Eye Masks: Trying the Knesko Skin Rose Quarts Antioxidant Natural Collagen Eye Mask

As of now, this is the last untried single eye mask in my collection. I do have a couple of the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim eye masks that came as singles, but I have reviews those so I will simply use them as well as the masks that came in packs. The Knesko eye mask is new to me though and arrived with my Glossy Box Easter Egg if memory serves.

And it has quite the title. The fill name of this product is the Knesko Skin Rose Quarts Antioxidant Natural Collagen Eye mask. Both Knesko and these eye masks are new to me so lets look in on what the brand has to say.

Support your eyes with this luxury eye mask. Our Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Eye Masks are the ideal choice for skin in need of some extra love. Formulated with potent antioxidants, they work to immediately soothe and protect your under-eye area—all in a luxuriously calming at-home spa experience.  Our Rose Quartz Eye Masks are packed with an active serum containing our proven Antioxidant Complex. Ingredients like Grape Seed and Licorice Root extracts fight free radicals to reverse damage and brighten your skin. Soothing Rose Quartz boosts elasticity and brings back those youthful-looking eyes. Just one treatment and you’ll be glowing—inside and out. 


Okay calming, soothing and anti-aging are all things I can get behind. So to the masks we go! I opened the package and before I even slid the masks out of the package the scent of rose drifted up. Actually no, that is not the right term. It didn’t drift anywhere It spiraled up and slapped me in the face. These eye masks smell of rose. I know it says Rose Quartz but I assumed they meant the stone, especially as the description mentions Grape seed and licorice root. I was braced for an anise type scent, I was not braced for rose.

The scent is exactly like the By Terry Lip gloss. It is the exact came scent except spread over a wider area. It is not a bad scent but wow is it rose -tastic. So beware if you are sensitive to scent or rose in particular. If you like rose then this may be just up your alley.

The masks are on a plastic sheet and they came out without incident. They are juicy. Very juicy. They overfloweth with serum. They are the jelly like patches, which are among my favorite. I placed them on and the amount of serum made them want to slide. I had to shake off a little bit of serum to make them stay in place. Once I took off some serum they were okay although one of the eye masks kept sliding and had to be repositioned every few minutes. Feeling the slow slide was a bit annoying..

constant sliding

One of the things I generally like about the jelly style patches is that they generally adhere really well to the contours of the face. These tended to pucker. which is not ideal because you want as much contact between your skin and the eye patch. I wore these eye masks for fifteen minutes and the entire time I kept expecting the rose scent to fade.

It doesn’t.

It is a scent that is there to stay. I did wear them for the recommended length of time, but the scent was strong enough to give me a headache. It was with some relief that I removed them. Having removed them, I am impressed with the serum. I think the skin around my eyes did benefit from the serum. I also know that no matter how good that serum is, I will never buy these masks. I was annoyed that they kept sliding, but that was something I could adjust if need be. I can not live with that scent. It was extremely intense and gave me a headache. The serum in the Knesko Skin Rose Quarts Antioxidant Natural Collagen Eye masks may be really good, but for me the scent makes it a hard no on purchasing. As a brand that I have never tried before, I would be willing to try other products from them, because the serum was really good. I will however probably avoid anything in the rose line.

Eye Mask Trials continue with Aceology

Just when you thought the eye mask collection had been sorted, a new single eye mask to try out appears. Well actually two different ones, and so before they an get buried or start accumulating in a new pile that could get forgotten as I switch to my favorite sets, I will add them in for review.

The first of the new comers we are using this week nd it is the Aceology Hydro glow and Deep Hydration Watermelon Eye mask. I’ll be honest, when I first looked at this I thought, Wow that is some waste full packaging. I thought that each pouch only held a single eye mask. It turns out that this is a set of two eye masks so each of the little pouches hold one set.

Which is far less wasteful and it also means I have two pairs of these. As always before i dive in, I take a look to see what I should expect from these eye masks.

