The Mid-Week Sheet Mask: Cosocodi Ganoderma Stem Real Mask

It is that time again my darlings. The time when I realize that my sheet mask collection has once again managed to grow unchecked. I thought to look into the box o’ sheet masks when I saw that Facetory had a sale going on. They are one of the main places I get my masks. They actually have several levels of sheet mask subscriptions (and other skin care products too actually) I had one of their subscriptions for a while and really enjoyed it. It was a great way to try a bunch of different masks, find the ones you like and then order the ones you like.

I know, not rocket science.

They also have Masking Mondays’ where each Monday they put certain masks on sale (they rotate through so it isn’t always the same one). I tend to read them and compare the sales to my favorites list and then pounce when my faves go on sale. But I haven’t been using my sheet masks as much.

dripping mask

Well that’s not entirely true. I reorder the ones I know I like and then just use those and reorder them instead of trying out the random collection of masks in the box. So I need to start using them to see if they are worth repurchasing or if I can just delight in a grand clear out.

which is also a long winded way of saying there will be sheet masks cropping up periodically in the near future. Todays is the Coscodi Ganoderma Stem Real Mask. Quite the mouthful isn’t it? Looking it up I found it mentioned on several sites, including Facetory where I received the mask originally. I could only find the mask for sale on a few sites. One of them was Walmart so that is the one i went with and where the description came from. According to the Walmart product page for this mask…

mask on

Stem cells from the Lingzhi mushroom help keep the skin healthy by penetrating the dermis of the skin. This highly-nutritional and well-fitted sheet mask contains red ginseng and adenosine to enhance skin elasticity, while niacinamide and scutellaria baicalensis root extract helps cleanse the skin from fine dust particles, brighten, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It’s packed with ingredients that provides skin a whole new glow!

Now I am always in favor of niacinamides and anti aging properties in masks. While I don’t believe fifteen minutes with a mask is going to shave off a decade of time from my skin, I am in the every little bit helps category of skincare users. So I opened the Coscodi mask and took it out of the packaging.

mask off, skin really wet

It always amuses me when the mask is wrapped up into such a small package inside of the large pack. I took it out and it was juicy. You can see the serum just dripping off of it. It took a little bit of work to unfold it completely. It was very wet and wanted to stick to itself. The material is also fairly thin. The thin material and serum did help once I got the mask unfolded and on to my face.

It adhered well to the contours of my face and didn’t move the entire time I wore the sheet mask. I was worried that the mask would drip once it was on. Maybe it dripped it’s excess out into the sink while I unfolded it, but it didn’t drip while I wore it. which was a plus.

pat dry

As per instructions I let the mask sit on my face for fifteen minutes. In that time i answered e-mails at my desk. while i like to make Friday Masking an event, I never feel like taking that much of a break mid week. That is also the beauty of sheet masks They go one, and come off without a lot of clean up time.

when the mask came off, my skin had a lot of excess serum on it. They say to pat the excess serum in, but there was way too much and it would have taken my skin far to long to take it all in. I did end up wiping some of the excess off.

this mask had no scent, but the serum does feel a little sticky. As it dries and it fully absorbed into the skin , the stickiness goes away. But there was a lot of serum and it does take a while for it to absorb. I don’t know if it is the length of time on the skin or what, but I really feel like I want to wash my face. My skin looks fine and I’m sure it is well hydrated, but I very much feel the need to wash my face. I’m trying to give the serum time to sink in and at least possibly provide some benefits, but it is really difficult.

i will say that my skin does look healthy and hydrated, but this feeling of needing to wash my face is a bit much. While I’m sure this mask has it’s fans, I am not one of them. I think that this might be a one and only use of the Coscodi Ganoderma stem real Mask. The effects seem to be minimum, at least from this one use, but the need to wash my face is too strong to ignore. This mask is not for me.

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The Daily: December 9th, 2021

Today my darlings was an interesting one. It was one of those days where it felt as though everything was in constant motion. There was no stopping and no waiting for anything. I think I even took a few of my phone calls while in motion.

It is just the time of year. So much to do and only a handful of days left to do it in before everyone takes off for the holidays.

It means that today I did the five minute makeup. I also used the Klorane Dry shampoo because I had an unexpected video call request right after I got back from my walk. Ah yes, dry shampoo, the emergency hair repair for days when I wasn’t expecting anyone to see me before I jumped in the shower.

As I said, the makeup was also rushed, but i think it came out well, mostly because I grabbed products that I knew were easy.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer/blush/powder/highlight: PUR 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Powders Palette

Eyeshadow: No 7 Pink Blossom Eyeshadow trio

Mascara: Tarte Gifted Mascara

Lips M2U NYC Matte Lipstick in Soho

This was the last of the Elf Poreless Primer. I did order a new one on the Black Friday sales because it is a product that I really like to keep around. It is quick to use and completely reliable. And you also only use a little of it so it tends to last a long time. I want to whittle down a few other primers before I open the new on though, but for today, I was happy to use the last of this one. It is great when you are in a hurry.

No 7 also came to my rescue. This really may be one of my favorite drugstore foundations. I pump a bit on to the back of my hand, dab it onto my face and then quickly blend it in with my favorite foundation brush (Master Blender 999 from Bdellium Tools) and I am good to go in a flash. It also really helps that this is a shade that is very close to my natural skin tone so it helps with the blending.

I used No7 eyeshadow as well today. Partially because I like the eyeshadow as it is quick and easy with no fuss. In addition there isn’t much thought I have to put into using the trio. It is pretty simple, bing, bang boom and your are done. Which is actually the beauty of small eyeshadow palettes. I may like having all of the colors, but when I’m rushed, a limited palette actually helps.

Plus it was still out from where I unpacked from my Thanksgiving trip.

Also still out was the Pur Palette. While I like the palette, especially or traveling, it meant that i didn’t have to search for any individual products. the products work well and were quickj to apply.

To finish off the look I chose the M2U lipstick. It is a liquid lipstick formula that is really growing on me and very quickly becoming my instinctive first grab product. The formula is very comfortable to wear and lasts for quite a while.

