Reviewing the Norvina Palette Vol 1 by Anastasia Beverly Hills

I admit freely that I am much more of a neutral palette kind of person. While I do like reds and pinks, I do tend to use them as a backdrop. They are just a hint of color behind the brown or possibly black, shadow. Part of that is the consequence of working so long in a very conservative office environment. Glitter was not appreciated.

Although i often snuck in a good bronze shimmer.

Even in a conservative arena, I can’t resist a good coppery/bronze shimmer.

row 1

Part of it is also that I adore deep dark lipstick, Reds and berry shades are kind of my favorite and you can be forgiven bright lips with tame eyeshadow. Admittedly several neutral lipsticks have grown on me as of late and perhaps as a consequence I have been drawn to brighter eyeshadow.

Ah the Yin and Yang of lipstick and eyeshadow.

This Norvina palette Volume 1 was a product that came to me via a Boxy Charm Box. It was a choice, There were several palettes and I looked at this one and thought, ‘I have very few of those shades in my collection.’ so I chose it.

row 2

I don’t know if I would have picked it up on my own. One of the reasons I don’t own a lot of purple shadows is that when I use them I tend to come out looking like Ursula the Sea Witch. While there is a time and a place for Disney imitation, it doesn’t come around often enough that i feel the need to keep purple shadows around.

Row 3

Half of using this palette was figuring out the application process. But first the specifics. There are five rows of shadows in the palette and five shadows in each row giving a total of twenty five shadows. Ah basic math, how I love you. Eight of these shadows are shimmer shades and the rest are matte.

Row 4

All of the matte shades are highly pigmented. In fact if you look on the palette information some of them are not recommended for use on the eyes because they tend to stain the skin. And stain they do. It is predominantly the purple shadows that stain. They leave an oddly red toned stain behind. In the picture below this is my eyelid after removing my makeup when I used A3 on my lids. The shadows aren’t named, but rather given number assignments. Row one is A and the colors are numbered one through five. Then there are rows B to E with each of the shadows again numbered one to five.

Row 5

The mattes applied well and they were long lasting. Some even lasting through makeup remover. They stayed put and didn’t crease. They were however very messy to apply. Unless you employ some sort of shield, this is a palette you want to work with before applying the rest of your makeup. Even with tapping the brush off before applying, the side of my nose and my under eye were often coated in shadow when I applied it. It is just a formula that sprays about a lot.

lid after shadow removal

I also found that I needed to be very precise in my application. Using this eyeshadow was a job for the smaller blending brushes in my collection. Using the larger fluffier brushes made me feel a bit out of control. It brought out the Sea Witch look. Once I switched to a smaller brush and was more precise with the application, the shadows worked well. They blend really well without becoming muddy and were long lasting.

Just remember to use a smaller brush to control the application and that you will have to dust off your nose and under eye area and the shadows are fine. In the mattes, i have to admit, I fell in love with the flat whit shade. C1 if you are counting. It sounds strange to say, but I think it was my favorite shadow.

I could apply the super bright colors and think it was a little too dark and then add the flat white to the inner corner. then I could blend the white out and soften some of the more intense colors. For me, this shade made the palette a lot more wearable.

And now we get to the shimmers. To be honest, I didn’t care for them all that much. They swatch much better than they apply. If applied with a dry brush they don’t apply well at all. If used with a wet brush they do become brighter and easier to apply. They also don’t dribble down the face. They tend to stay put all day.

The problem with the shimmers is that the other matte shades are so strong that the shimmers become somewhat irrelevant. The bright mattes are the star of this palette and they overpower the shimmers. If the shimmers are used with more neutral mattes, they are great. They stand out then. But at the same time, the shimmers aren’t that unusual. I have those exact shades in other formulas, some I like better than these others not as much. They aren’t bad shimmers, they just ride the middle line between not bad and not spectacular.

This is a palette that is all about the mattes and really all about the purples. The Norvina Volume 1 is bright and vibrant and contains a lot of colors that I don’t have elsewhere. It isn’t going to become an everyday palette for me, but it is one that I will reach for when I am in the mood for something bright.

The Otherworldly Eyeshadow Palette from Fluide

I’ll be honest, I chose this Otherworldly Palette by Fluide as one of my choice items in my IPSY Plus Glam Bag because of one shade. (and because there weren’t any other interesting options in that choice category that month). I saw the green and realized I didn’t have any colors like it in my collection. I tend to go for more everyday looks as sort of my natural gravitation towards shadows.