The Aceology Hydro Glow & Deep Hydration Watermelon Eye Mask drenches your under-eye area with an invigorating cocktail of Watermelon Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract. These hydrating ingredients wake up tired, dull or dry skin and promote a fresh, radiant eye area.

Watermelon Extract is naturally high in vitamin C, which brightens the skin and offers an antioxidant effect, protecting it from free radical damage. It also contains an amino acid (citrulline): amino acids are praised for their ability to increase moisture retention. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is packed with beneficial nutrients that boast soothing, protective and water-binding properties. Together, these hydration heroes encourage healthy skin that is noticeably plump and bright.

This blend of skin-soaking ingredients is delivered through refreshing single use under-eye masks – a total treat for eyes that have been working over-time. Any product that remains on your skin after using the mask can be gently pressed into your orbital eye area for added radiance.


Usually eye masks are soaked in serum and then applied. These have a dry fuzzy backing on one side and a sticky side that is attached to the plastic on the other. Sometimes this style works out for me and sometimes it really just doesn’t. But I am always game to try.

The scent of the eye patches when they come out of the packet is a light watermelon. It isn’t intense and it smells more like freshly sliced water melon than faux watermelon scent. which is nice. It smells refreshing actually, which is what these masks are supposed to be.

So I peeled the plastic backing from them and applied them to my skin. The glue that holds them in place is quite sticky. You will notice in the picture with them applied to my skin that they are slightly crooked. That’s because they really didn’t want to do much adjusting once they were on my skin. So I left them catawampus. They covered the area I need so it wasn’t a big deal.

These masks are completely dry. I’ guessing the ‘glue’ is really the serum. Otherwise they forgot to put in the serum. (But I’m pretty sure it is the glue.) At first the eye patches did nothing. Then they got slightly cool feeling against the skin. That is usually the sign that an eye mask serum is absorbing so I was relieved.

And as they absorbed the glue lessened it’s sticking ability. There was no danger of them sliding off but it was as though the patches relaxed a bit. After fifteen minutes they peeled off easily and cleanly. They are still a bit sticky but no where near as sticky as they were before.

There was no residue of any kind left on my skin. The description says to pat in any left over serum, but my skin was as clean and dry as it was when I applied the eye patches so there was nothing to pat in.

While I did enjoy the cooling sensation, there was no real visible benefit. With other eye patches I could see a depuffing or feel my eyes more wide awake once I used them. This was cool when it was on but that is it. There was no real hydration and from a product names Hydro Glow Deep Hydration, i would have expected more hydration.

In general I really love Aceology masks, These eye patches though were a bit of a disappointment for me. I will use the second pair, but I don’t think that I will be repurchasing them.

Starry Eyed Surprise with Pop Mask

While I have been going through the single eyemasks in my collection, I found several  different single use masks.  Some are for the eyes, some the hands and some the feet.  So I decided to keep my clearing through use up and work through them.  And actually as I like the break in my work week, I may continue with single sheet masks after, But for today, we have one final eye related mask to try out.  

I actually tried one of these Popmask Starry Eyed Self Warming Eye Masks a while ago and while I remember liking it, I can’t remember much about it, so using it again is not an issue.  It is a little bit different because it does require that I take an actual break.  The mask itself goes over the eyes so it takes my sight for the duration of use.  The Popmask Starry Eyes self warming mask fits over the eyes like a blindfold. I tried taking a picture with it on, but I missed horribly and ended up taking a picture of the top of my head. (And I was so proud of myself for having taken a picture blindfolded too. Sigh.)

According to the website…

Starry Eyes is the ultimate heated eye mask. Maybe you have a few upcoming flights scheduled. Maybe you have a self-care sleepover party planned. Or maybe you just like being kind to yourself! Our Starry Eyes 5-pack Set provides 5 masks for the price of 4! Wherever and whenever you decide to enjoy them, you deserve it because you’re a star. 

