The Daily: September 15th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings. Today was a lot quieter in some ways than others. No fire engines screaming down the street in front of my house today for one thing. Which i always appreciate. However today my baby doll was home for part of the day. He scheduled several different doctors visits today, Nothing’s wrong they are the standard check up sorts of appointments. He just has a habit of scheduling them on the same day. They were not scheduled together though. So instead of leaving the house at his normal work time, he took his time this morning before his first apointment.

A lot of his taking his time involved strolling in for conversations with me. They weren’t major conversations. He just had things occur to him that he felt like mentioning. He remembered I hadn’t made the crab dip he liked in quite a while (it is both high caloric and absolutely delicious) and he wanted to know if we could have it as a celebratory treat when i returned from my mothers. He also strolled in to ask me the name of the actor in the show he likes.

And yes that was how he put it. He couldn’t remember the name of the show. So we played twenty questions until he figured it out. which is fun but it sort of broke up my morning a bit. I caught up when he went to his first appointment and then slowed down again when he returned to tell me not only about how his appointment went but about some parking lot antics. (it is an eight slot parking lot for a two story building filled with medical offices. I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea but it has led to a more or less permanent state of war between them and the more spacious parking for the dental surgery offices next door.

After a while he left for his second appointment. I’m sure when he returns there will be another conversation. It is more an amusement than a complaint actually. He often claims that when he is home and i am still working he is so silent and unobtrusive that I can forget he is there. And if I mention his little visits he will say something like “one time, i came in one time in all the days i was home while you were working.’ And he honestly believes it. Which i just find amusing.

Especially since I spent yesterday catching up and even getting a little bit ahead. So that was my morning. I did manage to put on my makeup today. I went for a super quick five minute look though.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: One Size Turn Up the Base Powder Foundation

Bronzer: Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronze

Blush: Illamasqua Gel Blusher

Highlight: The Beauty Bakerie Milk and Honey Palette

Eyeshadow: Lawless Beauty The Baby One Palette

Mascara: Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara

Lipstick: Mac Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath

I am almost finished with this Elf primer. There are only one or two uses left of product in the container so i will finish it out and then go back to rotating through my primers. I do have a back up of this primer in the drawer so it will be in rotation but this one is almost done. this is one of those primers that is well worth keeping around. It works so well with most foundations. They make a variety of them now but I still go for the original one as it works best for me.

Today was a quick makeup look and i am still testing out the One Size powder foundation. This is a pretty good foundation to use in a hurry. I did a quick stipple like application with my foundation brush and got a pretty good light/edging into medium coverage really quickly without it looking powdery. The more i use this foundation the more i am liking it actually. As I didn’t have the best performance with the One Size Eyeshadows it is a pleasant surprise.

I used the ABH Bronzer today as I hadn’t used it in a while. it was probably not the right bronzer for the day. It is very pigmented and wants something way more dramatic than my casual every day look. If needs a medium to full coverage foundation to stand on. I went in lightly and still had to blend out a bit more than I planned. This is a highly pigmented bronzer that wants to give you that well defined contour line. It did not want to be bothered with a low key look.

I love the Illamasqua blusher. It blends easily and I think I prefer cream products with this powder foundation. I don’t think it is as necessary to go for the cream products as it was when I tested out the Covergirl Aqua Smooth, but I think the cream products help the powder foundation from becoming powdery. It isn’t powdery on it’s own, but I think layering powder products on top could make it so. At least I seem to be liking it more with the cream products thus far in this test.

I took out the beauty bakery Highlighter palette because it always makes it through my declutters because it looks so pretty and swatches well. when applying it though it seems to be more sparkle and less glow. I may play around with it a bit more to decide if it stays or not. I don’t think it went too sparkly today but I prefer the glow highlighters rather than the glitter. This might be right on the edge. More use and observation is clearly needed.

With the eyeshadow I went for a one and done look today. Oddly this shadow I used (Shade Cozy Bundle) was a bit more patchy than the other shadows I’ve used from the palette. I managed to get it to blend out (I applied with one shadow brush and then took a clean blending brush over the top of it. Given how easily the other shadows have blended I didn’t think I would need the second brush for a one shadow look. It isn’t a major issue, but something to think about as I continue to play around with this palette.

I went with the Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara today. I like it as a good solid everyday mascara but I tend to get a little bit more length than volume from the formula. it isn’t a dramatic formula but a good everyday one.

And finally I ended with the Mac lipstick. Mac is a familiar standby and one I will continue to use. For me this is a good warm neutral lipstick. it applies well and easily. It is a buillet style lipstick so it needs to be reapplied after lunch but it doesn’t dry out the lips or do too much crumbling. It is as always a nice formula.

And that my darlings is todays look. It was quick and easy and designed more to be used at the desk or running to the grocery store than anything else. As my day has more or less involved sitting at my desk and will later involve a quick run to the grocery store (we ran out of eggs, well not so much ran out as my babydoll knocked the carton into the sink and caused an egg-tastic explosion, but we are still out). So this look works for me. But now I need to run. I hope the rest of your Thursday is absolutely fabulous.

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The Daily: June 23rd, 2022

Okay deep breathe my darlings. After yesterday, today has been a veritable ocean of calm. This morning I got up early, I walked when the temperature outside was only 75 degrees, which while still warm felt like a cool autumn afternoon compared to the last few weeks. Admittedly my walk was done before eight am. Then around eleven I slipped in some yoga. I had a delightful Smoothie for lunch (Yup, another Chocolate one from Smoothie box. I’m not normally a huge chocolate fan but this strikes the right balance for me and I absolutely adore them)

In a surprisingly calm day, work just flowed and even though my work load is heavier today to help makeup for yesterday, I did work a little late last night so it is not overwhelming.

