Weekly Weigh In: April 7th, 2023

Good morning my darlings. For this month I am not going to be stepping on the scale. I have a love hate relationship with the scale and to be honest I feel that sometimes it is better to step away from the scale so that I can lessen it’s impact on my thoughts.

I know that sounds strange, but I am not losing weight to reach a specific goal as though I want to do something that has a weight limit. I am not attempting to get a bikini body by June.

I have about 100 lbs to lose which is a slow and steady race with many ups and downs. In fact, it is not even a race, it is a meandering path on a long and winding country lane with many frequent stops to see the sights. Except instead of stopping to admire the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn I am marveling at my own increased flexibility.

Maybe that is more of a road trip then a country lane walk, but you get the point.

The goal is of course to lose weight and reach a healthy for my body shape and age weight. while the scale is a tool it often looms large in the thoughts. Increasingly I find myself forgetting how I feel in my skin and how pleased I am that my exercises are making it easier for me to get down to the floor and back up with ease and thinking more about those little decimal points of numbers.

I am losing weight for my health and so that I feel good and move well and stay healthy for as long as possible. While the weight needs to come off for that to happen and a healthy weight is a much lower number on the scale, a break is needed to realign my thoughts so that I focus more on how I feel.

At the moment, I feel pretty good. I had minor issues with sleep this week that were really my own fault (ALWAYS remember to read labels) but it is being sorted. I may have missed two of my morning workouts but I adjusted and did the same work outs in the morning. While I am still walking to increase my calorie burn, these exercises are really helping me with my strength and flexibility and I can do them every day. For me that is a schedule that works. If it is every other day I will start to forget or just think i can postpone it a day and adjust the schedule. Everyday works for me.

At the moment this is my simple morning workout.

After stretching to warm up I do the following…

  • Small Arm Circles first forward (30) and then backwards (30 more)
  • Large Arm Circles, first forward (30) and then backwards (30 more)
  • Lunges, right leg front (30 lunges) then left leg front (30 lunges)
  • Over head lifts: Take a 5 lbs medicine ball in your hands and lift it straight up in the air. then bend your arms to lower the ball behind your head, elbows still up in the air. Then lift it up again. (30 count)
  • Squats (30 count)
  • Side punches (make sure to keep your feet in place but twist your torso as you punch to the side (30 left, then 30 right)
  • Front Kicks – kick up with your right foot and swing your left arm over your leg like you want to touch your toes (30 count) then do the same with let foot and right arm (30 count)
  • Crunches (50 count)

This is the list I run through every morning, Monday through Friday. I give myself Saturday and Sunday off.. I find it easier to roll out of bed, dress and do them before I have time to think about it. On the two mornings I missed I did them before lunch. They generally take me about fifteen minutes to do. At first my body was stiff and sore (especially my thighs). This is the count I am at now. Every other week I add a couple more once I notice i am not sore any more. I think I started with fifteen of each and added slowly. On Monday I will add two more so most everything will be 32 instead of 30. I go slowly so I am not discouraged. I also keep all of the numbers more or less the same so I don’t lose count thinking that this one was fifteen while that was twenty five.

Thus far this combined with walking is working for me. I am actually amazed at how much easier it is for me to get up and down from the floor than it was when i started this routine. That is one of those real and tangible benefits I want to focus on a bit more than the scale this month. At the moment I am very pleased with how things are going. I’m still impatient but I have to remind myself that I didn’t add all of this weight at once so it is unreasonable to expect it to all come off at once.

And so we continue. Happy Good Friday Everyone and I hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend planned.

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Weekly Weight: 228.3 lbs

Yup that is a repeat of last week’s numbers. I am not terribly surprised. I lost a little over three pounds last week. Pretty much anytime I record a big loss on a Friday, the following Friday the scale doesn’t move. This is then followed by a loss the next week. It is a predictable thing at this point.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t somewhat disheartening though. I will say that as I currently have my period and am feeling quite bloated the encouraging sign is that I may actually see an exaggerated loss next week as I lose the water I am currently retaining.