I do have an affinity for jewel tones, but spent a long time working in a rather conservative office, which shaped a lot of my daily makeup habits. Recently though I have been playing around a bit with color (sometimes not very successfully) and I have been wanting to add a bit more of a range to the colors available.

I didn’t actually envision myself liking much of the other colors, but that green just looked fantastic. I know, it isn’t the first time I’ve picked up a palette for just one color, and it probably won’t be the last. Although I do try not to make it a habit. I also justified it because I had never tried any shadows from Fluide before. I do like their liquid lips though. They are a nice, non drying formula. So justifications in place I tried the palette

There are eight shades in this palette. It is a nice sturdy cardboard palette with a small mirror shaped wither like a cloud or a UFO, I can’t really tell. There are five mattes, two shimmers and one glitter.

L to R: Stellactic, Astral Halo, Quarkle, Andromedaze

The top row contains two mattes, the glitter and one of the shimmers. I promise there are four shades swatched on my arm. The second shadeAstral Halo is almost a perfect match for my skin tone and so doesn’t show up well in the swatch.

L to R: Galatea, Mercurial, Queersar, Blood Moon

The second row has the one green shimmer that drew me into the palette in the first place and three mattes. Let’s talk about the mattes first. They are soft and buttery and have very little fall out. While Astral Halo is only really useful as a base layer to give me a solid color to work with, the other colors are rather nice. The shade that looks light brown in the pan, Mercurial has a reddish tone, almost like a terra cotta, on the eye which I rather liked. I was not expecting to like the orange (either the matte or the shimmer) but I ended up really liking it. I think because the dark brown can tame down that orange It worked really well for me. I was actually quite pleased by the orange.

The mattes had little fall out and blended easily with each other. In addition, they are well paired. If you want a bright look, there are colors to play with and if you want a hint of color, you can tame the brights, and if you just want something quick for the office, you can do that too. It is surprisingly more versatile than I thought it would be.

The shimmers applied well also. I could get a decent shimmer with a dry brush. If I wanted something gleaming, then dampung down the brush intensified the shimmers. While I loved the green as much as I thought I would, that orange shimmer was something I did not expect to like. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

And then there is the glitter. Oh, the glitter.

It feels soft in the pan and on the eyes. When applied with a dry brush it is a little patch and if you have slightly hooded eyes like mine, it will wear off in a line where the hood is. In addition it has a tendency to migrate down the face and then show little glittery bits for the next two days despite washing your face and taking a shower. With a damp brush, it applies better.

While none of the other shadows really need a primer, if using the glitter shade, use an eyelid primer. It will keep the glitter in place long enough for your look to shone where you are going. without the primer, You have maybe an hour before the fall out starts. I personally like the Pretty Vulgar Lid Primer as it has a great deal of stick to it that really locks the glitter down.

Over all, I enjoyed this palette. i wasn’t really expecting to like this Otherworldly palette by Fluide as much as I did. I quite frankly saw the oranges and was a little scared off. But the colors work well together, the pans are well thought out and the shadows are a really nice formula. while this Palette was part of Fluide’s Pride collection, I will certainly have to look into oher shadows from them in the future.

The One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Palette

For the past week or so I have been using the One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Palette. I did my best to use every shade and to try them in multiple ways. This palette came to me in an IPSY Glam Bag X and I have to say, I would not have purchased this on my own. And that is because it looks kind of boring to me. Most of the shades are ones I already have multiples of and the pop of color is a bright blue that i would never really use. I’m just not a fan of blue eyeshadow.

Bad 1980s memories I guess.

This is nothing against Patrick Starr. I actually like him quite a bit.

However even though I wouldn’t normally purchase this palette, I had it now, so I put it to the test. The first thing you may notice about the palette is that it looks like I have tilted the photo. that is because the bottom edge of the palette is slanted. It slants in the opposite way as the cover of the palette so there are two points on the corners. This is either going to be a non-issue or it is going to really annoy me in the future. I store my palettes standing up so that I can see their spines, like books, except horizontally in a drawer rather than vertically across a shelf. The points will either cause it to stand in a stable way and be something I don’t think about or they will gt crumpled and really bother me. I have no idea which way that will lean. Only time will determine that.

L to R: Manila Sands, Taupe of my Game, Brownie, Suede Charm, Turban Legend

So to the first row of shadows. The top row is a mix of cool and warm neutrals and a black shade. Manila Sands, Taupe of my Game and Suede Charm applied beautifully. They were very pigmented and easy to work with. Exciting, no. Useful neutrals, yes. If I didn’t already have multiples of these shades, I would love them. They are great to have in any collection. Brownie was still highly pigmented but a little patchy. Turban Legend was not as pigmented as everything else and very patchy when applied. I really had to work with this shade. It surprised me given the ease of all of the other shadows. There is a lot of fall out from these shades so either do your eyes before face when reaching for this palette or use some sort of shielding technique as there will be fall out.