Yesterday was just a flying mass of crazy.

There was car trouble on one end of town and the mechanics clear on the other side of town. So there was the drive to rescue, the drive to repair and since I was crisscrossing town anyway I just added in a few other things that I was going to have to do later this week and weekend anyway to the list since I was there. It will make Friday and the weekend feel luxuriously easy, which I suppose is the real birthday present for myself (Birthday is Monday).

So despite everything, mostly the heat making me crazy because the air in my car does not work so it was a very sweaty adventure, I actually got a lot done yesterday. It wasn’t what I expected and it wasn’t done in the order I planned, but they were things that had to be done. So that’s like achieving a goal unexpectedly. Which feels way more like a positive now than it did yesterday. Perspective, I suppose, can be everything.

But a cold shower often helps too.

Today’s Look:

Today’s Look:

Primer: ELF Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-caring Glow Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush: Dominique Cosmetics Silk Tone Cream Blush

Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette

Mascara: Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara

Lips: Yensa Super 8 Lip oil in Pink Shine

With one or two changes, this should look more or less like the rest of the week. I ran out of the Sephora primer so I chose instead a classic favorite with the Elf. It is a great primer and because I’ve used it so often for so long, I know exactly how it performs. Knowing how it performs (and loving it) as well as keeping the face products more or less the same are kind of key for me when testing a new foundation. Especially one that has a one shot sample try on. On Monday I used all of these products with a tried and true foundation that I love (albeit a discontinued one) and so I can compare the samples to how that performed. the same slate of products serving as a sort of control in the process.

I also really like almost everything on this list. I think the Patrick Ta is just okay as far as Mascara goes. It isn’t really blowing me away with major volume, but everything else on the list is either a long time favorite or a new product that is really impressing me. The Blush is blending well and lasting all day. And even though the Urban decay is a fairly Neutral palette my love of bronze colored shadows means that I really want to reach for it. I’ll still be using it next week and give a full review next Thursday but my personal preferences make it a really good palette for me.

The Laura Mercier doesn’t want to come out of the little holes and keeps bunching up behind the plastic screen, but the powder itself is really good.

Not my favorite look with this palette, but i was trying out the lighter mattes

Which of course leaves is with the foundation sample. This one is from Givenchy. It is a blister pack and I did have to combine two shades to have enough product to use. So how did it perform? It performed well. It stayed in place all day with only a little settling in the lines around the corners of my mouth. It was a little on the glow-y side but not too overpowering with the glow. It looked quite nice. It felt a little heavier than either the Giorgio Armani of Tuesday or even one of my favorite foundations the Yensa BC Foundation (which is rapidly what I am starting to compare foundations to actually it is the one I want to reach for most mornings.)

Admittedly part of that ‘weight’ might be the scent. With the scent I couldn’t forget I was wearing it. It is a perfumed foundation. It is a light and pleasing perfumed scent, but throughout the day I would find myself moving about and catching a whiff of scent and wonder what it was before I remembered, oh year, its my foundation. It is not a bad scent. I actually like it. I just don’t like the scent on my face. This week I am not wearing a perfume because I just didn’t feel like it (sometimes I get that way when it is hot, all scents become a bit much) I think I might have had a bit of an issue had I been wearing scent. I do not want to have to scent coordinate between my foundation and my perfume. (or hair products or skincare, etc.) If I was head over heels in love with the way the foundation looked and performed, maybe I would be more inclined to over look the scent. But the foundation is good, not spectacular and for me, the perfumed scent of it edged it into the probably not for me category. If it happened to come in a subscription box (although a not very realistic scenario as I have never seen Givenchy in any subscription box) I would use it for a more fulsome trial, but as a sample packet I have the one shot to judge and todays use does not make me want to pick up a bottle for a full test. while I am sure the Armani foundation will end up as a full trial at some point, I doubt very much that I will be seeing this Givenchy again. It looks good, I just can’t get past the scent.

But I find it helpful to know what I don’t like as well as what I do, so for me, this was a very useful test, even if I do prefer larger samples to test out. As I am already looking forward to removing this foundation tonight, that’s pretty much all the sample I need. And so it is back to work for me. have a great rest of your Thursday my darlings. I’ll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning.

The Daily: April 25th, 2022

Can you believe this is the last week of April? I swear I have no idea how that happened. The months with only thirty days always seem to go fast, as do the month’s with holidays and this one had both, plus an extra visit. I’m pretty sure that was where all the time disappeared.

Sorry, it just sort of surprised me when i looked at the calendar this morning. It shouldn’t, but it did. So good Monday afternoon on this the last week of April. It is going to be a busy one. At least for me. This weekend the weather turned into spring and looked like it was going to permanently leave winter behind. How much Spring we get is always up for debate. Last year spring made a very brief appearance before summer came roaring in. I’m hoping for a little bit of a longer spring this year. But the spring planting is now done. All of the plants growing steadily in my greenhouse are now planted.

Well at least the first stringer are planted. Now that they are out, I am starting seeds for the next round and this week the direct sowing of seed will be done in the evenings. Then I just have to remember my watering schedule and hope that the weather is my friend this year instead of my enemy. My nails were demolished over the weekend and I have already started to look at a selection of ImPress nails for when I actually have to look presentable. I’ve also ordered a couple of nail treatment options to keep everything healthy.

