Ear Fleek January 2021 Subscription

I really like earrings.  I like long dangles that swing when I walk, I like the style they call crawlers that go up your ear instead of hanging down (although I’m not really fond of the name crawlers for an earring style).  I like expensive earrings and I’ll be honest, I like cheap earrings too. As long as they aren’t made of nickel, as it makes my ears itch.

Once masks became the norm I stopped wearing a lot of earrings because they tended to get tangled up in my mask and then get pulled and it was no fun.  Recently, I also realized that I was skipping a lot of things that made me happy. There was the practical side of course.  Because of hand washing and sanitizer I was wearing my rings less.  Masks cut down on earrings and my hair was almost constantly tied up. But I think part of it was just the constant stress of last year sort of locking things down. Sort of an internalized lockdown to match the external one. It made my world a less happy place and I realized I didn’t care for it.

While I’ll admit, I still leave my rings off when I go out, I have started wearing them at my desk and I have started wearing earrings again.  I am just more careful to separate the ones I wear out and the ones I wear at my desk to avoid issues.  To be honest, it makes me happy and even though I am still spending the bulk of my time at home, I am trying to remember to do things that make me happy at home instead of just locking them away for when I go out.

January’s earrings

And so I have subscribed to Ear Fleek. I had a subscription for a long time and then I cancelled it thinking I could try other subscriptions. And to be fair, I have tried other subscriptions and will be trying even more. But I really like Ear Fleek

I know they have two tiers, but I go for the lower cost one.  It is $3.49 per month. Oh yes, my darlings, let me repeat that, $3.49 per month.  They charge you on the 15th of the month and then ship the earrings out to you.  The pair I have here is the January earring set.  I am entered into the Minimalist category.

These earrings are short dangles that don’t come down much past my earlobe and therefore are safe to wear with masks.  They are three little squares linked up together.  As always Ear Fleek has earrings with no nickel in them so my ears won’t get itchy and puffy.  The retail value on the Earrings is $15.99 and I have to say that while I would never think of them as expensive earrings, they are of good quality and do not feel cheap.  I really like the design of these as well. It is simple but with interest to them.

Like I mentioned above, this is from the Minimalist category.  The other categories are Silly and Fun and Boho.  You can also click I don’t give a hoot and they will rotate different styles in each month.  You aren’t locked into the style either as you can change it at any time with just one click.  You can also purchase earrings that you didn’t get from other categories on their site if you see one that appeals to you.  Those earrings are offered at slightly lesser of a price than retail. They also have an inventory voting game where you click yes or no on various pairs of earrings so they can learn a bit more about your personal style.

Each month they come in a small mailer (with a bubble wrap mailer inside to protect the earrings and I have to say, I always get excited when I see the mailer.  And because the cost is so low, even if it is a pair that isn’t really for me, I’m not disappointed as I can just pass them on and not feel like it is a waste. I know that my taste isn’t everyone’s taste so there is always someone I an patch them too even if I don’t like them. 

It is amazing how much joy I get out of the $3.49 subscription.  And for now, the minimalist category works for me so that I can build up the type of earrings that I can wear with my mask and not cause the trauma of pulling. At some point I may decide I have enough of this category and go Silly and Fun or even Boho.  For now this one works for me and I am very much enjoying my Ear Fleek Earrings.

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