Perfume Review: No. 7 from English Laundry

I’ll admit, when I saw this set of three perfumes from English Laundry for sale, I had to pick it up. I’ve heard a lot about English Laundry but never tried any of their perfumes. I purchased this set from IPSY for $12 (I think it might still be available but i don’t know.). I couldn’t find it on the English Laundry site itself. The kit contains three 10 ml bottles of scent. (No. 7, Notting Hill, and Pour Femme). Since I couldn’t find the kit offered anywhere other than IPSY (and I’m not sure it is even there anymore) I am not going to review the kit as a whole in an individual post, I will just review the three scents.

The scent i started with in this trio is No7. I chose it to start with purely because it was listed first. According to the English Laundry site this scent is…

A glass bowl of fresh apricot and melon slices is adorned with toasted almonds and topped with vanilla whipped cream. No. 7 (2012) is the embodiment of the ultimate scrumptious dessert; starting off with sweetened fruits, innocent white florals are lightly introduced before a yummy medley of almonds and vanilla crème takes the cake.

English Laundry

Now doesn’t that sound utterly delightful?

They break out the scents by top middle and finishing as well for more detail. Top is pear, melon and apricot, Middle is almond, blooming jasmine and gardenia, and finishing notes are whipped cream, vanilla and sandalwood.

I found this an interesting scent. Just sniffing the bottle without spraying, it is a potent scent. To me it is easy to smell the apricot, gardenia and sandalwood with hints of vanilla. Sniffing the bottle, I was not certain I would like it as I thought it smelled a little old lady ish. It is a very mature scent and one that is quite strong. Spritz with caution.

But an initial scent is not a trial and there have been many scents that I didn’t start out liking but that grew on me. This one actually fell into that category. The first spritz was intense and I was not a fan. Gardenia sort of stands up and screams “I’m here!” as soon as the scent is out of the bottle. Apparently the other scents just hold back and let the loud little flower have it’s moment. Then it tires out and they take over.

After about fifteen minutes or so, the floral scent fades and it is a combination of fruit and spice that I find more appealing. It is more vanilla apricots mixed with a bit of sandalwood. This is however a very strong scent. I would not wear it in an indoor environment. this is a scent you can wear to a picnic in the park or visiting a sculpture garden. It does not sit quietly on your wrist but announces you to the room upon arrival. even though I liked the scent after it faded down, I would never wear it to an office. It is a fresh day time kind of scent. And while it is still a mature scent, once it takes a moment to settle down it stops being an “old Lady” scent and just becomes a woman’s scent (as opposed to a little girl scent).

If you have sensitivity to scent, or are going to be around those who are sensitive, I would probably give this a pass. While I like the scent it becomes and will wear this scent to finish out the 10ml bottle, I don’t think I would purchase the full sized bottle of No 7 from English Laundry. It is simply too potent a scent for me. While I usually work alone, when I attend meetings I know there are a couple of people who are scent-sensitive and I have a few family members who are as well. I know that i couldn’t wear this around them without them having issues. So as nice as I find it, long term, this scent isn’t for me.