I don’t know if you’ve tried Impress, but for me in the summer they are a life saver when i suddenly have to look presentable. Even with gloves gardening just does a number on my nails. ImPress and Kiss Nails are both part of the same parent company (I think Joah is also a part of them at least the website is all the same thing.) I like both Kiss and Impress, but Kiss tends to require nail glue (or at least the ones I’ve picked up do) and Impress has the sticky back attached. I prefer that since it is less of a mess. Plus the sticky back lasts about a week. Which means for me, I can do what needs doing in the garden Saturday morning, apply the nails for any Saturday Afternoon/evening events and then wear them all week. By the time I’m ready to work in the garden again, they are ready to come off. It is kind of the perfect solution for me.

After trashing my nails planting potatoes this weekend, I spent a great deal of time picking out a selection of colors. Which is usually the sign that my pre-summer stock up is imminent. I was amused to find they had tips and toes collections as well now so you can match everything. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of press on toenails but I can see the appeal. I might have to try those out at some point. But that is for another day.

Today’s Look:

Pre Makeup base: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Yensa Super Serum Silk Foundation

Powder/Bronzer/blush/highlighter: Pur 4-in-1 Perfecting Powders Palette

Eyeshadow: Sandbar Mirage palette

Mascara: Big Poppa from Wet ‘n wild

Lips: Yensa Super 8 Lip oil in Pink Shine

While I am still testing out the Mirage palette from Sandbar, today was really all about the foundation. This is my first use of the New Yensa Silk Serum foundation. It is actually a new product. I can’t remember when it came out but it really hasn’t been out that long and it keeps selling out. I kept going onto the website and finding that it was out of stock. When it was an item in my IPSY bag this month I was thrilled. Especially since it arrived just a I was wrapping up the trial of the Yensa BC cream foundation (which I adore).

This was my first use of the foundation and thus far I kind of like it. The scent is slightly floral, slightly skincare scented. It reminds me of Vitamin C serums, which as this does have vitamin c in it shouldn’t be surprising. One pump was enough to cover my entire face, which was nice. Today I used it with a matte primer and I did not use concealer. I don’t think it is as glow-y as the BC cream so tomorrow I am going to try a non matte primer with it. I think it might work with them which would be nice. And as the look did come off a little more matte than I wanted I think illuminating primers might work better with this one.

Thus far it is performing well, however I think tomorrow I might roll in a concealer. I don’t think this formula is as full coverage as the BC cream. But for today this works as a good first use.

The Elf Primer and Big Poppa mascara are fantastic, as always.

I picked up the Pur palette because I just wanted something simple to grab and go. I tend to use this palette all summer but haven’t reached for it in a while. The reason is that the bronzer is my summer shade. It was too dark today so I spent a bit of time taming it down and blending it out. it worked in the end , but I think some of the powdery look today came from that. This is definitely a summer palette for me and despite spending time outside this weekend, my skin is not quite ready for it. This Is a July palette for me. I like the formulas, its just a bit dark at the moment.

And then we have the eyeshadow palette. Today I did a two matte look just to see how it worked. I only had to dip into the pan once for this brown. I did tap off the powder before applying. Then I blended it out. It was highly pigmented. I then used the matte pink to tame it down a bit. The two shades blended well together, but they were highly pigmented. Which is something to remember. Go in with a light touch and definitely tap off the brush or you will end up with fall out.

And I wrapped up with the Yensa Lip oil. It too is a favorite summer product. It is also one of the products that keeps me from snacking at my desk. When applied I just don’t want to eat anything until it absorbs. which it does after a time. It is a great looking gloss while you wait for it to absorb. It also smells slightly watermelon-y and doesn’t taste bad. I actually picked it up today not only because it looks good and is easy but because I need to look into reordering for Summer. I have a thumb’s width worth of product left and while I will use every drop, it is my favorite lip oil and I want to have it on hand.

And so that was today’s look. Mostly products I know with a couple to test out. And really the first day of trying out a new foundation is always about the foundation. It just covers too much of my face for it not to be. I think key for me is going to be thinking of this foundation as it’s own thing and not comparing it so much to the BC Full coverage. that is going to be the trick. i wanted to try them close together for comparison’s sake, but I need to see how they work independently.

But now it is back to work for me as we race towards the end of the month. Good luck with your own tasks for the day!

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The Daily: February 21st, 2022

BGood afternoon my darlings and welcome to president’s day. I don’t know if you have the day off, but if you do I hope you are having a fabulous day. I chose to work for part of the day and then take part of the afternoon off. Actually after this post I will be turning off the computer for the rest of the day. Since my sinus headache from last week put me a little bit behind last week I wanted to do a little catching up today. My babydoll has the day off though so he has been trying to let me get some work done.

It isn’t easy for him the more he knows he should leave me alone, the more he wants to pester. At the moment he is making a list of all the things that we could do this after noon, which is why this post is a little early. I had lunch with him and told him to make a list while I finished up. So before he finishes his list and the pestermonster returns, lets get into today’s look.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: Natasha Denona Transformatte Foundation

Bronzer: Trestique Bronzing Stick

Blush and Highlight: Natasha Denona Bloom Blush and Glow Palette

Powder: Ciate London The Extraordinary Powder

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked 3

Mascara: Elizabeth Mott It’s so Big Mascara

Lips Trestique Mini Lip Crayon in English Rose

I know I was going to wait to open the new Elf Primer until I finished at least one more primer, but I couldn’t resist. It is such a great primer. So I caved and opened it. And I loved using it.

