Ear Fleek January 2021 Subscription

I really like earrings.  I like long dangles that swing when I walk, I like the style they call crawlers that go up your ear instead of hanging down (although I’m not really fond of the name crawlers for an earring style).  I like expensive earrings and I’ll be honest, I like cheap earrings too. As long as they aren’t made of nickel, as it makes my ears itch.

Once masks became the norm I stopped wearing a lot of earrings because they tended to get tangled up in my mask and then get pulled and it was no fun.  Recently, I also realized that I was skipping a lot of things that made me happy. There was the practical side of course.  Because of hand washing and sanitizer I was wearing my rings less.  Masks cut down on earrings and my hair was almost constantly tied up. But I think part of it was just the constant stress of last year sort of locking things down. Sort of an internalized lockdown to match the external one. It made my world a less happy place and I realized I didn’t care for it.

While I’ll admit, I still leave my rings off when I go out, I have started wearing them at my desk and I have started wearing earrings again.  I am just more careful to separate the ones I wear out and the ones I wear at my desk to avoid issues.  To be honest, it makes me happy and even though I am still spending the bulk of my time at home, I am trying to remember to do things that make me happy at home instead of just locking them away for when I go out.

January’s earrings

And so I have subscribed to Ear Fleek. I had a subscription for a long time and then I cancelled it thinking I could try other subscriptions. And to be fair, I have tried other subscriptions and will be trying even more. But I really like Ear Fleek

I know they have two tiers, but I go for the lower cost one.  It is $3.49 per month. Oh yes, my darlings, let me repeat that, $3.49 per month.  They charge you on the 15th of the month and then ship the earrings out to you.  The pair I have here is the January earring set.  I am entered into the Minimalist category.

These earrings are short dangles that don’t come down much past my earlobe and therefore are safe to wear with masks.  They are three little squares linked up together.  As always Ear Fleek has earrings with no nickel in them so my ears won’t get itchy and puffy.  The retail value on the Earrings is $15.99 and I have to say that while I would never think of them as expensive earrings, they are of good quality and do not feel cheap.  I really like the design of these as well. It is simple but with interest to them.

Like I mentioned above, this is from the Minimalist category.  The other categories are Silly and Fun and Boho.  You can also click I don’t give a hoot and they will rotate different styles in each month.  You aren’t locked into the style either as you can change it at any time with just one click.  You can also purchase earrings that you didn’t get from other categories on their site if you see one that appeals to you.  Those earrings are offered at slightly lesser of a price than retail. They also have an inventory voting game where you click yes or no on various pairs of earrings so they can learn a bit more about your personal style.

Each month they come in a small mailer (with a bubble wrap mailer inside to protect the earrings and I have to say, I always get excited when I see the mailer.  And because the cost is so low, even if it is a pair that isn’t really for me, I’m not disappointed as I can just pass them on and not feel like it is a waste. I know that my taste isn’t everyone’s taste so there is always someone I an patch them too even if I don’t like them. 

It is amazing how much joy I get out of the $3.49 subscription.  And for now, the minimalist category works for me so that I can build up the type of earrings that I can wear with my mask and not cause the trauma of pulling. At some point I may decide I have enough of this category and go Silly and Fun or even Boho.  For now this one works for me and I am very much enjoying my Ear Fleek Earrings.

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Ear Fleek December 2019

December’s earrings

That’s right folks it is time again for my least costly and arguably most fun subscription, Ear Fleek. For those who don’t know, Ear Fleek is a monthly subscription where for $3.49 you are mailed one pair of earrings guaranteed to be nickel free.

I have to say as a subscription service, I have never had any problems with them. They bill on the 15th of the month and mail out the same day. In this case the 15th was a Sunday so they mailed on the 16th and arrived here on the 20th.

This month’s selection is a nice set of dangles that have a simple black disk circular pattern.  I can’t say that I would actually have chosen them myself if I were in a store, but I like the way they swing from my earlobes, especially when I wear my hair up.  These are not earrings I can wear with my hair down as my hair would et all tangled in them and ruin any effect they were supposed to have.

