The Final Glam Glow for Face mask Friday

That’s right it is time again for Face mask Friday. Today I have something a little bit different. If you recall, I reviewed this Youthmud Glow Stimulating Treatment Mask From Glamglow around about six weeks ago. Since then I have used it off and on and today, was the last use out of the jar.

clean skin pre mask

Over the month i learned a few interesting things about the mask. First let’s look at what the brand has to say about it…

An intensely exfoliating clay mask treatment that instantly smoothes and polishes to revive skin’s youthful glow and reveal baby-soft, camera-ready skin in as little as 10 minutes.

Glam Glow

Pretty straightforward right? I had initially planned to use this twice a week, but some weeks I simply didn’t need that much exfoliation. Some weeks it really helped out. I think that is the trick with any exfoliating mask. Figure out what your skin needs before applying and adjust your use accordingly instead of blindly following the use pattern listed out. After all most masks will say 2-3 times a week or as needed. Sometimes you simply don’t need the twice a week exfoliation.

mask on

This mask is a clay base which I love and oddly enough to me it smells a bit like lemon iced tea with just a touch of licorice. I found the scent oddly very appealing. Once applied the licorice root comes out more, but sniffing the jar there is a distinct scent of lemon iced tea. Which kind of made it feel extra summery.

chunky bits

The mask is not a smooth mask. There are bits in it. Part of me likes the natural-ness of the mask that the bits might signify, the other part of me worried about clogging the drain. I did develop a way of dealing with the bits over the course of using the jar, but I’ll get to that when we talk removal.

Applying it was easy, despite the chunky bits. For the most part they stuck into the mask. Occasionally when the mask started drying they might crack off. when the mask is first applied it is quite tingly and made my skin feel warm. I thought there might be a reaction at first, but as I tested it on my arm prior and had no reaction I went forward. After a few minutes of intense tingling, it faded and tapered off to feel like a cooling clay mask.

dried after 10 min

It dried like a clay mask. It changed color and hardened. Smiling does not happen when it is dry. For me I found that ten minutes was the perfect length of time. Removal however was interesting, predominantly because of the bits. Normally because of the hardened clay i would lay a warm wet wash cloth over the mask and let it loosen the clay before rinsing off. While this will work, I live in an older house and the plumbing is occasionally a bit sensitive. while we have upgraded as needed the majority of the pipes are, like the house, from 1952.

PMD tool post mask, pre toothbrush clean

what I found worked for me was to wet my PMD cleansing device and run it over the mask while leaning over the sink. I had to periodically keep wetting it because it doesn’t hold water (since it is silicone). The vibrating tool and little bits of water shook loose the clumpy bits. I don’t think the vibrations are necessary, but I went ahead and used them. A regular wet brush, lightly run over the surface of the mask will do. I went with the PMD Cleansing tool, because the silicone bristles are short and while it rinses off easily under water it is super easy to clean when I am done. (I use an old toothbrush to get the last of the mask out from between the bristles).

bits in the sink, knocked off and getting wiped out before the rest of the mask is washed off

The brush knocks off the clumpy bits and it does moisten the mask but not wash it off the face. Once the bits are knocked off, I take a wash cloth and wipe the bits out of the sink before they can go down the drain. Then I remove the mask. Perhaps you have newer pipes and don’t need this tip, but I found it was really helpful in convincing the sink to drain properly instead of slowing down.

clean post mask skin

After the clumpy bits were wiped away, the now moistened mask was easy to remove and once patted dry my skin felt fabulous after every use. The mask exfoliated well, but not too much and left my skin feeling clean and fresh. I especially loved using it on days where the humidity just made me feel sweaty and gross. It did tame down a lot of the excess oils.

I did notice that the day after I used this mask, I would have some bumps rise to the surface as actual blemishes. The mask basically drew clogged pores to the surface. Repeated use helped my pores have a grand clear out and the longer I used the mask the fewer of these there were. Which was a great incentive to continue using the mask. The texture of my skin is greatly improved.

While I used this mask in a sample size before this, it was one that made it onto my list to try out in the full size and I am glad I did. the Youth Mud from Galmglow was a great mask and one I will most definitely order again.


Finishing out the My Skinny Mask for Face Mask Friday

This week I have been going through a sample sized tube of My Skinny Mask’s Turmeric and Vitamin C Clay mask. The sample size held three uses within it’s tube so I used the first on Monday, the second of Wednesday and the third today.

Why you may ask? was it to clear out the sample sized tube and decide if it was worth picking up in the full size? Was it to see if any of it’s claims proved true through repeated use?

last of the mask on

Yes to all actually. I figured I could let the open sample linger while I tried other things (and possibly spoil before it could be used) or I could go ahead and use it as justification for mid week masking. Also as this mask claims to be…

Powered exclusively with organic & natural plant-based ingredients our Face Clay Mask keeps skin soft, glowing, and radiant. 