I will say the back and forth with the scale is sort of getting on my nerves a little bit and I do find myself thinking about the scale more than I usually do. I also looked back at the past posts and it is generally the time of year where I get fed up with the scale. It happens a couple of times a year. I always give myself December off of the scale because stepping on it when the Holidays throw scheduled meal plans in the whirlwind of activity is too cruel to contemplate. I have noticed that in the spring this happens as well.

I don’t know if there are just so many other things going on that things get crazy or if it is the back and forth with the scale.

I do know that this is the time of year where the scale just bothers me. while I don’t mind giving it a break, I think I may want to switch it up for a bit. Instead of the scale maybe talk about the recipe’s I am making or the workouts. Maybe even add a recipes page for those interested. I don’t know.

Perhaps this is a momentary irritation and I’ll get back to normal with next week’s weigh in and be less irritated by the scale. Perhaps it is time to shake things up.

If there is anything you would like to see on this page, please let me know. I would love to hear what would be interesting to you. While this is more or less a post designed to keep me on track, it might as well be interesting to those of you reading it. So let me know in the comments or sent me an e-mail through the contact page if you don’t want to post it on line.

But I think I am going to have to make some sort of change to this page, just for my own sanity. But for now…

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 228.3 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 228.3 lbs

Nothing lost, nothing gained this week.

And so my darlings that is me, more contemplative about the post than worried about the weight, but otherwise doing just fine.

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Weekly Weight: 231.7 lbs

This week was a bit of a mess to be honest. There was rain, there were allergies and my babydoll got taken down with a nasty sinus infection. Meal planning went out of the window. As his sinuses drained and he coughed and sneezed his through and mouth became really raw. So most of the food choices were things that his stomach would take and that wouldn’t hurt his mouth. He also didn’t really want full meals this week so there were a lot of little meals when he felt he could eat.

For me that also meant I lost track of all of my calorie count and food intake. I snacked, I ate at strange times and there was little actual planning. It was a week to get through. And it did show on the scale. I am heavier than I was last Friday and I can accept that. It is not unexpected and in fact given the situation I would be kind of shocked if I didn’t gain any. I am just going to accept it. And so, the stats.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 230.4 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 231.7 lbs

So there was a 1.3 lbs gain. quite honestly, I am okay with it. I don’t like gaining weight but this week was just out of my control. That I can accept. I’ll redouble my efforts next week to make up for it, but this week I am just exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning. That is my goal at this point. After that, I will regroup. Have a great Friday my darlings. Next week will hopefully be more within my control.

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Weekly Weight: 235.1 lbs

I will admit that his week was not the loss I hoped for. It is actually somewhat disheartening to see actually. I have started back on my indoor workouts and quite honestly my muscles are on the sore side. I know last week I was all “I’m going to do these every day!” but the truth is, that wasn’t what my body wanted and as they are strength training exercises I actually needed a day between to let the muscles rest.

So I went with the Monday, Wednesday Friday approach this week which was far more sensible. Monday was good and by Monday evening the soreness crept in. It’s presence was felt more on Tuesday, Wednesday morning wasn’t bad, but Wednesday night I was sore with increasing soreness on Thursday morning. This morning I was fine and I suspect i will be a little sore this evening and then a bit more sore tomorrow morning.

I know I planned to increase each week, but I think that I am going to listen to my body on that as well. When the soreness dies down a bit, I will increase. Then I’m sure i will be sore again.

There were a few things I was reminded of this week. The first is that I need to do these exercises first thing or I will find reasons to skip them. The best way for me to do this is to have my work out clothes already out. Tat way I see them first thing in the morning and just put them on. Then I can shower and change and get ready for my day. Starting the day off in workout clothes increases the chance that i will actually do the work out.

the second thing I need to remember that these are strength exercises which are important but don’t burn the same number of calories as cardio. This week there was not a lot of cardio. There was a lot of intermittent rain and most of my cardio is done out doors. It is a simple equation. I did find myself drawn into exercise equipment adverts more this week. Peloton commercials drew me in a couple of times. I also found myself strangely drawn to the curved treadmill. I don;t know why I find it so appealing but I do. I am disturbed that they didn’t have a price on the website, but I find the curved treadmill appealing. Maybe it is because I walk as so much of my exercise.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s weight: 235.3 lbs