I am also loving this Natasha Denona Transformatte. Last week I did try to use a makeup sponge to apply it, but I found I used twice as much product. The foundation still looked okay but it was heavier than I liked. With just the brush I was able to apply it in a lesser amount and quite honestly I like it much better this way. This is proving to be a very nice foundation.

The Trestique bronzing stick is a long time favorite as are the lip crayons. I have the minis in the sheer and the matte formulas and for a long time I just kept them out in a jar on my dressing table. As a result I found I was reaching for them almost exclusively. So I put them out of my line of sight so that I could vary my product use. They are great lip crayons though. Great color and very comfortable to wear. The minis kit was a great way to try different shades and I am marking the ones I like best to purchase in the full size. I enjoyed getting these lip crayons out again just as I enjoyed the bronzer. I also love that the bronzer is now refillable.

I decided that since I was wearing the Natosha Denona foundation, I might as well go with the blush as well. I really like the blush and highlight in this palette. It is just larger than many of my other blushes so I don’t store it in the same drawer and because of that I tend to forget to take it out and use it. The shades suit me really well and they are fantastically belendable. I really need to remember to use it more often. I loved using it today.

The mascara I am not a huge fan of. It is fine but not something I will repurchase. I am trying to use it now because it is reaching the end of its life so I want to use it up as much as possible before letting it go.

I deliberately chose the Urban Decay Palette today because it was my go to everyday palette for a while. As I have been trying out the Juvia’s place and it is very much an everyday Palette I wanted to do a quick compare. I think there is more variety of shades in the urban decay making it a much more versatile palette. It has the basics but it isn’t boring. It also has more pans than the other palette, but it does have everything I want in a neutrals palette without becoming boring, which is kind of hard to do. Plus I really like the palette and was happy to bring it out again.

So that my darlings was my makeup look for the day. with the exception of the mascara, I enjoyed everything. And the mascara was fine, just a bit meh. And if that is the worst of the lot, its a pretty good day. But now I am seeing my babydoll lurking around the doorway so I am going to call it a day and spend the rest of the afternoon running around town with him. Whether you are working or have the day off, I hope you have a fantastic afternoon.

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The Daily: June 14th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. For me this week is all about getting back on track and losing the massive amount of stress I’ve been carrying around for the past few weeks. Everything seems to have settled down and the details are known so there are no pending nightmare scenarios.

Which is kind of a relief.

and this week I can actually focus on myself again.

Which sounds a little strange to say, but as soon as anything major comes along anything that I am doing just for me is the first thing that gets jettisoned from the schedule. It is just the way life works. But now that everyone is sorted I can be a little more selfish with my time.

Which again isn’t a bad thing. When working on your health it is okay to be selfish. And while you are doing it for yourself, you are in a way doing it for those you love too. If that helps you feel a little less selfish. And yes I struggle with feeling guilty for taking tome out of the day just to work on me. It is something I struggle with.

But you didn’t come here for my personal therapy. Or at least I didn’t anticipate giving it.

Today I hit the gym and while it will never be my happy place, it did feel good to get back into the routine bright and early Monday morning. In addition I went on a walk. I went early and I sweated like I was melting. while I did use my Volition Prismatic Sunscreen on my face, when I sprayed down my arms leg and neck with the Neutrogena Beach defense spray sunscreen I went ahead and gave my face an extra coating. This turned out to be a bad idea. The Neutrogena may do well with sea spray, but it didn’t do well with the sweat. It dripped into my eyes while I walked and stung. it wasn’t damaging but it wasn’t pleasant.

So note to self: Don’t use the Neutrogena on the face when spraying down for a sweaty walk.

Otherwise it is a nice light sunscreen.

For the arms and legs. Not near the eyes.

But the remains were washed away in the shower and we moved on.

Today’s Look:

Primer Elf Poreless Putty Primer

  • Elf is still having a mass clearance sale on until June 18th if you are looking to stock up.

Foundation: Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

Bronzer: Tarte’s Park Ave Princess Contour palette (I also used this as my eyeshadow today)

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

  • 25% off Friends and Family Sale with the code: BAREBFF

Highlighter: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Mascara: Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

Eyeliner: Eyeko London Fat eyeliner

Lips: Dr. Lipp Red Radish Tint

Setting Spray: MAC Fix +

Today I picked up the Tom Ford Foundation to use. I really like the light weight feel of it and the way it looks on my skin. It does have the tendency to settle into the lines around my mouth by the end of the day, but only a little bit. To fight it, I just need a pore filling primer. Once the pore filling primer is in place there are no issues with settling. So the primer I chose was the ELF poreless Putty Primer. It worked fantastically well. I use my bronzer palette for both my bronzer and my eyes today, mostly because there are shades in the bronzer/contour palette I am never going to use on my cheeks and I wanted to keep things simple as I played with the mascara and eyeliner.

With the eyeliner I mostly wanted to make certain it hadn’t dried out. I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner but when I do I tend to reach for the Eyeko liners. They always create a smooth line with no skipping and don’t fade throughout the day. For eyeliners they have been my standard for a really long time.

To be honest it was all about the mascara today. I saw that IPSY announced their August Glam Bag X for August. As I am still on the fence about that category I took a look through the newly released details. The Collaborator this time will be Halsey which I am happy with and the two products listed as possibilities in the bag are the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer and the Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara. Ive used Tatcha Skincare before and absolutely love their cleanser, but I haven’t tried any makeup from them and as you know I love primers I am thrilled to have a chance to try it out. The Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara I have so I went ahead and pulled it to use today.