L to R: Titleholder, Soft Serve, Everything, Olive It, Blue Mon Dieu

The second row again applied fairly well. The bright blue of Blue Mon Dieu had the same patchiness issue as the black of Turban Legend. It was harder to work with than the others and was more of a buildable formula than a highly pigmented one. The other matte in this row, Soft Serve was a beautiful neutral that wa highly pigmented and worked well. It was a shade I could use as a one and done easily and repeatedly. The other three shades in this row are shimmers. They are surprisingly pigmented and apply well and easily with a brush. The gold of titleholder and the pink of everything are pretty standard shades. Olive it was unexpected and one of the few shades I don’t have elsewhere. I really liked it. It was unusual, but wearable. the shimmers do leave a trail of glitter down the sides of your nose by the end of the day though. There is quite a bit of fall out from them.

L to R: Mango, Booked, Walnut Strut, Matcha, Rebel Gray

In the final third dow the three mattes Mango, Booked and Matcha were highly pigmented and super easy to work with. I don’t have a shade like Matcha and it was nice to see that greenish shade. I’m not sure how often I would wear it, but I do like it. Walnut strut is a shimmer and is a lovely copper tone. You know how I love coppers. It has the same fall out as the other shimmers, as does Rebel Gray. Despite the fall out, if there is one color that will keep me opening this palette it is the Rebel Gray. I really liked how it applied and how it looked. It was the stand out winner of this palette to be honest.

And that is actually where the issue lies for me with this palette. The formulas, with the notable exception of Turban Legend and Blue Mon Dieu, are really good and really easy to work with. There are three shades I don’t have in any other palette. I don’t wear a lot of green shadows because they tend to make me look a little jaundiced, so I’m not sure how often i would reach for those two shades. There is one shade I fell in love with. Everything else in the palette I have in other palettes. This is a palette I will reach for when i want to use Rebel Gray. I will either end up deciding I want to add the shade to a look I am creating with an otherwise matte palette or i will decide it is a Rebel Gray kind of day and pull the palette out, using the other colors simply because they are there.

While I have been known to keep palettes because I fell in love with one shade, I think that how long I keep this palette may be dependant on how often I reach for the Rebel Gray. If asked now if I would buy this palette, I would have to say i would look for Rebel Gray in a single shadow and give the rest of the palette a pass. There is nothing really wrong with it, but there is also nothing very spectacular about it either.

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Eyeshadow Palette Review: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed

I picked up the Lime Crime Prelude Exposed palette because I thought it was an interesting mix of neutrals. Also while I love their Velvetine Lip Line i had never tried any of their eyeshadows before. The only reason I hadn’t picked any of them up is that the boxy packaging looked like it might take up a lot of space. The Prelude palettes are a little boxy in their packaging, but with eight pans they aren’t terribly large.

It is a very neutral palette. As you can see the two darker shades Storm (top right) and Immortal (lower right) tend to leave a pit of fall out. None of the other shadows really had any fall out when applying them, however when using those two dark shades I found it easier to do my eyeshadow first , clean up the fall out and then proceed to work on the rest of my face.

The top row swatches go from left to right starting with Aphrodite on the left and ending with Storm on the right. I promise the shade Flesh is actually swatched on there it however almost exactly the color of my skin. The pigments are not terribly strong. They can be built up but this is not a really flashy palette. It is very subdued. I actually quite liked it for everyday wear. It has some interest, especially with the shade Aphrodite which has a blue white shift to it as you move in the light.

I think my favorite color in this palette was the almost mauvy tone of Abyss. It is a shade i could easily wear all on its own. I was able to get a pretty decent smokey eye with Immortal as well. And I have to say the gold of the 1484 is quite stunning. While it is a very neutral palette it isn’t a boring neutral palette. I had no problems wearing it all week and coming up with different combinations all week. It is a palette I could easily travel with and know that the eight shades would be enough.

As you can see the second row of swatches is more pigmented than the upper row. They are still not terribly deeply pigmented. They are very buildable. You can easily get a light wash of color or deepen the shades. I had no trouble blending the shades together. In the close up, I Started with Abyss and then layered Immortal over it. I added a touch of storm to the center and then blended in Aphrodite.