A gentle yet effective formula leaving your skin looking refreshed, smooth and with a radiant glow. 

My Skinny Mask
mask dried, no smiling possible

I figured that I could see if repeated use actually produced soft, radiant and glowing skin. I know most skincare products take thirty days to produce results but I thought that it might be possible to see if repeated use did actually show some effect, even if it wasn’t thirty days worth.

To be honest, I didn’t find a first use of this mask to be all that impressive. I could get over the mustard look of the mask, but my first reactions weren’t more than mediocre. I applied the mask, let it sit for the required ten minutes and then washed it off. My skin was softer and felt refreshed and cleaned but that is usually what happens after most masks. Especially clay ones. The clay absorbs the surface oil and is taken off with the mask leaving my skin feeling refreshed regardless of any other properties the mask holds.

removal takes a bit of effort

Living in an area where summer is famed not only for it’s heat but it’s intense humidity, this facet of clay is a big bonus and one of the reasons I lean into clay masks all summer. Even a poor clay mask is going to take off some of that humidity created oil slick on my skin. and in reducing it will give me less blemish problems. (I’m sure there is a more science themed way to say that, but that is my feelings as to how it works with my skin.)

But even though pretty much all clay masks will do this, not all clay masks are equal. Many clay masks do a lot for my skin. One of my favorites has been the Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Oceanic clay mask. (Incidentally they are having a 3rd Birthday sale so it is 30% off sitewide with the code JULY30, it lasts through the end of the month.) This Bl’eau mask not only gave me the refreshing feel of a clay mask, but it also drew impurities up to the surface so they could be cleared away. While it did other things that were nice too, it also had the benefit of being relatively easy to remove.

The My Skinny mask, is not the easiest to remove. It dries down and it dries down hard. To remove it I soaked a wash cloth in warm water, lay it over the mask for a minute to soften up and then still had to scrub a while to remove it. The mask took nearly five minutes to remove entirely from my skin.

Does my skin feel clean? Yes, it was a clay mask and then I scrubbed my face for five minutes, of course my skin feels clean. My skin also feels soft and nice to the touch. There weren’t any buried pores brought to the surface, but this mask never claimed it would do that. It did claim that it would make my skin glow-y and radiant. In the picture below I have my skin before the first mask (on Monday) and then after the third mask was removed (today).

before masking on Monday on the Left, post masking Friday on the right

I think my skin looks and feels nice. Can that be chalked up to the mask? Maybe a little bit. In the end it is an okay clay mask. There were no objectionable scents. There were no skin irritations or break outs. My skin looks and feels nice. The mask doesn’t feel spectacularly special and it was kind of a pain to remove. While I would use it if another version of this happened to appear in a subscription box, the My Skinny Turmeric and Vitamin C Clay mask isn’t a mask I would specifically go out and purchase. It is okay, but not something I feel I need to keep in my collection.

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Face Mask Friday: Cela Masque de Glacier

It is once again face mask Friday. When looking in my mask drawer I realized I had this unopened clay mask from Cela in the drawer. It is the Cela Masque De Glacier Clay Mask. I chose it today because it seemed like a clay mask kind of day. In fact any day I am dealing with break outs seems like a clay mask kind of day. And while the sugar break outs caused by birthday celebrations are mostly faded, they are still clay mask worthy.

the second reason that i wanted to try it out today was that it reminded me a little of the Bl’eau Beauty Glacial Clay Mask I tried a while back (and absolutely adored. While the above link will take you to the Bl’eau site – where they are having a birthday celebration of their own with 30% off CODE JULY30 – this link will take you to the full review post I did on the mask). They are both Canadian and both glacial clay.

bare face before mask

When opening the tube of the Cela mask it even smells vaguely like the Bl’eau mask, which was quite encouraging. It has a milder scent and there are fewer herbal elements mixed in, but it is the same clay based scent.

Dispensing it into the hand it is a much thinner consistency and I can see why it was put into a tube rather than in a jar. It was drippier and as a result I think I ended up applying it a little bit thicker than I planned.

It has almost exactly the same color as the Bl’eau mask once it is on, even if it is a little bit thinner. What I found interesting was the length of time it was worn. Most masks tend to be worn for 10 to 15 minutes. Yet this mask recommended that the mask be worn 20-25 minutes. It also said that a mild tingling may occur.

I set the timer for twenty minutes but instead of laying down and letting the mask do it’s thing I sat at my desk and monitored.

The longer wear time combined with the potential for mild tingling left me a little cautious. However there were no problems. There might have been a mild tingling, but it was more of a cooling as the clay dried down. While the above picture is of the mask wet, the lighter picture with the dried mask is after 20 minutes. I think if I had worn it for the full twenty five minutes then the mask would have fully dried down.