The mask itself is made from non woven cotton, each heat cell contains iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt and water, all naturally occurring ingredients. The mask is fragrance-free and free from artificial ingredients.

When the pouch is opened, the iron powder inside heat cells reacts with oxygen in the air causing it to heat up gently. The mask reaches a maximum temperature of 100.4 F or 38 C and stays at this temperature for at least 20 minutes.

the back of the mask

When putting the mask on, it was slow to heat.  It took a minute or two to get started and at first I thought that it wasn’t going to get all that warm. 

I was wrong. 

After about a minute the mask was very warm.  The warmth increased slowly and just about the point where I thought, ‘I hope it doesn’t get any hotter, it stopped getting hot.  The mask then stayed at that temperature for about twenty five minutes.  Then it slowly started to cool down. 

Overall it gave me a good half hour of nice soothing warmth.  It is a longer break than I usually take with my midweek masks, but it was amazingly refreshing and I felt like I had just completed a power nap.  In the description pop masks suggests using it for air travel and I could really see this being an advantage on a long flight. 

My one issue was that the ear loops were a little loos on me. I ended up slipping my silk sleep mask over the heated eye mask to tighten the fit. That worked really well and was a pretty easy fix.

Actually, I often have trouble sleeping in new environments. The first night in a new place usually leaves me unable to sleep which is my personal downside to travel.  However I think that having these masks in my travel bag, might actually help with that.  A pack of five costs $20 and I think that is actually quite reasonable. I think I will be ordering these to slip into my travel bag.  I might use them at other times, but I think that is where this Starry Eyes Self Warming Eye Mask from Popmask might be where it can really shine.

The Eye Mask Trials Continue with Youth Haus Glow and Go

As Spring slowly starts and allergy season begins, the trial of my single sets of eye masks continues. I think this may be the last single set of under eye masks I have in my stockpile. Thus far there have been a few I like and many I haven’t felt worth purchasing in a full pack. Most of these singles have appeared as part of subscription boxes. I tended to let the singles pile up and focused on using my few favorites (Grace and Stella and Klorane). while some of them have been good, none of them have supplanted the favorites so both of those will be reordered in preparation for under eye depuffing during allergy season.

But what of today’s under eye masks from Youth Haus? Do the Glow and Go under eye masks deserve a deeper look?

Let’s find out.


According to the website these under eye masks…

Sparkle with our Glow & Go Eye Patches. Look bright and beautiful with a blend of powerful ingredients – including Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and the dreamy duo of Retinol and Bakuchiol for a youthful glow. You deserve a skincare routine that treats you like gold, and these patches will restore your natural radiance.

Youth Haus Glow and Go mask

Inside the package the two eye masks are sitting in a little plastic tray. they actually came out of the packaging without sticking to the containing envelope which was nice. Part of it is because there is a lot of excess serum. The patches are sort of swimming in it and when I accidentally tilted the plastic it poured out into the sink. The eye masks are the kind of jelly like consistency I really like. Because of the excess serum they slide around a bit when I first applied them.

mask on

They settled in after a bit and as per the instructions I used my jade roller over them to kind of roll them in place and to enhance absorption of the serum. You do have to be careful that they don’t wrap around the roller and pull off.

The patches grew cold feeling against the skin almost immediately. I did not put them in the fridge before hand (which is recommended to increase the cooling effect). I wanted to try them on their own first. I was not disappointed. I also think that with the level of cooling these eye patches do on their own putting them in the fridge might be a bit too much for me.

mask off

as it was, these cooling patches were fantastic. I felt revived and more alert while wearing them (this is one of the things I like about the Grace and Stella Energizing eye masks too). The cooling died down about the same time that it was time to remove the eye masks from underneath my eyes. The skin is cool to the touch and I have to say, despite swimming in serum, there is not a lot left on my skin. I patted the rest in.

