Trying the mascara from Give them Lala Beauty

I am always up for a good mascara and I am always looking to try out new brands so for me this was a great product to get in a subscription box. (I believe it was Glossy Box). And in case you are wondering the cap to this mascara is not dirty, it is just marbled while the rest of the tube is plain white. It is an odd choice and makes it look like the top belongs to a different product, but it is the design they chose.

According to the product page …

Lala’s Everyday Mascara is now available! Featuring a silicone wand that coats the lashes with ease to lengthen, enhance, and volumize. 

No clumping, smudging, or flaking from this weightless formula. Apply a few coats for a full glam look, or one coat for an everyday, natural look. Your new favorite mascara is finally here. 

Lala’s application tip: Start at the base of your lash and gently wiggle the wand back and forth to the top of your lashes, then repeat until desired look is achieved. 

Lala Beauty

I know we all know what mascara is supposed to do, but some are lengthening some are curling and some volumizing so i thought it best to see what should be expected from the formula. Mostly because I had some issues with the formula.

First off the wand. It is short and spiky and for some reason smells a bit like burnt plastic. When using this mascara it did lengthen but it didn’t really do much of anything else. And to do that i had to apply several coats.

Here is the thing. I like lengthening mascaras and I have no problem applying several coats to achieve the desired look. In fact I pretty much apply about two coats of every mascara. None of that mothers me. What bothered me was that it didn’t matter if it was one coat or three, I never managed to apply this without having it transfer to the under eye.

In the after picture, it looks a bit like i have applied mascara to my lower lashes. I didn’t. I blinked and there was transfer. Now I will accept that it takes mascara a while to dry and lord knows I have messed up mascara before by sneezing and other mascara calamities. But never as much as with this mascara. Every time i applied it, I had to do clean up work.

Every time.

The best I managed was after applying it I put my finger below my lashes, blinked a few times to get the excess on my finger instead of my face. Even then I still ended up with a slight transfer. Something about this product just takes it a little longer to dry.

Once on the mascara is fine. It stays on the lashes well and doesn’t flake off. It looks like a nice everyday mascara. It doesn’t look spectacular, bit it doesn’t look bad. It looks fine. And if I didn’t have to do some sort of clean up every time i used it, I would be fine with using it as an everyday mascara. But the clean up gets tiresome. It just takes too long to dry and in the drying time it transfers.

This is a mascara I will use since it is here and it is open, but because of the transfer issue, The Give them Lala Beauty Everyday Mascara is not one I will repurchase.