And now that I know that the mask isn’t going to cause any issues, I will probably feel comfortable wearing it for the full twenty five minutes next time.

But is it worth trying for a second time?

I think it is. I found the Cela Masque de Glacier clay Mask to be a really good clay mask

I enjoyed using it and I think that my skin feels quite refreshed after using it.

I scratched my nose by accident in case you are wondering. That is not mask related

I think that it may have brought up some of the clogged pores that hadn’t risen as a result of my sugar extravaganza. I suspect they will be rising later on as blemishes and will need to be dealt with over the weekend.

But I have some Zitsticka patches for them. And to be honest, I always sort of expect clogged pores to rise after a clay mask. I am always disappointed when they don’t actually.

I know I did a lot of comparing to the Bl’eau Mask in this post but the two are quite similar. I think the Bl’eau mask was a bit more effective and had an herbal component that this Cela Clay Mask lacks, but it was a good mask to use. The thing to remember is that it is going to have a longer use time. I think it does need the full twenty to twenty five minutes to work and do it’s pore cleansing best. Rushing it isn’t going to help any one, so just prepare yourself for a longer masking experience. There is something to be said for the longer relaxation time. I think I will enjoy it more now that i am not worried about what tingling evil might occur in twenty minutes and i am looking forward to using this mask again.

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Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s Supermud

Last week I indulged in a first use of the Glam Glow Youthmud and as I can use the exfoliating maks two days a week i am continuing it for the month of July on Mondays and Wednesdays. More than that will be too much exfoliation, so it is back to clearing out some samples from my collection. Some of them will make it to full sized purchases, others will not.

Since I have one remaining sample size from Glamglow it seemed like the perfect time to go ahead and use it. So todays mask is the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

mask on

It is…

A clarifying mask with six exfoliating acids and activated charcoal to instantly and visibly clears pores and improves the complexion of normal, combination, and acne-prone skin. Skin Type: Combination and Oily, Skincare Concerns: Pores, Acne and Blemishes, and Oiliness

This advanced clearing treatment instantly fights skin imperfections and skin problems, and is suitable for acne-prone skin. Kaolin clay, activated-x charcoal, and the Super Six Acid Blend instantly work together to target skin congestions, clogged pores, and dead skin cell buildup, resulting in clearer, poreless-looking skin.

Glam Glow
mask dried, can’t smile

I do have a couple of blemishes and clogged pores so while I will show the mask on at the beginning and just before I wash it off, I will also put the before picture of my face and the after picture of my face in the image compare so it can more easily be judged with the instant pore clearing.

Going on, it is a mostly smooth mask. There are a few bits in it, but they feel incidental instead of like exfoliation beads. The Eucalyptus makes it’s presence felt immediately with the licorice root not far behind as far as scents go. I actually rather like the scent of it. It smells very medicinal. The tingling arrives almost as soon as the scent and lasted for the full ten minutes I wore the mask. In that time you can see that the mask dried to an ashy color instead of a dark gray.

It also dried pretty stiffly so it was hard to smile. I am not actually trying to look grim and actually enjoyed this mask. I decided that today I could just lie back and relax to scented candles. And yes I know I said I was going to look at a summer scent but I did end up just reordering the Edgar Allen Poe from Paddywax’s Library collection. I can’t help it, it is my favorite candle scent. I keep meaning to branch out and then i think about how much I like ti and then it ends up in the cart. I have occasionally convinced myself to get the summery candles from the La Playa line, but still somehow still end up with Edgar. Its a great candle.

And it worked for me today. I returned to the bathroom washed the mask off and patted my skin dry. Is my skin cleared? Are my pores minimized?

Before on left, after on right. Not much visual difference unless you get really close, but the feeling is good

I can say that my face feels clean and significantly less oily. I think that some of my pores have cleared out as well. Is it an instant miracle? no. But honestly I’d be very suspicious of skincare that was. Do I think that repeated use of this Glam Glow Supermud Clearing mask would produce results? Actually yes, I do. I suspect from the way it worked with my skin that if i were to use this on a regular basis, my skin would achieve the results touted on the product page. I simply don’t think that skincare is an instant magical cure all. I do like this mask and it is definitely going on my list of products to purchase in a full size. I think that this would be a fantastic mask to try out in a full sized test because I think the results were good with the single use and would probably be better with repeated use. However this little tube contained only enough product for one use, so a full trial and whatever results it might yield will have to wait for another day. Today though, I am pleased enough to put it on the list of products to use again.


It’s Glam Glow for Face Mask Friday

My plan was to go through my sample sized masks and clear a few of them out. And then I saw the Glam Glow Youthmud Face Mask on sale. Now here is the thing. While Glam Glow and I have a hit or miss relationship, I adore this mask. I have had numerous sample sized tubes of it come my way over the years. Any time it is a selection option I choose it and if it is an add on, I add it. I absolutely love this mask.