Today’s makeup look was mostly about speed and ease of use. While there are some days where I like taking my time getting ready and playing with different colors and styles, this wasn’t one of them. I had a limited time to get ready and no time to play around with anything new. Today was about choosing products I could use without thinking too much about them. And honestly, I rather like the look I came up with. Even if it was a bit rushed.

Later this afternoon I plan to actually slow down for a moment with my sheet mask of the day. Todays sheet mask is from Orjena. It is called the Collagen Natural Moisture Mask Sheet. While most of the information is in Korean, the English does say it is a cotton sheet and those are usually pretty comfortable to wear. Hopefully the Collagen will be nice and moisturizing as well. It is a Facetory Mask and while I haven’t used this specific mask before I have used the brand and have high hopes for it.

And it will give me a few minutes to stop and have a breather. Today, that feels like the best reason to actually use a sheet mask. Mental care rather than Skin care. Sometimes, products can serve more than one purpose. I hope whatever your day is like, you take at least a few minutes to breath and allow yourself to regroup.

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The Daily: December 1st, 2021

Hello my darlings. Today, the world decided to go mad. I should have expected it, I know. We are on the first week back from a major holiday, November just ended and month’s ends are always a bit crazed. I think though that a lot of people flipped the calendar page today, realized that there were no more pages to flip this year and that a chunk of the month will be taken up by people taking days off for holiday adventures.

It seems to have made everyone I work with determined to get everything needed to get done before the end of the year set up before the middle of the month. I can’t even count the number of times I heard, ‘and it can be done before the 15th, right?’

I am pretty sure the next two weeks will be absolute insanity.

My two scheduled phone calls blossomed into about eighteen. Luckily most people have given up on the obsession with video conferencing, at least where I am concerned, so none of the calls involved video. Which is good because I never got around to putting on any makeup.

I did manage a set of under eye patches. It was a bitter sweet moment. I used my long term favorite ones, the Grace and Stella energy drink for your eyes, under eye patches. They were my allergy season life saver. However I hit them pretty hard. And while I loved putting them on today, I discovered that this was the last one I had. I have lots of single sets of eyepatches that came in subscription boxes that I need to use up, but no more of my favorites. I actually need to use the singles up before I order more, but with the sales going on it is really hard to resist. I think I may order a pack and set them aside to use after I use up the singles. I may even try the new pink ones to see if they are as good as the original.

Buy 4 of any product, get 30% off both!

Oh speaking of masks. December is the month I am going to go back to using up my sheet masks so that I can clear out the old and restock with the new. So Monday through Thursday there will be a Sheet mask each afternoon, with Friday being my regular Face Mask Friday.

Sheet mask for December 1st, 2021

Today’s sheet mask is the Elmolu Day Nature Mask. It is an energizing mask and hopefully it will do the trick. I’m keeping a list of the masks and my thoughts on them to post at the end of the month, in case you are wondering. This particular mask came to me in a Facetory subscription. If you aren’t looking for subscriptions, Facetory has a store where you can just purchase face masks of all varieties. (There is a huge Cyber Week Sale going on if you are looking for extra discounts). They are very reasonably priced and I have started building my list of favorites so that I know exactly what I ant to order from them in the future. I have actually been surprised by some of the ones that have made the reordering list. Whether this one will or not, remains to be seen as I will use it later today. And in case you are wondering most of the sheet masks I buy tend to either come from Facetory or The Masque Bar. It is just really easy to place an order for multiple masks from different companies with them instead of running all over the place. Facetory even has sheet masks from Challans de Paris which is a skin care brand I really enjoy. I didn’t realize they actually had sheet masks until I saw them on Facetory actually.

I’m going to try to remember to list the sheet mask of the day during the week this month, along with the daily makeup. However today, there was no daily makeup. Just my last pair of Grace and Stella Eye patches and an upcoming sheet mask. Tomorrow though, tomorrow there will be makeup. And walking. The calls made me skip my daily exercise as well today so there will probably be extra walking tomorrow as well.

But for now, it is back to work for me. I hope your day runs a little but more smoothly.

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The September Sheet Masks

One of the things that accumulate in my house are sheet masks. There are a few I mark out as fantastic and will purchase repeatedly, but there aren’t many. I mark the ones I like on wither Facetory or Masquebar and when I run out, I order them. At the moment I am really liking the bio-cellulose style of sheet masks and they seem to be the ones I tend to order the most. I deliberately didn’t use any of them this month as I want to clear out some of my older masks first. But if you like them Masque Bar has an entire range of bio cellulose masks.

The majority of my masks come from subscription boxes. I put them into a basket and I try to remember to reach for them when I want a quick mask.

The problem is that the mask basket is set off to the side and out of my direct line of sight so I tend to forget about them. I add sheet masks to the basket, but lately I haven’t been taking them out. And so this September I decided to at least try to whittle the basket down.

For those who are routine visitors, you know I generally use a face mask on Friday afternoons to give myself a little bit of a Friday zen moment. Or at least as zen as I get. I’m not a particularly zen person. I’m a writer. Anytime you give me a moment to just clear my thoughts, a plot bunny attacks the back of my brain. I start wondering if you could mix poison into a face mask so that it absorbs through the skin and slowly kills someone long after they’ve left the spa. Then I start wondering who at the spa has murderous intents and why. Is the owner experimenting with a treatment and the poisoning is accidental? Is the victim an ex lover and the poisoning deliberate? Is the poisoner trying to make a political statement about the health and wellness industry?

Is it a combination of things? Hmmm, well?

This is why I tend to listen to music or podcasts when I mask up on Fridays, because seriously this is the sort of thing that goes through my head. And as fabulous as The Masked Murderer Mystery Series would no doubt be, generally I try to at least attempt fifteen minutes of relaxing on Friday afternoon, which works better if I can shut my brain down a bit.