It is a decent mascara but not a fabulous one. I found I had to build it up with a couple of layers. But it didn’t smudge once it dried and there was no flaking. For me it falls into the ‘happy to use if I have it, but probably wouldn’t go out and buy it’. Which is fine. If I ended up getting it, I would use it. I am more excited about the primer though, but then I am almost always going to be more excited about the primer.

This was my first use of the Dr. Lip Tint which came in my Look Fantastic Box this month. It goes on smoothly and oddly isn’t as thick as the regula Dr. Lipp balm, which I actually like. The original can be a bit intense. The tint is very light and fades away quickly but the shine tends to remain longer and my lips felt really nourished after wearing it.

Likewise this was my first use of the MAC Fix + Setting Spray. I originally planned to use it, see how I liked it and then add it to my travel bag if it worked well. I think a few days of use will deplete it completely so I will just use it all week and then decide about it. Thus far I rather like the formula. I’ll let you know how I feel when the little spay bottle is empty.

And that was more or less it for me. A back to normal schedule and a lot less stress. I have the feeling this is the start to a really good week.

The Make Up Bag: December 24th, 2020

The Make up Bag used December 19th- 25th

Welcome my darlings once again to the weekly makeup bag. Here, I list out all the products I used this week and let you know what I think of them.  I know, some of you may be asking, why do I fill a makeup bag every week instead of just choosing each product for the day? 

Well, some days I do add in items, for instance if I have an outfit I decided to wear that simply needs a different lipstick, I will dip back into my dressing table for an extra product. Occasionally something will run out or go horribly wrong and need to be replaced.  But for the most part what I choose initially for the bag is what I use throughout the week.

So why?

The main reason is one of choice.  I am not at my best first thing.  While I will never be a morning person, coffee does help me out.  However, faced with a dressing table filled with a variety of products, I sometimes stare dumbly at them, not knowing which to choose.  Even if I am just looking at five black eyeliners. And sometimes I get ready in a rush.  In both instances, I tend to grab the first items I see and go with them.  Then I put them back in the front of drawers.  So the next time I’m in a rush, I grab the same products.

As I like variety in my products, as well as using all of the items I have, I decided that once a week I would pack a bag full of products to use, that way I didn’t have to start of my day with pre coffee decision making.  Thus far it has worked out really well for me. I can rotate through products so that I am never bored, try new things, or if something is close to being used up completely, keep it out so that it can be finished without lingering in the bottom of a drawer with barely any product left.

I’ve found it a really useful method and I will be keeping it up for quite a while I think.

So, now that you know the reasoning behind the makeup bag, let’s talk about what I used this week.

I have to say, it was a bit of a mix. I tried many new products this week so there were a lot of surprises.  We will start off on a positive note and go with the Viseart Palette.  I received the Neutral Mattes Palette in my Boxycharm Premium box this month and I have to say, this palette justified keeping the subscription. 

I was planning on keeping it anyway, but I was thrilled to get this palette and try it out and I absolutely love the way it performed. It is highly pigmented so start lightly and try to build.  This Viseart Link will take you to my full review. But the end result is that I adored this palette and will be keeping it around for a long time.

It is however a matte palette and when I tried out the black shadow I found I wanted just a little bit of shimmer.  I also wanted a reason to try out my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream shadow stick in the shade Golden Pink.  It came in my Birchbox Advent Calendar and thus far the time had not been right to give it a try.  This week, the time was right, so I used it as s shimmer to work with the Black from the Viseart palette.  Wow.  Just wow.  It went on smoothly either over the plain eyelid or over a powder shadow, stayed in place all day long and didn’t crease or transfer on me.  I was super thrilled to use this and will need to remember it, and possibly look at other colors.  I want to at least get one more to see how it blends with other cream shadows, but it worked really well over powder.  I will be reaching for it a lot.

The Marcelle CC Cream Golden Glow I used this week was a sample and it is unfortunately not something I will be reaching for in the future.  Luckily the sample will be used up by the end of the week so no product will be wasted, but I will not be picking up a full sized version.   It is an excellent color corrector and it did give the skin a golden glow. 

However, it also settled into my fine lines and made me look much more tired than I actually was.  I would really prefer my makeup products not to emphasize my fine lines. So while a decent product in many respects, the CC golden glow is not for me.  I will stick with Marcelle’s mascara and moisturizer in the future.

elf primer and my almost gone No. 7 powder

For my primer this week I ended up reaching for my e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer.  It is an excellent primer in general and really does a good job filling in the pores and turning my face into a smooth canvas.  I worked with it this week in an effort to try and correct the one flaw of the Marcelle CC Cream. 

While it really helped in most places, towards the end of the day the CC cream still emphasized the lines under my eyes.  For all else, the Putty Primer actually helped stop the CC Cream from showing a lot of the fine lines that it was showing without the primer.  So This was definitely a good week for the e.l.f  Poreless Putty Primer. It is a makeup bag repeat visitor and will remain so until the product is through.  Then it will be replaced.

Speaking of using products up, It is almost time to say goodbye to my No7 Pressed powder.  It has served me well, but alas, it is now only a slender ring of product around the outside of the completely exposed metal pan. Technically, I will be keeping it in the makeup bag for the rest of the week and possibly into the beginning of next, but I doubt it has enough product to last the full week, let alone next.