Normally I don’t use that many colors for fear of everything becoming muddy. However I wanted to see how they played together. The result turned out looking rather nice. While they work together, they blend, but don’t turn to mud.

Typically I only used one or two shades and they worked well also. I didn’t get a lot of creasing on the shadows but they did fade a bit throughout the day. By the end of an eight hour day what was left of the shadows sort of blended into each other so there was dark on one side and light on the other with no really distinct color variations. However that was really towards the end of the day. After hour six, they still looked fairly decent.

Over all I am very pleased with this palette and I can see myself reaching for it repeatedly. It is neutral enough to wear during the work day, has enough variation to keep it from feeling boring and has the ability to be a bit flashier with the 1484 and Aphrodite shades so I could easily touch it up at the end of the work day if I was going out. I am very happy to have this palette in my collection.

Playing around with the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Eyeshadow Palette

The Rose Gold Remastered Palette Untouched

This week i used the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette as my eyeshadow palette. I have used the smaller Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes in the past (I have two in my collection) and I really liked the formula. I don’t reach for them a lot, or haven’t recently, mostly because they are small and they ended up getting buried. This is my first full sized Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette.I don’t know what the original was like, so I can’t compare it to the newer version, I can only tell you my thoughts on this one.

Personally, I loved using the remastered rose this week. Recently I have been doing very simple one and done looks or adding one shade and then topping it with a bit of shimmer and calling the look done. With this palette I wanted to spend time playing with it and layering the shadows. But let’s look at the shadows.

The top row is all shimmers.They are butter soft and perform really well. I have no idea why they have divots carved into them as that seems really strange to me. Perhaps it is a factor of the machine pressing the formula or the product was so soft it pressed better that way, or maybe they were even trying to put less product in the pan. I don’t know. I do know that even with a dry brush, these shimmers applied well and performed magnificently. There was only minor fall out and usually that occurred when I didn’t tap my brush off enough before applying them. I did not end up with glitter cheeks because of these shadows. Towards the end of the day I did have a slight crease across my eye, but it is where I have small hoods in my lids and quite frankly the only formulas that don’t give me a line by the end of the day are liquids and even then there are only a few that can perform like that. The line was very slight and I think I am the onl one who noticed it.

The second row is composed of half matte and half shimmer shades. What I found interesting about the matte shades in this row is that Risque (far left) felt more solid to the touch than the other formulas. The other two mattes were soft and butter, almost as soft as the above shimmers. The shade Risque did not feel this way, however it performed just as well as the others. The eye image is of just Risque on the lid. I did one tap into the pan and one swipe across the eyes.

As you can see, the shade is highly pigmented and despite the swiping motion there is little color fall out. While I did try playing around with this palette without adding my face products first, I have to be honest, my eyeshadow is one of the last things I do. I end with Eyeshadow, Mascara and then lip products.

I generally use setting spray after the shadow but before the mascara. It is the way I have alwyas done my make up. I know most people do the eyes first and then work their way out, but the habit of the lifetime makes me always feel like I am missing a step if I do it that way. I will say that because I received cleansing wipes from my Refreshments subscription and actually have them on hand, I am playing with my eyeshadow more and when I play with it more, I do apply shadow first and then face products. It I know what look I am going to do, I do the face first. The wipes make it easy to play and clean up fall out and tidy edges, I just don’t like the waste of them. But there you have it. I also have to sya it has been a while since I’ve had a palette that made me want to play. this one makes me want to play around with shadow.

But moving on we have one more row to go.

This third row is composed of all mattes. In case you are wondering about the difference with the photo, the flash kept going off when I took it. For some reason it wouldn’t go off with the other two sets of swatches but no matter what I did it always went off with this set. so the image is different.

The formula however is the same, and as you can see from the swatches, they look almost creamy. The shades were butter and soft and applied fantastically well. I had no trouble with streaking or patchiness, even from the black. Generally, I find that the darker the shade the more patchiness can be a problem. I simply didn’t have that issue with this palette. Black truffle applied well, blended into the other shadows and layered beautifully.

I know usually i have at least one criticism of the palate, one thing that didn’t work for me or slightly annoyed me. Honestly, i can’t really think of one. These shades of the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette are completely in my wheelhouse, they are nicely and thoughtfully arranged, and user friendly. They blend well, stay put and provide great color pay off. Quite frankly those are usually my priorities when looking at an eyeshadow palette. I very much enjoyed using this palette this week and will continue using it for a long time to come. It may sound overly enthusiastic, but really, I can’t complain.

