Let’s Talk Drape Fit

Drape Fit is a styling service/subscription. For $20 per box you can have eight items sent to you to try out. The items are based on your quiz and you have the option of purchasing none, one or all of the items. There is a discount if you purchase all of the items in the box (25%). I chose to try them out partially because the price is decent (if you take off the 25% and add in the tax the entire box would cost me $185.68 which would not be bad for 8 clothing items. I also chose to try them out because they have plus sized clothing, so their items fit me.

This is my second fit and so we are in the tweaking phase. I love that when you receive the box, you can go in to the website and review each item individually so the stylist knows what you liked and didn’t like about each item. You can also request specific items. And you can choose how often you want the box. I receive this box every three months, mostly because I tend to evaluate my wardrobe on a seasonal basis and that is when I look for new pieces to fill it out. Because the weather hasn’t turned yet, I haven’t gone into my closet for adjustment yet, I’m waiting to do that when I return from my mom’s house actually. I’m also hoping the weather will have cooled down enough to make looking at my fall items easier.

the items arrayed and awaiting the trying on phase

My first box everything fit me but only one item was really in my style. So I reviewed the items and made a note of the items that I thought I might need. For me, that is heavily on the trouser side of things. I have plenty of shirts and sweaters but tend to lack the trousers. So in this fit I ended up with three pairs of trousers.

suggestion slip

Included in the box is also a slip suggesting pairing of the items so I paired the items. While the above photo shows the items laid out this is the items paired as the stylist intended.

short sleeves and maroon pants

The first set is a set of maroon high waisted wide leg palazzo pants that match the short sleeved blouse and the black boho shirt. Of these three items I really only liked the boho shirt, which unfortunately fit me in most places but was too tight across the stomach. I could have made it work, but I know I would simply hang it in the closet and not wear it because it was not comfortable. Which was a shame as I liked it. It was also one of the few items that had the problem of being too tight anywhere. Most garments suffered from too much material.

maroon and boho shirt

The short sleeved shirt fit well and actually fell nicely, but it is essentially a t-shirt with capped sleeves and an eyelet back. It is nice but it wears more or less like a t-shirt. And I don’t really want t-shorts in a box like this.

The pants of course were what I was most interested in. I did specify that i like wide legged pants, which I do. And these are. They are also made of t-shirt material which makes them feel (and look) like pajama pants. They have a high waist, which is not my thing. And then there is the length. Here is the thing. If the material is good, I can hem the pants. If they are only a little long I can wear them with heels. These are lounge pants. Which means they are not going to be worn with heels and even if they were they are still too long and it isn’t the kind of material that takes a hem well.

I know that is a lot for a pair of pants, but in previous profile and review I did mention that I liked the color maroon and that I liked wide legged pants. I didn’t say anything about the waist or material. So this time I did mention that and we will see if it inspires change.

The plaid trousers I had the most hope for as they looked nice and they paired with all of the shorts, including the russet colored shirt with the ruffled sleeves.

The pants fit well in the waist, but would have needed to be hemmed. I chose not to keep them because they were a bit tight in the calves. The shirt looks extra frumpy because it is not tucked in, but it could not be tucked in. It was way too long and it was a thick material. While the pants fit, they fit with me inside them. They would not fit the extra material of this shirt. Hence the very frumpy look. The pants were almost but not quite there. I like the color of the shirt but little else.

While the length was a problem for me the ruffled sleeves were a bit of a bust as well. I like short capped ruffled sleeves but these were a bit much. The double layer looks nice on the sleeve, but underneath the arm there is so much extra material that it just felt like bunched up cloth underneath my arm. If they adjusted the under arms it would have been better, but I know I wouldn’t have worn this shirt due to the way the sleeves felt, even if the length and thick material preventing it from being tucked in didn’t send it into frump city.

In this box they included what they are calling a black cardigan. It is open in the front and has pockets at the right height and it is a nice long length. It is however made of t-shirt material. I have a couple of these that are actual knitted sweaters and I far prefer them.

Since I have them in sweater versions I didn’t see the point in adding the t-shirt material one. It is thin enough to be relatively pointless.