While I wouldn’t have picked them out at first glance, I do like them and will more than likely wear them. I wear a lot of black so the disk color is actually perfect for me. To be honest, I think that is one of the reasons that I really like this subscription.  For very little money I can try out earrings I may not have actually chosen for myself and most times, I actually like them.  In fact I don’t think I’ve actually gotten a pair of earrings from this subscription that I wouldn’t wear.

I chose the subscription category of ‘I don’t give a hoot’ letting them chose my earrings randomly instead of sticking to a specific category specifically because I wanted to be surprised and push myself out of my comfort zone at least a little. My thoughts are always, since I paid for them I might as well wear them at least once. Then after wearing them I generally like them so its a win.

I was worried that I would get a solely holiday earrings as it is December. I don’t really have a problem with Holiday earrings but the subscription does tend to come towards the end of the month which would give me a limited time to wear them. This way I get to wear them more.

In my end of year evaluation of my various subscription services, I can definitely declare that this is one I plan to keep in the new year. If you are interested in building your everyday earring collection, I’d suggest giving them a try. They have several categories to choose from whether you are in the categories of minimalist or more fun and funky. With the low subscription price, it is hard not to like Ear Fleek.

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Ear Fleek Review November 2019

Ear Fleek November 2019 Earrings

That’s right folks it is once again time for my favorite and most often forgotten subscription, Ear Fleek. While there are two tiers, I have the $3.49 subscription (yup, that’s right three dollars and forty nine cents). For that price each month (charged on the 15th and mailed pretty much the same day) I get one pair of earrings guaranteed to be nickel free. As nickel is the metal that makes my ears itch, I am very happy with that. There are three categories, Minimalist but Groovy, Silly and Fun, or BoHo Babe. Or you could go with what I went with and that is I Don’t Give a Hoot. And yes that is an actual category.

Personally, I like the category. It is always a surprise and while many earrings aren’t ones I would normally have picked out for myself, many of those turn out to be my favorites. Occasionally something comes my way that I just have to pass on to a friend, but for the most part I like each pair enough to try wearing them for at least one day. Usually I try them and find I actually like them and thus put them in rotation.

This month I was so concerned with getting all of the things I ordered for christmas in before leaving for my Thanksgiving travels that other packages were foremost in my mind. I found this month’s selection as a bright envelope placed delicately on top of a stack of brown and white packages by my mail man. The mostly pink graphics really stood out. And while it was the least expensive item in the lot, it was one of my favorites. Admittedly it was also the only one for me and the only one I didn’t have to open, remove from packaging, wrap and put back into packaging (many on my gift giving list live far far away, hence the early shopping requirement).

close up of this month’s selection. The rhinestone is actually imbedded in the metal rather than just glued on the front.

This month’s selection is a rather simple silver bar earring jazzed up with a rhinestone decoration.While I have plain bar earrings in both silver and rose gold, I currently had none with the jazzy bit. I have to say, I kind of like it. while it is still simple enough to wear every day it is also a little bit festive. Tis the season I suppose. And I am sure I will get many uses out of them this season as well.

For anyone interested my referral code is HERE. I think I get a discount on a pair of earrings if you use it (which seems kind of amusing given the price of the subscription). If you are interested and don’t want to use the referral code, no worries, you can always just go to earfleek.com to check out the subscription service on your own. If anyone out there actually has the more expensive $9 subscription to ear fleek, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Is it better than the regular one or on par? Personally I like the lower priced one because I can completely forget it and be surprised without feeling like I’ve wasted anything but I am curious. I’ll probably try it out at some point just for a comparison, but right now, I really love my basic subscription.

Ear Fleek October 2019

The envelope and packaging containing My Ear Fleek subscription

It is time again for the least expensive and most often forgotten subscription ever, Ear Fleek. I know they have more expensive subscriptions, but I get the $3.49 subscription and with it get one pair of earrings sent to me a month. You can check it out HERE. That is linked to my referral code or if you are uncomfortable with that, you can just go to earfleek.com to check it out.