This week’s Weight: 235.1 lbs

So over all not a mass of weight lost, barely a flicker. But I feel good, aside from the muscle stiffness and I think that counts for something. Now I just need to figure out if my treadmill window shopping is because I think it is a good idea to buy or because I simply miss the walking trail. The summer sun may cause me problems and cause me to realign my schedule, but the winter rains flood the walking trail for several days at a go. o at this time of year i always feel a little antsy. Still not sure if that is a treadmill endorsement or not, but I certainly feel it when I can’t get my walk in. fingers crossed that today the rains of last night will have dissipated and the trail will no longer be flooded by midafternoon. Then I can sneak a walk in and still window shop for exercise equipment. Next week looks to be drier so hopefully there will be more walking and more weightloss next week. At least that is the hope. I’m also hoping for a reduction in muscle stiffness, but only time will deal with that as well.

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The Daily: January 11th, 2023

Good afternoon my darlings. Today there has been no sun and the air is chilly. while this morning started with coffee instead of switching to water when it was done I found myself switching to tea. Actually today I went for the Macha from the Art of Tea. It was one of the teas in the sampler pack that I tried in November and December and I ended up buying the full sized pack. It is one of the better Matchas I have tried and I am really enjoying it. Plus I just needed something warm but not as caffeinated as coffee.

Even though it is warm inside the house, there is just something about a cold gray day in winter that just calls out for a hot beverage. Today, Mine was Matcha.

I did manage a short walk today which was nice. I ended up walking with one eye looking at the sky though. It is cloudy but doesn’t feel like rain, however those clouds kind of looked like it. I made if back still dry, but I don’t think I am going to push ,my luck with a second walk. I’m tempted because a nice leg stretch with a breath of fresh air is awfully tempting. I just don’t trust that sky and don’t want to be cold and soaked. Cold I can handle, but not while dripping wet.

But I do feel good for having gotten in that one walk. So to the makeup!

Today’ Look:

Primer: Stila One Step Color Correcting and brightening Primer

Foundation: Good Apple Cream foundation from KVD Beauty

Bronzer/Highlight: Sun Stalk R palette from Fenty Beauty

Blush: Kaleido Cosmetics Skin Luminate Blush Palette

Eyeshadow: Mischo Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Mascara: Iconic London Triple Threat Mascara

Lips: Mischo Sheer Lip Shine In Madam

Earrings: Shop Miss A Jewelry

In case you hadn’t guessed, My Ipsy Bag came in today. There is a post on Instagram if you want to see the whole bag. As I’m trying to sort out which subscriptions to keep and which to let go I am posting the bags there instead of writing full reviews for a while. That may change, but I’m going to try this for January.

Anyway, this month’s bag was heavily makeup. The only thing that wasn’t makeup was a makeup remover actually. So I decided to tryout the new to me today. I just couldn’t resist. Actually the primer and the lip are the only items not from this month’s Ipsy bag.

To start with the primer I went with the Stila today. It is a good primer but only minor color correcting. I chose it mostly because it was slightly hydrating and from what I have heard about the KVD foundation it can be a bit drying.

The KVD Good Apple foundation balm is one I have been wanting to get my hands on for a while now. Every time I went to look for it, it was either sold out completely or just my shade was gone. So seeing it in an IPSY in my shade was fabulous. I applied it with a sponge and then smoothed out the whole with a brush. A little goes a really long way. I would not start with a brush as that would pick up too much foundation. Start with a damp makeup sponge. It blends well and sits beautifully over the face. It is settling in some of the fine lines around my mouth so i think a pore filling primer is called for. It also feels a little dry on the skin. While I was willing to use a moisturizing primer, I did skip the Embryolisse as my pre makeup base. I think tomorrow I will definitely use that since I think the extra moisture is going to come in handy. This formula does oxidize a bit. I am currently half a shade darker than when I applied it. i am still in my range though so I am okay with that, it is something to note when you pick a shade. I don’t know if it will get darker throughout the day, but that is something I will test for. Over all, despite the slight dryness, it feels amazing on the skin.