However, I generally also use masks on Mondays and Wednesdays as well. These are a bit different. Sometimes I use them in the evening and sometimes I use them post walk and pre makeup. If I use them during the day, I generally have been exercising outside. I then do a quick face wash after cooling down and then I will put on a mask that I can wear while working at the computer. If my schedule allows. I generally find that my skin really enjoys a post workout mask.

Plus even if I work through it, the mask feels like a bit of a treat.

So this September I decided to take nine masks from my sheet mask basket and set them on a corner of my desk where they were constantly in sight. So when Monday and Wednesday masking came around, they were already there and I didn’t have to go to the masking drawer at all. They were already out.

And it works, I did use all of the sheet masks I put out, the last one I will actually use this afternoon, but you’ll see why it doesn’t matter for this list. You see one of the packs of masks I pulled out was a set of six identical masks. I actually have two sets of these. So I figured I would just go ahead and use all six in the first pack this month and then choose three other masks to break out to use to make my nine. So let’s look at September’s Sheet masks.

First the six pack. I’ll admit, I’ve been avoiding these. Mostly because they are rose scented. These are the Honey Jarret Super Beau’Tea Masks. These sheet masks are infused with rose and Jarret tea. Jarret tea is a proprietary mix of Morninga, Lemon Myrtle and Kombucha. The main purpose of the mask is hydration, which it does do very well. It is a very hydrating mask and fantastic to use after walking around outside. It is soothing and Honestly I really love the masking material. It feels like a soft cloth on the skin which is really nice. It clings to the skin and doesn’t slide around. The material is really the one I would choose for masks if allowed to make the call. The scent however is strong. It is Rose with a slightly fermented back note. Seriously, that is the scent. The fermented smell I’m guessing comes from the Kombucha. Everything else is rose. I like the masks but I think it will be a while before I use them again because the rose scent was a bit bombastic. I also think that next time I do this I will choose one from the pack and not put the entire six pack in my line up. But five of this pack have been used and I have one more to use this afternoon. I can’t actually complain as it is a good mask. With the heavy rose scent I don’t know if I would order these masks again, but the serum does feel nice and I really like the masking material so there is a possibility. I just need to let the scent fade from memory before I do. But as I have six more in my basket of sheet masks, it will be a while before I need to commit to that kind of action.

Next up we have the Avette Daily Fresh Squeeze mask. Most of the information on this mask is in Korean but it does have pictures of Lychees on it so that is more or less what I assumed the theme was. This is actually one of a three pack. I used one a while ago and I still have a second one in my mask basket. At least I think it is the same Lychee mask. It might be a different type from the same brand. This mask smelled fresh and was dripping with serum. Very much dripping with serum. I had to wipe some of it off so that it didn’t drip down my neck actually. The scent is certainly milder than the rose. But honestly the effect weren’t as nice. The Honey Jarret did actually provide the better hydration. This was a standard sheet mask. It was fine but not really memorable. The material was typical, the scent was fresh but not really something to remember and the effects were okay. I’ll use the other one in my sheet mask basket, but I don’t see any reason to actually repurchase this mask. It was okay but very forgettable.

The Jigott Pomegranate Real Ampule Mask was actually my favorite of this sheet mask selection. I picked it up on the Facetory site. I really love just poking around there and seeing what sort of masks show up. It smells slightly fruity, but mostly just like clean skincare. While there was plenty of serum, it wasn’t dripping with it. The mask is also 100% cotton. Not only does this really mean that it clings nicely to the skin and doesn’t slide off while I work at the computer but it also means that after I took it off, I rinsed out the remaining serum from the mask and popped it into the composter. It is actually disintegrating nicely. The serum also made it quite lovely to wear as well. It is a hydrating mask and my skin really did enjoy the mask. I will definitely be picking this mask up again.

This brings us to the last sheet mask of the month and it is from the Hello Ganic line of vegan sheet masks. These too came in a pack, but they are all different. This 1 a Day mask is Peach and Lime. Even though it appears to have more English words on it, most of the information is still in Korean. On the back the information that is in in English comes in headline format. There is: Brighten and Even Skin tone. Peach! And Not Tested on Animals. All of which is good to know, but not especially detailed. On the front it does claim that the material of the sheet mask is made from Eucalyptus Sheet. I would have liked more information about that and perhaps the copious amount of writing on the back of the packet does go into it. However despite the fact that there is a lot of writing on the packet, the bulk of the information is written in Korean.

I do not speak or read Korean.

I will say though, sheet masks do make me want to learn.

I don’t know if that can be considered a learning incentive but after using so many really good Korean skin care products learning the language seems like the next logical step. Its a sneaky way to get you to want to learn. I respect that. Even as I fall into the trap.

When I opened it and applied it I didn’t find anything different about the sheet mask material. It looked like a sheet mask. It stayed on well and although it was saturated with serum it wasn’t saturated to the point where it dripped. It did have a vague scent that was peach crossed with lime. So it smelled like the claims on the package. My skin felt nice after using it and I wouldn’t mind using it again. I can’t say I saw much brightening or evening, but I think I’d have to use the mask on a routine basis to see progress, just like any other skin care. I liked it enough that I am looking forward to the other sheet masks that came in the package and I would consider repurchasing it.

So there you have it, the Sheet masks of September. Today of course I will use the last of this pack of Honey Jarret masks. And afterwards, I am going to avoid rose scented sheet masks for a little while. I know there are quite a few from different brands lurking in my sheet mask basket. But I think for now, the rose scented masks from all brands will be pushed to the side for a bit.

Over all I really liked the idea of counting up the Monday and Wednesdays in the month and then selecting the same number of sheet masks. Keeping them out where I could see them and easily reach for them made me use them. I tend to go more for jars of masking products naturally so this actually reminded me to use them. It was a great way to trick myself and I found at least one mask that I will be ordering again in the future. I probably will not do this in October because I am getting ready to start a month long masking trial, but I think that I will definitely be bringing back the stack of sheet masks back for another round. And honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

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Face Mask Friday: Jant Blanc Aloe Essential Sheet Mask

Growing up my mom always kept an aloe plant in the house.  I’d like to say it was a beautiful plant allowed to grow to majestic proportions, but our aloe plant always looked a little rough around the edges.