I think one of my favorite things about this subscription is that because the price is so low, I don’t worry about tracking packages and I often forget about it. With other, more expensive subscriptions I look at the tracking number and tend to click on it repeatedly following its progress from warehouse to my mailbox. (yes, I am one of those). With this subscription I so often forget to check on it that I am likely to open my mailbox and let out a surprised and pleased “Oh” when I see it has arrived.

Not entirely sure where the beard like shadow came from, but these are the earrings from this month’s subscription. The textured grooves on the triangle give them more shine than I would have thought.

The graphics are unmistakable and I have to say it is quite pleasant to see it sandwiched between the bills. It is a very pleasing addition to my day, even when the earrings are not to my taste.

This month however, I really liked my selection. I received small dangling triangles. The silver triangles are textured and have a small rhinestone stud at the apex. They are small enough that I can forget I am wearing them and add just a little sparkle to the earlobes. It is a great everyday pair of earrings and I am sure I will be getting a lot of use out of them, especially as their earrings never contain any nickel (which makes my ears itch). And its nice to add a little touch of subtle bling to my day every now and again.

Ear Fleek Review September 2019

Ear Fleek September 2019

There is something about dangling earrings that just makes me happy. I don’t know if it is just feeling them swing as I move throughout the day or what, but I really like them. This month’s selection from Ear Fleek is no exception. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have chosen these on my own. I probably would have passed them by if I saw them in a store.

I do however like them when I put them in my ears. The weight of the round ball at the end of the short chain provides just the right amount of swing and the stud up at the ear lobe provides just the right amount of sparkle. They aren’t plain but they are basic enough to be worn with most things I own and can go from office to out with no problems. A lot of my fun earrings can’t be worn in work environments (or are at least frowned on) and my work earrings always seem too subdued when going out. This rides that middle line between the two very well.

As always the Ear Fleek program I am in has the monthly subscription at a lovely $3.49 per month. They have a higher priced subscription and offer more expensive earrings through it, but I like my inexpensive subscription. I will say though, I have noticed that their shipping has changed a little since they added the second subscription. Prior, the money for the earrings would be taken out of my account on the 15th of the month and later that day the earrings would be shipped out. They would arrive at my mailbox generally around the 18th.

I don’t know if they have changed something in shipping or if they shifted priorities internally, or if it is my post office adjusting things, but things changed. Now they still take the money out on the 15th, but I don’t get a shipping noticed until the 18th or so. And this month’s selection arrived on the 23rd. I know it isn’t much of a change in the grand scheme of things, and to be honest it doesn’t really bother me. I only keep track of things so that if I have to go out of town I know when things are coming in.

Anyway, if you are interested in checking out Ear Fleek to see if either of their programs is right for you, I highly encourage it. I’ve enjoyed each month I’ve been subscribed. You can check them out by clicking HERE or if you don’t want to use my referral code by simply going to earfleek.com.

Ear Fleek August 2019 Review

Aear Fleek August 2019

This is not only my lowest cost monthly subscription, it is my favorite as well. I think because I always forget about it and so it comes as a surprise. The basic Ear Fleek Subscription is $3.49 per month. When doing my monthly budget, I put it into the reckoning of the accounts and then forget about it. The money is taken out on the 15th of the month and a few days later a graphics covered envelope arrives in the mailbox. It uses bright comic book colors and always makes me smile.

There are categories you can choose from, but I stick with the surprise me category and just see what shows up. This month it was a sweet little set of earrings shaped like flowers in rose gold. While not the most exciting pair of earings I own, they are simple and wearable for any occasion. I don’t own a lot of stud like earrings so these actually add to a category where I am lacking. I know I will get a great deal of use out of them.

I also know that as they are nickel free I will not have itchy ear after wearing them, which is a major plus.