The striped pants I liked with the exception of the waist. They were a little long, but they were the sort of long that could easily be worn with heels, so i was happy about that. The legs were also wider and they didn’t much anywhere. The material was of decent quality as well. It was a sort of light weight cotton.

It is just the waist. I don’t mind the tie, but the bag waist just adds mass to my midsection that really doesn’t need to be added. It fit well but I just didn’t like that extra bulk. Trust me I have plenty of bulk on my own and don’t need clothing adding more.

I know about this time you are asking yourself if there was anything I did like and the answer is yes. The final item in the box was a dress. It is a simple black dress that fits really well. I pulls in at the waist to give form to the garment and it has a loose skirt. the material is also of good quality.

Clearly when I actually wear it, I will put some shape wear underneath, but i do like the way it fits. I also like the length. It comes to just above the knee which is a good length for me, especially when I am in heels. I like the black because it suits me and i can always use a simple black dress.

It is the one item I purchased from this box. Despite the fact that there were issues with most of the garments, I feel I am getting better with each box. The suggestions that I had from my first box were taken into account here and the second box was better than the first. I am a little disappointed that it wasn’t more fall themed in the item selection. I suppose the maroon and russet, as well as the plaid paint were kind of fall-ish. But short sleeves and t-short material isn’t really going to be helpful once the weather turns. In truth this dress will only see a little bit of use right now.

Once the weather turns it will be set aside until the spring because of it’s length. (I don’t like cold legs.) heavier materials for the season would have been preferred. However I am over all pretty happy with the box, even if I am keeping only one item. Everything more or less fit, even if it wasn’t my favorite. And it is better than the last box. If this trend continues I will be happier with each box and who knows in the future, I may end up keeping the entire box.

So I took out the dress, packed everything up in the provided bag and sent it back. I paid for what i wanted to keep, even before I sent the provided bag through the mail system so I don’t have to worry about when the charges might come. I like having that control. I have also sent in detailed reviews and am awaiting the changes Drape fit makes to my next box.

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Unboxing the Sock Panda for March 2022

I love socks. I love wild and crazy socks. I love soft and fluffy socks. In general, I just love socks. I think because as my weight increased, it was one clothing item that didn’t change. I now that sounds a little strange but clothes change when you gain weight and so does your relationship with them.

I am a very tactile clothes shopper and in larger garment sizes sometimes the cloth doesn’t feel as nice. Plus there is this material I always think of as fat girl cloth. It has elastic woven in with the fibers so it can fit a wider variety of sizes and stretch with you. It also has a weirdly burnt rubber smell when it comes out of the dryer. I’ve never seen men’s garments made from it, no matter how large the size, hence the name. For a while at least half my closet was made from this material and one of the best things about losing weight has been eliminating some of those garments.

In addition, for me, as my weight increased there was the desire to not be seen. Not to draw attention to myself. So I chose darker colors with no patterns or eye catching anything as though it would help me blend into the wall.

With socks, I never had to worry. My feet are between a women’s 7 -7.5 and that hasn’t changed with the weight gain. So I can indulge in my fuzzy fabrics, soft textures and since I generally wear shoes when I leave the house, the socks are covered by shoes and trouser legs. So I can get as crazy as I like. As my weight slowly decreases, I am broadening my clothing selection , bot I still love my wild socks. Because very few people get to see them, they are kind of something special just for me.

A while ago I had a sock subscription but the subscription was discontinued. I decided it was time to go and find a new one to try out. So I poked around Cratejoy for a bit. I love finding subscriptions to try out when I am on there. Sometimes they are fabulous and I keep them, other times I try for a few months and let them go.

I have high hopes for this one. Sock Panda is a sock subscription as the name suggests. There are women’s subscriptions (which I have), men’s and even a tween’s so socks for everyone. It is $14 per month, although you can get discounts if you go for a longer term. At the moment I am trying them out and going month to month. If I decide I like it enough to keep long term (generally after about three months I’ll make that decision) also at the moment they have a 35% offer going on (use code BESTGIFT35). with the Sock Panda you get one pair of socks each month. In addition, with every order, Sock Panda gives one pair of socks to someone in need. According to the card that came with the socks this month they have donated over 143,000 pairs to shelters, hospitals, schools and communities.

I love that.