Even if this does last the week to be included in next week’s makeup bag I will be choosing a backup powder for when this finally runs out.  I love the formula on the No 7 pressed powder and will be picking another compact of it up again.  However at the moment I have several powders that I have ignored in favor of my No. 7 and I want to give them a chance to shine.  Or to prevent shine, really. So I am going to do my best to try not to immediately repurchase this once it is empty.  I suspect that on my next Target run a new one might somehow find its way into my cart, but I am going to try to resist.

I did have a loose powder in my makeup bag this week as well.  This week I used the Smashbox Photo Finish Fresh Setting powder. It is called fresh because essentially it is a solid lump of powder with a grater.  You turn the grater and the fresh loose powder appears. The product is good and there is a lot less spillage since you only grind up the powder you need when you need it, however the dial is really hard to turn if you have any product or water on your hands.  Then it becomes too slick to turn and you are just out of luck. I think if you had any sort of mobility issues related to your hands (like arthritis) you would want to steer clear of this product.  Which is a shame, the powder is really good.  It just requires dry hands and a certain level of physical dexterity to use. The concept is fun though.

This week most of my face products came from the True + Luscious Lucky Glow Face Palette. It too was a Boxycharm item this month, but unlike the Viseart, there are mixed results.

In fact it makes me feel a little like Goldilocks and the three bears.

 Let’s start with the bronzers.  There are two.  One warm toned (Good Fortune) and one cool toned (Serenity).  Both tend to disappear on the skin.  I had to work seriously hard to get them to show up on my skin.  Maybe if I had really fair skin, this would work for me, but even though I do not have the darkest skin tone in the world, I was too dark for it to apply well. At best, the bronzers are good for taming down the blush.

Unlike the bronzers, the blush (Royal Flush)comes on strong and highly pigmented.  After using the bronzers, this was quite the surprise. The first time I used this I ended up with a serious case of clown face.  It is a very pink tone, which isn’t my favorite to begin with, but it is also highly pigmented. So I was VERY Pink. And had to wash my face and start over again for the day.  I had a video call that day so leaving it wasn’t an option. 

Then there are the three Highlighters.

If you remember your three bears, you know we’ve had our too soft, and our too hard, so you know what comes next.

That’s right, the highlighters were the , um, highlight of the palette. All three were soft and buttery, applied well and stayed in place all day.  I could go light or bright with them and had no issues.  Pots of Gold is a bright gold shade, Heaven Sent is a silvery shade (even though it looks kind of bronze in the pan) and the speckled Triple Sevens is a warm rose gold shade that worked perfectly for me. In fact Triple Sevens is the jackpot of the palette.  I would by the shade in a single pan to use repeatedly. The other two highlighters, while good, weren’t unique enough for me to want to by them separately.  If there was a highlighter palette with the three of these in it, I would happily use all three, but the only one I would buy on its own is the Triple Sevens.

My mascara this week was from Beauty for Real.  I’ve used it before and as always I am surprised by how well I like it.  I am used to fluffy brushed mascaras but this one has a really small brush on the end of the wand.  I was certain I was going to hate it.  Then I used it. 

I do not hate it. 

Quite the opposite in fact.  The little brush lets me get to the base of my lashes and the formula really works at lengthening the lashes.  Because I can get to the very base of the lashes I was able to make my lashes look a lot more full than I expected.  Plus the small want is really good for lower lashes as well. I will happily continue to use this mascara.

I did not use an eyeliner this week.  I chose one but I was having so much fun with the eyeshadow that I forgot to reach for it.  So I will keep the eyeliner in the makeup bag and use it next week.  I did however use an eyebrow pencil this week. My bangs are still long enough that I doubt anyone noticed but  I used the RealHer brow pencil and I really enjoyed it.  It is a great formula and has an easy to use fine tip.  

the RealHer brow pencil and assorted lip products

RealHer also made an appearance with my lip products this week.  I used the RealHer lip liner in the shade I am confident.  It is a nice creamy lip liner that stays in place well.  The reason I reached for it was because of my BareMinerals lipstick. It is the new Mineralist formula that came in my Macy’s Beauty Box this month and I was so excited to get to try the formula.

The formula is rich and creamy and feels amazing on the lips.  It is a traditional style lipstick so it does need reapplying, but it is worth it.  The formula in no way dried out my lips and felt really comfortable to wear. My only issue was the color.  It is a little more pink than I like my lipsticks and wearing the RealHer lip liner underneath darkened it just enough to work for me.  I will be seeking out a different shade of this lipstick soon. I really like the formula of it.

Liner on the left and then swatched top to bottom we have Bareminerals, Nudestix and Giorgio Armani

The lip liner actually worked well with the NudeStix lip crayon I had in my makeup bag this week as well. The Nude Stix is in the shade posh and it was almost a perfect match for the lip liner.  I really appreciated that as lip liners really help me out with lip crayons.  I don’t know if it is the shape of the crayon or what, but with lip crayons I need a liner to keep the edges neat. It’s not a reflection of the product, it is definitely user error. The liner kept the user in check so there was no error.  I liked the color as it was a sort of pinky nude that worked well with my skin tones.  It isn’t the longest lasting formula and so it has to be reapplied in the same way you would reapply a traditional lipstick, but it felt very comfortable to wear and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. I also thing I like it better than their liquid lipsticks.

As you may recall I had a Grande Liquid Lip product in my Macy’s bag and I was very excited to try it out.  Unfortunately the wand either lost it’s head in manufacturing or snapped off somewhere in the tube.  Either way, I just had a stick of a wand that was useless.  The opening is too small for a cotton swab and none of my brushes would fit inside so I was unable to try it. I was really looking forward to trying out the formula.  I have heard both good and bad things about the liquid lip and wanted to try it for myself.  I’ve only used Grande Cosmetics’ Lash products (their Grande Lash mascara is really good) and I was looking forward to testing a lip product. I will set it aside and look for a brush that fits, but alas I did not find one this week.