The Fenty Beauty Palette is meant for face and eyes. It has two shimmer shades, I used the bronze as a highlight today. I think it is meant as a shimmer shadow. It doesn’t really work as a highlight. So perhaps tomorrow I will try that out. In case you ae wondering Ipsy is doing a beauty boost. You pay an extra $15 per month and they give you one extra full sized item. I believe the value is supposed to be over $65. But I’ll have to check on that. December was the first month they did that and it was a heavily skin care bag, the Boost Item was from Kate Somerville (which I am currently using in the line up) and this month in a heavy makeup bag it is the Fenty Beauty Palette. I am actually quite happy with it. The palette itself is rather hard to get open so packaging needs a bit of a rethink. maybe an indentation for gripping so I don’t break a fingernail. The products were nice to use today,. The range is nice and I like that there are two shimmers. The formula of the bronzer was buildable. The shimmer though I think is more a shadow than a highlight.

This blush palette has three blushes. They are highly pigmented so tread lightly during application. As bright as the one I am wearing looks today, it is the darkest tone in the palette. I tend to drift towards the darker blushes. I will dry them all though. I liked the way the blush turned out but I am not sure how many pans in this trio I will end up using.

The Mischo Eyeshadow Palette was interesting. The Pink shade is a fantastic one and done shade, but I wanted to see how the shadows worked together. The dark brown was the only one I had problems with. It didn’t want to blend like the others and just wanted to stay where i put the shadow down. All of the other shades blended well though. I think this is one of those palettes where the dark brown shade is used more like an eyeliner and the rest of the shades are blended as shadows. I didn’t use all of the shades but other than the on-blending brown, it worked well.

And finally, because I have it and like it I picked out the Mischo lip gloss. It is an easy shade that I really like wearing in the summer for a light wash of color. It isn;t really something I gravitate towards in the winter, but today I figured why not. It is a decent low tint lip gloss and as such it works well. It is better adapted to more natural looks and I usually pair it with my BB creams. It is a little slimy, but it is a lip gloss.

the earrings just felt right today as well. This came as a trio of earrings in a Shop Miss A pack. I actually bout the trio for the studs but I really like these hoops. They are of much better quality than I thought they would be for a dollar. And they give me far more than a dollar’s worth of enjoyment. So I am happy.

And that my darlings is me, and most of my January Ipsy bag actually. I enjoyed using the products and I look forward to testing them out further. But for now, it is back to work for me.

Weekly Weight: 235.3 lbs

I was pleasantly surprised by this morning’s weigh in. I may have gained weight over the holiday but it was only about a pound. Please excuse the hair in the photo by the way. I brushed my hair before pulling the scale out and didn’t realize there was hair on the floor until later. I saw it after I put the scale back in it’s out of the way place and cleaned up the floor but until I sat down to post this I didn’t realize it was in frame. It is the curse of a clear glass scale. well that and the reflection of me taking the photo.

Anyway, while a weight gain isn’t something I would normally celebrate i have to say I am pleasantly surprised that it was only one -ish pounds. I was expecting a lot more actually. Especially after yesterday’s realization. I posted about this on my daily post, but to sum up, I realized that Each time I didn’t really feel like doing my indoor workouts I would lower the reps that I did and then later forget that i lowered them so the lower number became standard. Until the next time I didn’t really feel like doing them and so I’d knock off another couple. It was a bad cycle.

I’ve fixed it by creating a spreadsheet actually. It’s a simple Excel sheet with the numbers clearly marked on the page. Like my food journal it is helpful for me to write everything down. And if I have to see the numbers I can’t fake them to myself. I have the bad habit of thinking, Oh I’m sure I only planned to do twenty of these squats today. If I have marked down on the paper that it was in fact thirty, it is harder to think twenty because I’ll know I am lying to myself. It is the same with food actually. Measuring and weighing are a bit of a pain, but it keeps me from saying things like, sure that looks like only half a cup. And then only counting half a cups worth of calories when i actually consumed a full cup.