I didn’t have a lot of puffiness to my eyes today so there was no real visible depuffing, but I feel more alert and awake. I really enjoyed these eye masks and would love to use them again. That’s right ladies and gents, for the first time in the singles trial we have a set of eye masks that will be added to my list of favorites. There have been a few that I liked and will repurchase, but this is the first set that has made it to my, keep in stock list. which means I now have three brands of eye masks on the list. Way to go Youth Haus Glow and Go.

Klorane Deluxe Samples + Free Shipping on Orders $40+

Eye Mask Review: Grace and Stella Everything is better in Pink

I tried to resist. Grace and Stella are one of my all time favorite eye masks. Their gold Eye masks are a staple for me during allergy season. One of the reason I started on my quest to work through my single sets of eye masks was because I was constantly turning to the energizing eye masks from Grace and Stella and ignoring the others.

Hence the build up.

So I was trying out other eye masks to see if they were worthy of adding to my eye mask purchasing list. And then this box of 12 eye masks arrived in my BoxyCharm. I’m not complaining. But it did mean I had to exercise a lot of will power.

But today, my will power failed and I opened the box. I just wanted to see how they compared to the originals and then I will set the box aside and continue working through my single sets. This set of eye masks are a little different than the gold ones. The god ones are listed as energizing, these are collagen boosting. Let’s take a look at the website for a minute.

You’ve seen them in gold. They’ve been a cult favorite for years. You’ve endured many early mornings with the help of them. They’re the best wake-up ritual, and now…they come in pink.

With a slightly different formula, our Pretty In Pink Eye Masks are focused on firming and hydrating the under eyes. Formulated with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 to stimulate and boost collagen production, Fructose to attract and retain moisture in the skin, and Horse Chestnut to maintain healthy blood circulation and strengthen capillaries (bye, dark circles!), these eye masks are the key to improving skin texture and firmness.

We’ve also passed over some of the best ingredients from our gold eye masks, like Chondrus Crispus Powder, a type of seaweed rich in anti-oxidants to help protect skin from blue light exposure, and Glycerin for drawing in moisture to the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.

They’re everything and more – and they’re in pink. 

Grace and Stella

I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of pink. I kind of think of it as a wishy washy shade that doesn’t have enough of a force of personality to be red. But then I am more into jewel tones. That aside, I really like these eye masks. They are, like the packaging says more hydrating than energizing.

That being said they work wonders for depuffing under the eyes. they don’t have that burst of awake-ness that I get from the Gold masks and I do find myself kind of missing it. I do like the way they adhere to the face. I like the level of serum, the cooling and depuffing and well lets just be honest, i do like everything about them. If I hadn’t tried the gold masks and if I weren’t so in love with them, these would be top of the charts fabulous. They beat all of the eye masks I have tried in the past few weeks. The only thing they can’t beat is themselves.

I like these a lot. I will use up every pair and I would repurchase them over every other eye mask I have had thus far in my trial. But I wouldn’t buy them over the Gold Grace and Stella eye masks. And that is really just because I like that energizing zing. Otherwise, these are fabulous and I will happily use them. But they do come in second place to the Gold. Which I suppose makes the pink, silver.

Starskin for eyes and lips

Recently I have been going through my single sets of eye masks accumulated from various subscription boxes. I realized I always go for the same teo brands (Grace and Stella and Klorane) and never really tried the others out. So I gathered all of the single pairs and put them together to try out. While I did try out a Starskin eye mask a few weeks ago, this is a different version and I thought I would pair it with the Starskin lip mask that I received in a recent subscription box. Hence the day’s duo.

So first up we have the Starskin Eye Catcher Soothing Eyemask. I believe this one came in a Glossy Box. It is described as…

Lights, camera, action! Ensure all eyes are on you with Eye Catcher™, STARSKIN®’s premium Bio-Cellulose mask specially created for the delicate eye contours. Formulated with naturally fermented, vitamin-rich coconut juice, this ultra-hydrating eye mask saturates the skin with an incredible 12ml of serum containing wrinkle-smoothing Adenosine, brightening Licorice Root extract and soothing Allantoin. Eyes look instantly brighter, more radiant and rejuvenated as fine lines, puffiness and dark circles are diminished in just 15 minutes. An A-list essential for late night parties and long-haul flights!