Huda Beauty

Testing the Teddy Boy Eyeshadow Palette from Butter London

I picked up the Butter London Teddy Boy eyeshadow palette from one of the Boxy Charm Pop ups a while ago.  There was a debacle with delivery and when it arrived I was kind of exhausted by it and put it into my shadow drawer.  There I promptly forgot it.  Over the weekend I did a shadow palette declutter (Post on that will be going up Monday) and found it again and realized I had not actually tried it.  So it went into my makeup bag to try this week.

There are nine pans five of them are shimmer and four are mattes.  For the look for this post I started with my pretty Vulgar concealer as my lid primer.  I then used the neutral shade of Simon (top row Middle) all over the lids.  Simon went on well and it matched my skin tone perfectly.  I then added a light bit of Graham (the dark brown bottom row center).  Over this I added the blue of Freddie (top row left hand side). And then I used the Shimmer Archie (third row Left hand side).

It is a very simple look but it illustrates the colors in this palette fairly well.  This is a more cool toned palette than I am used to using and the colors do come off very muted.  I have another Butter London palette and it too has a brown color similar to Graham but in a warm tone. 

Layered mattes

It looks much richer when applied because it is a warmer tone.  Otherwise the mattes in this palette did apply fairly well.  They are buildable, to a point. 

They will never be saturated colors.  I don’t think any cool toned palette I have ever tried ended up with saturated colors. 

Something in the formulation of those cool tones means that the color tends to be less saturated, at least in my experience.  The dark almost Navy blue of Rupert (bottom row Left side) was a little patchy when applied.  It smoked out well on the corner of the eye, but there were patches if I tried to sweep it across the whole lid.

Left eye applied with a wet brush, right eye with the damp finger tip
row 1 swatches l to r:Freddie, Simon , Nick

With the shimmers, they barely applied with a dry brush.  Wetting the brush really helped with the application and quite frankly applying them with a wet finger tip worked the best. 

This is not a buttery soft formula.  It is somewhat hard in the pan.  It does take a little working with to get used to applying them, but once I worked with them a bit I was fine. 

Is it my favorite palette? No, I can’t say that it is. 

Row 2: l to r: Francis, Billy, Nigel

However I don’t have a lot of cool tones in my shadows and many of the shades in this palette are ones I don’t have elsewhere.  I like the shape of the palette and the way it opened from the center.  Because they are pressed so hard into the pan, there is little fall out when I applied the shades and I have to say once I applied the shade it stayed there all day. 

row 3: Archie, Graham, Rupert

There was a little creasing towards the end of the day, but the shadows stayed in place.  They were fairly muted when they went on and they remained fairly muted when the day was through. 

There were some definite high points.  I think the only reasons that I wouldn’t automatically reach for this palette a lot stem mostly from the fact that it is rare that I want cool tones.  Occasionally I really do like them and I am glad to have this palette in my collection for those times. 

It is unique in the shades (at least as far as my collection goes) and works well, just don’t expect it to be something it isn’t and it is a good little palette.

Klorane USA

Wet ‘n Wild 5 pan Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Go Commando Review

A week or two ago I picked up a few new or at least new to me Wet ‘n wild products.  Last week I tested (and loved) the new tinted foundation Wet ‘n Wild (the link will take you to the full review) put out and this week I added both a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette to the week’s makeup bag.

Incidentally, I couldn’t find the Wet ‘n wild tinted moisturizer on their face products page but it is actually listed in their new products page. Apparently, they don’t add their new products into the existing pages until other new products come out.  This palette too is on the new page.

The Go Commando Palette is a 5 pan one from their Color Icon line. I know some of you think that sounds familiar, and it should.  Color Icon is also the term they used for the ten and sixteen pan palettes.  I reviews one of the ten pan ones a while back.  It is still a palette that I consistently reach for time and again.

This is sort of an updated version and when I looked it up on the website I saw they had a new revision of at least one of the ten pan palettes as well. I like the look of the update but my first thoughts when I saw them was that I really hoped the formula hadn’t changed because I really like the Wet ‘n Wild Eyeshadow formula.

While I am not a huge fan of the clear plastic cover on the eyeshadow, it is quite a sturdy plastic and actually feels much more luxe than the previous versions. The plastic is thicker and more reminiscent of the Viseart Palettes than the older Color Icon Palettes.  I would have no trouble slipping this into a travel bag due to its small five pan size and I would have no fear that the plastic would break and cause eyeshadow damage in my makeup bag.