They do have a more expensive option, where you no doubt get more expensive earrings but it is a little over $9. While still not much in the grand scheme of things. I think I would pay more attention to those earrings and possibly judge them more harshly. I doubt I will ever switch to that tier of their product line though, because with the low cost I never feel like I am wasting my money (even when the earrings aren’t exactly to my taste and I pass them on) and quite frankly, I like the happy little surprise in my mail box each month.

If you are interested in checking out Ear Fleek, you can use my referral code by clicking HERE or simply go to earfleek.com.

Ear Fleek July 2019 Review

Ear Fleek July 2019

I know this is my least expensive subscription, But I have to say, it is the one that brings me the most consistent smiles. The basic subscription is $3.49 per month. You can either choose one of three categories (Fun, Minimalist or Boho) or you can go with the anything goes category and be surprised. And all their earrings are nickel free, so no itchy ear, at least for me anyway which is usually my big issue with cheap earrings.

I chose the Anything goes and have so far been happy with that decision. This month’s earrings aren’t ones I would normally choose for myself. In a store I would normally see them, think ‘pretty’ and then keep going.

However once they are on, I kind of like them. They swing with my movements and the rings sometimes jangle a bit in a pleasing way. It is not what I would have chosen, but I also kind of like the fact that they aren’t what I would have chosen. I have a tendency to get into a bit of a rut and will grab the same pair of earrings over and over from my dressing table.

When I get a new pair of earrings I almost feel like I have to wear them. (or if they are really something I wouldn’t wear, pass them on) Letting them sit unworn makes me feel as though I wasted my money, even if it was a low price.

I think it is definitely a good thing to shake myself out of my rut every now and again. And $3.49 is a pretty low cost to do it consistently. Plus it’s always a bit of a surprise. I tend to forget that the earrings are on their way and just get a pleasant surprise when I open my mail box. And pleasant surprises aren’t a bad thing either. I know that Ear Fleek has a premium category now where you can pay $9.93 for a more expensive pair of earrings. I’m sure that is nice too, but I kind of like my lower cost tier. I would pay more attention to $9 going out of my account each month than I would $3 and I think I would judge the earrings more harshly. This is just …fun. Even if I get a pair I don’t like, I just can’t be mad at it.

If you are interested in more particulars I am posting my referral link below. I think I get points if you use it. If you don’t want to use it no problem. Just go to earfleek.com.

Referral Code: https://www.earfleek.com/refer/Valer-ZFJBDCGZ

Ear Fleek Unboxing June 2019

EarFleek June 2019

I know, it’s July. But despite being one of my favorite subscriptions, Ear Fleek is one of my occasionally overlooked ones as well. Partially because it is just $3.49 a month making the cost easy to forget (Although they have started a premier track for $9.93 a month now. I think the earrings are higher quality since it looks like you still only get one pair a month. Personally I’ve never had a problem with my subscription or the product quality).

Partially it gets overlooked because the package is small enough to get shuffled into the other mail. My package this month was buried under a couple of catalogs. Once I realized it was missing I went on the hunt and located it. The account is charged on the 15th of each month and depending on the day of the week, the earrings are either sent out that day or the next business day.

A better photo of the earrings

While I tried taking a picture of the package above, it is really hard to see the earrings so here is another picture. This month was the minimalist sliver bars for me. I have to say I really like them. (Just ignore my chipped nail polish)

There are different categories. I think this is part of the Minimalist but Groovy category although I am in the I Don’t Give a Hoot subscription.) The categories are Silly & Fun, Minimalist but Groovy, BoHo Babe, and I Don’t Give a Hoot. All of the earrings are nickle free. Since that is generally what makes my ears itch from cheap earrings, I appreciate that fact.

The pair I got this month are ones I think I will wear on a regular basis. They are simple enough not to feel out of place when conducting business, but with a little bit of swing which always makes me feel happy.

If anyone is interested, I’ve pasted my referral code below. I think I get points if you use it, but don’t feel like you have to. You can always just go to EarFleek.com.

Referral Code, just click HERE