Now I will say that the biocellulose material is often very in flexible. I tend to have issues with it sticking to the contours of my face. The material tends to want to bubble up. These eyes masks though were so saturated with serum that they stuck to by face pretty well, better than the previous set of eye masks from Starskin. There was also a lot more serum. In the previous pair, the eye masks were wet, but there was little excess serum. With this one, there was extra serum running out. And that seems to be the theme with this sort of masking material. Either you soak it thoroughly enough to stick or it puckers up around the bend lines in the material.

This was sufficiently damp. So that was a plus. I didn’t like that the eye masks were just loose in the container though. I had to fish around with my fingers to find them and in the process spilled all of the excess serum down my hand and arm. So that was a bit of a draw back. On the face though, they felt nice and stayed in place well. And the serum was quite soothing, My skin felt very hydrated. I like them enough that i wouldn’t mind using it again. I might pick them up if i needed to fill out a cart during another order because i think they are worth using, but I wouldn’t go out to specifically purchase them. I know, it isn’t a simple yes or no category, but somewhere in the gray between.

But wait, there is more. The second mask from Starskin I tried today was the DreamKiss Plumping and Hydrating Biocellulose lip Mask.

With Dreamkiss Plumping & Hydrating Lip Masks, STARSKIN reveals the secret to the perfect Hollywood pout: Bio-Cellulose, a next generation sheet mask technology considered by experts to be the gold standard for treating skin. STARSKIN’s Bio-Cellulose is formulated with naturally fermented coconut juice, which adheres closely to the lips for a superior fit as nourishing skincare ingredients are quickly and efficiently infused. Each lip mask is soaked in 5 ml of serum, delivering pillow-soft, kissable smooth lips in just 15 minutes. Lips are deeply hydrated and visibly plumped with fine lines diminished. The perfect canvas for your red-carpet look.


This mask had less extra serum in it and you can see it isn’t adhering nearly as well to the contours of my face. I will admit I was also skeptical of this plumping lip mask to begin with. Any lip mask i have ever tried in sheet form has been far larger than my lips. Which makes me question the pluming action. This was no different. It was much larger than my lips and while it stuck to my chin, the sides of my mouth and under my nose, it didn’t really have a lot of contact with my lips themselves.

It had a very strong menthol scent that did fade after about five minutes. There was no real sign of plumping and no sensation under the mask. I didn’t see any noticeable plumping after removal and it left a slightly sticky residue around my mouth. The directions said not to rinse so I tried to leave it to see if there would be any noticeable difference as the serum sat post mask, but there wasn’t and after ten minutes I had to rinse my face. For me the lip mask was a failure. While I would consider purchasing the eye masks, I would not purchase this lip mask. I would feel much better purchasing a gel or lip gloss style lip mask for plumping purposes.

I feel it would not only do a better job plumping my lips but as i would apply it only to my lips, the product would only work on my lips. I just don’t think that a sheet mask in general is a good plumping device and certainly this mask failed. I am however pleased to see that this eye mask was better than the last one I tried from the brand. I always like to know what products from a brand I like and which ones I don’t. And since I generally shop at places like The Skinstore or Lovely Skin, it lets me add to my cart when I am ordering other products. The Eye Catcher Eye masks from Starskin may make it into one of my shopping carts, but the Dream Kiss I will kiss goodbye.

Incidentally The Skin Store is having a 25th Anniversary sale with up to 50% off. They have a wide array of brands so if you are looking to stock up, now is a great time.

Also Lovely Skin is having a 20% off Sale for St. Patrick’s day. Not only is it a great way to stock up but Plus, you’ll receive a free $46 ClarityRx Travel-Size Daily Dose of Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum with your $125 purchase.