It was well cared for and certainly allowed to grow large and healthy.  However it has lots of marks showing where pieces were sliced off.  It was an aloe plant that had been through the wars.

In our house, small rashes from nettle stings to poison ivy were treated with a quick rub of alow to get rid of the itch and the sting.  Burns from those incurred while cooking to sunburns were likewise treated with aloe. 

Summertime was a bad time for our aloe plant growing up.  Almost anytime I ended up coming back from swimming I would be given a piece of aloe leaf to rub across my face, especially across the bridge of my nose.

If you smile, serum gets on your lips.

While I keep an aloe plant in my house, and have pretty much since I left home. It doesn’t get as much of a work out.  Occasionally a kitchen burn will be cause for a trimming.  A few springs back massive sunburns on my legs caused the largest leaves to be harvested from the plant.  But over all it has been left in peace.

This year the summer has been brutal and despite my best intentions, My face has gotten far more sun than I intended.  Instead of stripping my aloe plant bare (especially as it is just now starting to recover from my sunburn hack down)I am turning to a sheet mask.  The Aloe Essential Sheet mask from Jant Blanc to be more precise.

This mask is from Facetory.  (Incidentally I do have a coupon code for them it is MSMIMSY15 if you are going shopping you can save additional by using it. And yes I get points towards products if you do use it so if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to skip the code, no problems from me)They have several subscription tiers available if you are interested in a subscription.  I like their service as it is a great way to try a bunch of different sheet mask out.  There are a lot of sheet masks out there.  Some I have tried and thought this is okay but not something I would bother with again.  Others become staples for anytime my skin needs a little pick me up. Through the Facetory subscription I have tried bunches of sheet masks and have started building a list of masks I really like.  I’ve also found a few brands that I enjoy so it has been a good experience.  If the subscription is not for you, I would still suggest going to visit their site, especially on Mondays.  Every Monday they have a selection of sheet mask available for one dollar.  I tend to visit with my list of masks that I like on hand and when the ones I like rotate into the sales I stock up.

This Aloe mask I have used before and will certainly use again.  When you open it, the mask smells of Aloe.  It feels as soothing as aloe on the skin and after removing the mask my skin feels like it has had an aloe pack pressed on top of it for fifteen minutes. 

I know shocking right.  An aloe mask is aloe-tastic.

But it really is.  Despite wearing sunscreen, my skin takes a beating from the summer sun.  A little extra care isn’t a bad thing.  Today I put on the aloe mask and was transported back to my childhood in the best way.  Most of the details of this mask are written in Korean.  I neither speak nor read Korean.  But I can say that my skin is very happy with the Aloe that was in this mask and next time the Jant Blanc Aloe mask comes up on the Face tory $1 Monday list, I will be stocking up.

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Blanc Therapy for Face Mask Friday

Welcome once again to face mask friday and I can tell you, I am ready for a small break from my day. I spent so much of my week playing catch up and I’m fairly certain my e-mail took advantage of my inattention and began reproducing like bunnies. Maybe they just heard Easter was approaching, I don’t know but it was a lot of e-mails.

And so I very happily stepped away from my computer to take a break. Today I went with a sheet mask from the brand Blac Therapy. I used the Avocado one as it is nice and hydrating. Blanc Therapy is one of those brands that I was introduced to through my sheet mask subscription with Facetory. I honestly would never have found them on my own and now I keep reordering from the Facetory site. Their egg white mask is on my list of top masks and apparently I am not the only one who loves it as it sells out really quickly. Especially when they have $1 Masking mondays – which they have every week, because you know, there’s a Monday in every week.

Funny how that works.

They rotate what masks are in the weekly sale and I’ve learned through my subscription which ones I like. Before I got the subscription, I didn’t really think about sheet masks that much to be honest. And to be fair a lot of them are pretty indistinguishable from the others. It’s the stand outs I remember now. I get the Four-ever Fresh Subscription since Four sheet masks a month is plenty for me right now, but they do have the Seven Lux which unsurprisingly has seven and they also have a quarterly box that comes with skincare items that aren’t sheet masks. I haven’t tried it, but it is on my list of subscriptions to try. One thing I absolutely adore about the subscription (besides it’s low cost) is how easy it is to pause. If I get a bunch of sheet masks and feel overwhelmed I can skip a month (or several months) with a quick click of the button and then when I’ve worked through my masks I can start the subscription up again. It is also why I don’t always review the mask subscription on a regular basis.

Lately I’ve been working through my masks to get the number down, so I skipped a few months and am now ready to start the subscription back up again.

With the Blanc Therapy one of the things I really like about the mask is the material. I know that sounds strange but I was reminded about masking materials earlier this week. On monday I used an ONA gel mask and it kept peeling off my face, lifting up around the edges. It was a little annoying (although the serum was good).

This has that thin biocellulose kind of material that clings to the skin for the entire masking time. The mask is very saturated but not drippy, so if you want to use it at the desk you can. I started to go to the bedroom with it on and light the candles (still using the Poe Candle from Paddywax – although it is almost completely spent. I’m still trying to decide on spring scents for both my masking moments and for the house.) but the backlog from my e-mails kept calling so I ended up sitting at my desk with the mask on.

After fifteen minutes I took it of. Patted my skin down and let the remaining serum sink in. Now dry, my skin feels amazingly smooth and hydrated. I really like the Blanc Therapy masks and I’m really glad the Facetory subscription let me find them.

There is plenty of serum, but not too much, they never irritate my skin. the serum is hydrating and the mask stays perfectly in place once you apply it. Really, what more could you ask for from a sheet mask? Now, despite taking my masking break I am refreshed and ready to go on with the rest of my day. I hope the rest of your Friday goes well and I will see you back here later for the Happy Hour.

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Fill in the Blanc (Therapy) with the Friday Face mask

Ah the Friday face mask.  Fifteen minutes of calm, quiet reflection at the end of the work week.  And boy did this week keep me hopping.  I think everyone who has been putting things off realized that now is the time to strike. 