But I have never had it in a full size before. I’ve lost count of how many samples I’ve had of this mask, but never gotten around to purchasing it. It seemed strange to me that i would never have purchased it, so I went ahead and purchased it. And when it arrived I still had every intention of using my samples. Except when I reached into the mask samples I pulled out the Glamglow Supermud face mask sample.

So I decided it was a sign.

I know, I didn’t need much convincing.

clean pre mask

This mask is an exfoliating mask. It goes on with a rough texture and sits for 10 minutes. Then you add a little water and do a bit of exfoliation rubbing before rinsing it off. They say that the mask feels tingly when it is on and I suppose that is so, but for me it is less a tingling zing and more like a bracing wake up sort of tingling. I always feel more awake when i use this mask.

Plus you know how I love exfoliation.

So today I am using the full size. I think I am going to use this as a full month mask, but it really only needs a twice a week use, so I am going to go for a Monday and Wednesday with the Glam Glow and Friday I an still use my samples. Since most of my sample sized masks are hydrating masks it should work out fairly well.

wet mask

With this mask I was surprised by how large the box was in comparison to the jar. The jar was the size I picture it being, but the box was very large and seemed like overkill. As usual I applied the mask, waited ten minutes, it mostly dried down and changed color, and my skin felt invigorated. It is a clay mask so there is some tightneing in it as it dries. Personally I really like clay masks so I am okay with this even if it does make me look like a grumpy guts midway through because I can’t move my mouth to smile. When it was time to rinse off, I added water, massaged a bit to exfoliate and then rinsed off.

dry mask

With exfoliating masks it is important to moisturize right after. Since I was moisturizing, I like to go over my face with just a little bit of toner on a pad to make sure i took off all of the mask before adding a layer of moisturizer.

Every time i use this mask I am impressed by how my skin looks and feels and this time was no different. i enjoyed it thoroughly and am glad that i will be using this for the next month. I am very curious to see what effect a month of use will have on my skin from this mask.

clean skin post mask

I will be monitoring the exfoliation level though and if it does become too much I will discontinue use. I will be setting aside my regular exfoliators while I use this because i am pretty sure that would simply be overkill. The exfoliating Glam Glow Youthmud Face Mask twice a week should be plenty for me. in terms of exfoliation,

Honestly I am glad that i am finally getting to try a mask that I loved in sample form in the full size. It makes me want to go through my samples faster and to double check my list for things I want to add for longer term use.

Which to be fair, is kind of the point of samples.


Arriving Soft as a Rose Petal, it’s Face mask Friday

Today’s face mask was an interesting one. I decided that since I hadn’t actually decided on a Face mask of the Month for a full testing, I would try to work through some of my sample sized face masks. They have collected again and I would like to clear them out, if only so i can decide if any of them are worth picking up in a full sized version.

The sample i chose to try out today was the Aceology Rose Petal Face Mask. I have tried quite a few Aceology masks (and really liked them all) but they are all of the peel off variety. Thus one isn’t. It is a wash off face mask. According to the project page you can…

Achieve satin-soft skin with the Aceology Rose Petal Mask. The silky, lightweight gel formula contains rosewater and blueberry extract to replenish your complexion and hydrate deeply for lasting luminosity. 

This Rosewater-rich formula encourages plump, hydrated skin by providing lasting nourishment. Rosewater, which makes up 78% of the mask, sinks straight into your skin to encourage suppleness while soothing reddened or irritated skin. Because of its calming and hydrating benefits, it is perfect for those with reactive skin. Blueberry Extract is naturally jam-packed with beneficial antioxidants which contribute to a beaming complexion that’s protected from free radical damage. Niacinamide (also known as vitamin B3) prevents dryness by strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier, locking in moisture for longer.


While I have not used this Aceology Mask before I do like the brand a lot and One of the face masks that I used to puck up on a routine basis was the Fresh Rose Petal Face Mask. I adored it on my skin. Actually that mask and the Soy Face Cleanser were my go to skincare products for a long time. I have branched out but still absolutely adore both.

Mask on

When uncapped, this Aceology mask smells almost identical yo the Fresh Rose mask actually. Dispensed it looks lighter and has a more consistent jelly like quality. The Fresh mask has rose petals in it so there are always flecks. I actually showed the mask on my hand because once applied to my skin , my face actually looks red and either sunburned or irritated. It is neither, it is just the color of the mask.