Happy Shopping!

A different sort of Eye mask

Today I feel like I am some sort of strange Batman Villain. I’m not sure what sort of character I would be, but I am fairly certain I’m not on the side of Batman. I feel like I ought to do some thwarting.

Today in my quest to work through the single eye masks in my collection to see which are depuffing champs suitable for the thick of allergy season I pulled the Smoothing Coconut Bio-cellulose eye mask. The brand is KGlo. Pretty much everything on the mask package is in Korean. I’m sure there were details in the pamphlet of whatever subscription box this came in but it is long gone. When I went to look it up I found it on a website called Faces and this was the description…

K-GLO® Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask is made of naturally fermented coconut juice and formulated with top skincare ingredients and traditional Korean skincare wisdom to revitalize and deliver a nutritive boost to the skin.


It is a pretty basic description.

eye holes fold over instead of coming out

The eyemask is white bio-cellulose material. While there are plenty of benefits to the material, I often have a hard time getting face masks made from this material to stick to the skin properly. The paper can be just a little too stiff. And this is no exception. As you can see this eye mask is not the set of two fat comma shapes that you put on your eyes. This is a full on eye mask. Personally I am not entirely certain what benefit my eyebrows will be getting and the fact that the stiff paper goes across my nose means that it is having a harder time adhering to the skin.

Hello, I’m here to thwart you today Batman. The mask sticks more to my cheeks and eyebrows than under eyes

In addition the eye holes aren’t empty, there is a flap to fold down. In theory it provides extra contact under the eyes, but the paper is now extra stiff and adhering less so it is a bit of a fail.

The mask smells like coconut water. Not coconuts, just the water, which in my opinion is a much nicer smell. It is clean but somehow slightly floral at the same time. There is plenty of serum but it isn’t drippy. After a moment or two the mask starts to feel really cool and I am certain that any puffiness my eyes were feeling will be gone. It actually feels a bit icy against the skin, which is nice.

The problem is there are points of iciness where the mask is adhering well and the rest of the area covered isn’t getting the same treatment. At the moment my eyebrows feel blasted with cold but under my eyes have just two points of contact.

I think the idea for this mask is fun and perhaps if the bridge of my nose had a lower profile this would work better, but over all, despite the nice cooling, because it isn’t adhering well and giving me the nice cooling where it is needed, I think this is a use the mask, have fun with it and let it go kind of product. I enjoyed it, and I would have no problem using it again if it showed up in my world, but i am not going to go looking for it. this K glo Smoothing Coconut bio-cellulose mask is not for me.

24K Gold Infused Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patches (30 Pairs)

Our Eyes Wide Open Kit!! Shop Now

All that glitters…

As many of you may recall I am slowly working my way through my individual packets of eye masks to see which ones are worth ordering in packs as I prep for allergy season and the near constant need to depuff my eyes, and which ones I just want to let go.

I know I have been posting these on Tuesdays, but my babydoll had dental surgery yesterday and while he came through it well, things went a bit awry. So there was no chance of masking, or much else yesterday. So, wednesday.


Today’s eyemask trial is the Starskin VIP The Gold Mask Revitalizing Luxury Gold Foil Eye masks. A five pack of these eye masks retails for $30.40. Other places had them for slightly more. Oddly I couldn’t find them listed on a Star Skin Site.

the masks

Right out of the package these masks look exactly like the Wander Beauty Gold baggage claim masks (link to full review). They even have the same internal packaging of two plastic disks held together by serum. The paper feels more or less the same. The Starskin ones may be a hair thinner.


The big difference though is the scent. The Starskin eye masks and a powerful perfume scent. It is not a skincare or a spa floral, it is straight up perfume floral when they come out of the packaging. The scent dims after a moment, but it was enough to get my nose running.