Admittedly, I think they started last week and just continues this week. Unlike last week, I actually have the time for my Friday face mask and so I am saving my remaining portions of the three minute flash mask from Ursa Major for another time.

Todays mask is a sheet mask that came to me from my Face tory subscription.  I do the four pack of face masks (although ever couple of months they send an extra fifth mask as a bonus) called the Four-ever fresh subscription.  They have other subscriptions with more products, some regular skin care rather than sheet masks.  While I want to try out other products from them right now the Four-ever tier really suits me well.  It is $8.90 each month and it is super easy to skip a month if you are awash with sheet masks.  With a click of a button you can turn the monthly subscription into an every other month or even a once every six months if you want. I love it’s flexibility, as well as the fact that I get to try all sorts of different sheet masks.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

Today they have a great deal going on their masks actually 40% off their large sets of sheet masks (the 19, 20, and 21 mask sets). Its an excellent deal for anyone you know with a masking habit, or who just wants to try out some new sheet masks. Or you can split them out and use them as stocking stuffers. This year i think everyone on my list got a couple of sheet masks.

Today’s is from Blanc Therapy.  I’ve tried several of their masks before (Facetory has a bunch of them suiting several skin needs).  It is actually one of the better sheet mask companies and I really enjoy the texture of the masks as well as the serums.  Today’s is Vitamin C infused as you could probably tell from the citrus image on the front.  I’m not entirely certain if it is a lemon or an orange.  As the mask smells very lemony, I think I’ll go with lemon.

I really like the texture of this mask.  It isn’t as bio cellulose as the actual bio cellulose masks, but it has a texture that leans in that direction. It is more pliable than many other masks and really adheres to the skin well for the masking session. It is very juicy when you put it on so you will have to wipe off your hands, but as juicy as it is, as all the masks from this company are really, I haven’t had any problems with dripping once it is on the face.

And for once I don’t look like a strange sort of masked bank robber in the proto. I do sort of look like I had a strange skin experiment go awry though. And I took the photo before I adjusted the mask so it wasn’t covering my lip. in case you are wondering about the facial expression. While I like the serum it is for outside use only and I didn’t want to have it drip inside.

lots of post mask serum

As usual when applying it I begin to wonder if my face is smaller than everyone else’s, but there isn’t too much extra material. and the excess is only an issue around the mouth.

So after applying my very lemony scented mask, I lay down with my ear buds and turned on my i-pod. Today’s afternoon of zen was brought to me by The Offspring. I have an eternal fondness for the song Beheaded.

So I zoned out to music for fifteen minutes and returned to the bathroom to remove the mask. There was no drying down for this mask after fifteen minutes.  As you can tell from the photo, there was a lot of serum left on my skin.  I rubbed what I could in, but my skin drank in as much as it could and I wiped off the excess. 

Over all this is kind of what happens with the Blanc Therapy masks.  Nothing drips but oh my darlings are they juicy.  I don’t mind that.  I feel like the mask is holding all of the serum against my skin in an effort to let me absorb as mucyh as is possible.  I would rather than then have the serum run out.  As long as it doesn’t drip.  I hate having to wipe drips off my neck while trying to zone out during my mask. It’s kind of a pet peeve.

before on the left and after on the right, not much difference in a one use mask, but mys skin felt great

Once the exess serum was taken away and my skin left to try for a moment, I think that my skin looked brighter than before the mask (although not by a lot, it was a one time mask not a series of them).  I think if I were to follow up regularly with this mask I would see some definite brightening of the skin.  My skin also felt soft and hydrated, both of which are very good things.

Over all, I was very pleased with this mask.  I believe this is the third Blanc Therapy mask I’ve tried and I liked the other two just as much a this one.  It is definitely a sheet mask company that I am putting on my reorder list.  As Facetory also sells the masks it is super easy to order the ones I like.  Plus they have one dollar deals each Monday and the masks I like routinely go on sale then.  It’s one of the reasons I keep a list of my favorites.  Some months I’ll add one or two masks to the list, others I won’t add any.  But it is fun to try them and it is a great way to try a lot of different brands so I can figure out which ones I really like. To be honest I have been very surprised by some of the ones I really did like.

But now my moment of masking is over.  I have a new name for the reorder list and several calls to make before I can call an end to my work day.  I hope you have a great rest of the Friday and an excellent weekend.

Marvelous Masking

These are a few of my favorite things

Yes my darlings, I am giggling.  We have reached the review post I was so looking forward to doing.  As you know I am a frequent face mask user.  I create posts every week for Face Mask Friday.  When I sat down to think about the face masks I would reorder (or in some cases constantly reorder) I expected it to be a huge list.  I expected it to be massive and unwieldy.  Instead it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is still substantial, but it isn’t nearly as massive as I expected. I think this is because while there are many face masks out there that I have tried and liked, because let’s face it,  there are a lot of good masks out there, most fall into the I would use instead of pass on category.  I get a lot of my beauty products through subscription boxes.  This is one way I can try a multitude of products for a fairly reasonable outlay of cash. I like to think of it as clever resource allocation.  Many of the products that arrive I have never tried before or have only heard about but never picked up.  Some of them I don’t pick up again after trying them and there are some that I just pass on to others automatically.

When looking over my lists, both what I’ve posted for Face Mask Friday and the masks I’ve used at other times, I’ve concluded that a lot of them I would use if they came in a subscription box and I might consider picking up if I spotted them on sale. But that just wasn’t good enough to make this post. 

The list of masks I would repurchase deliberately at any time of year, was relatively short so those are the ones I will concentrate on.  Because if I am willing to pay full price for each and every one of these masks then you know I am going to stock up on sales.

So let’s jump in.  I am going to start with the flash mask category.  I know, who thought that would be a category? I technically have three items here.  The first I have already mentioned in the skin care post because I use it as an exfoliator.  It is the Nuxe Insta-Masque.  It is exfoliating particles held in a jelly like consistency. 