It makes me feel much better about adding the subscription to my list.

Plus I don’t always remember to change into my sweat socks when I work out so I have destroyed much of my sock collection through extra heavy use.

This is my first month with this subscription. The socks have a makeup of 85% Peruvian Cotton. 20%nylon, and 5% spandex. The design is cute. One sock has a man with his face replaced by a cell phone and the pother a woman with her face replaced by a cell phone. while I like the designs I would have preferred the image on the foot rather than on the ankle part of the sock, mostly because I tend to scrunch my socks down rather than wear them pulled all the way up. But that is personal preference. And I do like the pink foot part.

The socks feel like they are a good quality. They fit well with the heel being just a tiny bit high. But on me that is not unusual. The size range is from women’s 6-10 I believe and I am a 7-7.5. A little high on the heel is how most of my socks sit. So I am not surprised. But it does mean that these socks fit me as well as the socks I pick out for myself in the store. As a first pair, this was quite the success. I have a nice new pair of bright socks. It always makes me very happy to pull on a new pair of socks. It is one of life’s many little pleasures. And I am pleased that because of my purchase, someone else gets to feel that sensation as well. Because some days a fresh pair of socks makes the entire world feel just a little bit brighter. I think I will be keeping this Sock Panda subscription for a while.

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The December 2021 Smartass & Sass T-shirt Box

This is my second t-short from Smartass and Sass and I have to say i am very impressed with the quality. Smartass and Sass is a subscription service that has a regular box, a t-shirt only box or a big box that has both the regular box and the t-shirt inside it. I decided to try out the T-short only box for a while because I absolutely destroyed most of my t-shirts this summer. Admittedly several of them were on their last legs but a harsh summer of sweating it out on the walking trail did not aid their longevity. Now I need to rebuild their numbers before the summer sun returns. The t-shirt subscription is $15.95 ($19.90 when the shipping is added).

The pkg as it comes in the mail (label on the other side) it fit easily in the standard sized mailbox

I loved the quality of last month’s t-shirt and this month is just as good. It is the soft cotton that feels as though it has been well worn and loved for a while even when it first comes out of the box.

And I have to admit, I do like the slogans on the t-shirts. As the walking trail is one place never have to look professional, I am perfectly happy with the sayings. This month is of course Poof, I lost interest. While I have thought this while sitting in many meetings, it is more appropriate for the walking trail

A little something extra?

And if you are wondering about sizes. I had to actually go down a size in their t-shirt sizing. They are really size inclusive and start off with an Extra small and go up to a 3X. Since I generally like my walking t-shirts to be large so I have some air flow while I am moving I started off with the 3X. It was the perfect size to sleep in but too big for me to wear on the walking trail. Since it was a new shirt I also didn’t know how much it would shrink. I tossed last month’s shirt in the washer and dryer and it didn’t shrink at all. So I went down a size. For me it is the right amount of baggy to wear on the walking trail.

They do have an accurate size guide when you sign up for the subscription and it is very easy to change your sizing once you have established your subscription. I’ve washed last month’s shirt several times and it hasn’t shrunk. I use warm wash and regular dry for the t-shirts. I washed this shirt before wearing and again, there was no shrinkage. This is my second shirt and thus far I am liking the subscription. For me it is a good way to build up enough t-shirts to get me through the summer walking. Plus the somewhat snarky thoughts on them sort of suit me.

Thank you cards. Some I’ll use, others not so much, either way I will have to choose carefully who to send them too.

In addition to the t-shirt, Smartass and Sass include one additional item with the subscription. Last month it was a glass nail file which I have gotten a lot of use out of. This month it was a set of four thank you cards. I like that they are all blank on the inside so you can write what you want. Given the sayings on the front I may have to choose carefully who to send the thank you cars to, but as they are not holiday themed, I can send them anytime during the year. There is probably one that I might not send, but I have friends who I know would appreciate the others. I am impressed that they didn’t make them holiday themed though. I saw the red envelope and though ‘I’ve already sent out my holiday cards’. So it was a surprise to open the plastic and see they were thank you car’s instead. And the saying made me smile. Hallmark, they are not. But sometimes, a little off beat is what you want. So I am pleased with having them and will be using at least three of them in the coming year.