Swatches l to r in pan

The Palette retails for $3.99 and it looks like they have six separate palettes in the line.  The one I am using is the one called Go Commando. I’m not entirely certain why.  I would either expect more nude shades if they were leaning commando that way or more green and brown shades if they were leaning towards a military type version. I’m sure the name made sense to someone, but I’m not quite sure I see it.

So let’s look at the actual shadows

only the russet matte shadow

There are five pans and they are fairly good sized. Two of the shadows are matte and three are shimmer shades.  There are no shade names that I can find. In this palette the two mattes are on the far left and then the three shimmers line up.

We’ll talk about the mattes first.  As I said there are two of them one a cool toned brown and one a russet color. In the look I photographed for this post I put down the russet color firs (2nd to left in the palette).  It went on smoothly with no patchiness at all.  The color is quite pigmented and it blended well. 

russet overlayed with brown

Several days this week I just blended this color out for a one and done look and really enjoyed using it.  It is buttery soft to the touch and while I did have to tap off the brush before applying it, if I did then I had no fallout from the application. The brown matte (first pan on the left) was more or less the same consistency but had a little more fall out after tapping and applying.  It wasn’t major fall out and easily dealt with, but it did have more fall out than the russet shade for some reason. The only reason I can think of is that it is more pigmented than the russet color. While I liked it on it’s own, I thought it was a little too cool toned to pair with the russet.  I would have preferred a slightly warmer brown.  It worked together, but my preference would be to warm that brown up just a hair.

reddish shimmer placed in the center

With the three shimmer shades there was one rosy toned in the middle of the palette one gold toned right next to it and a whitish silver on the far right.  Applying with a brush was pointless but they applied well with the fingertips.  They also blended well with the other shades.  In the look pictured here I used the pink tone in the middle and the whitish tone in the inner corner. Throughout the week I paired the gold as well. 

silver white in corner

The russet and gold looked really good together as well this week.  Again my only issue is that I wanted that one matte brown to be a little more warm toned.  It was okay with the other colors, but even though the formulas all blended well, that cool toned brown kind of stood out from the rest. 

I know it is nit-picky but that really is the only issue I had with this shadow palette.  A vague wish that one of the mattes was more warm toned than it was is all I found fault with.  I think this is a nice simple easy to use palette.  Is it the most exciting palette in the world, no.  But it is a good every day palette that you can create good looks with in a very short amount of time.  It is an easy one to grab when you are pressed for time in the morning. 

Personally my shadow preference leans more towards one over all shadow that I can blend out over the lid with a possibly light shimmer placed towards the inner eye rather than crazy colorful looks. For me palettes like this work fantastically well as I can look at what I am wearing and grab the palette that suits quickly and easily. I am thrilled to see that the formula is still the same one I love from previous Wet ‘n Wild Palettes. I don’t know if the new ten pan palettes are going to have the same color set up or if they will be new layouts, but as my current palette is getting a bit old if they have it in the new packaging, I will be picking it up.

Fall In Love with the NEW Valentines Day Collection from Wet n Wild

Complex Culture Full Time Eyeshadow Palette

Buckle up my darlings, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. this Full Time eyeshadow Palette from Complex Culture arrived in my December Ipsy Box. I believe it is edit 2. It has a hard plastic case, that is quite beautiful and sleek. The packaging feels quite luxurious. It is also sturdy enough that I would have no problems worrying over it during travel. The shiny surface does collect fingerprints quickly though.

But it is what’s inside that counts.

So what is inside?

Nine eyeshadow colors.Four shimmers, and five mattes. While the shadows are grouped together in rows that run top to bottom, when I swatched them I went left to right across the rows without thinking. So even though Cream, Chestnut and Rose gold are grouped together under the category of Dinner Party. the first set of swatches is actually Cream, Toast and Silver.

Row 1: L to R, Cream, Toast, Silver

I have to say I am not terribly enthused by the groupings, hyust looking at them. Dinner Party looks like it might be nice as does cocktail party but Surprise party just didn’t work for me as a grouping. In practice, that wasn’t how I reached for the shades. I found rose gold went better with the cool matte tones of Cocktail Party and Honey went better with the warmer Dinner Party shades.

Row 2 L to R: Chestnut Chocolate, Redwood

Of the mattes, my favorite actually came from the Surprise party line up and that was Rosewood. I found it to be the most pigmented of the bunch and the least patchy when applied.

I was not a big fan of the mattes in general. They look patchy on the swatches, they were really powdery in the pan and even tapping the brush off left a lot of fall out to tidy up. In addition the coverage was spotty. I could apply a matte shade to my lids and then blink a few times and a small patch of lid was cleared.