You apply it and let it sit 2-3 minutes, then massage and rinse off.  I like to brush my teeth when doing this mask.  It is a gentle exfoliate that has that lovely French Skin Care rose scent to it (while I’m not a big rose scented product person, the rosy scent of French skin care is somehow different to my nose, no clue why but it isn’t cloying and just feels soft to my nose if that makes sense). I put this as a repurchase on my skin care list and I would put it again as a repurchase here. I will also be trying out the other products from the Insta-masque line, but that is a post for another day.

If you are looking for another quick, gentle exfoliating mask, this one of the 3-5 minute variety instead of the 2-3 minute one, I would suggest the Korres Pomegranate AHAS and Enzymes Resurfacing Mask. It is for oily to combination skin and I find that when I am feeling oily and in need of a refresh, this is the mask I reach for.  It is gently exfoliating using soft pomegranate seeds instead of something harsher that could damage the skin and it has that wonderful pomegranate scent to it. I was using this predominantly in the summertime as that is when I am more oily (my skin rides that strange line others call normal and leans oily in the summer and drier in the winter), but I have been finding that the more I wear masks, the more helpful this mask has become.  Even though the summer has ended I find a once a week use of this mask (combined with other masking which I’ll cover later in the post when I get to the clay masks) had been really good at keeping my skin in check. This is a mask I will be repurchasing often, in fact as soon as the tube gets to the halfway mark, I reorder it.

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The third flash mask that I have been really enjoying is the Ursa Major Bright and Easy Flash Mask.  It too has a jelly like consistency and when you put it on your face its brown color just makes your face look slightly more tanned than usual, and a bit shinier. It may be the least noticeable of the flash masks and it is one I have worn at my desk with no issues.  It is a flash mask so you only wear it for three minutes before rinsing it off.  Unlike the other two it does not have any exfoliating properties.  It is soothing and hydrating.  It makes my skin look beautifully radiant.  It smells clean and green although the scent is very light and fades almost instantly.  It makes me feel refreshed.

While speaking of refreshed, I have to mention the eye masks that are currently my favorite.  It is the Grace and Stella It’s like an energy drink for your eyes eye mask. For a long time I could take or leave eye masks.  Then I discovered that almost all of them helped with my puffy eyes during ragweed season.  While a victory for eye masks everywhere, the Grace and Stella ones went the extra mile.  Not only do they de-puff and offer anti wrinkle serum (always a plus) but after wearing them I do actually feel slightly energized.  Or at least my eyes feel less tired.  I don’t know about you but video conference calls always leave me feeling drained with my eyes sagging.  I think it is too much computer time.  I can pop these on before my meeting so I can hit the meeting looking full of vim and vigor or I can wait until after I’ve been drained by the meeting and then pop them on to sort of wake me up so I don’t sleep walk through the rest of the day.  At the moment, these are my favorite eye masks and the ones to beat.

Another nourishing mask I enjoy is the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask. It looks green, it smells green and it is quite nourishing to the skin without being too much moisture added to the skin. I think this is my second or third tube of this mask and it will certainly not be my last. I know that probably doesn’t surprise anyone as I tend to be a big Elemis fan in general.

Speaking of moisturizing masks, one I have really been enjoying lately is the Vichy Masque Mineral.  It is a lightly blue tinted jelly like formula and you really need very little to cover your face so it lasts a while.  It isn’t a terribly expensive mask compared to the others on my list, but it feels very luxurious. 

It is a little different from the others as well.  You apply the mask in a thin layer and just let it sit. You don’t need to wash it off.  I have actually slept in this mask a number of times.  It provides a deep hydration to the skin and when you do get around to washing it off, the skin is smooth, plumped and healthy looking.

To be honest while I have remembered to add sunscreen to my face more this summer than I have in the past (Thank you Volition) on occasion I will forget my neck and upper chest as well as my arms.  Or I will just be in the sun longer than I expected and my skin will take a beating.  I tend to apply this mask on the sun beaten skin and wear it overnight. It really helps. I t has also never given me issues with clogged pores, despite the massive moisture burst to the skin.

However dealing with clogged pores is where the clay masks come in.  Most of my clay masks, at least the ones I consistently repurchase tend to fall into the detoxifying category, or at least they have the effect.  The Generation Clay Ultra Violet brightening purple mask is technically brightening as is the Milk Makeup Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask. Both however are clay masks and clay for me helps wick away a lot of my oil.  These two do that without stripping my skin.  I have lost count of how many times I have ordered masks from Generation Clay.  I’ve used this one, the black charcoal and the pink clay one and to be honest I would order all three repeatedly.  The Milk Makeup Cannabis mask is new to me but I will be using it until it is gone and then reordering it. I was really impressed with it as a mask and I am also looking into other Milk Masks in the future because of it. 

The Cottage Greenhouse Orange Blossom and Honey mask I received in an IPSY box a while back and I used every drop of this product, scraping the jar clean.  It was actually in my empties bin at the beginning of the month.  The label was kept on it for this post but after this the glass jar will have the label soaked off and the jar repurposed.  The mask itself will be repurchased. Not only does it smell utterly delicious, like freshly pulled from the oven orange infused biscotti, but it hydrated my face and left me feeling clean and fresh.  I found I could use this on a day I felt greasy and just feel fabulous afterwards with the excess oil gone but nothing feeling overly dried.

The final clay mask I need to bring up is the Bliss Pore Patrol Clay Mask. I finished using it, thought that I could pick up another one at Target, found they were out and went home to immediately order it. I know I should have waited as they have a great sale on right now but as I have a couple of other products to order from them I will just use the sale for that.  The Pore Patrol is even now making its way through the postal system towards me.  Now not only is it a god mask, But because of its dispenser it is easy to spot mask with this product. 

What I have been doing because of mask related break outs is using the Korres Pomegranate resurfacing mask more often and then as soon as I come back from wearing my public (cloth) mask out for an extended period I apply the Bliss Pore Patrol on to the mask lines where I am prone to clogged pores and onto my chin and around my mouth.  It looks sort of like I have a green clay goatee but it has helped keep the maskne in check.  At least this far.  It is a strange system I’ll grant you but thus far it has been working.

