A Tale of Two Quads

Recently I have been going through a lot of my smaller eyeshadow palettes in an effort to look at the ones more suitable for travel. At least I think that is why I have found them so attractive as of late. There is the possibility that as my schedule has tightened up and I have less time to actually spend I have been drawn to the smaller eyeshadow quads because they are quick and easy.

while I like the smaller palettes, one of the things I like, beyond their compact size, is that you don’t have a lot of thought when using them. Typically they have a small range of application patterns so they are quick to grab and apply. Two eyeshadow quads recently came into my collection and on the surface they appear to be very similar. They are both brown neutral palettes with one matte and three shimmers. But let’s see how they compare.

The first up is the Oryza Beauty Nude Shimmer and Contour Eyeshadow. It has one matte brown and three shimmers.

When applying it, I found the matte is not all that pigmented and tends to be a bit on the patchy side. while one matte is not enough to fully judge an entire line of eyeshadows, I can’t say it impressed me enough to want to try out other shades. The shimmers applied more easily and in fact did help the matte out a bit when blending. The matte shade had almost no powder fall out, which was nice, but did tend to fade out more over the course of the day. As it wasn’t very pigmented to start with, this didn’t make it a favorite. The brighter copper shade (lower left hand corner) tended to migrate down and I ended up with some copper flecks on my cheeks by the end of the day. It was only visible when the light hit and made me shimmer, but I wasn’t expecting it in the shimmer.

The second Quad I used was the Chella Manifest Bronze eyeshadow Palette.

It too had one brown matte and three shimmers. The shadows did feel buttery to the touch and softer than the Oryza shadows. They were also more pigmented and applied smoother. with the matte, I did not have the patchiness. The brown applied well, but has a bit more of a reddish undertone than I expected. It stayed in place longer and while it still faded over the course of a day, it stayed in place relatively well. I also had less fall out from the shimmers. I really like that this quad had one bright shimmer that went well into the inner corners of my eyes. I felt this was lacking a little in the other quad. And as always I adore copper shadows and the darker copper (upper right hand corner) is exactly what I love in a copper shade. Over all it was a pretty good quad.

Here is the thing though. When looking up the Oryza Palette I found it for sale on Amazon for $10.99. (I know usually i go for the brand website but I couldn’t find the price listed in US currency and it wouldn’t convert. The actual site is here.) When looking up the Chella site, I found this quad sells for $20. (I received both as part of subscription boxes – Chella with Glossy Box and Oryza with IPSY).

The truth is that when using them I was comparing them to a similar quad with one brown shade and three shimmers. This was the ELF Bite Sized Palette in Cream and Sugar. Even before I checked the prices, the ELF had them both beat with performance. When you add in that the ELF palette is only $3 (and that’s $3 with no sales going on. They do have a sale going on now and I’ll link it below), it really sort of seals the deal with ELF. I liked the ELF bite sized quad and have used it for a while. Recently the dark brown shade smashed (user malfunction. I dropped a brush and the handle smacked into the center of the pan cracking it.) so I was thinking I might replace it. then I thought ‘wait I have these other two similar quads, let’s try them first’.

In the end while the Chella performed better than the Oryza, I will be replacing the ELF and will end up reaching for it more. This is one case where the less expensive option, is actually the best.

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A Tale of Two Tiny Eyeshadow Palettes: The Elf Bite Sized Palette in Rosewater and Beauty by Popsugar in Morocco

The two palettes I used this week Elf in Rose Water and Beauty by Popsugar in Morocco

This week I chose two small eyeshadow palettes to add to my makeup bag.  One is the Beauty by PopSugar in the Trio Time Morocco and the other was the Elf Bite Sized Palette in the shade Rose water.

Now some of you may remember that I tested out an ELF Bite sized palette not too long ago.  It was a palette of neutrals (Cream and Sugar) and I really liked it.  The palette was well thought out and the colors all worked well together.  The shadows worked well and stayed in place with little fall out.  I picked up the Rose water palette because I wanted to see if the way the shadows were assembled was consistently well-chosen or if Cream and sugar was just a fluke of fabulous design. 

Plus in the summer time I generally find myself wanting to reach for pink toned shimmers and I have recently realized that I have a lot of warm winter colors but few summery ones.  So I picked this palette up.  I have to say it has the same nice formula and the shadows work just as well together as the Cream and Sugar Palette. 

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The one true matte shade is slightly powdery but with a tap of the brush it is fine. I did find the black a little hard to blend. I don’t know if it is because it has a bit of a shimmer to it rather than being a matte, but It took a little work. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, I adored using the other three.

Elf Rose Water Swatches (L to R)

I am really impressed by whoever thought through these palettes. They are fantastically easy grab and go items that give you several different looks and are small enough to travel with.  The fact that each palette is only $3 at Target doesn’t hurt either. If the black had been a more pigmented matte shade then I would have been in love with the whole thing. I will end up reaching for the other three shades consistently though. I doubt I will use the pan with the black in it.

The open trio of Morocco from Beauty by Popsugar

The second palette in this week’s bag was the Morocco palette by Beauty by Popsugar.  I picked it up on a whim from a Boxypop up because I had never tried their shadows before. I also thought it was a cute little neutrals trio that I could toss in a travel bag. 

The packaging is adorable.  The top pops up with a tiny and fairly useless mirror inside and one of the shadows.  The other two shadows swivel out from the base.  The top shade is a peachy shimmer, the middle shade is a neutral base and the bottom shade is a darker crease shade. 

Swatches (top to bottom)

The middle shadow so closely matched my skin color as to be nearly invisible once applied. Perhaps it would work better on someone else.  I applied it over a lid primer and found I got more pigmentation from the lid primer.

The darker shade is not highly pigmented and when you start blending, tends to blend away to almost nothing.  Except where it poofs out and covers the side of your nose during application.  It is very powdery and no matter how many times I tapped the brush before applying it seemed like none of the product went on my lids and all of it went on my nose.  In fact all of the shades proved to be quite powdery. It is even evident in the swatches.

The shimmer shade applied better than the other two, especially with a finger tip to lay it down and a primer below.  Any attempts to blend it in made it disappear so once you applied it, you had to just leave it where it was. 

Over all, I was not a fan. 

This was the first Beauty by Popsugar product I have tried and I don’t know it this is typical of their formulas or if they were trying something new with this small shadow trio.  Either way, I don’t care for it and it doesn’t really encourage me to try more from the brand.  Perhaps they do something else really well, but it certainly wasn’t these shadows. These I will be sanitizing and passing on to someone else.  Perhaps they will enjoy them more than I do.  For now,  I think I’ll stick to the ELF bite sized line rather than picking up more Popsugar shadows.

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