3rd row L to R: Rose Gold, Honey and Bronzed

When I used my trusty Pretty Vulgar Lid Primer it helped, but not much. It just seemed to make the line across my lid sharper. Ido have slightly hooded eyes, so i can see where it is rubbing off, however I don’t have this problem with every shadow so I can’t just blame my eye shape.

Glitter fall out at the start of the day

Plus, the Pretty vulgar Lid primer is like super glue for shadow. If it couldn’t hold it in place, nothing was going to.

The fall out from the shimmers was even worse. I had glitter dusted cheeks all week long with this palette. I started the morning thinking, okay a few flakes aren’t bad but by the end of the day I looked like a low rent version of a Twilight style Vampire. while that look has it’s place, it wasn’t what I was going for.

Patchy across the center after applying all over the lid.

While I will concede that the matte color choices work well and can be layered quite effectively (minus the above issues) the shimmers weren’t that spectacular a choice. Silver and Bronzed looked identical on the eye. Bronzed might have had a slightly more gunmetal looking swatch, but the difference was lost on the lid. Rose gold was only a slightly warmer silver. The gold looked gold, so that was different.

I had high hopes for this eyeshadow palette. And my hopes weren’t based solely on the beautiful packaging. I’ll admit, that did draw me in. the reason my hopes were high is that I have several brushes from the brand Complex Culture and the brushes are really well made and I frequently use them. Their powder brush has become a staple in my makeup bag. I somehow thought that their makeup products would be as good as their brushes. I was wrong, at least as far as this eyeshadow palette goes. It is a beautiful packaging but I really did not enjoy using it this week. I thought I would because the matte colors are really amung my go to shades, but sadly, it just didn’t work out for me.


Ciate London: The Trend Edit Eyeshadow Palette

This week I used the nine pan The Trend Edit Palette from Ciate London as my eyeshadow palette.  I have to say there is the strong possibility that this may become my everyday go-to palette.

But let’s look at the palette first.

 As I mentioned above it has nine pans.  The color names are listed on the back.  The palette comes in a hard plastic case.  While the catch on mine is a little stiff, otherwise it is a nice case that is sturdy enough to travel well.  It is also small enough that it could easily be used for travel.  The palette itself usually retails for $24. 

When I looked up the link for the palette to find the price, I found that currently Ciate is having a sale and this particular palette is now on sale for $14.40. Most everything on the site is actually 40% off at the moment.  I don’t know how long the sale will last. But if you like Ciate products, now may be the time to stop by the site.

All of the shadows have names on the back, however it is on a very shiny silver back and no picture I took came out able to be read so I will put the colors with the swatches.

Tip row L to R: Burnt, Blushed, Nude

Of the shadows four are mattes and five are shimmers, which is a pretty good mix.  Of the mattes, Burnt (top left hand corner) is my absolute favorite.  I found I could dip into the pan once, lightly tap off the brush and use it as a one and done shade.  It went on smoothly and blended really well.  It is my number one in this entire palette and there were several days where I just used it and called my makeup look done.

The other mattes are all varying shades of neutrals.  Some matched my skin tone and worked well as a base for a more glam look.  I think which matt you end up using the most really is going to depend on your skin tone. 

Middle row swatches L to R: Baby, Love Heart and Caramel

Nude almost exactly matched my skin tone and therefore disappeared, but made a nice base.  Caramel is a little too cool toned for me and I barely touched it this week as cool tones aren’t what I am usually drawn to, while Desert made a slightly lighter and more subtle one and done look than Burnt. All four are simply varying brownish neutral tones for different skin tones.

Bottom Row Swatches L to R: Mink, Desert, and Champagne

The mattes are mostly either for a simple look or as a backdrop to the stunning shimmers in this palette. While Blushed and Baby can be applied with a dry brush for a slight pop of shine over a neutral look Love Heart, Mink and Champagne are a bit brighter.  Blushed especially adds a very subtle shine to an everyday look and wouldn’t be out of place in an office environment. Baby is a little more cool toned and pairs really well with Caramel (matte). 

All of the shimmers are more muted when applied with a dry brush.  They are slightly stronger when applied with a finger but really pop when applied with a wet brush.  I spray my setting spray onto the brush to damp it down and then apply to the lid.  The setting spray helps ensure the shimmer stays where it is supposed to instead of transferring.

Quick swipe of Burnt with a little Blushed to add shimmer to the inner corner

In general I had no issues with either transferring or fall out where this palette is concerned.  I dipped in and tapped off and had no issues fall out on my under eyes.  With Burnt I only needed to dip into the pan once to create an everyday look.  I could dip in more to deepen it, which I did when using a shimmer like Love Heart with it. 