And the final lip product I used this week was the tiniest most adorable liquid lip sample I have ever seen.   It is the Giorgio Armani Liquid Lip Maestro in the shade Cedar (206).  It came as a bonus in my final Allure Beauty Box (I cancelled my subscription).  I’ve never tried any lip products from Giorgio Armani so I was happy to have a chance, no matter how small the tube.  The formula applied well.  It dries down but not all the way.  When you press your lips together it still feels wet even hours later.  However after about ten minutes I took a sip of my coffee and there was no lip print left behind. It dries enough not to transfer but not enough to dry out your lips. 

It does fade throughout the day so a mid-day reapplication wouldn’t go amiss, but it still retain some color by the end of the day. The color was a sort of terra cotta, maybe a little darker, but with a definite slight orange tint.  While not my favorite color, it did work well enough, and because of the formula I was willing to use it anyway. It is a tiny sample though.  So I think I might put it to the side so I can use it in my upcoming lip series.  In the new year I will be doing more posts detailing the wear and feel of various lip products in more depth (and with more photos) than I can do here without this being even more of a massive post than it is.

Speaking of massive, this one has grown in length.  Luckily there is only one final product to talk about and that is the Lise Watier Magnifix setting spray.  As a setting spray it works well.  It does make your face very wet though so once applied, you need to take a minute or two to dry off before applying eyeliner mascara and lipstick. (I apply all three after I use a setting spray to avoid running). Other than the wait time, it sets well, smells nice and has the added benefit of antioxidants included in the spray.  I like a little skin care with my setting sprays. Over all I liked it and will happily keep it in rotation.  However I will not use this one when I am in a rush.  It is not a quick drying product.

And so with that we finish this week’s makeup bag.  It was quite the variety as far as reactions go. Next week should be interesting as I am packing two separate Makeup bags, one for the week and one specifically for new year’s eve. Both will post on December 31st, so stay tuned.

Lilfox - available at

The Make Up Bag: August 7th, 2020

The Make Up Bag for the week of August 1st – 7th, 2020

This week I pulled a full make up bag, I really did.  And there were several items I was really excited to try.  One of which was the Laura Geller dual eyeliner.  It has a calligraphy style pen on one end and a gel like side on the other end.  

Alas, this week got a little crazy. 

My eyes mostly ended up with mascara alone this week.  Luckily it was a really good mascara.  When I went looking to set up my bag for the week I found several trial sized mascaras that escaped my earlier purge.  I think they came in after I collected the ones I wanted to use up. 

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Anyway I chose one of their number and it was fantastic.  I went with the Bad Gal Bang Mascara from Benefit.  I have to say I am a little surprised by how much I liked it.  The mascara did occasionally clump but a quick pass with my eyelash comb took all the clumps out.  And my lashes were left long and fluttery.  It was almost false lashes length.  At least the more natural looking false lashes. 

I know not the most flattering angles, just focus on the lashes

I really enjoyed it and I will be looking at getting a full sized tube of the Bad Gal Bang mascara once I’ve whittled down my open containers. I have to say, I might have found a new favorite.

Also from Benefit this week was my blush.   I used the Gold Rush Blush.  It is one of my top blushes.  The color and formula work well with me and the shimmer that made me doubt it was just an overlay and has long since disappeared. 

It is a surprisingly soft color that just sort of makes my cheeks look slightly flushed instead of bright pink.  I really like it.

I especially liked the formula this week as it gave me no problems.  I can not say the same for the Kenia Onteveros Set and Define palette.  The link will take you to the full review but a brief synopsis was that the mattifying powder was okay, and I adore the highlighter. 

So two of the six products worked for me.  The bronzer and contours were patchy and didn’t want to blend for me. While I give the rest of the palette a pass, that highlighter was fantastic.  It looked pin in the pan and went on with a subtle gold glow.  I will keep the palette around just for that and then buy it again in a single pan product.   The rest of the palette, not so much.

Returning again this week, the level dropping ever lower, is the I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray.  It is in Peaches and Cream. 

It works amazingly well and is super affordable. Mine is just somewhat old and I am trying to use it up.  I have about two weeks let of product so it will be used up by the end of August and then other Setting Sprays will get their chance to leave my dressing table again. I promise.

My Foundation this week was the Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless (normal to oily).  The link will take you to my full review.  Not much has changed since I posted it.  I like the product and enjoy using it on my skin.

My 999 Master Blender Foundation Brush from Bdellium Tools worked incredible well with it.  I think when I used it last time I had to just use a make up sponge.  I think that might have been because my old foundation brush needed replacing.  It went on easily with the 999 Master blender. (Incidentally they are having a sale on their vegan Bambu Brush line at the moment in case anyone is looking to replace brushes) I’ll link the code below.

40% off Vegan Bambu Brushes Promo Code: BAMBUBRUSH40 Ends Mon, 8/10/20

My only issue with the Maybelline Fit me is the open lid.  Once you screw the cap off it is just open.  I carefully poured some on my hand to begin applying to my face and it worked well, I just had to be careful pouring.  It is a good enough product and very cost effective on my budget, that I am willing to over look that and will probably be buying it again, or fitting the bottle with a dropper.