The mask spreads evenly. There were a couple of spots where I didn’t blend it down as evenly as I could, but that is user error. With this mask a lot of product is supposed to absorb and for the most part in the fifteen minutes that i wore the mask, it did absorb well in the areas where I layered it thinly. My skin was left with a slightly sticky film after fifteen minutes and then I washed the mask off.

after 15

I tend to think I have a sticky film over my skin with most moisturizing masks that are designed to sink in with only a little being rinsed off. For me it is the nature of these sorts of masks. with a quick splash of water and gentle rubbing, the remaining mask and all remaining stickiness rinsed off. It was quick and easy. The mask felt like nothing while it was on.

The scent remained until the mask was rinsed, so if you do not like the scent of rose, this isn’t for you. It was a level of rose that I enjoy so I didn’t have a problem with the scent. The issue is that because of the scent and many of the ingredients being similar it is impossible not to compare the two. Price wise they are comparable as well. Aceology is $69 for a full size while the Fresh Rose mask is $64.

clean skin

And to be honest the feel of my skin after the mask is quite similar. Personally I prefer the Fresh Rose Mask as I think my skin had a fractional amount more softness once wear was completed, but over all they are pretty comparable. I think if you liked the Fresh Rose Face Mask you would probably enjoy the Aceology Rose Petal Mask. It comes in a tube rather than a jar which is easier and neater to dispense and it does not have any petals in the product. I prefer the petals but I have friends who avoid the mask because of the petals so this would be a comparable alternative. They are similar in price so one isn’t really in a more “affordable” category while the other is more expensive. But the differences are few and might be affected by your preference for product dispensing and consistency. That is really the biggest difference if you are trying to choose between them.

while my personal preferences do lean slightly towards the Fresh version, I did enjoy this mask and would happily use it in the future. It is another great face mask from Aceology and I am happy to have tried something other than one of their peel off masks. I’m even happier that I enjoyed it.

Is Harmony the Key to Face Mask Friday?

This week I chose one of the prettiest jars in my face mask collection to try out. This is the Keys Soulcare Harmony mask. It is from Alicia Keys’ skincare line. I’ve heard the company has now branched out into a natural look makeup line and I can’t wait to investigate that, but first, there is the face mask.

It is Friday after all and honestly, fifteen minutes of calm, relaxing quiet sound about perfect to me. The last two days have been a bit intense. One of the companies I do some freelance writing for had a computer malfunction and several documents were lost so we’ve been playing who has what version and (my favorite game “Is this the final edit or did we change that thing we were thinking about changing but undecided about?”

As some of the edits had only one or two word choices tweaked it required going through every line of a large document to make sure everyone was happy with the final edit. And I was reminded of why backups are fabulous.

So a harmonious face mask sounded fantastic. According to the website this Harmony Mask is…

A purifying and hydrating charcoal face mask scented with soothing sandalwood and formulated with Manuka honey and gold foil. Purifies and hydrates the skin, Soothes, calms, and balances the skin, Renews the skin’s radiance, Relaxes the mind and encourages stillness

Keys Soulcare
pre mask

As I mentioned before the jar is just lovely. it is purple glass that looks black in most of the photographs. It is shaped like an old fashioned ink well and feels good in the hand. It is an expensive looking container, yet this mask is only $30. It feels like it should cost a lot more.

On opening the jar, the mask itself is a little less pretty looking. It is sort of this gray green brown color that is honestly not that appealing. The scent isn’t exactly enthralling either to be honest. It has a bit of the sandalwood scent to it, but it actually smells a bit like an old school cold remedy that my grand parents or even great grandparents would insist would clear up whatever you had if you just slather enough of it on you. Other than some old school medicinal scent, I don’t know quite what else to term it.

mask on

It isn’t a bad scent. I’m not put off by it, but it isn’t one of those scents where you think, “wow I can’t wait to spend the next fifteen minutes smelling like that!”

So I applied the mask. It applied well but with the shape of the jar, I think that once the product level drops getting the last of the mask from the jar might prove a little problematic. I like the look of the jar, but that shape always makes the last product taken out hard to reach. But for now, it is fine and the jar is pretty.

after fifteen minutes

The scent dims as it is applied and it feels like a soothing clay mask. There is no tingling, or itching or real tightening down of the mask as you wear it for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes it looks a little drier, but relatively unchanged. It does dry down enough that adding a little water before wiping it off with a warm damp washcloth is your best bet. It isn’t difficult to remove but adding that extra moisture back before taking it off is a good thing.

And what happened when i removed it?

Well my skin did feel soft and nourished. The mask rinsed away clean without leaving any sort of residue on the skin, but my skin was hydrated. It is not an overly hydrating mask so I didn’t feel greasy. I didn’t really have any major irritations on my skin to see if it was soothing, but my skin did feel really nice when the mask was washed off. I felt extra clean as though any excess oils were washed away. It didn’t strip my skin, just left it really clean feeling.

post mask clean

I really liked it. As hydrating masks go, it was hydrating but not too hydrating for this time of the year. At this time of year I need the too much sun hydrating mask not the winter cold and HVAC leaving my skin gasping for moisture type of face mask. And this worked quite well. The scent may not be the most fantastic in the world, but it isn’t unpleasant and the effects of the mask more than make up for it. I will look forward to using this Keys Soulcare Harmony Mask again.