Which I actually started recording my food again this week as well. during December I did pretty good with recording the meals I prepared. The problem was that I had a lot of meals that I didn’t prepare. Which is why I was expecting a lot more of a weight gain. So, pleasantly surprised. Let’s get the official stats for the first weigh in for the new year then.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 235.3 lbs

Lost thus far: 10.7 lbs

I know there is still a long way to go but I am committed to reaching a healthy weight. And I think I have set myself up with the tools to accomplish this in 2023. At least that is the plan. It is one I hope to stick to. As it is January, hopes are high. I think that if I can stick with the plan, I can manage it. I suppose we have twelve months to figure that out.

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The Daily: January 4th, 2023

I don’t know if you have noticed but as soon as it goes dark and rainy in the winter it feels much colder than it actually is. The temperature hasn’t really dropped that far, but it feels so much colder than it did before the rains came yesterday. Perhaps it is the damp, perhaps it is just the lack of sun. Admittedly bright sun in the winter always makes things look a lot colder as well. Something about the quality of the winter sun makes the air feel brittle, like a thin sheet of ice ready to shatter.

Or maybe that is just me.

Today is rainy and not likely to get much brighter. I always feel vaguely out of sorts when I have to get up without the sun. I like seeing it peeping over the horizon as I get out of bed. I like the thought that if I am getting up at least the sun is having to get up too. It some how makes me feel better about mornings. Not fabulous about mornings as I will never be a morning person, but better. when I get up and the sun still stays nestled behind clouds I feel rather tricked.

Again, that is probably just me.

But with yesterday’s deluge inspiring thoughts of Ark building in the backyard and rain likely to continue throughout the day, the park is, as one would expect from a walking trail built in a flood plain, flooded. I love that they found a way to use very unusable land without doing much more than putting a path through it, but it does make my out door exercise weather dependent. However, as cold as it feels, the out door temps are not in the single digits, which means my sunroom does not feel like a frigid icebox. So I was able to get in my morning exercises without too much trouble. I really just don’t like sweating when it is cold. Unless I am walking through the world and there is a line of sweat under my knitted hat or around my writs where the gloved hold my hands tightly. My hands never get sweaty in the gloves, just the wrist area where the gloves are held tight and the coat is pulled over the end of the gloves so there is no gap of exposed skin.

Not that wrist sweat is something many people complain about. So perhaps that is just me too. I know, I am feeling just a bit out of sorts today, let’s just jump into the makeup.

Today’s Look

Primer: Stila One Step Color Correcting Primer

Foundation: Bite Beauty Changemaker (discontinued – from the Use Up Box)

Bronzer: Kim Chi Chic Beauty Thailor Bronzer

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Georgia Golden Peach Blush

Highlight: Jazmine Beauty Coastin Highlighter

Setting Powder: Pink Haze by Becca Cosmetics (Discontinued and from the January Use up box)

Eyeshadow: Luvia Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

Mascara: Iconic London Triple Threat Mascara

Lipstick: Josephine Cosmetics Liquid lip In Tiphaine

I was feeling a little on the red side today. I’m also a little stuffy from the up and down weather patterns, but that is another tale. I figured that meant today was a good day for the color correcting primer. There is something appealing about the twisted ropes of color inside the tube. They look like marshmallow ropes and probably why Stila opted for a clear container to show them off. What comes out is a little grayish with green streaks. Less appealing, but it did even out my skin tone. If redness or uneven skin tone is your thing i think this could be good for you. It doesn’t do a lot to fill or blur pores (which is more my thing) but as I was red today it helped. It is a wet formula and needs a little time to dry down a bit and settle into place before you apply your other makeup. It is also a less is more product. start with a little on your reddest areas and blend out. Then apply more if you need it. It won’t blur pores no matter how much you use so just think of it in terms of color. But start with a small amount.