I put the masks in place. Because they look so similar to the Wander Beauty ones, I couldn’t help but compare them. They were both loaded down with serum so the paper adheres well to the skin. While the Wander beauty tops eventually dried out on top while the serum stayed underneath, the Star skin ones dried out just a little bit more quickly and there was less moisture remaining underneath.

There was also less of the cooling effect than I have with, not only the Wander Beauty, but most other eye masks. I didn’t feel the cooling as the masks sat. I did feel a little bit of a cooling sensation after peeling them off but that was mostly the cool air on my damp skin. In addition the area where the mask was felt a little on the sticky side. After removing the eye masks i felt compelled to rinse off my skin. A splash of water was all that was needed, not a full face wash, but it doesn’t really speak well for the serum.

There was a little bit of puffiness reduction but over all, I did not really enjoy this set of eye masks. I think that The Star Skin VIP is not for me. I do have another Star Skin mask in this set to try out and hopefully I will enjoy the serum a bit more. But for me, this is definitely not a repurchase and to be honest if another set comes my way, I will add it into the pile of items to pass along to someone else.

Claiming Baggage with Wander Beauty Eye Masks

As you may recall, I have been lax in trying out new eye masks and I am trying to remedy that but putting away the eye masks I usually reach for without thinking and trying out some of the singles that I have accumulated from various Subscription boxes. I am about half way through my collection of loose single packet eye masks actually.

And actually I am thinking about picking up the eye patch collection from the Masque Bar once I’ve worked through my stockpile. The collection looks really good, plus I am kind of enjoying having a weekly eye mask. My eyes have also been really puffy lately. While other people track pollen counts and mold growth the big thing that actually hits me the hardest is rapid weather change. (Pollen and mold still take their toll, but weather hits the hardest). Any time the barometer takes a massive shift, my skull feels like it is in vise and my cheekbones threaten to pop out of my face.

And of course my eyes get puffy.

And this year, the weather has been like a yo-yo. Today is going to be twenty five degrees with winds that make your lungs seize up but tomorrow will be sixty three and sunny.

And I have to be honest, most eye masks to quite a bit to help that. So does the Jade roller I now keep constantly in my fridge. Actually that is really great for rolling cold on the tight points on the back of your neck when you get a tension headache as well.

But back to the eye mask.

Todays eye mask is not a new to the market product. In fact i think it may have been one of the first under eye masks to start the masking trend. It is the Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks From Wander Beauty. I tried this mask quite some time ago. I think that because of all the hype I might have treated it a bit slightingly. I also think I tried them out when my eyes were not that puffy. Today was a different experience. Without all of the hype…


These gold foil eye masks visibly brighten, hydrate and reduce puffiness while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Two colors to choose from, same great formula.

Wander Beauty

Normally I prefer the gel consistency in eye masks. I think it is because they often feel colder. And cold is a friend to my puffy eyes. This mask is a thinner paper type consistency. There is gold on one side and the other is jus t plain. One thing I like is that the masks are merely sandwiched between two thing circles of plastic. the serum is what keeps them from sliding apart. To open you just slide the top disk off.

And yes I did change shirts. My bangs are long enough that they were driving me crazy so I took the picture, decided to do a little trim (which involved damping my bangs and why they look a bit greasy (they are still damp). It also got hair all over the shirt so I changed shirts. And yes I am going to go back in and attempt to even them out. My appointment at the salon was put off as the salon I was going to go to had to shut down for a few weeks due to contamination. And while I want to have some excess hair for the stylist to work with, the bangs were driving me bonkers. …Long story short, different shirts and hair issues in pictures.


while these aye masks are wet, they aren’t dripping. They are saturated enough that they apply easily to the skin and stay there, making them fabulously easy to wear at the desk for a little pick me up. And while I don’t think the gold itself has any magical skin care properties. it is not only pretty, but sort of holds the serum against the skin. While both sides of the eye masks were damp from the serum when I applied them, the top dried out as I sat, but the moisture of the serum was held against the skin as it absorbed.

And there is also a cooling sensation that I can feel.