Another masking product that I have been using with good effect this way is technically not a clay mask.  It is a mud mask. The Annmarie Skincare Organic Purifying mud mask to be specific.  I wanted to mention it separately as technically it is mud and not clay.  It is also one of my favorites.  It comes as a powder form and you put it in a little dish and mix it with water. You can make it as thick or thin as you want, plus as it is powder it keeps a really long time.  I am a huge fan of it.  I got it first as a sample (Annmarie skincare does fantastic sample sets and even though I forgot to mention it in the skin care post Their Aloe Herb Cleanser is AMAZING) and picked it up right after. It has been an amazing product to work with on the clogged pores caused by the facemasks.  And truthfully given the current state of things, if there was one mask on this list I would recommend keeping around, this is the one.  Don’t get me wrong all of the masks in this post are fantastic (otherwise I wouldn’t have them in the post) but this has proven to be the most useful and most versatile for this wack-a-do world that we are now living in. It can’t fix everything, but it does amazing with the skin.

And with that we enter the world of sheet masks.  Don’t worry, I may use a lot of them but not all of them stand out so this is a really short section. I have been getting the Facetory Four-ever fresh face mask subscription for a while.  It is $8.90 per month and generally comes with (you guessed it) four sheet masks.  Every other month or so they will add a fifth one in as a bonus.  I am in love with this subscription.  I know they have higher tiers to their service and offer a selection of non-sheet masks, but this four pack gives me just enough without becoming too much and lets me try all different brands, most of which I never would have picked up on my own.  I also love the fact that pausing the subscription or skipping a month is incredible easy.  They have six months listed out on their subscription page and you just click the months you don’t want the subscription marking them as skipped.  So you could make this an every other month subscription or a once a quarter subscription with the click of a button.  So I personally love the ease and versatility a well as the variety. I skipped November but will be going back in December. 

Having said that, many sheet masks I’ve used I liked and would use again, but wouldn’t order in a pack.  The ones I would order again surprised me.  The ones that I would order again are actually the ones I laughed at when they arrived.  The first is a sheet mask simple labeled Aqua by Beauty Chuck.  Everything else was pretty much in Korean so that was all of the hint I got from it.  I suspected it had something to do with moisture. And it did.  The Aqua mask left my skin feeling smooth and silky and very hydrated without being too wet with excess serum. It is one of the few that I would not only keep on hand but that would actually cause me to write a letter to the company begging to put the making serum in a bottle. Although I’m not certain I could actually mail a letter that started Dear Beauty Chuck. The point is though, it was fantastic.

The two other noteworthy masks both came from the same company.  The company is Candy ‘o Lady. The latest was the Little Witch Candy mask and features a cupcake and pumpkin candy on the package.  The previous one had rainbows and candy on it and was called Mellow Cotton Candy.  I had no expectations for the masks and expected something sickly sweet from them.  They didn’t smell like candy at all.  They smelled herbal-ly and clean like a high end facial treatment. They were refreshing and worked really well with my skin, leaving it soft and fabulous.  They look like they are designed for children to play around with, but there is some serious skin care under the cute. Both Candy o’Lady masks were fantastic so as a brand I will be keeping an eye out for more as well as keeping up my Facetory subscription, even if I do skip a month here and there. And to be fair I never would have picked up any of those masks had I seen them in a store or on line. And now they are in my favorites list. Go Facetory!

There is one mask I tried that I liked in its single use packet and will be picking up for a full sized trial. That is the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. I almost didn’t mention it as I tried only a sample and haven’t done the full size, but as I will be picking it up during the holiday sales, I felt I ought to.  I liked it enough to buy a full sized jar.   More details will of course follow post week long use. Perhaps it will become a favorite, perhaps I will try it and not like it as much as I think i will. However since it is going to be a holiday purchase I decided to put it on the list.

Finally my masking post would not be complete if I didn’t mention my masking spatula.  I picked up a masking spatula from Amazon for less than a dollar and it has been utterly fantastic.  The link will take you to Amazons set of five. I couldn’t find one listed singly, but this is the tool I got so cheaply and love. There are oodles of them around at varying price points. All are pretty good. Recently Boxy Charm sent out two higher end masking brushes from Cosmedix.  I have unboxed them but haven’t tried them yet.  I’m sure I will get a lot of use out of them but quite frankly, my less than a dollar masking brush is still super fabulous and I highly recommend picking one up if you do a lot of face masks.  They keep things clean and quick with much less wasted product.

I’m sure the pricier ones are nice too.

So there you have it my darlings, my masking review.  I am certain that there are a few good masks I have forgotten and I am certain there will be more that I will try soon that I will wish I tried earlier and let you know about.  But right now, these are the staples of my masking drawer and the products I am really loving at the moment. If you are looking to expand your masking game, I really hope this helps you out.

Happy masking!

SiO Beauty Cryo System

Facetory Four-Ever Fresh Subscription Unboxing

As I’m sure everyone who has even poked their head in to peruse one of my posts realizes by now, I have a fondness for facemasks.  It is an equal opportunity love and it lead me to Facetory.  They have several face mask subscriptions.  One, which I get, is the 4-ever Fresh subscription, which as you may have guessed sends four sheet masks out to you each month for $8.90. There is also the Seven Lux for$19.90 each month where you get seven sheet masks and 1-2 bonus items, which are skin care related (like non-sheet masks). Finally, there is the seasonal Lux Subscription level for $49.95 each quarter where you can receive five to six skin care products plus 5-6 sheet masks.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

While I love this subscription, one of the things I like about this service is the fact that I can pause it at any time.  If you go to your subscription page and click the delivery options button, you can see a list of several months lined up.  Each month has a button where you can click skip this month. You click it and boom, you’ve skipped a month no muss no fuss.  If you decide that maybe you were wrong, you can easily reverse the decision as long as the billing date has not passed.  Your billing date is the date you subscribed.  So I subscribed on the 18th of the month so every month after I am billed on the 18th and my subscription is sent a few days after billing is complete.  So you can decide when in the month you want to receive the subscription.  I really enjoy those options along with the fact that I get to try so many different sheet masks.

