One month of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Embryolisse has been around for a long time. Their iconic multi-use moisturizer has been around since the 1940s and growing up I remember both my grandmother and mother using it. So when Embryolisse sent three moisturizers from the Lait Creme line for me to try out and review I was thrilled. I was familiar with only the original Lait creme Concentre so I started with that and am now working my way through the other two and comparing them to the original.

The second Embryoliss moisturizer I have been testing out has been the Lait Creme Sensitive. According to the product page…

The Lait Crème Sensitive is ideal for the sensitive and reactive skin of adults, children and babies alike. It was specifically formulated to soothe, nourish and moisturize easily damaged skin which reacts to the tiniest trigger, and needs the most tender care. This type of fragile skin is steadily increasing in all industrialized countries. The creamy milk texture leaves a comfortable, non-greasy, silky veil over the face and body.

The Lait Crème Sensitive has a creamy formula that moisturizes, nourishes and protects even the most reactive skin. The cream shares the very same properties as the Embryolisse cult favorite Lait Crème Concentré, in a new hypoallergenic formula developed for sensitive skin! The multi-function skincare is suitable for all the family and gathers all the benefits of the Lait Crème Concentré in a formula that is: Fragrance-free*, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free


While using it I found this cream to preform as a moisturizer in almost exactly the same way as the lait creme concentre. It moisturized well, absorbed well and was an all round good moisturizer. There were however a few differences between it and the concentre.

no white caste even when freshly applied

If I had to choose a word to describe the Lait-creme sensitive from Embryolisse it would be light. There is a slight scent to the cream that is reminiscent of the concentre, but it is significantly lighter. The creme looks exactly the same in the palm of the hand, but again when applied it feels a little bit lighter. In fact in every aspect you can say it is is like the Lait creme concentre but lighter.

Which is not a bad thing. It is the sensitive version so lighter scent and a hypoallergenic formula are very good things. It has the same moisturizing properties and it works well as a pre makeup base, but again the byword is lighter.

In this it is also not a bad thing. My skin is what tends to be classified as ‘normal’ which I always find amusing. In reality what that means is that while my skin isn’t technically overly dry or oily, its needs are very seasonally based. In the winter when i spend time indoors with the indoor heating on, my skin dries out more so that it is normal to dry. In the summer when the weather heats up I shift to normal to oily.

In the winter the Lait Creme Concentre was perfect. However now that spring has sprung, the concentre is a bit too much for my skin. Which made spring the perfect time for the Lait-creme Sensitive. As I mentioned before it was in all ways a lighter moisturizer. In the winter I think I might have to roll in a night mask once or twice a week if I used it when my skin is the driest, however at this time of year, this moisturizer was the perfect weight.

There is of course a third cream in the Lait-creme line to try and that is the Lait Creme Fluid. I have yet to open it and give it a try but soon I will shift the Sensitive to the makeup drawer to take the place of the almost empty Lait creme concentre as my pre makeup base and I will begin testing the third in the lait Creme line. It comes in a pump bottle and I am hoping it will be the perfect summer weight moisturizer. However that I will only learn in time.

As for the Lait Creme Sensitive. I really enjoyed the hypo-allergenic formula and the ease with which it absorbed into the skin. It worked well for me and it is a moisturizer I would certainly use again.

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First use of the Embryolisse Lait Creme Sensitive

Recently Embryolisse sent to me three of the moisturizers from their Lait Creme Line. As I was familiar with the Concentre (and knew it was the most deeply moisturizing of the line) I tried it first. Not only was it a fantastic moisturizer but it has become a standard in my makeup line up as a pre makeup base.

When I moved it to my makeup drawer I rolled in this Lait Creme Sensitive into my skincare line up to try it out. (In time I will try it out as a pre makeup base as well, but for now I am sticking with using it as a moisturizer.) The tube looks nearly identical to the original Lait-creme Concentre. It has the same style of tube, the same inner seal that requires the pointy side of the cap to break through. However once you open it, you are aware that it is indeed a different cream.

The word for this Lait Creme Sensitive, is light. Especially in comparison to the original. The scent is nearly identical to the first, but much lighter and dissipates more quickly. while the white blob of cream in my hand looks the same as the white blob of cream from the original, it looks and feels just a little bit lighter as well.

When the original was dispensed and applied, it left white streaks on the skin until the cream warmed up and then melted in beautifully. This Sensitive version, does not need to warm up time. It absorbed into the skin without any white streaks whatsoever. It was highly moisturizing, but absorbed a little faster. It is also a slightly lighter moisturizer as well. For me that is a really good thing. The Original was perfect at night and great as my skin was winter dry. As the temperatures and humidity levels rise where I am, the lighter cream is a very good thing.

It isn’t all that much lighter, but just enough that it seems quite perfect for early spring time use. I suspect it will work well as a pre makeup base as well, but I haven’t tried it out yet. The key thing is that this is just like the original only lighter all around (scent, moisturizing, etc).

no white streaks

The application is the same. I find that I am using twice as much at night as I do in the day time, which isn’t unusual for me where moisturizers are concerned. I like letting the moisture sink in overnight so I often look a little like a glazed doughnut before bedtime. Over all if you like the original, but are just a little more sensitive to scents or want a slightly lower level of moisture, this is a great alternative to the original. I will be using the Lait Creme Sensitive from Embryolisse as my sole moisturizer for the next thirty days and I have high hopes that it will perform just as well as the original.

Lait-Crème Concentré