Happy Hour: Hot Chocolate and Butter Cookies

Good afternoon my darlings. I know there was no face mask this afternoon. The truth is I was too sniffily and sneezy to enjoy it. Today my is a day Vick’s Vapor Rub and hot showers that envelope me with enough steam that I feel human again. I thought about a mask but then sneezed four times in a row and decided a face mask might not be the best notion.

Likewise cocktails are being skipped. Admittedly there may be a dram of Peppermint schnapps added to my hot chocolate. The Hot chocolate, if you look closely is a dark chocolate. I generally find the milk chocolate varieties to be too sweet for me so I either go for dark chocolate or Mexican Chocolate.

The Danish butter Cookies are partially because I wasn’t in a place to bake up a treat, and partially because we are still working our way through a lot of the holiday stockpile. plus I really like butter cookies. So many cookies just go over the top. Sugar cookies have to be iced. other treats have to be decadent fudge-y chocolaty creations. Or at least dipped in chocolate. And sprinkles.

The Danish Butter cookies are a rich buttery flaky cookie that doesn’t need to tack on extra flavors. It is simple a good, rich, buttery cookie. I love the texture of it as it crumbles in the mouth and I love the taste. So tonight it is a perfect accompaniment to my my peppermint schnapps laced dark chocolate filled mug. It isn’t a fancy happy hour, but it sort of suits the night. With my cold and the wind howling, bringing ice and snow with it, tonight’s happy hour selection seems just about perfect.