The Daily: December 14th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Things are a little calmer today. Deadlines are still looming and there is a rush to get things done, but the Monday morning panic has subsided. I think Mondays are just going to be panic ridden until the end of the year to be honest.

Or at least until everything is submitted and done. My goal is for that date to occur before Christmas. I can only imagine how insane the Monday after Christmas will be if that doesn’t happen. Hence the putting in a few extra hours each day to make sure the deadlines actually are met early. Then no one has to worry about things over the Christmas weekend and fear the wrath of the Monday after.

It is the curse of having a weekend holiday. It is more exaggerated as both Christmas eve and New Year’s eve are on Fridays this year, but it is always insane.

Today though, it is calmer. There was walking, even though the sunlight felt brittle as I walked through it. The sky was that bright cold blue though, which was pretty to look at even if it didn’t make the walk any warmer. I took the time for makeup today as well and I have a face mask picked out for this afternoon.

Today I am going with the Revitalizing Japanese Sake Sheet Mask from Glam Up. I have never heard of the brand before, but I find the Sake infused mask an interesting idea. Hopefully it will prove interesting on the skin as well.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer

Foundation AOA Studio Pro Wear Foundation

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight/Eyeshadow: Glam on the Go palette from Amuse Cosmetics

Brows: Billion Dollar Beauty Brow Pomade

Mascara: It’s so Big from Elizabeth Mott

Lips: bareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipstick in pout

Setting Spray, Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist

This week I am mostly testing the AOA foundation. It, like the Amuse Palette that provided most of my products today came from Shop Miss A. For those that don’t know Shop Miss A tends to have almost all of their products for sale for only $1. I have to say I was skeptical but I am really liking this foundation today. I think I may have gotten a shade too light, but as it is only a $1 product, I don’t mind picking up another shade if this formula works well. It blended well and is staying in place quite well too. This week I’ll be rotating through primers and other face products to see how it performs with them.

Today I used the Benefit Primer since it is a long time favorite and I know how it works. As always it works well. I think the fact that it has a slight tint to it is also helping out the foundation shade.

Most of my products came from the Glam on the Go palette also purchased for $1 on the Shop Miss A site. The highlighter isn’t my favorite and I could do with a slightly darker blush, but over all the products are pretty nice. I think it would be pretty good for travel. I also think it would be a good palette for someone just starting to dip their toes into the world of makeup. The bronzer especially is a forgiving and blendable formula that would be really good for first practicing contouring and bronzing. the eyeshadow is a little on the powdery side so you have to remember to knock off your brush, but the shades work well together and blend really well together without becoming muddy.

I went with a really simple look and used the bareMinerals lippie to go with the muted look. It is just enough color to work for me today and I like this lip gloss. It is a sample size though and I am starting to get to the end of the sample. It is one that I use often enough that I will be getting in the full size. I really like their Gen Nude Line. They are great everyday kinds of shades and formula.

I accidentally went a little heavy on the brows today. Mostly because once I started in with the pomade I realized that I really needed to sit down with a set of tweezers and go after my brows. This is my favorite brow pomade though, I just had application issues today

The Mascara is not my favorite. It does okay with lengthening if you work with it however it is one of those mascaras I am using because it is open and once it is used up I will happily let it go.

Finally we come to the Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist. Technically it isn’t a setting spray. It is however quite useful today. The Glam on the Go palette is nice but it is a bit powdery (hence why I didn’t add powder on top). Spraying the Glass Skin Veil mist and then tapping it down with my makeup sponge really helped make it look a lot less powdery. I think with that Palette the glass skin was more of a benefit than a setting spray would be. Regardless, I liked it.

So that my darlings was my makeup for today. The Prowear foundation will be in use all of this week and possibly into next as I get a feel for it and try to decide how I feel about it. At the moment I am pretty happy with the $1 foundation and am looking forward to seeing how it performs with the other products in my makeup collection.

But alas, my time of sitting and chatting with you is at an end. While I have my sheet mask moment of quiet later on today, for now I must return to work if I am to stay on schedule. Until tomorrow my darlings!


The Daily: December 2nd, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. We have reached Thursday and quite honestly that feels like a bit of an accomplishment. While the world went a little mad yesterday, today it seems everyone realized they went a little mad and are now taking a breather.

Which is kind of nice because I now have heaps of work to get done before the month/year ends.

But that is okay, I was expecting that. Somehow I never quite expect the first of December mayhem. And honestly, it usually isn’t this bad. In addition to everything else I do a lot of technical writing and I think that a lot of companies are rewriting their policies and procedures to more permanently incorporate some work from home systems.

Which I suppose is smart.

Even if they all decided to do the update at the same time.

So maybe it is more of a trend then just smarts.

Regardless, after yesterday’s freak out the world is calmer, busy, but calmer. And I managed to get a longer walk in today to make up for yesterday’s lack. So it all worked out.