After about fifteen minutes wearing the masks, I do feel more awake and much of the serum had been absorbed. The masks themselves feel a great deal dryer, while I feel a great deal more hydrated. And yes, I can see that some of my puffiness has retreated. It is easy to see why these eye patches scooped up so many awards. The last one listed on the site just came from Allure in 2021. I think these eye mask have definitely made it onto my reorder list. they may have been ridiculously over hyped when they first came out, but I have to say, sometimes the hype is worth it. And these masks are definitely worth it.

Wander Beauty

The eye mask trials continue with wilmaschumann European Skincare

While I love eye mask and use them frequently I have a habit of reaching for my two favorites, Grace + Stella Energizing Eye Masks and Klorane’s Coneflower eye masks and forgetting completely about any other eye mask that comes into my world. As a consequence I receive eye patches in subscription boxes and think ‘oh I love eye masks’ and then I put them in with my sheet masks and never reach for them.

So I decided to set my favorites to the side and delve into the single sets to see if any of them deserve to be listed with my favorites and reordered. today’s set are the Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads from Wilmaschumann European Skincare. They are a the soft jelly style eye masks, which I actually prefer. It is strange seeing them in white though. I think it is because the Grace+Stella are gold and Klorane is blue. I’m just not used to seeing the white.

According to the site they are…

An intense, hydration-boosting treatment for the eye contour area with 100% pure collagen. Will visibly and effectively improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce puffiness. Contains soothing and hydrating ingredients. Clinically and Allergy Tested.

Key Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Corn Gluten Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Rosa Rugosa(Rose) Flower Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin.

pre mask

Not much to go on and I am not sure if that is the full ingredients list as the only ingredients I could find were listed as key ingredients. The fist thing that hits you when you take these eye patches out of the package is the scent of rose. It is strong, it is in command and it does not fade. If you do not like rose, turn back now. If you do like rose then I hope you really like rose.

Personally, while I like the scent of rose in most things, this is a bit strong for me. Seriously, I pulled the eye patches out of the package and the excess serum dripped down. My first thought was ‘oops I spilled the perfume.’ which should give you an indication of how strong it is.

mask on

if you can get past the scent then the eye patches apply well. They are cool to the touch and stayed in place while I worked on my computer. There was no slipping (sometimes this kind of mask can be a little heavy, mostly with sheet masks and less so with the eye patches).which I appreciate. while I may take a little extra time off for my masks on Fridays, during the week if I use a mask I tend to do so while working at my desk, or after work hours. If those around you don’t mind the scent of rose then this is the perfect desk eye mask.

post mask, there is definitely some depuffing going on

I will say that the longer they sat the colder my under eyes felt. It was as though they were freezing my under eye area, but in a good way. Since I often use fridge cold Jade rollers to depuff my under eyes I was kind of pleased with the feeling. when i removed the Hydrating Collagen Eye Patches, I was also pleased with the way my eyes look. My hair was sacrificed to the gods of the winds today and is another story.

My under eyes feel refreshed and even though they weren’t majorly puffy, there is definitely some improvement. These under eye patches from Wilma Schumann do work well. In essence they do what they say they are going to do. For me though it is going to come down to scent. It is just such a strong rose scent that I’m not certain I would reach for these masks. For me the overwhelming perfume of rose might be a deal breaker. They are good enough eye patches though that I might be tempted to buy a full sized pack which contains five masks and try them out to see if I could get through the five masks or if I start to find excuses not to reach for them. Because for me that is the thing, sometimes a product is good enough that I can ignore the scent and keep using it. Other times even though I know a product is good I will slowly talk myself out of reaching for it because I don’t want to deal with the scent. These are kind of on the edge. They are good, but I suspect I’ll find myself reaching for another set that is just as good, but doesn’t have the rose scent. if you love rose, this might be your go to. If you hate rose, avoid this set of eye masks. As for me purchasing them, I’ll have to go with a cautious maybe.