Over all I am very happy with this subscription and I look forward to seeing what Smartass and Sass come up with in the new year.

Unboxing a new to me subscription: Smartass & Sass T-shirt Subscription

I know I know I promised myself not to add more subscriptions before thinking about letting some go. However this one was just too good, and honestly, sort of necessary. At least for me, and at least for now, so I decided to try the T-shirt Subscription out from Smartass and Sass.

I know there are loads of clothes out there designed for working out, but honestly the majority of my workouts are done by going on the walking trail. When I do weights and floor exercises in the house, I wear actual clothing designed as work out gear. When walking I go for oversized t-shirts.

It may not make me the most fashionable person on the trail, but I like the loose cloth allowing me air flow while I am sweating and as I am walking, I don’t actually need specialized gear.

I think that is something that we often forget. We see so many ads featuring workout clothes that it seems like something you have to dress specifically to do. While I will always put on the sports bra for working out, whether on the walking trail or a set routine, I don’t think you should have to wear special clothing to exercise in. With a large t-shirt it is comfortable, inexpensive and I can feel free to sweat like a crazy person in it and not worry about ruining designer threads. If my workouts were more specialized than walking, then I would change outfits.

I know that is a lot to say about t-shirts and fitness in general, but when I started working on losing some of my weight in order to be a more healthy me, one of the excuses I had to get over was the ’I don’t have the right clothes for this’ one. When you are walking, you just need to be comfortable.

Are there people who wear more sophisticated gear on the walking trail near me? Yup. There are several ladies dressed head to toe in Fabletics gear. There is also a crew of older ladies wearing matching velour sweat suits. I have nothing against either. I actually like a lot of the Fabletics clothing and have a couple of the pants that I do wear when working out. And I think the older ladies look a bit like retired female gangsters. I think part of it is because they are the sort of older Southern ladies who wear a lot of gold jewelry in addition to the velour track suits. Which is kind of fun.

For me, walking comfort is jeans and a t-shirt.

Unfortunately, my t-shirts took a big hit this year. Actually since I’ve switched to natural deodorants my t-shirts have taken a bigger hit. I like the natural deodorant, but it does mean I sweat more and that sweat leaves stains. Those stains then wash out.

For a while.

After a certain number of washes, the stains still come out but the shirt starts to look really worn and gray in a worn out kind of way. This year with the extra heat many of my t-shirts passed the point of last use. When I got rid of all of the ones I felt could no longer be worn in public, even the public of the walking trail, I realized I no longer had enough t-shirts to get me through a summer’s week’s worth of walking.

Sometimes I take more than one walk, but I can’t wear a shirt more than once without washing it.

Enter the Smartass and Sass T-shirt subscription. They have a full box subscription which I will be looking more into for the upcoming year, but I decided to dip my toe into the t-shirt section first. Mostly because I still haven’t settled on what subscriptions are going with me into 2022.

So the T-shirt subscription. It is $15.95 (with a $3 shipping charge). Normally, you can get 10% off your first order with the code:10OFFSASS, however right now they have a 33% off sale going on. It is just their Cyber Monday sale actually, so the 33% off is just for today. The 10% off code you can use all the time. If you are going to use the 33% off, there are the details on their homepage, that is where all of the links on this page will take you.

Subscriptions renew on the 30th of the month for the following month (so I’ll be charged November 30th for Decembers box). Subscriptions ship between the 16th and 18th of the month. This was my first month and I received a shipping notice on the 18th with the package arriving on November 22nd. I don’t know if that is standard, but it was a pretty quick delivery. The t-shirt subscription ships out from Omaha (and I am in Tennessee). I don’t know if the main box does as well. I would guess so. I might actually take advantage of the 33% off to find out.

The pkg (label on other side) fits easily into a standard sized mailbox

So my t-shirt arrived on the 22nd. I chose the triple x sizing because I like my t-shirts big. This one was a little bigger than I expected so I may have to go down to a 2X. This one might have to become a sleep shirt. But I am thrilled with their sizing charts. While I like my shirts large and I myself am on the large side, I was glad they could accommodate me. They also have XS if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The perfect mix of positivity and non-morning person snark

As it is clothing, I inspected it for loose threads. I know, I do the same thing with my underwear subscription. I found none. The shirt is well made. It is also super soft cotton. It feels great against the skin. I washed it (warm water, regular dry) and there was no shrinkage (another reason I got the largest size). The shirt looked just as clean as it did going in. It feels comfortable to wear and as the one non-morning person in the house, I rather like the statement. Effing morning often seems a better way to great the sun than good. I am fine with late nights, not so good with the mornings.