The shadows stayed in place all day for me and quite frankly I was thrilled with this palette.  It is mostly neutral with some pink tones, which is sort of my natural habitat, but the selection is nice.  It can easily go from a work day look to a more night out look and it is small enough to fit well into a purse so a trip to the bathroom to punch up the color before leaving the office is easily achieved. I like the versatility as well as the balance of colors. 

Over all it was well thought out by whoever it was at Ciate who put this palette together. It isn’t super elaborate, but it can create a variety of looks and has both warm and cool tones making it surprisingly versatile for a variety of skin tones.  Not bad for a small nine pan palette.  For me, the trick is going to be remembering to reach for other palettes instead of just automatically picking up this one.

Viseart Eye Shadow Palette: Neutral Mattes (with a Bobby Brown Shimmer)

I’ll admit, I have been intrigued by Viseart for a while now.  I generally like the color schemes on their palettes and I have heard good things about them. It is usually the expense that talks me out of it.  Tis palette for example retails for $80. It is a lot to pay when you have never tried the formula and are only hoping you actually like it.

I did not pay full price for the paleet, this particular one came in my BoxyCharm Premium box this month. So I get to try it without an $82 gamble. (In case you are wondering most of my single shadows were picked up in order to try a formula before I bought a palette, or they came in subscription boxes.  Either way I tend to judge palettes on their singles before I buy them).

Now looking at this palette, I can tell these colors are right up my alley.  I actually didn’t mind the fact that they were all mattes until I got to the day where I tested out the black shade.  I used the Black and blended in the gray and then lightened the corners with one of the top row shades, but it wasn’t really enough with the black. Luckily, in my Birchbox Advent Calendar there was a Bobby Brown Long wear Cream Shadow Stick that was shimmer and had nothing else to partner with it.  So I added it and poof, I loved the look.

The Bobby Brown Shimmer

Incidentally, I loved the Bobby Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick.  It as creamy, went on over other shadows like a dream and stayed in place all day with minimal creasing.  I may have to look into the other shades and possibly think about picking up a few more. I have to be honest, this is the first Bobby Brown product I’ve tried, and I was very impressed.

But back to Viseart.

I have to say, I was impressed with them as well. 

Very impressed.

I swear there are four swatches on my arm I swatched the top row L to R for this row

While there is a row of light colors at the top, the rest of the shades are rather dark. The swatches are not the greatest on any of these shadows for some reason. Which is really strange as they apply with high pigmentation. This top row though disappears mostly because of my skin tone. I think part of the bad swatches (other than me) is the fact that they aren’t really powdery so it didn’t want to cling to my finger. Surprisingly the shadows that swach the worst usually end up performing really well in application. This was no exception.

When they apply they are definitely fully pigmented shades.  A little goes a long way. Dip once, tap the brush and then apply and see where you are. Start as light as you can and then try to build. 

second row L to R

The colors blended well together without becoming muddy.  Each are pigmented enough that they could be used on their own but they were easily layered. They were soft to the touch, highly pigmented and blended out really easily, providing I didn’t start off with too heavy a hand. 

Third row L to R

If you start with a heavy hand then it is just a block of color and you either have to decide to lie with it or start over.In the below photo, I tapped lightly once in the pan, taped off the excess and this was what I got. It is clearly the one russet color in the pan. But it was only one light brush on the pan to get this first color application. As you can see it is quite pigmented and there is zero fall out from the shadow.

One soft tap

There was a little fading throughout the day, but the shadows didn’t disappear. After eight hours you could still see exactly what I intended. I was very surprised by how little fall out there was with these shadows.  With the black I thought I was going to have loads of fall out just because of the deepness of the pigment.  I tapped lightly, tapped off the excess and applied it.  It blended well without poofing up to scatter black dust over my nose and the side of my face.  It may be the first black eyeshadow I have tried that hasn’t done that before.

Black shadow, no fall out

I have to be honest, I really have nothing bad to say about this palette.  I think the closest thing to a negative that I have is that when I used the black shadow I really wanted a shimmer because it was so dark and so intense, I thought it needed the shimmer to balance it. 

But that is just a personal taste.  It looked fine with just the mattes, and I do have plenty of single shimmers I could pair with it.  I am a big fan of this Viseart Palette and I have to say I will give the brand a closer look and try to add more to my collection. These were some very good quality eyeshadows and I will enjoy using this palette for a long time to come.