch. It helps me get my cheeks even. I go in lightly with the brush to make sur they are where I want them to be and then I used the same brush to darken with the product still on the brush. and then I blend. It works for me, as does this Thailor Bronzer by Kim Chi Chic Beauty. I would 100% purchase this again.

Using the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt

I am finding myself drawn more and more to gel and cream products. In general I have good results with Illamasqua products so I was happy to try out the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt. I have the shade Outline, which is the lightest of the three.

Now if you have ever used a cream/stick product like this, then you know the greatest danger to them is that they will dry out and become unusable. This stick comes with a plastic cap that fits snugly over the product to prevent the gel stick from drying out. Don’t throw this away, you need it to seal the product in it’s tube when not in use. (I learned this the hard way with a Milk Makeup product a while back).

keep the plastic cap inside

According to the product page…Create an instantly chiselled complexion with the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt. Gel Sculpt is a unique contouring gel that offers subtle definition to cheeks with minimal effort. Perfect for light skin tones, the water based formula creates a soft shadow under cheekbones and along the jawline which can be blended with ease to achieve flawless natural contours with no harsh lines.

I really like that they mention it is a water based formula because it does feel wet against the skin when you apply it (all the more reason not to lose the cap). it feels wet as you blend it. When it stops feeling wet, it stops wanting to blend. And there the product stays. So if you want to avoid harsh lines, then blend right away.

I found this an interesting product to work with. for the most part it worked beautifully well. Despite being dark in the stick, it is light on the skin. In the swatch i have it against my arm as one stroke so you can see the actual pigmentation versus how it looks in the stick. This was one swipe of product against the skin. It has also not been blended out in any way, just for color purposes (remember this is the lightest shade Illamasqua offers).

For the first week I raved about this because it worked fantastically well. Applied easily, blended beautifully and wore well throughout the day. Then I realized that all of the foundation products i was using it with were either tinted moisturizers or serum based foundations. Mostly because in the summer time this is what i tend to wear.

With these face products the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt worked beautifully. With the more traditional formulas of foundations, it didn’t want to blend as well. Remember when I said that when it dries it stops moving? Well with more traditional foundations, it dries fast. It also has a tendency to wipe away some of the foundation with a first swipe. which made the line where I applied the Gel Sculpt seem harsher, not because of product application but because it took the foundation away.

This is a very natural look product. so if you are going with a tinted moisturizer or light foundation and just want a little definition, then this will work well. That is it’s strong suit. It falls down a bit when paired with more traditional foundations. So for me, this will be more of a summertime product than a year round one. When paired with the right products the Illaamasqua Gel Sculpt is fabulous. It just isn’t going to be friends with all of your foundations.

Trying out the Viseart Bronze Noix

I have two Viseart eyeshadow palettes, one a full sized Palette and one a small travel sized one and I absolutely adore the formulas in both. While the full sized palette it in a hard plastic palette, the travel palette has the same fold up packaging as the bronzer and in my opinion just looks a little bit extra special.

Since I have the Viseart eyeshadow Palettes, I tend to think of Viseart as an eyeshadow brand, much the same was as I think of Bite Beauty as a Lip Product brand. But this week I was just all about getting out of my brand comfort levels. I tried a Bite Beauty Foundation and Viseart Bronzer.

Because the Viseart shadows are very pigmented, I was expecting the same thing from the Bronzer. I was expecting one sweep of the brush to add a thick dark line of product to my cheeks that needed to then be blended out. I found this was not the case. As you can see from the photos, one sweep of the brush left a light line across the skin. (I used the inside of my arm so it is easier to see. The second swatch has a couple of swipes of the brush so you can see that it is buildable.

single swatch

It just isn’t highly pigmented. For me this meant it was a lot easier to control how dramatically i wanted to bronze my cheekbones. I would much rather build up to the level I want rather than put on a lot of pigment and then have to blend it out. I also tend not to lean into dramatic bronzing during my everyday looks. Most of my makeup looks are the sorts of looks that you would wear to the office rather than a club. Or these days on a video conference call I suppose.

swatch built up

I will say that once in place, the bronzer didn’t really fade that much throughout the day. It remained pretty much how I put it onto my face until it was time for me to take my makeup off for the day. I didn’t have to worry about looking washed out mid day.

I did have to change the brush I used to apply it thought. Tyupically I use an angled and slightly fluffy brush for my bronzer. With this bronze Noix from Viseart I ended up reaching for the Flat Powder Brush from Laruce beauty (LR375) I found the flat edge and denser bristles much easier to use with this bronzer. Even though I think this is a travel pan for the brand, the pan is a really good size. The packaging I like so much also allows the packaging to create the space for what is a full sized pan in a travel sized package.

the Laruce brush

I really enjoyed this bronzer and I can see it being one that I reach for a lot in the up coming months. I suspect that even with it’s buildability it won’t be one I can use in the summer when I am tanned, but it is perfect for winter wear (when some of my more pigmented bronzers are far to deep in tone for me to wear now). It will just require the use of a brush with densely packed bristles to get the best out of this bronzer.

The big problem I found was was that I could not find this product on the Viseart site. I spent a lot of time looking actually. I found several eyeshadow quads that I really want to purchase but the only bronzer I managed to find was in their FACE section. It is part of a bronze and contour palette. I actually have an e-mail into the brand to see if I can get more information, but as of yet I haven’t heard back. If and when I do I’ll post an update but for now all of the links go back to that face page. with luck this Bronze Noix is still available somewhere as I know once I work my way through the pan,. I am going to want to repurchase.