But for now, it is back to work to close out this Friday and end this very long week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend providing you exactly what you need, exciting if you want or quiet if you need. Either way I hope you recharge and I will see you back here bright and early Monday morning.

Keys Soulcare

Another Claydate for Face Mask Friday

Today I decided to return to the Dew of the Gods Claydate Hya-activated Pink Clay Mask. A few of you may recall I tried it out a few weeks ago. It is a good mask if you are looking to have a bit of a pre clear out. It isn’t a major pore cleansing mask. It doesn’t get deep down, but it will sort of clear out the surface layer of what is on your skin.

For me, this week has been sweat and layers of sunscreen. While my skin is in relatively good shape, I just felt like a little deep cleansing without a lot of rough exfoliation. dew of the Gods fir the bill. While I know in the next few hours there may be a few clogged pores rising to the surface, there won’t me a major eruption of clogs being drawn to the surface like I would get with a deep pore clearing mask, Like Herbal Dynamics Chamomile and Cacao Clearing Mask. If you are looking for a deep clean and an attempt to bring all of your deeply buried clogged pores to the surface, that is one I highly recommend.

However, I didn’t feel I needed that. Like I said, my skin is in relatively good condition this week, but my skin did take a bit of abuse and felt a bit gunky. This mask worked well as a quick, slightly deeper than surface clear out. It got deeper than a regular cleanser, but not too deep.

This is however not a relaxing mask to wear, The entire ten minutes it was on my face, I felt a tingling. It isn’t a harsh tingling but it is noticeable. It is the sort of tingling that while it doesn’t get any worse as it stays longer, I am very aware that I don’t want to fall asleep and leave this mask on too long level of tingling.

so there was no laying back and relaxing with my eyes shut. There was a load of laundry settled in the wash and a scroll through new book releases. which was kind of relaxing in it’s own way. I always feel relieved when i can put all of my sweaty work out clothes in the wash. By the end of the week I am convinced that something evil is going on in the hamper so getting them clean, folded and back in the drawer always makes me feel better.

Before masking on the left, after masking on the right

My skin felt better after the ten minutes as well. I think one of my favorite parts about this mask is that it is a clay mask, which comes with all of the benefits of oil clearing gunk removing clay, but it never dries down to a crisp shell. Which means I can smile when wearing it, and more importantly I can use a damp wash cloth to wipe it off my skin. Afterwards I splashed a bit of water on my face to clear off the last of the residue and then patted the skin dry.

As you can see in the above photographs, There isn’t really much difference in the appearance of my skin from pre mask to post, but it feels wonderfully clean. It is a deeper clean than just using a cleanser, but not a deep enough clean that it will cause me to spend all weekend clearing away the newly risen blemishes. It just sort of purges all the gunk from the week so that they don’t become problems later down the road.

Which is not a bad thing.

In fact it is a very good thing.

I am still undecided as to whether or not I want to make this a month of masking and try it a couple of times a week for an entire month. while I think it would probably be good for my skin, I think it also might be a waste of the mask. This isn’t a mask I really want to use throughout the week. It is a once in a while sort of mask that I just use when I want my skin to feel freshly renewed. And yes it would be a good feeling to have every day, but I think that as we are going into warmer weather, now might be the time for a more moisturizing mask to shine, with masks like the Claydate from The Dew of the Gods subbing in once every few weeks. .

Today it was the perfect mask for me as it obliterate any hold over from the wet sunscreen dust cloud issue from yesterday. Sure my cleansers last night and this morning really took care of it, but now I feel clean enough that it is only a distant memory, my skin soft, revived and ready to finish out the week and take on the weekend. And that is a pretty good result from a face mask.


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It’s a Claydate with Dew of the Gods for Face Mask Friday

There is something utterly fabulous about reaching the end of a difficult week and taking a short break with a face mask. It isn’t a spa visit or a sea side vacation, I know. But it is a few minutes carved out at the end of the week to just sit back and breathe. Not worry about if someone is going to take the wording of your e-mail wrongly, not worried about phone calls, or even what’s for dinner, just ten to fifteen minutes of nothing.

mask with inner lid

It is amazing how recharged I feel after just the short break. I suppose I feel it more because while this week was hard, getting back to a normal schedule and catching up for the things that didn’t get done last week, for the past few weeks I haven’t really taken that time. A lot of my face masks have been worn at my desk while I sorted through e-mails or made lists of calls. A couple of times I have put on a mask with the intention of taking a break and then remembered something and spent the ten or so minutes running around the house getting it done. I attempted relaxing with a mask Monday but I just ended up falling asleep. Which was useful, but not really the same thing.

bare skin before masking

Today I made an effort. I pulled the Claydate mask from The Dew Of the Gods out of the skincare drawer, mostly because it was the last one added and thus the one on top. I decided rather than rummaging, I would start with it today.