Bite Beauty is gone, but i love this foundation and will be using it up until it is gone. It is no longer being made so I won’t dwell on it, but it was fabulous.

The Kim Chi bronzer is a soft formula and highly pigmented so dip cautiously into that pan, especially if you are winter pale. It does blend well so it is pretty forgiving, just know it goes on highly pigmented-ly and you will do well. I like it, mostly because it does blend well and if I move cautiously I can use it for a more natural look (due to blending) but if I want something more dramatic then I can go a little deeper. The under tones in this shade really match well with my skin and for me that is what allows the shifting use. The collection has a wide enough range that I think a wide range of people can find their undertone pretty easily. I really like that I can use it light or heavy for a variety of looks. Clearly i went a bit light today, mostly due to winter.

This is actually the last Benefit blush I have in my collection It is showing signs of wear and I do want to reach for it more. Partially because I just love Benefit’s blushes, but also because I want to use it and then go with a Blush Palette from Benefit. while I adore their primers and mascaras, they do a really good blush formula. The problem though is that any blush I try tends to lean itself more to a season. I’ll use them out of season of course, but the Gold Rush Blush was amazing on my skin when I had a summer tan and just a good blush in other seasons. This Georgia tends to look amazing in the spring and just like a decent blush the rest of the year. Because of that i do want to keep multiple blushes from benefit around, I just don’t want the bixes taking up so much space, hence the blush palette. Although i do have to admit that as they released a new line of blushes I will probably end up picking up a few singles as well. What can i say, they just make a really good blush. I am just holding off until I get a bit more wear on this one.

This is my first use of anything from Jaszmine Cosmetics. It came in a Kinder Beauty Box and I just didn’t get around to trying it. Although I do know that it is a clean beauty product, which I love. The gold tones are a little on the pink toned side for this highlighter. It goes on brightly and it is buildable. It was a good first use, but i think I am going to have to try it some more to decide how I feel about it. At the moment though it is quite lovely.

I went with the Becca Setting powder because I am trying to use it up. slowly but surely it is emptying. It is good while it lasts though.

This Luvia Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette is a Two pan palette i received in an advent calendar this year. It is a clean and vegan beauty product and as I love the highlighter they make I was excited to try out the eyeshadow. This has one brown matte and one gold shimmer in it. The shadows are billed as highly pigmented and boy are they not kidding. Exercise caution my darlings. One dip with each shade was enough for my eyes and I spent the rest of the time with a clean brush blending everything in. Interestingly Where the gold overlaps the brown it goes to my favorite bronzy gold. Where it isn’t over the brown it is a reddish rose gold color. There really are just two shades on my eyes but the shift makes it look a bit like three.

The matte and shimmer worked well together, but as there was only one matte and one shimmer I don’t know how well they play together in a full palette. These two layered well and blended decently but not fabulously well. The brown is just so highly pigmented that it just wants to be what it is. i will still play around with it, but I think this would be an interesting formula to try in a lighter shade.

the Iconic London triple threat mascara lengthens well. Everything else is just okay, which I guess makes it a single threat instead of a triple one. i will use it and enjoy it, but it wont be one I repurchase.

I put this in my use up box this month not because i wanted to use it up but because i couldn’t remember using it. I kept getting it out when i did my lipstick declutters, swatching it and loving the red but never remembering to use it. So I figured if it was in the box I would remember to use it. I am actually quite impressed with this. It is a bright red and I love the tones. Reds can also get messy in liquid form, but this is helped by the well defined point on the end of the wand. It allowed me to outline my lips and then fill them in. The lipstick doesn’t dry down all the way so there is a shadow of a lip print once it ‘dries’ but it is really just a shadow. There aren’t trails of red lipstick all over my coffee cup and water glass. The fact that it doesn’t dry down all the way makes it very comfortable to wear. I am actually really enjoying the formula if I am honest. I am very glad it is in my January Use box and i will be reaching for it often as I move forward.

