It’s a Double Take for Face Mask Friday!

Herbal Dynamics Beauty clay mask and High Maintenance Peeling Mask from High

Welcome my darlings once again to face mask Friday. Today I am doing a two part masking. And no this doesn’t mean I am making myself look like the Batman Villain Two Face. Or is that Twoface. I can never remember.  Either way, it doesn’t apply.

this is a maks not chocolate, ignore the scent and do not lick the masking brush

I noticed this week that I have a few clogged pores and I would like to work on unclogging them.  Based on my previous use of the Herbal Dynamic’s Beauty Cacao and Chamomile Clay Clearing Mask, I know just the way to do it.  So I am going to mask and let the fabulous chocolate scented mask bring the blemishes to the surface.  And then after giving my skin a moment to relax, I am going to return to the bathroom and use the High Beauty High Maintenance Peeling mask to clear away dead skin and other bits from the surface.  At least that is my plan.  We will see how it goes.

So Step one: Apply the Herbal Dynamic’s Beauty Cacao and Chamomile Clay Clearing mask.  You can click here for my full review of the mask if you want to see a breakdown of the ingredients.  I actually enjoyed breaking down the ingredients because this mask had so few and each one in the mask was there for a very specific purpose with nothing extra thrown in for funsies.

Because of my previous test of this mask I know it will draw impurities to the surface of my skin so they can be more easily cleared away.  It also does some other really good stuff for my skin as well.  I can’t use it too often or it can dry the skin, but it does help with those deep down clogged pores.  Since it draws them to the surface my skin doesn’t look it’s best for the next few days, which is why I want to do it this weekend instead of on the Friday before Valentine’s day.  Hopefully by the 14th my skin will be all cleared out and fabulous again. I’m also hoping the High peeling mask will help in that regard.

So to the Clay Mask!

As always it smells of chocolate. (And yes in my head I heard Chunk from The Goonies say Chocolate)

I use the Cosmedics flat masking brush to apply it because it not only keeps the clay mask from making a mess but I end up using less mask product when I use the masking brush to apply it and this is not a mask I want wasted. It feels cool to the skin and once in place, well… it isn’t the most attractive look and as it dries I will lose facial mobility, but that is fine.  I can live with that. I don’t want to talk to anyone when I am masking anyway.

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Which is good, cause I can’t.

So I am going to lay back on the bed and listen to Vivaldi while I wait.  I know my music choices seem strange to some as my tastes tend to range wide.  I think because I have been working on planning Valentine’s day things, Champagne has come to mind and Vivaldi always seems effervescent and champagne-y to me. Like an auditory mimosa. I can’t have a steady diet of it, but it is fine for Sunday brunch.

Mask dried

And now the time is up and I feel somewhat light and effervescent myself. The Clay mask has of course hardened so my face looks a little like a dirt road during a drought, but that will soon end. Washed off and patted dry, my skin feels great and I can see places where nasties have edged closer to the surface.  I’m going to wait a few moments and then deploy part two of my masking plan today.

Incidentally if you are wondering why my lips are so super shiny I took the masking as an opportunity for a mid day application of the Teadora Wild Superfood Lip drops. They arrived at the beginning of the week so I’ve only been using them for a few days but thus far, I am really loving them. After a little longer trying them out, I’ll post a review.

Part two of today’s masking involves the High Peeling mask I’ve used it before and I have to say I really like it.  It is a cannabis infused peeling mask which basically means when you put it on your skin and rub all of the dead skin cells roll up into little balls and can be washed off leaving fresh lovely skin revealed below.  There are a host of other peeling masks that I wouldn’t do this with but the High peeling mask is gentle enough that I know I can get away with it. It will only remove the dead skin cells and if there aren’t any left behind to remove, it won’t do my skin any harm. 

the peeling mask in hand

And so off we go.

peeling off

My skin is slightly damp but not wet, which seems to work best for this mask and in less than a minute of rubbing all of the dead skin cells and a few of the bumps that were closer to the surface have been removed.  Once the High Mask has done its job I rinse it off and once again pat my skin dry. 

I have to say I really like this combo.  It worked out really well for me and my skin feels absolutely fantastic.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a stronger peeing mask or very often.  I can’t see myself doing this combo more than once every month or two, but for today it worked fantastically well.

And I get to go through the rest of the day feeling good in my skin. And that is a nice feeling.

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