Seven Lux Subscription!

This month in addition to the four masks of the subscription there was a fifth bonus mask.  So in case you look at the photo and count five, that’s why. Your vision isn’t blurring, there are five masks.They do this on a regular basis.  Every few months they will add in an extra mask.  Personally, I’m a fan of this.  So what are this month’s masks?

First up there is the Orgena Collagen Mask (retail $2).  It is a sheet mask infused with collagen for extra moisture to help your skin feel soft and nourished. I’ve never tried the brand but I have liked some collagen masks in the past so I am sure I will have more to say about this one after I try it.

The second mask is the Jigott Pomegranate Mask (retail $2).  It is infused with pomegranate, mountain Berry and cucumber extract. All these are designed to boost your complexion.  I’m not entirely certain if mountain berry is a general or specific term. 

It could mean berries from the mountains or there could be an actual fruit named Mountain Berry.  I know there is a Service Berry so I suppose either is possible.  I do love pomegranate though so I’m okay with a little berry themed confusion.  Although my curiosity will end up making me look it up.

The third mask in my selection this month is the Ballon Blanc Blanc Therapy Avocado Mask (retail $2.50).  Blanc Therapy masks have featured in past months and they have always been really good.  This mask is said to brighten, moisturize and renew. This is a brand I hadn’t seen until I signed up for this subscription, but now their masks routinely land on my to be repurchased list.

The fourth mask in the subscription is the HaruHaru Prologue Soothing Mask. (retail $3.00).  It was one of three options you could receive.  One was the soothing (which I received) then there was a lifting and a moisture themed mask, all from the same company.

I’ve not tried this company before but I have to say I kind of like the image on the front of a girl wearing a sheet mask administering the Cool Down Drop Kick to the Heat Damage Demon. I also kind of like that while most of the description is in Korean they decided to translate both Heat damage and Cool Down Drop Kick.

The bonus mask this month didn’t come with a retail price marked but it is from Candy O’Lady and their masks are generally $2. The mask I received is the Little witch Candy Mask and it is designed to help with elasticity.  I know having a sheet mask decorated with a cupcake seems anti skin care. 

But I tried one of their other masks that was Cotton Candy themed and I have to say it was one of the best sheet masks I have tried. Its candy themed goodness put serious looking masks to shame. Admittedly only the name and the general purpose for the mask are in English, everything else is in Korean so I have no clue why it worked so well. 

This is the same.  Little witch candy mask and Elasticity are in English. That’s it. If it is as amazing as the Cotton Candy one, I may have to find a translation program to get some details. Or at least make certain that I am not unknowingly participating in some sort of demonic rite.

So if you add them all together (including the $2 bonus mask) the value of the product received is $11.50.  Since I paid $8.90 I am perfectly happy with that break down.  I am also happy that Facetory routinely has specials on their products (both masks and other skincare products) For example Masking Monday has a selection of their masks on sale for $1 each. So if you find one you like, you can wait until it is on sale and basically stock up for half price (since most of their sheet masks are about $2).  Although sometimes their pricier masks end up on the Masking Monday’s sales as well so it is really worth checking in on Monday to see what is available.  For me the question right now is, do I want to try the Little Witch Candy Mask first or start with the Cool down drop kick? Decisions, Decisions.

Cocktail Cinderella for the Friday Face Mask

Welcome everyone once again to the Friday face mask. This afternoon as I was debating what mask to try the mail arrived and with it my Facetory mask subscription.

I brought it inside, decontaminated the package and then myself and chose one of the masks for my face today. In case you don’t know Facetory has several subscription offers. I am on the four masks per month subscription for $8.90 (four-ever Fresh Subscription). I figured that was enough masks to ensure that I have a steady supply but not to bury me in them. However should I decide I have too many, I can easily skip months with a click on my account page.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

They do have loads of other skin care for sale and some of their tiers for subscriptions aren’t simply sheet masks but include other items as well. I have never tried any of them. But I like their sheet masks. Its interesting because there are some that I try and I know I will not need to purchase again, but I have found a couple of others that I will seek out.

This is my third month (just arriving) and thus far there are two on my list. I marked them down for mentioning in my end of the month empties post. So I’ll leave you guessing until then.

Oh and for those of you looking at the photo and thinking you said four masks, but I see five, this month they threw in a fifth surprise mask for fun. I don’t know if they do that every other month but I received an extra mask in April and now one in June.

So today’s mask, now that you know where it comes from is supposed to moisturize the face. At least from the one line of English on the packet. It claims to be…

A hydrating essence that moistens and alms the skin that has been exhausted and stimulated and provides a healthy clear skin.

I’m guessing that means it helps with redness as well as moisturizes. Everything else is in Korean and alas, I do not read the language. Although I am thinking of adding it to my routine. At least enough so I can read my skin care products because I really like Korean skincare. Pictured on the package are pineapples oranges and limes. I’m not entirely certain what sort of drink is supposed to be portrayed but when I opened the mask it smelled exactly like the fruit salad served with school lunches when I was in elementary school. The kind that comes in giant cans and has a cherry as the highlight.

It felt very strange to wear the scent on my face.

But wear it I did. And I am glad I did. The Cocktail Cinderella from Puclair is a very nice mask. When I took it off and patted it in, my skin felt nicely hydrated. After the remaining essence sank in, my skin felt very soft. This is one of those masks that makes me wonder if they sell the essence separately, because elementary school vibes aside, my skin really enjoyed this mask. I can live with a little random nostalgia for nice skin.

I’m also very pleased with my mailman’s timing today. I also hope he gets some sleep and maybe a nice refreshing mask tonight because he looked exhausted. I waved from the driveway but even from a distance, his dark circles were obvious. Rest well Mailman Josh and I hope you have a nice weekend. I hope the rest of you have a nice weekend as well. I am off to finish this last little bit I need to get done before my weekend of birthday extravaganza kicks in. happy Friday.

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