When I visited the website to look up the mask I found this description of the $42 Claydate mask…

Omg, pink clay? This mineral-rich, luxurious mud of the gods is meticulously extracted and formulated into a creamy, rich base for the ultimate hydrating & healing mask. Claydate is infused with rosehip oil, aloe, coconut oil and hyaluronic acid to purify, heal, tone and remineralize your skin. With clean skin and a clear mind, generously lather onto your face and neck with your fingers or a dry mask brush. Wash off with warm water after 10 minutes. 

Dew of the Gods
mask on, nothing really lathering about its application

I don’t know why the word lather threw me for a bit of a loop, but I suppose it is because lather isn’t a word I associate with clay. It is definitely a clay mask, and Omg it is pink clay. I’ve actually used pink clay masks before and they have turned out well. The color of the clay isn’t that pig a deal. I’m sure there are specific minerals that make it pink and that are good for the skin. If I end up using this for a month of masking, I’ll do a deep dive into the ingredients, but for now, bring on the clay mask.

The container has an inner plastic lid, which is necessary for clay masks. The inner lid keeps it from drying out. It is clay after all. The scent is vanilla with a playdoh undertone. Which actually smells quite nice. It is a little odd but I kind of like the scent. The vanilla isn’t too sweet or heavy and it makes the playdoh scent a little less playdoh-y. I kind of dig it actually.

after ten minutes of drying down, it is dry but i can still smile

The pink clay is a light enough consistency that it spreads onto the skin easily, much more easily than many other clay masks. Because of this I found myself using less product than I expected. Which is not a bad thing. Once my face was covered in a coating of pink, I set the timer for 10 minutes and lit the candle by my bedside. It is in it’s last use phase. The candle is cinnamon and I am reminded that once again I forgot to look at summer scented candles. Still this is the last time it can be used and then the wick will be no more. The last of the wax will be taken out, the inside clean and I’ve decided to use this particular glass candleholder to hold makeup brushes in it’s second life. Partially because I need something to hold makeup brushes and it is the right height.

But it does mean that I really need to get in my summer candle order. I know, I have been dithering about it. Part of me wants to order the La Playa candles I ordered last year from Paddywax. They ae just the perfect summery scents. The ones I picked up were in the citrus line and really made the house feel summery fresh. The other part of me wants to try a candle subscription. I’ve been looking at the Wickbox candle subscription for a while now and I’m thinking that may be the way to go. As this is the last hurrah for my last winter candle I will need to make a decision soon. The problem is of course that I want both.

clean skin post mask

But that is a conundrum for later. Today, there is a cinnamon scented cloud for ten minutes of relaxation.

Except that this is not an entirely relaxing mask to wear. It is the kind of mask that feels a little stingy. It isn’t a bad sting, but it is definitely a prickling of the skin. This is not a face mask you can forget that you are wearing. It started stinging just after it was applied and remained stinging the entire time I wore it. Now i will say this is a first use for me of the claydate Mask, so there is the possibility that with repeated use it will end up stinging less.

But again, that it the subject for a future post.

I was a little nervous about the constant stinging and when my timer went off I fairly jumped up and headed to the bathroom. In ten minutes, the mask dried all the way down and lightened in color slightly. I was worried that such a dry down might make it difficult to chip off as clay can sometimes be a pain to remove. However I used a damp wash cloth and the mask simply wiped off. It was super easy to remove, no jackhammers required.

close up of risen pores

After patting my skin dry, I have to admit, It looked pretty good. My skin felt hydrated and soothed. And I don’t know if you can see this or not, but in the area where I tend to get clogged pores (along my lower orbital bone) I had a few clogged pores brought closer to the surface. I know dragging clogged pores up isn’t really part of this mask’s description but it was a bonus for me. They’ll be annoyingly bumpy for a few days and then they’ll clear off. As I have a quiet weekend planned I don’t really mind.

In fact I really liked this mask. The prickling made it a little less relaxing than I hoped but I have hopes that as my skin gets used to repeated use the stinging will fade. I do like this mask enough to make it the mask for a month of masking. I just need to figure out how often I can or should use it. I think three times a week should be fine, but i want to double check before I decide that it will be my Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mask for the next month. It seems like something I should find out first. In the description it had a paragraph about the mask being blessed by Buddhist monks instead of listing how often it could be used.

While fun, it is a little less helpful than I like in my description. However the fact that it is blessed by monks is familiar which means I have probably tried a product from this brand before. I just can’t remember what it was. So a files search will soon be needed. Especially if I’m using this for a month. I’ll let you know Monday what I find and if it makes the cut, for now, The Claydate mask from Dew of the Gods is a mask I enjoyed using and am looking forward to using again.