And that my darlings is me today. I kind of like the way things turned out, even if my brain feels a little bent today. And i will admit, the bold red lip did make me feel just a little bit better. And so this is where I leave you. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and I hope you find all of the balance you need, red lip or not.

The Daily: December 8th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to Thursday. I don’t now about you but this week seems to have been a lot longer than I planned. For me I think my eyes had something to do with it. I always feel exhausted when ever i have any eye problems. Maybe it is the eye watering. Crying also makes me feel exhausted too. Perhaps that is why this week has felt just extra long for some reason.

I’m sure the rain hasn’t helped. The weather turned and a cold and rainy front blew in and then seemed to squat over us. it is still raining and the park is flooded. It probably will be for the next few days, even i it stopped raining now. We were already pretty saturated before this deluge.

And so it has been indoor workouts for me.

I’m actually starting to enjoy them more. Although i do miss the walking. The problem is that I don’t think that the indoor workouts burn quite the same number of calories. Actually I think part of it is that calculating the number of calories is a little more challenging. With walking it is easy. i know the pace I walk and the length of time so the My fitness pal App is easily able to tell me the number of calories with one click. With the indoor exercises there are no machines so I have to count the number of times I do each exercise and then check each one and add it up. I need to go in and create a work out, the problem is I will change it up a lot.

Some mornings I’ll start an exercise and then my body will just not be feeling it so I’ll tell myself , Well if you don’t do all these reps then you have to add in another couple for that exercise instead of this one. That exercise being the exercise i feel like doing that morning. It is a trade off and probably not what fitness instructors recommend, but it keeps me moving and at the moment it works for me. It does mean that the routine is variable and I have to do math. And I am always convinced something is off with my math.

At the moment though i feel good in my skin. My body feels like it is doing what it needs to do. Except for my eye. it feels better but today is another no makeup day because I just don’t feel like messing with it. It is better but i think just letting it get all the way better is a good idea.

I feel good and because of the rain I am getting in more indoor workouts (let’s hear it for necessity!). It is however the eighth of December. This weekend we have the first of the Holiday parties. most of my friends travel for the actual holidays so all of the gatherings are scheduled to occur before everyone leaves. Except for New Year’s which is after everyone get s back. So I feel good about getting the routine sort of established before the gatherings begin. well maybe it isn’t the routine so much as the habit of the indoor workouts, even if the number of reps for each activity varies and some of the activities vary as well, I have blocked out the time an dam getting in the habit of using it no matter what else is going on and with me, getting something on the schedule is often the hardest part of the battle. once it becomes habit, I can maintain. I just have to build the habit. Hopefully, I have done enough to get that habit set before the parties begin. We shall see.

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The Daily: November 30th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome not only to the middle of the week but the last day of the month.  That’s right, it is the end of November.  We are about to enter the final month of the year.  This Has been a year drought with stress and emotions and I for one will not be sorry to see the back of it.  However because of everything that went on this year there are large fuzzy spots where I just got through.  So it feels like I am short a couple of months this year.  So the end of November still took me a bit by surprise.  

Plus November is a thirty day month which always makes me feel like I stopped short. Like expecting one more step on a staircase instead of hitting the floor.  And then there was the holiday which always eats time out of the month.  SO November felt half stolen somehow.  Still it is one step closer to putting this year into the history books and stepping into a bright fresh new year.  I can not tell you how excited that thought has made me.  I have picked out the shoes and earrings for new years and I took them out so that I can see them and think happy thoughts about New Years.  I am still debating between two dresses from XXlPluswear.  I love them both but I need to either make a decision or simply order them n=both and just have the second on hand for another event.  They are well priced so ordering both wouldn’t be a problem.  It might make me feel a bit excessive and less decisive, but cost wise they are relatively inexpensive. 

I think that because all of my christmas presents are wrapped and about 80% of them have been sent on their way to the recipients so they will be there for christmas morning, maybe even spending a little time under the tree, my brain has just sort of crossed Christmas off the to do list.  I’m sure once the holiday gatherings get going it will feel more like the Christmas season but for the moment I am looking onto December from the tail end of November and anticipating New Years.  The feeling will pass as the Holidays really take hold.  But I am still excited.