For now I just had to remember to wipe the excess off my hand with my MakeUp Eraser before I left the bathroom. There wa a lot of wasted product, but at least this way the Makeup Eraser soaked it up and I didn’t go smearing it over everything when I left. I really need to look at fitting the bottle with a dropper.

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My primer this week was one I used before as well.  It is the elf Poreless Putty Primer. (Its pictured above with the blush) Many, including me have raved about it.  I wanted to use it again because I so recently used the Puff Puff Pass Primer from elf and I wanted to do a comparison.  As far as smoothing out the skin, this one wins hands down. 

Show off your magic! Make your epic looks appear and disappear with America’s #1 primer, e.l.f. Poreless Putty. Don’t forget to tag your videos with #elfmagicact for a chance to win!

It is really smoothing and really fills those pores for a flawless finish.  Not as airbrushed on me as it is on the commercial models, but it looked good.  The Puff Puff Primer was far more moisturizing and felt more like skin care than makeup.  I would wear that one alone with just powder whereas this poreless putty primer is really something I only reach for to put under foundation. 

They both have their places in my dressing table and I will keep repurchasing both.  However with the putty it will be a while before it needs to be repurchased as it takes so little to actually cover my face.  But I like them both. Go elf!

Perricone, MD, Fenty Beauty, Marc Jacobs, Laura Lee Los Angeles, and Colourpop

And now my darlings we reach the lips.  There are five products to go through.  The first is the Perricone MD No makeup lipstick.  It is in reality a lip balm with a slight tint.  I really like this lip balm though.  It is very moisturizing and feels more like skin care for your lips than a lip product. If that makes sense. 

I found myself using it first thing in the morning, well before applying my make up and last thing at night.  In the morning I found it softened my lips and did really well prepping them for other lip products.  At night it sort of acted like a lip mask and hydrated my lips while I slept.  I will also say I am using it so much (and plan to keep it in my bathroom) because even though it is a new to me product from July’s Boxycharm premium, it will expire in December. 

I’ve used Perricone, MD products before and that is something you have to watch out for.  When it gives you an expiration date, they mean it.  The closer it comes to the date, the higher the chance that it will get moldy and need to be thrown away.  So I am using it while I can.  It makes me a little mad that I have to race through using such a good product, but that is an argument with Boxycharm not Perricone, MD.  It is a great product, and if you do pick one up, mind the expiration date.  You can’t stock pile these lipsticks. It’s a buy and use kind of product.  Although well worth using.

Perricone, MD, Fenty Diamond Milk, Marc Jacobs Trax, Laura Lee Jaybird, Colourpop Tulle (Top to Bottom)

The next gloss I put in my bag this week was the Fenty Diamond Milk.  It is a nice gloss on its own but super excellent as a lip topper.  It smells like Vanilla and I really enjoyed using it this week. I tend to forget I have it as it is just a little too thick to fit comfortably in my lipstick holder so it ends up in a drawer a lot. I need to figure out where to put it so that I can reach for it more.  It is a really good product.

Next we have the one actual lipstick I used this week.  This is one of my favorite bold lips.  It is the Marc Jacobs Le Marc lipstick in Trax (290).  It is a wine colored vampy sort of color.  I love the formula as it is super comfortable to wear.  However with most dark lipsticks, I sometimes make a mess with the application if I just roll the product up and apply it to the lips.  This is a lipstick that benefits from the use of a lip brush. 

MarcJacobsBeauty: Beauty Breaks are back! Shop new weekly offers every Thursday, starting with 40% off Youthquake Moisturizer + O!Mega Bronze through 7/5.

What I like to do is use the lip brush to outline my lips with the product and then fill them in.  I generally don’t have a problem doing touch ups throughout the day without the brush, but for that initial application, I like the outline and fill method.  I should point out that I don’t use this with lighter shades of Le Marc, but I do use it with all darker vampy shades. I find it more controllable and I can also decide how dark I want to go.  With the brush I can just use a light wash of color or go full out bold with it.  

Like the Feny, I enjoy using the product, but it doesn’t fit comfortably in the lipstick holder.  It is just a little too wide.  As a consequence it ends up in the drawer.  I think I may need to just get a bigger lipstick display. Then I can add to my Marc Jacobs lipstick collection.  They are great products but I haven’t collected them as I want because they don’t fit anywhere.  I really should remedy that. 

There were two liquid lipsticks in my make up bag this week.  One was an ultra matte lip in the shade Tulle from Colourpop and the other was a liquid lipstick in the shade Jaybird from Laura Lee Los Angeles.

I like both colors.  The Colorpop wasn’t as comfortable to wear as the Laura Lee and it didn’t have quite the lasting power.  With the Laura Lee, I applied Jaybird once and it stayed all day long.  It felt a little sticky at first but after a while I forgot I was wearing it.  The Colourpop was also a nice formula.  It is a little drying  but relatively comfortable.  I did have to reapply it in the afternoon however.

So that was this week’s makeup bag.  While I did choose other products to fill out the bag, this week I didn’t end up using them.  I think I spent so much time trying to make the set and define palette work that I just rushed through everything else.  Plus it was a busy week. 

Next week slows down and I will have a hope of actually applying eyeliner and shadow without looking like I let a group of sugar amped kindergarteners take markers and chalk to it so next week should be more balanced instead of lip heavy. Although personally I kind of liked having so many lip products to choose from during the week. So I might add more than two next week as well when I go to stock the Make Up bag for next week. 

But that is for later, at the moment I need to get back to work.  I’ll see you back here this afternoon for a relaxing break with the Friday Face mask. Have a good afternoon.