Which is why I live in a house with morning people.

Figures right?

In with my t-shirt this month was another item. It is a glass nail file in a hard plastic case. I love glass nail files. They don’t split your nails, and they are more likely to get broken in a drawer than to actually wear down so they can be used much longer without needing replacement. And the case actually helps ensure it won’t break. I don’t know if this is a gift for my first subscription or if something small comes with each one, but I will be on the look out with the next shipment, because oh yeah, I’m keeping this one for a while. If nothing else I need to build up my t-shirt reserve for the upcoming summer.

And honestly, given the looks some of the trendier people working out on the trail give me, I kind of like the idea of wearing the Smartass and Sass T-shirts for my workouts. Of course if there is ever a t-shirt design I don’t like, I can skip the month with a click of the button on my accounts page. I like that option actually as not all t-shirt designs are ones I’ll wear. It’s nice to know if one does come up that doesn’t suit me, I can easily skip the month.

Over all I was very impressed with the quality of the shirt and the sizing. This could be the beginning of a beautiful, sassy friendship.

The June Nadine West Clothing subscription

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service. For $9.78 per month you can have items sent to you and if you like them you can purchase them simply by keeping them and letting your credit card be charged. Your styling fee of $9. 78 goes towards the purchase price. Each item you are charged for will have a tax added to it so you need to remember that when keeping items.

This is my third month and this month I realized two things.

The first thing I realized was that my babydoll is many things, a photographer he is not. When asked to take a photograph of me wearing the items from the bag he was amiable. He then took the pictures. I assumed that he could at least take pictures showing me wearing the garments and did not think to look at them. I did photograph each one separately as it was laid out on the bed. Which turned out to be a good thing. My babydoll had me stand in front of a brightly lit window so you basically see a dark silhouette of me. You can tell that I am not naked, but but other than knowing I am covered in cloth, there is no real detail. Only the image of the necklace I am wearing came out visible and I think that is because he came in close to take the picture.

The second thing I realized was about nadine West. This month they did manage to send me items that all actually fit me, which was nice. However almost all of the items were made from the same sort of soft, cotton jersey type cloth that I tend to associate with pajama pants. It is fine for a few summer dresses’, but an entire wardrobe of it seems a bit excessive. I don’t know if that is just my size that lets them believe all my clothes need to feel soft and pajama like, but I’m not really a fan.

But let’s look at the items that came this month and discuss. There were ten of them this month. The first item is the only item I am keeping. It is a cotton dress in teal and is good for wearing around the house and in the garden. The high waist comes in just under the bust and give is some form so that it isn’t a complete sack like dress.It is comfortable and I can wear it in the garden. It feels like a giant t-shirt when it is on. And to be fair, I probably wouldn’t purchase it if I didn’t have the subscription fee rolling towards it.

The second item is made from the same cloth and it is a one piece jumpsuit in olive green with tank top straps. Putting it on made me look like a beached whale.Or as my baby so thoughtfully put it, twice the size I am normally.

The third item up was a t-shirt made form the soft t-shirt material. It is a nude color that really doesn’t look good on me and while the knot in the end is cute, it falls at the wrong location. While I could get away with the placement standing up, it is very awkward when sitting down.

There were two sets of pants in this box and I am happy to say they both fit tolerably well. However they were bag waist pants. with long flat drawstrings tied into a bow at the waist.

While they fit, the design added several inches to my waist and were not flattering. They were at least slightly stiffer material and not the t-shirt material.

Included this month was a light weight cardigan made from, you guessed it, t-shirt material. This at least had a texture to it. While I do like light weight cardigans to pull over myself when the air conditioning is turned too high, I have several more appealing versions of this already in my closet. So while I appreciate the thought, it too is going back.