Still there is today.  Today’s weather is beautiful.  It is one of those days that is clear and crisp and as long as you have a light jacket walking is fun and feels like a leisure activity rather than an exercise.  Which is also a bit of a trap.  I want the exercise and know I indulged at thanksgiving so I need a bit more exercise, but with the end of the year workload being as heavy as it is, I need to remember to limit my walking to the time I have allotted for it.  WHich is quite difficult.  

In short, I want to play hookey and enjoy the weather.  Alas, it is not to be.  It does look like the good weather continued=s for a little while so this weekend, oh this weekend there will be walking. Along with the annual clear out the pantry because no matter how well organized it was things are now insanely out of order and hard to find’ event.  

But it is still only mid week and such things are in the future.  Today is all about buckling down, making a dent in the end of year work pile in anticipation of the upcoming holiday and ignoring my own desire to frolic in the sunshine. Sometimes, being a responsible adult is hard. Today I did skip the makeup again, partially because my skin still needs a bit of airing out without the makeup on and because I wore my makeup much longer than usual over the holiday and really just feel like giving my skin a breather.  As today there are no gatherings, just work and a desire to walk, I figured it was a good day to just let it be.  The makeup will return tomorrow.  Mostly because I have a meeting, but still it will return.

Weekly Weight: 232.8 lbs

There is something almost amusing about this cycle. I lost 4 lbs and then stayed the same weight for two weeks in a row, then I lost two pounds and again I find myself at the same weight I was last week. Perhaps next week will be another two pounds gone, but this week, I have the same weight as last week.

It was an interesting week for workouts though. We started the week with rain and flooding of the walking tail so I ended up with indoor strength training exercises and watching my calories like a hawk. Midweek instead of a normal workout i spend pretty much half a day clearing fallen tree branches post Tuesday night windstorm. I have no idea how many calories were actually burned during that but i can tell you even now I can feel the effort in my arms.

Luckily by Thursday the park was no longer flooded and I could walk again. I think if left to just the strength exercises there would have been no workouts at all because Thursday my arms felt like limp noodles. Today they are just a little bit achy so I am sticking with the walking trail.

it is a good reminder of why i need to get the strength training exercises on a regular basis. I need to work on my arm strength. Because I burn more calories walking, and because I prefer to walk, that is what i concentrate on. I have also been about two years without a gym. Part of that is because of the pandemic, but even though I have been considering going back to the gym, it is on the other side of town and to be honest, gas prices are what is keeping me from actually signing up again. The nearest gym is on the other side of town and at the moment I am trying to reduce the amount I drive, not increase it.

I think if I can get into a set routine then I will be fine. The trick is that I need to make it a habit, regardless of the weather.

I know this may sound like an odd thought pattern, but part of this is due to the reasons I am trying to lose weight in the first place. I am not trying to look good in a bikini. I don’t need to fit into a specific dress or look good for a wedding or a reunion. I want to lose weight to take pressure off of my knees so that when i am in my 80s and 90s I have a better chance of them still working reasonably well. I want to be a healthy weight so my organs don’t have as big a strain. Health is the main goal.

Don’t get me wrong a smaller waist line and an expansion of the clothes I can fit into is also a big draw, because there are so many clothing items I like that they just don’t make in my size that I would love to be able to wear.

the big draw however is health. I want to be healthy and have my knees work and have the rest of me work as well. And so I need to remember my arms and abs and other bits of me that need to get back into working order. I don’t like working them as much as I like walking, so I tend to push it to the side. Unfortunately I don’t think that is good for me, so I need to find a way to encourage non-walking workouts on non-rainy days without a gym.

Yeah, its the encouragement that i am going to have to work on. Because I have the work outs. I just need to get into the habit of using them.

Something to think about today and maybe start implementing in the morning. Implementing today is just not happening. But tomorrow, my arms might not hurt as much and I might be able to talk myself into it. For now though…

The Stats

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 232.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 232.8 lbs

Change this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 13.2 lbs

And so the journey continues…