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It’s the Friday Face Mask with Wander Beauty’s Staycation

Today I decided a little hydration was in order. Partially because my skin felt dry and partially because I have been using a lot of exfoliation type products lately. And let’s face it, when you exfoliate, having a hit of moisture right after really helps out your skin.

Or at least it does mine. In general this is why shortly after using an exfoliator i end up adding a moisturizer on to my skin. I do let my skin wait just a little bit so that I can enjoy that freshly scrubbed feeling, but then i have to admit i love the feeling of my freshly exfoliated skin just drinking in the moisture.

I know, I really just love skincare.

clean skin pre mask

Today my skin needed some moisture so I decided it was the perfect time for a Staycation with Wander Beauty. According to the website The Staycation Hydrating mask will…

Book the ultimate hydration Staycation with our intensely moisturizing 3-in-1 soothing mask, daily moisturizer and overnight skin-quenching treatment.

Ceramide NP is known to help protect skin’s natural barrier, keeping skin irritants such as pollution out. The result is healthier, more supple skin. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, making signs of aging less prominent.

Butterfly pea flower extract is known to have anti-glycation properties which help keep skin looking youthful. Cranberry seed oil delivers potent antioxidant benefits and helps lock in moisture.

Wander Beauty

Now normally I leave the mask description at that, however there is an additional list of benefits below that. And you know I love a list.

7-in-1 Multitasking Mask

  1. Soothing rinse-off mask for instant hydration
  2. Daily nourishing moisturizer
  3. Overnight intensely hydrating mask
  4. Helps improve skin texture and prevent moisture loss with powerful ceramide and peptide combination
  5. Helps protect skin’s natural barrier with Ceramide NP
  6. Diminished fine lines and wrinkles with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
  7. Suitable for all skin types
mask on

Most of the list was detailed above, but I can’t resist a list of claims. I love that it is suitable for all skin types and that the list points out what each of the specified ingredients accomplishes. I find the fact that it can be used as a regular fifteen minute face mask as well as an over night mask fantastic. Sometimes when the weather flip flops I find it especially fantastic to sleep in a moisturizing mask. we are in the season where sometimes our air conditioner will kick on because the house is to warm but other nights the heat will still start up because temps dropped unexpectedly. A moisturizing mask over night is sort of like skin protection regardless of what the central forced air system decides to do when I am not paying attention.

after fifteen minutes

I find it interesting that when used in a small amount it can also be used as a daily moisturizer. When dispensing it for the first time, it is not surprising that it can be used as a moisturizer. It has the consistency of a thicker gel cream. The thickness of it makes me think it wouldn’t be bad as an over night mask either.

However today, we are testing this for the first time as a fifteen minute mask. Application was easy. I took the amount you see dispensed on my hands, rubbed my hands together and massaged it into my skin. I then rinsed my hands, set the timer and lay back for fifteen minutes.

post mask fabulous

I half expected the mask to melt and drip because t reminded me of a moisturizer. It did not. The Staycation mask stayed where I put it. Leaving me free to lay back, close my eyes and realize that I will soon need to order candles. I have winter scents and I have summer scents. In the spring I tend to use up the winter scented candles while I plan my summer candle purchases and then as they start to run out I will inevitable find a cinnamon or cardamom scented something at the store that will remind me to order winter scented candles. It will also remind me to restock my baking spices. With the weather so wonky this year I haven’t even gotten around to looking at summer scents. I suppose it is off to the Paddywax site later tonight then.

But for now, there is the mask. After fifteen minutes of speculating about citrus versus sea side scented candles, I got up and went to wash off the mask. Most of the mask absorbed into my skin, which is pretty typical of hydrating masks, They absorb in and, well hydrate. The fact that there was only a little left on my skin meant that I had more or lass applied the right amount of mask to my skin.

what remained rinsed off easily with warm water. I patted my skin dry and then took a look. There probably isn’t much visible difference in the photos, but my skin does feel quite nicely hydrated without feeling greasy. In fact my skin feels quite fabulous. And the few dry spots I noticed earlier are gone. Those were the spots where there was very little to any mask left over on my skin. So I guess we all know why they are no longer dry.

I really enjoyed this Wander Beauty Staycation Mask as a fifteen minute face mask. It wa my first use of the product but it won’t be my last. I will certainly use it as a fifteen minute mask again and I can’t wait to try it out as an overnight mask as well as a possible moisturizer. If it works as all three, there is the distinct possibility that a tube of this will be added to my travel kit to take the place of several products. It may be a Staycation mask, but there is no reason it can’t be taken on the road. Especially since travel always dries me out. Stay tuned my darlings, there will be more tests to come.

Wander Beauty