Today, being the second of the month, I got to go in and make my selections for my Glam Bag Plus. I have to say this is one of the first months in a while where I have nothing negative to say about the selections. I was actually quite impressed. I also got an add-on this month. They had the Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate in the add ons and I just couldn’t resist putting it into my box. They had it for $18 instead of the full price (and it is a pretty pricy product). It is also something I’ve used before and absolutely loved. (It wasn’t one of the selections, but it does ship with the box). They actually had a lot of add ons this time around that looked interesting. I think they sort of rolled a lot of their holiday stock into the add ins. Either way, i was more impressed with IPSY today than I have been for a while. And I am really looking forward to Decembers Bag.

But the bag will have to wait.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Figs & Rouge Blurring Primer

Foundation: KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight/Eyeshadow: Glam on the Go Palette from Amuse

Mascara: Anastasia Beverly Hills black mascara

Lips: AOA Wonder Matte Lipstick (shade 2039- Venus)

I have heard about Shop Miss A for a while now and I’ll admit, I was skeptical of $1 makeup. I know, sometimes good things don’t cost a lot. But sometimes you get what you pay for. so I steered away. Then I realized they had some skin care tools that I really liked. Incidentally if you are looking for inexpensive silicone masking brushes, I recommend checking them out. Nearly everything on their site is $1. A few items might be slightly higher, but there are very few.

I am actually giving several face masks and masking sets to family for Christmas this year so I decided to pick up a bunch of the masking brushes so I could add them as stocking stuffers for the people getting masks. While i was there I picked up a few makeup items to try. while I did pick up some foundation, I am still trying out the KVD Lock It foundation, so I’ll be trying that later on. I just couldn’t resist the all in one Glam on the go palette. And since technically there are four eyeshadows in it, the palette sort of went with the quad theme I’ve had going on recently.

First the three non Miss A items. The Figs& Rouge Primer i am sort of on the fence about. It has a thin consistencey and does a decent job of blurring but there is something about the scent that I am not too crazy about. And it is a strong scent. I’m going to keep using it for the trial but the scent might end up making it a non-repurchase item.

The foundation is the KVD powder foundation and I am starting to get the hang of the powder foundation. This one wears really well and provides more coverage than I thought it would. It also doesn’t look powdery which is nice.

The ABH Mascara is nice. it lengthens and does a fair bit of volumizing. Mine looks a little messy today which I didn’t realize until I looked at the pictures. After applying the mascara I sneezed. But I thought it was dry enough not to cause issues. There was a little transfer, which I didn’t realize. It is a good mascara and I would use it again.

The rest of the items came from Shop Miss A. The Palette contains everything but the lipstick. Amuse seems to be a Miss A brand. The products in this palette are not very pigmented. I like that it is pretty much an all inclusive palette (and a $1 palette at that). The products did work well and stayed in place once applied, but none of them, from bronzer to shadow, is very pigmented.

I think this palette would be a decent one to travel with if you were tight on space, and I probably will do so at some point as I always seem to be short on space. I also think this would be an excellent palette to give to someone who is just starting to get into makeup. the shades are buildable, but not highly pigmented. So if you (or whoever you buy it for) is nervous about clown like blush or overly heavy eye makeup, this might be a good place to start to learn application techniques. While the palette is normally only $1, at the moment they are having a sale and I ended up paying only $0.88 for it. It works well and even though the shadows aren’t highly pigmented, they aren’t patchy, so it is well worth the money I spent. I would probably buy this palette again and I will certainly use it again as well. It is also really nice to have something with so many products in it that I can grab quickly.

The AOA lipstick is also a Miss A brand. It is slightly more pink than it looked on the site, so that is something to keep in mind. The scent of the lippie is slightly plasticky, but the scent fades quickly. It applies smoothly and dries down really well. It doesn’t dry down completely so there is still a little stickiness to the lips, but it dries enough to not leave lip prints everywhere, which is nice. After several hours it does start to get a little dry and crumbly around the edges and it looks worn down, but even after lunch i was still wearing lipstick. I refreshed it and was good to go. I was actually kind of impressed. I would definitely consider getting more colors. This one was slightly more pink than expected, but still within the range I thought it would be and in the end I like how it looks when on.

the Palette may not end up being a go to product, but it is nice to have and nice to know I can slip it easily into a purse for a nearly complete look if need be. I was very impressed by the lippie and will be getting more shades to add to my collection. I know I probably don’t need more lipsticks, but we both know, I’m gonna order some anyway. I may call it my celebration treat for getting the last of my Christmas gifts sent off to their respective locations. Surely that s cause to celebrate.

For now though, I am relatively happy with the way today’s makeup turned out. I will however be correcting the mascara smears. and then I’ll get back to work.