The next item in the bag was a face mask, which quite frankly I already have in abundance at this point and see no reason to pick up here.

From here we go into the three items of jewelry sent. I tried asking them not to send jewelry, but received the message that they were unable to send clothing subscriptions without jewelry at this time. The earrings have a very lovely tree on them and they are rather nice quality.

I just didn’t really like them enough to keep. The bracelet is a plain golden band that reads ‘I love you to the moon and back’ However the opening was so small that I would have had to bend it to get it on my wrist. It has a heavy feel to it so it is a substantial bracelet.

The final item was the necklace and to be honest I toyed with the thought of keeping it. It looks nice, feels like decent quality for the price and looked allright on me. However i don’t think i would get enough wear out of it to justify the purchase.

Like I said in the introduction, this was my third month with Nadine West. I chose them because they have my size as an option for their subscription. However I am not impressed by the items they send in my size.

I am thrilled that they finally sent items that fit me. But I simply will not wear that many items made out of t-shirt material. And quite frankly i just don’t find their items appealing.

I think that this may be my last subscription bag from them for a while. Perhaps I will go back when/if I reach a smaller size, but what they send to me makes me feel both fat and frumpy. Neither is a good feeling and neither is one I really feel like paying for.

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Trying out the Nadine West Clothing Subscription Service: April 2021

While the other side of the bag has the Nadine West logo on it, it also has my mailing label.

It is the time of year where the closet opens up, the clothing comes out and the sweaters are moved to the back while lighter weight garments take center stage.  Usually I take the time to go through and remove clothing that is now too worn or no longer fits.  In twenty-twenty my weight moved up and down, but it mostly stayed in the same range so there was no elimination of sizing at the end of the summer last year when I brought the fall clothes out. This fact was something I found a little depressing, even though I made the justification that last year was just bonkers.  I was also a little annoyed with myself.  So I didn’t go through the summer clothes.  I simply made certain they were washed before sending them into the dark depths of the closet.

While I am not down any sizes, when I took my warmer weather clothing out, I found that quite a few items had seen their last summer.  I think it was a combination of not shopping as much and hoping that before I did go shopping I’d be down another size. Regardless, I found I was in need of of a purge and some new clothing. 

I have wanted to try out a clothing subscription for a long time and quite frankly this seemed like the perfect excuse to do it. I am still not spending a lot of time shopping.  I really like to try on clothing before I purchase it, yet not too keen on changing rooms at the moment and I am very much in need of new clothing.

And we all know I love subscriptions. Plus it seemed like an interesting way to not only get pieces I like, but to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The question was what subscription to try first.  

The first determining factor was my weight.  My current size is just beyond the range of many of the subscription services.  If I lose two dress sizes, I have a much wider range, however currently, my options are limited.  It was one of the issues I faced when looking at underwear subscriptions, and ultimately why I chose to go with Underclub.  In the few month’s I’ve had that subscription, I have not once regretted signing up with them so I hoped the same would prove true for a more size inclusive clothing subscription service. Incidentally Underclub has a deal going on.

Select your gift plan, then we’ll delight them every month with a beautiful surprise. Each month of their subscription, they receive a pair of designer underwear from brands like Natori, Hanky Panky, Commando and more.

The subscription service I decided to try first was Nadine West.  They had my size and at $9.78 per month it is very budget friendly.  The $9.78 is the styling fee and if you choose to purchase any items in the subscription then the styling fee goes towards the item purchase.  At the time I signed up you could get your first month with no styling fee with the code NADINE.  I don’t know if the code is still valid (it was the last time I checked) but it meant that I paid nothing for my first bag.

Which seemed like a good way to try it out.

I really appreciate this, not only from a budgeting concern but because I suspect that any subscription service is going to need a few months to basically learn my style and tastes. I suspected the first shipment wouldn’t really suit me so it was nice that the code gave me a getting to know you bag bbefore actually charging me.

How well they learn will be part of the factor that determines how long I keep the Nadine West service.  As it was the first month and we are still getting to know each other, I wasn’t expecting to adore everything sent. With this first bag I wanted to see if the clothing was of a quality that would make the subscription service worth bothering to receive.

