A month of Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye serum

Good morning my darlings. Can you guess what time it is? That’s right it is time to look at the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum with hyaluronic Acid and it’s effects on my skin, most notably the fine lines around my eyes, after a full thirty days of use. To give full disclosure Terravibe did gift this eye serum to me to to try out for the purpose of review. However, all of the thoughts and opinions are my own. This is my skin and my opinions of how this particular serum worked on it.

Before we get into the results and the before and after pictures, let’s talk a little bit about the serum. Age Defying is a pretty broad term. Age defying in an eye serum generally means trying to make those pesky fine lines at the edges of your eyes caused by several decades of smiling look a little less prominent. At least that is how I interpret it.

And if you are going to look at plumping up those fine lines hyaluronic acid is a great place to start. It essentially attracts moisture to the skin and locks it in, the fullness of the hydration tends to plump the skin lessening the appearance of those pesky little fine lines. If you are looking for a more detailed scientific explanation, this article will help you out with all of those details.

I personally like to think about it like a water balloon. When you have just a little water in it, the balloon is a bit saggy and droopy. If you put more water in it then the balloon gets tighter and smoother. Hyaluronic Acid is more or less the funnel by which the water gets into the balloon that is your skin.

This is also why deionized water is the first ingredient on the skincare label for the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum. If the Hyaluronic Acid is going to put water into the skin it has to take if from somewhere. So why not have it in the serum. This seems to be fairly standard in Hyaluronic acid based serums, or at least the ones I have tried.

But what about the CBD? Like the Hyaluronic Acid it is listed on the label, and indeed it is listed first on the label. I’ll admit, I know a lot more about hyaluronic acid in skin care than I know about CBD in skincare. Mostly because CBD in skincare is still being researched. Or at least that is what I could find out. Nearly every article I found about CBD use in skincare had the sentence “Research is still ongoing.” Or some form of this sentence. The word “Promising” also appeared a number of times.

What I could find points to CBD as an anti-oxidant that reduces inflammation and the damage done to skin by free-radicals. Like many others, my research is on going. This article was one of the best concise run downs of CBD benefits. Others were more technical, but this was one of the more helpful and easy to understand articles.

So given everything that I found, I was expecting to see a minimization of some of my fine lines as well as a reduction in skin damage.

All things I would like to see.

So, The serum was opened. And used. For a full month.

The serum itself is a fairly thin liquid and the directions indicate that a dime sized amount should be used once each morning on your neck face and upper chest. And so this is what I did. The thin serum absorbed quickly. I could probably have gone in almost immediately with a moisturizer after the serum but I like to give serums a little time to settle in and make themselves comfortable before applying the moisturizer. However, on the mornings when things were a bit hurried, I didn’t have to wait as long. My skin just soaked it in like a sponge and there was no greasy feeling left behind.

Because it is an eye serum, I started my application around the eyes and then worked my way out around the rest of my face and down to my neck and upper chest. I have some sun damage remaining from this summer’s heat wave despite my reliance on sunscreen, and I was hoping to give it a little boost in any way possible. Of course by the time I reached my neck most of the serum was absorbed into my face.

Now you may also see in the picture that although the bottle comes with an eye dropper, it is an eye dropper with a bit of a bend in it. I found this interesting. With the recommended dose and the recommended once daily use, the amount of product lasts about 30 days. I am at this point scraping the bottom of the bottle. This makes the eye dropper a nice addition to the packaging. For the first two weeks, the curved eye dropper worked like any other eye dropper. It picked up product, I dispensed the product into my hand and used the product.

On the third week, the dropper picked up less product and so I had to do two pumps to get my dime sized amount. Odd but not too much of a problem. Then as I entered week four, it suddenly went back to working as it had in the beginning. I think that the curve in the dropper is designed so that you can get all of the last drops of the serum from the bottle even when it is low. The curve lets it suck the product from around the edges more easily.

Admittedly it took me a few minutes to work that out and I stared stupidly at the bottle trying to figure out how more product got into the bottle. I put on my skincare while the coffee is brewing and I am not at my brightest pre-caffeinated. Once I realized the shape was working for me, I was less confused. There was just a week in the middle there where the shape made it less effective, but still easily used and not really an issue. It is just something to note if you are using the eye serum.

But now that we have chatted about it’s use, how did it perform? Well…

Before on the left and after on the right

Personally I would say it performed really well. There is a definite decrease in the lines at the side of my eye. I took the after photo on Friday, January 7th. I had a bit of a cold so there is actually more puffiness under the eyes than there has been. But the deepest line at the side of my eyes is significantly reduced. Quite honestly I was very impressed.

While the results on the lines are really good, what you might not be able to see in the photos is that the texture of my skin is quite improved as well. The CBD Age Defying Eye Serum from Terravibe was designed, as the name says, for the eyes. And that is where it showed the most results. But the serum was spread all over the face and neck and my skin did feel more hydrated, less winter dry and softer all round in texture. I did have some wind burn on my cheeks that has cleared up and my skin just simply feels good. I was very impressed with the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum and not only would I use this serum again, I want to try out more from the brand and I want to do more research on CBD products.

If there is one downfall it is that there is not a lot of information on the Terravibe site. I think their website might still be developing and I hope they do put more information up soon. Of course even if they did have the information up, you know I’d go looking for more information. You know how much I love research. Detailed website or not, this CDB Age Defying Eye Serum is certainly one to keep on the list.