After all it may only be $9.78 but if they aren’t going to send me items of a quality that I could wear, there was no point in using the service.  And I wanted to see what they sent based on the initial survey.  Essentially this bag is the baseline for the subscription. With each bag I will comment on the items and see if the selection of products they send adapts.

The questionnaire that you fill out at the beginning is very vague.  It gives a basic style category (classic, romantic, trendy…).  Ask what parts of the body you want to hide.  (I said arms and belly).  And asks what colors you will not wear. It also had check boxes to check what items you are interested in receiving.  I did not see this on my first pass through the profile survey so all of the items were checked.  I have since gone back and removed a couple.

So what happened when I signed up?

I took my style quiz and did all the sign up items and then two days later I received a tracking number for my first bag.  It should be noted that you can choose to receive a bag once a month or once every two weeks.  Three days after receiving the tracking number the bag was at my house.  Because this was my first bag I was hazy as to how long I had before I needed to send the items I didn’t want back.  To be honest the website is not fabulous.  They do send you a series of welcome e-mails detailing what you need to know but quite frankly I would have preferred Just one or two paragraphs on the site giving me the information.  Since my first bag was free I wasn’t charged up front and found it really difficult to find out how much each following month would cost me.  The information came in a later e-mail.  Also in a later e-mail was the fact that the return by date would be on the packing slip.

I do like that the packages are scheduled to come in mid-month (I think they ship around the 14th).  This month my packing slip says I have until April 28th to return what I don’t like.  I will be charged for what I keep when they receive my return shipment and process it.   I really like knowing that as I can make certain my bank account is ready for the charge. I very much like that. I just wish all of that was spelled out in a paragraph for me on the site instead of a slate of follow up e-mails.

There is no previewing the items sent.  You just get what you get.  There also seems to be a point system that I hope will be explained in a later e-mail. On my packing slip it says that I have 100 points and am classified as a beginner.  I understand the beginner part as this is my first bag, but have no idea what the points relate to. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

The bag that the clothing comes in is a plastic one.  You open it, take the items out and the bag is reusable so you use it to send the items back. The clothing is wrapped in tissue paper. This means that there is no real wasted packaging with shipping.  The packing slip is inside and it is very clear how to send items back.

So what was in my first box? 

The first item I removed was a scarf, Butterflies and Peonies print in gray (retail $16.99).  It is a gauzy material and feels well made.  The tag was through all of the folded layers so it was impossible to unfold without removing the tag.  I did not remove the tag.  While I do occasionally wear scarves and I like the gray color, I’m not the butterfly wearing sort of person.   It is nice but certainly not for me.  The tag is simply a Nadine West tag so I am guessing it is their brand. I will be sending it back.  I have also checked no scarves on the list so we will see if that matters going forward.

As a note, I did try to take pictures of me in the garments, but the pictures came out horribly. My camera angle was off and the sun slanted inthrought the window and pounced off of the mirror. Next month I will have my babydoll try to take them for me, but this month is mostly laid out garments as the first pictures were just too bad to post.

the necklace on

There were two jewelry items in my bag which I really wasn’t expecting. They were in the style pictures, I just didn’t realize they’d be in the bag as well. I thought it was mostly reference. The first was a sliver necklace in the style Lizzie that retails for $44.99.  It was actually the most expensive item in my bag this month.  It is nice looking and of decent quality.  It isn’t excellent quality but it is decent enough that I would wear it.  I have several necklaces similar to it in my collection already and would have liked the chain maybe half an inch longer to sit slightly lower on my neck.  While I am sending it back, I am encouraged by the fact that it is something I like.  And really if I didn’t already have several very similar pieces I would consider keeping it. 

The earrings (retail $19.99) were also nice They thin hoops and it is easy to see why they are less expensive than the necklace. While still nice enough quality to wear, they are not quite as nice as the necklace.  I’m not a big hoop earring sort of person.  I do have a couple of pairs that I like, but most hoop earrings I am not a fan of. (My favorite pair of ‘hoop earrings’ are actually a pair of bronze squid tentacles if that helps with my hoop style) These are thin and delicate enough that I do like them, however they aren’t distinctive enough that I really want to keep them. While I tried on the necklace, I didn’t try the earrings on since I knew I wasn’t keeping them.

Now, we finally get to the clothing.  There were three clothing items included in my bag this month.  I’ll go ahead and be honest, I’m only keeping one item.  I’ll cover the two I’m sending back first so we can end on a high note.

The first clothing item was a sleeveless shirt from the brand Sheila Rose.  It retails for $39.49. While I will wear tank tops under clothing and to sleep in and I wear shells under jackets and blazers, I am not a big sleeveless shirt sort of person.  If something is sleeveless I am putting a jacket or a cardigan over it.  Even though at the moment I just don’t like showing off the jiggle, I have always wanted my arms covered.  I will show shoulders, but there are very few times that I am willing to go without sleeves.  This is not the shirt that is going to make me change that feeling.  While it is beautifully soft and a nice color the fit is odd.  It is strangely long and does not in any way suit me. It is tight across the breasts, loose just below them and then it clings to the belly fat. In fact it emphasizes everything I told them I wished to cover. It it were loose and baggy around the waist I would like it more, but alas I do not. I like the softness and the color and I even like the graphic on the front, but the fit is all wrong.  Also while it was a short questionnaire, I did mention I didn’t want to show off my arms. So this was a big miss.

The second Item was a pair of Yummy Joggers from the brand Shosho. They retail for $$23.49. They are soft and I could easily see myself working in them at my desk.  However, they don’t fit right.  They are a little long in the leg and despite the fact that they feel super soft on, I don’t like the shininess of the material. I think if they were closer fitting then the shiny material wouldn’t bother me so much, but because they are baggy the shininess makes them look ill-fitting rather than just intentionally baggy. They are good quality though so that was encouraging.   I was actually very disappointed that I didn’t like these pants. I really wanted to like them more than I did, so back they are going.

Finally we have arrived at the one piece I am keeping.  It is a Alex A Line dress in black (retail $34.49).  The brand is Zenana.  The material is soft and light weight enough for summer use.  The dress has some shape to it which I really like.  So often when you are larger, dresses are just formless sacks or they gather in places you don’t want them to gather. 

This dress pulls in at my ribs and has a decorative gather in the middle  so it has some detail (although not much) and it has a loose skirt that comes down long enough for me to feel comfortable in.  The stitching is nice.  It is the sort of comfortable dress you can wear running around in during the spring and summer.  It isn’t something you’d wear out to a restaurant.  It is just a comfortable everyday dress.  Which at the moment is sort of what I need as I had to bid farewell to four of my favorite summer dresses during my spring closet clear out. I also happen to like black.  A large section of my closet is comprised of black clothing, however two of the three clothing items in my bag were black.  It would be nice to shake things up a bit. And in my color selection I didn’t really limit it. I just left it wide open for any color they wanted to choose. That will be another thing I will monitor in future bags.

While I want clothing that I like, I also went to be surprised and maybe pushed a little outside my comfort zone.   The dress I liked, and am keeping, is sort of the dead center bull’s eye of my comfort zone.  Which is both a good and a bad thing. I was sent something that I will wear and get a lot of use out if this summer and is something I would definitely have chosen on my own, but I also want a few surprises along the way, things that fit generally with what I like but I might not have known I wanted until I tried them on.

I know, I can be so picky sometimes.

All in all I have to say I am quite pleased by this month.  I know, it may not have sounded like it as I am only keeping one item, (and whined about not being surprised) but I genuinely had no real idea what to expect out of this Nadine West subscription.  It is also a first bag, a testing of the waters. Nadine doesn’t know me yet so I am going to give the bag, and the stylist/algorithm behind the bag a few months to see if they can come to grips with me. 

As my first foray into fashion subscriptions I am pleasantly please with the quality of the items and as I found one item in this initial bag that I liked it gives me hope that I will be able to find at least one item in the next bag so that my $9.78 styling fee will not be wasted.  I am sure that I can add a few decent quality, everyday wear items to my wardrobe. I’m not certain that this is the subscription I would turn to for dressier items, but perhaps it will surprise me.  As it is getting to know me, I am getting to know it. I think at the moment, I am willing to take that time and see how the subscription progresses. I also think this is a pretty easy clothing subscription to ease into.  I’m sure I’ll branch out in the future, but for now, this is a pretty good start.